Bill Bratton Kroll Inc. 10 Downing Street Supercop Carroll Trust Footage Billion Dollars Tax Evasion Fraud Case

Bill Bratton Kroll Inc. 10 Downing Street Supercop Carroll Trust Footage Billion Dollars Tax Evasion Fraud Case

Bill Bratton the legendary retired US Police Chief who is now the chairman of Kroll Associates the world renowned criminal investigative and forensic accounting firm is understood to be closely monitoring the Carroll Foundation Trust case which is one of the largest ever white collar organized crime tax fraud scandals in modern economic history. Sources have revealed that Neil Cooper a former senior partner of Kroll Associates is understood to have conducted what well seasoned Wall Street New York observers have described as a criminal administration regime of the Gerald Carroll Trust estate interests in his capacity as the high court “appointed trustee” with complete legal responsibility for this billion dollar trust. It has emerged that Neil Cooper is believed to be soon confronting criminal allegations of conspiracy to defraud racketeering and obstruction offences following these shocking revelations which have now been exposed in the American and British media reports on the case.

Further sources have commented that the UK Insolvency Agency Inspector General Stephen Speed in concert with the high court appointed senior insolvency officer Paul Titherington continues to also retain a complete lockdown of the GJH Carroll forged signatures exhibits linked to fraudulent Companies House registered Carroll Trust Corporations which effectively impulsed the co-ordinated liquidation of major divisions of the Carroll Global Corporation’s world wide interests.

It has emerged that the FBI in Los Angeles and Scotland Yard charged with this case of international importance have recently obtained further Carroll Trust dossiers that contain a startling litany of forged and falsified HSBC International offshore numbered bank accounts incorporated in Gibraltar and the City of London. It is understood that the trust’s underlying London & Central Properties Plc and Carroll Holdings Corporation Ltd group structures were utilised within a fraudulent “name switch operation” to liquidate assets in excess of a staggering one billion dollars by the international offshore crime syndicate now targeted by the FBI and Scotland Yard.

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Who killed Nick Berg? CACI, KROLL and the Beheading Industrial Complex
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Nick Berg was sacrificed to show that “they” are worse than us. The Abu Gharib photos made the news in March 2004. Nick Berg was beheaded in April. His was, what started the whole beheading thing. Those Abu Gharaib pics are the reason he was beheaded. Sacrificed would be a more accurate term.

Who do you think did that to Nick?

Look at what this person is forced to wear by his captives.

Look what Nick Berg is forced to wear by his captives.

Take a look at the chair Berg is sitting in.

Where do you think he was?

Look at the chair our great Representative in Iraq is sitting in (lower left)

Looks like Nick Berg had the same captives that these prisoners did. He had to pay, for their crimes.

is it possible to put any more clarity to it.

how does al-qaeda get the same exact outfits/furniture/techniques as contracted black ops (CACI, Kroll, etc.)?

duh, they are the same f**king thing!

There are some very strange things about Berg. The Moussaoui connection is one. It all leads me to believe he was an intelligence asset wanna be and they just used him up and spit him out. But I do know this. When you lie, you have something to lie about.

On May 14, it was revealed that Nick Berg had been investigated during the U.S. government’s investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui

The U.S. maintains that at no time was Berg in coalition custody, but rather that he was held by Iraqi forces

His family claims he was turned over to U.S. officials and held for 13 days without access to legal counsel. FBI agents visited his parents to confirm his identity on March 31, but he was not immediately released. After his parents filed suit in federal court in Philadelphia on April 5, claiming that he was being held illegally, he was released from custody


But did his family really hear from Berg after his supposed release from U.S. Custody who denies he was ever in their custody? Yes…by E-MAIL

blackwater are the marines of private mercenaries.

CACI and Kroll are the serial killer psychopathic interrogators that love to see people brought to their absolute lows. they get off on methodical and patient torture for absolute maximum gore and impact. they are very well attune to the psyops that it creates within local, national, and international media. they work with media. Kroll was the author of the al-qaeda torture manual. the people there have been doing this since vietnam.

There was concerning a CNN interview on May 24th with a Kroll Torture Specialist “Kelly McCann” (not sure if that is a real name)
Latest spin–new torture documents–al-qaeda-kroll

Supposedly our military found some crayon drawings of a person having a hot iron to their chest and they spun it like this:

Military has found documents showing the insurgents are teaching torture (the disinformationists are not even trying anymore).

Anyway CNN had a “Kelly McCann” from Kroll Security (any red flags yet guys) to explain that he had not seen such detailed information about torture since Vietnam or old Al-Qaeda reports. How the hell does this guy know about Al-Qaeda and Vietnam torture….Kroll Associates….hmmm…Anyway, I have seen much worse torture tchniques from the “allowed to be released” abu graib pictures. Do these disinformationists think we are 3 years old???

From “Who Killed John O’Neil”:
kroll associates “is like a private CIA” michael cherkasky CEO- william bratton john o’neil
1991 kroll hired by kuwait to investigate Saddam’s finances 1992 kroll -advising enron-97-98 teamsters union elections- monitor LA terror-
FBI Director william seychelles now share holder kroll

MBNA 9-11 insider trading involvement

louis Freeh-DA NYC worked with guliiani and
jerome hauer-orders for cipro-headed NYC Fema-advisor to cfr-national institute health- bioterrorism expert- mging. director for kroll- wtc security-SAIC- hired john oneil-instructed nyc gulliani to build hq
Robert Tucker met with them night before 9-11

stephen hatfield -friend of jerome hauer headed Anthrax betchel SAIC

john miller
brian jenkins-aviation terrorism counter terrorism expert
robert mueller

robert tucker-
CTC international
choen group
securacom- marvin Bush- dulles and united airlines airport security contract

omar sheikh saheed
khalid shaikh
daniel pearl

pan am 103 crash

Timothy mcveigh ramzi yousef phillipines
loius freeh

panama invasion Bush I- Noreiga-BCCI

AIG 6th largest corporation -COral Taelvera head of AIG San Fran-
BCCI largest fraud in global history money laundering- Kerry Headed Senate BCCI investigation

Abu Dabi-Noreiga- Khalid Bin mahfouz investment in harken -20% BCCI- Saudi Bin Laden Financeer-
Barry Seal took over as captain of Civil Air Patrol, planes identified as former air america planes in vietnam-Mena Ak 1981 1986 5 billion dollar narc running- AK US Attorney Acea HUtchinson later heads DEA ignores Seal and later becomes undersecretary for Border transportation and security for homeland security–CIA Agent -New Orleans- Civil Air Patrol Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferry Civil Air Patrol captain -JFK Conspirator- Barry seal photographed with Sturgis- seal/ferry getaway pilot for kennedy assasins. Seal’s sting and cooperation leaked to media, leak was admitted by oliver north- Seal has Bush’s Personal Phone number- Sandanistas shoot down seal’s former plane eugen hasselfus only survivor claims he was running druges for cia-
1991 Gov. clinton said “linkages to federal government and mentions Seal’s link to CIA and Iran Contra
wackenhut corp. security company linked to CIA private prisons
Bank used to launder global drug money was BCCI
AIG fleet of 400 planes- 1987 AK Development Financial Agency “Coral Reinsurance” never filed with SEC – AIG FOunder CIA operative C V Starr- AIG director son of cia founder frank wiesner-
maurice greenburg nyse and FED almost head of cia chaired CFR- AIG Principal shareholder of Kroll
CFR principle contact is CIA-

E Howard Hunt- JFK conspirator
Felix Rodriguez
Ted Shackley
Richard Seacord

Also…they have been making a killing through the expansion of the “post-911-industry”

Wow, who do you guys think kidnapped our 3 soldiers 10 days ago????????????????????????[/i]

Kroll – The Risk Consulting Company

Kroll, the global risk consulting company, provides a broad range of investigative, intelligence, financial, security and technology services to help clients reduce risks, solve problems and capitalise on opportunities. Headquartered in New York with more than 60 offices on six continents, Kroll has a multidisciplinary team of more than 3,200 employees and serves a global clientele of law firms, financial institutions, companies, non-profit institutions, government agencies, and individuals. Kroll is an operating unit of Marsh Inc., the risk and insurance services subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

As part of Kroll, Kroll Security International (KSI) has developed a new security architecture that places your risk management in the context of increasing global insecurity. With an evolving, international capability across a broad spectrum or risks and services, KSI offers a coordinated approach that matches your needs, however they may develop. By working with clients at the outset of the planning phase KSI can provide a holistic strategy, critical in hostile business environments. From a thorough understanding of your risk management needs to creating a dynamic and focused security solution, KSI can take the risk out of your management.

Within Kroll’s portfolio of services, KSI has been actively providing protection and security in Iraq for government agencies and companies involved in the reconstruction. Since April 2003 KSI’s knowledge and understanding of the risks involved in operating in Iraq has resulted in invaluable protection to our clients.

The security risk throughout Iraq ranges from very high to high across the country. The deterioration in the security situation throughout Iraq over the past six months has been marked. Various factions are seeking to make Iraq ungovernable by the Iraqi government, with a view to disrupting the pending Iraqi elections scheduled for January 2005. Consequently this is impacting on US Presidential elections and precipitating the eventual withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq.

The risk is multi-faceted, being both terrorist and criminal in nature. The terrorist aim is to discourage Iraqis from cooperating with the IIG and MNF, through a series of tactics. These include indiscriminate suicide bombings of Iraqi security forces, the assassination of officials and locals deemed to be assisting the interim government and the taking of western hostages with a view to discouraging foreign governments, humanitarian and commercial organisations from participating in stabilisation and reconstruction efforts in Iraq. Security is the key to success by generating stability and encouraging inward investment.

KSI, with its wealth of experience of operating in hostile environments, offers a variety of services to create a secure environment in which clients can operate in relative safety. These services range from advisory and security audits, intelligence audits and summaries, risk and project management, hostage and kidnap resolution, emergency medical and evacuation/repatriation, the provision of highly experienced security details and training amongst others. Kroll’s services are tailored to suit client requirements.

For more information, please visit our website:

Nice brochure:

Kroll…this seems like the kind of false flag terrorism they are known for. 9/11 is exactly the kind of shit Kroll is built for.

School Hires Security Firm After Attack By Students
Published: February 13, 2002

The Westchester school for troubled children where a counselor was tortured by several students last week said today that it had hired a leading international security firm to study the school ”from top to bottom” and make recommendations.

The Pleasantville Cottage School, a 90-year-old residential treatment center with an otherwise excellent reputation, is reeling from several incidents in the last 10 days that culminated with the attack on a 32-year-old counselor last Thursday.

Earlier that day, a 14-year-old boy told officials at the school in Mount Pleasant that three days earlier, he had escaped a sexual attack by four other boys. Those students were charged on Monday with attempted aggravated sexual assault; the authorities said they tried to sodomize the boy with a cucumber. And the police said today that last week, two students were arrested after they stole a school car, hit two other cars with it and then abandoned it in Greenburgh.

”We’re acting fast and furiously,” said Jane Barowitz, a spokeswoman for the school.

She identified the security company hired by the school as Kroll Associates. ”Kroll will be looking at every aspect of our functioning, from top to bottom.”

On Monday, an inspector from the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, which licenses such treatment centers, arrived at the school to see whether it was complying with regulations. The agency conducted a routine inspection at the school in November, but the results were not immediately available, said an agency spokesman, Kent Kisselbrack.

Most of the nearly 200 young people at the school come from broken homes and have suffered physical or sexual abuse. Many are on medication, and all receive counseling. For the most part, Ms. Barowitz said, the children do not have histories of violence, and the school currently has no video monitors, armed guards or panic buttons for staff.

The seven girls charged with attempted murder in the assault on the counselor appeared in court this morning without the giggles and smirks that shocked onlookers when six of the girls were arraigned on Friday. The seventh girl was arrested on Sunday.

They were subdued today and nearly expressionless as they entered the courtroom here in handcuffs. But as they caught sight of family members, a few of the girls began sobbing, and their tears were joined by those of sisters, grandmothers, aunts and nephews in the gallery.

It was the first time the girls had met their court-appointed lawyers.

”She’s 16 and terrified,” said David L. Rich, a lawyer for Takiyah Miller, one of the defendants. ”Her mom’s dead and her father is out of the picture. I would think the snickering might have been a product of fear, and now the reality of the charges have sunk in.”

The police are still searching for an eighth girl who they say participated in the attack. The victim, whose name has not been released, was in serious but stable condition at Westchester Medical Center today.

The girls, ranging in age from 14 to 16 and all charged as adults, are accused of hitting her on the head with a phone, pushing her down stairs, pouring rubbing alcohol on her head and setting her on fire, and pouring bleach on her burns.



All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man.


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Re: Who killed Nick Berg?
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Kroll, Inc., according to the corporation’s web site, “is the world’s foremost independent risk consulting company. For more than 30 years, Kroll has helped companies, government agencies and individuals reduce their exposure to risk and capitalize on business opportunities. Kroll is traded on The NASDAQ Stock Market® under the symbol “KROL.”

“With offices in more than 60 cities in the U.S. and abroad, Kroll can operate and restructure businesses; scrutinize accounting practices and financial documents; gather and filter electronic evidence for attorneys; recover lost or damaged data from computers and servers; conduct in-depth investigations; screen domestic and foreign-born job candidates; protect individuals, and enhance security systems and procedures. [1]

Kroll has been named as the “private” CIA and is one of the prime suspect of 9/11.

