First World War – First Christian Holocaust

First World War – First Christian Holocaust

January 31, 2012

(left, Lord Ronald Grantham, Matthew Crawley and Lady Sybil Crawley, in “Downton Abbey.”)

In historical perspective, anyone who takes seriously
his country’s call to war is a dupe. The enemy is within.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Like millions of others, my wife and I have been enjoying the PBS Masterpiece TV series, “Downton Abbey.”

Set in an English Manor House during World War One, the costume drama depicts the prevalent attitude that a man’s virility and honor are measured by his willingness to die for his country.

There is no questioning the necessity of the war, nor any suspicion that it might be a sinister ruse.

In fact, the only character who is cynical is the villain, Thomas, who engineers a minor injury to escape service.

The young heir to the Estate, Matthew Crawley is paralyzed from the waist down.

This happens when you run into a hail of machine gun fire and mortar shells. He seems surprised by the consequences of his “heroism.” He’ll never be able to walk, or to procreate.

This is what the Illuminati (Masonic) bankers wanted, to destroy Europe’s best.

The Masonic bankers were only a few hundred, and many were getting old. They were better at making deals, having gay sex and performing child sacrifices. They were not capable, all by themselves, of slaughtering millions of strong, young men.

So they patiently concocted a world war. This was also highly profitable. They owned the companies that made the machine guns that killed the young men.

Illuminati Jews and Masons hate Christianity first and foremost. “Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the bourgeois states are only its consequences,” Insider C. Rakovsky, told his NKVD interrogator.

Their overall goal of WWI was to bring down Christian civilization. The German, Austrian and Russian monarchies were all destroyed.

Out of the old Christian order would emerge the (satanic) New World Order! ( This is the real meaning of the terms “revolution” and “progressive.”)

“The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime,” said the British Foreign Secretary Edward Grey, a Freemason who played a major role in engineering this catastrophe.

He got the leaders of France and Russia to sign a secret treaty that stated that if Germany or Austria-Hungary attacked, they would join England to defeat them. Sir Edward concealed the existence of the treaty, and lied to Parliament when asked about it.

The goal of the war was to kill the cream of the new generation of white Christian males. They succeeded: 10 million men were killed and 21 million maimed on both sides.

Sixty thousand Allies died in one day at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. The Commander of the British Army was the Freemason Douglas Haig. The Commander of the US Expeditionary Force in 1917 was the Freemason John Perishing. Old Satanists sent young men to die.


This needless war was concocted by Illuminati (Cabalist) Jewish bankers and Freemasons.

On the British side were Lord Robert Cecil, a wealthy banker; Lord Herbert H. Asquith, British Prime Minister 1908-1916; Viscount Haldane, Secretary of State for War; Lord Nathan Rothschild; and Lord Alfred Milner, the second most powerful man in the British government after 1916.

A French observer wrote, “for some time a group of financiers whose families for the most part are of German Jewish origin…exerts a dominant influence over [Prime Minister 1916-1922] Lloyd George. The Monds, the Sassoons, Rufus Isaacs, representatives of the International Banking interests, dominate England, own its newspapers and control its election.”

Conditions in Germany were similar. “…since the beginning of Kaiser Wilhem II’s reign, the Illuminati Jews had been the real rulers of the German empire. For the last fifteen years, those in immediate personal contact with the Kaiser were the Hebrew financiers., Hebrew manufacturers and Hebrew merchants such as Emile and Walter Rathenau, Ballin, Schwabach, James Simon, Friedlander-Fuld, Goldberger etc. (The Red Thread, p.153)

All that remained was to light the fuse. The First World War began August 14, 1914, after the assassination of the Austrian heir Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28 by the Jewish Mason Gavrilo Princep.

Kaiser Wilhelm believed the Masons were responsible for the Great War. He wrote:

“I have been informed that an important role was played in the preparation of the World War directed against the monarchical Central Powers by the policy of the international ‘Great Orient Lodge’; a policy extending over many years and always envisaging the goal at which it aimed…”

“In 1917 an inter- national meeting of the lodges of the ‘Great Orient’ was held, after which there was a subsequent conference in Switzerland; at this the following program was adopted: Dismemberment of Austria-Hungary, democratization of Germany, elimination of the House of Hapsburg, abdication of the German Emperor, … elimination of the Pope and the Catholic Church, elimination of every state Church in Europe.”

Thus Max Nordau, co-founder of the World Zionist (i.e. Masonic) Organization was able to predict WWI in 1903: “Let me tell you the following words as if I were showing you the rungs of a ladder leading upward and upward: Herzl, the Zionist Congress, the English Uganda proposition, the future world war, the peace conference – where with the help of England a free and Jewish Palestine will be created.”

Thus with Freemasons controlling both sides, it was easy to manipulate the Kaiser into attacking Belgium. The “mediator” was Albert Bellin, a prominent Illuminati Jewish businessman and friend of the Kaiser. Together with the English, he managed to mislead the Kaiser as to England’s intentions.

