As Predicted, CIA-Sponsored Muslim Bros. Becomes Enemy

As Predicted, CIA-Sponsored Muslim Bros. Becomes Enemy

Egypt’s cold shoulder … A sudden new wave of anti-Americanism is thriving in Cairo … As 16 U.S. citizens await trial in Egypt for accepting foreign financing to promote democracy, for the first time in more than 30 years there is a serious debate in Washington about whether to end the $1.3-billion annual military assistance to Cairo. There’s no debate in Egypt, however. More than 70% of Egyptians, according to a recent Gallup poll, no longer want U.S. funding. Facing extreme challenges at home and in need of distractions, anti-Americanism has become Cairo’s preferred populist recourse. Although a solution might be found for this particular controversy — with or without U.S. foreign assistance — this bilateral dynamic assures that the next crisis is not far off. – Los Angeles Times

Dominant Social Theme: The Muslim Brotherhood is a bad and radical organization. Now they’ve emerged from nowhere to challenge the United States and the larger West. Bad luck, eh? Who could have known?

Free-Market Analysis: In a series of groundbreaking articles (beep, beep, alert: self-promotion ahead!) we have tried to establish (with some success in our view) that the Anglosphere power elite has been using the State Department and the US military to overthrow secular Middle Eastern and African regimes.

We have also pointed out that the logical successors were Islamic fundamentalist regimes. We have explained in the past year, in probably half a dozen articles or more, that radical groups like the Muslim Brotherhood were positioned to take over in numerous countries. Just search the ‘Net for the terms “Muslim Brotherhood” and “Arab Spring” and “Daily Bell.”

Surprise, surprise … that’s exactly what’s happening. Like clockwork, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is being cast as the latest Islamic bogeyman. It’s forming a government in Egypt and providing the Anglosphere’s bought-and-paid-for US columnists plenty of content for frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Islamist op-eds.

No doubt about it. Who would have thunk it? Well, we did because we realized that the war on terror was running out of energy. A new enemy was necessary, or at least an elaboration of what had come before. And now it’s occurring. Here’s more from the article excerpted above:

By deciding to prosecute Americans, post-Mubarak Egypt has intentionally provoked a bilateral crisis. But the legal assault on U.S.-funded nongovernmental organizations and personnel is merely a symptom of a larger, more serious problem. In Egypt today, all major political forces — the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, or SCAF, the Muslim Brotherhood and the government — are embracing anti-American populism.

The new atmosphere in Egypt leaves the Obama administration — and Congress — with some stark choices. Washington can employ the nuclear option — cut the assistance and test the durability of the U.S.-underwritten 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty — or continue to fund an increasingly hostile and unstable state in hopes that democracy will take root.

In this environment, prospects for democracy in Egypt appear slim. Worse, with reportedly as little as $11 billion remaining in foreign reserves depleting at a rate of $2 billion a month, Egypt is on the precipice of an economic crisis. At the same time, a spate of kidnappings in Cairo and mob violence at a Port Said soccer match this month, which killed more than 70 people, point to a deteriorating security situation.

This is really disgusting stuff. It treats what is going on as if it merely the unrolling of an inevitable “clash of civilizations.” It’s nothing of the sort. Like the war on terror itself, these mounting tensions in our view are likely being stage-managed.

Yes, this stuff is evidently and obviously premeditated. It’s being planned and executed, apparently, by some of the most powerful people in the world. The Anglosphere power elite is trying to create world government and is using tried-and-true methods to do so.

These methods are actually relatively basic ones and involve fomenting wars and economic depression in order to push middle classes into desperate situations where they will positively welcome increased government – in this case, full-out global governance. That seems to be the plan anyway.

The elites are now apparently aiming at a war with Iran. Yet there is significant evidence that the Anglosphere elites helped engineer the initial Iranian Revolution back in 1979. We have written about this numerous times. Our most recent article is here: Western Elites Caught ‘Red-Handed’ in Iran?

It is also well known that the CIA has various strategic relationships with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is not a young organization. If the Muslim Brotherhood begins to take over Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries, you can bet that at the very top there is some form of communication and cooperation between the Brotherhood and Western Intel. Don’t believe us? Just Google “Mulsim Brotherhood” and “CIA.”

Information undercutting this latest elite dominant social theme (a clash of civilizations is unavoidable) is available all over the Internet. The elites simply haven’t figured out how to cope with the ‘Net, which is a process not an episode. The old methods of damage control just don’t apply.

By pursuing warlike manipulations when there is substantive information showing quite clearly the stage-management that is taking place, the elites are not doing themselves any service. They are actively undercutting the memes they are trying to establsh. How does one go about creating a war when the facts themselves are in question along with the “enemy?”

