What If.. it were you!

What If.. it were you!

Posted on February 26, 2012 by ianpj

What if you found yourself in the same position, how would you react, how would you get the help you needed… think about that whilst you watch the attached video.

Put yourself in their shoes for just two minutes.

There are now more than 10,000 children a year taken by the state with little more than heresay, lies or made up testimony to justify it. You really have to ask why, considering that many go missing whilst in their care, many it is suggested to child trafficking.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), the sole government agency to produce reports on child trafficking, has disbanded its child trafficking unit with no plans to replace it.

Watch the video and imagine it was your nightmare, not theirs. Now put yourself in their shoes and think about what you can do to help.



This video needs to be posted as far and wide as we possibly can. In every blog, on every forum, in every comments section of every newspaper and magazine, on every mobile phone and wherever else you have access, because this problem is reaching epidemic proportions in the UK.

Scotland in Shame – Using the law to silence dissent

Posted on February 25, 2012 by IanPJ

When you have finished reading this, think of Robert Green http://freerobertgreen.co.uk

From The Firmfeatures. 30 Jan 2012

Using the law to silence dissent
Perhaps no one knows the penalty for incautious speech more than Tommy Sheridan. Free speech carries a duty to exercise it responsibly, and the courts have long protected the public with laws protecting against defamation, and recently criminal offences for incitement or hate speech. But it is unprecedented to impose a blanket ban of silence on an offender returning to the community. Have we become so afraid of words that they cannot now be uttered? Fraser Matheson takes a look.

Earlier today Tommy Sheridan was released from Castle Huntly prison on license. Over the weekend, The Firm reported that he is understood be banned from public speaking as a condition of his license.

Take a moment to let that sink in.

Today – in 2012 and in a modern democracy – the state has chosen to silence a voice for fear of what it might say. What other reason could there be for the imposition of this condition? The condition is not necessary to protect the public, unless of course you believe that the public require to be protected from Mr Sheridan’s views. Are those judgements which you are happy for the state to make on your behalf? Are you comforted by that prospect?

That this illiberal, repressive and utterly contemptible restriction on Mr Sheridan’s rights was ever conceived speaks volumes of an institutionalised manner of thinking which I find genuinely horrifying. There are people in positions of power in Scotland today who see no problem in using the law to silence dissent.

Does that not scare you?

It certainly scares me. I am quite sure that readers of the Firm do not need to be persuaded of the importance of free speech to functioning democracy. In modern democratic societies we recognise that the future is shaped by debate and discussion, and not through force of arms. We recognise that in a true democracy everyone is entitled to add their voice to that process. Our voices are all we have. It scares me to know that the modern Scottish state believes itself empowered to silence our voices where it sees fit.

Mr Sheridan has been robbed of his right to raise his voice and participate in the democratic process. He has been robbed of his right at a moment of enormous significance for Scotland’s future. That is not acceptable.

Paul McBride QC has observed that this oppressive license condition is probably challengeable in the courts. But this issue cuts deeper than the legalities. The real horror here – legality or otherwise aside – is that public officials in modern Scotland saw fit to impose the condition in the first place. Even if Mr Sheridan successfully challenges the condition, that problem will remain. That poisonous temperament will subsist.

I hope that Mr Sheridan challenges this illiberal condition. I hope that the courts are able to defend his voice. If the law will not provide Mr Sheridan with a remedy, then the law will have failed.

The state was never given authority to silence those voices with which it does not expect to agree. That way lies oppression and tyranny. Today I raise my voice in support of Tommy Sheridan’s. I urge all those who value their voice and their freedom to use it to do likewise.

Fraser Matheson is a LLb student at the University of Aberdeen

Image Credit: Press Association

Think of Robert Green http://freerobertgreen.co.uk


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  1. http://parker-joseph.com/pjcjournal/

    Think of Robert Green http://freerobertgreen.co.uk

    Watch the video and imagine it was your nightmare, not theirs. Now put yourself in their shoes and think about what you can do to help.



  2. illsOnly on 9 Feb 2012

    Public Interest Campaigner Belinda McKenzie provides a synopsis of the Holly Greig child abuse case.

    To keep up to date and get involved in supporting this case visit ..


    To comment further on this video and other related subjects visit here.


    And here.


    Non-profits & Activism

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