David Miliband paid £70,000 for just three days’ work advising venture capitalists investing in ‘green’ technology



David Miliband paid £70,000 for just three days’ work advising venture capitalists investing in ‘green’ technology

Mr Miliband earns more than £500,000 since being beaten by his brother in Labour leadership election
He received £125,000 for eight speeches last year
As David Miliband secures lucrative part-time jobs his brother has led populist attacks on high executive pay
By Rob Cooper

Last updated at 1:03 PM on 25th February 2012

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David Miliband earned a staggering £20,000 a day as an adviser for a company investing in green technology, it has been revealed.

The former Foreign Secretary was paid £70,000 for just three-and-a-half days spent working for VantagePoint CleanTech in California.
The post with the American venture capitalists is the latest in a series of lucrative part-time positions Mr Miliband has taken up since being beaten by his brother in the Labour leadership contest.
Bumper pay days: David Miliband has earned more than £500,000 since being beaten by his brother in the Labour leadership election 18 months ago
On top of that he also pocketed £125,000 for delivering eight speeches around the world in the last year, according to the House of Commons register of financial interests.
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News of Mr Miliband’s staggering earnings comes after his brother has led a populist attack on ‘fat cat’ executives in a bid to turn round his flagging political fortunes.

How David Miliband has built up his fortune since losing the Labour leadership election in September 2010. His pay includes:

£65,000 MP’s salary (plus expenses)
£75,000 per year as Sunderland FC director (12 to 15 days work)
£50,000 as adviser for Indus Basin Holdings
£70,000 as senior adviser for VantagePoint CleanTech (three days work)
£125,000 for eight speeches delivered in London, France, Sweden, Hong Kong and India.
£39,000 for working as an adviser for Oxford Analytica (seven days work)
£24,000 for one week of university teaching at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
£25,000 for one week teaching at Stanford University
£65,000 as member of the advisory board to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (three days work)

In total, David Miliband earned in excess of £380,000 in the last 12 months – on top of his annual MP’s salary of £65,000.
Since losing the leadership poll 18 months ago he has earned more than £500,000.
There is no suggestion that he has broken any rules by taking up the highly-paid positions.

VantagePoint paid him to travel over to the U.S. to carry out his three days work in August and September last year.
He was recruited to advise the company’s investment team on international opportunities and policy innovations.
Alan Salzman, VantagePoint chief-executive, said as he was appointed last year: ‘David brings a truly unique perspective and world-class experience that will help us navigate complex energy markets.’

Mr Miliband said: ‘In a world shifting from resource plenty to resource scarcity I am looking forward to working with VantagePoint towards real solutions to global energy needs.’

The company have invested £2.5billion in IT, digital media, energy efficiency and green industries.
Last month David Miliband took another lucrative job with Pakistan-based City firm Indus Basin Holdings.

The firm, set up to funnel investment into Pakistani agriculture, boasts a number of colourful backers, including a Swiss aristocrat playboy called Baron Lorne Thyssen-Bornemisza.

Fat cat attack: Ed Miliband, left, has criticised high executive pay while his brother has taken on a series of high-paying part-time roles
Mr Miliband, who will earn about £50,000 a year from the part-time position – which is not expected to occupy him for more than a few days a month.
He also earns £75,000 a year as a non-executive director at Sunderland Football Club for just 12 to 15 days work a year.
The politician has constructed his business affairs in a way that appears to limit tax liability.

Mr Miliband would pay income tax at the normal rate on his £65,000 salary for being an MP.

But his non-parliamentary earnings, however, are paid into a company called The Office Of David Miliband Limited, which is subject to corporation tax of between 20 per cent and 27.5 per cent – substantially less than the 50 per cent rate of income tax for those earning more than £150,000.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2106313/David-Miliband-paid-70-000-just-days-work-advising-venture-capitalists-investing-green-technology.html#ixzz1o3pvgduw


The doctors who have just made the break through in keeping kidneys working outside the body are the ones who deserve to earn 70000 for three days work not David milliband I hate the government and what it stands for in this country all in it for them selves and there should be a law against it
– david, Staffordshire, 26/2/2012 11:31


Nice to see that the heir apparent to the Labour leadership is as big a hypocrite as all those since John Smith that have preceded him. His brother has succeeded in doing what many thought was impossible and proved himself more stupid than Brown, be honest would you have trusted him with your washing up unsupervised?, , the war criminal has sucked up millions since leaving the country, Kinnock is right in the EU trough, so bloated with his Lordliness he’s forgotten there ever was a place called Wales that elected him. Come on Dave, let’s see you at the Despatch Box, let the Labour voters see what they’ll be getting at the next election.
– Ace Rimmer, New Milton, 26/2/2012 09:45


Forget about the tribal divides. Tory bashing or calling labour hypocrites. Blaming each other for the mess. They all hate us. The country has been sold down the river by both parties. Greedy and self-serving. London and I’m sure other parts of Eng;and and the UK has been turned into a third world ghetto. Rapes, stabbings, shootings and full of endless people who hate us and this country and inept politicans from the right whose supporters either use cheap labour or leftists who love the destruction of national identity. Vote for ANYONE but the old parties.
– Jason G, England, 26/2/2012 02:37

How about the mail having a balance report. Look at the Conservatives who are making large sums especially John Major, what did he do UK PLC. – Shaun, Hants, 25/2/2012 14:19…………………………The Conservatives don’t pretend to be Marxist left wing Socialist that’s the difference. Labour are hypocrites.
– Jan, Kent, 26/2/2012 02:17

Oh Jan….if you only knew!!!!

One response to “David Miliband paid £70,000 for just three days’ work advising venture capitalists investing in ‘green’ technology

  1. 50 pence tax rate was a FABIAN policy- lol! but not for FABIANS THEMSELVES!


    Englishmen must speak up for England. Socialist politicians (note small ‘p’) encroach our Parliament and have put forward their socialist manifesto which disgraces our English society. Their failed politics towards Our Country now sees them out of office and in disgrace. Yet their individual front benchers make a financial killing talking up their failed policies and what they would choose to do to us and to the rest of the World if they have their time all over again! Let all true Englishmen ensure that their ‘Second Coming’ will never ever happen! David and Eddie Milliband, – get lost!
    – Peter, Wimborne Minster, 26/2/2012 0:14

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2106313/David-Miliband-paid-70-000-just-days-work-advising-venture-capitalists-investing-green-technology.html#ixzz1o3sYGmWS

    William & Kate:
    The Big Cover-up

    Article by Grace Powers
    April 20, 2011

    Did William and Kate put the world’s most infamous Jewish bankster crime family on their wedding invitation list? Of course they did!

    James Rothschild, 26, son of the late Amschel Mayor James Rothschild, will be representing the Rothschild bankster dynasty at the wedding-of-the-century. He’s bringing along his passed-around girlfriend, Astrid Harbord, who had previously shagged Prince Harry.

    The Rothschilds will be attending the royal wedding in more ways than one.



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