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  1. Well, there you are! I have been wondering when we’d hear from you. Very much hope all is well with you and your family. Get in touch.

    Meanwhile things go from bad to worse in Britain with MPs and MEPs, openly fraudulent, obviously lying and clearly treacherous but the vast majority just shrug. All these sanctions against Zimbabwe yet, although the level of violence isn’t up there – yet – we are no better off here.

    And our youth, boys and girls, white, black and Asian – all disaffected, rootless, no identifiable culture. It is no wonder that crime escalates, that gang culture is rife and Islam appeals. They are all looking for a chance to ‘belong’.

  2. Hi
    When Labour embarked on their Fabianistic agenda pathway they knew only too well where it would lead.
    Anyone thinking all this is accidental then i need to take the same medication!

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    Richard North Patterson, New York Times bestselling author:
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  5. Hi Cent

    good to see you back again…have added you to my blog, will you add mine to yours..speak soon i hope


  6. Sorry cent

    i sent the wrong link to my blog…the other one takes you to some obscure naturist budist haven, in Tazmania or summit..lol



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  8. Join the Campaign to Cancel the Washington National Debt By Constitutional Amendment

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  13. centurean2 – Are you John Taylor Gatto?

    if not, why are you posting his “Underground history of American Education” as your own blog?

    compare this from his website -and free book online –

    to this on your site – “The Fabian Spirit….And Why They No More Represent Workers than Do The Rothschilds’”

    • A link was left to John Taylor Gattos’ site that indicates where the info was obtained, add to that, the link was required for folks’ to access the whole article.
      Read Fabian history from 1884, its’ very obvious that they do not represent the working people whatsover, in depth research plus the reading of original Fabian text etc, kind of blows into thin air, any such delusions.
      How the article appeared on, ABOUT, I have no idea at all. it was a posting on the main site, with a link to the site that you have indicated above.
      Rothshilds’ nore Fabians care one iota about the people’s of the world, except for those within their circle.

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  16. Centurean2 – who exactly are you? Of course you could say the same of me. All I know is I agree with what I’ve read.

    • Just someone James, that cannot sit back watching this poor country being beaten to death, by those that have anything but her interest at heart.
      When Traitors stalk the halls of power, we little people have our voices taken away, some just accept that state while others kick back.
      Yesterday we remembered D day, October last, while aiding an ex Burms Prisoner of war from this world into the next, we became very close in his last weeks, he explained the five years of hell he’d suffered, yet had always felt proud that he’d served his country, at 86 years old, seeing what had happened to his country 2008, he thought he’d wasted his time.
      That was so very sad, and while I tried to make him feel happier, it was difficult to justify anything that has been allowed to come about, by those holding the reigns of power.
      He wasn’t the first veteran, that said this to me reaching their end, each time that i hear it, it fills me with anger that just piles up, Their debt, we still owe each and everyone of them, and yet selfishly, we treat the old folk as if all are just a pain in the butt,these people fought damned hard for Britain when their lives were hard enough without war, here we are today, allowing the freedoms that were paid for in blood and suffering being removed by stealth by what plainly are Traitors!!

      Take Care!
      Don’t get me started on that one- Who are you….Usual answer, I am an human being. not a state owned name!.

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  21. martin brighton

    I would to send some material.
    Do you have an e-mail?


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  25. I notice that you didn’t publish my comment. Was this because I don’t agree with you, or are you just on holiday?

    If the former, then I hope you’re having fun, shouting yourself hoarse in your groupthink echo chamber.

    If the latter, I hope you had a nice holiday! 😉

    But I notice that you posted today …

    • I try to avoid allowing what is known to be lies.
      You need to take a long hard look into the EUSSR, and not just what the media and Government types allow you to know.
      Try researching completely the EUMED and the year 2010s importance.
      Allow me to shout, after all, if as you say it’s an echo chamber, then why on earth would you want to make a comment, disturbing my peace?

  26. Actually, the comment I posted to one of your posts was to correct something incorrect that you posted, regarding Blogactiv. It is not EU sponsored, as you posted. I should know, because I launched it. My original post had the evidence.

    Why did I bother you? Because while I am by no means a Europhile, I think the truth is worth something. And that means rebutting misperceptions … or outright lies.

    It’s interesting that you didn’t publish my comment. I can only conclude that you value truth less over dogma.

    • There is only one truth in relation to the EUSSR and that is it’s ILLEGAL under our laws!
      All politicians involved should be hung by the neck, with no mercy shown.
      Treason against the state is unforgivable!!

  27. An innocent question (based on the premise you’re in the UK – correct me if I’m wrong):

    How can it be illegal when it was signed up to by your country’s democratically elected leaders?

    Sounds like democracy to me, not treason. Killing politicians is always tempting, but still remains murder.

    Just a thought …

    • A binding oath taken by the slut Queen also each minister that enters Westminster!
      And I do declare, That no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm, So help me God.”
      In effect all laws and treaties not approved by the British public themselves’ is not worth the paper it’s written on, left to protect the country and peoples from the Tyrants we now have in office.
      Sedition, is far worse than murdering the scum in Parliament, their days are numbered the people won’t be asleep forever!
      less than 24% voted the Fabian Fascist’s into power, thats’ not Democracy, and in anycase thats’ one thing Fabians don’t believe in.
      Subverting a nations laws, by a bunch of Despots, warned against by the then Lord Hewart in 1928/9, I shall leave it upto you why, since that date this has never been a topic for debate.
      Decades later with the decline of Britain, the warlike streets, the filth etc, It’s become very apparent that the Fabian Gradualism had been operating right under our noses’.
      Was it Stalin that said:” It’s not the votes that win elections it’s those that count the votes’.