Until the power elite solves the Internet – renders it harmless as a debunking mechanism – the very strategies that the elites used to such great effect in the 20th century will become continually less effective in the 21st. When anyone can see for himself just how extensive the web of untruths has become, then the credibility of the larger conversation is signficantly eroded. People cease to believe. Globalism itself becomes less convincing.

In fact, this undercutting of the faux-cultural fabric that the elites wove with such energy in the 20th century is becoming a crisis for them in the 21st. The more they turn to their “tried and true” formulas to continue to maintain control, the more questions they themselves are raising.

And yet they continue. They seemingly do not have new ideas, even though the old ones are less and less convincing in this era of the Internet Reformation. It is a big problem for them. If we can analyze it, anyone can.

Conclusion: It is always this way with the Anglosphere elites. Wars, “Cold Wars,” tensions between competing political systems and religions – they are always configured in the modern era so that the City of London and its enablers and associates are in control of BOTH sides. We told you so.

Western Elites Caught ‘Red-Handed’ in Iran?
Thursday, February 02, 2012 – by Staff Report

A Game As Old As History: The Globalist Hand Behind The Iranian Mullahs … Iran’s fundamentalist clerics have never been independent and militant vis-à-vis the West, but rather have remained subservient to U.S.-British geopolitical interests and goals in the region while pretending to represent the people of Iran and the religion of Islam. − Samam Mohammadi/The Excavator/PrisonPlanet

Dominant Social Theme: Islam is an enemy of the West. Iran is Islam. Iran is the enemy. Bomb it.

Free-Market Analysis: Wow, an important article by Samam Mohammadi based on other equally important articles that Mohammadi cites. He basically lays out a case that Iran is a phony US enemy and that the Iranian Revolution was actually Western-inspired.

There are few higher callings than this – writing articles that seem to debunk the “directed history” charades of Money Power while revealing the grim skull-like grin lurking bloodily beneath the surface.

We’ve pointed out many times now that we believe much of what passes for the Western historical narrative – especially over the past few hundred years – is what we call “directed history.” That is, the power elite that today seeks to run the world has been creating economic, political and military incidents that it then enshrines as “accidents of history.”

But they are not accidents of history. They are seemingly deliberately planned provocations that result, almost always, in increased globalization. It is the Internet that shows us this fearful pattern and seemingly reveals to us the irrevocable and breathtaking influence of Money Power.

Once these incidents have been created, the great families that run the world’s central banks turn to their bought-and-paid-for media and court historians to write narratives that enshrine their globalist narratives via magazines, novels, textbooks and, ultimately, historical presentations.

To add credibility, they invent and create literary and historical prizes including the Nobel Prize. Then they dress up their narratives in the entertaining cloak of Hollywood movie-dom. It is an all-inclusive “matrix.”

In Iraq, the US “embedded” reputable journalists with the troops. But the result of such reporting was merely fact-based. It seemed genuine but did not deal with the larger issues of the war or its inception – or even Saddam Hussein’s past history with Western intelligence that, for all intents and purposes, may have placed him in power to begin with.

“I know history will be kind to me,” Winston Churchill reportedly said, “because I intend to write it.” This phrase, apocryphal or not, is good for a chuckle but history, it turns out, is far more serious. The wars of the 20th century alone provide us with a toll of horror that is difficult to imagine. The number of people killed – fairly directly – by the state in the 20th century is in the area of 150 million, apparently.

Try to explain World War I, please. Or how about World War II? Or the USSR? Or China? Turns out in every case the Anglosphere power elite that wants to run the world apparently “funded” the “other” side. There were massive investments made in Hitler’s Germany right up until the war, and then apparently afterwards as well. Western elites funded the USSR “Reds” and probably Mao and his cadres.

Of course, this is the way of the world. Money Power’s directed history is surely not a modern infestation. We are simply not confident in our modest abilities to make even hypothetical pronouncements about what happened several hundreds years ago or longer.

But we can guess. We figure that what works today has been working on and off for thousands of years. But the closer it gets, the more recognizable it is. The mechanism is more clearly visible.

And thus we are not surprised that more and more is emerging about the phony nature of the Iranian threat. We are not even surprised at the amount of detail that is becoming clear. Several years ago we pointed out reports that Iran’s clerical revolutionary Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini’s father was British MI6. There are other apparent anomalies.

It is important to note that such revelations are a direct result of the Internet – the Internet Reformation, if you will. It is NOT a hypothetical concept. We’ve also pointed out that damage control, when it comes to the Internet, is exceptionally difficult.

The Internet is a process not an episode. It mimics the first information revolution sparked by the Gutenberg Press. Ultimately, the ramifications, in our view, will be just as resonant. At this point, no matter what the powers-that-be try to do, it’s probably too late.

The evidence of the power elite’s failing dominant social themes is all around us. And now information about the Anglosphere’s incredible, mind-boggling war-time lies are becoming clearer. What is emerging about Iran is stranger than any James Bond fiction or CIA narrative.