Kroll has merged with Marsh and McLennan Companies and always had American International Group as their biggest stockholder. The Blackstone Group was a stockholder from 1993 onwards. Just before 9/11 Kroll merged with Armor Holdings. Contents
1 Key people
2 Kroll as the Private CIA
2.1 The world of Kroll
3 France calls Kroll a CIA front
4 Whistleblower Andrew Grove blames Kroll for 9/11
5 9/11: The BCCI Connection
6 External links

Key people
Michael Cherkasky
Thomas E. Constance
Oscar Fanjul
Maurice Greenberg
Jerome Hauer
John O’Neill
Michael A. Petrullo
Michael Shmerling
J. Arthur Urciuoli
Kroll as the Private CIA

Maurice Greenberg, the CEO of AIG was destined to become Director of the CIA in 1975, however Bill Clinton gave the job to John Deutch and Deutch made a mess, because the Church Committee Investigation into the CIA started and they discovered all kinds of dirty deals. So George H.W. Bush was send in to replace Deutch and started to privatize all the dirty parts.
National Endowment for Democracy became the privatized part of the Election Fraud department of the CIA.
Rendon Group was very successful during the Panama invasion and got the Psyops department.
There are quite a number of reports indicating that Kroll became the privatized variant of the CIA. [2] [3]

The reason for privatization is that Congressional oversight does not apply to them. Also the former restrictions no longer apply and they can work for whatever government wants their services.

Example of them taking a job from the Russian government:

When the CIA was asked in 1992 by Kroll and Associates, working on behalf of the Russian government, to help locate $20 billion that was hidden offshore by the KGB and the mob, the George H.W. Bush national security team declined to cooperate. [4]+

Example of something which they were not allowed to do previously: Operating a division to avoid negative publicity:

Risk management is a PR specialism which aims to help corporations strategically plan to avoid negative publicity, as well as to deal with it on an ad-hoc basis. PR agencies specialising in risk management include Regester Larkin and Kroll, Inc..[5]

You know, people on messageboards posting for years defending ridiculous theories like the OCT.
The world of Kroll

Welcome to the m urky world of Kroll Inc – the private CIA By Ben Hills June 25, 2005 +

(…) In May 2004, Julius Kroll received an offer he could not refuse. Marsh & McLennan, the New York insurance broker which claims to be the world’s largest, took over Kroll for an eye- popping $US1.9 billion ($2.46 billion), more than $US100 million of which was pocketed by its founder.

(…) Last October (2004), New York’s crusading district attorney, Eliot Spitzer, filed suit against Marsh & McLennan, accusing the company of having, for years, colluded with big insurance companies to “cheat customers in an elaborate charade of price fixing and bid rigging”.

The three insurers he named were the giants American International Group, Zurich America Insurance Company and Ace Ltd. Adding spice to the story was the relationship between them: AIG was headed by the 79-year-old insurance industry legend Maurice “Hank” Greenberg; his son Jeffrey ran Marsh & McLennan, and; another son, Evan, was boss of Ace.

(…) Within three months, Cherkasky had overseen a clean-out of Marsh & McLennan’s board, and the sacking of most of the executives deemed accountable for the corruption. In January, he persuaded Spitzer to drop the civil charges against the company by pledging to pay $US850 million to clients around the world – including Australia – that Marsh & McLennan had defrauded.

Criminal charges are still pending against 10 former executives of Marsh & McLennan and the insurance companies. In February, Kathryn Winter, the 50-year-old managing director of Marsh Inc, pleaded guilty to fraud in the Manhattan State Superior Court. She faces up to four years’ jail, depending on how keenly she co-operates with Spitzer’s investigators. (…)
France calls Kroll a CIA front

The French, the CIA and the Man Who Sued Too Much By David Ignatius, The Washington Post (Source: KROLL THE CONSPIRATOR +

William Lee is a 57-year-old Harvard-educated corporate lawyer whose specialty, until recently, was international mergers and acquisitions. But a year ago, the government of France charged that he was a spy for the Central Intelligence Agency, waging a secret war to destabilize French corporate interests in Asia.

The ” William Lee affair,” as it is known in Paris, appears to be a bizarre case of mistaken identity. Top CIA officials say the agency has no connection to Lee, and the French have dropped their allegations. But it adds a strange new chapter to what is becoming one of the world’s hottest spy rivalries, now that the Cold War is over — the battle between France and the United States over economic espionage.

(…) The Lee affair began to get nasty last Jan. 26, when French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua summoned U.S. Ambassador Pamela Harriman to complain about American spying against France. As has been widely reported, Pasqua demanded that several CIA spies leave the country.

(…) Some of the French anxiety about Lee stems from what he did next. In mid-1992, he took a part-time position with Kroll Associates, a New York firm that provides investigative services for big companies and employs a number of former CIA and FBI officers.

For French officials, Lee’s brief stint with Kroll tagged him as a suspicious person. According to French and U.S. sources, the French equivalent of the FBI, known as the Directorate of Surveillance of the Territory, or DST, suspected that Kroll’s Paris operation was a CIA front. They bugged Kroll’s Paris offices and harassed some of its clients, according to company executives. (…)
Whistleblower Andrew Grove blames Kroll for 9/11

The Meria Heller Show –

This man, Richard Andrew Grove, a whistleblower who worked for the big boys and money people behind 9/11 has come out with information to set the 9/11 movement on fire.

9/11 Whistleblower Andrew Grove Comes Forward


To offer a little contextual History, AIG was founded by OSS operative Cornelius V. Starr, the uncle of Bill Clinton’s friend Kenneth Starr. AIG was created for and is currently a front which provides cover for intelligence community illicit operations. In 2001, AIG owned a Risk Management firm called Kroll Associates.

Kroll played a major role in the events of September 11th, and continues to this day to enable events like the 7-7 and 7-21 bombings in the London Tube system… they then go on TV and provide “expert” counterterrorism testimony to the goldfish at home tuned into Fox News and the like.

While Kroll provided the necessary operational capability, in part, for what was perpetrated; AIG and Marsh were focused on participating in both short and long-term money schemes. Kroll’s Jerome Hauer (a long time personal friend of ex-FBI Counterterrorism & Osama bin Laden expert John O’Neill) hired O’Neill as head of security for the WTC.

Kroll had also managed the bunker in WTC 7 for Rudi Guiliani, and Kroll’s board of directors shared one peculiar member in common with AIG; that being Frank G. Wisner Jr., son of OSS co-Founder Frank Wisner. I won’t go into the history of the OSS, Reinhard Gehlen, or the Council on Foreign Relations / Allen Dulles affiliation with its creation, but I can recommend an excellent book, wherein its relevance is comprehensively documented; the title you’re looking for is: The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA by Burton Hersh (and printed in 1992).


On July 8, 2004, Kroll Associates was sold to Marsh and McLennan. I would mention at this point that Kroll Associates also provides protection, I mean, Kidnap and Ransom coverage for major corporations and their executives- and employs ex- and-current Intelligence Operatives, as well as ex-Scotland Yard, and freelance mercenaries. Kroll is at the heart of 9-11, though it’s but a sub-aspect of many other superimposed actions and operative details that took place on that day. (…)
9/11: The BCCI Connection

9/11: The BCCI Connection by Chaim Kupferberg Excerpted from: Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11 by Chaim Kupferberg

The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) at grants permission to post the above mentioned article in its entirety, or any portions thereof, so long as the URL and source are indicated, a copyright note is displayed, and, where excerpts are posted, the excerpt(s) is (are) indicated as such, and a link is provided to the full body of the text at from which the excerpt(s) was taken. For publication of this article in print or other forms contact: . 5 November 2003

The URL of this article is:

(…) It is, in fact, security firms like Kroll Associates, Burns Security, Teg, Wackenhut, and their ilk that should garner our interest at least as much as the web of conservative think tanks that have welded in place the parameters of “mainstream” debate – for it is through these very firms that the former stars of law enforcement have gone through the revolving door into the lucrative private sector. It is a world where former military types mix with various operatives of the CIA, FBI, DEA and any number of alphabet soup agencies charged with the security of our nation.

Moreover, the top people in the private security sector have the authority, prestige, and, most importantly, the skill to carry out – successfully and below the radar – the kinds of domestic operations that have been pegged as the province of shaggy al-Qaida operatives. Who, after all, could best ensure that 19 terrorists would be able to make it aboard four separate flights without any real danger of detection? And who, after all, would be best placed to ensure a complete and successful implosion of not just the two Twin Towers, but the neighboring building – 7 World Trade Center – which housed a bio-warfare “command and control bunker” under the direction of Jerry Hauer?

With that in mind, we get a bit closer to the “how” of 9/11 – an important consideration in analyzing the Legend of 9/11. A good part of the early work on that legend had been accomplished through the offices of Michael Cherkasky, the managing director of Kroll Associates – in his capacity as a prosecutor working in the New York office of Robert Morgenthau. Cherkasky had worked on the case arising out of the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, which had established Ramzi Yousef as the terrorist mastermind behind the attack. Cherkasky had also worked on the John Gotti and BCCI criminal cases, two cases that would not, at first glance, seem to be related, much less to the events of September 11.

(…) The story goes that BCCI was founded by Pakistani financier Aga Hassan Abedi. In truth, it was mostly a British intelligence operation using Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates as fronts, while CIA elements allied with George H.W. Bush used the banking network to conduct a number of under-the- table operations throughout the ’80’s. Before it went under, BCCI served as the cardiovascular system for a global criminal milieu, its laundered arteries servicing the needs of various drug lords, arms dealers, fraudsters, dictators, corrupt politicians, terrorists, and intelligence agencies seeking loose cash for their extra-legal activities.

(…) The real scandal of BCCI, however, was not simply that it was a worldwide Ponzi scheme defrauding its investors of billions – for that is the “limited”, official version – but that, in the context of 9/11, it provides a glaring spotlight on the very networks most intimately connected with the corruption. BCCI, the brainchild of British intelligence, was the ideal tool by which a supra-national network of compromised politicians and corrupt officials would “play ball”, fattened up with a stream of capital furnished through the fruits of drugs, arms, and terrorism.

As Oliver North had pioneered the use of the counter-terrorism office in dealing with narco-terrorists like Monzer al-Kassar (connected to the Pan Am explosion over Lockerbie), would it be such a stretch to posit that the counter-terror apparatus – this time under Richard Clarke and John O’Neill – was once again being employed to “work” the corrupt networks wrought by BCCI? Can it be a mere coincidence that the arteries of the bin Laden strain of terrorism were fed not by Iran or Syria – the “traditional” sponsors of the more low- key types of terrorism in the ’80’s – but rather by those very countries that have long served as agents and proxies of their American-Anglo cohorts in crime: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates (i.e. the principal countries fronting for BCCI)? Could it be that the mutually corrupt global relationships wrought by BCCI persist to this day, with a bevy of compromised political officials standing ready to make their contribution to the New World Order – and perhaps scam some extra pocket change on the side?

Chaim Kupferberg is a freelance researcher, writer and frequent CRG contributor. + Copyright Chaim Kupferberg 2003.

Kroll’s insider trading cover up

There are reports of a sharp rise in credit card transactions at the WTC on 9/11. Unusually large sums of money were rushed through the computers.

Convar tried to recover the data. The Convar data salvage found more than $100 million on insider transactions took place in the hours and minutes before the twin towers collapsed. The reconstructed data was given by Convar to the FBI. And in June 2002 Ontrack/Convar was acquired by Kroll Inc. (Kroll O’Gara Eisenhardt). Nothing has ever been heard of the recovered data or the investigation. [5] (

The transaction were made with Silverstream – part of Marsh – software for companies inside the WTC. Those companies were unusually vacant on the morning of September 11. Marsh acquires Silverstream and later Marsh acquires Kroll. [6] (

The Silverstream software was mainly sold to Marsh & McLennan, AIG, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Banker’s Trust, Alex Brown, Morgan Stanley. It is likely that those companies who are the heart of the banking and insurance industry received a preliminary warning explaining why they were reasonable empty at morning of September 11. The same list of companies are also tied in with pre-9/11 insider trading. Also many of them are tied in with the Intelligence Community (I don’t think that work for is the correct term, it’s more of a blur), so the lines of communication for those companies is very short. [7] (

Last minute merger with Armor Holdings

RENT-A-SPY, INC. By jenny Saturday, Nov. 30, 2002 at 3:29 PM American corporation involved in foreign and domestic espionage

Armor Holdings, Inc. was founded in 1969 as American Body Armor & Equipment, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida. At that time, American was an industry leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of projectile resistant garments. Its manufacturing facility was in New York. Its main customer was law enforcement. American started as a small, mom-and- pop operation.

In 1995, the company filed for Chapter 11, Bankruptcy and Reorganization. A group of international investors became interested in taking over the company so it was placed in the hands of British national, Jonathan Spiller. Mr. Spiller is or was a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Upon reorganizing, the company was renamed Armor Holdings.

At the time of reorganization, the chain of command for Armor Holdings was as follows:
Warren B. Kanders
Burtt R. Ehrlich
Nicholas Sokolow
Thomas W. Strauss
Richard C. Barlett

(…) In 2001, the company made more adjustments and eliminated its “US-based” investigative offices. 26 positions were eliminated in all.

(…) Armor Holdings has a global presence. Its client base includes multi-national corporations, non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies, military, law enforcement, security, corrections, natural resource industry, financial industry, insurance industry, investment banks, legal profession, consumer products industry, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, United Nations, USAID, World Bank, and Britain’s Department for International Development.

(…) Products are manufactured in the US, UK, and Mexico. The product line includes body armor, vehicle armor, non- lethal weapons, duty gear and military garments, forensic collection equipment and supplies, prisoner restraints, and anti-riot gear (tear gas, percussion grenades, etc.) Located within this division is the Training Academy of Technology and Tactics to educate its clientele on the proper use of the previously identified products. The company has over 500 distributors and sales operatives worldwide.

So in 2001 they reorganized and got rid off their US spy division and just before 9/11 on August 23rd they bought Kroll. Doesn’t make any sense…

In 1996 they bought Defence Systems Limited which is also an “interesting” partner.

Defence Systems Limited was one of the earliest PMCs (Private Military Corporations), formed in 1981 by a group of ex-SAS officials riding the swell brought on by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s yardsale of Britain’s defense industry to cold war warriors of worth. DSL was initially started with private financial support from London bankers, and possibly some Middle East investors. Over the next fifteen years they established a reputation in the security industry and a small fortune, before selling all to Armor Holdings, Inc. in 1997 for $26 million [8] (

What was DSL became ArmorGroup, a one stop shop spot for a variety of products pertaining to defense and riot situations. They then reached out to old foes and brought on ex-KGB commandos when they acquired the Alpha Firm. [9] (

DSL has provided protection and training services to a variety of elite niches in the security sector. In addition to major corporations, DSL has received contracts from governments around the world. They guarded the embassies of the United States, South Africa and Switzerland in the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as the embassies of England, Italy, South Africa, Sweden, and the US in Angola. They have provided camps for workers rebuilding a railway line in Mozambique, trained policemen in Somoalia, demined areas of the former Yugoslavia [10] ( and worked with various NGOs.