      By the way, the Fabian book ” Post Democracy” actually explains why Democracy is gone, Saying the word over and over as Comrade Brownski tends to do, is carrying on the charade.
      Politicians are a corporation registered as such at DB making them all, nothing more than salesmen, selling their lies to the gullable, opposition is just an act played out for the benefit of suckers’.
      Virmin, is what they are!!

  28. Wow, very passionate!

    You write “all laws and treaties not approved by the British public themselves’ (sic) is (sic) not worth the paper it’s written on”

    The key phrase here is ‘approved by the British public’. There are essentially two ways of achieving this approval:
    1) ask the public to discuss, negotiate and approve every law and treaty, by referendum
    2) or you can ask the public to choose leader(s) for the country for a duration of time, thus empowering them to conceive, discuss, negotiate and sign (or not) said laws and treaties.

    A combination of the two is also possible – generally (2), with (1) under certain circumstances. The Irish constitution, for ex., binds them to have a referendum on any treaty affecting their sovereignty. And, of course, a politician seeking election can always *promise* to have a referendum …

    You are saying that you want *every* law to be subject to referendum – i.e., option (1), exclusively.

    Can you point to a country where this works?

    • The Swiss hold referendum’s on all things that effect their nation.
      What i expect from ALL our politician’s and HRH is to abide by the laws of this country just as they expect the rest of us to do!!
      Referendum’s wouldn’t be required at all, were this to happen.
      I also expect our police force to police without fear or favour, which sadly the top rank are failing in their duty to do.
      Should they not know the laws of Britain, then their top ranking positions held are again just a sham.
      Approved by the British public, The laws were set out also accepted, were the Queen or ministers’ not happy to swear the oath based on these rules’ then they should have stepped down!!
      Centuries’ have held to these laws, which may i remind you are binding with the words added ” For All Time ”
      No mention made that when Fabians enter Parliament, it’s fine to just ignore them all, allowing these TRAITORS to institute whatever they feel like replacing OUR laws with.
      Laws re wars, Fine’s, Council taxes, General taxation etc have all been ignored, by what are, SHYTERS’ in todays’ Westminster.
      Just an example of how the Mafia have perverted the laws of this country, ” On the spot fine’s”
      It’s good to see a few are now challenging this illegal act, stopping the thiefs in their track’s making them back down due to the cost’s involved.
      The Illusion is slipping that Westmnister is there to act on behalf of the population, instead the truth of it is, it’s there to continue the charade of the UK being a Democratic country, when it’s nothing of the sort.
      The two party system both here and in most Western countries, is just a game, first it’s the left’s turn, then the rights’, when both are just puppets playing a part.
      Yes, i feel a great passion regarding what’s going on, the reason being my father taught me one thing, a thief can, to some extent be trusted by removing temptations, but liar’s can never be trusted, their words will always be filled with doubt, and that’s exactly where we are today, nobody but the most ardent supporters of either party, believes a damned thing the Politicians say anymore!!
      I’m not allowed to negotiate any given law, so why the hell do politicians assume that they themselves are above the laws, laid down by those far superiour to the Professional drama placemen and women we see today, that when they themselves feel threatened, quickly turn to use the very laws that they try to deny the rest of us, as seen recently over the expenses debarcle.
      Traitors’ gate was built for one reason, traitors exist, dispatching them after trials based on our laws, Blair tried to remove the treason laws, the reason being he could feel the rope around his kneck.
      Re, ask the public, the public base their choice on their own knowledge of said candidate also the issue’s the party animal spouts, thats’ should they choose and not rely on whom their parents or grandfather voted for.
      How different would their choice be, were they to know that laws being thrust onto them are illegal and against their own rights’, that these rights were removed from being common knowledge by the very parties that now say, trust us?
      A case in point to the corruption of todays politicians also todays’ media, was that of Elizabeth Beckett a constitutional expert, kept well away from publics gaze, in the fear that this would wake folk up to the chicanory that these bastards’ we call ministers of state, i’d ask which state would that be?

      Re The Irish vote on the EUSSR_They voted NO_Not being the answer that was required, a further vote must go ahead, having given the EUSSR the time required to change minds’ with no doubt, deals and promises that in the end will mean nothing. if thats’ Democracy then it’s time to try tyranny, as words seem to mean nothing of what they are meant to mean.

  29. FYI, I think you’ll find that the Swiss hold referenda a lot, but still as a complement their system of parliamentary democracy, not as a replacement. In other words, they use more of option (2) than most, but even they adopt most of their laws using option (1).

    All these options 1 & 2 are simplifications, of course, but you get the drift.

    I just can’t see how your preferred option – all laws adopted by referenda – could work in practice. It’s all very well to foam at the mouth about what you’d like to see, but considerably harder to propose practical solutions, isn’t it?

    I won’t bother with the most of the rest of your comment, because – frankly – it’s too incoherent. Partly it’s a question of spelling and grammar, but mostly it’s because of your stream-of-consciousness style.

    But I agree that most people don’t trust parliament – that’s a scientifically verified fact, and it’s not limited to UK politicians. Trust has eroded in all institutions – including the media, which isn’t *supposed* to be an institution – in practically all countries.

    And I also agree that the whole Irish thing is a mess. I’m really torn on this one – it’s antidemocratic from whichever direction you look at it.

    On the one hand, fair enough for the Irish to have that constitutional clause. That’s their choice. They then used it to vote No. It’s antidemocratic to ask them again, even if the vote exposed how poor referenda are (the No camp repeatedly and shamefully lied).

