Why Are They Afraid of Jesse Ventura?

Why Are They Afraid of Jesse Ventura?

Another Sideshow, Another Black Eye for the Military

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Fox News is continually reporting that former Governor/SEAL/UDT Jesse Ventura, was “beaten senseless” in a bar brawl in 2006 by a SEAL. The story goes that Ventura said “more SEALS need to die.”

VT Editor Jim W. Dean reminds me, “Why now, why years later, why station after station, all Neocon controlled spin and sleaze carrying this story?

Who gave the command, unleashed the media rats?” Then we checked the web, same thing, every scumbucket site on net. Then, of course, a “little birdie” told me that Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura, America’s political “dream team” had been talking.

True or not, the attack dogs who went after Paul are now on Ventura.

From that second onward, I knew I was listening to pure unadulterated bull from a carefully coached Neocon stooge using his military service to sell out his country. It reminded me of watching Ollie North in his dress blues, there, in front of congress. I wanted to puke.

There is no bigger veteran supporter than Jesse Ventura. There is also no bigger enemy to the crooks that have used our military against our own country than Ventura.

This is why Jesse is the real hero and why he is feared.


The claim by a Kris Kyle seems a bit hollow. Those who know Jesse claim he never would have said it. Were I to show up on the “trash talk” circuit, I might have a witness or two, even if I had to pay them out of the reptile fund. Sorry for going there, I tend to equate neocon’s with reptiles, don’t know how that started. Perhaps it is their empathy level but more likely their intellect.

The story goes like this, back in 2006, Jesse Ventura went into a bar he frequents in Coronado, CA. This “Kyle” character says Jesse was “badmouthing the war. The mythology begins:

Kris Kyle – In the Flesh !
Kyle then claims he decked Ventura, a former pro-wrestler, and “ran out of the building.” The run part I understand. Everything else is unsupported.

What is supported is that “Kyle” has a book out claiming he is a great war hero, a sniper who killed hundreds of “insurgents” in Afghanistan.

I know a bit about stuff. Part of my time in Vietnam was spent as a sniper. In real life, and this is how we have to be, snipers are seen as “backshooting cowards” by the rest of the military.

Even with the old equipment we had, I could hit 3 people, “pink mist,” before they knew it from so far away it would take them an hour to get there, terrain as it is.

I didn’t like it, it felt “dishonorable” to me but this is just my opinion. I never had to walk a hundred miles to kill an NVA general and evade trackers for weeks, like I read in books that I suspect are 99% fiction.

Shooting folks who are called “insurgents” in a country where every adult carries a gun may have risks but probably means that many who were killed were murdered and others who were real “insurgents” were actually patriots fighting another foreign invasion, “us.”

Thus far, 80% of dead “insurgents” are unarmed civilians, in particular women and children. I’ve been there and have done my homework.

This, I suspect, is Ventura’s position.

There is no other position. Anyone who buys the 9/11 and bin Laden crap is too stupid to live. In 2006, fewer knew that it was all invented.

By 2008 or today, all special ops guys know 9/11 was an inside job, all know bin Laden died in 2001 and if they don’t, it means nobody trusted them enough to tell them the truth.

Where Kyle, in his endless interviews, each embellished more than the last, is right, he says we fight for each other as professionals, not for the war.

Let’s talk about self defense issues.
I spent 35 years in martial arts, starting as a kid. My earliest lessons involved fighting for lunch money as a kid in Detroit.

I studied Judo (Jujitsu), I boxed, all of it with my last official competition well into my 50s. I have worked with every imaginable weapon and more than a few that won’t be declassified during our lifetime.

However, as an old guy I was slow, taped up but with better upper body strength than in my 20s, much better, and frankly, more willing to cheat. Why? I needed to.

Back when I thought I was a big deal I had an awakening. I got into the ring with an average professional light heavyweight boxer. I got to hit air more than I wanted and got a lesson. Professional boxers are to be avoided.

What I would remind Kyle of is professional wrestlers. These guys, and many of us know they are acting most of the time, are on my ‘avoiding’ list.

I am certain of this.

Any professional wrestler, even with my 35 years of training, much of it “not amateur,” meaning trained in silent killing, would have me asking for mom to come and help in 5 minutes.

Compared to these guys, the rest of us are a joke. I at least have the guts to admit it.

Let’s talk about SEALS.
First of all, I know many SEALS, some are friends and know their hierarchy. I also have a gang of SAS buddies from “head honch,” being “Mike” to non coms. It isn’t about bluster but more professionalism. Where we get suckered is when we try to paint “honor and duty” onto things when we know better. We just do what we do because we can, because it is our place at the table and once we lose it, we are just like anyone else.

All of us are only an inch away from a job at Home Depot or, for so many of our friends, simply decicing we can handle it anymore. This is why we stick together because, frankly, there are days when nobody else is real. Enough about that.

This is the best group of guys in the world. I find them good company, which is as good a thing as any Marine can say about someone in the Navy.

Remember Vietnam? 38 SEALS died in Vietnam. 21,000 Marines died in Vietnam. This is the link to my article on Ventura from 2010. It has been reproduced and read more than anything anywhere that year, print or internet. It got over 100,000 reads an hour for some time.

