11/01/2012 ACCURATE SATIRE: Henry Kissinger: “If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf” half the Middle East will be Israeli. Our young have been trained well for the last decade or so on combat console games,

ACCURATE SATIRE: Henry Kissinger: “If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf”
Kissinger, the most famous living practitioner of international statecraft

by Alfred Heinz

Global Research, January 11, 2012

NEW YORK – USA – In a remarkable admission by former Nixon era Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, reveals what is happening at the moment in the world and particularly the Middle East. [ACCURATE SATIRE]

Speaking from his luxurious Manhattan apartment, the elder statesman, who will be 89 in May, is all too forward with his analysis of the current situation in the world forum of Geo-politics and economics.

“The United States is bating China and Russia, and the final nail in the coffin will be Iran, which is, of course, the main target of Israel. We have allowed China to increase their military strength and Russia to recover from Sovietization, to give them a false sense of bravado, this will create an all together faster demise for them. We’re like the sharp shooter daring the noob to pick up the gun, and when they try, it’s bang bang. The coming war will will be so severe that only one superpower can win, and that’s us folks. This is why the EU is in such a hurry to form a complete superstate because they know what is coming, and to survive, Europe will have to be one whole cohesive state. Their urgency tells me that they know full well that the big showdown is upon us. O how I have dreamed of this delightful moment.”

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

Mr Kissinger then added: “If you are an ordinary person, then you can prepare yourself for war by moving to the countryside and building a farm, but you must take guns with you, as the hordes of starving will be roaming. Also, even though the elite will have their safe havens and specialist shelters, they must be just as careful during the war as the ordinary civilians, because their shelters can still be compromised.”

After pausing for a few minutes to collect his thoughts, Mr Kissinger, carried on:

“We told the military that we would have to take over seven Middle Eastern countries for their resources and they have nearly completed their job. We all know what I think of the military, but I have to say they have obeyed orders superfluously this time. It is just that last stepping stone, i.e. Iran which will really tip the balance. How long can China and Russia stand by and watch America clean up? The great Russian bear and Chinese sickle will be roused from their slumber and this is when Israel will have to fight with all its might and weapons to kill as many Arabs as it can. Hopefully if all goes well, half the Middle East will be Israeli. Our young have been trained well for the last decade or so on combat console games, it was interesting to see the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game, which mirrors exactly what is to come in the near future with its predictive programming. Our young, in the US and West, are prepared because they have been programmed to be good soldiers, cannon fodder, and when they will be ordered to go out into the streets and fight those crazy Chins and Russkies, they will obey their orders. Out of the ashes we shall build a new society, there will only be one superpower left, and that one will be the global government that wins. Don’t forget, the United States, has the best weapons, we have stuff that no other nation has, and we will introduce those weapons to the world when the time is right.”

End of interview. Our reporter is ushered out of the room by Kissinger’s minder.

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“We told the military that we would have to take over seven Middle Eastern countries for their resources and they have nearly completed their job.



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  1. “We told the military that we would have to take over seven Middle Eastern countries for their resources and they have nearly completed their job.





  4. Ahmadinejad Vs Obama.



    Were it not for the international banking cartel, the US Federal Reserve and our corrupt Government, Iran could be America’s friend and trading partner. The responsibility to bring change rests with the American people.

    Charleston voice


    1972 Treaty Grants the United Nations Control Over American Historical Landmarks

    by Melissa Wiedbrauk

    When our Founding Fathers sparked the American Revolution and signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, they sought self-government for the American colonies and an escape from the dominance of England.

    The Founding Fathers would be shocked to learn that some of their successors have given control of key American sovereign territory to other nations.

    Through an international treaty, the United States is allowing the United Nations and its member countries access to and control of American soil – in particular, our historic buildings and treasured wilderness.

    In 1972, our government signed the United Nations’ World Heritage Treaty, a treaty that creates “World Heritage Sites” and Biosphere Reserves.” Selected for their cultural, historical or natural significance, national governments are obligated to protect these landmarks under U.N. mandate.1 Since 1972, 68 percent of all U.S. national parks, monuments and preserves have been designated as World Heritage Sites.2

    Twenty important symbols of national pride, along with 51 million acres of our wilderness, are World Heritage Sites or Biosphere Reserves now falling under the control of the U.N. This includes the Statue of Liberty, Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello, the Washington Monument, the Brooklyn Bridge, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite, the Florida Everglades and the Grand Canyon – to name just a few.