    But on the other hand, most countries of the EU adopt treaties without referenda. That’s their choice. As a result, a majority of Europeans live in countries which have ratified the Lisbon Treaty. Democratically. Ireland makes up a few percent of the EU by population. How democratic would it be for a few percent of a population to block progress voted for by a majority? Is that democratic?

    Like I said, antidemocratic from whichever direction you look at it.

    • France just one where it’s people rejected the referendum, and were ignored.
      Can i refer you to the post regarding the Ministry of Justices lies, a recent post?
      I guess that explains in a more calm manner than i myself can. this issue fills me with a blind rage.
      Shamefull lie’s, thats assuming the yes camp have even begun to speak the truth, which clearly they have not.
      Has the EUMED been put up to a referendum vote by any country, the answer is no, infact it’s the EUSSRs dirty secret, unspoken of outside their closed doors.
      I can assure you that across Europe peolpe are praying for the Irish to vote no again, due to the fact the majority have not had their say, how Democratic it it, that a few can decide the laws for the many?
      Thats’ Fascism!!

  30. I could answer your points – e,g. policies being debated and rejected/amended in the European parliament; before being adopted by Ministers from each country; according to rules adopted by the democratically elected leaders of each Member State, etc.

    But let’s be honest – it won’t make any difference to the way you feel, will it? We can all see how truly blinded by rage you are.

    I just love how you know better how 500 million voters would vote than the politicians they themselves elected in their countries … How on earth did you get so arrogant?

    Keep foamin’!

    • Well, lets give the 500 million a truly honest opportunity to vote shall we, before we’re swamped by the EUMED?
      Arrogant, is how you come over in actual fact,
      You avoided all me main point’s by making excuses re spelling mistakes’ just so typycal of the Euro nuts,then how did you manage to cope with the EUSSRs Constitution documents?
      Germans’ may i remind you, voted Hitler in, but would they had they known the truth?
      Would our ministers’ have been elected were their intentions debated openly and truthfully?
      Unelected European cabal, one point you fail not to care, one jot about!!
      Please correct any spelling mistakes’!!
      Fjordman the Norwegian…English to some is a second language!!

      A European Declaration of Independence

      Authored by Fjordman

      A European Declaration of Independence

      We, the citizens of the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, (fill in the blanks) demand that the following steps are taken immediately:

      We demand that our national governments should immediately and without delay pull their countries out of the European Union, which should be dismantled entirely. European citizens pay up to half of their salaries in direct or indirect taxes to their nation states. If these nations do not control their own borders nor their policies, and they don’t as long as the EU exists, those taxes are a scam. National taxes require national borders. If our national borders are not enforced, we have no obligation whatsoever to pay national taxes.

      We demand that all documents regarding the Euro-Arab Dialogue and the creation of the Eurabian networks for “Euro-Mediterranean cooperation” between European countries and Arab countries since the 1970s, as documented by Bat Ye’or’s work on Eurabia, are published and explained in their full significance to the general public. Those chiefly responsible for this – one of the greatest betrayals in the history of Western civilization – should stand trial, followed by a period of general de-Eurabification of our laws and regulations.

      We demand that all financial support to the Palestinian Authority should cease immediately. It is proven beyond any doubt that this has in the past been used to finance campaigns of Jihad terrorism against Jews in Israel and against Christians in territories under PA control. A public statement in support of Israel against Muslim aggression should be issued, and the money that has previously been awarded to Palestinians should be allocated partly to Israel’s defense, partly to establish a Global Infidel Defense Fund with the stated goal of disseminating information about Muslim persecution of non-Muslims worldwide.

      We demand that the ideology of Multiculturalism should immediately be removed from all government policies and school curricula, and that the state should adopt a policy of supporting the continuation of the cultural heritage and traditions of the indigenous populations. Multiculturalism has never been about tolerance. It is an anti-Western hate ideology championed as an instrument for unilaterally dismantling European culture. As such, it is an evil ideology bent on an entire culture’s eradication, and we, the peoples of Europe, have not just a right, but a duty to resist it and an obligation to pass on our heritage to future generations.

      We demand that all Muslim immigration in whatever form should be immediately and completely halted, and that our authorities take a long break from mass immigration in general until such a time when law and order has been reestablished in our major cities. We will not accept any accusations of “racism.” Many European nations have for decades accepted more immigration into our countries in a shorter period of time than any other people has done peacefully in human history. We are sick and tired of feeling like strangers in our own lands, of being mugged, raped, stabbed, harassed and even killed by violent gangs of Muslim thugs, yet being accused of “racism and xenophobia” by our media and intimidated by our own authorities to accept even more such immigration.

      Europe is being targeted for deliberate colonization by Muslim states, and with coordinated efforts aimed at our Islamization and the elimination of our freedoms. We are being subject to a foreign invasion, and aiding and abetting a foreign invasion in any way constitutes treason. If non-Europeans have the right to resist colonization and desire self-determination then Europeans have that right, too. And we intend to exercise it.

      If these demands are not fully implemented, if the European Union isn’t dismantled, Multiculturalism isn’t rejected and Muslim immigration isn’t stopped, we, the peoples of Europe, are left with no other choice than to conclude that our authorities have abandoned us, and that the taxes they collect are therefore are unjust and that the laws that are passed without our consent are illegitimate. We will stop paying taxes and take the appropriate measures to protect our own security and ensure our national survival.

      Geplaatst door Kleinverzet

  31. Sorry, I didn’t realise you were working in your second language. Your English is certainly far, far better than my second language. I regret my off-the-cuff remark.