DSL has provided oil line protection and security force training for oil firms around the world. In the DRC they protected the SOCIR oil refinery installations belonging to Congo-SEP, a subsidiary of Belgian Petrofina. In Angola, where they were guarding oil and diamond companies, they were forced to expel 103 of their personnel for violating laws regarding the use of foreign corporate nationals. [11] ( Some other past clients include: Amoco, Andarko Petroleum, Bechtel, British Petroleum, Broken Hill Propriety Petroleum, Cambior, Chevron, De Beers, Exxon, Mobile and NGOs CARE and Goal.

They have also worked extensively with the United Nations and the World Bank.

Brazil’s biggest corporate scandal

The Brazilian connection June 25, 2005 A businessman caught up in an industrial espionage scandal in Brazil has turned up in Sydney. Ben Hills investigates.

By Brazilian standards, Operation Jackal was carried out with clockwork precision. On a steamy spring day, 90 agents of the elite Policia Federal burst into a dozen homes and offices in four cities, seizing documents and computer hard drives, and arresting some of the country’s most prominent businessmen.

The raids last October were the climax of a seven-month investigation into the activities of Kroll Inc, the largest and most flamboyant of the world’s “risk management” companies, whose activities range from rescuing hostages to tracking down stolen treasure – and, so the police allege, illegal industrial espionage.

As the story unfolded, some of the biggest names in Brazilian business and politics were dragged into the affair – the head of the country’s central bank, the minister for communications, the boss of the country’s third-largest telecommunications company, an investment banker with links to America’s giant Citigroup.

As the investigation widened, more than a dozen people were arrested, including executives and employees of Kroll who were initially accused by the police of crimes including conspiracy, illegal phone-bugging, and bribery. They included its joint chief executives, Eduardo Gomide and Vander Aloisio Giordano.

The boss of Kroll’s Brazilian operations, its president, a 35-year-old US-educated businessman named Eduardo Sampaio, escaped the dragnet. Not long after news of the police investigation had broken four months earlier, Sampaio left the country and – to the surprise of Australia’s risk management community – arrived in Sydney to take up a position as head of what is now called the Marsh Risk Consulting Group, Kroll having been taken over in the meantime (see story page 46).

However, two weeks ago, charges were formally laid against Sampaio, six other Kroll executives and contractors, and 19 other people in what has blown up into the Brazil’s biggest corporate scandal.


See also
American International Group
Michael Cherkasky
Jerome Hauer
Marsh and McLennan Companies
Who Killed John O’Neill
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SourceWatch: Kroll, Inc.
Wikipedia: Kroll Inc]

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The Litvinenko Connection…

Litvinenko’s friends Scaramella & Berezovsky are CIA assets linked to ‘Kroll Associates’ in charge of WTC on 9/11 Quote
January 2, 2007 — SPECIAL REPORT. Scaramella-Berezovsky link to World Trade Center security firm emerges in Italian law enforcement investigation.

Mario Scaramella, the Italian interlocutor for the poisoned Alexander Litvinenko and Russian-Israeli media/mobster tycoon Boris Berezovsky, is now under investigation by prosecutors in Rome, Naples, and Bologna for international arms smuggling, divulging official judicial secrets, conspiracy, international trafficking in radioactive materials, and the dumping of hazardous waste through unauthorized third parties. Scaramella was arrested last month by Italian police and his offices have been searched by police several times.

The Italian media is reporting on transcripts of phone conversations between Scaramella and two former U.S. intelligence officers. One conversation, reported in La Repubblica, is a January 25, 2006 conversation between Scaramella and a mysterious ex-CIA agent from California who uses the name “Perry.” In the conversation, Scaramella stresses to Perry that his activities are not “just my activity, but the activity of the organization.’ It is becoming clear that the “organization” to which Scaramella is referring is a private and global intelligence organization involving former members of the KGB and Russian Federal Security Bureau (like Litvinenko), private military and intelligence companies, and ex-CIA and British intelligence officers. Scaramella discussed the political dirty “trick” they are preparing for Italian center-left leader Romano Prodi and it is clear from the conversation that Perry gives Scaramella his orders, though politely. When Scaramella goes into a tangent on his international activities, Perry merely replies, ‘You must work on the Italian politics.’ When Scaramella presents a list of the possible future options open to him, Perry very curtly suggests, “You could be part of the cabinet of the minister.” But Scaramella is pessimistic when he states, “most probably Prodi will win, even if we will launch our attack…”

The “attack” is key to the conversation. WMR was the first media outlet to suggest that the Scaramella-Litvinenko affair was a dirty bomb plot gone bad and that the intelligence services of Russian President Vladimir Putin may have actually derailed the plot.

Scaramella relates to Perry his conversation with then-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, in which he asked the right-wing and now-indicted politician for a job, preferably at NATO or the United Nations. Scaramella claims that he was first offered a seat in the Italian parliament but declined because he feared a rough political campaign against him after he had made public his “KGB claims” against Prodi and that he “preferred a post outside Italy in an international organization.”

The Italian paper Corriere della Sera is also reporting on a telephone conversation between Scaramella and Paolo Guzzanti, the Miktrokhin Committee’s chairman on 28 January 2006, three days after the phone conversation between Perry and Scaramella that Romani Prodi was “cultivated by the KGB” and cited ex-KGB Colonel Oleg Gordievsky as his source. Guzzanti responds, “in that case he is our man?” “Yes,” replies Scaramella’s.” “That’s enough. I don’t want to know anything else”, Guzzanti replies.

It has also been revealed that while talking to Perry, Scaramella declared that he had obtained taped testimony against Prodi from Gordievski and that the testimony was given in the presence of “Lou Palumbo,” who has now been identified as a 22-year veteran of the CIA. Gordievski, who is under the protection of the British intelligence services, has since denounced Scaramella as a fraud. It is also clear that Scaramella’s mission was to seek out prominent Russian exiles and defectors in order to trick them into bringing false charges against leftist politicians like Prodi.

Previously, WMR reported that Scaramella was linked by Italian investigators to Filippo Marino, who is involved in the security business and founded the Special Research Monitoring Center (SRMC), claims he was a member of the elite Italian Army 131st Regiment and member of an Italian law enforcement organized crime task force targeting the mob in Naples. One of Marino’s companies, Securitydirector LLC, is registered at P.O. Box 190487, Miami Beach, FL 33119-0487. According to La Stampa, a link has now been discovered between Marino and Hallandale, Florida-based Incident Management Group (IMG). Marino has been a senior consultant for IMG, according to La Stampa. IMG’s Managing Partner is none other than Louis F. Palumbo, Scaramella’s task master in the reported attempt to tarnish Prodi. Palumbo’s bio at the IMG website states that in 1977, he founded the security consulting firm Ackerman & Palumbo. The Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) lists a Louis F. Palumbo at 7980 N. Biscayne Point Cir., Miami Beach, FL 33141.

Palumbo’s partners at IMG include Daniel Donohue, a former CIA clandestine services agent in Southeast Asia and India; Harley Stock, a “forensic hypnosis” expert with the FBI and US Secret Service; and, perhaps most intriguingly, Christopher Hagon, a 21-year veteran of the London Metropolitan Police or “Scotland Yard.”

Hagon told La Stampa that Marino did work as a consultant for IMG as a consultant. In fact, IMG’s consultant profiles list Marino as:

“FILIPPO MARINO, SENIOR CONSULTANT, has 10 years of international experience in the areas of security and environmental crime prevention. Marino has worked on a variety of security-related assignments ranging from investigative support of judicial authorities to personal awareness training and private consulting worldwide. He is one of the founders of Special Research Monitoring Center (SRMC) and a founding member of the Permanent Intergovernmental Conference for Environmental Crime Prevention. He is currently Director of Security & Operations, for the SRMC. Marino served as an officer of the prestigious 131st Regiment of the Italian Army, and is an inspector for a law-enforcement, environmental task force against organized crime in Naples, Italy. He holds a magna cum laude B. A. in Behavioral Sciences from San Jose State University, and has obtained multiple certifications in security and protection services. He speaks fluent Italian and German.”

Note that Marino’s links to Scaramella’s ECPP is also cited above. Also of interest is the listing of a Curtis Perry as an IMG consultant:

“CURTIS PERRY, SENIOR CONSULTANT, has 27 years experience in government and private sector security. He served for ten years in the CIA and was stationed throughout the Far East. Mr. Perry is fluent in several Chinese dialects and has access to numerous government agencies in the Philippines and throughout Southeast Asia. Previously he was employed as a Senior Consultant by the security firm of Ackerman & Palumbo and was a Managing Director for Kroll Associates in Manila from 1992 -1996. Mr. Perry has undertaken numerous investigations for Corporate America – including those involving kidnappings, extortions and product contaminations – in the Far East and Australia.”

Another IMG consultant is Robert Wager, whose bio claims he manages security for the US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. Scaramella claims to have also worked in Bogota. The bio of another IMG consultant, Ned Timmons, states, “for two years Timmons directed an international import/export corporation operating undercover in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Central America [and] … He currently serves as a consultant to the U.S. and Cayman Governments on drug trafficking matters.” There is yet another Colombian link, “John Stabler, Senior Consultant, has 17 years experience in security management and consulting profession, with 13 years of specialization in Colombia. He has designed security for plantations, mines, pipelines, piers and airfields in hostile locations in Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Chile.”

Also of interest is another “environmental” link that ties the various Scaramella-Litvinenko players under the cover of an international environmental network. An SEC EDGAR search revealed a stockholders’ agreement between Harrison-Kroll Environmental Services, Inc. of Louisiana and Palumbo Partners, a Delaware corporation dated December 31, 1992, in which Kroll acquired Palumbo Partners. A Google search also revealed that former Secret Service Presidential Protective Division agent Jim Holt served as Training Director for Ackerman & Palumbo and was “one of the original directors and consultant partners with Palumbo Partners, Inc., Miami.” An office of Harrison-Kroll Environmental Services is listed at 300 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 1300, Los Angeles, CA 90071.

Kroll Associates is an enigmatic “security services” company which has close links to the CIA. Not only is Kroll active in private military contracting in Iraq but it has long been associated with dubious U.S. intelligence activities at home and abroad. According to a knowledgeable source, Jules Kroll, who founded Kroll Associates in 1972 obtained needed funding for his firm from Foothill Capital in the 1980s. Foothill was deeply enmeshed in the Savings & Loan collapses in the 1980s but salvaged itself to become a part of Wells Fargo Bank. Kroll, who helped Curtis Publishing (renamed Cadence Industries after a merger) cut waste in the 1970s (and pilfer the company’s pension fund in the process), got his first big break when he helped locate the stolen millions of Philippine ex-President Ferdinand Marcos (he would later go after the off-shore bank accounts of Haiti’s Jean-Claude Duvalier and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein).

According to our well-placed source, Ray Steffans (aka diStefano of New Jersey), Jewish mobster Gideon Chern, and Eddie Baker of Vanguard Petroleum met in Houston in September 1983 to discuss, among other items, funding for Kroll. In December 1977, Bernard Taubenfeld, Gideon Chern and Shalom Goldburd, officials of B’nai Torah Institute affiliate, Nutrition for Youth, were convicted of defrauding the government by submitting bills for food that was never served to poor children in the New York City summer lunch program. Chern’s other organized crime activity in the 1980s reportedly had an important protector — former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Rudolph Giuliani. The former New York Mayor and prospective GOP presidential candidate reportedly suppressed a wealth of evidence against Chern.

Litvinenko-Scaramella case now linked to World Trade Center security firm.

Two days after the Houston meeting, a Jaguar supposedly with the body of Baker in it was found charred outside of Houston. A fire investigator later revealed that no body was found in the car at the time of the fire. Kroll, after Enron’s bankruptcy, purchased Zolfo-Cooper, and thus owned Zolfo-Cooper’s Steven Cooper, the attorney appointed by New York bankruptcy Judge Arthur Gonzalez to run Enron in bankruptcy. In July 2004, Marsh-McLennan bought Kroll and Associates. Marsh-McLennan is run by Jeffrey Greenberg, son of Maurice (Hank) Greenberg of AIG. Chase and Citibank notes from Kenneth Lay/Enron were purchased in May 2001 by AIG and the MacArthur Foundation.

Kroll was responsible for the security of the World Trade Center on 9/11. The firm had hired FBI top counter-terrorism agent John O’Neill as Director of World Trade Center security upon his retirement from the FBI. O’Neill died in the 9/11 attacks. Kroll also markets Identity Theft Shield, the first time Kroll has offered its services to individuals as opposed to governments and companies. As of June 30, 2006, Kroll had amassed over 560,000 customers for its Identity Theft Shield program.

The Chern link brings us back to the Russian-Israeli Mafia connections of Scaramella and company. Berezovsky’s friend, former Yukos co-owner Leonid Nevzlin, a Russian-Jewish oligarch and former President of the Russian Jewish Congress who now lives in Tel Aviv and is wanted by Russia for tax evasion and corruption. As the Democrats prepare to assume control of Congress, Nevzlin is now in the United States, protected by the FBI from arrest based on previously-issued Russian and Interpol arrest warrants. This is not Nezvlin’s first visit to the United States. In the summer of 2005, he appeared before the US Congress’ Helsinki Committee to criticize the government of Vladimir Putin. Nevzlin’s sponsors were incoming House International Relations Committee chairman Tom Lantos (D-CA) and New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith. Nevzlin used the hearing to argue for the expulsion of Russia from the G-8. Another Nevzlin supporter is Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, another prospective GOP presidential candidate.

