Bank of England, City of London and The Queen

Bank of England, City of London and The Queen

Behind the speakers seat in the house of commons sits a representative from the City of London, he has a special title one which I can’t recall just now…..Mafia Watcher is apt though!

Feb 13th, 2009 | By Keelan Balderson | Category: Economy, Editorials | Print
One of the greatest deceptions in modern times is that the quaint little old Queen of England has no power and her role is purely ceremonial and for tradition. The fact is her role has not changed at all; just most of the Royal Family’s evil plans for world empire were hatched a long time ago in the old world. The British empire is still going strong, her common ancestors are in control of the US and the new world order. Now her majesty can sit back in her palace, relax and watch the world fall to bits, while the media paints a warm fuzzy picture of the family; who are in fact Nazi Germans.

The Queen is still Head of State and meets with important leaders from all around the world. One would assume they don’t talk about knitting or her pet corgis. Each day she receives documents and reports from Government ministers and Commonwealth officials. They must all be read and, if necessary, signed. So she is well aware of her country’s current affairs. She is also Head of the Armed Forces and is the only person that can declare war. Of course she meets with the prime-minister first, but it is still her duty and only hers.

The Queen meets Mr and Mrs Obama

On top of this she is Head of the Church of England. She appoints the archbishops and bishops; on what basis we can only imagine. In other words because she is the offspring of incestuous ancestors she is allowed to rule over people’s realtionship with God, just like the Pharaohs. It’s there in writing. “Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. If God really did grace her with this position it would be nice to see the contract.

You don’t get any more elite in social circles than the Queen. The rich and powerful are just begging to be blessed with her astronomically wealthy presence. Tradition or not, Queenie is no innocent in anything. Somebody that asks for an extra £44m allowance during recession does not care about their people.

So where does her power end and the Government’s begin? Well the Government puppets do all the dirty work and the Queen signs the papers for the Government. Although she has more power than the majority believe, there is an even bigger power above both of these puppets. You guessed it, the private banking cartels that have a grip over the nation’s money. The Queen is fine, she is the richest land owner in the world and the bankers will always keep it that way; they have her family to thank for where they are today. The rest of us are not so lucky.

The Rothschild banking family is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful family in the world; who rose to domination through the art of money changing. Money is the root cause of all evil; they are the route cause of all modern money!

Similar to Vatican City controlled by the Pope in Rome (another God appointed money hoarder), there is an independent state within London, known as the City of London. It is the richest square mile in the world, and London’s financial sector, housing banks and financial institutions from all major countries. The Governors of the city are called The Crown (deceptively nothing to do with the Queen), comprised of 13 members headed up by the Lord Mayor of the city (not the regular London Mayor). Today Ian Luder (of German decent like the Queen) is the allusive Lord Mayor, yet there is very little written of him online and his Wikipedia page is virtually empty. That’s because he wields incomprehensible power for the elites by manipulation of the economy.

Ian Luder, Mayor of the private City of London

The City of London is not part of England or the United Kingdom. It is a privately owned corporation masquerading as a county – often talking heads on TV will even call it London PLC. It isn’t under the power of the Queen or the Government. Her majesty and the Prime Minister are subordinate to the Lord Mayor and have to listen to him and his delegates on financial decisions; that is why during the financial news they always cut to “the City” for updates. If the Queen enters the Mayor’s city, she is met by him at the perimeter “Temple Bar” and must bow and ask permission to enter his private and sovereign state. He will dress in full regalia while she and her handlers dress in regular clothing. Get the idea? Even the old world Queen is a peasant to the new world order bankers. The city also has the pleasure of their own private police force, which is full of freemasons.

Along with the Rothschild family and their agents placed in various positions of financial power this secret mafia steer the world’s economy through the Bank of England, NM Rothschild & Sons and their web of private banks in all major nations. When an economic crash occurs it has most definitely been ordered from the City or across the pond by their associates at the Federal Reserve and Wall Street.

During a war you will never see the Vatican, City of London or Switzerland get attacked. On the grand chessboard these are considered neutral ground because it is where all the money flows. Without money to fund war, there is no war. Sitting somewhere in an ivory tower are the Rothschilds laughing at our stupidity. This happens right beneath our own noses!