    But one question: Norway isn’t even IN the EU! Whence your passion?

    Now I don’t apologise for the complexity of the EU (and hence their documents), although I wish they weren’t. The plain truth is that any deep, long-lasting cooperation between 27 countries is going to be complicated, and going to involve compromises between them. Nobody can gets 100% their way (except maybe the French when it comes to the CAP – dont get me started!).

    Anyway, that’s what cooperation involves. It’s not perfect, but it’s probably better than the millenia of war that came before it, no? Or do you prefer war?

    re: EUMED, you’re addressing your remarks to the wrong person, but I’m sure it’s doing you good nonetheless. You’re clearly very, very racist against Muslims.

    As for arrogance, do you see me unilaterally demanding something on behalf of 500million people, of which 499,999,950 haven’t heard of me? Now THAT’s arrogant!

  32. Racist against muslims,pray inform me as to what race are muslims?

    Fjordman is European which gives him the right to protect his continent.

    That old chestnut that the EUSSR prevented war, a negative can’t be proven, whose to say we’d have had wars instead of the riots we now see?

    Yugoslavia is in Europe, the 90s saw a war there, caused very much by an EU member state,

    Demanding referendums’ have you missed all the polls where people across the UK and Europe want their say?

    When 27 countries become 35 40 or more what then,
    Arabs have their lands and cultures’ we have ours’and intend to keep them.

    Europeans have every right to fight to keep their homelands’
    Calling people Racist just won’t stop that, the issues are so great.

    Refusing to accept Dhimmitude pushed onto an unwary population by it’s so called leaders, don’t you think that will cause wars, because i’m sure it will.

    Keeping ones own nations’ sovereign rules out the need to compromise.

    Go ask non Western nations how would they like to have forced upon them, other culture’s that have no intention to integrate.

    I’m damned sure had Europeans a vote, they’d give a very loud NO!

    You offer your home to incomers’ thats’ your choice, but nobody can make that decision on behalf of 500 million.

    Britain and Europe isn’t ours to give away, it’s for us to hand to other Britons and Europeans if thats’ your idea of racism then sobeit!!

    This Danish guy also objects to his countries treason.

    Open letter to the Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen

    from Anders Bruun Laursen

    Anders Bruun Laursen
    June 27. 2006

    To the Prime Minister

    Allow me the following three questions:

    Question 1: Why have you, our politicians, and the media told us nothing about the Euromediterranean Project, which has been in existence for more than 10 years now?

    Nevertheless, you did partake of the 10-year jubilee of that tabu-like league on November 28. 2006, knowing that the EU has promised the 4 fundamental freedoms of the EU, i.e. also free movement of people, to the citizens of 9 Muslim countries and integration in the inner market of the EU. Knowing that according to recent newspaper analyses this means, that 20-25% of the Turks want to immigrate to Europe. And knowing that the Project means a flooding of Europe by people which will drown our identity

    Question 2: Why is our 1000-year-old identity, religion and culture to be removed and replaced by islam?
    Right now the foreign ministerial ‘Danish Center of Culture and Development’ (DCCD) is undermining by means of school textbook revisions, manipulations of journalism and journalists, media, managing arts, comprehensive exchange programs, thus dismantling our religion and culture, which are called ‘stereotypes and prejudices’.

    Instead we are to have muslim culture and religion: A giant youth festival called ‘Images of the Middle East’ is being prepared to be held in the period 12.08. – 20.09.2006. (And it was held).

    The DCCD has made a cooperation agreement with ISESCO, whose purpose is to expand islamic way of thinking and living to the whole world. This charter as well a the UNESCO Culture Convention from October 20. 2005 and the Anna Lindh Foundation simply counterwork Muslim integration here

    Question 3: Do you believe, that the credibility of your government and confidence in the undemocratic EU will grow, as we ‘grassroots’ spread knowledge about the Euromediterranean/Euro-Arabian project?
    Do you not think it is about time for you and your government to start informing us thoroughly about the Euromediterranean Project and its propaganda machinery?

    E-Mail Answers from the Danish Prime Minister – Aug. 29.2006:

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen
    ‘Let me begin by correcting the misunderstanding that the work to create a free-trade area with the southern neighbours of the EU is identical with EU-membership (which was not indicated in my questions [Remark Anders Bruun]). It is not. The EU negotiates free-trade and cooperation agreements with countries in the whole world – in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and many other places .

    This does not imply the prospect of EU-membership – but is greatly advantageous to The EU and the countries the EU makes the agreements with. Obviously, in the EU we have a special interest in securing stability, democracy and economic development in our neighbourhood areas like North Africa and the Middle East.

    At the Euromediterranean Conference of Foreign Ministers in Naples on Dec. 2.-3.2003 the principal goals for the Mediterranean cooperation were reiterated from the original Barcelona Declaration of 1995.

    One of these goals is to establish a free-trade area in the Mediterranean region in 2010 for the participants of the Euromediterranean cooperation. The goal of establishing a free-trade area implies that the southern members of the cooperation can obtain gradual integration into the expanded European internal market and the possibility of ultimately reaching the EUs four fundamental freedoms: free movement of goods, services, capital and people – in exchange for tangible political and economic reforms.

    Accordingly, it is evident that the mutual opening of markets between the EU and the southern partner countries is used as a stimulus to secure dynamics in the endeavours to develop democracy and market economy.

