Now Global Warming Turns Seas to Acid – World Bank Is Ready to Step In

Now Global Warming Turns Seas to Acid – World Bank Is Ready to Step In

Friday, March 02, 2012 – by Staff Report

Oceans Acidifying Fastest in 300 Million Years … Oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, changing their pH and endangering marine life … The Earth’s oceans may be acidifying faster than at any point during the last 300 million years due to industrial emissions, endangering marine life from oysters and reefs to sea- going salmon, researchers said. The scientists found surging levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere forced down the pH of the ocean by 0.1 unit in the last century, 10 times faster than the closest historical comparison from 56 million years ago, New York’s Columbia University, which led the research, said yesterday in a statement. The seas absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, forming carbonic acid. The lower the pH level in the seas, the more acidic they are. – Bloomberg

Dominant Social Theme: The disasters emanating from global warming never end. It is the single worst thing that human beings have done. What a bunch of monkeys we are! Now government will definitely have to step in and make things to right. Say, hasn’t the World Bank made a play to take over the oceans recently?

Free-Market Analysis: Sometimes elite dominant social themes are very easy to spot. A plus B equals C. It seems like only yesterday (actually about a week ago) that the World Bank announced it wanted to take over the world’s oceans.

And now, here comes Bloomberg with a scientific study that buttresses the contention of World Bank honchos that the oceans need saving and only a global effort can combat the challenge properly.

We’re the only publication (that we know of) exclusively dedicated to covering the memes of the Anglosphere power elite – the Jewish, Catholic/Vatican, religious, corporate and military elites that are trying to create one-world government.

As we try to point out regularly, these dominant social themes are intended to frighten Western middle classes into giving up power and wealth to globalist solutions. This just-released elite-theme is a PERFECT (textbook) example of how process works – at least theoretically anyway.

Of course, we can’t PROVE this is How the World Works under the domination of psychopathic elites, but we certainly can detect patterns with almost ritualistic consistency.

Additionally, we believe such facilities as Tavistock (and many think tanks besides) were set up to perpetuate these promotions. That’s part of the way the “open conspiracy” works.

In this case, we have at least a trifecta of promotional participants involved in what is evidently and obviously an attempt to further consolidate world power under a body (the World Bank) directly managed by the conspiracy.

In this case, the World Bank itself struck first, announcing that the “challenges” of oceanic pollution demanded no less than a global effort. Here’s an extract from an article on the World Bank announcement that was posted at Yahoo this past Friday.

The World Bank on Friday said the world’s oceans were at risk and called for a coalition of governments, NGOs and other groups to protect them, aiming to raise $1.5 billion in five years. “The world’s oceans are in danger,” from over-fishing, marine degradation and loss of habitat, World Bank president Robert Zoellick said. “Send out the S-O-S: We need to Save Our Seas.”

About 85 percent of ocean fisheries are fully exploited, over-exploited or depleted, including most of the stocks of the top 10 species, he told the World Oceans Summit in Singapore. “The facts don’t lie and the statistics are we are not doing enough, we are not accomplishing enough and the oceans continue to get sick and die,” he said.

Zoellick said there were already “considerable resources devoted” to restoring the planet’s oceans, but a huge, coordinated global effort was needed. He proposed several targets for the Global Partnership for Oceans to achieve in the next 10 years, including rebuilding at least half of the world’s fish stocks.

Etc. Etc. … OK, the “hook” has been laid – in reverse order this time. Usually the PROBLEM precedes the solution, but in this case global warming is such a ubiquitous (though questionable) elite meme that those organizing these promotions are apparently more casual about them at this point.

We called this promotion a “trifecta” because we can see the next two facilities at work. First comes the “scientific study” – no doubt bought and paid for by the elites that control both the Western university system, apparently, and the scholarly journals that are attached to it – and then comes the announcement in Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, like any other mainstream media effort, is surely beholden to the elites that tolerate it and even encourage some of its manifestations. The Bloomberg article (see excerpt above) goes on about “ocean acidification” and does its best to link this horrible prospect with the disappearance of those foods that most people like to look at and eat:

Past instances of ocean acidification have been linked with mass extinctions of marine creatures so the current one could also threaten important species, according to Baerbel Hoenisch, the paleoceanographer at Columbia who was lead author of the paper that appeared in the journal Science. “If industrial carbon emissions continue at the current pace, we may lose organisms we care about — coral reefs, oysters, salmon,” Hoenisch said.

