We Need Your Kids To Die! Please.

We Need Your Kids To Die! Please.

Snordelhans on 23 Feb 2011

Heretic Productions present: Michael Rivero comments on this link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/video-cameron-we-wont-let…

News & Politics

The Zionists control the UN security council and also they control the USA and the EU .

strongfoot2009 7 months ago


No one is pushing to have Japan flooded with non-Japanese, giving them special rights and privileges over the indigenous population like free housing and affirmative action and then blaming the Japanese for ensuing problems. No one is pushing to have Nigeria flooded with non-Nigerians, then blaming the Nigerians for ensuing problems.

Only White politicians are supporting this, only White children are being displaced in their own countries. It’s GENOCIDE against White people.

thespacialone 7 months ago

Something is Hidden in the Remote Places of the World.

Snordelhans on 13 Feb 2011

Heretic Productions presents Les Visible’s Smoking Mirrors. http://smokingmirrors.blogspot.com/2011/02/something-is-hidden-in-remote-plac…

We’ve Made Our Bed…

Sodium Fluoride: Known neurotoxin. Mercury in the vaccines: Known neurotoxin. 9/11 Staged. Louting of the treasury and the mass impoverishment of the populous. George W. Bush and the indignities levied by virtue of the diseased personage. The imposition of a police state all under the guise of the WAR ON TERROR which in actually is a WAR ON FREEDOM; Mind you the WAR ON TERROR was a fallacy in the first instance consequential the the undying foundation being a fraud. WAR!

wisdomtrek 5 months ago


Heretic Productions present: Les Visible’s poetry… Bend Over and Wait: http://visible-stream-of-consciousness.blogspot.com/2008/03/bend-over-and-wai…

The Rabbi’s of the Devil

Death camps for Palestinians…..

The Terrible Irony of Beautiful Words

“…and ugly men, made beautiful noise, to introduce the thunder of their guns.” We’re living it right now, like some dark prelude to a horror movie where the majority of the cast will be obliterated. All, that is, except those of “precious skin”. An excellent video that stirs the very soul of those who still retain the ability of critical thinking.

WolfTeilahr1 1 month ago 12

Know that there is a war that rages now, beyond the fields that we know

Between the utopian kingdoms of the high heavens and the chaotic pits of the burning hells

This war is known as the Great Conflict, it has burned and raged longer than any of the stars in the sky

When the eternal war falls upon mortal soil, it is called The Sin War

Angels and demons walk amongst us, in disguise

Some daring mortals have even allied themselves with either side, and help to dictate the course of the Sin War.

RmanDC 4 days ago

Did Israel Just Kill us All?

Heretic Productions present: Mike Rivero’s Comments at http://whatreallyhappened.com/

Israeli security companies controlled the airports involved in the 911 so-called hijacked planes, the WTC complex itself as well as the power plant at Fukushima. A little to co-incident-al for me. And for those Benjamin Netan-yahoo and Zionist Israel supporters, the labels of anti-semite, holocaust denier, self-hating Jews, etc, have lost their power. Open your f##king eyes. !

1bassman9 2 weeks ago

Expect us..


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