    The political goal of a free-trade area in 2010 does not imply that the southern partners will automatically gain access to the internal market and free movement of goods, services, capital and people. The depth and tempo of access to the internal market will depend on the actual accomplishment of economic and political reforms of the individual southern Mediterranean countries. This will be settled by individual agreements with individual countries. These agreements will have to be approved by the EU Council of Ministers’.

    Yours sincerely,

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen.


    When one smells a rat, there’s is one usually present.
    Why such secrecy, Europeans have the right to know.

    Have you an wholly European background, if so then you also are a traitor,
    Iraq and Afghanistan are wars being fought by Europeans or doesn’t that count has war.

    Indigenous peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development. UN..

    Goes for Briton’s and European too…

    Inflicting Multiculturalism onto us all, then screaming Racist should we object.

    On top of the Marxist influences, in Western Europe we had another groups of Euro-federalists and Eurabians, with a different but overlapping goal of breaking down the national cultures through the promotion of Multiculturalism in favor of a new, artificial identity. The process of globalization didn’t create these impulses of Western self-loathing, as indicated by the fact that non-Western countries such as Japan have not been overwhelmed by immigration to the same extent as the West, but it reinforced some of them.

    Technological globalization has increased migration pressures to unprecedented levels, but it has also enabled a global political and economic elite of individuals, including some centrists and right-wingers, who no longer feel any close attachment to their countries, but mainly to the international elites who provide them with career opportunities.

    These centrists, rightists and Big Business supporters may not be as actively hostile to Western culture as some left-wingers are, but they don’t do anything to uphold it, either, and use Multiculturalism to hide the fact that they have lost or abandoned control over national borders. Globalization has thus simultaneously created more migration and less political will to control migration.

    The combination of all of these factors, in addition to the resurgence of a global Islamic Jihad, is gradually creating a demographic and democratic crisis in the West. Many Westerners sense that their media and their politicians are no longer listening to them, and they are perfectly correct. Those who feel a loyalty to their culture and their nation states feel betrayed, because they are.



    Thats what the EUSSR means to me and many others’.

    I don’t want Fabianism- Marxism-Communism- Fascism-Nazism rule over the Europeans’ lands’.not now, not ever!!!

    Better you look into the history of European wars.
    It wasn’t ordinary European people’s that caused them.
    But the interests of Governments and Banks. No Union with the devil will change that.

    War, be it civil, will no doubt hit Europe sooner rather then later should things continue as they are.

  33. Myth of the week

    Posted by Helen Sunday, May 16, 2004

    The EU has kept the peace in Europe

    This myth has its variations. One that we shall hear more of in the next few months goes something like this: the EU has kept peace in Europe for almost sixty years and if it did not exist, there would undoubtedly be war between the various protagonists.

    Last week Europe celebrated or, at least, remembered the end of the Second World War in Europe, with VE-Day in the West and Victory Day on the 9th in Russia and some of the former Soviet republics. There is no point in calling Europe Day or Schuman Day or anything of that kind. It is Victory Day and the tanks roll through Red Square as they have always done.

    It is, however, an appropriate time to examine the particularly silly but insiduous myth of “Europe” keeping the peace in Europe. There is an unresolvable paradox at the heart of the European project. Its aim is supposedly to preserve European values and ideals from … the Europeans, since the main reason for the formation of the European Union, according to numerous preambles to treaties, is the bad behaviour of the people of Europe in the past. Unfortunately, the values and ideals were also created by those badly behaved Europeans in conditions that the European Union is now desperate to abolish, that is small and medium-sized, competing political entities.

    Thus you get the odd notion that “Europe” will keep the peace against the Europeans. The truth of it all is that by the time Monnet, Schuman and the others got going on the “European project” in all seriousness the political situation in the world had changed irrevocably. As early as the Schuman declaration of the need for European integration (actually written by Monnet) in 1950 it was too late. The problem for which Schuman was putting forward a solution no longer existed.

    The ideas of European integration were first mooted between the wars but became particularly powerful after 1945 when Europe awoke to find itself devastated. Even so the number of people who thought integration was the answer was very small; far more believed that economic reconstruction and the development of democracy would be the answer. That is why so much of the early part of the project had to be conducted in secrecy.

    The early founding fathers’ aim was European integration because that is what they believed in. But the notion had to be sold and the idea of peace was a powerful one after 1945. There was another paradox, though a less important one here, in that the idea of peace and need to control aggression was propounded by historically the most aggressive state in Europe: France. The French having been defeated in three successive wars by the Germans, were, therefore, the victims and could point to the Germans as the eternal aggressors who had to be controlled.

    In fact, with the development of nuclear weapons and the growth of the two superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Union, the question of possible Franco-German wars became a non-issue. The enemy of the West was further east, just as the enemy of the West now is in the south and the east. European integration became an unimportant side-issue. Not the EEC, not the EC, not even the EU could protect anyone from the Soviet Union without a great deal of American help; they could not fight communism world-wide; and they cannot fight terrorism now. The EU can ensure that Denmark does not invade the Netherlands and that’s about it.

    It is not political structures that create political reality but the other way round. The reality was that the West, and within not too many years West Germany became part of the West, was not going to indulge in internecine warfare; the reality was that France and Germany neither could nor would fight each other again. The structure of European integration grew out of that and is now looking distinctly rickety.

    It is easy to go through the facts and point to the truth about peace.

    Fact number one: peace was kept only in a small part of Europe, which happened to be under NATO protection and the nuclear umbrella.

    Fact number two: this part of Europe also had American troops stationed in it and was amply provided with American military hardware. Like it or not, and many in western Europe, particularly France do not like it, but a great deal of American foreign policy in the fifty years after the World War II was taken up with the problem of protecting Western Europe.

