Proof: Ahmadinejad is Anti-Zionist, not Anti-Semitic


Fool me once (Gulf of Tomkin), shame on you, fool me twice (Iraq war), shame on me. Fool me thrice: you might as well be the dumbest person on the planet willing to die for another phony war for Israel.

UToobHater 3 months ago 19

Ahmadinejad Vs Obama

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the leaders of Jewish brothers

Hafez21hafez21 on 25 Aug 2011

Iran does not have any enmity twords the Jews, as Iran has a larg Jewish comunity that enjoys safe and happy life in Iran



2 responses to “Proof: Ahmadinejad is Anti-Zionist, not Anti-Semitic

  1. Ahmadinejad is Anti-Zionist, not Anti-Semitic

    Were it not for the international banking cartel, the US Federal Reserve and our corrupt Government, Iran could be America’s friend and trading partner. The responsibility to bring change rests with the American people.

  2. Commercials for war. How sick. To bad America is waking up to the Zionist running our news & were not going to fall for that shit anymore. Ron Paul will get us out of foreign wars.

    synzofanonymous 5 days ago

    DrRonPaul2012 on 16 Apr 2010

    In the midst of the Nuclear Security Summit there was a lot of international PR. From the Kazakhstan posters to The Israel Project advertisements. So where do these PR blitzes come from, and who is behind them. Alyona talks to RT Correspondent Jihan Hafiz to figure it out.

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