Long Live The Khazaria Empire – Not!

Long Live The
Khazaria Empire – Not!
By Karl Schwarz

The Bush-Zionist Global War on Terror has taken another massive hit. Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf resigned at 10am CET – 4am in Washington, DC.

Americans can now be assured that there will be NO Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline as TAP, or the alternative version of TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) until the United States completely changes its policies towards the people of Islam. Over recent months, the Taliban have grown in strength and most of Afghanistan is now under their control.

It took a long time for this Bush Dirty Diaper to fill up, but folks, it is now an extremely nasty one.

Some of the British journalists are doing a very good job in analyzing this latest US imperial expansion fiasco in Georgia.

Guardian journalist Seumas Milne has done a fine job of presenting this matter in his August 14 article.


What the world just witnessed in Georgia is more US imperialism than it is Russian aggression, just as Iraq and Afghanistan are about US and Zionist Imperialism and aggression. The truth will slowly surface in the coming months that Russia acted appropriately to defend against the ethic genocide of Russian Orthodox Christians by Muslims, Zionist Israelis, mercenaries and all dreamed up and sponsored by our pretend-Christian war criminal president.

Bush and Rice: “Russia must remove its troops from Georgia!’

No, our war criminal president must be removed from power in Washington DC. This idiot is playing a losing game with fire and nuclear weapons. The hypocrisy of the Bush Administration has now surpassed all acceptable levels for the 21st Century.

I think most Americans (whether they will admit it or not) know we have a war criminal sitting in the Oval Office. We have other wannabe war criminals vying to take his place in McMoron and Barky. The genocide of Iraq, Afghanistan and now South Ossetia are beyond outrageous and inhuman.

This article is more of a history lesson rather than dissecting the current Georgia fiasco and the sheer hypocrisy that has come from the Bush White House during this Georgia confrontation.

Long ago, there was a Medieval Kingdom of Khazaria, 652-1016 AD that included part of modern day Russia, Ukraine, and a sliver of what is now Kazakhstan. This area was somewhat interesting in history because when considering the choice of Islam, or Christianity or Judaism the leaders of this ’empire’ decided to declare themselves Jewish. That was a very odd choice in an area of the world which was predominately Islam and Christian. There was little Zoroastrianism…but Jewish was essentially not on the radar.

The Khazaria Empire could not extend any further south because the Tatars and Turkmen proved to be about as obstinate as the Afghans have been throughout history.

The Khazarian ‘Jews’ are NOT descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel and their world view and lack of truly, pious spiritual Judaism have created conflict within that religion ever since.

To a great extent, these are our current day Zionist Jews (including Neocons, of course) who have formed a world power banking, extortion cult of war and death that has little or nothing to do with being devout adherents of Judaism. These are the folks who think nothing of breaking the law, lying (Kol Nidre), stealing, graft, corruption, assassination, blackmail, extortion or destroying tens of millions of people to get their way.

Throughout the past century, they have done just that in directly and indirectly liquidating over 100 million people. These soul- less ‘reptilian’ killers obey only the Talmud, not the laws of the lands they live in. This very behavior and ‘ethics’ appear, in fact, in the Talmud as Rabbinical teaching. Most pious Jews of good heart and conscience who follow the Torah know that such is not the way to achieve civilized, enlightened society.

This is, in part, one of the reasons “Jew haters” have often been unable to differentiate between the truly religious descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel (the ones the Old Testament of the Bible is about) and these squatters and interlopers who came from Central Asia and have, for the most part, taken over their religion and turned it into an evil club of power manipulation, greed, money, war, death and destruction.

Many true Torah Jews are highly-offended at the atrocities these Zionist Khazars Talmudic Jews have inflicted on mankind. From the huge massacre of Russian Christians under Zionist Bolshevik Communism, to the mass starvation holocaust of 20-30 million Ukrainians, to the creation of Nazism/fascism of World War II, to the mass slaughter of Christian Armenians, and to the current day blood-lust genocide of Iraq and Iran…these Zionist Khazars have made it abundantly clear, to the tune of over 100 million dead, that they have nothing but murderous contempt of Christians and Muslims.

These were the Khazar Jews that many have heard about over the years but did not have a clue where they came from in the first place. The map below shows you where they came from before they infested Russia, Europe and the US.