    Fact number three: the countries that contributed most to the protection of Western Europe and keeping the peace in it were not always those involved in the European project. Apart from the UK, the main contributions came from Turkey and Norway.

    Fact number four: the main crises of the post war period happened outside the whole European project even if they happened in Europe. Where was the peace-keeping qualities of “Europe” when the Berlin blockade was defied, when Eastern Europe rose in revolt, when the Berlin wall went up? Discussing the Common Agricultural Policy, that’s where. There is no need even to mention problems outside Europe, like the Cuban crisis, the Vietnam war, the wars in Africa and Latin America.

    Fact number five: the actual creation of a European Union in the Treaty of Maastricht coincided with the break-up of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. While the EU’s influence on events in the former USSR was strictly limited, in the former Yugoslavia it played a baneful part: by trying to construct a common foreign policy through encouraging Serbia under Milosevic to keep the “country” together at whatever cost and by imposing an arms ban on all the other participants, the EU helped to prolong the war and increase the number of victims. Fierce hostilities and massacres were taking place on European soil once again as the European Union was entering what was perceived to be the final stage of integration and, as expected, it was NATO, led by the Americans that imposed some kind of a temporary solution.

    Fact number six: The EU is now systematically undermining the one successful alliance that did keep the peace in Western Europe: NATO, without putting very much by way of protection in its place. And all for what? To give itself a notional and structural foreign and security policy.

    So let us forget the EU’s outdated attitudes towards politics, war and peace; it is unlikely to do us any good and unlikely to keep or create peace where it matters.


  34. Wow, you certainly like copy and paste, huh? Ever heard of the essence of wit?

    Anyway, it’s your blog, so if you want to paste in entire posts and your letters into your About page’s comments, it’s up to you.

    Only a fool would deny that NATO wasn’t the principal source of peace in Europe, but then only a fool would rely 100% on a Cold War security apparatus to last another century after the end of the Cold War. Do you think there’s any prospect of France and Germany going to war today? No? And you think that’s down to NATO? Really?

    And only a fool would think that achingly slow, 100% intergovernmental cooperation can handle the challenges our interconnected world faces.

    It’s been fun, but I’ve got to go.

    • Exactly dickhead, it’s my blog!!
      Face facts, whats going on here, is FASCISM!
      Islamic France…Islamic Germany going to war? not far into the distance….more than likely will fight over which islamic sect rules’……………

      Wednesday, 22 July 2009
      The Corporatists.

      By Philip Jones 16th October 2008.

      Corporatists of left, right and centre show a marked hostility to allegations that the European Union is fundamentally fascist. This is perhaps not surprising since they combine in their belief in supranational government, collective solutions, corporatist economics, State intervention and what Tony Blair often termed the “Third Way” most of the characteristics of Fascism. They must therefore seek to distance themselves from that discredited ideology. This is made easier if they can find an enemy to whom they can ascribe the values of “Fascism” – they choose nationalists and those they term “the extreme right.”

      A fine example is the article by Professor Richard Overy in the London Evening Standard of 15th May 2002 who described `Fascism` as an exclusively `right wing` movement. This false analysis was supported by pictures of the Frenchman Le Pen and the late Austrian politician Jorg Haider who are in principal nationalists, not fascists. The defining aspect of fascism is that it is neither right nor left nor centrist it is left and right and centrist as the support for fascism in the 1930s from Liberals like Lloyd George, Conservatives like Samuel Hoare and Socialists like Ramsay Macdonald, Lord Allen of Hurtwood and Arnold Toynbee clearly demonstrate.

      Fascism as represented by Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy and the Vichy France collaborationists most certainly contained right wing elements, but had at least as many leftist factions. Mussolini was a socialist (he was the editor of the Italian Socialist Party’s newspaper). Hitler joined the German Labour Party and just as Tony Blair rid Britain in the 1990’s of its nationalisation policies so did Hitler in pre war Germany.

      Whereas the much vilified Le Pen joined the Resistance against Fascism, former French President Francois Mitterand, later the leader of the French Socialist Party was a hero of the Fascist Vichy regime. The wartime leader of British Fascism, Oswald Mosley was a Labour minister and became the leader of the British Union of Fascists. His wife Lady Diana Mosley (91) recently declared in a BBC interview her opposition to Le Pen and her support for the European Union!

      Fascism is on the move again in the form of the European Super-Statists who have mirrored in the EU project virtually every political and economic structure of 1940s Fascist Europe. Now, as it was back then, Czechoslovakia has been broken up. Yugoslavia has been carved up into petty `state-lets,` and currencies have been abolished.. Now as then, if the `Eurocrats` have their way, national parliaments are existing on borrowed time, to be maintained as useless shells. Now as then, the consistent anti-fascists in Europe – Russia and Yugoslavia – have been attacked and the fascist States – like Germany, Croatia (which managed to kill 400,000 Serbs, Jews and gypsies in the Jasenovac concentration camp) and Albania (which had its own Waffen SS division) – are on the (political) rise again – thanks to the power of a new German Europe.

      Professor Overy wrote totally erroneously that the Dutch “have no tradition of fascism”. In fact they were the only country to supply two full Waffen SS divisions for the German army. To describe Pim Fortuyn (murdered by a real fascist thug) as a fascist is preposterous. The homosexual Fortuyn had been attacked by a Muslim cleric (Bosnian and Albanian Muslims and many Arabs were faithful allies of Nazi Germany in the 1940s!) who said that a homosexual was “worse than a pig”. His justified response was hardly extreme.