Evelyn Rothschild was in a New York hotel on 9/11 – seemingly watching from his Ivory tower.

While the Queen and her Government have control over our every day lives, our increasingly fascist laws and the issues that seem to directly affect us. The Rothschild family, the Lord Mayor, the financial City of London and WallStreet privately operate our currency and financial affairs, the real controller of our lives. We are in economic collapse, now you know where to look.

Historically all British military colonies with white populations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa were under the authority of the Queen and her Government. Whereas all other brown “slave” colonies such as India, Egypt, Bermuda, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Gibraltar and the African nations were the private property of the Crown, which is the separate board of the City of London. These colonies were exploited for slave labor and trade, to make the cartels richer and more powerful.

During the development of this two tiered British Empire the BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY (BEIC) owned by the CROWN began making a fortune through the Opium trade. One of their strategies was to get the vast impoverished Chinese population addicted to opium to create a mass market for the crop, while they also milked their exports at the same time. It didn’t matter to the Crown that China outlawed the drug. They wanted money and money they got.

The Royal Family also wanted their greedy claws on the profits so joined their counterparts in the CITY and negotiated a tax on the opium farmers in there Indian colony. Thus huge amounts of opium were shipped from India at a tax to China and the Royal Family added an enormous amount of money to their every increasing pot. Slaves in India produced the opium and gave them a cut for nothing, and impoverished laborers in China bought it to smoke while picking tea leaves for export back to Britain. Next time you pick up a box of teabags with the endorsement stamp “By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen”, spare a second for our Chinese neighbors.

The British Empire fighting China during the opium wars.

Now this was the 19th Century, not modern times, but over the years the operation became more sophisticated and secretive. Whole banks were created to launder the money, shipping companies were made to help hide the contents, and the corrupt institutions that are based out of the City of London and extend all over the globe still interface for world control and financial rule. From Bush’s Union Banking Corporation in America laundering Hitler’s finances, to the controlled collapse of the world’s economy in order to pool our tangible wealth, the bankers have always operated above the law, the state and modern royals.

The British may have had an enormous military empire in all corners of the globe, but the Crown and the City of London had their own economic empire that rules to this day. And that Empire started with the Bank of England.

Bank of England:

The Bank of England and its monstrous ancient temple of a building is the template for all big central banks that wish to perpetuate the global scam. Located in the private City of London the counterfeiting operation opened its doors in 1694 as an easy way for the Government to create finance. It was only later that the Rothschilds infiltrated the institution. The initial idea came from Scottish money changer William Paterson who some researchers claim was an initiate in to the Order of the Orange, a Merovingian Bloodline secret society developed by Dutch Freemason William of Orange.

Order of the House of Orange

Britain found it hard to find lenders with enough capital to meet their greed and warmongering debt issues, so when Paterson came along with a £1.2m loan they were more than happy to give him and his partners the exclusive rights to print the nation’s money and to continue loaning them money thereafter. Seemingly ignorant to the consequences of becoming indebted to private hands, Paterson was granted a 12 year charter, and thus the unethical monopoly London had over currency was now legally in the hands of Paterson…because they said so. Any independent free market bankers and traders would now lose out to the money changers.

While the royals used loans to extend the empire by force, the Bank used its economics to extend an empire by money and it wouldn’t take long for Britain to amass a dangerous level of national debt. It would increase every year and by 1844 the government owed the banksters over £11m. The original charter stated that after each term the government could sever ties with the bankers and go about their own issuance of currency, but because debt expanded each year under the weight of the system, they were hooked on a never ending fishing line of credit. It was eventually agreed that the bank could hold the monopoly until the government had paid them back. They have never come close to doing so, hence the ever increasing national debt and global private banking control today. Taxation goes to pay off the debt, not to fund public services.

Why does the Government allow this to go ahead, can’t they just tell them where to go?

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. The tentacles that the private banking cartels have spread around the globe are so interconnected with the entire economy and power structure that the Governments that are now in power are only puppets to the banks. There aren’t any true leaders left and probably very few that understand the system. After all they are more than happy to skim off the top in their expense accounts as hit the headlines in 2009. Gordon Brown the Prime Minister of England as of writing, granted the Bank of England operational independence to set interest rates in 1997 and sold all of the country’s gold overseas at knockdown prices before the economic crisis. You can see that they don’t much care about the situation.