Right there is the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea…the current venue of massive world tensions. The problem is not ‘the Jews’…the problem is the KHAZAR Jews who are THE power behind Zionist Israel, the UK and US.

If readers pay attention to the map below, they will clearly see that the geologic division between Europe and Central Asia (what some call Eurasia) is the Caucasus Mountain range between Russia and Georgia. Just as the Himalaya Mountains are the geologic division between the continent of Asia and the continent of India, the Caucasus Mountains separate Central Asia and Europe. Georgia is NOT Europe except in the minds of those wishing to push stupid agendas against Russia.

Georgia was apparently never part of the Khazar empire and was predominately Christian until recent times. As of the Bush- Saakashvili fiasco with Russia, information has surfaced that Georgia is now 60% Muslim. The government is composed mostly of Muslims and Zionist Jews probably of Khazar descent. George Soros has had his greedy hands all over this fiasco just as he has over in the Ukraine. Most of what is now Ukraine used to be part of the Khazaria Empire.

Remember: geologically and geographically speaking, Georgia is NOT part of Europe…and NATO and the EU need to reject Rothschild Zionism’s charade that Georgia is anything other than a part of Eurasia or Central Asia. It is also clear that NATO and the EU both must reject NATO membership for Georgia – a predominately Muslim, non-European nation that grows steadily more under the control of Khazar Zionist US Jews and their Muslim confederates.

What is going on in Georgia – and the constant provocation of Russia – is a formula for disaster for the United States which must somehow find leaders who can more clearly see the real agenda of the Khazarian Zionists.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has been hinting there is another Cold War coming – one that could become very hot in seconds. In response to BushCo putting nuclear missiles on Russia’s front porch (and this latest genocide of Russian Orthodox Christians in South Ossetia), Russia has responded in two ways.

First, it recently announced it would like to refuel its long-range strategic nuclear bombers in Cuba. Second, Russia apparently plans to put nuclear missiles in the Mediterranean theater, and Syria in particular, and aim them at European strategic targets and no doubt more than a few at Zionist Israel.

Folks, the Russian Bear has put up with all of the shit from the Zionist West it intends to tolerate.

Georgia is a good place to set up basese to wage covert war and black ops against Russia, which is now geographically sitting on what used to be the Khazaria Empire. That is probably why there are 4,000 Israeli and Blackwater mercenaries in Georgia right now.
It is also a convenient base to launch black ops against the Caspian Basin area to try to force more people into handing over their oil and natural gas to the US and its Zionist thugs.


The deep seated hatred of Russia by these Khazars goes back over 1,000 years when Russia crushed their empire and many of them fled to Europe into the areas now called Poland, Romania and Hungary, and Ukraine. Those who remained were under Russian rule for a while but even that changed in about 100 years time.


Decline and fall. During the 10th century, the East Slavs were united under Scandinavian overlordship. A new nation, Kievan Rus, was formed by Prince Oleg. Just as the Khazars had left their mark on other peoples, so too did they influence the Rus. The Rus and the Hungarians both adopted the dual-kingship system of the Khazars. The Rus princes even borrowed the title kagan. Archaeologists recovered a variety of Khazar or Khazar-style objects (including clothing and pottery) from Viking gravesites in Chernigov, Gnezdovo, Kiev, and even Birka (Sweden). The residents of Kievan Rus patterned their legal procedures after the Khazars. In addition, some Khazar words became part of the old East Slavic language: for example, bogatyr (“brave knight”) apparently derives from the Khazar word baghatur.

The Rus inherited most of the former Khazar lands in the late 10th century and early 11th century. One of the most devastating defeats came in 965, when Rus Prince Svyatoslav conquered the Khazar fortress of Sarkel. It is believed that he conquered Itil two years later, after which he campaigned in the Balkans. Despite the loss of their nation, the Khazar people did not disappear. Some of them migrated westward into Hungary, Romania, and Poland, mixing with other Jewish communities.2

Note the comment in the insert about ‘the Balkans’ and maybe you will better understand the clash between the Zionist West and Russia over the Balkans. As stated in a recent essay, the Serbians are related to the Russians.