To quote Andrei Krylienko (The Red Thread): “An ambiguous statement by the British on the side of France and Russia, could still, as the French ambassador to Germany reported, have led Germany to decide against aggression…In short, war was not decided upon by Wilhelm II…but by the occult powers…by whose intrigues [it] was made to seem ineluctable.” (155)

Wilhelm quickly recognized that he had fallen into a carefully laid trap.

In A Child of the Century, Ben Hecht wrote, “the Twentieth Century was cut off at its knees by World War One.”

The same can be said of mankind which has a cancer, Cabalism, gnawing at its vitals. We are at the mercy of a multi-generational satanic conspiracy which is nearing consummation. Modern history, properly understood, is the story of this process of subversion.


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“Treason! Illuminati Betrayed British Agents in WW2”

Note- World War One Casualties by Country

Of course, Jews had to die too.

About 100,000 Jews Served in German Armed Forces, 10,000 Died
(Jewish Pop of Germany 550,00; Pop of Germany in 1914, 68 million, 2 million died.)

— About 10-20,000 Jews Served in British Forces? There were 500,000
Jews in pop of 46 million

During the course of World War One, eleven percent (11%) of France’s entire population were killed or wounded! Eight percent (8%) of Great Britain’s population (46 million) were killed or wounded, and nine percent (9%) of Germany’s pre-war population (68 million) were killed or wounded!

Jews in US Military

Brother Nathaniel – Jewry’s Lock on America’s Security

Amerika today is Germany pre WW2!

Doug said (February 2, 2012):

The last century saw a few holocausts against the European race, to the point that Europeans are now only 8% of the world population and will be less than 1% in five generations time.

WW1 as you mention, then the 1918 H1N1 pandemic, the 65 million executions of white Christians after the 1917 criminal takeover of Russia, then WW2, followed by the feminist movement designed to create a gender war, target white males for all types of crime, cause marital breakup and discourage marriage and family.

Only a few people with immense wealth and influence have precipitated these events, always using people with suitable
egos and who are open to blackmail (like Churchill was). It is extraordinary how ignorant people are about the real facts of history.

Here here!!!

Don said (February 2, 2012):

I was draft age during Vietnam I served in the Reserve but was not call up. If I had known what I know now I do not think I would have done that. I think maybe the Hippies were not so dumb after all

Tom said (February 2, 2012):

This is a very sobering and powerful article.

It seems though that the attempts of God’s enemies to ‘wipeout’ the Christian or His chosen is consistently thwarted… as L A Marzulli’s book “The Cosmic Chessmatch” articulates, it’s a history of “move/countermove” in the supernatural realm. I think the “countermoves” of the Living God are perplexing to the minions of lucifer..they are effectively banging their heads against a brick wall.

Some miraculous “countermoves” of the Divine Father are evident with Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, St Paul’s many miraculous escapes..there are far too many to list.


Dmitri said (February 1, 2012):

Even with regard to World War II, during September, 1939, Germany took the western half of Poland, and Russia took the eastern half of Poland. And yet, the House of Commons voted to declare war against Germany, but the House of Commons did not vote to declare war against Russia.


Stephen said (February 1, 2012):

As a youth I was acquainted with several WWI veterans. One American vet told of a single day 15,000 men were killed . 5000 were ordered to storm the German lines. No survivors. The second wave of 5000 likewise had no survivors. The third wave of 5000 had 65 survivors, all were wounded, including this gentleman. The US newpapers reported 800 killed that day. He lived to be 104.

It seems they were set up to be sacrificial victims. Any halfway thinking officer would have never sent such a suicidal frontal attack.

Another vet that I worked for was a colonel in the British Army. He had emigrated to the USA and was vehement that he would join the American Revolution all over again. He hated England’s divided class system, he hated that his leaders purposely started the war that lead to the incredible carnage that he witnessed first hand. He kept an unexploded mortar shell on his fireplace mantel as a reminder of how precious live is. It clipped his helmet and landed right behind him. He was wounded 3 times but lived to a ripe age of 96.


Clifford Shack said (February 1, 2012):

Through WWI, the bankers accomplished many things aimed at furthering their goal of uncontested dominion over the planet. Eliminating a generation of competition was certainly one of them as you had mentioned. Another accomplishment, no less important, was toppling the Ottoman empire in order to gain mastery over the oil beneath it’s soil. At the treaty of Versailles, the pencils of the politicians representing the bankers divided the empire into new “countries.” All of which were to be governed by puppets loyal to the bankers. This is where crypto-Jews would prove, once again, their effectiveness at the highest levels of political intrigue.


Cliff Shack said (January 31, 2012):

It was the Maxim machine gun that made it possible to murder 61,000 men in one day. The guns were sold by the Vickers Company which was owned by the Rothschilds.

To fully understand what happened one must go even farther back in history than the time of Shabbatai Tzvi.

There were very clever, proud people totally humiliated around the time of the Spanish expulsion. Anyone who refuses to acknowledge the existence of a morphed crypto-Jewish conspiracy will never understand the power ruling the world today.

