2002 The Zionist Roots of the “War on Terror”

The Zionist Roots of the “War on Terror”

November 18, 2002

Until recently I accepted Israel’s self-image as a beleaguered, peace-loving nation in a sea of blood thirsty Arabs. The idea that this tiny state had imperialist designs seemed ludicrous.
But what if, unknown to most people, including Israelis, the world’s power elite were using Israel to advance their plan for New World Order?

What if Israel’s role were to colonize the Middle East, and to become the seat of the World Religion?

“Israel’s Sacred Terrorism” (1980) by Livia Rokach, a 63-page on line monograph suggests that this bizarre scenario may not be so preposterous.

Rokach’s monograph is based on revelations from the personal diary of Moshe Sharett, who was Israeli’s first Foreign Minister from 1948-1956, and Prime Minister from 1954-1956.

According to this diary, which the Israelis tried to suppress, Israel’s image of vulnerability was a ruse. Israel has always planned to become the dominant power in the region, and “invented dangers” in order to dupe its citizens and provoke wars.

In his diary, Sharett quotes a conversation with Army Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan in May 1955:

“We face no danger at all of an Arab advantage of force for the next 8-10 years…Reprisal actions which we couldn’t carry out if we were tied to a security pact are our vital lymph…they make it possible for us to maintain a high level of tension in our population and in the army. Without these actions we would have ceased to be a combative people… ”
Sharett concludes: “The state…. must see the sword as the main if not the only, instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may — no it MUST — invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation and revenge…. And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space.” (41, emphasis mine)


This policy of “reprisals” or “provocation and revenge” was also called “covert aggression.” The U.S. “war on terror” is a continuation of it. Essentially it involves disguising a policy of aggression as retaliation for sham provocations.

For example, Israeli patrols would cross the border to attack Jordanians or Egyptians, and then claim the actions took place in Israel. Once attacked, the army pursued the “aggressors” into enemy territory and wreaked havoc. Ariel Sharon was the leader of a squad (“Unit 101”) that specialized in these murderous forays. His 1953 raid on the Jordanian village of Kibiyah killed dozens of civilians. (30)

In March 1954, an Israeli bus travelling between Eilat and Beersheba was attacked and 10 passengers were killed. The UN armistice Commissioner, a Col. Henderson said, “from the testimonies of the survivors, it is not proved that all the murderers were Arabs.” He attributed the attack to “terrorists intent on increasing the tensions in the area.” (28) Thereupon the Israelis left the Armistice Commission in protest.

In June-July 1954 an Israeli terrorist squad blew up many British and American institutions in Cairo in an attempt to sour relations between the Arabs and the West. Dubbed the “Levon Affair,” possibly this was a precursor to the attack on the World Trade Centre.

From the point of view of “covert aggression”, if terrorism didn’t exist, Israel would have to create it. Possibly, Israel’s security establishment inspired some recent attacks on Israelis. In some instances, the terrorists are described as “white.” Remember the sniper who killed 10 Israeli reservists at a checkpoint? If he were Arab, wouldn’t he have struck again?

Most Arab terrorism is no doubt authentic. But I wouldn’t be surprised if at critical junctures, Israel’s “security establishment was behind it.

Israeli commentators lament that Israel is not a democracy. They say its security establishment has hijacked the country. One pundit remarked, “Israel is not a state with an army, but an army with an affiliated state.” They also lament that a culture of corruption, brutality and immorality pervades the army. See Ran Ha-Cohen, “Israeli Elections. So What”

I believe the Illuminati controls Israel’s security establishment.


The world’s wealthiest families have more in common with each other than they do with humanity. From their perspective, we are “useless eaters.” In the guise of “globalism,” they plan to increase and consolidate their wealth and power, and reduce everyone else’s.

The heart of the Illuminati’s power is the banking and oil cartels, (Rothschild, Rockefeller) but it includes many interlocking cartels like media, pharmaceuticals, defence, illegal drugs and prostitution. It operates through the world’s intelligence agencies, and groups like the Council on Foreign relations, which grooms all US leaders.