Both the Russians and remaining Khazars had to flee for their lives when the Mongol hordes took over most of Asia under the leadership of Genghis Khan, 1161-1227. Many of these Khazar Jews had no choice but flee with the Russians northeast, and have been a murderous pain in the ass to Russia for much of its history since.

These were the “Jews” that came into power in 1917 with the Bolshevik Revolution, and Lenin needed their help to topple Tsar Nicholas, the last remnant of the Romanov dynasty. They helped overthrow Tsar Nicholas because he was not friendly to the Khazar Jews. These were the Zionist Jews who set about forcing communism on Christian Russia and murdered 30-40 million Russians who refused to give up their land or bow down to Bolshevik-Zionism-Khazarian- Communism.

These were the same Khazar Jews – later called the Trotskyites after exiled Leon Trotsky – who fled for their lives when Stalin came to power and tore that evil out of the heart of Russia to a large extent. Many of them fled to Germany, and UK and the US to seek safety. They are now the Zionist Jews who are causing the most problems in this world.

These are the same people who have pushed all the “hate Russia” crap in the media and in US foreign policy to the point of ad nauseum even after the Cold War ended.

It was this group of Khazar Jews that aided and abetted the formation of Nazism as an ideological counter to what they viewed as ‘un-pure communism’ under Stalin. Communism is communism, their real axe to grind was Stalin sent them fleeing and had many of them put to death or sent to the gulags of Siberia for orchestrating the slaughter of tens of millions of predominately Russian Orthodox Christians. Stalin was also most displeased that the Trotskyites helped to form Nazism in Germany. That wound up getting another 20 million Russians killed in World War II.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was born in Georgia, not Russia proper.

The US Neocons, and those of the UK and Israel, are to a large extent Trotskyites, Zionist Jew or Christian Zionist Sheeple who do not know enough about history and the legacy these Khazarian Jews have left in their path. There are huge differences in the Biblical 12 Tribes and these Khazars who have embedded themselves into Judaism like a tick on a hound dog.

They have been so despicably murderous to Russians that a special word just for them was created: zhids.

Did they change when they fled Russia? Not a chance. These people have always had visions of rebuilding the grandeur of their Khazar Empire for over 1,000 years. It is this group of Jewish squatters who pushed the hardest, and in the most evil and deceitful ways, to get the UN, US and UK to establish Israel in 1948.

Most of us Baby Boomers, now age 50-65, have now witnessed 60 years of atrocities by ‘poor little Israel’ and these Zionist Khazar thugs but that was preceded by the colossal atrocities of killing about 50 million Russians, another 49-55 million killed in World War II, and the list goes on and on.

Their latest escapade to put on that list is South Ossetia.

These were part of the Turkic Jews, also known later as Crypto Jews who perpetrated the genocide of 1.2 to 1.5 million Armenian Christians in the early 1900s. The Rothschild and Rockefellers wanted the Armenians out of the way so they could get large amounts of oil from Azerbaijan through Armenia to the Black Sea. Such was the legacy of the Ottoman Empire.

If you want to get a history lesson as to why Ukraine was almost always a sub-district of Russia, check into the Battle of Izmail, named for the Ottoman fort that was conquered by who may be the greatest of all Russian czars, the German-born Catherine the Great.

The Russians have had to defend Russia against the machinations of these Fake Jews for 1,000 years. They just did so again in South Ossetia.

Even the famous “Steps of Potemkin” in Odessa, Ukraine (very close to Izmail, Ukraine) are in honor of a paramour of Catherine the Great and his contribution in defending Ukraine and Russia from the Ottoman-Khazarian hordes that were trying to take over Europe and Russia.

Folks, please get this straight in your head. These Khazar Jews constitute nothing but psychopathic, warmongering, blood-thirsty evil on feet. They now control the power structure of the US and UK.

Get that?

Part of their deep-seated hatred for Russia goes back 1,000 years when Russia upended their empire and sent them packing. Then Genghis Khan sent many of them and the Russians fleeing when the Mongols arrived in town. Many of the Khazars fled to Turkey and were intimately involved in the formation of the Ottoman Empire, the attempted conquer of Europe, and repeated attacks across the Black Sea at Mother Russia. This was yet another ‘hate Russia’ routine from these cretins.

