Gerald Celente – Jeff Rense Radio Show – 13 January 2012

“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes.

Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”

– Napoléon Bonaparte

“The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”

– Lord Acton

Tressco 2 weeks ago 3

Gerald Celente – Jeff Rense Radio Show – 13 January 2012

Trends Journal:



2 responses to “Gerald Celente – Jeff Rense Radio Show – 13 January 2012

  1. geraldcelente on 14 Jan 2012

    Trends Journal:


    Deep freeze death toll rises to 48 as eastern Europe is battered by heavy snow
    Severe cold snap kills at least 48 people across region
    Ukraine: 18 die of hypothermia, 500 people seek medical help
    Poland: At least 10 people dead as cold reaches -26C

    Serbia: 3 dead and two missing; Romania: 4 people dead; Bulgaria: 1 dead
    Turkey: 200 flights cancelled after heavy snowfall
    Cold weather expected to last through the week

    By Lee Moran

    Last updated at 6:35 PM on 31st January 2012

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    Heavy snow and a severe cold snap have killed at least 48 people across central and eastern Europe.
    Poland, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic have all been hit by temperatures as low as -26C – causing schools to close, roads to be blocked and power cuts.
    Residents have been urged to stay indoors as local authorities open up hundreds of emergency shelters in a bid to halt the rapidly escalating death toll.
    Freezing: Poland, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic have all been hit by temperatures as low as -26C. The Romanian village of Catelu pictured here during a blizzard

    Chaos: Bulldozers struggle to clear the snow from the roads of Bucharest, Romania, after severe now hit the region
    Ukraine’s Emergency Situations Ministry said 30 people died of hypothermia and nearly 500 people sought medical help for frostbites and hypothermia in the last week.
    At least twelve of the dead were homeless people whose bodies were discovered on the streets. Temperatures in parts of Ukraine plunged to minus -16C during the day and -23C during the night.

    More…Get ready for Freezing February! Temperatures set to plunge to -11C as ice and snow transform countryside in scenes of breathtaking beauty
    How Conan Doyle pioneered skiing… in a tweed suit and 8ft-long wooden skis
    How growing number of snowy owls are migrating from Arctic to lower 48 states in bizarre mass-exodus

    Authorities opened 1,500 shelters to provide food and heat and shut down schools and nurseries.
    At least 10 people froze to death in Poland as the cold reached -26C today.
    Malgorzata Wozniak, a spokeswoman for Poland’s Interior Ministry, said elderly people and the homeless were among the dead.
    Police are now checking unheated empty buildings to corral the homeless into shelters. Until now, Poland had been having a mild winter with little snow and temperatures just below freezing.
    Blizzards: Bulgarian women pictured struggling to walk through the village of Rakovski as snow continues to fall in the country

    Shovelling: A man tries to clear her car from snow during a blizzard in the Romanian village of Catelu, southeast of Bucharest
    Play time: Deer run across a snow covered field in Mileikovo, Belarus

    Survival: A woman carries fire wood through the streets of Bucharest
    In central Serbia, three people died and two more were missing and 14 municipalities were operating under emergency decrees.
    Efforts to clear roads of snow were hampered by strong winds and dozens of towns faced power outages.
    Police said one woman froze to death in a snowstorm in a central Serbian village, while two elderly men were found dead, one in the snow outside his home.
    Further south, emergency crews are searching for two men in their 70s who are feared dead. In Romania, local media reported four people had died due to the frigid weather.
    Hungry dogs and puppies near the Romanian capital of Bucharest got a helping hand after a dozen prison inmates shovelled snow to unblock paths to a stray dog shelter housing 300 dogs.
    The strays had been frozen in after snowstorms and icy weather swept Romania. Bucharest is home to some 50,000 stray dogs.
    Snowed in: A stray dog struggles to see what’s going on at a shelter in Glina, Romania

    Read more:

  2. joggler66 on 1 Jan 2012

    Eustace Mullins explains connection between the
    NAtional socialists and ZIonists. The result is a NAZI Party
    which rules the world today….
    Eustace Mullins in Salmon Arm BC, Canada, August 2000.
    Hitler was a british agent – War Hitler ein britischer Agent ???

    A Wes Mann Production. A copy can be purchased from
    Thanks to TheRapeOfJustice


    The only nazi’s are the ashkenazi’s. Germany’s political party was called National Socialist German Workers Party. The Germans had no idea what a nazi was. The term nazi was coined as a propeganda name to sound more menacing. Just like when the called the Japanesse Japs or the Chinesse Chinks. Germany never, ever used that word. In all the millions upon millions of documents,speeches or letters in Germany you will never find that word used. More lies and disinfo. here.

    MightisRight70 2 weeks ago 9

    joggler66 , Robin de Ruiter and Greg Hallett wrote about Adolf Hitler’s period in the UK, from February 1912 up to November 1912, where Hitler was trained at the British Military Psych-Ops War School in Devon and at another Psych-Ops War School in Ireland. Both predecessors of Tavistock Mind Control Institute. Hitler’s sister in law (married with halfbrother Alois) Brigid confirms in her book ‘My Brother in Law Hitler’ that Hitler lived in Liverpool from November 1912 up to April 1913.

    TheRapeOfJustice 2 weeks ago

    the time has come the entire world needs to know that the “ISRAELI ZIONISTS WORKED TOGETHER WITH THE NAZI’S TO KILL OUT THE JEWS FROM EUROPE!!!



    I’m a orthodox jew from England I’m asking everybody NOT to hold the terrorist state of Israel as a Jewish state, Zionism is forbidden according to Jewish law, Israel has NO right to speak in the name of the Jewish people, FREE PALESTINE,

    cbbnkuk 1 week ago

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