18/1 Bahraini Women and Children are Being Terrorized, Raped and Tortured

We won’t be delivering HUMANITARIAN AID there!

Bahraini Women and Children are Being Terrorized, Raped and Tortured

From an article by Finian Cunningham:

This is the face of state terror against civilians in the US and British-backed Gulf oil kingdom of Bahrain – the latest victim a boy shot dead by police. But there will be no call by Washington or London for a Libya-style NATO intervention to protect human rights here. No call for regime change. No call for an international crimes tribunal…

The Bahraini protests against the US and British-backed autocratic rulers have been continuing for nearly seven months despite the military intervention of Saudi Arabia in the Gulf island to crush the pro-democracy movement…

But the relentless repression – condemned by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and several other rights groups – has failed to halt the pro-democracy campaign. The resilience of the protesters is all the more remarkable given that their cause has been met with cold indifference from Washington and London, and from much of the mainstream media.

While Western governments have been quick to condemn the rulers of Libya and Syria for alleged human rights violations – launching a full-scale military onslaught on the former and mounting diplomatic sanctions against the latter – these same governments have continued to give full backing to the Al Khalifa dictatorship in Bahrain.

To read the full article by Finian Cunningham:


Bahrain’s Army Shoots Peaceful Protesters (Warning: Graphic)
by grtv
February 18, 2011 – 16:45 (GMT+3)

Bahrain’s army deliberately kills peaceful protesters with live rounds (automatic weapon).

How the US and Britain are Suppressing Democracy in Bahrain
by grtv
“How the US and Britain are Trying to Suppress Democracy in Bahrain”

Interview with Global Research Correspondent Finian Cunningham on blogtalkradio, August 11, 2011.

To read more from Finian Cunningham, visit his archive on Global Research:


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