In a further example of the dubious activities of the Arlington, Virginia-based Fellowship Foundation, dubbed the “Christian Mafia” by many local residents, two of Nevzlin’s wanted Yukos fellow shareholders, oligarchs Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir Dubov, who were indicted in Russia on charges similar to those brought against jailed Yukos former chairman Mikhail Khodorkovsky, were invited the have breakfast with President George W. Bush at the February 5, 2005 “National Prayer Breakfast.” The annual Prayer Breakfast contrivance of the Fellowship Foundation is a ruse designed to provide a series of top level intelligence and organized crime meetings under the sanctioning smile of “Jesus.” The person who invited Brudno, Dubov, and the jailed Khodorkovsky to the prayer breakfast was Lantos, whose wife, daughter, and son-in-law are devout Mormons. Brudno and Dubov, citizens of Israel, were assured by the FBI that it would ignore the Interpol and Russian arrest warrants, just as the FBI is ignoring the arrest warrant for Nevzlin, who is now in the United States, most likely with the acquiescence of Lantos. Lantos, who has his own connections with mob-run unions operating at San Francisco International Airport, does not seem to mind the fact that Nevzlin has been under investigation by Israeli police for illegally laundering $500 million through a Tel Aviv branch of Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest bank. Nevzlin also took over assets of Khodorkovsky’s collapsed bank, Menatep, which was also linked to money laundering involving the Bank of New York. Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev supports Putin’s attempt to bring the Russian-Israeli oligarchs to justice. He told Britain’s Sunday Times that it is believed that the exiled oligarchs have hidden away $1 trillion.

Nevzlin’s and Berezovsky’s activities with Litvinenko are the tip of a huge iceberg of private intelligence intrigue that involves a number of wanted Russian exiles, including Nevzlin, Berezovsky, ex-Russian media magnate Vladimir Gusinsky, Mikhail Chernoy, Roman Abramovitch, and Chechen “Foreign Minister” Akhmed Zakayev. Berezovsky’s [and Litvinenko’s] spokesman, Russian exile Alex Goldfarb, freely operates out of both London and New York. All are involved in various efforts to destabilize Russia with the help of neo-cons in the Bush administration and the government of Israel. However, the Israel Lobby’s pressure on the U.S. media, most notably the Associated Press, New York Times, and Washington Post, ensures that the Russian exiles’ links to Israel and organized crime are studiously ignored.

Alexander Litvinenko not the only Russian poisoned by Russian-Israeli mafia gangsters.

In another full circle between Tel Aviv and Italy, Menatep’s former chief for investment management Alexei Globuvich said, after his arrest last Spring in Italy, that Nevzlin may have tried to poison him and his family after mercury was found in his office, home, and car. Globuvich said he was a threat because he knew where Yukos and Menatep assets were located. Shortly thereafter, a Scotland Yard officer handed over to the British security firm ISC Global plans by the British government to extradite a number of Russian-Israeli exiles in Britain to Russia. ISC Global had been part of Menatep and Nevzlin was one of its chief customers. The London offices of ISC Global, now known as RISC Management, were visited in November 2006 by Litvinenko and Russian businessmen Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun and traces of polonium-210 were discovered there. According to the Sunday Times of London, Russian police are also investigating whether the poisoning of Litvinenko and the attempted poisoning of Globuvich are connected to the radiation poisoning death two years ago of Roman Tsepov, a former bodyguard of Putin when he was deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg. Tsepov was involved in the Russian government’s tracking of Yukos assets. Also of interest are connections to the June 2004 assassination of Forbes Russian edition editor-in-chief Paul Klebnikov, a U.S. citizen who wrote a damaging expose of Berezovsky. Three Chechen contract killers were charged in Klebnikov’s murder. The same Russian-Israeli mob ring is also being looked at in the investigation of the assassination of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya of Novaya Gazeta as a way to embarrass Putin.

The connection of Nevzlin to the polonium and the receipt of classified British secrets is more of a reason for Russia’s Prosecutor General’s office to seek his extradition — but the FBI refuses to cooperate due to the orders coming from people like Lantos, McCain, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and others who do the bidding of the Russian-Israeli mob and their Italian mafiosi underlings.

The Russian Prosecutor-General’s office has stated, ““A version is being looked at those who ordered these crimes [polonium poisoning, etc.] could be the same people who are on an international wanted list for serious and very serious crimes, one of whom is … Leonid Nevzlin.”

The connections now discovered by Italian and Russian investigators between the Russian-Israeli-Italian-British-US private intelligence network of former intelligence agents and billionaire mobsters suggest that the “serious crimes” committed may be more than the poisoning of Litvinenko and others with radioactive materials. The investigators are wise to pursue the links to U.S. security firms and former CIA personnel involved in pre-9/11 protection functions. The FBI cannot or will not investigate the actual perpetrators of 9/11. However, the Italian and Russian law enforcement professionals are beginning to get very close. It is a shame that American law enforcement is not interested in pursuing real leads in the biggest crime in American history.
[link to]

Well of course they are not interested! The highest levels of the FBI helped to cover up 9/11, that’s why. Nor is the American media interested in reporting such investigations by the Italians and Russians. A can of worms would open if they did. The Russian billionaire exiles in England are protected by MI6. So who killed Litvinenko when he started blackmailing these people, as he divulged he was planning to do when last summer he asked a Russian London University Ph.D student to assist him (she gave a public press conference revealing this information several weeks ago)? British intelligence, on the request of the Russian exiles it was protecting? Was it they who laid down in various planes the false polonium trail leading to Moscow in order for Putin and his SMERSH department to get the blame?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 178458 (OP)
1/7/2007 3:48 PM Re: Litvinenko’s friends Scaramella & Berezovsky are CIA assets linked to ‘Kroll Associates’ in charge of WTC on 9/11 Quote

From 911Encyclopedia:

Kroll Associates, a security consultant firm, which was renamed to Kroll Inc. in August 2001, started in New York City in 1972. In December 1997, Kroll merged with armored car manufacturer O’Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt to form The Kroll-O’Gara Company. [link to] O’Gara is responsible for the security of all US-Presidents since 1945. However the background of Kroll is very interesting, too: In 1993, Maurice Greenberg’s American International Group (AIG ->), became co-owner of the “private spy agency”, Kroll Associates, as a result of rescuing Kroll from bankruptcy with a cash infusion. Kroll was notorious during the 1980s as the “CIA of Wall Street” due to the prevalence of former CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard, British secret service and British Special Air Service men Kroll employed for corporate espionage in takeover bids, as well as for destabilization of foreign nations. (See Greenberg,Maurice) Maurice Greenberg was deeply involved in chinese trade in the 80s, where Henry Kissinger was one of his representatives. In the China trade, Greenberg became very close to Shaul Eisenberg, the leader of the Asian section of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, and agent for the sales of sophisticated military equipment to the Chinese military. Maurice Raymond Greenberg was born in New York City May 4, 1925, the son of Jacob Greenberg and Ada (Rheingold) Greenberg. The young man adopted the nickname “Hank” to make people think of a popular American baseball player with the name, Hank Greenberg. Greenberg served in the U.S. Army in the Korea conflict. He joined the insurance firm, Continental Casualty Co., in 1952. Continental executive J. Milburn Smith recommended Greenberg to the C.V. Starr insurance/spy organization, which made Greenberg its vice president in 1960, its president and CEO in 1967, and its chairman, succeeding Starr, in 1969. From 1988 to 1995, Greenberg was a director of the New York Federal Reserve bank this branch of the system is the main instrument through which Federal Reserve chiefs and the Bank of England traditionally execute their U.S. political-economic policy. Greenberg was deputy chairman of the New York Fed in 1992 and 1993, and New York Fed chairman in 1994 and 1995. During 1996, while Greenberg was deputy chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (See Cfr), he chaired the CFR task force on intelligence, which published “Making Intelligence Smarter: The future of U.S. Intelligence.” This report mostly served to exhibit Greenberg’s access to the intelligence community; but he parlayed it into a nomination by Senator Arlen Specter and others, for Greenberg to be Director of the Cia.

Greenberg has used his connections to covert intelligence, supranational institutions, private bankers and speculators, and his huge global cash inflow, to shape a unique personal empire. Since 1997, Frank G. Wisner, Jr., has been a board member of Kroll , and is currently Greenberg’s Deputy Chairman for External Affairs. Wisner’s father was a founder of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who killed himself over the scandal from his being duped by British-Soviet masterspy Kim Philby. Frank Wisner, Jr., is a director of the George Bush-linked energy giant Enron (a client for whom AIG negotiated payments from Peru over nationalization of Enron operations).

In the early 1990s, Miami-based private investigator Lou Polumbo joined Kroll Associates. According to sources in the industry, Polumbo brought with him a personal history of involvement with the Medallin and other South American narcotics cartels; his business included helping relocate some of the capabilities of these cartels out of Colombia. The deal to bring Polumbo into Kroll was worked out by Avram Shalom, the former head of Israel’s Shin Beth secret police. Shalom went to work for Kroll; he had been fired as Shin Beth boss due to a scandalous massacre of Palestinians in the Israel-occupied territories by his Shin Beth agents.
[link to]

Following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (see February 26, 1993), the New York Port Authority asks investigative and security consulting firm Kroll Associates to help design new security measures for the WTC. Kroll’s Deputy Chairman Brian Michael Jenkins leads the analysis of future terrorist threats and how they might be addressed. Assessments conclude that a second terrorist attack against the WTC is probable. Although it is considered unlikely, the possibility of terrorists deliberately flying a plane into the WTC towers is included in the range of possible threats. [Jenkins and Edwards-Winslow, 9/2003, pp. 11].
[link to]

Re: Who killed Nick Berg?
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[ISN] Defense Against the Dark Arts
From: William Knowles
Date: Thu 14 Jun 2001 – 02:35:33 CDT

June 2001

JOHN NOLAN, A FORMER U.S. intelligence officer, took the call on a hot
sticky day in July. It was from the CEO of a major consumer
electronics company in California. He told Nolan that his company was
working on a mysterious new technology that once launched, would
change the face of his industry and double the company’s revenue base.
The CEO said he had taken “extraordinary security measures” to make
sure no competitors found out about the new product. But just to make
sure, he wanted Nolan, who had founded his own intelligence agency
after retiring from the Department of Defense, to penetrate his
company’s fortifications and find out what his R&D group was working
on, how much money was being invested and when the new product would
be rolled outall in 30 days or less.

It took Nolan’s crew about three hours of working the phones to find
out that one of the company’s senior managers had been out of the
office for the past three months. So they staked out the executive’s
home and early one morning, tailed him as he drove to a nondescript
building about 15 miles from the company’s headquarters. An armed
guard let the executive through. Nolan’s people made no attempt to
follow. Instead, they took down the license plate numbers of every car
in the parking lot and ran those numbers against Web databases until
they had the identities and after more digging, the work titles of
every person who had driven to the facility that day.

Posing first as pollsters and later as headhunters, Nolan and his crew
covertly interviewed almost all of the key engineers involved in the
project. They not only discovered what the top secret technology was,
how much it cost to develop and when it would be launched. They
alsoand well within the 30-day deadlinegave the shocked CEO the names
and contributions of six strategic partners in the project.

Nolan, whose Huntsville, Ala.-based Phoenix Consulting Group is one of
the best-known competitive intelligence (CI) firms in the business,
says he only does the James Bond stuff to show companies their
vulnerabilities. But according to Nolan and others in the field, a
growing number of intelligence gatherers regularly transgress ethical
and even legal boundaries on behalf of corporate clients both here and

Such spooksmany of them former government spies who migrated to the
civilian sector after the Cold War endedwill resort to every dirty
trick in the book. They’ll lie, misrepresent themselves, steal phone
records and do anything they can to wiggle their way into your
confidence. Perhaps even now they are shopping their specialized
talents to your competitors. So, listen up and remember that
forewarned is forearmed.

The Espionage Price Tag

Earlier this year, in a report to the European Parliament, a British
investigator asserted that both U.S. and European companies routinely
engage in corporate espionage. And many foreign corporations regularly
receive help from intelligence-gathering networks in their own
governments, which use the latest in information monitoring technology
to keep abreast of supposedly private Web communiqus. According to the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, corporate espionage costs U.S. shareholders
at least $25 billion a year in intellectual property losses.

“The Internet has made it so much easier to gain access to
information. It has actually made people and companies more open,”
Nolan says. “It’s getting harder and harder to protect your assets
from the bad guys.”

Consider, for example, the recent unpublicized case of a California
biotech CEO who got a call from someone claiming to be a reporter from
a foreign television company. The “reporter” wanted to interview him,
and the CEO was happy to oblige. “One of his crew had a shoulder video
camera, and they walked with the CEO around his R&D lab with the
camera running,” says Alan Brill, a senior managing director at
investigative firm Kroll Associates who is familiar with this case.
“They were able to steal a number of secrets by videotaping the
equipment, the settings on the equipment, and papers and notebooks
that were lying around. And this CEO was so busy trying to be a star
that he never noticed what they were doing or validated who they

Some companies, like the biotech CEO’s, are at a competitive
disadvantage because they are simply unaware of the spies among them.
Others know what’s going on but are afraid to take the steps necessary
to protect themselves. “Most companies don’t like to get embarrassed,
and they don’t want to risk the bad press that comes from doing the
James Bond stuff,” says Nolan, who worked for the Defense Department’s
intelligence agency for 22 years. “We can’t even use the term
counterintelligence with the business community; they think of torture
and assassination when we use that term. So we call it competitive

Competitive assurance may not involve torture. But it does sometimes
involve lying or misrepresentation. There’s the old headhunter trick,
for instance, or the potential investor who just has to know a
company’s R&D plans. The ruses are endlessly varied (see “A Ruse by
Any Other Name,” right), and what many executives may not realize is
that they are perfectly legal. Lying to obtain information is not even
cause for a successful trade secret lawsuitunless the imposter has
signed a nondisclosure agreement. Ironically, the only party who can
legitimately be charged with a trade secret violation is, in many
cases, the employee who unwittingly shared the crown jewels. “It’s not
illegal to misrepresent yourself,” says R. Mark Halligan, an expert on
trade secret law and a principal with the Chicago law firm Welsh &
Katz. “And the pretext itself is not actionable.”