The conspiracy has been going on for hundreds of years. We are merely witnesses to it’s culmination. Can it be stopped? Not at this late date. We are lucky to be openly discussing the conspiracy. At best, we can help each other understand what the Catholic Church had unwittingly unleashed upon the world five hundred years ago.

I am speaking of nothing less than global Davidic rule…and we…are the Canaanites!


LBC Radio Petrie Hoskin having a go at Christianity Again..Humanism we all know is a jewish movement from it’s inception.
Yet an AMERICAN caller -called in to defend the church here.
The Media sure is- the enemy within playing it’s part at chipping away at Britains heritage.



ALEX JONES OF INFOWARS would have us believe that Janet Napolitano (an alleged lesbian) is the power behind Homeland Security.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The levers of control of America’s foremost security apparatus is in the hands of two Talmudic Jews, Senator Joseph Lieberman and his synagogue sidekick, Michael Chertoff, who happens to be a dual citizen of Israel and America with obvious dual loyalties. (Guess which “loyalty” he favors.)

Lieberman is head of the Senate Committee for Homeland Security which is the REAL Power behind the policing of America.

And Chertoff, former DHS head, who through abuse of the public trust with his subsequent Chertoff Group, was awarded an initial $173 million contract by the TSA (apparently via Lieberman’s help) for his RapiScan “X-ray” scanners that strip thousands of dumbed-down Americans down to the NAKED bone in airports across America.

In other words, two Jews are laughing all the way to the bank while the GOYS (including Rand Paul) are parading NAKED before the Jewish cabal. View Entire Story Here.

For some UNEXPLAINED reason, Rand Paul prefers some former female McDonald’s order taker viewing him stark naked over some disinterested TSA male functionary patting him down.


MOVING JUST A WEE BIT DOWN down the Talmudic food chain of America’s police state we find the Policy Director of Homeland Security, the Jew, David Heyman.

Like every Jew in high places in our nation’s thuggery against US citizens, Heyman is touted as an “expert” on “terrorism.”

How do these Jews gain these credentials? By studying the tactics of the Israeli Mossad and the Israel Defense Forces in their ongoing “terrorism” perpetrated on innocent Palestinians?

And not to be left out of the tribal monopoly on our nation’s “security” is the Jewish Lobby Group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, headed by Morris Dees, known as the “profiteer of hate.”

In the spring of 2010, SPLC CEO, Richard Cohen, was named to the DHS domestic watchdog, “Working Group on Countering Violent Extremism.”

Cohen recommended to the Group that “hate crime” training should INCLUDE a thorough investigation of “right wing extremism,” which apparently would single out all expressions of “anti-Semitism” as provocations of criminal activity.

And one of Cohen’s and the DHS Group’s first actions was targeting a GENTILE member of the Pro-Constitution organization, The Oath Keepers, by preventing him from enjoying custody of his newborn baby.

WORKING CLOSELY WITH LIEBERMAN and doubtless sharing America’s most sensitive security secrets with Israel, is Senator Carl Levin, head of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Levin was the SOLE SPONSOR of the National Defense Authorization Act whose Section 1031 authorizes the US military to arrest — without charges, without legal recourse, without notifying family or kin — any American CITIZEN simply “suspected” of “terrorist” involvement.

Jewish Senator Dianne Feinstein, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, at first feigned opposition (knowing her amendment would NEVER pass) to the “indefinite detention” of US citizens. But, for all of her posturings, she did indeed SIGN the treasonous Act.

And with Feinstein’s oversight of all America’s intelligence gathering, a renewed “false flag” (the last one was some desperate crack-pot allegation) of the Iranian “threat” is now making headlines.

Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, apparently under Feinstein’s oversight, announced on January 31 2012, that Iran is “prepared” to launch an “attack” on US soil.

ONE IS FORCED to ask the question: “Why are America’s most sensitive secrets in the hands of Jews?”

The answer, plain and simple, is that “democracy” is awarded to the highest bidder. And Jews got all the money…

For More See: Who’s Behind The Military Detention Act? Click Here

And: Prepare For A Jewish Police State Click Here

And: Zionist ‘Thugs’ Behind America’s Police State Click Here

And: Prepare For Martial Law Click Here

January 31, 2012 @ 8:27 pm

ACTA TRUTH HORROR STORY SOPA Exposed in the UK Richard O’Dwyer by Mike Mozart MegaUpload

What is ACTA?

Be on your guard….we may all have been sold out, backdoor/backroom…

February 1, 2012 @ 4:09 am
Americans must WAKE UP to the dire threat to their way of life posed by these evil, Talmudic followers of Satan. I fear it is too late.

The Cheka has formed in America, based on the greatest crime in the history of America; and, that is the attack on America on 911 by very high levels of the US government and Israel. However, most in America REFUSE to look at the facts.

The Cheka has formed and is riding high. The systematic destruction of freedoms, liberties and rights that Americans have enjoyed for over two centuries is well underway.

The only hope is a massive revolution at the polls in Nov of 2012. That is unlikely as voter fraud will be rampant, just as it was in Ohio when the Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush was returned to the White House.

