The Time Has Come America!

The Time Has Come America!

9/11 – The Time Has Come
By Alexander Massa

This day marks the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington – bold acts of hatred carried out against the American people by their own national government, in conjunction with Israeli military intelligence and agents of espionage.

In perhaps the most heinous act of high treason of all recorded history, American citizens were callously murdered for the benefit of AIPAC and the money changers ­ what better time than the tenth anniversary of 9/11 to make a renewed effort to, in true Christ-like fashion, drive out the money changers from the national temple?

The Zionists are not satisfied with your selfless blood sacrifice for their wholly selfish needs. Indeed, they will never be satisfied until the last drop of Gentile blood is shed on the field of battle. The souls of the dead cry out to Heaven for justice, but their pleas fall on deaf ears. What will YOU do, fellow American? Pick up a rifle and don a helmet for Israel? Or, rather, will you arm yourself with the Constitution, a burning sense of conviction, a keen sense of righteous indignation, and oust the traitors from office?

A programme of national direct action must be called for and implemented if we ever seek seriously sweeping social change. The whole of the people ­ the laborer, the white-collar worker, the front soldier, the wife and the mother ­ arm in arm, forging a united front of national unity and purpose, can and must restore our sovereign and sacred Republic. Only class solidarity and union will allow us to overcome the terrible evils that we face. Marxian notions of class warfare and divisiveness between the rich and the poor will only expand the already draconian power of the Zionist power broker. How can we fight the money changers when we’re fighting one another?

Autumn is slowly making its way onstage ­soon enough, Christmas will be around the corner. That wonderful winter holiday dedicated to the one and only Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, and his miraculous birth and deliverance unto humanity. Who will you buy goods from this Christmas season? Will you buy from the Zionist department store chains or the foreign merchants, or will you buy American and sacrifice some extra money? Do not merely give; sacrifice for the good of the nation and the people.

We must hit the enemy where it hurts, which is invariably their pockets ­ money and the acquisition thereof is all they really care about anyways. Whenever you can, buy local. Keep your local merchant in business. Do not sell out to the massive corporate chains ­ in doing so, you only further bind the shackles of corporatism and crony capitalism around your ankles. Wherever possible, boycott your enemy. Make them pay for their crimes against not only America itself, but against the American people, including the smallest and weakest among us.

The future of America is, as it always has been, bright with promise and hopefulness. I yearn for the day where I can raise my children in a truly free and prosperous America, free from Zio-communist domination; the day where the sun rises once more over America with promise and optimism, endowing this great land from coast to coast with peace, prosperity, and everlasting brotherhood. We owe it to our children to transform this pipe dream into stark reality.

Upon the altar of Christ and almighty God, I pledge eternal resistance to the money-changers.

Will you join me now, and fight as my brother?

Alexander Massa


22 Mar 2011

Heretic Productions present; How to Stop the NWO by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

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One response to “The Time Has Come America!


    I remember reading about the Ukrainian holomodor for the first time…7 million+ people murdered by Stalin in an enforced famine from 1932-33. The Bolshevik Jews simply went from town to town, house to house, confiscating food stores and destroying crops.

    I wondered wtf kinda moron would let them do that without putting up a fight…then I read that most of those people were Christians (probably convinced that their god would save them!)

    Lesson? Don’t trust the Christians, they are idiots! 

    RadioFlyffer 4 months ago 23

    America is controlled by Jews at the “Federal” Reserve and their crimes are covered up by the Jew controlled media. Over ONE MILLION Iraqis have been murdered, and for what? We are occupying the Middle East for Jews! They have a monopoly over the media.(propaganda)They control the “Federal” Reserve(money). They dictate foreign and domestic policy.(AIPAC) Jews also destroyed our economy and nations worth by shipping off our entire manufacturing industry over to China.

    Theforbiddentruth net

    Mrscotthugcookie 3 months ago 12

    AIPAC is aware about the public discovering their evil influence over America. Their influence is now being compromised. However, they’re not about to go down quietly. They control Congress, the Judiciary, the WH, our economy, even most police departments across the country. If the Zionists act too boldly will the people respond in like manner towards the Zionists? The future looks bleak, but we can’t remain on our knees when the SHTF.

    joe80dman 1 month ago

    I’m concerned about many of the comments that refer to the Zionists as being the Jews !

    The Zionists are not the Hebrew Jews of the tribes of Israel , but false Jews who originated from the Kazars (look it up) who have infiltrated and adopted the traditions of the Jews and operate under the cloak of Judism and who use the Holocaust industry to fend off any criticism as “anti-Semetic” !

    There are many Zionists who are NOT Jews at all !

    Judism isn’t guilty of this abomination – Kazars are !

    rolynstone48 2 months ago 3

    how to stop the NWO..

    22 Mar 2011

    Heretic Productions present; How to Stop the NWO by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

    News & Politics

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