Chechnya, Russia is just on the other side of those Caucasus Mountains and was part of the Khazaria Empire until Russia crushed it. Russia knows all too well – and remembers all too well – who was behind the Chechnya War that they had to fight twice within the past 20 years.

Ingushetia, Russia is just on the other side of those Caucasus Mountains and was part of the Khazaria Empire until Russia crushed it. If you missed my recent essays on the problems ‘poor little Georgia’ and how the US and Israel are trying to stir up in Ingushetia, these two links clarify what is going on and being orchestrated out of Georgia, Washington, DC and Tel Aviv.



Dagestan also used to be part of the Khazaria Empire, and the US has waged covert ops to try to take that area over so they can build a pipeline from Kazakhstan to Georgia to the Black Sea.


These people have plotted and schemed for 1,000 years to get their Khazarian Empire back, and now that the entire world knows that the historical area of Khazaria is sitting on a mother lode of oil and natural gas, they *really* want it back. They salivate like Pavlovian Dogs and have wet dreams of dollars and shekels about all that oil and natural gas in what used to be their Khazarian Empire, long since dead and gone except in their delusional minds.

Many of the DNC Zionist Communists who defected to the RNC in 1996, are Russia-hating, Zionist Khazarian Jews. They have now defected back over to the DNC and backing Obama…the sock puppet of the pathological Russia-hating Zbigniew Brzezinsky and George Soros.

Many of the Zionist Jews in power in Israel, the UK and US cannot trace their roots back to the 12 Tribes. Many of the dual citizen, wanted criminals Israel is harboring are Khazarian Jews, not descendants of the 12 Tribes. Many of them are from Russia after Genghis Khan sent both Russian and Khazarians fleeing.

We just witnessed Georgia attacking Russian Orthodox Christians in South Ossetia, aided and abetted by the US, Israel and Ukraine.

North Ossetia used to be part of the Khazarian Empire and the North and South Ossetians are ethnically the same people.

There are growing border problems between Ukraine and Russia, both areas formerly part of the Khazarian Empire. Ukraine had the audacity to inform Russia it could no longer park its Black Sea fleet at Sevastopol, Ukraine. The Kiev government is firmly under the control of Zionist Jews, as is the Tbilisi, Georgia regime.

In both Georgia and Ukraine, the dirty hands of George Soros can be found because he has been pushing for ‘White Stream 1 and 2’ pipelines from Georgia to Ukraine as a supply link to the EU to lessen the growing energy might of Russia. George Soros is Hungarian by birth, probably of Khazarian Jew origin.

This entire area that used to be Khazaria is loaded with oil and natural gas and these Khazarian Jews have had an axe to grind with Russia for over 1,000 years.

Getting the picture, folks?

Can these Zionist Khazarian Jews do it alone? NO! They absolutely have to have the muscle of the United States to pursue these stupid, petty, long-since-dead illusions of grandeur and empire.



Jeff Rense received a telephone message and asked that I clarify something. This is the gist of the call he received…

A very polite man somehow got his private number and left a message stating that his relatives are of Khazarian ancestry and he feels the article casts all Khazarian Jews as evil – which, of course, is not the case. I urge him to reread the article less emotionally and he’ll see that the point of it is that Khazars are at the core of Western Zionism. He was very perplexed and said he found the article to be full of ‘hate’ and that all Jews of Khazar background are lumped together.

If one reads the essay carefully and honestly, one cannot possibly miss the fact that the term ‘Zionist’ is used to clearly, and unequivocally, qualify the ZIONIST Khazar issue from beginning to end. Obviously, patently, not all Khazarian Jews are ‘bad’ or part of the problem. There is good and bad everywhere: all nations, all races, all religions. There are good and bad Americans, Russians, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Khazarian Jews, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, you name it.

It is important to always remember the following when reading my materials…

1. My focus is on the dark and deadly genocidal mindset of evil that plagues this dying planet. I am not firing at ‘all’ of any nation, or race, or religious caste. I have close friends from all groups, including Jews…both Khazarian and those of the 12 Tribes. All fully understand where I am coming from and know when I speak or write, I am not aiming cruise missiles or arrows at them. They know my entire crusade in life is to expose evil…in whatever flavor you find it.