Making matters worse, many corporate executives have a faulty
understanding of just how to go about doing the kind of intelligent
intelligence gathering that will keep them one step ahead of the
competition. While corporate CI units need to know the arsenal of
dirty tricks competitors might use against them, specialists say they
should also understand that good competitive intelligence can often be
accomplished without resorting to such shenanigans. If you know what
you’re doing, they say, the information you seek about your
competitor’s plans can usually be obtained by legitimate “open source”

“You don’t have to do the Mickey Mouse stuff to get proprietary
information,” Nolan says. “We get that kind of thing all the time just
by calling the right people, going through public records and putting
the pieces of the puzzle together.”

That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t bad guys out there. CI
insiders say that certain Fortune 500 companies regularly rely on
subcontractors to do their dirty work. “The fact of the matter is
there are independent contract relationships,” says Halligan,
referring to what happens when a CI firm turns around and hires a
subcontractor to do the work they don’t want to get caught doing. The
subcontractor “comes back with a report, and [the contractor] doesn’t
really inquire how you got the results of that report. You can call
that plausible deniability; the fact is the corporation’s relationship
is with the first person, not with any subcontractor he may have

Interview with the Vampire

Marc Barry is one of the bad guys. He says so himself. A cocky fellow
from Dorchester, a working-class section of Boston, Barry won’t say
how he learned to do intelligence work or which agencies he may or may
not have worked for in the past. “I basically developed my skills
working undercover for years against Asian organized crime networks
that were manufacturing counterfeit stuff” is all Barry will
acknowledge in a long phone interview from his office in New York
City. But he readily confesses that people who do the kind of work he
does have to be “highly manipulative” and “borderline sociopathic.”
(Barry is also quite friendly. After two brief preinterview phone
conversations, he invited this reporter, a perfect stranger, to his
loft in Manhattan to see his priceless collection of modern

Barry, who is a founder and president of a CI firmC3I Analyticsin New
York City, says he regularly uses false pretenses to get information
on his clients’ competitors. And he knows a lot of other intelligence
gatherers who do likewise. “The Society for Competitive Intelligence
Professionals [SCIP] claims that all of their members abide by ethical
rules, that they do everything by open source,” says Barry. “You know,
information you can pull down from a company’s 10K, patent searches,
Internet searches, pollution permits, that sort of thing. But that’s
simply not true. And the reason I know this is because I have been
hired by SCIP members to engage in some very dubious activity on their

Barry claims he once (illegally) obtained the phone records of a West
Coast defense contractor at the request of a prominent CI firm whose
founder is on the SCIP’s board of directors. “We do as much
open-source stuff as anyone elseand if you know where to look, you can
get a wealth of information without resorting to deception and
trickery,” he notes. “But when it comes to things like profiling a
competitor’s R&Dlike finding out Pfizer’s formula for a drug it’s
developing for arthritisyou’re not going to get that without deception
or trickery.”

A Cereal Killing

Consider, for example, the job that Barry undertook on behalf of a
cereal manufacturer that directly competes with the Quaker Oats Co.
His assignment was to uncover Quaker Oats’s R&D strategy. The first
thing Barry and his crew did was conduct a thorough Internet scrub
(search) of people and institutions affiliated with the cereal
company. In this way, they discovered the names of several prominent
professors whose research Quaker Oats was funding. At which point the
games began.

“We would pose as just about everything,” says Barry. “[We’d act as]
grad students writing papers; we’d set up front companies and talk to
these professors about the possibility of also funding their research.
It’s all a matter of knowing how to get the guy to open up to you.”

Barry and his minions were also able to penetrate a supposedly secure
facility in Chicago where Quaker Oats scientists were doing all kinds
of genetic research. “We posed as journalists from an agriculture
magazine interested in developments in genetics as it related to crop
production, and we were able to meet with key researchers and
interview others over the phone.”

How did they carry off the deception? “The first thing we did was set
up a bogus voice mail box and fax-forwarding line and e-mail address.
And the phone lines all had the corresponding area code; so when the
[target] called back,” Barry proudly explains, “they would think we
were in the area when, in actuality, we were talking to them from New
York City.”

Barry’s investigators also canvassed job sites such as and, punching in “Quaker Oats R&D,” to find people with
that credential on their posted rsums. “Half of these people were
still working at Quaker Oats and looking for a job, or had recently
left,” Barry says. “So we interviewed them.” The interviews were done
under false pretenses, or the sources were hired as consultants and
paid for the information they provided, he says.

His company was soon able to report back that the main focus of Quaker
Oats’s R&D was to introduce the genetic material from corn into oats
to improve crop yield, among other things. The information proved
quite valuable to Barry’s client. “By honing their own R&D to
replicate what Quaker had already done, they were able to bypass
millions of dollars in research,” he says.

To this day, Barry says, “Quaker Oats doesn’t know what happened. It’s
what we call a clean extraction.” Barry insists that none of the
techniques his company used in the Quaker Oats job were illegal or
cause for a successful lawsuit. “I know exactly where the line is,” he
brags. “I can dance on the line, but if I get caught behind the line,
that’s when I get in trouble.”

Barrywho recently coauthored the controversial book Spooked: Espionage
in Corporate America, in which he elaborates on these tricks of the
tradesays his clients span the spectrum of Fortune 500 companies. And
as a result of publicity from the book, he adds, “I’ve picked up some
new clients.”

Working with Raytheon, Barry is trying to land $12 million in funding
to create a new intelligence-gathering “war room” facility to be known
as Intelogix. According to Michael Davis, who now works for Raytheon
and formerly worked for the National Security Agency, Intelogix will
help American corporations use online and offline means to go after
counterfeiting operations that market fake products such as ersatz
Gucci bags and Rolex watches. The venture, for which Davis holds the
title of vice president of business development, will also provide
companies with real-time monitoring of information on the Web so that
they can stay up to speed on what’s being spread about them or their

“Let’s say, for example, a rumor starts in a chat room that one of [a
company’s] products has been tampered with or is defective,” Davis
says. Company sales have already been hurt by such false rumors,
“which spread at the speed of light on the Web. This is a way for
companies to see what’s being said in real-time and counter it
immediatelybefore it has a major impact on their stock price or market

Intelogix, of course, won’t be the first to use sophisticated
technologies to help companies protect themselves. Investigative firms
such as Kroll Associates already offer this service, and a number of
vendors sell surveillance software, including “sniffers” designed to
ferret out unwanted visitors to a particular company’s website and
divert them to a look-alike site that contains only superficial

Raytheon is also marketing to the civilian sector a covert monitoring
software package that it developed for national security agencies.
Nicknamed Silent Runner, the software monitors ingoing and outgoing
e-mail in real-time as well as whatever websites employees are or have
been surfing. “It’s like Carnivore [the controversial FBI e-mail
filtering technology],” says one CI expert. “It monitors the traffic
on a company’s network so trade secrets don’t go bopping out on
e-mail. And it can be programmed to intercept sensitive e-mail.”

Despite the barrage of new electronic tools and the well-publicized
threat from hackers, intelligence experts say that so far electronic
break-ins have been far less frequent and damaging than the more
traditional means of securing information through human intelligence.
“In four out of five situations, we have found that the compromise
occurred by word of mouth, as opposed to sophisticated
cyberpenetration,” says Alden Taylor, a managing director and practice
head of the business intelligence service at Kroll Associates.

The same holds true for corporate efforts to gather competitive
intelligence. Dozens of vendors sell software packages that purport to
help companies collect and analyze data about their competitors. But
according to a recent study by Fuld & Co., a leading CI outfit based
in Cambridge, Mass., these technological tools are only one part of
the answer. (See “Most CI Software Flunks the Fuld Test,” right.)
“Technology alone is not the solution to intelligence gathering,” says
Leonard Fuld, the company’s founder. In other words, the old gumshoe
approach still prevails.

Doing It on the Up-and-Up

Located on an industrial backstreet in Cambridge, Fuld & Co. is hard
to find, tucked between a larger brick edifice and a
mysterious-looking research facility that is surrounded by a
barbed-wire fence. But penetrating the yellow brick building that
contains the headquarters of Fuld & Co. is as easy as walking through
one glass door and pressing a button that automatically opens another
glass door. The founder of Fuld & Co. is similarly unimposing, a
graying middle-aged man sporting a frumpy tweed jacket and a friendly,
puppylike demeanor. But appearances can be deceiving; when it comes to
gathering information, knowledgeable people in the field say that Fuld
and his team are seasoned pros. In the past 22 years, the CI company
has done more than 3,000 investigative assignments for companies here
and abroad, and Fuld insists that most of it has been done on the

“We’re not angels, and we’re not nave. But there are ways to do this
very honestly and ethically,” says Fuld, who bikes the few miles from
Brookline to work when the weather permits. “And we encourage our
corporate clients to stay within legal and ethical boundaries.”

Consider the case that Fuld took on a few years ago on behalf of a
U.S. food manufacturer. The company was losing market share to a
rival, and executives were suspicious that the rival was a
money-laundering front for the Mafia. So Fuld’s company did what any
good CI outfit does first: The staff searched the Net for any and all
news articles about the rival company and also checked various
computerized databases that make supposedly private information
available for a price. “We saw from a credit report that the rival had
paid their bills on time, which indicated that they were not starving
for cash and were in fact making money,” Fuld recalls. Then, his crew
went to the planning department at the local town hall and obtained a
floor plan of the rival’s factorypublic information for anyone who
knows where to find it.

They showed the floor plan to an engineering expert in the food
industry and soon figured out that the rival had five production lines
up and running, compared with their client’s two. They also talked to
the rival’s equipment suppliers, who helped them unravel the company’s
production process.

“There was no putting on false names or glasses, or whatever,” Fuld
says. “We identified ourselves as a consulting firm. Not everyone
talked to us, mind you. But this is a business where you have to do
more with less.”

They quickly discovered that the rival manufacturer was simply doing a
more efficient job than Fuld’s client of producing the same basic
product. That was why they could sell it at a lower price. “There was
no money laundering going on,” he says.

Fuld is openly contemptuous of investigators like Barry who routinely
cross the ethical divide. “We can find the same information this guy
says he finds, but we can do it legitimately,” he insists. “Most
professionals in this business don’t have to lie, cheat and steal” to
serve their clients.

They may not have to, but there are a growing number of investigators
who do. And if it made the difference between winning a lucrative
contract or protecting your company’s assets, wouldn’t you?

Senior Editor Alison Bass won’t answer the phone anymore. But you can
reach her at

“Communications without intelligence is noise; Intelligence
without communications is irrelevant.” Gen Alfred. M. Gray, USMC
================================================================ – Computer Security, & Intelligence –

Dantas and Kroll: Early Daze
Posted by Colin Brayton on April 28, 2007

Accused telecoms dirty warrior Daniel Dantas (far right) approaches his judgment at Nuremburg?

In case the story finally generates some judicial action and headlines — access by police and prosecutors to computer hard drives seized in the case has been successfully held up for more than two years now, but that may come to an end soon — here is the original report from the Folha de S. Paulo on the first arrests in the Dantas-Kroll affair, from October 28, 2004.

E-mails reportedly leaked from the investigation — but not yet authenticated — suggest that Dantas was mounting a series of political “ratf**k” campaigns against officials who opposed his bid for control of the privatized Brasil Telecom — including senior officials of FHC II and Lula I, as I understand it.

The campaign allegedly included the mounting of phony “dossiers” on political figures in both government and opposition camps.

Veja magazine, for example, ran a story last year asserting that senior government officials, including the president of Brazil, maintained offshore bank accounts. When the story turned out to be utterly, putridly bogus, they burned Dantas as their source on those assertions.

The federal police report also stated that Dantas counted on willing or coopted journalists, including Leonardo Attuch of IstoÉ Dinheiro magazine — see The Crucifixion of Leonardo Attuch — to orchestrate a supporting noise machine.

Harvard Law professor Roberto Mangabeira Unger, reportedly a personal friend and associate of Dantas, made reference to the dispute between Dantas federal employee pension funds in a 2005 Folha de São Paulo op-ed.

In that op-ed, he called for the impeachment of the current president, head of “the most corrupt government in the history of Brazil.”

Unger wrote:

He [Lula] meddled, and let those close to him meddle, in private disputes and businesses. And he commanded, with one eye open and one eye shut, a political machine that traded money for power and power for money, and then tried to buy, with budget allocations, political support to interrupt the investigation of his abuses.

Recently named to a cabinet post in the Lula government, Unger has removed that article from a Harvard Web site that hosts his collected writing, reported the Estado de S. Paulo newspaper. See Mangabeira Unger: Reengineering the Record? and Mangabeira Rewrites History!

[For an update on Mangabeira’s cabinet appointment — and constructivist philosophy of good governance — see “Mangabeira Unger Rebuffed by Ethics Board”]

Unger’s defenders say he has merely “changed his opinion.” Will he state publicly what new information led him to rescind that rather drastic diagnosis? Or for that matter, what information he based his previous accusations on?

Brasil Telecom is suing Unger for allegedly going to bat for Dantas in the dispute. He denies that statements like the one cited constituted interference on behalf of Dantas.

At one point, a gag order prevented Brazilian authorities and journalists from reporting on the accusations against Dantas:

SÃO PAULO. Thirteen websites, including the Presidency of the Republic, Ministry of Planning, Google (the internet search engine), Universo On Line, Tribuna da Imprensa and Jornal do Brasil were ordered to take off-line any information relative to the case in which Kroll Associates is investigated for (illegally) spying members of the Government by request of Telecom Italia and (Brazilian) banker Daniel Dantas (Dantas is owner of Bank Opportunity). This was ordered by Judge Margarete Morales Simão Martinez Sacristan, from the 5th Vara Criminal Federal in São Paulo. Formerly, (important) newspaper “Folha de São Paulo” and the Federal Police had already been ordered to remove from their sites any information about the case.

The Brazilian Press Association and other press freedom advocates screamed bloody murder, and now you can read about the case, though Dantas is still busy filing SLAPP suits. The Supreme Court also denied access to the Dantas computer to a parliamentary commission of inquiry into corruption.