It will not be so funny when a Black Maria driven by Jew Napolitano arrives at your house in the middle of the night. Jews have total control of the US government, and the US Congress. No one in the Congress will question 911, as that will certainly bring a threat to them and their family. Look at what happened to Sen Wellstone.

America has a troubled past, from the unnecessary intervention in WWI, to the assassination of JFK, to the refusal to crush Israel after the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. But, today, the end is near. If you do not know the names of Moses Uritsky, or Felix Dzerzhinsky, redouble your efforts to find the TRUTH.

Finally, it should be clear that the US government operates for this evil Zionist Kahal.

Poverty among American children is at 20%, yet the IDIOTS in the US Congress will BORROW money to give Billions of dollars to Israel.

You get the government for which you vote, assuming there is something near a free and fair election, which is doubtful.

That last link above was broken, so you could click on the one below:


3 responses to “First World War – First Christian Holocaust

  1. Incest Survivor Exposed Illuminati Satanists
    March 31, 2009

    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    On May 1, 1989, a “nice Jewish girl”, age 29, appeared on the Oprah Show and said her family was part of a Satanic cult that dates back to the 1700’s.

    Although they appear to be upstanding citizens –lawyers, doctors, police officers etc. — they engage in Satanic ritual human sacrifice, incest and cannibalism, often in synagogues. They drink blood and eat babies.

    She is describing the Illuminati which originated in the Frankist Movement in the Eighteenth century. Jacob Frank, born Jacob Leibowitz (1726-1791) led a major Satanic heresy that shook the Jewish world. They believed that the Messiah would return if the world went over to evil completely, so they encouraged all sexual licence and Satanic Evil as the ultimate Good. Financed by the Frankist Rothschild banking syndicate, they subverted all religions and national elites by assuming every religious and political hue. They took over Freemasonry and are now in the final stage of establishing their world government a.k.a “globalization.”

    The abuse Polin suffered is a textbook example of how Illuminati families –Jews and non-Jews– treat their children. George W. Bush and Barack Obama may have suffered simllar trauma and, (like Polin,) have multiple personality disorder. Vicki is from Chicago and there is no telling how many Chicagoans surrounding Barack Obama are part of this Satanic cult.


    Polin told Oprah that she witnessed babies sacrificed and consumed for the “power” this gave. These babies are bred within the extended family for this purpose. She said she was raped several times, and elsewhere says she had five abortions due to intercourse with her father.

    Polin said her family was “extremely involved” in these practices. Her mother is “on the human relations commission of the town that she lives in, and she’s an upstanding citizen. Nobody would suspect her. Nobody would suspect anybody involved in it. There’s police officers involved in it. There’s, you know, doctors, lawyers…”

    “I mean, to the outside world, everything we did was proper and right, and then there were the nights that things changed, that things just got turned around. What was wrong was right, and what was right was wrong. That’s what helps to create some of them to develop MPD.”

    Polin’s therapist, Tina Grossman was on the show but edited out of the YouTube. She told Oprah that she had treated over 40 survivors from many states and Canada. They have never met each other yet say the “identical same things.”

    Ms. GROSSMAN: They are describing identical rituals, just the same as, since I’m Jewish, you could go to New York or California and describe a seder in one state or another and, as a Jew, you would recognize it. This is the belief system in evil and the power that evil gives you, and so it has these certain rituals, so they are very similar with all of the survivors.

    OPRAH: See, but I am very surprised because the Jewish faith is the Jewish faith. and worshipping the devil is not a part of the Jewish faith. I mean, Jewish people do not worship the devil.

    Ms. GROSSMAN: But before there was Christ and before there was a system of one God, there was Paganism- and it still exists in the world, and in many cultures, you still find the belief that there is strength and power in the actual consumption of human flesh or animal flesh.


    In spite of the fact that both Vicki and Oprah said many times this behavior was not typical of most Jews, the B’nai B’rith-ADL attacked the show as “anti-Semitic.” Oprah did her penance and obviously has been forgiven. Vicki was stopped on the street and told her testimony would start “another holocaust.” Vicki’s response was that denying these crimes was akin to holocaust denial. In July of 1989, she penned this statement and sent it to all concerned:

    “Our society believes the myth that Jews can’t be pedophiles, or abuse their own children. This is a “MYTH,” they do abuse children. There are even those who practice cannibalism, and perform human sacrifices. Believe me I saw it with my own eyes. I’ve come to the point in my life where I feel I need to bear witness. I have and will continue to until I’m sure what I had to endure as a child is believed by you and others like you. I will do whatever is possible so what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else!”

