30/1 Barack Obama as Uncle Shlomo

Barack Obama as Uncle Shlomo

by Sami Jamil Jadallah

Poor President Barack Obama, Uncle Shlomo, it seems the litmus tests of his loyalty to Israel and Israel First is a war on Iran. No matter what he does for Israel and Israel’s supporters within the American Jewish and Evangelical Christian communities, it is never enough.

For Israel Firsters, it will not be enough until he goes to war with Iran despite the great risk such a war would bring to the US, not to mention the sure destruction of the entire Gulf region.

For Israel Firsters, nothing short of more American blood spilled and trillions more wasted on Israel’s continuous wars in the Middle East will do.

During last presidential campaign, many Israelis and leading American Zionist Jews and opinion makers accused Barack Obama of being a “closet Muslim” because they did not believe he was pro-Israel.

These accusations were made despite the fact that the key financial sponsors of Obama’s rise to the presidency are from the American Jewish community.

I guess his visit to Sderot, to Vad Yashim, to the Wailing Wall, his mandatory presence at the annual AIPAC conference, his sheepish weasel behavior in the Oval Office in the presence of Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, and his backtrack on a commitment to peace are not enough to win the hearts and minds of the mainstream American Jewish community.

Seems That Going to the Wall Was Not Enough for Some Jews – They Want War With Iran as Proof of Submission
Last week, the editor of the Atlanta based Jewish Times Andrew Adler called on and suggested that Israel and Bibi Netanyahu should assassinate President Barack Obama because he is not doing enough against Iran and for Israel.

Not so sure what more the leading Israeli and American Jewish Zionists expect Barack Obama to do for Israel.

Tens of billions in financial and military aid is committed to Israel out of American tax dollars—out of money that we as taxpayers need badly for our own economy.

How about overlooking the sale of US secret technology to third parties? Still not enough?

I guess not. A war with Iran maybe, just might be enough for Obama to prove his loyalty to Israel.

In his recent State of the Union Address, President Obama did not even bother to mention peace in the Middle East based on a two state solution, or make reference Israel’s withdrawal to 67 borders.

He did not even bother with the siege of Gaza, or the siege and total choking of the West Bank and rapid land theft to build more Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories.

Of course, Barrack Obama did find time to reference Palestinian terrorism and anti-Israel rhetoric. As expected, he does not dare to speak out against Israel’s criminal policies.

Andrew Adler – Atlanta Jewish Times
It is hard to even believe that the White House, Justice Department, FBI, Homeland Security, and Secret Service all decided not to say or do anything about Andrew Adler’s direct threat to the President of the United States.

One has to imagine, what the response would have been if such a threat came from an American Muslim, or an African American, or even from a White Evangelical Christian?

The entire government of Washington would be mobilized with around-the-clock press conferences.

But then Andrew Adler is none of the above. He is Jewish American and Jewish Americans are immune from prosecution and are exempt from all laws that affect the safety of the president and national security.

In his 3 years in office, President Obama continued America’s war against Muslims and Arabs in the Middle East, and did not lose one opportunity to support Israel’s military actions against Palestinians.

He never did a thing to convince Israel to remove one “machsom” or security checkpoint. He did not even bother to explore innovative solutions that could provide security for Israel while lifting the criminal siege of Gaza.

Will Americans be Mercenaries for Israel?
In the United States, Barack Obama did not do a thing to address the concerns of Muslims and Arabs in America.

Instead, he signed into law bills with provisions that put and keep Muslim and Arab Americans at great risk, deeming them guilty until proven innocent, and even if proven innocent they remain suspects.

Barack Obama did not even bother to visit with any Muslim or Arab groups or organizations. He is treating Muslims and Arabs with contempt, as if they are not part of the American community.

Barack Obama is not a closet Muslim; he is an Uncle Shlomo in private and in public and God help America if he succumbs to the Zionist War Lobby that pushes for an attack on Iran.

We do not need more wars for an on behalf of Israel—we have had enough of wars. But Israel and Israel Firsters are demanding that Barack Obama prove his loyalty by going to war against Iran.

The question is will we Americans allow this to happen?

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the avatar
January 30, 2012 – 4:02 pm
good article.
middle eastern people, specially Palestinians need to understand one thing that is repeatedly said by American leaders
…Israel is our ally…
i dont know why people still think America would somehow play it straight and honest regarding forcing so called Israel on making peace when they tell us the above line openly over and over.