      What the sadly late Haider and Le Pen are harnessing in their rather crude nationalism are the votes of those whose nations, democracies and jobs (5 – 6 million unemployed in Germany thanks to “preparation” for the Euro) have been destroyed.

      It is the, Brown’s, Merkel’s, Foch Rasmussen’s, and Sarkovzsky’s of this world who have recreated in this, the first decade of the 21st century a mirror image of the unemployment and desperation of the 1930s and 1940s in their supranational, unaccountable Euro-State. It was Monsieur Mitterrand who eroded and marginalised the authority of French democracy, not Le Pen.

      It was the European Union which brought pressure to bare on the Austrians who they could not vote for, namely the late and probably assassinated Jorg Haider. It was Blair and Chirac who bombed journalists in a Belgrade broadcasting station not Fortuyn and it is the European Union which threatens to remove trial by jury and habeas corpus, not euro sceptics.

      We are living in the age of the New Totalitarians. Almost all the so called `leaders` of the member states of the Europe Union are in thrall to the Corporatist Ideology of the architects of the New World Order. Their New European Order is little more than a stepping stone to the imposition of a Global tyranny based on the new `Third Way` or Communitarian ideology so beloved of the likes of Tony Blair et al.

      Communitarians want to create a post-modern, post-democratic feudal society run by a small number of rich and powerful people with everyone else working as peasants. In order to achieve their objectives they must destroy the middle class and the nation state.Isn’t this what they are doing across Europe. Wake up people, before it’s just too late.

    • Thank You!
      I have only scanned it so far but liked what I read, when my eyes have had rest, then I shall read it in full.
      Hopefully other’s will take advantage of the work also!
      21st Century British Nationalism site. will receive a copy as well!!
      Here is a link!

  35. You can link it wherever you want. Just let me know if is gets discussed somewhere in public. I shall then notify the authors of this manifesto.

    Kind regards!

  36. Hi

    This is mark here i today only visited your blog and really liked its content and it matches to my blog content perfectly so i was hoping that can we exchange blog rolls.

    this is my blog

    mark stallon

  37. You should have a look to


    it stems from Max Weber, the founder of modern sociology.

    By refering on this paper you can argue that it is rational, when entrepreneurs prefer protestant over muslims. The key word is “protestant work ethics”

    E.g. in this german language article I argue based on this against a study from the EU that suggested it was “discrimination” and “racism” when Germans are prefered over Turks:


  38. I would like to send you an Australian Rebel Report on Climate Change it is bloody brilliant with real science data that blows apart the entire con job.

    Please send me an e-mail address for this.


    Harry Mason

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  40. While researching material to send out with an article from Canada Free Press, I came across your excellent columns on the topic.

    So much is coming to a head so frightfully fast. For the last decades it was a change here and a change there, but now……

    I intend to share your columns with others.

    • Cheer’s Dorothy!
      Excellent article in your link…so true!

      The church bells are a call to action on global warming
      United Nations Green Religion squeezing Jesus out of the House of God

      Judi McLeod Bio
      Print friendly
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      Contact Us

      By Judi McLeod Friday, November 13, 2009

      If the United Nations has its way, Jesus won’t be found in church anymore. With the approval of pious priests and ministers, Jesus is being squeezed out of the House of God to make way for global warming/climate change proselytizing.

      Church bells around the world, which call Christians worldwide into church on Sundays, will join the din of drums and gongs to sound a UN ordered message 350 times on December 13 during the Copenhagen climate change summit. The church bells are a call to action on global warming.

      “The leading council of Christian and Orthodox churches also invited places of worship for other faiths to join a symbolic “chain of chimes and prayers” stretching around the world from the international date line in the South Pacific.” (Breitbart, Nov. 12, 2009).

      “By sounding their bells or other instruments 350 times, participating churches will symbolise the 350 parts per million that mark the safe upper limit for C02 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere according to many scientists.”

      The bell-ringing at worldwide churches makes about as much sense as Hanne Strong, who used constant drumbeats to hold the “energy pattern” when her aging UN Poster Boy husband Maurice Strong led the 1992 Rio de Janeiro United Nations Earth Conference.

      Not one media jumped in to ask: “Constant drumbeats to hold the energy pattern?”

      Interesting that even back then the group Mrs. Maurice Strong led in a three-week vigil with “Wisdomkeepers”, were called “global transformationalists”. The round-the-clock sacred fire, drumbeat and meditation was what the transformationalists told the world was holding the “energy pattern” paving the way for the success of her husband-led earth summit.

      Mumbo jumbo magic and the birth of Agenda 21
      This mumbo jumbo magic was the setting for the birth of Agenda 21, the plan now forcing the United States of America and the rest of the Free World into One World Government.

      Communist one WORLD GOVERNMENT…Fabian NWO.

  41. centaurian2
    I have taken the liberty of linking your blog to London Patriot, I hope you have no objections.
    Thank you for all the effort you put into the fight for our future.

    • No obections whatsoever, approx six years ago, i may have had, believing then all the establishment propaganda, but having researched what is really going on here, thats a brainwashed luxury only the suicidal can afford.

      Enjoyed the video at your site!
      Had the pleasure of attending a speech given by Mr Kemp, a very interesting speaker indeed!