    Vicki became a therapist herself, moved to Baltimore and opened a practice. She has articles about the Frankists on her website. I attempted to contact her without success. But I found an extensive profile with interviews on Luke Ford’s website. Included is an Affidavit from a rabbi Vicki contacted in 2004 regarding an exorcism of her cult upbringing. She described their evil ANTI-RELIGIOUS, ANTI JEWISH intent to him in these terms:

    “The essence of her story was that there are currently many rabbis involved in this cult who brought their satanic rituals with them to the USA from Europe. That she was born into one of the Jewish families owing allegiance to the cult. She claimed to have been used as part of an organized child sexual abuse ring organized by the rabbi of her synagogue, and that the sexual abuse took place on Sifrei Torah Scrolls laid out on the floor of the synagogue. That the abuse began in early childhood and continued over a period of many years, through her teen years and into adulthood, and that she was only one of the many young children, boys and girls used in this manner. I did not ask for specifics of the rituals but she mentioned cannibalism, defecation and the sacrilege of sacred objects.”


    A friend believes that the Illuminati want power but he can’t believe they worship Satan and eat babies. I certainly wouldn’t invent such an implausible scenario. As J. Edgar Hoover said, “We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. … The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.” (Elks Magazine, August 1956.)

    People like my friend have little knowledge of history. Does he really think over 180 million people could be massacred in the 20th century merely by accident? Hiroshima, the holodomor, the holocaust and 9-11 were the products of a single Satanic mindset. Does he think the steady decline of popular culture into degeneracy and obscenity is a coincidence? Does he think the gradual mainstreaming of incest homosexuality, pederasty and the occult is random? Does he think the destruction of higher education (in the humanities) and the family is coincidence too? (Forty per cent of US kids were born to single mothers in 2007 compared to 4% in the 1950’s.) Mankind is in the thrall of a powerful Satanic cult intent on destroying and enslaving it.

    As the therapist Grossman said, Vicki’s claims are corroborated by many others. I have reported on them in articles like “Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture;” “The Root Problem: Illuminati or Jews?” and “Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy.” I have an audio interview with Mary Anne on my site which refers to human sacrifices eight times a year. Both Svali and Fritz Springmeier have described Illuminati trauma brainwashing and satanic rituals. These activities are also practised by high level Masons and members of intelligence agencies like MI-5 and MI-6.

    As long as we deny that society has been subverted by a Satanic cult, that our leaders are dupes or agents, we won’t be able to address our predicament. As long as we smear truth tellers like Vicki Polin, we will either implicate ourselves, or continue to be accomplices in our own demise.

    The logical outcome of this demented ideology is the destruction of everything we hold dear.
    Obviously society needs a major cleansing but this won’t happen as long as the levers of power are in Illuminati hands and the masses remain apathetic. Hopefully the economic crisis will alert many more people to the danger we all face.

    MTV’s Satanic Christmas Commercial

    More on Blood Sacrifices

    Comments for “Incest Survivor Exposed Illuminati Satanists”
    Mary said (July 11, 2009):

    I have no doubts about what you say being totally true and came across an organisation right here in the UK (Scotland Actually) called Ritual Abuse Network Scotland ( the lady running that Laurie Matthews has been helping survivors of this abuse for decades. She has written about 5-6 books on the matter. Fight! Rabbit! Fight!, Who Dares Wins, Behind Eneny Lines (this has stories of some 27 survivors), Where Angels Fear, Be Aware and The Living Proof. Her books are non sensationalised but to the point. She is located in Dundee and tends to be lowkey but has won many awards for her good work. I have a copy of one of the books Who Dares Wins that I would be prepared to send you, but failing that she has them all on her site. If you ever plan to visit UK please let me know I would love to hear you talk and even meet you. Kind regards, Mary


    Andrew said (April 6, 2009):

    Just a note to let you know that someone who is a friend of a friend was caught up in the same sort of ritual abuse. Finally after many years we have got a few details, and recently he has 1) admitted that he is a Rosicrucian and 2) that he was forced to join in ritual animal sacrifices at the age of 13, as something his parents were involved in.

    Now there are many other interesting aspects to this person, not least that he is a transvestite, and I mean that he is a full-time transvestite at that, and entirely open about it.

    However a few years ago when I had it out with him that I thought he was working for the system, he finally cracked and admitted he couldn’t just leave, he told me I didn’t understand and he was shaking with fear. I mean he had to go out of the room and he was chain-smoking and staggering around as worried as I have ever seen anyone. Now wherever he goes he has helicopters tracking him. This is not a myth; I have seen dozens of video clips he has recorded on his mobile phone.

    I know a lot of people think that this sort of thing does not happen, but to experience it with your own eyes is something else. I do feel he has been very brave in pulling out though. I think he fears for his life quite frankly. He does not even live in a house now and lives in a tent in a remote part of the country. The bottom line though is that it was not his fault, he was forced into it and he had no choice in the matter. I think these organisations are very generational in their orientation. You get born into them. I hope this helps with your research.


    Richard said (March 30, 2009):

    Jo-Marie [below]: Amen to that. I can’t wait for Our Lord and Savior’s return. This place is getting uglier, day by day and more evil in the process. I can see them(evil doers) on a daily basis and I just can’t stand their mere presence. The damage they cause to so many innocent people on a daily basis, has got to be stopped A.S.A.P.