Esoterically, the Illuminati is a secret society within another secret society, the Freemasons who are dedicated to sacrificing mankind to Lucifer.

All of this sounds fantastic because it is kept out of the media and education systems, which are mental caretakers in an invisible asylum.

Recently, Americans have been recruited to do the grunt work of subjugating Islam. This is not the first time the Illuminati has used the U.S. in this fashion. America was embroiled in World War One to free a million British soldiers to conquer Palestine for the Zionists. In the Second World War, the U.S. saved Communist Russia’s bacon. Both Communism and Zionism are creations and instruments of the central bankers.


The Illuminati has always used anti Semitism to trick Jews into advancing its nefarious goals.

In the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” the speaker confesses the illuminati has “wiped out every kind of rule except our own.” Nevertheless it allows attacks on its plan for world domination in order to create anti Semitism. “Anti Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren.” (9-2)

From childhood Jews are taught that they are disliked for no rational reason and Israel is insurance against another holocaust. This attitude dehumanizes their opponents and obviates the need for genuine self-criticism. Often the question is not, is something true or false? Right or wrong? But, “Is it good for the Jews?”

Traumatizing people and convincing them that irrational fiends threaten their survival is an effective form of mind control. Such people will throw morality and reason to the wind and, if necessary, become savage, mindless killers themselves. They are easily exploited by forces that may not be Jewish at all, that may be anti Semitic, and plot their destruction.

Now the Illuminati is using the same tactic on Americans. The Mossad’s fingerprints are all over 9-11. Apparently, Israel’s Zim Container Lines moved their 200-man office out of the WTC the week before and no Israelis died in the attack. Seven of the supposed Arab “hijackers” seem to be alive.

If Osama bin Laden didn’t exist, the United States and Britain would have created him. Osama may be genuine but there is evidence that he has received money from the British MI-6 as recently as 1996. According to the French daily Le Figaro, Ben Laden met with the CIA station chief in Dubai in July 2001. He serves the purpose of those inciting a bogus “clash of civilizations.”

In the domestic sphere, the persecution of Jews has become a cultural paradigm. Lately, women and gays are the Jews, taught they’re oppressed by heterosexuality, and homosexuality is normal. . Millions of lives are being ruined. The Illuminati’s hidden agenda is to destroy society’s immune system (its ability to resist totalitarianism) by attacking its red blood cell, the nuclear family.

In conclusion, “covert aggression” is the primary means by which the Illuminati enacts its long-term plan. Americans have been incited to become oppressors by a phoney Muslim threat. Unaware of what’s done in their name. Americans are now like Jews asking, “Why do they hate us?”



If Osama bin Laden didn’t exist, the United States and Britain would have created him. Osama may be genuine but there is evidence that he has received money from the British MI-6 as recently as 1996. According to the French daily Le Figaro, Ben Laden met with the CIA station chief in Dubai in July 2001. He serves the purpose of those inciting a bogus “clash of civilizations.”



Threat of Islam? Civilization at Stake – Prof. Bernard Lewis





MrIWOP2 on 18 Nov 2011

It wasn’t easy, finding Jim Traficant. Without the help of the American Free Press, (AFP), we never would have found him. Traficant of Youngstown Ohio was running for his old Congressional seat. What sort of campaign could he be running? After all, we’d seen the Greta von Susteren Fox News interview (Sept. 9, 2009, just a few days after Traficant was released from prison). Here’s some of what Traficant had said, “I believe that Israel has a powerful strangle hold on the American government. They control…the House and Senate. They have us involved in wars of which we have little or no interest. Our children are coming back in body bags. Our nation is bankrupt over these wars, and if you open your mouth, you get targeted. And if they don’t beat you at the polls, they’ll put you in prison… It’s an objective assessment that no one will have the courage to speak about. They’re controlling much of our foreign policy. They’re influencing much of our domestic policy. Wolfowitz as Under Secretary of Defense manipulated President Bush #2 back into Iraq. They pushed definitely, definitely to try and get Bush, before he left, to move into Iran. We’re conducting expansionist policy of Israel and everybody’s afraid to say it. They control much of the media…”
WAS IT POSSIBLE somewhere in Ohio someone could say such things and not be ostracized, denounced, trounced? Actually, no. There really was no campaign. Few in the political business dared have anything to do with him, donate to him, invite him, quote him. Only a maverick Tea Party organizer offered him an evening campaign event. Otherwise, the popular sheriff and then Congressman was pretty much shunned. And yet he came in a close third on Nov.2, 2010, with over 30,000 votes.