As Reuters summarized after Opportunity’s dismissal by Citigroup in 2005:

Dantas is accused of hiring Kroll, a unit of insurance broker Marsh & McLennan Cos. (MMC.N:), to spy on Telecom Italia (TLIT.MI:) and people who later became government officials. As head of the Opportunity Group, Dantas essentially controlled Brazil’s No. 3 phone operator, Brasil Telecom (BRTO4.SA:), through his administration of Citigroup’s CVC/Opportunity venture capital fund. Telecom Italia has been in a long-standing fight with Dantas and Opportunity to get control of Brasil Telecom. Citigroup dismissed Dantas and Opportunity as its fund’s administrators last month.

The original report on Operation Jackal, for annotation — what have we learned since this original filing, if anything? — future reference, and pra inglês ver. :

Banqueiro e executiva de um grupo telefônico podem ser indiciados em inquérito da Polícia Federal; ação ocorreu em três Estados e no DF

Banker and a telephone executive may be indicted in federal police inquiry; operation spanned three states and the federal district.

Em operação desencadeada ontem simultaneamente em três Estados e no Distrito Federal, a Polícia Federal prendeu cinco funcionários da Kroll, maior empresa de investigação privada no país, e antecipou que deverá indiciar os dirigentes do banco Opportunity, Daniel Dantas, e da empresa de telefonia Brasil Telecom, Carla Cicco. O delegado da PF de Brasília e porta-voz da “Operação Chacal”, Romero Menezes, revelou que “foram colhidas provas” de que as três empresas se valeram de procedimentos ilegais para investigar uma rival no ramo da telefonia, a Telecom Itália. A espionagem da Kroll foi revelada pela Folha em julho último. Ontem, 90 policiais federais cumpriram mandados de busca e apreensão em 16 endereços em São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília e Paraná, incluindo as casas do banqueiro Dantas, no Rio, e da executiva Cicco, em Brasília. A PF apreendeu na Kroll em São Paulo “dezenas” de computadores e equipamentos que “podem ser utilizados para escuta clandestina”.

In an operation carried out simultaneously in three states and the federal district, the Federal Police arrested five employees of Kroll, Brazil’s largest private investigations agency, and said they would indict Opportunity executive Daniel Dantas and Brasil Telecom exec Carla Cicco in the case. “Operation Jackal” spokesman, federal police official Romero Menezes, said that “evidence was gathered” that the three companies availed themselves of illegal methods to investigate a rival telephone firm, Telecom Italia. Kroll’s espionage was first revealed by the Folha in July of this year [2004]. Yesterday, 90 federal police served search warrants at 16 addresses in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and Paraná, including the home of Dantas, in Rio, and Cicco, in Brasília. The PF seized “dozens” of computers at Kroll HQ in São Paulo, along with equipment that “could be used for clandestine eavesdropping.”

O objetivo da “Operação Chacal”, como foi batizada em referência ao personagem de um livro de espionagem do escritor inglês Frederick Forsyth, era encontrar novos elementos -arquivos de computador e documentos- para reforçar indícios já coletados pela PF anteriormente de que a Kroll atuaria também à margem das leis brasileiras.

The objective of Operation Jackal — named after a character in a novel by Frederick Forsyth — was to find new elements — such as computer files and documents — to support evidence previously collected by the PF that Kroll was breaking Brazilian law.

Com mandado de busca e apreensão expedido pelo juiz federal substituto da 5ª Vara Federal Criminal, Luiz Renato Pacheco Chaves de Oliveira, parte dos 90 policiais federais que participaram da operação invadiu às 9h a sede da Kroll, que ocupa dois andares num prédio no bairro de Vila Olímpia, em São Paulo.

With search warrants handed down by subsitute judge Pacheco Chaves de Oliveira of the 5th Federal Criminal bar, some of the 90 PFs invaded the Kroll premises, which occupies two floors of a building in the Vila Olímpia neighborhood of São Paulo, at 9 a.m.

Outro grupo de policiais entrou na casa da presidente da Brasil Telecom, Carla Cicco, em Brasília, de onde levou um computador. A PF também cumpriu mandado judicial na casa do banqueiro Daniel Dantas, no Rio.

Another group of police agents entered the home of Brazil Telecom president Carla Cicco in Brasília and took away a computer. The PF also served a search warrant at the home of Dantas in Rio.

Outros alvos foram colaboradores contratados pela Kroll para obter documentação relativa à Telecom Itália, sócios e pessoas que supostamente trabalhavam para os interesses da concorrente.

Other targets were contractors hired by Kroll to obtain documents on Telecom Italia, business partners and persons supposedly working for the interests of Opportunity’s competitor.

No final da manhã, a PF localizou “três ou quatro” maletas que, segundo a polícia, podem ser utilizadas para grampo clandestino. A lei que regula a interceptação telefônica no Brasil restringe seu uso a autoridades e mediante ordem judicial.

In the late morning, the PF located “three or four” suitcases which, according to police, might be used for secret audio surveillance. Brazilian law on telephone wiretapping limits its use to official authorities and requires a judicial order.

Após a descoberta, a PF decidiu prender o diretor de serviços financeiros da Kroll, Eduardo Gomide, o “gerente de casos” na empresa, como a polícia o identificou, Vander Giordano, a investigadora Júlia Leitão da Cunha e os funcionários Rodrigo Ventura e Ricardo Sanches, que saberiam operar os equipamentos.

After making the discovery, the PF decided to arrest Kroll’s director of financial services, Eduardo Gómide; the firm’s “case manager,” identified as Vander Giordano; investigator Júlia Leitão da Cunha; and employees Rodrigo Ventura and Ricardo Sanches, who allegedly knew how to operate the equipment.

As irregularidades praticadas levarão, segundo a PF, ao indiciamento da Brasil Telecom pelos mesmos crimes.

The irregularities practiced will lead to the indictment of Brasil Telecom for the same crimes, the PF said.

Em entrevista coletiva no final da tarde, o delegado da PF de Brasília e porta-voz da operação, Romero Menezes, foi indagado se a polícia vai indiciar o banqueiro Daniel Dantas e a executiva Carla Cicco. “O que eu posso dizer para você é que o andamento da investigação, com todas as provas colhidas hoje, e o que nós temos apontam certamente para o indiciamento de todas essas pessoas”, respondeu o delegado.

In a late-afternoon press conference, operation spokesman Romero Menezes of the PF in Brasília was asked if the police will investigate Daniel Dantas and Carla Cicco. “What I can tell you is that the ongoing investigation, and the evidence we collected today, does point to an indictment of those persons,” he said.

Em julho, a Folha revelou que a Brasil Telecom contratou a Kroll para espionar a Telecom Italia, empresa com a qual trava uma intensa batalha judicial. A investigação paralela, detectada em inquérito da Polícia Federal destinado a apurar irregularidades na Parmalat, deixou rastros de ilegalidades, como acesso a dados fiscais sigilosos do presidente do Banco do Brasil, Cassio Casseb, e extratos de ligações telefônicas de pessoas investigas, informações cujo acesso também é preservado por lei.

In July, the Folha revealed that Brasil Telecom hired Kroll to spy on Telecom Itália, with which it was enaged in a fierce legal battle. A parallel investigation that arose from a PF investigation into irregularities at Parmalat threw up signs of illegal activities, such as access to the private financial data of Bank of Brasil president Cassio Casseb, and extracts of telephone conversations, whose privacy is also protected by law.

As Reuters reported at about the same time:

Não há provas, no entanto, de que o ministro Luiz Gushiken (Comunicação de Governo) também tenha sido alvo da Kroll.

There is no evidence, however, that minister Luiz Gushiken (government social communications) was also targeted by Kroll.

Segundo o delegado Menezes, há indícios de que a Kroll cometeu pelo menos seis crimes: formação de quadrilha, oferecimento de vantagem a testemunha, quebra de sigilo bancários, usurpação de função e quebra de sigilos telefônico e telemático (interceptação de e-mail, fax e telex).

According to Menezes, there are signs that Kroll committed at least six crimes: racketeering, suborning a witness, invasion of banking privacy, …

O indiciamento da executiva Cicco e do banqueiro Dantas, que controla a Brasil Telecom por meio do Opportunity, dependerá da comprovação de que teria havido conivência entre contratante e contratada em práticas ilícitas com o objetivo de espionar a Telecom Italia.

The indictment of Cicco and Dantas, who [controlled] Brasil Telecom through Opportunity, will depend on proving that their was collusion between employer and employee for the purpose of spying on Telecom Italia.

Material da Kroll será periciado em Brasília

Kroll equipment will be examined in Brasília

Since I see that people are now reading this post — it has crept up into the “Top Posts” column — I guess I ought to complete the record. Ai, que preguiça!

A operação que a Polícia Federal deflagrou ontem para investigar a empresa Kroll reuniu um caminhão de documentos, computadores e equipamentos que agora serão periciados em Brasília. Os policiais federais têm nas mãos, agora, uma série de investigações já realizadas e ainda em curso na Kroll, que envolvem dezenas de empresas e pessoas.

The federal police operation yesterday in the Kroll investigation gathered a truckload of documents, computers and equipment that will now be examined by experts in Brasilia. The feds now have a series of completed investigations in hand along with the Kroll case, which involves dozens of persons and firms.

O material foi transportado da sede da Kroll para a Superintendência da Polícia Federal, em São Paulo, num caminhão de mudanças. “A documentação e o tipo de equipamentos eletrônicos de informática que nós procurávamos foram encontrados em uma quantidade muito farta de material para ser analisada”, disse, no final da tarde, o delegado da PF de Brasília e porta-voz da operação, Romero Menezes.

The material was transported from Kroll headquarters to the São Paulo PF superintendency in a moving van. “The documentation and the type of electronic equipment we were looking for were yield copious amounts of material for analysis,” said Romero Menezes of the PF, spokesman for the operation.

O trabalho da Polícia Federal só começou. A expectativa é que a análise de todo esse material possa trazer elementos para desvendar as supostas irregularidades cometidas pela Kroll, eventualmente com a conivência da Brasil Telecom.

The feds’ work has only just begun. The expectation is that the analysis of all this material may yield evidence unmasking the alleged irregularities committed by Kroll, possibly with the connivance of Brasil Telecom.

That is, of Brasil Telecom management, in a bid to ratf**k the BrT board of directors. Kind of a reverse Hewlett-Packard case — where journalists also got bugged, remember.

Sobre as mesas dos investigadores privados distribuídas entre o oitavo e o nono andar do Bloco B do Edifício Tenerife, sede da Kroll, localizada no bairro da Vila Olímpia, os policiais encontraram escrituras de imóveis, estatutos e registros de empresas em juntas comerciais, atas de reuniões e cópias de processos judiciais.

On the desk of private investigators working out of the eighth and ninth floor of Block B in the Tenerife Bldg., the Kroll HQ in the Vila Olímpia district, police found real property titles, incorporation documents of companies, meeting minutes and copies of legal proceedings.

No nono andar, uma das salas estava inteiramente ocupada com um provável arquivo morto: caixas de papelão com etiquetas de “caso encerrado”.

On the ninth floor, one of the offices was filled with what was probably a kind of morgue: cardboard boxes labeled “case closed.”

Mas foi no oitavo andar que a PF encontrou o indício mais suspeito detectado ontem: equipamentos que poderia ser utilizados para fazer escutas telefônicas. As características técnicas foram reconhecidas por um perito da PF recrutado para a missão.

But it was on the eighth floor that the PF found the most suspicious clue yesterday: equipment that could be used to tap phone lines. The technical characteristics of the equipment were recognized by a PF expert recruited for that purpose.

Combinado com os demais elementos que sugerem prática de atividades ilegais, a revelação do potencial criminoso dos aparelhos levou à prisão de cinco funcionários da Kroll -previsão que não existia na manhã de ontem, quando a Polícia Federal desencadeou a Operação Chacal.

Combined with other evidence suggesting illegal activities, the revelation of the criminal potential of this equipment led to the arrest of five Kroll employees — something that had not been contemplated when Operation Jackal rolled out yesterday morning.

Os policiais chegaram ao prédio da Kroll em três carros e numa camionete descaracterizados. Com capuzes de malha que deixaram apenas os olhos visíveis -alguns até armados-, avisaram à recepcionista de que se tratava de uma operação policial e tiraram os telefones da portaria do gancho. Entraram no prédio pulando as catracas do térreo e se instalaram entre o oitavo e o nono andares.

The feds arrived at the Kroll offices in three unmarked cars and a pickup truck. Wearing ski masks that hid their faces — and some of them armed — the agents advised the receptionist that this was a police raid and took the phones in the building’s reception area off the hook. They entered the building hurdling the security gates and installed themselves between the 8th and 9th floors.

Três funcionários da Kroll -um deles mexicano-, que chegaram ao trabalho depois das 9h30 e pediram para não se identificar, foram informados de que não poderiam ingressar na empresa. O mesmo aviso foi dado à recepção do prédio: a Kroll não teria atividades ao longo do dia. Para fazer chegar os lanches do almoço ao destino, o entregador esperou uma hora e meia.

Three Kroll employees — one of them a Mexican citizen — who got to work after 9:30 a.m. and asked not be identified, were told they could not enter the building. The same advisory was given to the reception staff: Kroll would not be open for business that day. A deliveryman had to wait an hour and a half to deliver lunch to the location.

Às 16h30, em plena operação (que não havia sido concluída até o fechamento desta edição), um dos carros usados pela PF, um Fiat Uno vermelho, quase foi guinchado pela CET (Companhia de Engenharia de Tráfego) porque estava parado em local proibido. Avisado, o fiscal de trânsito rasgou a autuação (algo em torno de R$ 175) e dispensou o guincho.

At 4:30 p.m., in the middle of the operation (which had not been concluded by the time the building closed for the evening), one of the PF cars, a red Fiat Uno, was nearly towed by the CET (local traffic authority) because it was parked illegally. Informed of the situation, the traffic officer tore up the ticket (for some $85) and cancelled the tow.

