Protests at Liverpool Crown Court against alleged paedophile gang

Protests at Liverpool Crown Court against alleged paedophile gang

By Richard Milnes
Feb 6, 2012 in World


Liverpool – Certain groups, including the English Defence League (EDL) and British National Party (BNP) organised separate protests outside Liverpool Crown Court on Monday 6 February 2012.
Demotix reports that the BNP and EDL “were protesting against the case of 11 Asian men from Rochdale who have been charged with child exploitation and sex offences.”
Casuals United, a group affiliated with the EDL, reported “Over 150 patriots were protesting at Liverpool Crown Court today where 11 of the 47 strong “Operation Matrix” Muslim paedophile gang are being tried.”
They gave an example that supports the unusual media blackout of such a significant court case. “The protest was staged because information had been received that the Liverpool Echo had been warned by police not to report on the case so as not to upset “community cohesion”.”
Only two days after the Leicester demonstration, the EDL had organised a Liverpool protest, displaying a poster with the caption ‘Our children deserve better’ on their website.
The BNP website had a poster with the caption ‘Help campaign against Muslim paedophile gangs’.
The BNP reported that they had distributed more than 5,000 specially produced leaflets throughout the city centre.

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Counter Demonstration
In a publicity disaster, UAF was present to counter the anti-paedophile protests.
Not a politically correct issue
A past Suite101 report, regarding a by-election in the north of England, revealed that Labour’s Jack Straw had highlighted that there was a problem with a specific section of the community. However, it had taken him about a decade from the time that the BNP first raised the issue, to speak up. The reason for this tardiness was never proved. Jack Straw has been the Labour MP for Blackburn (a town with a large South Asian Muslim population), since 1979.
Sources and further information
Casuals United website
EDL website
BNP website

Jon Michael Nugent · Works at Public Sector
The demonstration was advertised as a “nationalist demonstration”. The BNP and EDL turned up to promote thier respective organisaitons, white nationalism and anti-Muslim sentiments in general. In no shape or form were the anti-fascist counter-demonstrators there to oppose an “anti-paedophile protest”. They were there to oppose the Far-Rights attempt to exploit a matter that they should have stayed away from.

Readers of the above should note that the author, Richrd Milnes, is an American supporter of the EDL.
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Richard Milnes
Thank you for your comment Jon.
There was no one demonstration that was organised as a nationalist demonstration, though many that turned up would certainly describe themselves as nationalists.
The EDL is against Muslim extremists as opposed to all Muslims. The BNP has said before that it is against ‘Islamists’.
Why should what you describe as the ‘far-right’ (though I disagree with this term) have stayed away? Were the UAF going to highlight this issue? I doubt it. Would they rather that the public were not made aware of this issue?
The UAF is supported by the NUJ, which is the union in the UK for journalists and others that work in the media industry. The NUJ has a history of far-left bias. The NUJ determines what journalists can report. I am proud not to be a member of the NUJ. I will report what I believe to be the truth and what I believe to be the facts, regardless of whether it is politically correct. I have no time for political correctness.
I have visited America on holiday three or four times, but I am not an American by the way.

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One response to “Protests at Liverpool Crown Court against alleged paedophile gang


    occupiedbritain on 21 Feb 2012


    Muslim paedophiles in the Rochdale area specifically targeted and sexually abused young English girls. They have been appearing at Liverpool crown court for 2 weeks but there has been a media blackout until now. This case was exposed by various Nationalist groups who since the start of the trial have held successful demonstrations outside Liverpool crown court (despite opposition from UAF and Liverpool Antifa) to bring awareness of this case to the general public. It’s time to name and shame these disgusting Muslim rapists.

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