2. Evidently, this caller felt I was condemning ‘all Khazarian Jews’ but that is certainly not the case. I only criticize those who have evil in their hearts to the point they have no goodwill towards their fellow man. I loathe and detest evil…and that is my God-given right. Yours, too.

3. This world has many problems and none of them are worth fighting, killing and dying over. Most of our problems arise from greed-driven, criminal, psychopathic, genocidal evil.

Maybe since he is Kharzian Jew, he could join this fight with his knowledge and insights about the inner workings of Zionism which is THE problem in the Western world – regardless of whether one speaks of 12 Tribe Zionist , Khazarian Zionist, or a Christian Zionist (the most numerous of all Zionists…and the biggest dupes around).

There are many wonderful people of the Jewish faith and heritage who are tired of being used and sacrificed by Zionism and they, like Jews Against Zionism, are doing everything possible to put a final stop to it and awaken people to the REAL problem.



5 responses to “Long Live The Khazaria Empire – Not!


    When did America get the idea that the only way to be “safe” was to make the entire world fear it? How did that work out for ancient Rome? As soon as things got a bit dicey, money got tight, political trouble set it, the barbarians descended on the Empire like locusts. This is where the Dark Ages came from, you remember them, don’t you?

    Ruins of the Roman Forum
    When the barbarians sacked Romein 476 AD, there was nobody left to defend it. Everyone had gone, died off, whatever people do after becoming useless.

    The parallels between Rome and the United States are not minor ones, not anymore.

    America has offended and alienated the entire world. Our only hope is sinking hopelessly in debt to finance war after war, all fought with armies that are crumbling around us.

    Was this the plan all along? America is certainly an empire, albeit a failed one, with troops stationed around the world.

    I still love joking with German friends how they have been occupied for 65 years.

    They are doing well by it, money to burn, prestige and vast economic power while the United States sits, broke, broken and facing continual rumors of civil war or Balkanization. You haven’t heard that? Listen to the news, what do you think all this means?

    Who do we blame? Our entertainment industry has worked hard to foster fear and hatred, to keep America on a permanent war footing. Of course that same industry is controlled by a small nuclear power in the Middle East with delusional dreams of world conquest.

    They control the news also, prettymuch all of it. We can’t forget this factor, not at all. We aren’t just going crazy on our own, we have professional psychotics helping us every step along the way.

    Are we simply supposed to stop fighting for America? Maybe is that a wrong question. Were we really fighting “for” America at all? David Ray Griffin, in his new book, Cognitive Infiltration, makes a case that the “attacks” America supposedly responded to after 9/11 couldn’t possibly have come from the Arab world. Imagine, if you will, December 7, 1941. Buy Griffin’s book. Read it. “Grow a pair.”

    What if, after the Pearl Harbor attack, the US invaded Canada?

    This was 9/11.

    What can we expect? Billions have been spent, thankfully not our tax dollars, but privately, to get Americans to hate Islam and to force Islam to fear and hate America. Thank that same “special country” for this. They have a plan. It involves America “going away” as soon as possible. It seems to be working very well for them.

    What America can’t expect is leadership, civilian, military, economic, anything. That time is gone. We are in an age of gangsterism, we don’t build, we steal, we don’t defend, we torture and brutalize.

    How do you know if you are part of it? Do you watch the news? Are you enraged because they tell you to be enraged or are you enraged because you know you are being lied to?

    What is the difference between a human and a beast? Is there a difference at all? At one time, some saw religion as the defining difference except that half the killing, maybe most of the killing in our history has been driven by religion. Certainly the moral meltdown we now suffer is a result of the “Talibanization” of Christianity.

    A majority of Americans who consider themselves “religious” favor torturing innocent people. No, these are the poll results. You can’t make up stuff like this. This was how witch hunts worked. What we used to do here in America, we used “faith based” initiatives to test the guilt of suspects. If you held a guilty person under water, they would survive. Then you burned them alive.

    If you held an innocent person under water, they drowned, dead….

    This is how we work now, exactly. This is what Americans, at least those who profess religious affiliations, demand of our government and they are getting it. Was that marriage between Christian Zionism and our military leadership fostered by Cheney and Rumsfeld, really meant to be more a political ploy than real religion, a mistake or were things supposed to end up like they have?