Os 90 policiais mobilizados iniciariam o cumprimento dos mandados simultaneamente em 16 locais. São Paulo teve sete alvos.

The 90 agents mobilized for the operation started serving warrants at the same hour in 16 locations. São Paulo had seven targets.

Outros seis foram deflagrados no Rio de Janeiro, entre os quais, pela segunda vez, a casa do português Tiago Verdial, contratado pela Kroll para atuar no “Projeto Tóquio”, nome que batizou a investigação sobre a Telecom Itália. Em julho, Verdial chegou a ser preso e depois liberado pela PF.

Another six raids were carried out in Rio de Janeiro, among them, for the second, a raid on the home of Portuguese citizen Tiago Verdial, hired by Kroll for Project Tokyo, the name given the investigation into Telecom Italia. In July, Verdial was arrested and later set free by the feds.

As cidades de Ribeirão Preto, Brasília e Curitiba tiveram um alvo de atuação da PF cada uma.

The cities of Ribeirão Preto, Brasilia and Curitiba were the scene of one PF raid each.

Kroll e banco dizem que investigação é legal

Kroll and the bank say the investigation was legal

A Kroll afirmou ontem, por meio de nota, que as investigações foram conduzidas “legalmente, com análise de documentos públicos, entrevistas e conversas informais”. A empresa disse estar “à disposição das autoridades” para esclarecimentos. O teor da nota deve ser divulgado hoje na imprensa em anúncios pagos pela Kroll.

Kroll said yesterday, through a press release, that its investigations were carried out “legally, though analysis of public-record documents, interviews and informal conversations.” The firm said it is “at the disposition of the authorities” to offer explanations. The contents of the note will be published today in the press as advertisements purchased by Kroll.

Encarregado pelo grupo Opportunity e pelo banqueiro Daniel Dantas a falar sobre o caso, o advogado Nélio Machado afirmou que a operação da PF (Polícia Federal) se baseou em ordem judicial cujo conteúdo não conhece.

Delegated by the Opportunity Group and banker Daniel Dantas to speak on the case, attorney Nélio [”The Hatchet Man”] Machado said the PF raid was based on a court order whose contents he is not aware of.

“Fui surpreendido com a notícia [da operação da PF]. Uma ordem judicial cujo conteúdo não se conhece já é uma ordem que, pelo menos quanto à execução, guarda irregularidade invencível. Tem que ser um poder transparente.”

“I was surprised by the news [of the raid]. A court order whose content is unknown is an order which, at least with respect to its execution, is irreparably improper. Such an order must be transparent.”

Segundo Machado, Dantas jamais foi ouvido pela PF sobre sua ligação com a Kroll, o que, na sua opinião, é uma “anomalia”. “Quando se executa medida tão gravosa como foi essa operação e não se apresenta aos destinatários um fundamento jurídico para tanto, passo a entender que isso se fez de uma maneira que não se enquadra em regras legais.”

According to Machado, Dantas was never interviewed by the feds about his ties to Kroll, which, in his opinion, is “an anomaly.” “When you take such drastic measures as this raid and do not present the targets with the legal foundation for it, in my understanding this was done in a manner not consistent with legal rules.”

O advogado afirmou que só depois de se inteirar totalmente dos fatos tomará alguma providência, mas garantiu que questionará a ação da PF. Ele disse ter instruído uma advogada em São Paulo a ler os autos, mas eles não foram encontrados no Ministério Público, nem na própria Justiça.

The attorney said that only after learning all of the facts will he take steps in the case, but guaranteed that he will question the propriety of the PF action. He said he designated an attorney in São Paulo to go read the proceedings, but these were not found either at the prosecutor’s office or in the court itself.

“É estranho que medida desta envergadura se faça sem que os autos correspondentes estejam no cartório. No Ministério Público, também não estavam. Estou vendo muita coisa irregular.”

“It is strange that a measure of this significance would be taken without the corresponding orders being filed in the clerk’s office. They were not to be found at the prosecutor’s office, either. I am seeing a lot of irregularities here.”

He has repeated this point several times now.

Sobre a acusação de que Dantas teria solicitado grampos à Kroll, Machado disse que isso sempre foi contestado e que a PF terá que apresentar provas concretas. “O que se disse da Kroll foi um contrato não legado feito pela Brasil Telecom. Portanto, quem deveria ser o destinatário da medida seriam as pessoas que tenham feito efetivamente a contratação, e não por presunção, como foi feito.”

Concerning the accusation that Dantas asked Kroll to conduct wiretaps, Machado said the banker has always denied this and that the PF must present concrete evidence. “What is imputed to Kroll was a contract [legal jargon, processing] signed by Brasil Telecom. Therefore, the persons who should be targeted by this action would be the persons who actually signed the contract, not those who presumably did, as was done here.”

Dantas associates were recently found by the Brazilian SEC to have used company funds to hire lawyers to represent their own private interests at another Opportunity-managed. They have been banned from running a publicly traded company for 3 years. That is the charge being litigated by the BrT board as well: That Dantas signed contracts on behalf of the firm that were contrary to the firm’s corporate interest and designed to perpetuate his management of the firm.


she and hubby are 9/11 co-conspirators COVERING IT UP!!!
Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 2008-02-10 04:00.

and the illegitimate attacks of civilians in Afghanistan as a ‘retaliatory response’ to this PNAC / A.I.P.A.C. / MOSSAD
and Carlyle Group ‘criminality’ that the Bush mis-administration carried out, hereby are named as:

primaries involved in the criminality:
The illegitimate, non-elected president of the United States, George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Elliot Abrams, David Addington, Andrew Card, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Armitage, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, John Negroponte, Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller, and Karl Rove, Philip Zelikow, Lewis Libby, Stephen Cambone, as well as Dov Zackheim and Michael Chertoff, and General Hayden,
Current director of Central Intelligence Agency, as well as Mr. Michael Mukasy, Attorney General, U.S. Dept. of Justice, and Mr. Howard Krongard, the former 2nd in command at the CIA, verified to have placed put options on UAL stock’, on September 10, 2001.


Mr. William Clinton, U.S. president, prior to 9/11.
Ms. Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State under Clinton pre 9/11.
Mr. Thomas Pickard, who took over from Louis Freeh as Director of the F.B.I.
Mr. Dale Watson, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.).
Mr. Dave Frasca, F.B.I.
Mr. Marion ‘Spike’ Bowman, F.B.I.
Mr. Ted Olson, Solicitor General of the U.S.
Mr. Tommy Thompson, H.H.S. Director.
Mr. Lee Hamilton, 9/11 commission chair, co-conspirator.
Mr. Bob Kerry, senator, 9/11 commission co-conspirator.
Mr. Jerome Hauer, Managing Director, Kroll, Inc.
Mr. Porter Goss, Director of Central Intelligence.
Mr. Bob Graham, former U.S. Senator, FL.
Mr. Marc Grossman, Undersecretary of Political Affairs.
Mr. Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary.
Mr. Richard Meyers, former General, U.S.A.F., now Chairman, J.C.S.
Mr. Richard Eberhard, former General, U.S.A.F. supporter of merging Law Enforcement with U.S. Military.
Mr. Larry Arnold, U.S.A.F. Maj. General, on 9/11.
Mr. Eric Findley, Canadian Air FOrce commander on 9/11.
Mr. Montague Windfield, Maj. Gen in charge of Pentagon War Room on 9/11.
Mr. Richard Mies, former U.S. Navy Admiral, ran war games on 9/11.
Mr. Henry Shelton, Chairman, JCS, formed ‘Able Danger’.
Mr. Peter Schoomaker, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, SOCOM.
Mr. Geoffrey Lanbert, Maj. Gen. SOCOM.
Mr. John Brinkerhoff, Ret. U.S. Army.
Mr. John Lehman, former Secnav, P.N.A.C. member.
Mr. Tony Gentry, Army Intelligence, ordered ‘Able Danger’ data destruction.
Mr. Phillip Odeen, D.P.A. director.
Mr. Jack Abramoff, A.I.P.A.C. affiliated.
Mr. Jeb Bush, Gov. of Florida on 9/11.
Mr. Rudolph Guiliani, Mayor, NYC on 911.
Mr. Bernard Kerik, NYC Chief of Police on 9/11.
Mr. Lewis Eisenberg, Chairman of NY Port Authority on 9/11.
Mr. Eliot Spitzer, New York Attorney General on 9/11.
Mr. Richard Holbrook, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.
Mr. John Deutch, Undersecretary of War, C.I.A. director.
Mr. Ashton Carter, Rothschild North America.
Mr. Michael Ledeen, American Enterprise Institute, felon, A.I.P.A.C. connected
Mr. Daniel Lewin, directed MOSSAD activity in U.S.
Mr. Dominic Suter, MOSSAD AGENT.
Mr. Sivan Kurzburg, MOSSAD AGENT.
Mr. John Gross, NIST, denied existence of molten steel at WTC post collapse.
Ms. Theresa McAllister, NIST, conspired to mislead in N.I.S.T. report re WTC collapse.
Mr. Ronald Hamburger, co-authored N.I.S.T. report regarding WTC collapse.
Mr. William Baker, FEMA, N.I.S.T. co-conspirator.
Mr. Harold Nelson, N.I.S.T. co-conspirator re WTC collapse.
Mr. Ramon Gilsanz, N.I.S.T. co-conspirator re WTC collapse.
Mr. Shankar Nair, N.I.S.T. co-conspirator re WTC collapse.
Mr. Gene Corley, F.E.M.A.-A.S.C.E. co-conspirator re WTC collapse.
Mr. Paul Mlakar, A.S.C.E. co-conspirator re MURRAH bldg / WTC collapse.
Mr. Mete Sozen, co-conspirator re MURRAH bldg / WTC collapse.
Mr. Charles Thornton, co-conspirator re MURRAH bldg / WTC collapse.
Mr. Richard Tomasetti, destroyed WTC evidence.
Mr. Victor Ganzi, CEO of Hearst, Inc. conspiracy to cover up 9/11 truth.
Mr. Benjamin Chertoff, Michael Chertoff’s son, Popular Mechanics 9/11 truth debunker co-conspirator.
Mr. Kevin Delaney, F.A.A. ARTCC, destroyed 9/11 tapes of interviewed controllers.
Mr. Marvin Bush, SECURACOM conspirator to what took place on 9/11.
Mr. Norman Minetta, Dept. of Transportation Director, on 9/11.
Ms. Jane Garvey, F.A.A. Administrator on 9/11.
Mr. Wirt Walker, cousin of George W. Bush, co-conspirator to 9/11 events.
Mr. Larry Silverstein, owner WTC complex, co-conspirator to WTC 7 and other 9/11 events.
Mr. Frank Lowy, partner to Larry Silverstein, co-conspirator to WTC 7 and other 9/11 events.
Mr. David Rockefeller, Vice Director, Counsel on Foreign Relations (C.F.R) co-conspirator to 9/11.
Mr. Nicholas Rockefeller, told Aaron Russo of 9/11 more than eleven months before 9/11.
Mr. Warren Buffet, connected to Strategic Air Command complicity in 9/11.
Mr. Rupert Murdoch, co-conspirator to 9/11 coverup of Israeli / AIPAC involvement in 9/11.
Mr. Maurice Greenberg, CEO of AIG group, KROLL Associates affiliate, co-conspirator to 9/11.
Mr. Jules Kroll, KROLL ASSOCIATES, co-conspirator 9/11 events.
Mr. Paul Bremer, Marsh & McClellan executive, co-conspirator to 9/11 and post 9/11 events.
Mr. Wallace Hilliard, C.I.A. linked flight school owner, co-conspirator to 9/11.
Mr. Peter Peterson, member of Blackstone Group, member of CFR, co-conspirator to 9/11 events.
Mr. Mark Loizeaux, helped destroy evidence of demolition at WTC complex, as well as MURRAH evidence.
Mr. Loring Knoblauch, UL Labs, conspired to obfuscate WTC collapse investigation.
Mr. Michael Cherkasky, KROLL, co-conspirator to 9/11 events.
Mr. Frank Carlucci, CEO of Carlyle Group, co-conspirator to 9/11 events and aftermath war profiteering.
Mr. William Kristol, P.N.A.C. co-founder, co-conspirator to 9/11 and aftermath events, Iraq invasion.
Mr. William Perry, Global Technology, former Secretary of War, co-conspirator to 9/11 events.
Mr. James Woolsey, former C.I.A .director, co-conspirator to 9/11
Mr. Newt Gingrich, P.N.A.C. member, co-conspirator to 9/11 and post 9/11 cover-up
Mr. Henry Kissinger, east TIMOR war criminal, Vietnam war criminal, 9/11 co-conspirator.
Mr. George H.W. Bush, co-conspirator to John Fitzgerald Kennedy murder in 1963. Carlyle Group. 9/11 conspirator, profiteer to post 9/11 illegal invasion of Iraq.
Mr. Tony Blair, Prime Minister United Kingdom, 9/11 co-conspirator, Iraq invasion co-conspirator, war criminal.
Ms. Pauline Neville-Jones, Chairman of U.K. joint intelligence committee, co-conspirator to 9/11 and illegal invasion of Iraq.
Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, A.I.P.A.C. connected, Israeli Govt. connection to 9/11 conspiracy.
Mr. Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, had advance intelligence on 9/11 events, co-conspirator to 9/11 events. It is irrelevant that he is still, to this day, in a ‘coma’ in Israel.

there are other yet to be named ‘co-conspirators’ who aided and abetted this mass murder, and took part in the subsequent looting of
Iraq and Afghanistan, and soon to be pillaged, Iran. These individuals ALL DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE,
UNDER THE UMBRELLA OF U.S. POWER in the world, at large, but until every single one is brought to justice, there can and will not

Western European News Digest
Neocons Push New Destabilizations at Prague Event

June 10 (EIRNS)—In Europe, particularly in the aftermath of right-wing Synarchist Nicolas Sarcozy’s election as President of France, the international “war party” is planning new mayhem, and leading American neocons are smack in the middle of the action.

