15/1 Israeli Agents, Phony Credentials, Terrorist Recruiters?

Israeli Agents, Phony Credentials, Terrorist Recruiters?

Council on Foreign Relations Busts Israel for False Flag Terror

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

When Mark Perry, writing for the CFR, considered the most conservative and certainly the largest American think tank accused Israel of using CIA credentials for recruiting terrorists, particularly against Iran, I nearly fell of my chair.

I had known about this all along. The operations, based in Balochistan, were done by the Mossad with support from Britain’s MI 6 and operational support supplied by Blackwater.

The project head at Blackwater is a friend who was not briefed that he was supporting an illegal terrorist organization.

I love to pick on Blackwater but best stick to the truth.

The attacks, supporting a separatist movement, meaning one operating not just against Iran but our ally Pakistan…are terrorism. Jeff Gates and I met with the defacto president of the separatist republic last year. He had been shot 3 times and was bleeding on the couch.

These are some tough boys.

There is a reason for Balochistan to be unhappy with rule from Islamabad but there are other facts to take into account:

Helping Israel’s Mossad and Britain’s MI-6 is India’s RAW. All 3 are acting as terrorist groups.
All 3 groups and others not mentioned are supporting their operations with heroin trafficking.
All 3 groups have supplied weapons and training that have been used against American troops.
Let’s stop there.

What am I saying? Israel, among other states, has supplied and trained Taliban and led attacks against American forces in Afghanistan and to a greater degree Iraq. The US military is aware of it but considers itself powerless to complain because of the power of the AIPAC/Israeli lobby in Washington.

Proof of this came when real American intelligence operatives traced videos of sniper attacks against Americans in Iraq to proxy addresses used by pro-Israel or Jewish “defense” groups.

You didn’t read this. However, if you have clearance to check such things, please do so. It might start you questioning things. This is the problem with “inconsistencies.”

Thus, we have an ally killing American troops and getting away with it just as they had in 1967 with the USS Liberty? Never heard of it? Look it up.

I am not going to engage in a blanket attack on the Mossad. I have friends there and they are no longer the unilateral organization they once were.

Half the Mossad can be considered pirates by today’s standards. Many of them say the same things I do.

What has happened is a couple of things.

The most obvious is that war and terrorism are a business, always has been, always will be.

Hiding behind “poor Israel” and holocaust stories, the Mossad and other groups tied to Israel are involved in terror networks around the world, now very publicly “outed” for pretending to be the CIA.

They also claim to be the FBI and Homeland Security. They carry FBI credentials and, in some cases, are backed up when caught.

There may actually be no real Department of Homeland Security. It is said, by reliable sources, to be entirely under foreign control and working directly against the United States in a tireless manner.

For those of you working for this organization, remember this when you receive your next assignment. Assignment. Task. Terrorists talk this way too.

Placing the United States Coast Guard, an organization of impeccable reputation, in with a gang of criminals is what we call “cover and deception.”

Controlling the organs of state security here at home has always been a priority, domestic terrorism has been the chosen methodology and will continue to be, financed by American tax dollars.

“Can You Hear Me Now?”
The majority of terror organizations in the world are intelligence agencies. For those who don’t know, Al Qaeda is an invention of the CIA which is supported by phony intelligence submitted to Congress and the Department of Defense by SITE Intelligence.

Site is a contractor that creates phony stories crediting a non-existent group supposedly called Al Qaeda for terror acts really done by hired thugs, gangsters or CIA contractors.

The US government hires a number of organizations to create phony intelligence and has done so for decades, no secret there. Now it is “outsourced” to Israel.

Back when Americans had to make up phony threat reports, they included more humor and irony. I miss that.

There are real acts of what we could call terrorism or insurrection, where people who are tortured, invaded and oppressed fight back using what they can. Remember Lexington and Concord? Most real terrorists would have wintered with Washington at Valley Forge.

Don’t like the truth? So, what can we know for sure?

If the FBI comes to your door, it is likely as not an Israeli agent or member of the ADL or some other group, unless you happen to be a real criminal. If you are an activist or member of the press, chances are you have a phony to deal with.

They are quite brazen. When they claim to be with the State Department, ask for a business card. They won’t have one.

For FBI, I have several retired senior FBI officials I work with every day.

Legal Immunity is Often More Available to Some – Than Others
If approached by the “CIA” or “FBI” or “Homeland Security” at any facility other than an office in a Federal Building, don’t believe them.

I am not saying don’t help the government but never talk to a law enforcement official without bringing an attorney and without a promise of immunity.

Always get immunity before talking to anyone.