  42. not all freemasons are corrupt.
    google. gorsey hey a masonic charity stolen
    by the higher rank masons. google royal
    masonic hospital this charity was stolen by
    masonic judges & concealed by the master
    of the rolls neuberger.

    david kidney mp& solicitor is concealing
    thefts & frauds re: stafford county court.

    good hunting for all freemen as we are currently
    secretly enslaved by the judicial mafia

    • I agree with you!
      The master of the rolls was tested by one Elizabeth Beckett a constitutional expert, Neuberger showed his contempt for British sovereingty by ignoring her pleas to stop the Fabian Marxists’ Brown and Darling commiting an illegal act, over the Northern Rock Bank!
      She pointed out that under our laws, both should be arrested, then all their wealth removed, proving once again just how rife corruption at the top is!!

      I’m afraid Brits won’t realise until the day dawns, that all they owned previously has gone, removed by stealth by the bankers and their Fabian cabal in Westminster.

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  44. To Whom It May concern,

    This is Rev. Robert Wright, Editor for http://www.Christian.com which is a social network made specifically for Christians, by Christians, to directly fulfill Christian’s needs. Christian.com has many great features aside from the obvious like christian TV, prayer request or even find a church/receive advice and to offer the ENTIRE christian community an outlet to join together. We have emailed you because we have interest in collaborating with you and your blog to help us spread the good word. I look forward for your response regarding the matter,


    God Bless

    |Rev.Robert Wright|Christian.com|
    |1 International Blvd.|Mahwah, NJ 07495|

  45. MY X FACTOR CHOICE- 2010

  46. Speech therapist said of Matt, we’re x factor a singing contest only, Matt would win as his voice is technically the best.
    But it isn’t, this year more than ever before…………….Katy wouldn’t be still in were it a contest for the best singers’
    and the little girl from Zimbabwi Gamu would be in her place.

  47. “If I were a boy”


  49. Lodewijk Langeweg

    To counter-balance all the info that gives the impression that we are powerless against the Illuminati, Masons, NWO, and the Islamists, there is a growing underground movement not mentioned in the mass media that eventually will make the mentioned power groups obsolete, replaced by people who are experiencing a higher state of awareness -true enlightenment- as can be seen on the website NeverNotHere.
    These people have very different backgrounds: some atheist, some Christian, some Buddhist, some Hindu, some Jewish… it makes no difference, this is an actual experience which goes above all formal religions.

    This movement is growing fast, and can be called an underground resistance, as non of it is reported in the mass media.

    If you believe this movement of awakening is powerless, you are still believing exactly what the powers behind the above mentioned groups want you to believe.
    This is a super-natural movement, in the sense that it elevates the ones who experience it above the human state of consciousness, and is more powerful than anything else.

    Every time I visit this site new faces are appearing on it:

  50. must see…NEW VIDEO!!!-SYRIA FALSE FLAG…FACTS HIDDEN AND LEFTOUT BY MSM MEDIA… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJVzMnRUbrI SYRIA FALSE FLAG ,FACTS HIDDEN AND LEFTOUT BY MSM MEDIA(FULL LIST).. http://syriafalseflag.blogspot.com/

  51. Leaders with a Common Purpose


    “Dame Rennie Fritchie became a Baroness in 2005 and is a member of the House of Lords. Baroness Fritchie is Chair of Nominet, and was Chair of the Web Science Research Initiative at Southampton University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) until 2009.

    Baroness Fritchie works closely with inventor of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee, (a Professor at MIT and Southampton University) W3C, and the Tetherless World Constellation in helping to develop the open government data initiatives, and the Semantic Web and Internet of Things to develop a global system of total information awareness. The W3C office for UK and Ireland is hosted by Nominet.

    In 2007 the MacArthur Foundation awarded a grant of $350,000 to the Media Standards Trust and the Web Science Research Initiative to develop their plans for authenticating news on the web. The board of trustees of the Media Standards Trust include Julia Middleton (Common Purpose), Sir David Bell (Common Purpose) and Anthony Salz, the executive vice chairman of Rothschild.”

    “Sir Brandon Gough is Chancellor of the University of East Anglia (UEA) and was Chair of the Common Purpose Charitable Trust. The email controversy at the University of East Anglia‘s Climatic Research Unit. (CRU) began in November 2009 and became known as “Climategate“). An independent review headed by Common Purpose stooge Sir Muir Russel cleared climate scientists of accusations that they fudged their results and silenced critics to bolster the case for man-made global warming. Sir Russell Muir (a layman) is Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland (JAB).

    The Law Society of Scotland in its members’ magazine Journal was critical that the appointment of laymen as opposed to lawyers as Chairman is “Unique in Europe”. The JAB has statutory responsibilities under the Judiciary and Courts (Scotland) act 2008. The Board’s role is to make recommendations to Ministers for appointment to the office of judge, sheriff principal, sheriff, and part-time sheriff as well as other judicial offices set out in the Act.”

    “David Cameron, Nick Clegg, and Gordon Brown are Common Purpose graduates. Consecutive Labour and Conservative governments in the UK have been handing power over to the EU for years through use of ‘Henry VIII clauses’, a practice that still continues. (See: House of Commons debates, 18 May 2011: Column 458.) More info at about Henry VIII clauses at Statutory Instruments UK. Also see: Gordon Brown’s New World Order Speech, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for World Government, and the One World Trust.”

    “Lord Adair Turner: who is on the Bank of England Court of Directors, Chairman of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, and was Chair of the Economic & Social Research Council, Vice Chairman of Britain in Europe and a member of the Policy Advisory Board of the Social Market Foundation. “

    “Stephen Heintz, President of the Rockerfeller Brothers Fund in the U.S. was the founding president of Demos (U.S. Think Tank), an organisation of which he is currently board chair. The History section of Demos informs us that Barack Obama was recruited to Demos when he was a state senator in Illinois.”

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