Illustrative of the acceleration of the “ring around Russia” destabilization was President Bush’s cameo appearance in Prague, on June 5, at a two-day conference of leading figures within the Committee on the Present Danger apparatus, billed as an international conference on “Democracy and Security.” The conference was co-sponsored by: the Prague Security Studies Institute, whose international advisory board is headed by former Czech President Vaclav Havel; Spain’s Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis (FAES), headed by former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar; and the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, headed by Natan Sharansky.

Along with scores of “dissidents” from Russia, Belarus, Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, the list of speakers and participants included many leading American neoconservatives, including Jeffrey Gedmin (Radio Free Europe), Reuel Marc Gerecht (AEI), Bruce Jackson (Project on Transitional Democracies), Ronald Lauder, Clifford May (Foundation for the Defense of Democracy), Joshua Muravchik (AEI), Michael Novak (AEI), Richard Perle (AEI), Harold Rhode (Department of Defense, Office of Net Assessment), Michael Rubin (AEI), and Joe Wood (Deputy Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs). Richard Dearlove, who was the head of MI6 under Tony Blair during the run-up to the Iraq War, and who is now affiliated with the Henry Jackson Society, also spoke.

Several of the Prague participants arrived in the Czech capital straight from a May 30-June 1 conference of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy in the Grand Bahamas, on the topic “Confronting the Iranian Threat: The Way Forward,” which was keynoted by Mr. “Clash of Civilizations” himself, Dr. Bernard Lewis.
Euro Election Results Continue Ungovernability Pattern

June 10 (EIRNS)—Recent election results and government crises in Europe reflect the worldwide policy morass. In Belgium, elections took place today in the three entities—Wallonia, Flanders, and Brussels City, amidst the economic crisis and French-Dutch divide, so that forming a government will be a major feat. Preliminary results show that the Liberal Democratic Party of the incumbent governing coalition of Premier Guy Verhofstadt, came in second or third in Flanders, behind the Christian Democrats (30%), and perhaps behind the extreme-right Flemish Interests Party (20%). Wallonia has a still different line-up, where the Socialist Party won, with an estimated 31% of the vote.

In Ireland, where the Fianna Fail Party of Bertie Ahern’s ten-year government won recently, a government has not yet been formed. A rift persists between Fianna Fail and the Green Party, its former coalition partner. Grounds for current conflict and differences include a miserable set of “issues”—such as whether to impose a carbon tax (wanted by the Greens) or not, and how to accommodate—not stop—globalized agriculture.

Cheney’s Rendition-and-Torture Goes on Trial in Italy

June 9 (EIRNS)—As President Bush arrived in Italy today, the first trial of the Cheney-Bush Administration’s “extraordinary rendition” program opened in Milan. On trial are 26 Americans, mostly believed to be CIA officers and officials, and seven Italians, including the former head of SISMI, Italy’s military intelligence service. None of the Americans, and few of the Italians, were present in court.

The case revolved around the abduction of Osama Mustafa Hassan Nasr, known as Abu Omar, from Milan in 2003; he was flown from the U.S. air base in northern Italy to Egypt, where he was imprisoned for three years and brutally tortured.

Kroll Associates Running Italian Destabilization Scandals

June 8 (EIRNS)—The international investigative company Kroll Associates, widely considered to be an entity of British Intelligence used for covert operations, has been found at the center of a number of scandals aimed at destabilizing the Italian government, according to reports from Italy. The scandals, targeting both left and right, have increased the “ungovernability factor” in Italian and European politics.

The latest involves Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema, who is personally engaged in efforts to establish peace in the Middle East. Il Tempo says this may be the beginning of a new wave of “Tangentopoli” scandals, which will expand to implicate others in the Italian political leadership, as they are now implicating D’Alema and other prominent figures in the center-right coalition.

On June 6, another such scandal—involving the Italian Revenue Guard (a division of the Italian armed forces charged with stopping financial crimes)—almost provoked a government crisis in the Senate while Lyndon LaRouche was meeting with Sen. Lidia Brisca Menapace there on June 6 (see this week’s InDepth for the LaRouche-Menapace dialogue).

NATO Discusses Putin Missile Defense Proposal

June 13—NATO defense ministers will be discussing today, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to utilize the Qabala radar in Azerbaijan, instead of building a new radar facility in the Czech Republic, for an anti-missile defense system. There will also be a meeting today of the NATO-Russia Council, where Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov will be providing details of the Putin proposal for their deliberation. Any consensus within NATO would, of course, be contingent on an agreement between the U.S. and Russia. U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates will also be attending the meeting.
In Albania, Bush Calls for Kosovo Independence

June 10 (EIRNS)—Met with protests in other European countries, President George Bush was enthusiastically welcomed in Albania June 10, where he called for Kosovo’s independence from Serbia. During a press conference with Prime Minister Sali Berisha, he stated that, “at some point in time—sooner rather than later—you’ve got to say ‘Enough is enough. Kosovo is independent,’ and that’s the position we’ve taken.”

Bush’s manic remarks were clearly intended as a provocation of Russia, which opposes Kosovo’s independence and has threatened to veto a pro-independence UN resolution.
Blair Dismissed as ‘Yesterday’s Man’ at G-8 Summit

June 8 (EIRNS)—Tony Blair got the full “has-been” treatment from Russia and the rest of the G-8 Summit attendees, according to all the British press, from the tabloids like the Daily Express to the stuffy Financial Times today. Blair, labeled “yesterday’s man,” was most effectively dismissed with what the Express called a “withering” attack from Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak.

After Blair’s blather about his plans for a “frank talk” with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the June 6-8 summit, and his having advising British business not to “risk” investing in Russia, Storchak told the press at Heiligendamm, “I doubt business will react emotionally to what I believe are the rather emotional words of a person who is, after all, an ex-prime minister.” Blair’s planned talks with Putin might not even be held, the Express said.

Even George Bush was dismissive. Blair was frozen out of both the Bush-Putin talks and Bush’s talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Rome Trial Points to Links Between Genoa 2001 and 9/11

June 14 (EIRNS)—In an ongoing trial in Rome, deputy chief of police Michelangelo Fournier stated that the police had acted with excessive brutality in storming the headquarters of an anti-G-8 demonstration in a Genoa school, on July 21, 2001, La Repubblica and other Italian press reported today.

What makes this revelation significant, is that the Genoa events were, in a sense, a general rehearsal for 9/11. Anti-aircraft missiles had been installed as a consequence of an intelligence warning against possible al-Qaeda airplanes or drones being flown against the G-8 summit.

Fournier is a respected police official, who just last week succeeded in controlling “autonomist” violence in the center of Rome, during the anti-Bush demonstrations, without using excessive force. Fournier implicitly pointed the finger at police chief Gianni De Gennaro, who has already come under attack from leftist parliamentary groups concerning the management of the Genoa situation. In its 2001 coverage of the Genoa events, where a demonstrator was killed, EIR wrote that violence could erupt thanks to a combined action of the “Black Bloc” autonomists, and of a fifth column at a high level inside the police and the Italian government.
To My Fellow Stockholders:
Let me take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am Dr. David P. Summers,PhD. I am the founder of Endovasc, Inc. and the inventor of almost 100% of its technology (both patented and subject to trade secret protection). I am also a fellow shareholder of Endovasc, Inc. with over 10,000,000 shares in the company.
As you can see, I have a vested financial interest in the long term success of the company. I am writing to you because I want your proxy to get majority shareholder voting control over Endovasc, Inc. I want majority control to stop the run-a-way management style of the current officers and directors of the company. My plan is simple, but I need your help to make a “clean sweep” of entrenched management who has led us down the slippery path to historic lows in share value………
On December 17, 2004, armed with a majority of your “YES” proxy votes, I will fire all of the officers and directors of Endovasc, Inc. and vote into office a new slate of three (3)directors and officers composed of DR. DAVID P. SUMMERS, PHD to serve as a Director and President; JANET TAN to serve as a Director; ROBERT A. BRANER to serve as a Director; and MELISSA BLUE to serve as secretary-treasurer. If necessary, we will appoint two (2) additional Directors to fill the expanded five member board of directors from a list of independent candidates that we are currently reviewing.
Under new leadership, we can turn the corner of doom…….
Dr. David P. Summers, PhD.
Thank you for taking the time to comment on this release.
Your comments for file number S7-19-07 were received on February 7, 2008.
Please save this page for your records.
Comments received from:
Tony Ryals
‘Dr.’ David P ‘Naked Shorts’ Summers a D.C banker ?
Email: wolfblitzzer0 (at)
Although I posted my comments last night re my discovery that David P Summers who posed as a ‘biotech’ executive for years,particularly of Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas, all the while apparently residing in the Beltway and in fact being a well connected banker there for years as the AP article of 2005 in the Washington Post and SEC filings substantiate – somehow it did not post today.

I will add the Washington Post – AP article here for the record and hope that it posts tomorrow.No wonder he has had such good working relations with the National Taxpayers Union founder and Steve Forbes colleague,James Dale Davidson,- they are virtual neighbors and both live but a stones throw away from the Securities Exchange Commission and its corrupt Chairman Christopher ‘Naked Shorts’ Cox.No wonder Cox has lied to protect them claiming such scams as Endovasc,Jag Media Holdings, and Taser stun gun etc. shares were victims of ‘naked shorting’ – all the while knowing of the offshore bank accounts and onshore stock manipulations that were transpiring for years.

‘Dr.’ David P Summers NEVER disclosed that he was ‘moon-lighting’ as a well respected banker for those same years in the Beltway simultaneously This is government sanctioned fraud and intimidation by Beltway connected con men and probably even U.S. ‘intelligence’CONNECTED INDIVIDUALS THAT I DOUBT SERIOUSLY EVEN SADDAM HUSSEIN WOULD EVER HAVE VISITED UPON HIS ON PEOPLE.

No wonder I have endured anonymous death threats and even legal threats from Israeli citizen and Miami penny stock con artist Michael Zwebner and even though he sued Wolf Blitzer and CNN IN FLORIDA FOR $100 Million because I used an alias(wolfblitzzer0)somewhat similar to Blitzer’s name, CNN and Blitzer paid a Florida attorney to defend themselves and left my life to be threatened while they remained silent (You WOULD think CNN being sued for $100 million would be news even they wouyld report )

In many ways under Bush-Cheney the U.S. has become a puppet of both Israel particularly its criminal under world,which probably in clude Russian mafia types,and Saudi Arabia who the sick man we call president Bush does ‘sword dances’ with the king of Saudi Arabia who kicks women like dogs.When will this madness stop ?

No wonder James Dale Davidson has run offshore money laundering scams with WORTHLESS U.S. PENNY STOCKS for years with impunity.And no wonder David P Summers who I had no idea was a Beltway banker has done the same while never disclosing Christopher Cox should be in jail but unfortunately the U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey is just as bad or worse – covering up the Israeli run U.S. penny stock scam ICTS International’s role in 9/11 as guardian of Logan Airport in Boston as well as Marvin Bush and at least on Kuwait royal Al Sabah family member,while his son Marc is a law and business partner to ex NYC Mayor Rudi Giuliani and their clients are mainly securities thieves from American to Israeli to Pakistani preying on U.S. investors.

And while one African-American actor faces serious jail time from IRS over perhaps $12 million in back taxes the far right criminals many suspect Middle Eastern ones are defrauding Americans with impunity and the help of law firms such as Mukasey and Giuliani’s And these frauds may total into the billions Americans want there country back and the criminal frauds and bloody murder of the Bush-Cheney regime to end.I hope you do to.

Meanwhile David Marchant the UK citizen posing as a former Bermuda journalist and claiming to be the KYC or ‘know your client’ expert that America needs in Florida is really in bed with AIG’s Kroll Associates and who knows who offshore and censors negative mention of some banks and offshore firms with obviously criminal connections and actually let Crozier Bank use his name to promote themselves and defraud the unwary.It is rumored AIG’s Kroll Asociates helped him to relocate and get his paper work to reside in Florida and promote the use of offshores to expatriate money that should remain in America.Just like criminal penny stock money launderers such as British and Israeli citizen Michael Zwebner and Titan Corp’s Makram Chams the U.S. government is openly inviting the worst criminal elements to our shores giving them visas no questioned asked then demonizing Mexican laborors for the evil those they purposely let in do.Why?
– Tony Ryals


3 responses to “Bill Bratton Kroll Inc. 10 Downing Street Supercop Carroll Trust Footage Billion Dollars Tax Evasion Fraud Case



    .It is rumored AIG’s Kroll Asociates helped him to relocate and get his paper work to reside in Florida and promote the use of offshores to expatriate money that should remain in America.Just like criminal penny stock money launderers such as British and Israeli citizen Michael Zwebner and Titan Corp’s Makram Chams the U.S. government is openly inviting the worst criminal elements to our shores giving them visas no questioned asked then demonizing Mexican laborors for the evil those they purposely let in do.Why?
    – Tony Ryals

  2. gerald carroll foundation
    i dont no if this is anything or not, a yaRD i rented about a year back had an old storage container in the yard i opened the container one day and inside was old paintings, books, photos and paper work i took the name from the bottom of the painting (gerald carroll) and typed it into google and what i found was this case against this persons company. the painting at the front of the container was painted by lenard boden and presented to him by the princes trust, there are photos with gerald carrol and world leaders the paper work fills a container 20ft by 8ft when i have looked through it its bank statements from the carroll foundation all sorts of letters fromm accountants and gerald carrolls company diarys showing meeetings with 100s of people including lords and sir’s even royalty there seems to be every thing to do with this companys accounts and what it did, this container is on its own in the mddle of no where, the stuff in side should not be in a place like this,
    i contacted crime stoppers in england and reported this about 6mths ago and nothing has been done no one has even been to look at it so i spoke to some local police about it and when they did some research into it the said its somthing the did not want to get involved in as they did not no who to trust it with.
    i belive this is the stuff from the robberys in luton and kent or is the hidden accounts that could involve some very important people,
    so this is where i am with it i am contacting yourselves to see if there is any sort of reward for this information the police in this counry dont seem to want to get involved or are to scared

    thank you for your time reading this if its some thing you are interested in please reply to me the land where the stuff is is being developed soon so the container will be gone soon

    my contact if you need to talk is

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