Amazingly, this article seems to parallel other doomsday proclamations we analyzed recently that ALSO appeared in the journal Science. These other articles even used a similar geological timeframe! You can see the article in question here: “The Mayan ‘Decline’ and Small Horses … More Climate Change Propaganda?” And here’s the citation in THIS article:

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has said ocean pH may fall another 0.3 units this century, according to Columbia. The closest change to the current pace occurred during the so-called Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum about 56 million years ago, when a doubling of the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide may have pushed pH levels down by 0.45 units over 20,000 years, according to the researchers. Then, fossil records indicate as many as half of all species of seabed-dwelling single-celled creatures called benthic foraminifers went extinct, suggesting species higher up the food chain may also have died out, they said.

Fifty-six million years! The same time frame quoted in the previous article we analyzed on how global warming was going to turn people into hobbits. And in the same journal as well. Those editors at Science are surely busy bees.

Of course, pattern-spotting is addictive. And a similar timeframe utilized in disparate studies in no doubt coincidence, having to do with the timeline of various epochs. But within a larger context, this type of stuff … what we’re presenting here … fits right in with what we’ve been analyzing for the past few years (ten years, actually).

What’s interesting is the almost perfunctory way these days that they’re placing these promotions (if that’s what’s they’re doing). The World Bank announces its intention to rule the waves and six days later Bloomberg is posting an article from another “scientific” journal explaining the latest oceanic crisis. One, two, three … boom!

The Bloomberg article, by the way, doesn’t mention the World Bank per se. Instead, it cites the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which a few years ago confessed its “scientific” contributions had been gathered by rewriting alarmist newspaper articles and passing them off as research.

The way all this is being handled these days only feeds our conviction that the powers-that-be are not trying so hard to hide their actions anymore. They’ve moved onto the next tool in their increasingly barren bag, which is “intimidation.” They don’t mind (or perhaps they’re resigned to the idea) that people “get it,” when it comes to these promotions.

But we’re not so sure that it’s possible to intimidate billions of people into accepting world government. That seems like a big task. In the meantime, we’ll keep observing these sorts of patterns, which we have speculated are less and less effective thanks to the Internet.

Conclusion: The more things change …

Posted by taxesbyanyothername on 03/02/12 06:19 PM

All measurements cited in these studies so far are surface measurements. Local variations in ph can have many causes, and in most cases are likely temporary. Additionally these data are even more subject to massaging than terrestrial temperature data are. Almost anyone can afford their own thermometer, almost no one looks out their window at their ph meter in the middle of the ocean.

Efforts at measuring deep ocean ph thus far are few, and to be very kind, ineffective. Even without ph measurements, calulation of the amount of CO2 necessary to significantly alter the ph of the entire mass of the oceans shows that we could not even do it intentionally. Burning of all of the fossile fuel that we have found thus far would not do it.

Contrations of CO2 in the atmosphere are stated in ppm, that is parts per million, and the mass of the oceans is around 250 times the mass of the atmosphere. Additionally the acidification effect of adding CO2 is quite weak, if it were not we could not drink sodas with many times the CO2 concentration of the ocean.

Coral reefs and organisms whose shells are based on calciumcarbonate have been around for far longer than 56 million years, the period cited for high concentrations of CO2, ocean acidity, and mass extinction. How did they survive?

The only thing these studies show is how easily millions are duped.

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Posted by Umbriago on 03/02/12 05:30 PM

Click to view link

For over 15 years. Mike Rivero has grown WRH into one of the most
respected independent news sites on the web.

The paragraph below is the last statement in a well researched article at the above website. Although I agree with your position this has been a hard nut to crack and continues to be so.

Attention has been called to the fact that the original PDF of this certificate shows different components of the image in different layers, and that this is claimed to be evidence of forgery.

Setting aside the obvious question of why a forger would not collapse the image down to a single plane in the first place, the reality is that when a scanned bitmap image is brought into Adobe Illustrator, it is “vectorized” and the different vector elements assigned into separate layers by the Software.

This is the normal mode of operation by Illustrator when dealing with scanned images and is not evidence of nefarious activity in and of itself.

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Reply from The Daily Bell
The point of the recently released videos was to explain clearly that a scanned document has ONE LAYER AND ONE LINK. The “posse” seems to prove this. Then they open the Obama document and it has NINE LAYERS.

