The Big Society: the Fruition of the Marxist Revolution

The Big Society: the Fruition of the Marxist Revolution

First published 01 March 2011

David Cameron was vague when he gave a speech recently about the Big Society. A lot of people thought that it was because he doesn’t really know himself what Big Society entails. Other people think that Cameron is vague because he wants Big Society to replace government funded public services.

The latter group are closer. Cameron is hiding something regarding the true nature of the Big Society, and he is hiding it because we wouldn’t like it if we found out.

What we do know about the Big Society is that it will be financed by the state appropriation of private bank accounts that the government has deemed are dormant. This is something that is straight out of Marx’s handbook for Communism. As Rolf Harris used to say, can we guess what it is yet?

The Big Society will be facilitated first by state personnel who will recruit and train Community Organisers in each and every town across the land. The Community Organisers will direct volunteers in projects that are supposedly beneficial to the community, and now we hear that national TV adverts will cajole people into volunteering.

We also know that the aforementioned stolen bank accounts will go towards forming a fund of 100 million to help charities and volunteer groups compete for government contracts that, one presumes, would previously have automatically been awarded the council or private companies (so yes, it is also about doing public services on the cheap – this is undeniable).

We can assume that it must surely be the case that a charity or volunteer group will not be allowed to operate unless they agree to the meddling of a government sponsored Community Organiser. There is no way that such a group would be allowed to operate independently of the government, and we should understand that despite the Cameron’s claims, there is nothing bottom-up or grass-roots about the Big Society. If there were anything grass-roots about this country then Bob Nobody, with the rest of Acacia Street in which he lives, and the rest of Anytown where he pays his Council Tax, would have already forced our withdrawal from the EU. As it is, as far as our political elite are concerned, Bob – nor any other little plebeian – knows enough about what is best for our country to be able to affect decisions about its future. Why should the elite feel any differently about his relation to his local community, especially being the minutiae-controlling Progressive dictators that they are?

Also consider the so-called Vanguard Big Society projects that are being run as trials ahead of the full unveiling of the scheme across the country. The activity generated in these experiments are for the most part pre-existing small-time efforts that have been palmed off by the local council through “Big Society Panels” made up of (probably self-important) council officials. All the Vanguards seem to do is to confirm that some government people are going to tell us what to do.

In fact, there is absolutely nothing about the Big Society that is about empowering individuals in their local communities. For a start, government cannot hand power back to people – which is something of a motto for the Big Society – because power belongs to the people in the first place.

To find out what the Big Society is really about, we need to go back to the launch of the concept. Big Society, said the proud Tories, is based on Community Organising as invented by Saul Alinsky and it forms part of that nice Mr Obama’s background. What the Tories didn’t tell us is that Saul Alinsky was a Marxist political thinker who wanted to affect political attitudes as grass-roots levels against Capitalism and for Collectivism. He wanted to instil in people the notion of Marxism and what it said society owed them, and he recognised that this was best done by doing a token good deed in the community which would make people receptive to being politically agitated.

Indeed, Obama had been a Community Organiser in Chicago, and shares the same roots there as the political-gangster group, ACORN; the friendly neighbourhood folk who guarded polling booths at the last U.S. presidential election in uniform and with baseball bats to inspire votes for Barry Soetoro.

And this, friends, is what Big Society is really all about. It is a political movement to spread discontent between neighbours, and to stigmatise and intimidate political opponents at the very personal local level. Here is a picture of what it might look like in the UK: The Community Organiser press-gangs a susceptible old person in your street, and together they form a “voluntary group”. They apply for funds to build something that the council thinks is needed in your area and that is suitably disruptive to society – like a hang-out for drug addicts – and naturally they get the help they need.

Everyone in your street is then descended upon by said Community Organiser and other party officials and they are told that they should feel pretty guilty, and that they should feel sorry for the poor drug addicts. Everyone is cajoled into helping out with the project – all except you.

While the project is ongoing, everyone involved is being educated about how important it is to normalise drug addiction within the community, and receive other party indoctrination. Attention is also turned to you as a non-contributor. There must be something wrong with you. You become the persecuted minority, and people are encouraged to shun you and report on your activities. Then one day, when the Marxist revolution has been secured across all of the EU Province of Britain, some police come and take you away as a political dissident. Nobody sees or hears of you again.

Does it sound too fanciful? It’s only what happened in Russia. This is how you can expect tyranny to work. You have been warned.

Links added, 20 June 2011:Articles on Community Organising through street parties:

David Cameron’s “Big Society” Explained


dfightlads on 28 Feb 2011

News & Politics

16 Feb 2011

The Big Society is a very bad joke
a Fabian ideal a Marxist stroke
You’ll work for nothing
you will volunteer
for the good of the community
your new career…




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