    Most ironic of all is the listing of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. The birthplace of our Republic is now an official World Heritage Site. The very place where our Founding Fathers signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – the documents that set America apart from other nations and created the world’s longest-standing democracy – is no longer fully under the control of our government and the American people.

    Protection of our treasured places is a sound undertaking, but doing so by ceding control of our sovereign territory to a foreign power is wrong and threatens our rights and freedoms.

    In 1995, Crown Butte Mines in the New World Mining District in Montana was forced to abandon a mine development project after the U.N. listed Yellowstone National Park as a “World Heritage Site in Danger.”3 Crown Butte proposed to mine a medium-size underground operation on private property three miles from the boundary of Yellowstone. The project would have employed 280 people and generated $230 million in revenue.4

    This mining project was not unique. The area had been mined for 150 years before Yellowstone National Park was established. Crown Butte had worked along with the U.S. Forest Service to ensure that all of the necessary precautions were being taken to ensure that the project would be environmentally responsible. Crown Butte had won an award for excellence in 1992 and was considered to be a “showcase operation.”5

    None of these factors mattered to the U.N.’s World Heritage Committee. Citing the project as a potential threat, the U.N. exerted its authority to force the abandonment of the project. It did not matter to the U.N. that this violated Crown Butte’s exercise of its private property rights under the U.S. Constitution. Nor did the U.N. care that its action also went against U.S. federal law prohibiting the inclusion of non-federal property within a U.S. World Heritage Site without the consent of the property owner.6

    Although it has not happened yet, under the World Heritage Treaty the U.N. has the legal right to someday restrict us, as American citizens, from visiting our national treasures.

    Many environmentalists believe that the mere presence of humans disturbs the environment. As such, it is not farfetched to wonder when the politically-correct U.N. will ban the American public from Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the Florida Everglades and other precious natural wonders now visited annually by millions of tourists.

    Ironically, banning generations of young people from visiting our natural wonders would undermine the public’s appreciation for the spectacular gifts of nature, and undercut support for environmental protection.

    Unfortunately, the World Heritage Treaty is just one of a series of government actions that is stripping away the gift of freedom we received from our Founding Fathers.

    To stop this erosion of sovereign rights, federal legislation has been introduced to restore the rights of Americans against this threat to freedom. The American Land Sovereignty Protection Act seeks to preserve the sovereignty of the United States over public lands and preserve the private property rights of private citizens. It would require congressional oversight of U.N. land designations within the U.S.7

    We should not turn our backs on the Founding Fathers by surrendering the precious gift of sovereignty. We should treasure and protect it.



    1 “World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves Fact Sheet,” United States House or Representatives Committee on Resources.
    2 “American Land Should Be Controlled By Americans,” press release, The National Center for Public Policy Research, Washington, D.C., February 24, 1999, available on the Internet at http://www.nationalcenter.org/PRLandSov299.html.
    3 Kathleen Benedetto, National Wilderness Institute, testimony before the United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Washington, D.C., May 26, 1999.
    4 Ibid.
    5 Ibid.
    6 Ibid.
    7 “American Land Should Be Controlled By Americans.”

    # # #

    Melissa Wiedbrauk is a research associate with The National Center for Public Policy Research, a Washington, D.C. think tank. Comments may be sent to mwiedbrauk@nationalcenter.org.


    great site for info…


  6. Iran has 25 000 to 30 000 Jews most of them don’t give a rats ass about Israel!!

    Hafez21hafez21 1 month ago

    Why should they- they live in Iran!

  7. Well said Ahmadinejad! Much support from USA! God be with you! Peace to Muslims Christians Jews and all people! Death to the zionist scourge!