    Philip Jones said (March 30, 2009):

    Your most recent article will astonish and shock many of your readers. It would have had a similar effect on myself a couple of years ago. But there is very little now which causes incredulity in me. Having read both Sue Ford’s and Cathy O’s books, along with Fritz Springmeier’s expose on mind control, the account given by Vicki Polin is not only highly believable and credible, but undoubtedly the absolute truth.

    Many read about such things, and imagine that even if they are true, they are what happens to other people in other places. But as you and I both know, this is not the case. The sheer scope and scale of the Luciferian Evil which is now flowing from the `centre` of the Illuminati is taking humanity in it’s diabolical and vicelike grip and perverting all that was once considered good and decent.

    Satanism, Luciferianism, Freemasonry, all the `Black Magic` sects practice reverse symbolism. Taken to it’s logical conclusion, this describes our world today. Inside out, upside down. All that was once considered good is bad, all that was bad is good.

    In the 1950’s Homosexuality was considered a disgusting perversion. Today, it is celebrated. At the beginning of the 1960’s, women were still in the main largely feminine in nature, outlook and aspiration. Today, particularly here in Denmark, the majority are fiercely feminist/masculine and on their way to being overtly androgynous in all but genatalia, and given time, with the aid of the massive levels of hormones and PCBs being inflicted upon them, that will be achieved too. An androgynous being is synonomous with Satanism and an admitted goal of the New Age. Pornography, was once something to be ashamed of, now, the web is full of it, and few bother denying using it as a `recreation`. Strippers and prostitutes were regarded as unclean women and sluts. Not so today. Incest and peadophalia were unmentionable things and abominations, but even these last bastions of all that was once decent are breaking down at an alarming rate.

    Your article is another brilliant expose and I commend your courage in attempting to expose this filth, as the `things` behind it are very evil and very dangerous, and very very serious.


    Ingrid said (March 30, 2009):

    Thank you! Your story, true or not, is a powerful reminder.

    Since ancient times people have sacrificed something valuable to the invisible powers of nature. People wanted rain, a prey, relief from fear, and they assumed, their sacrifice would bribe the gods. As there is a balance of energies, to give something will enforce an exchange.

    People sacrificed food, animals or humans. Burning it sends the energy up to the gods in heaven, eating or drinking the sacrifice is for the powers within us.

    Religion is about sacrifice and how to please the higher powers. Human sacrifice, especially child sacrifice and cannibalism, are central to many religions.

    Christianity celebrates the sacrifice of the son at the fathers request. Christians participate in drinking the sons blood and eating his flesh in the Holy Mass.

    How wise was that? Very! As St. Thomas Aquinas explained:”It is natural to mankind to make sacrificial offerings to the Omnipotent God. Man is incited to do so by a natural instinct without any express command.” An official statement decribes: “The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the unbloody sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Christ.”

    From bloody to unbloody sacrifice was a great step at the time, still is. God stepped down, and we can, too. I never understood that, until I read your article.


    Jo Marie said (March 30, 2009):

    I believe that Satan has worshipers and that just as we are in relationship with the power of God in service to good, some people are in relationship with the power of Satan for evil. I believe Satan rewards his minions with worldly power and success. From that positionn of power and leadership, they influence and corrupt individuals, the community, the countries and the globe. I think they dominate most of the US culture and institutions with evil and that most people fall prey to them because they are not in Communion or unity with God. I would have never imagined so much evil in power and dominance in the US. It is snowballing. Which what revelations says will happen in the end times. People will no longer be able to discern what is good and what is evil and evil will dominate the globe. This corruption goes beyond class, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The most susceptible are young people which is why they go after young people in families, education and the arts.

    There is a movie called “The Devil’s Advocate” that is quite prophetic about our current times of power and evil. I saw it again last week after not seeing it for many years. You may find it interesting in the way evil is personified and portrayed as interacting in with elite in New York.

    I believe that powerful people currently are demanding that others who want influence, success and power accept their worship of evil. If not in the central cult with a ritual as Vicki suffered, at least in their lifestyles and in their beliefs that all that is evil is “not to be judged” as evil is good and free. I would not put any degree of evil deeds beyond these folks. They are in total power and it will not be defeated until God destroys it. All we can do is hold true to God and I don’t know about you, but I do not find myself confused and as weak in the face of evil’s demands as others and I credit that protection to God. We can also warn others to be true to God and what He has taught them in the face of the elite demanding the opposite from them.

    I think we don’t really have the power to stop this confrontation between God and Satan that is coming. I have been at the center of the struggle against evil for the last twenty years and no matter who is elected, the evil only grows stronger and with more influence. God is ultimately going to kick it’s ass and set us free from it. I don’t think the elite have joined with evil to quicken the end times. I think they believe as their master, that they are above God and they will never be challenged by a power greater than evil. They know of no other power. They are demon possessed.