    This is who we have become.

    How is it working out for you?



    Debbie Menon
    January 12, 2012 – 11:22 am
    Just how low can humanity sink.

    But, this needs to be investigated further. Who video taped and released ?

    Remember Israeli hand in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison exposed
    Israeli interrogators ‘in Iraq’


    Log in to Reply Debbie Menon
    January 12, 2012 – 11:24 am
    On another thread a commenter writes:

    P.s. When I read the urination article, there were already some 13,000 comments to it. I spun through 25 or 50 of them, and NOT ONE decried what our troops have done to defile the corpses!. We are beyond disgust….

    I may be showing my emotional imbalance, but this thread, combined with the url and article I’ve pasted below, remind me that our “entangling alliance” with Zionist Israel has coarsened us as a nation, probably irretrievably. It’s sort of a reinforcing effect, like bullies each vying for the “glory” of being the grosser sadist.

    As soon as I read the below article – which apparently has credence; McCain himself has already been on national TV about – I could only think of the great documentary filmmaker John Pilger and his “Palestine Is Still the Issue” (circa 2002) in which he filmed and commented on Zionist military thugs raiding Palestinians’ homes, smashing everything in sight…and urinating in bowls, defecating on food platters and the like, smearing their feces on the walls of children’s dayschool walls, etc. We’re part of the same smelly/rotting “two peas in a pod.” I’ve seen this effect termed since at least 2002 as “The Israelization [more recently Zionization] of America,” and I firmly believe that that is the problem here (i.e., not “The Americanization of Israel”). The Zionists have, so cleverly, “entangled” themselves into their alliance with feckless America that there is, in my opinion, no escape from the tentacles.

    War on Iran is next, upon which (or earlier) I have fervently come to hope that full, utter bankruptcy will necessarily force truth to emerge – and then, one might hope, some righting of the ship of America. It won’t be easy. Marge, you at 99 (or have you transitioned to 100 already?!), Ted at around 80, and I at near 70…we’ve lived long enough. I hate to see my 17-year-old-granddaughter face privations, but I believe that privations await her…and so be it. We are rotten to the core, and the Zionists have led us into the sordid abyss. Of course, the reality almost surely is that the 1 percent – Zionist bankers and their sucker hangalongs – will emerge from the bankruptcy in even greater control of the gold, diamonds and other material “wealth” that will assure their continued ascendancy across the world.

    Sorry for this rant…I really think I’m going crazy, thinking of all the millions of common people we, in the service of world hegemony and always in support of the Zionists and their Holocaust Industry, have humiliated, desecrated, and murdered along the way.

    Regards, Bob

    http://news.yahoo.com/karzai-condemns-video-urination-corpses-120758800.html (“Karzai condemns video of urination on corpses”)

  2. Wake Up America!
    Your Government is Hijacked by Zionism« FBI agent alleges firing because he is JewishIsraeli hand in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib exposed »When troops and CIA officers die for a fantasy
    January 20th, 2010 | Author: Patriot
    When troops and CIA officers die for a fantasy
    By Michael Scheuer – 01/12/10 05:25 PM ET


    The men and women of the U.S. military and intelligence services are the most important part of America’s defense capital. When they enter the service of their choice they are well aware of the implicit contract between the nation and themselves. In return for their career, America has the right to call on them to go into harm’s way, very often at the risk of their lives. I have never known a Marine, a soldier or a CIA officer who did not accept this reality, and I have never known one who balked when called on to deploy. That said, each I have known — and I suppose all — hope that if defending America costs his or her life, the cause for which it is spent is clear and worthwhile. It is precisely on this point that the U.S. government’s executive and legislative branches are lethally failing these men and women.
    The events of the past three weeks throw into sharp relief that we are sending our young men and women overseas to fight an enemy that does not exist. Among the first thoughts expressed by President Obama after the near-miss al Qaeda attack on Christmas — and then echoed by his lieutenants, various members of both parties in Congress, and numerous pundits — was that the young Nigerian bomber hated our way of life. And since seven CIA officers in Afghanistan were killed by al Qaeda on Dec. 30, the same thought has been expressed by the same people.
    This central thought has been accompanied by additional assertions, among which are the attackers were nihilistic Muslim fanatics and the attackers’ motivation has nothing to do with Islam. The sum and substance of the U.S. bipartisan political elite’s response to recent events has been — as it has been since 1996 when Osama bin Laden declared war on America — that the Islamist terrorists hate us for who we are and how we live, not for what we do.