Log in to Reply AntiZ
January 30, 2012 – 5:13 pm
And now the threat level has increased as more and more Americans are falling over themselves to support Romney and Gingrich ! I thought Ron Paul would be a shoe in as I THOUGHT the American public wanted their Constitution and Bill of Rights back . I THOUGHT they had had enough of war for Israel . I THOUGHT they all knew THEIR government murdered 3000 of their brothers and sisters on 9/11 . I THOUGHT they did not want to attack a peaceful country , Iran . But I was WRONG , it is now obvious that the majority of Americans want the opposite of all I mentioned . This is irrefutable as Ron Paul would be storming home if the opposite were true !

Log in to Reply Charlotte NC Bill
January 30, 2012 – 7:04 pm
Yes. That’s where we’re at…If you refuse to murder several million Persians then you’re just a filthy anti-semite..Over the last 100 yrs we in America have allowed these people to own our central bank, our media and our politicians…So, here we are…Up crap creek with no paddle.

Log in to Reply Mike Kay
January 30, 2012 – 8:03 pm
Obama promised a transparent, accountable gov’t. In other words, he swam into office on a tide that represented returning America to Americans-not just some supposed Americans, but to all of us.
Unfortunately for America, Obama has too many skeletons in his closet, he is too easily controlled by the shadow puppeteers.
His policies continue and ramp up Bush 2 era policies, which are flat out treason. He signed the indefinite detention bill. Obamas coddling of wall st. and the banksters is criminal in its own right, because he is aiding and abetting real criminal enterprise. We all know thanks to Mr. Taibbi at Rolling Stone, about the depth, and significance of the fraud and looting still protected from prosecution.
Frankly, it appears Obama has chosen to retire very, very, rich. This means he sold out, and sold America out. Maybe if he had any balls, we could say-well he failed, but he fought it all the way. Maybe if he had any courage we could say he took on the whores and lackeys. Maybe if he had any will we could say-against all odds, he’s out there rowing away! We can’t say any of it, and neither can president sellout.

Log in to Reply
Derek X
January 31, 2012 – 10:34 am
Whatever we are told, assume the opposite is true. Why do we keep forgetting? He can talk out both sides of his mouth very well, but his heart may be firmly in one corner, and apparently it’s not with the 99 percent. What a let-down.

Log in to Reply dalethorn
January 30, 2012 – 8:22 pm
So how many prominent Jews in the U.S. don Christian symbols when they participate in Christian rituals? What’s that? They don’t? Wear symbols, or participate? Hmmmm…

Log in to Reply
January 31, 2012 – 12:24 pm
Heh, I once wrote Faux News Sunday sometime after 9/11 to ask why the treasonous pimp for Israel (Bill Kristol) didn’t wear an American flag lapel pin and questioned his patriotism, I must have hit a nerve because the next week they fell all over themselves trying to convince the audience that he was a patriotic American when nothing could be further from the truth.

The facts are he is an agent of a foreign power who pollutes the minds of Americans every Sunday morning. He should be stripped of American citizenship and forfeit all his assets before being deported to Israel – as should those in Congress who hold dual American/Israeli citizenship.

The Zionism promoters in that body should be stripped of all assets and tarred, feathered, and run out of D.C. on a rail. They should me made objects of ridicule and examples for those who would emulate them – it’s time to take back America from the Zio-Nazis.

Log in to Reply DaveE
January 31, 2012 – 4:58 pm
Great point. The zionists have infiltrated countless groups, more than can be counted. Pat Robertson and what’s his name Hagee are NOT who they claim to be. They work for the enemy, as so many “Christians” do. Some are so stupid they don’t even realize they work for the enemy.

Log in to Reply PhilipShahak
January 31, 2012 – 1:53 pm
Rahter than ‘Uncle Shlomo’, I think the correct epithet is ‘Shabbat goy’


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2 responses to “30/1 Barack Obama as Uncle Shlomo

  1. 911: We are the destroyers and we will remain destroyers ….The final goal is to unite the whole world in peace and universal brotherhood. So nations have to be destroyed. You don’t make omelets without breaking some eggs.


    At times, my mind wants to be “logical” and say that not all Jews can be bad…

    But, where are the “good ones”?

    I’ll say this, my concern is about my Country, for now. Americans need to get these people out of her borders and fix ourselves.

    But that means denying oneself ALL that is “given” to us by Public Relations “type” people. That means living with Nature, in harmony, again.

    1eye4revolution 1 year ago


    Rense Radio – Eustace Mullins State Of The Union [02-15-05]

    Antisemite definition..A Thinker!

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