100,000 expected to Die at the London 2012 Olympics due to nuclear action

on 8 Dec 2011

Taken from the Youtube channel notilluminati
Before 9 / 11 and 7 / 7 there were clues in card games, comics, film and TV programmes, of the events that would later take place.

Similarly, the BBC has broadcasted a series imagining a nuclear explosion at the London Olympics.

The series includes several clues that suggest that the ‘illuminati’ are behind the making of the series and that therefore the events that the series imagines, are being planned to take place in the real world.


@lifelessperson1993 hi, the wtc attacks were not foreseen, rather these attacks have probably been planned for quite a while. the… PEOPLE… who conduct these are years ahead on their plans. and if that sounds far fetched, the company i work for plans their work ten years in advance. illuminati symbolism is absoloutly everywhere, you see them all the time (if you know what symbols to look for) ..peace!!

RODDERS790 1 day ago

Panorama 16/5/2004 =18 (6/6/6) the news reader 25/5 2004=18 Chlorine clouds@ 11-22 = 33 Spooks broadcast Aug (8) 2008 =18 Big Ben shows 12 on two faces = 3 3 countdown 10- 9 -7 -6 – 4 – 3 -1 =31 or reverse 13 Flash of light building- in front has pyramid on top Code 9 then 9 = 18 then 9 again followed by 100,000 then again 100,000 =11 hence 9 /11 then radi letters n ( not the full ation ) 9 1 4 9 = 23 make of it what you will

redwolf468 1 day ago

Project bluebeam has been rumored to be used during the Olympic games as well, a fake alien invasion. I found it odd that in the movie “District 9” the main character Wikus turns into an alien hybrid and the alien Christopher Johnson, promises to return to earth in 3 years to help him change back. That movie opened on August 14, 2009. The Olympic games run from 7/27 to 8/13 this year..exactly 3 years after the release date of the movie. Perhaps 8/10-8/13 will be the window for destruction??

MrThefutureisnow 5 hours ago


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