VIDEO: Obama’s Letter Calms Afghanistan

VIDEO: Obama’s Letter Calms Afghanistan

Thursday, March 01, 2012 – by Staff Report

President Obama: Koran Apology ‘Calmed Things Down’ … President Obama said his formal apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai for the burning of Korans by U.S. troops last week has “calmed things down” after the incident sparked an outbreak of violence across the country. “We’re not out of the woods yet,” Obama said in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Bob Woodruff at the White House. “But my criteria in any decision I make, getting recommendations from folks who are actually on the ground, is what is going to best protect our folks and make sure that they can accomplish their mission.” – ABC News

Dominant Social Theme: Truly a magical man … and a peacemaker, too.

Free-Market Analysis: One man, one great man, has apparently brought peace to an entire country. The simple act of writing a letter has eased the tension in Afghanistan and probably saved a few lives.

That’s what ABC wants us to believe anyway. In a remarkable video, ABC honchos hit a number of dominant social themes of the elite.

The Anglosphere power elite, made up of Jewish, Catholic (Vatican), corporate, religious and military elites, uses fear-based promotions to frighten middle classes into giving up power and wealth to globalist facilities.

We tend to believe that these elites control sociopolitical and economic policies throughout the West, and even throughout the world. The control is as of yet exercised informally.

But in our view, increasingly, the elites are making their presence known formally. This video is evidence of the increasingly reverent, almost royalist, posture that the US media is adopting toward the presidency itself and Barack Obama in particular.

The video is accompanied by an article (see excerpt above) and is remarkable, in our view, for the reverence expressed throughout. ABC News’s Bob Woodruff is especially servile, producing out of his exclusive interview the “scoop” that Barack Obama’s letter of apology had calmed Afghanis who were angry over US-initiated Koran burning.

There was certainly REASON for Afghanis, Pashtuns or otherwise, to be angry. In the past few months, US soldiers have been caught in photographs posing with dead Afghans as if they were “trophies,” urinating on dead Taliban and even posing in front of a flag bearing a logo resembling the Nazi SS.

The Koran burning was merely one incident in a chain of misunderstanding and incitements that is bound to continue. Even if the letter Obama sent did temporarily calm the waters, the larger dysfunction of the war and the young men waging it will likely not subside.

Woodruff could have asked Obama some hard questions about why troops are still there a decade later. He could even have asked why so many in his political party – and throughout the nation and even the world – believe the Iraq war was a destabilizing waste of human life at a cost of nearly one trillion dollars.

He could have asked why the Administration continues to pursue the Afghanistan war even though Obama was clear going into his first term in office that he would do his best to put a halt to the hostilities.

Regarding the “larger” picture, Woodruff could also have asked Obama why the NATO and US attacks on the Middle East have been so brutal and why so much depleted uranium has been used that doctors reportedly tell women in certain areas of Iraq and Afghanistan not to bear children if they can help it.

Of course, as we have written many times, these are wars of control that the Anglosphere is pursuing for numerous goals, mostly having to do with advancing one-world government and creating additional regional troubles that can foment MORE war.

Woodruff could have used the opportunity to bring up any of these issues. See for yourself how he handles his opportunity to go “one on one” with the President of the United States. Click on the photo to watch the video.


Posted by I<3Liberty on 03/02/12 02:31 AM

Ugh. I find Obama's use of the word "folks" tiring.

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Posted by oldman67 on 03/01/12 09:53 PM

visit Click to view link Click on articiles/ in the left hand column and next to this drop one line to read what Obama and his administration has done as far as Christians and Muslims go.

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Posted by Summer on 03/01/12 07:26 PM


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Posted by laceja on 03/01/12 05:06 PM

Why would anyone think there is any possibility that the press, especially the liberal press, would ask Obama any significant questions? It was exactly the kind of interview I would expect. More of a campaign video, actually.

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Posted by tlmartin on 03/01/12 04:04 PM

Things are not better over there. It is all snmoke and mirrors. Most of the troops that could have been targeted have been moved out. Afghans doing various jobs for our troops have been removed from Bagram and elsewhere where troops were instructors. Got it from a reliable source inside of Miltary intel on location.

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Posted by Bobby7 on 03/01/12 02:56 PM

Yo Tony,

America "rescued" thousands of Nazis after the War & brought them to America (Operation Paperclip). McArthur did a deal with Japan's Dr. Mengele & allowed him to come to America. Shiro Ishii, was commander of Unit 731. According to the 2002 International Symposium on the Crimes of Bacteriological Warfare, the number of people killed by the Imperial Japanese Army germ warfare and human experiments is around 580,000.[5] According to other sources, the use of biological weapons researched in Unit 731's bioweapons and chemical weapons programs resulted in possibly as many as 200,000 deaths of military personnel and civilians in China.

When will America be brought before the Court of Human Rights? Since 1950 they have broken every law in the world! They have assassinated democratically elected leaders of countries. They have prevented South America from getting its freedom Nazi lead North America.

It would seem to me, from researching past American Presidents, that one has to be a sexual deviant to be elected.

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Posted by terrybee on 03/01/12 02:47 PM

sad,- let Vincent Browne a few minutes with him.

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Posted by Hognutz on 03/01/12 02:21 PM

I wonder when he will walk on water?


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