News & Politics

Jim Traficant | “Israel has used us like a whore!”

The spies he refers to are probably Lawrence Franklin, Keith Weissman and Steve Rosen, all involved in AIPAC espionage along with Scooter Libby, Jane Harmann and a host of other duel citizen traitors. Franklin went to prison and was released. The other two were indicted, but never sentenced so maybe he’s confused. We’ve got a parasite problem that’s taking us down. A war with Iran is suicidal yet the saber rattling gets louder daily.

whodareswings 1 month ago


In conclusion, “covert aggression” is the primary means by which the Illuminati enacts its long-term plan. Americans have been incited to become oppressors by a phoney Muslim threat. Unaware of what’s done in their name. Americans are now like Jews asking, “Why do they hate us?”

Bernard Lewis was born to middle-class Jewish parents in Stoke Newington, London. He became interested in languages and history while preparing for his bar mitzvah.[7]

Lewis graduated in 1936 from the School of Oriental Studies (now SOAS, School of Oriental and African Studies) at the University of London with a B.A. in History with special reference to the Near and Middle East, and obtaining his Ph.D. three years later, also from SOAS, specializing in the History of Islam.[8] Lewis also studied law, going part of the way toward becoming a solicitor, but returned to study Middle Eastern history. He undertook post-graduate studies at the University of Paris, where he studied with the orientalist Louis Massignon and earned the “Diplôme des Études Sémitiques” in 1937.[1] He returned to SOAS in 1938 as an assistant lecturer in Islamic History.


The plans for North Africa and the Middle East are laid out in the Brzezinski/Bernard Lewis/PNAC doctrine.



LibertyTruthJustice on 3 Feb 2011

Obama’s calls for the resignation of Mubarak come as no surprise to anyone who’s been watching this to any length at all. It’s well worth going into who the players are, in this attempted revolution:

1) April 6 and Kifaya kicked off the rebellion, and the Muslim Brotherhood is sustaining it. These are the trademark Brzezinski/Soros puppets that are always used to kick off these ‘UN soft power revolutions’: NGOs, student groups and leninist vanguards attached to Wall Street foundations (in this case, the Freedom House Foundation, the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict and the International Crisis Group). It’s the same MO as in all other color revolutions – for ex., Tunisia, Iran and the Ukraine.

2) The coordinating factor here is the International Crisis Group, a UN front staffed by people such as Brzezinski, Soros, Wesley Clark, Solana, Shimon Peres and, of course, El Baradei. This is the guy who was chosen to take over. The motive here is to install a puppet islamo-socialist regime similar to the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Baradei is the guy chosen to bring it in, and the Muslim Brotherhood will be its pillar and its sustaining force.

3) The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) deserves a section of its own here. The MB has always been the prime British intelligence asset in the region, being instrumental during the Nasser affair. It’s an incredibly important player in the entire Middle East, given the power of its influence networks; its function has always been to take leadership over the Sunni and get an anti-Shia Jihad going. This divide & rule game has helped keep the region in tension ever since WWII, and is now being played out like never before. For NATO, these MB ghouls are the ‘good’ radical Muslims: they’re ardent Fabian socialists, at their inner circle, and they’re the ones who provided the man power and the ground networks to set up the NATO protectorates of Kosovo, Albania, and Bosnia.
The MB was also the breeding ground for characters like Ayman al Zawahiri and many other organizers of Qaeda, during the 80s. There is no reason whatsoever to suppose their cooperation has somehow ended, in the meantime (that cooperation was alive and well in 2001), yet that subject is rarely, if ever discussed, on the mainstream.