Once again we see Western power elites creating the enemy they then claim to wish to destroy. Really … we don’t know of anything in modern history that compares to this! We hardly have the words to describe it.

The US and its allies are threatening to become involved in a MAJOR war at the same time that CREDIBLE EVIDENCE is apparently emerging that the people in charge of the West, certainly behind the scenes, have SUPPORTED THE ENEMY.

Thanks, DARPA. That was a swell “Net” you invented.

Of course, it’s not just Iran. We never thought we would conclude that the entire recent past of the human race was apparently a kind of fictional device, a made-up narrative designed to increase globalism and bring the backers of the narrative ever more power and wealth. We still find it hard to believe.

What’s HARDER to believe is the malevolence marshaled by this sort of directed history. The top people – and we figure there are only a handful (apparently worth trillions, by the way, thanks to the central banks they control) – really don’t care much about human life. They create wars the way other people create arguments. Or that’s how it seems.

We’ve covered the emergent narrative of Western involvement in the Iranian mess in some detail but we did so within the context of our textual approach, through analysis of dominant social themes. These themes yield patterns that are becoming increasingly clear as the flow of information posted on the Internet continues to build.

The information doesn’t need to be “alternative” in nature, by the way. Once one knows what patterns to note, even mainstream events, properly reported, can prove useful. This is another complication for those attempting to control the ‘Net’s newsflow. The incredible aggregation it offers is nearly as important as the alternative points of view. Here are a few of our articles over the years about the Iranian hoax:

VIDEO: Directed History, the War on Iran and Gold-for-Oil

The Rise of Iran

Excavator Digs up Truth About CIA’s Support for Khomeini’s Regime Change in Iran

Is Iran War Up Next?

This past week, as we note in our initial quote, Mohammadi provides us a useful additional resource by pulling together the growing literature exposing the West’s Iranian manipulations. He cites authors who are digging up more definitive details …

Francisco Gil-White’s series of investigative articles at his websiteHistorical and Investigative Research goes into great detail about the complicated relationship between the Anglo-American shadow ruling elite and the Iranian mullahs. His investigations feature many links to news articles and other historical material that prove his thesis that “US policy towards Iran has been pro-Islamist since 1979, and that the Islamist Iranian mullahs have been US assets from the start,” (The Big Picture: US policy towards Iran in the broadest historical perspective, January 5, 2006).

In “The Big Picture,” article, Gil-White writes that “the basic structure of the relationship between the US and Iran did not change in 1979, with the exception that the puppet government in Iran, since 1979, has pretended in public to be an enemy of the US ruling elite.”

According to this narrative, the Iranian mullahs were hand-picked in the late 1970s to rule over a government that is still in a colonial relationship with America and Britain. The research done by Iranian political dissident Fara Mansoor, which I have highlighted before, backs up this narrative.

Mansoor said that elements in the U.S. intelligence and foreign policy elite gained knowledge of the Shah’s cancer in 1975 after General Hossein Fardoust, the Shah’s right-hand man and longtime friend, informed then U.S. ambassador to Iran, Richard Helms.

The knowledge of the Shah’s cancer was political and intelligence gold, and it fell into the greedy hands of Helms, who was quick to use it to outmaneuver his political enemies abroad and at home. Helms was well experienced in secret espionage and engineering back-dealing conspiracies, having played a key role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the subsequent CIA cover-up.

I’ve summarized some of his main findings in my articles: The British And U.S. Governments Installed Khomeini Into Power In 1979; A Rigged Revolution: How The Shadow CIA-MI6 Network Put Khomeini And Militant Islamists in Power; and Hostage To False Flag Terror: The Link Between The October Surprise And The September Surprise.

Also, read Harry V. Martin’s article from 1995 called, “The real Iranian hostage story from the files of Fara Mansoor,” and listen to radio host Dave Emory’s 1993 interview with Mansoor on YouTube.

This is so very important. Never, so far as we know, has a credible alternative history circulated while the elites were actively engaged in contemporaneous agitation.

So here is a question for those who will immediately claim this is further evidence that the ‘Net is being “used” by the elites to disseminate only information they “choose.” Our question is, “Why?”

Why would the Anglosphere power elite choose to circulate such damning facts at the same time as they embarked upon an effort to paint Iran as a terrible enemy of the West – and militant Islam generally?

The answer to us is obvious: These stage-managed conflicts are increasingly being revealed nearly as fast as the elites create them.

There are those who will maintain that such exposure does little to harm the larger malevolent mechanism. But, in fact, such revelations are incredibly damaging. We cannot establish it for a fact but we are fairly well convinced of a kind of operative human “hive mind.”

For some reason, information disseminated in one place has ripples – ramifications – far beyond its immediate absorption. This is the phenomenon that the elites are struggling with.