Without immunity, if anyone on earth, even a rat out of a sewer, disagrees with you, any statement you make is “obstruction of justice” and will cost you up to 5 years in prison, no matter how innocent the subject.

What can you assume?

99.99% of terror threats against the United States are groups recruited by phony FBI or CIA officials who are employees of a foreign power, that country we have been discussing.

If you play along, you are likely to wake up in hotel room with a rifle, one round fired and a dead federal judge, senator or even a president to answer for. Remember Martin Luther King? George Wallace? John and Robert Kennedy?

Let’s take a look at some of today’s news.

Iraq? The almost daily explosions there are not being done by rival factions. Kurdistan invited Israel in to help them break away from Baghdad. Israel sees this as a way of flanking Turkey, this and their secret alliance with Syria.

Oh, you didn’t know that?

When you hear of 50 or 60 dead in Iraq, the plot started in Tel Aviv. Ever note that you never get an real explanation for anything, just “rival faction” baloney? I don’t respect any news organization that doesn’t at least try to make up a decent lie. They owe us that.

Pakistan? Pakistan is slated for destruction. India is the primary enemy along with Afghanistan, the United States and Israel. Why does Pakistan allow this? Think “totally corrupt civil government.”

This is an understatement.

India? Last week a child was sacrificed to the “crops god” so a good harvest would be guaranteed. India, with its space program and nuclear submarines has the lowest standard of living in the world.

The British set the whole thing up in 1947, and earlier on in 1903, eternal war between India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Britain calls it “the great game.”

America (under Israeli guidance) is now responsible for stirring the pot.

Between the crooked congressional staffers, their moronic bosses, the armies of lobbyists and the suppressed press there is nothing that can’t be publicly done. No law can be enforced except against whistleblowers or dissidents.

Congress has insulated itself from both criminal and civil law over the past few years. Try suing a member of congress.

The Brothers Koch – Or ‘Koch Ya’, as the Case May be
Try establishing an organization advocating a program involving “constitutional values.” The Koch brothers paycheck and a Murdoch bag of cash will be on your porch before you get off the phone.

Thank goodness for the efficiency of “phone hacking.”

Look at Britain? Their entire nation has been caught on the take.

Oh, by the way, Britain is totally bankrupt, far more in debt, per capita, than the US, on a 4 to 1 basis. Their currency, I think they call it “the pound” is worthless.

Perhaps they call it “the pound” because soon they will be weighing it rather than counting it, out of “efficiency.”

Some nations have currency so worthless that they measure the stacks with a ruler rather than count. Bankruptcy is when the BTU level of currency being burned exceeds the value of the notes themselves.

Anyway, back to my guess. I would predict that there are Israeli organizations carrying CIA credentials operating in 15 countries. I also imagine that 1 in 4 FBI agents is a phony.

As for US Attorney’s and Federal Judges, no worries there. The real ones were bought long ago.

And so it goes.

Editing: Jim W. Dean

Don’t you all know that according to Mr. Duff (Mr. Insider?), Senior Editor here, Iran and israel are secret partners in this whole war senerio, just to pump up oil prices, etc. So which is it? More jewish lies?
I can say this as an American Citizen, Disabled Veteran, and STRONG believer in the Constitution/Bill of Rights, I am sick and tired of supporting israel, even to the extent that it is ruining the US! USS Liberty, 9/11, Beruit Marine Barracks, Lavon Affair, just to name a few, ring any bells?
I am also sick and tired of finding out about things like a “Kosher Tax” (extortion) we are ALL paying for the “religion” of 2% of the population! Anyone ever hear of a Christian or Jesus Tax? NO! Anyone ever hear of separation of church and state?
I am sick and tired of all the BULLSHIT, false flag ops, loss of liberties, and pe…rpetual war for israel!
I am sick and tired of a small number of “Kahzars” ruining this nation/world! Wallstreet, Hollywood, Fed, MSM, AIPAC, PNAC, JINSA, CFL, ADL, JDL, SPLC, etc. etc.
Personally I think it is time to hold our “so called” leaders accountable, by force if nessasary! Unless you all have forgotten this, it is the Constitutional right of “The People” to replace the government if the government has become too big for “The People”! NOT acting in the best interests of the nation/it’s people is part of this also! Correct me if I’m wrong!
When our government openly places israel, and to an extent the “jewish community” (2% of the population) above the needs of the rest of it’s people how can it be “For The People” anymore? Let’s also not forget that israel openly claims to own the US!
What is the “jewish community” going to do, declare a world wide financial war on us like it did Germany in 1933? Either live with us peacefully, NOT as a “fifth column”, and ONLY as US Citizens, not dual citizens, or get out!
I pray that if the US becomes invovled in a war with Iran for israel, the American People will rise up and take back our nation! Iran is NO threat to the USA! Remember that israel has over 200 “secret” nuclear weapons and nobody in power seems to care! Where’s the inspectors for israel’s nuclear, chemical, biolgical weapons?