    Dan said (March 29, 2009):

    You will read in the Old Testament that one reason that the Jews were taken captive to Babylon is that they were worshipping the Queen of Heaven. When a person worships the “Queen of Heaven” a supernatural intercourse takes place. This happens with the worship of any created angelic being. The descendents of the people who worshipped the Queen of Heaven are born with a demonic Siamese type twin that exists at a different energy frequency than does human flesh. This demon shares the brain, the eyes and the sexual organs of the human. It knows and sees everything that the human sees, but the human knows nothing about the demon except what it might gain through hypnosis or psyhcotherapy.

    With the worship of the Queen of Heaven, which is Baal worship, a dragon head is grafted on to a dragon-like beast that the Greeks called a Hydra. The soul of the individual, which comes from God is captive in the belly of the Hydra. The person is at one moment a human and at the same moment, in the depths of their being, they are a head on a Hydra.

    The commands of Bahpomet, who is the red hydra described by the Apostle in the Book of Revelation, are infused to the hive of Hydras that controls most of the planet Earth. The commands are then directed by the Hydras to their half human children through their demon nature, which is called a “Hydra Nature.” There are other natures depending on which angelic beings the human worshipped. The Illuminati Hive is composed of humans with a Hydra nature, who currently control the United States. This control is comming to an end soon, and we will be liberated from this demon race. The Earth is in a transition to a new age, and the Illuminati cannot come with us.

    Many people who are descended from the peoples of the Mediteranean that worshipped Baal, Ishtar, Dagon, Neptune, etc., are related by their demon nature, which is a Hydra nature. That is why a Jew can be an Illuminati and a gentile can also be an Illuminati. They are brothers and sisters by their Hydra nature. The reason that Roman Catholics are Roman Catholics is that many have a Hydra nature. This dragon nature is in rebellion against God, and will not humble itself and call Jesus Lord. The dragon nature will not allow the Word of God to get through to the soul which is in captivity. The Word of God must become engrafted into the soul for the person to become saved, Roman Catholicism is really just a disguised form of Ishtar worship, because the Hydra nature desires it. That is why you can have Jews committing acts that were committed during the ancient times. Their demon nature requires it.


    David said (March 29, 2009):

    If it is part of your religion to lie and blaspheme, then you will have no problem infiltrating a religion and pretending to be a faithful follower. This is what they have been doing.

    Weishaupt was a Catholic priest. So he worked on the Catholic Church. They
    infiltrated the jewish community. They took over the Masons. (George Washington complained to a friend in a letter about the illuminasation of the masonic clubs.) Later they started cults
    lead by high ranking masons. And they have infiltrated the protestant and even fundamentalist
    churches. Now they are in government. They own corporations. They own the money system.
    They run charitable organizations that appear to be helping people.

    It’s like the analogy used by Jesus when he described sin as being like yeast.

    A microbe that can get into anyplace and is very hard to eliminate.

    So the Illuminati is more than a “jewish’ thing. It is not a ‘commie’ thing. It is not a ‘nazi’ thing.

    It is not a ‘catholic’ thing. This is where many NWO researchers get hung up. It is like the
    story of blind men describing an elephant. Each person has a piece of the puzzle but is not able to get the whole picture.


    William said (March 29, 2009):

    ‘ve read your most recent article on I’ve also seen some other articles from your site and read the comments. I wonder how much information on the Illuminati is true and how much is disinformation. I’ve read articles discussing Satanism and human sacrifice. Because if one thinks about the subject of world domination and tell someone about it makes someone seem crazy if they talk about a secret group of individuals that are trying to take over the world using banks and debt they use war and play idealisms off of each to make people loyal to them and then you say oh yeah they practice incest, human sacrifice and cannibalism; they spread Satanism through rock and roll and Harry Potter.

    I do believe that there is a group trying to take over the world in the ways described on your site and others. I don’t believe that they’re numerous and powerful as you say, but part of their goal is to convince others not to fight them so they make themselves seem more powerful. They to make themselves seem as evil as possible to scare off potential threats but also to makethemselves seem unbelieve. Well thank you for your time,


    Kurt said (March 28, 2009):

    Most Jews condone racism against Palestinians. The only weapon of mass destruction demonstrated for the occupation of Iraq is the USA and Israel. How could a kind, merciful God choose people to perpetrate heinous crimes against humanity? Christian Pastors and Ministers are equally silent about this war. All religions have been guilty of complicity in murder and genocide. The Crusades, Inquisition, Puritanical witch trials, are evidence. Killing only requires a commitment to faith in ignorance. Kindness to nature and humanity is the only tangible proof that can deflect evil. Everything intangible is susceptible to manipulation and contrivance.

    If this satanic ritual human sacrifice, incest, cannibalism, (often in synagogues)….drinking blood and eating babies, is a correct rendition of certain aspects of Jewish culture, and if some Jews acquiesce this evil, then it is hardly anti-Semitic to oppose these detestable influences to a host country’s culture. Henry, you have previously pointed out that many Jews do not condone, practice, or believe in similar evil. Yet no one can question that the silence is deafening. How can many Jews know so little about such blatant evil? Where is the outrage? If Jews do not police their own religious based hatred, considering Jewish media filtration, how can less knowledgeable non-Jews protect themselves from insidious cultural depravity?