Gordon Brown gave free reign to the Bank of England to set interest rates in 1997, now since the crash he is calling for a New World Order for the economy; coincidence?

You then have to factor in laws that have been developed over the years to accommodate the banking scam. You’re not even allowed to talk about the Bank in the house of commons. So how could you ever create a campaign to abolish it?

If Gordon Brown suddenly flip-flopped and said he was closing the Bank of England and all national debt is void, they’d lock him up. All the financial goons would want his head on a silver platter. The controlled media would probably spin it as if Gordon was about to destroy the world, and of course the world’s entire economy would feel the reverberations in the beginning.

It won’t be pretty when the system does come down, but we sure as hell cannot rely on our current leaders to do it for us.

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Links in this section:DepartmentsFeedbackLeading personnelWhat is the City of London?What is the City of London?
The City of London provides local government and policing services for the financial and commercial heart of Britain, the ‘Square Mile’. It is committed to supporting and promoting ‘The City’ as the world leader in international finance and business services through the policies it pursues and the high standard of services it provides. Its responsibilities extend far beyond the City boundaries in that it also provides a host of additional facilities for the benefit of the nation. These range from open spaces such as Epping Forest and Hampstead Heath to the famous Barbican Arts Centre.

Download the Supporting and Promoting the City brochure (PDF 900kb) for further information.

The City of London combines its ancient traditions and ceremonial functions with the role of a modern and efficient local authority, looking after the needs of its residents, businesses and over 320,000 people who come to work in the ‘Square Mile’ every day. Among local authorities the City of London is unique; not only is it the oldest in the country but it operates on a non-party political basis through its Lord Mayor, Aldermen and members of the Court of Common Council. The Lord Mayor in particular plays an important diplomatic role with his overseas visits and functions at the historic Guildhall and Mansion House for visiting heads of State.

In addition to the usual services provided by a local authority such as housing, refuse collection, education, social services, environmental health and town planning, the City of London performs a number of very special functions. It runs its own police force and the nation’s Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey. It provides five Thames bridges, runs the quarantine station at Heathrow Airport and is the Port Health Authority for the whole of the Thames tidal estuary. Three premier wholesale food markets ( Billingsgate, Spitalfields and Smithfield) which supply London and the South East with fresh produce also belong to the City of London. Many of these services are funded from the City of London’s own investments at no cost to the public.

The City of London is committed to an extensive programme of activities designed to assist its neighbours to combat social deprivation so that they can benefit from the wealth the ‘Square Mile’ generates. Staff and members of the City of London have, through centuries of careful stewardship, ensured that the ‘Square Mile’ has continued to thrive. Today’s City of London, through its philosophy of sustainable development, aims to share these benefits with future generations of residents, businesses and workers.

The City of London: a unique authority.

“Windsors” changed their name on 17 July 1917, when George V changed the name of his family from the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

Incidenrtally, “Greek” Prince Philip is in fact a member of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, a branch of the House of Oldenburg. He actually adopted the name Mountbatten. Which is funny in itself, because that’s just an Anglacised version of the German Battenberg (as in cake).

So how NOT GERMAN are they really?

“Greek” Prince Philips past. He’s not Mountbatten, he’s in fact a member of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. A VERY Nazi bunch of thugs. He’s even photographed in his youth attending funerals of Nazi’s, standing next to SS officers.

Not exactly the actions of an Anti-Nazi…. is it.


The Remembrancer, whose position dates from the reign of Elizabeth I, is the City’s official lobbyist in parliament, sitting opposite the Speaker, and is “charged with maintaining and enhancing the City’s status and ensuring that its established rights are safeguarded”.

Voting within the city- akin to union block votes!

NewsNotShownonTV on 28 Aug 2011

This about the private Corporation of the City of London, Charles I Scottish king and the English Revolution. Phil Young describes the symbol on the crusader English Flag, Scottish kings and the execution of Charles I, the Phoenicians in London and the Knights Templars and segments from the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953, the Order of the Garter anointing Elizabeth II on the Chair of Edward, also known as the Stone of Scone and the Queen’s heraldry of the harp of David, the ancient Israelite king.

For the full story find the 16 episodes of the News Not Shown on TV at Presented by Phil Young from New Zealand.



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