    This contention is a fantasy. It is fair to say that all the U.S. Marines, soldiers and CIA officers who have died in Afghanistan since 9/11 and in Iraq since Saddam’s removal have died fighting an enemy that does not exist. In numbers now approaching 6,000, these men and women have bravely fought and died in combat against an enemy whose main motivation U.S. political leaders have consistently denied. No U.S. soldier, Marine, or CIA officer has been killed by an Islamist fighter who took the field because America has women in the workplace, beer is available in ample supply, and there are early presidential primaries in Iowa every fourth year. Indeed, Islamists motivated by such issues would not rise to the level of a lethal nuisance; they certainly could not stymie the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    The young Nigerian in Detroit and the Jordanian bomber in Khost and his wife have told America’s Marines, soldiers, and CIA officers what they already surely sense, but what their political leaders deny. Both attackers cited motivations that pivot on U.S. support for Israel against the Palestinians; U.S. occupation of Muslim lands; and U.S. attacks on their fellow Muslims. The three individuals’ words echo the components of U.S. foreign policy named by bin Laden in 1996 as the causes of war — which also include U.S. support for Arab tyrants and exploitation of Muslim energy resources — and which polls show 80 percent of the world’s Muslims identify as attacks on their faith.
    While it is hard for Americans to hear, we are at war with a steadily growing number of young men and women in the Muslim world because of what the U.S. government has done in that arena since 1945. The current slate of U.S. foreign policies toward the Islamic world generates the basic and most compelling and uniting motivation for our Islamist enemies.
    Should some of these policies be changed? I surely think so, but that is a discussion for another time and broad public debate, perhaps during the 2010 midterm elections. For now, the discussion must focus on our enemies’ motivation and the knowing failure of U.S. leaders in both parties to be honest with our fighting forces. If we fail to understand that motivation, America cannot shape a war-fighting strategy to either defend those policies or defeat the tenacious, talented, religiously motivated, and growing foe our soldiers, Marines, and CIA officers are now losing to in the field. Those men and women — and their parents, spouses and children — deserve to know they are risking their lives to defeat a skilled and enduring enemy, one who is motivated by the impact of U.S. policies, and one that genuinely threatens America. They are not fighting the cartoon-like foe described by their political leaders for the past 15 years.
    Scheuer is a former senior CIA officer and adjunct professor of security studies at Georgetown University.


    Look at how CNN’s Web site included the mention of how the CIA bomber worked in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan but such was conveniently left out of CNN Domestic broadcast of the same segment:


    Former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer was excellent when he recently conveyed (on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’) that the US was fighting wars for Israel:
    Full C-SPAN ‘Washington Journal’ segment with Michael Scheuer is linked at the following URL:
    Posted in Zionist Threat « FBI agent alleges firing because he is JewishIsraeli hand in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib exposed »3 Responses to “When troops and CIA officers die for a fantasy”


    Add a comment…

    Latney Davis · Top Commenter
    When this information is combined with what is happening in America…Partiot act, NDAA, TSA, highway checkpoints, etc.: it becomes increasingly apparent that Israeli style suppression/oppression tactics are now openly operating in our “front yard”. The connection is unmistakable.

    The Israeli States of what was once America. Isn’t it time for all “those stars” on the stars and stripes to become “stars of David”? I’m not happy!

    Reply · 1 · Like· 15 hours ago

    Bertiz Benhamid · Top Commenter · Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    Make no mistake, we are dealing here with the International Jewish Crime Hub that treats its non-Jews the same or worse than cattle and dogs. Stop feeding the beast now and don’t wait until its dead.

    Reply · Like· 17 hours ago
    Add a Reply… .

    George RobsonThe sad thing here is this virous ( Israel ) will bleed the US of its last dollar and dog tag.
    Reply · Like· 14 hours ago


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