    I thought I’d read everything imaginable that was evil in the Babylonian Talmud. To read blatant racism, supremacism, and hatred that states it is acceptable to lie, cheat, steal, and kill from non-Jews (which are considered animals). Jewish history is replete with their taking advantage of non-Jews by charging usurious interest through control of banking and the Federal Reserve. Further, they have infiltrated judicial, legal, medical, government, media, and higher echelons of the USA military. Doesn’t this infiltration set a pattern in most of the countries they have historically inhabited? Is it any wonder why a blowback or backlash reaction builds, and finally results in expulsion and exile?

    Perhaps history is destined to continually repeat itself.


    Non-Jewish Illuminati do the same thing yet non-Jews are equally unaware.The mass media defines reality for most people, Jews or not. I notice you don’t assume responsibility for the gentiles involved.

    One thing seems certain: if necessary they will try to pin the blame on ordinary Jews who are totally innocent and ignorant that this evil cult even exists. In other words, an uninformed anti-Semitism plays into the Illuminati hand. The people to blame are the people at the top of the pyramid-the Rockefellers & the Rothschilds the CFR and the Bilderbergs, and the central banking (and associated) cartels.


    Hello again Henry,

    Thanks for your more than patient explanation. I am now sure you are right. I guess I was just overwhelmed with the difficulty of imagining something that I know little about.

    Maybe your clarification will help others who are also befuddled. In my humble opinion, you have, and are, doing a great service to humanity.



    Elaine said (March 28, 2009):

    I have believed this was possible for a very long time. All the signs in society point to it. Most peoples minds cannot accept that anyone let
    alone a conspiracy cult could be involved in such transgressions.

    Because G_d has been relegated out of our society, it is going to be harder to get anyone to believe in this. If there is no G_d then there
    can’t be a personage called satan. This is what this malvolent spirit wants and so do those who are involved in this cult.

    The sick things that they have perpetrated upon the innocent is a horrendous affront to the G_d of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. It will be enought to move Him to send Chastisement upon not only our
    country, but the entire earth.

    If one is not blinded by the things of the world, it could be seen that we are already into a period where G_d is going to allow the break-
    down of everything that has brought affrontry to Him. In His good time the evil will be destroyed and a new heaven and a new earth will be
    made apparent. Keep watchful, for no one knows the hour or time of their visitation. History has proved that those nations who forget
    Him are destroyed in one way or another. Some of these nations can no longer be found. America is on the precipice of Gods justice.


  2. World War I casualtiesFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search

    British and German wounded, Bernafay Wood, 19 July 1916. Photo by Ernest Brooks
    Douaumont ossuary, a cemetery for French and German soldiers who died during the Battle of Verdun in 1916The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was over 35 million. There were over 15 million deaths and 20 million wounded ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history.

    The total number of deaths includes about 10 million military personnel and about 7 million civilians. The Entente Powers (also known as the Allies) lost about 6.0 million soldiers while the Central Powers lost about 4.0 million.

    About two-thirds of military deaths in World War I were in battle, unlike the conflicts that took place in the 19th century when the majority of deaths were due to disease. Improvements in medicine as well as the increased lethality of military weaponry were both factors in this development. Nevertheless disease, including the Spanish flu, still caused about one third of total military deaths for all belligerents.

    Contents [hide]
    1 Classification of casualty statistics
    2 Casualties by 1914 borders
    3 Casualties by modern borders
    3.1 Austria
    3.2 Belgian Congo
    3.3 Czechoslovakia
    3.4 Estonia
    3.5 French colonies
    3.6 German colonies
    3.7 Hungary
    3.8 Ireland
    3.9 Poland
    3.10 Romania
    3.11 British colonies
    3.12 Kingdom of Yugoslavia
    3.13 Nepal
    4 Notes on sources
    5 Footnotes
    6 See also
    7 References
    8 Sources
    9 External links

    [edit] Classification of casualty statisticsEstimates of casualty numbers for World War I vary to a great extent; estimates of total deaths range from 9 million to over 15 million [1] The figures listed here are from official secondary sources, whenever available. These sources are cited below. Military casualty statistics listed here include 6.8 million [2] combat related deaths as well as 3 million military deaths caused by accidents, disease and deaths while prisoners of war. First World War civilian deaths are ‘hazardous to estimate” according to Michael Clodfelter who maintains that “The generally accepted figure of noncombatant deaths is 6.5 million”[3] The figures listed below include about 6 million excess civilian deaths due to war related malnutrition and disease that are often omitted from other compilations of World War I casualties. The war brought about malnutrition and disease caused by a disruption of trade resulting in shortages of food; the mobilization for the war took away millions of men from the agricultural labor force cutting food production. The civilian deaths listed below also include the Armenian Genocide. Civilian deaths due to the Spanish flu have been excluded from these figures, whenever possible. Furthermore, the figures do not include deaths during the Turkish War of Independence and the Russian Civil War.

    [edit] Casualties by 1914 borders

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