The America I was taugh about, and was/am willing to give my life for DOES NOT commit torture, DOES NOT assissinate civilians, and DEFINITELY DOES NOT kill it’s own people.
It is a “Democratic Republic”, NOT a democracy!


And for all you “Christian Zionists” out there, how many of you believe in Jesus? If you believe in Jesus than you know dam good and well who had him killed! Don’t forget that the next time you advocate another war, or foriegn aid package for israel! Especially while the American People continue to suffer!

US Army Veteran,
Marc C. Daniele
Hercy, Mo.See More
Reply · 2 · Like· Sunday at 11:30pm

FireBreather Reese”Israel’s Nuclear arsenal was reported at 250+ some 2 decades ago by Vanunu 🙂 they never stopped since …… Now theyre between 1000 and 2000 😉
Reply · 1 · Like· Yesterday at 1:56am.

FireBreather ReeseSamson Option ………… i’d check out all USA “Jewish” Institutions to be Checked for hidden nukes …. Check BNai Brith …… and Check Walmart too
Reply · Like· Yesterday at 1:59am.

Bill BlackoliveAll roads lead to 911. Speak 911.
Reply · 1 · Like· 13 hours ago
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Phillip Francis TourneyMr.g What the hell can else go wrong this country better take a step not back but forward.The world has told Israel to back off except America.I think the congress of America should get there sons and daughters to get in the milatary.
on the front lines to defend Israel. What do you say?
Reply · Like· Sunday at 4:47pm
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Tomas Estrada-Palma · Top Commenter · 57 years old
Very good explaining things happen for more than just one reason in more than just one dimension and rarely in a linear fashion. Treason’s chaotic business.
Reply · Like· 22 hours ago
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Virginia Baldwin · Top Commenter
Thank you, Gordon, for putting the truth out there! You’re one gutsy guy!

I’m waiting for someone from the “FBI” to show up at my door.
Reply · Like· 18 hours ago
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Steve Holmes · Top Commenter · Owner/Partner at Conquest Math
So, if half of Mossad and these other agencies are “good”, how about THEY work to clean up their act since they’ve got the connections that we’ll never get close to getting?
Reply · Like· Sunday at 2:19pm

Gordon Duff
January 15, 2012 – 3:59 pm
pay them and I am sure they will consider it

all military are mercenaries….always have been and especially americans and especially now

Log in to Reply Charlotte NC Bill
January 16, 2012 – 1:55 am
I just hope I’m on unemployment when the Israels attack the USS Vincennes in the Gulf ( we speak of it as if it were the gulf of Mexico or Lake Michigan ) and the big war begins and already high gas prices triple..yeah, an unemployment check; the new American Dream..

Log in to Reply dirtus napus
January 17, 2012 – 5:42 am
…..you didn’t need clearance to know “Juba” the sniper was Israeli. If I ever find myself refering to anyone inside the Mossad as a friend, I know I’ve finally lost it, even if they’ve saved my family’s life. It’s a set up.
Just like their lazer tripped IED’s taking out hummers, strikers, and M1′s since 2002. Pave Israel, get it over with before they kill us all with our own stupidity.



One response to “15/1 Israeli Agents, Phony Credentials, Terrorist Recruiters?

  1. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/01/15/israeli-agents-phony-credentials-terrorist-recruiters/


    “For we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence; in infiltration instead of invasion; on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice; on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined, its dissenters are silenced, not praised; no expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the cold war, in short, with a wartime discipline no democracy would ever hope to wish to match. …”

    News & Politics

    Put the pieces of the puzzle together.Why are white women miscegenating with black men?Why is America bankrupt?.Why is being gay celebrated and exalted?Why is Europe and America flooded with immigration?Why do we see filth on T.V that is deemed socially acceptable?Why has the concept of family been destroyed?Why is Palestinian genocide overlooked?Why has our educational system failed?Why is ghetto culture exalted?Why is our money worth less everyday?Why are our constitutional rights vanishing???

    anuangelseyes 1 month ago 6

    Bless you darling! You speak the words of my heart. This is the inescable conclusion all intelligent people come to after spending years of studying the situation. The zionist physics of einstein and his ilk has enslaved the world. This made a fortune for the energy barons war mongers and central bankers of the zionist khazar-ashkenazi people. Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell and Viktor Schauberger were defamed and destroyed by these people to prevent free energy technologies to free and enrich all!

    777Gslinger 3 weeks ago 5

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