Was it sloppiness or was it intentional?

What are the other options?

Posted by piolenc on 03/02/12 04:51 PM

I told you so. I spotted this theme a few years back, and after Climategate I predicted that this would be the next scare theme, and started collected evidence to refute it. The simple fact is that acidification of the oceans is not taking place – because it can’t. The oceans and their seabeds are an enormous buffer system that prevents any significant change in pH and salinity, though local peaks and troughs are possible. In eons past the oceans have held much more carbon dioxide than they do now, and in others much less; neither circumstance led to disaster then, and it won’t now. The only disaster that IS in the making is world government, inescapable and beyond appeal, and it is that which must be fought.

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Posted by seer on 03/02/12 04:11 PM

I do not believe for one nanosecond that the DB is omniscient, infallible or the be all to end all. The debate over global warming is the result of conflicting information. No One knows for sure if the current climate situation is caused by human actions or a natural occurrence or whether it is short term, long term or an actual polar shift event. We do have evidence that massive changes have occurred before and very quickly: mammoths found frozen with undigested food stuffs in their stomachs. I believe the matter of unpolluted air and water to be of utmost priority to the people of this planet irregardless the climate debate. Unfortunately as usual even this will be exploited by the Huge Multi-National corporations.

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Reply from The Daily Bell
Ha, it was climate change?

Perhaps a “fast freeze?”

But not a comet? …

“Click to view link

“Researchers studying a dark layer of dirt at 10 sites around North America say they have found evidence that an asteroid or a comet may have killed the woolly mammoths, giant sloths, camels and other huge creatures that once roamed the continent …

“They found high concentrations of iridium, nanodiamonds, soot, charcoal and other chemicals and compounds that suggested a celestial body had crashed into the Earth and started raging, massive wildfires.”

Posted by Swemson on 03/02/12 04:07 PM

When the climate alarmists can’t sell global warming, they fall back on ocean acidification, and it’s just as big of a lie.

When the earth warms, naturally (It’s the Sun Stupid!) the solubility of CO2 in water diminishes and the oceans release CO2 into the atmosphere. When the earth is cooling, as it is now, the reverse is true, and the oceans absorb CO2. This is a completely natural cycle, and CO2, which is NOT a pollutant, is no more dangerous to the oceans than it is to the atmosphere.

If the alarmists want to play games with policy based on the idea that CO2 is a pollutant, they should be forced to prove that it is in a court of law. It’s not and they can’t, and they know it.

There are some totally legitimate and current environmental issues that need to be dealt with, such as the horrendous pollution of the the Ecuadorian Rain Forest by Texaco / Chevron, that’s killing the natives who live there, and General Electric’s poisoning of the upper Hudson River Valley in NY with PCB’s from its factories there, but overall, our planet is actually in pretty good shape. Our air quality has improved dramatically since most industrial pollution has been eliminated with technology, however it’s still a problem in places like China and the 3rd world countries that are just beginning to industrialize.

We should devote our attention to the legitimate environmental issues that we CAN do something about, and stop wasting time and resources in fruitless efforts to control our climate. It can’t be done. Our climate is controlled primarily by the sun, and even the most arrogant of the cultural and governmental elites can’t control the sun, even if they think they can.


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Posted by Abu Aardvark on 03/02/12 02:13 PM

DB: “Say, hasn’t the World Bank made a play to take over the oceans recently?”

Ha, I would love to see that one. Any idea where and when it will be premiered?


DB: “This just-released elite-theme is a PERFECT (textbook) example of how (the?) process works”

Pretty good article, though …

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Posted by asparagui on 03/02/12 02:11 PM

… plus c’est la même chose.

I’m voting for ron, even if I have to write it in. CHANGE we can BELIEVE IN!

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters
It was university communist anarchists who wanted to destroy all “capitalist” countries by making them cut production that, they claimed, caused the atmosphere to heat up. It is being continued now by left wing politicians, especially those posing as “Greens”, who also want to destroy the way of life we now enjoy.
The ever changing climate of the planet is caused by:-
The interaction of orbit, (changes in which are caused by the gravitational pull of the other planets), with tectonic movements, affected by those gravitational changes. This changes the amount of heat released into the oceans by the thousands of under sea vents, or volcano’s, which cause the El Nino and La Nina weather patterns.

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