The OBJECTIVE. Nothing here is happening by chance. The plans for North Africa and the Middle East are laid out in the Brzezinski/Bernard Lewis/PNAC doctrine. The first stage was to create what Brzezinski called “imperial mobilization” into the region, to establish a permanent international military presence — that was accomplished with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. At the same time, as Brzezinski said, in The Grand Chessboard (1997), that imperial mobilization would come hand in hand with the setting up of a police state structure in the west.

The next stage is to completely shred the region, bit by bit, nation by nation. This will be done through these collectivist, islamo-socialist regimes, that are meant to destroy traditional Muslim culture, create civil wars, and even regional wars, in the medium/long run.

In the end the whole area will have been deculturalized, wrecked, and broken up into many mini-states, which will be production hubs run by global agencies such as the IMF and the World Bank, and policed by international forces. In other words, the end of the nation-state, and the coming of a neo-feudalist system, run by international financiers, using international agencies as their enforcement arms.

This, of course, will not happen within a vacuum. During this period, many (real) terror and panic migrations will be exported into Europe, and the economic downturns caused by restlessness in the Middle East (particularly in oil prices) will cause the western economies to further collapse into a poverty, two-class status. These things will allow for the “order out of chaos” projection that was described in the 2006 “Strategic Trends Report”, by British military intel.

It’s also the “great transition” that the UN and its many institutes harp on about. The complete end of the nation-state and its replacement with global and regional management bodies. Constant crisis and conflict, to allow for that transitional process. Economic, social, cultural standardization, of the entire globe.

In the end, a few decades from now, these boys expect to achieve their system of global governance, whereby local populations will be ruled by continental authorities who will, in turn, report to a worldwide body: a ‘world state’. It’s just the old project of a world society, of scientific socialism and high-tech feudalism, that was put forth by characters such as Hegel, Bentham, St. Simon and Lenin, and is now being carried out by monopoly capitalists.

People have to go keep wising up to the techniques being used, and denouncing them for what they are.

Audio: Alan Watt’s talks, at
Listen to Alan’s shows and donate to him.



3 responses to “2002 The Zionist Roots of the “War on Terror”

  1. http://www.savethemales.ca/181102.html


    Just ask yourself why these revolution leaders and agitators speak some good Oxford English? And then they want to install this UN loyal puppet El Baradei. This is one more ‘organized overthrow’ to bring more wonderful democracies into the world like Afghanistan. What we’ll see in the fallout will be electional fraud, more weapons sales, infrastructure contracts for the big wigs & a puppet leading a fake democracy. To hell with this kind of freedumb!

    KingTingRolloTong 1 year ago

  2. The International Center on Nonviolent Conflict is not a “Wall Street foundation” and has had no relationships with any of the mentioned Egyptian groups. Its sole activity is disseminating the knowledge of how nonviolent resistance can be used by ordinary people to seek rights, democracy and justice. See for yourself: http://www.nonviolent-conflict.org

    • 28 Apr 2011

      [CC English] Exposing Democracy Promotion in the Middle East
      [CC French] La Promotion de la Démocratie au Moyen-Orient

      Middle East analyst and investigative journalist Maidhc Ó Cathail exposes the Israel partisans, embedded in US governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, that have been involved behind the scenes in encouraging “democratic” reform in the Middle East.


      I knew something was up when the Copt Church was bombed 1/1/11 designed to destabilize Egypt. It was blamed on “Al-Qaeda from Gaza”. Flags went UP!!!! Mossad got caught running provacatuer operations in Egypt and was going on trial January 25, for recruiting Egyptians for “operations in Syria”. Mubarak and Gaddaffi had threatened Obama with the Israeli “Peace Plan”. All the countries that Israel does not like had CIA style civil unrest turned violent coups, from twitter and facebook. Adios Syria

      IranContraScumDid911 9 months ago
      9 months ago- Adios SYRIA!

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