Brian Gerrish – Exposing MP’s -Brian Gerrish 28th Jan 2012 The British Resistance (paltalk ) interview

He sounds like a zionist Brian- ignore the bugger muslim or no…he’s in the right party!

Everyone is far right- that doesn’t agree with the LIBLABCON PARTY!

What is far right…Hitler wasn’t what is?

UAF..Supporters Cameron, Red Ken, Red Ed…ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC…


Brian Gerrish – Exposing MP’s

Goodfightlads on 31 Oct 2011

I really hope people realise that we’re going into the most totalitarian of enslaving totalitarian regimes ever to face mankind. I’m not trying to scare anyone, but when all the elements for all-out tyranny are starting to manifest within our modern society i cannot stay silent any longer. If you really want a true vision of the future read 1984 by Orwell and Brave New world by Huxley. I also recommend Brave New world Revisisted also by Aldous Huxley, which explains perfectly the coming enslavement.

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Multiculturalism & Diversity will result in the GENOCIDE of Europeans.

KumarZimmerman08 3 months ago 5




One response to “Brian Gerrish – Exposing MP’s -Brian Gerrish 28th Jan 2012 The British Resistance (paltalk ) interview

  1. THE UNITED NATIONS exposed by G. Edward Griffin
    League of nations A Fabian construct…

    Goodfightlads on 30 Oct 2011

    There have been two attempts to create a centre of Global Governance / Global Government: the first, the forerunner of the United Nations was the League of Nations. During the First World War several world leaders such as Woodrow Wilson and Jan Smuts, began urging the establishment of an international organisation to preserve peace and settle disputes between nations by arbitration. Axiomatic to this argument was that civilisation could survive only if it could develop an international system that would insure peace. Thus, in 1919 under the Treaty of Versailles the World Government-in-waiting, the proposed League of Nations, was designed “to promote international cooperation and to achieve peace and security.” However, because the US Congress, Senate and the ordinary people refused to participate in such blatant Internationalism, the “League” was doomed and after failing to prevent the Second World War, the League of Nations ceased its activities.

    The second attempt was the “United Nations”, a term supposedly suggested by United States President Franklin D Roosevelt and first used in the Declaration by United Nations of 1 January 1942 when representatives of 26 nations pledged their Governments and their peoples to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers. The first blueprint of the United Nations was prepared in 1944 at the secret Dumbarton Oaks Conference, where the framework was developed, and the final plans for nascent World Government laid out. Attending this fateful meeting was representatives from the US, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and China. The man who was delegated to co-ordinated this meeting was Alger Hiss (1904-96). Hiss was a graduate of John Hopkins University and Harvard Law School who worked for the Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, before serving in the departments of Agriculture, Justice and State, in the administration of Franklin D Roosevelt. Hiss was a director of the Executive Committee of the American Association for the United Nations, a director of the American Peace Society, a Trustee of the World Peace Foundation, trustee of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, a director of the American Institute of Pacific Relations, and President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.. He was also, like most of this gilded class, a traitor. For, Hiss was part of the privileged class of rulers, the Ruling Elite, the Power Elite, the Liberal Establishment, who control the temporal affairs of this world. In short, Hiss was part of the Evil Agenda for the establishment of World Government, the planned destruction of all sovereign nations and the establishment of the World Empire ruled over by the Global Elite. In 1950, Hiss was exposed as a Soviet spy, convicted of treason and called a “Communist” but in truth, he was simply part of the New Age One World Conspiracy … the very same conspiracy the brave but unfortunate Joseph McCarthy had stumbled across. Hiss, the traitor and One World Conspirator wrote much of the UN Charter, modelling it on the Constitution of Soviet Russia, and the Communist Manifesto.

    More info:

    News & Politics

    Douglas Reed said- The UN was Communist!

    hmmmmmm, CFR.. 4,000 members..? that means 100 gallows built and if we work it right We The People will mostlikely make it to the Guiness World Book of Records by hanging 4,000 traitors via 100 gallows in the record time of under 5 hours.. on this glorious day picnic baskets will be welcomed, daycare available for those too young to appriciate the goings on, and a live band will perform throughout the festivities.. or, maybe God will beat us to it..

    Dewdaahman 3 months ago 7

    Will coffee be served?

    Isn’t allegiance, and subserviance to an entity suvh as the u.n. paramount to Treason? If I were the Leadr of this nation, I’d have no problem issuing the public slaughter of those 4000 individuals, or anyone else supporting and financing the u.n. Then I would disband the Unites Nations entirely. Unlike Kennedy, I take out my enemies before they got me.

    danlc95 1 day ago


    the trouble with any “singularity” is whom is left to oppose any wrong doings ?, or are we expected to believe in self governing & correcting ?, well, we know that does not work… so what are we left to think of any one party state ?, it use to be called communist in my day !. & well, we know that does not work either !, so what are we to think ?. OR PERHAPS WE ARE EXPECTED “NOT” TO THINK…. Ahhh yes, I get it “NOW”.

    Thom in Scotland.

    fuelban 3 months ago

    Mr. Griffin, is correct about Big Government and their rule over the citizenry.

    It’s high time to take them down a notch.

    Them, right along with the Bankers.

    quaffer22 3 months ago

    Hes still the same as he was in some of the vids ive seen him on in the sixties, a briliant mind for the truth.

    rst570 3 months ago


    We need some solutions and means to be able to challenge these people or we will simply be watching our own demise for the next few years. The UK constitution group is good but is still in its infancy and of course it has no funds.

    hablerz 3 months ago


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