    Kalkaai 3 weeks ago 28

    Wow reaching 100,000 views… see the link at the bottom for mind blowing findings by an Isreali professor.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Israelis Are Not Jews and American Leaders Are Not Christians. Life-Curve of the Superpowers Is on the Decline


  8. ◄$$$ THE NEW US DOLLAR IS UNDERWAY reports Bob Chapman
    [HatTrickLetter snippet from the Golden Jackass]


    Чарльстон голоса
    चार्ल्सटन वॉयस

    $$$Bob Chapman has reported some potentially important news. Whether its timetable is soon or distant, nobody knows since the path traveled is an event driven scenario. He broke the story three weeks ago. He claims to have received the information directly from people at the top of the banking profession, but from the leading mid-sized banks. He does not have a line of information from the top major banks. These mid-sized executive bankers attend meetings directed by the USFed and they pass details to Chapman. He reports, “The big US banks are being told to clear safe secure storage, because they are getting ready to print a new currency. It is not the Amero. It is a new Dollar, probably different from what you have already. It is underway. It may not be in the printing stage yet, but the plans are there. The USFed is expecting, as is the USDept Treasury, that the USDollar is not going to be the reserve currency of the world in about a year and a half, maybe less.” The report is not specific, but the blueprint is clear that a response is planned for the death or rejection of the USDollar. See the Chapman weblog (CLICK HERE).The Jackass reaction follows. Plans are being shared with mid-sized US banks, since they are subservient. They talk to mere mortals like Chapman since they too are mortals, ranking minions in the banking industry. A new USDollar is due to launch in 12 to 18 months, the American response to crisis. A very big devaluation comes in my opinion, complete with nasty price inflation in the domestic USEconomy. Built in will be considerable debt writedowns, perhaps directly applied, probably forceably to the foreign creditors with enormous resentment. Tremendous complications are involved, since the USDollar is used in global contracts and commerce, like trade settlement. The end of the USDollar is near. The beginning of the Third World Dollar is fast approaching. Its birth will be the final cold water in the face of Americans, all too sleepy for years, as they will awaken in horror. They will see their pensions, life savings, and more perhaps cut in half. Ramifications and impact will be broad, as a ticket to Third World will be issued and used without a choice. The initial devaluation might be 30% to 35%, but more loss is assured after time passes.

    My forecast is for a follow-up devaluation of another 15% to 20% after a period of time, like six to nine months. The deficits are too great, for both trade and the government budget. The hemorrhage will deal crippling blows to the new USDollar, which will not be supported by the printing press any longer. If in effect, the new USD will not be readily accepted for trade, since it will be toxic, a true reflection of the horrendous fundamentals for the USEconomy and USGovt. If in effect, financing the USGovt debt will not be easy, since the printing press will be mothballed. The domestic US interest rates will rise past 10% quickly, matching the true rate of price inflation. The price of food will double quickly, gasoline too, and all utilities. The reckoning will result in total 50% USD devaluation down the road 2 or 3 years. The overall impact from birth of a new USDollar is its ticket to the Third World, a tourniquet on the US national neck. Some caution must be given concerning Bob Chapman. He is bold and intrepid, but half of his shocking calls have been nothing more than hot wind that passed to the desert hills. For three years, he has been warning of bank shutdowns and bank holidays. The Jackass has expected them eventually, but Chapman gave at least three such wrong calls. He has been alarmist at times, but his calls are surely contingency plans in the shadowy conference rooms where the elite meet and the security agencies map out logistics. At times Chapman seems to lack some comprehension of practical implications. But he does have some deep sources. The best approach for this information is to plan on it in the future, but that door might not open for some time. The timetable will be dictated by events, which are unquestionably turning more toward chaos and disorder.
    Do you like this post? Please link back to this article using one of the codes below.

    URL: http://chasvoice.blogspot.com/2011/11/new-us-dollar-is-underway-reports-bob.html HTML link code: ◄$$$ THE NEW US DOLLAR IS UNDERWAY reports Bob Chapman BB (forum) link code: [url=http://chasvoice.blogspot.com/2011/11/new-us-dollar-is-underway-reports-bob.html]◄$$$ THE NEW US DOLLAR IS UNDERWAY reports Bob Chapman[/url]
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