Call it the Emperor’s New Clothes phenomenon. A single child pointing out the obvious can have a convulsive effect on the larger polity and populace. The emperor, you know, continued his parade but he was abashed and ashamed. Everyone knew, somehow.

Given what we are now learning, here’s another question: What is more important than some of the journalism taking place on the Internet at “alternative news” websites? (Not all of such information is credible, of course, and some of it, in fact, is misinformation. You will have to sort through it yourself.)

It’s really amazing. In only a few short years, in our humble opinion, a small group of intrepid, amateur sleuths, using only Internet tools and the patterns they reveal, have exposed to us history’s greatest hoax – the directed history that a powerful handful of elite families have secretly been inflicting on everybody else.

This is an ineffably important insight for anyone who wants to live their life within the larger context of human civilization – such as it is or pretends to be. Why should we care? Because we ought to understand our place within life’s larger context. “Know thyself,” Socrates said.

Conclusion: We may not wish to understand. We may regret the journey. It may sadden or repel us. But, by God, let’s not stop! Let us know!

Posted by rossbcan on 02/16/12 06:57 AM

Root Cause:

Self-proclaimed “problem solvers” wielding a forceful monopoly to “define problems”, “restrict allowable solutions”, “forcefully impose solutions”, fueled by resources illegally acquired by servitude of the productive (compulsion, involuntary taxation, a weopon contrary to peace, collective survival and civilization) CONCLUDED, centuries ago: solved problems EQUALS unemployment for the “problem solvers”. So, they create and excaberate problems, to appear “neccessary” (false, assertion of “proof of a negative”, “no other option”).

Or, put another way, slavers PREVENT peace and collective survival by restricting correct choice using the weopons of perceptual manipulation, intimidation, terror, all, of course, for our alleged “best interests”, the same “reason” the Nazis concluded that “Jews and others they decree social undesirables (enemy combatents, potential terrorists such as constitutionalists, oath keepers, returning military, gold bugs, TRUE intellectuals, reality based constituency)… REQUIRE a “final solution”:

Click to view link

as to: “beep, beep, alert: self-promotion ahead!”, if the shoe fits, wear it, proudly.

The greatest terror of my foes is facing my “told ya so’s”.

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Posted by Joe on 02/16/12 06:37 AM

The Muslim Brotherhood have a very weak connection to traditional Islam, they are modernists their ‘Islam’ is a throughly modernized Enlightenment version of Islam… .which means it is not Islam. They accept banking, fractional reserve, fiat currencies and loaning out money and charging interest (though they name the practice something else to ‘Islamisize’ it). The Muslim Brotherhood are facist in their ideology, they have a simplistic understanding of Islam… they are very dangerous if they gain power they would construct a simplistic good Vs bad manichean police state, with a ‘Democratic’ front a mirror of the western democracies.

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Posted by terrybee on 02/16/12 03:55 AM

Hi ,-how about ye interviewing ‘Mark Cocking’ ,-He was on TV last night on about ‘The City of London’ & it’s magic -craft’s.

Thank ye kindly 🙂

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Posted by Wrusssr on 02/15/12 11:08 PM

Sustainable boogymen are getting harder and harder to come by, don’t cha know? What’s an Oz to do? Let’s see. . .how about putting the bad guys in charge with some “Arab Springs?” And. . .uh, let’s see. . .and we grab their central banks!? And the gold bullion in ’em at the same time! A twofer! That’s it! Breakout the checkbooks and whistle up them dogs of war. Let’s get to it! Supper’s waiting.

Don’t touch that dial folks. We’ll be right back. More of the false flag show coming right up.

Another good article, DB.

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Posted by WD on 02/15/12 07:23 PM

@ DB

“Until the power elite solves the Internet – renders it harmless as a debunking mechanism – the very strategies that the elites used to such great effect in the 20th century will become continually less effective in the 21st. When anyone can see for himself just how extensive the web of untruths has become, then the credibility of the larger conversation is signficantly eroded. People cease to believe. Globalism itself becomes less convincing.”

Are you trying to get the elite to censor the internet? What a great business plan! Now you can sell your content encrypted and source address protected! Clever little elves!

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Reply from The Daily Bell
Yes, sir, the elites hang on our every word. If we say “censor” then by God the Anglosphere will censor! What clout we have … not.

Posted by Abu Aardvark on 02/15/12 05:27 PM

DB: “In a series of groundbreaking articles (beep, beep, alert: self-promotion ahead!) we have tried established (with some success in our view) that the Anglosphere power elite has been using the State Department and the US military to overthrow secular Middle Eastern and African regimes.”


Damn right! You did (not) just that. Hint: more self-promotion alerts ahead, and rightly so.


Two typos:

“we have tried established”

“… in this era of the Internet Reformation. it is a big problem for them.”

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Reply from The Daily Bell


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