SEALS – The Neo-Cavalry
Marines demand respect because we earned it. What we also don’t forget is that these guys are still out there, they are part of “us”.

And when special ops guys need extraction from impossible situations, if SEALS are the ones who show up, they are the luckiest men on earth.

What bothers me is “book selling” and appearing like a trained ape on right wing TV and radio. This has you speaking for me and you can’t speak for me.

I am a Vietnam combat vet. I have spent decades trying to outlive what happened at My Lai, when a “military unit” executed hundreds of women and children.

Now, as one of the leaders of a rather large veterans organization, the stories come in, some anti-American propaganda but more, more than I will print certainly, speak of cowardly acts by special operations personnel and contractors, and the proof is too often on live video.

Do we damn everyone? This is a good question, maybe we do.

What it tells me is that, when you find yourself on the wrong side of a war, where the enemy is the “good guys” and you are working with a pack of spoiled thugs, it is time for hard decisions.

Do you “shitcan” your career? Do you walk away from your buddies? Would real courage require standing up and refusing illegal orders as is required by the Geneva Convention to which every American soldier is a personal signatory?

Fog of War – Tokyo – One Night – 100,000 Killed
Then again, I do know “fog of war.”

Things aren’t clear and combat tends to blunt the decision making process.

Also, in today’s world, a military paycheck may be the only paycheck and you go or your kids are on welfare and welfare isn’t what it once was if you hadn’t noticed.

This isn’t 2001 or 2003. I think all of us know the facts by now but just don’t know how to get out of it. Military service is a trap, the more “special” or “secret” the bigger the trap and, as so many know, the more unstable and purely delusional those around you can get, especially “leadership” such as it is.

Anyway, who am I to judge?

What do I expect from the SEALS? It is time someone admitted the Abbotabad fiasco.

Here is what I know:

The US had casualties there, Abbotabad, SEALS and aircrew, denial is disrespect. We saw the wreckage and have proof of American bodies being picked up. End of that lie.
Bin Laden had died a decade ago, the mission was “political” and SEALS never should have been involved. Obama needed a “win” and SEALS bought it for him.
Initial stories about gunfights and “bin Laden hiding behind a hostage” were proven lies and failure by the Seal community to deny this reflects poorly
The entire scenario, the shooting of an unarmed, unprotected old man who died ten years ago who would have been, if any of it were true, the most valuable intelligence asset in history, reflects poorly on SEALS and is, I hope a lie made up by DC bureaucrats
The “Muslim Burial at Sea” fiasco, not only is it an obvious lie, only a moron would try to tell it.

The reason for the video is simple. It explains the difference between real and phony, between stupid and moronic, as well as anything. It debunks the bin Laden death about as quickly and painlessly as imaginable.

Might Tag Team Time be Coming Again?
Then we get to the “old guy” thing. I am an old guy. Jesse Ventura is an old guy. I have a brother 5 years older than me.

His recent gig was training our intelligence officers in unarmed combat. I am more than certain he could take anyone around, effortlessly. He was 67 at the time.

He is not patient like Ventura. Hitting him would mean a month in an ICU, no matter who you think trained you.

One of my good friends and co-workers was a Special Forces, an intel guy. His last gig was Defense Attache to Israel.

He also has 30 plus years of martial arts and is 6’5″ plus. He is also an old guy.

I have put his tail on the ground but I remember being hit by him. He nearly broke one of my arms, at 70 could easily drop any heavyweight to the floor. I am sure we are both slow as hell but the Kyle story, this takes the cake.

Ventura was, on his worst day as a pro, well beyond any of us. Hitting him with a baseball bat would be a wasted effort much less suckerpunching him and fleeing a bar where you were supposedly an invited guest at a wake?

Fishy? No kidding.
I grew up around tough guys and the military weren’t the toughest except perhaps Harris. Eddie Lee Harris, for those who follow such things, was rated numero uno in all martial arts in all services back in the late 60s.

He is a close friend and I was asked to be his sparring partner because I was “trained.” Ouch!

I saw Harris invite an entire Navy crew to a boxing match on the USS Cleveland. When he did 10 consecutive KO’s, none lasting one minute, no more takers.

In an informal confrontation, he and I against what I thought was hopeless numbers, I watching him pick up one guy by his belt and begin beating others with the body as though it were a stick.

Even Harris is an old guy now, still a brother, knee replacements, still plays softball, still tough as hell but no longer bigger than a truck.

What are the issues? I am waiting for Kyle to challenge Ventura to a rematch. This would be good, short but good.

I am not so sure I believe Mr. Kyle, which, since he presents himself as a SEAL, dishonors all SEALS. Marines would have shut his lip long ago.

This “sniper” crap is just that, “crap.” As a Vietnam Marine, working for a tenth the money and with more trigger time than a century in Afghanistan would offer, I am immune to bull.

We were starved, did 30 days a month “out” and were invariably outnumbered ten to one or more. We had no body armour, no hot meals, certainly no pay, no calls home, no internet, no weeks of downtime, no personal belongings, just death, starvation and rain.

One of our writers and a fellow squad member in Vietnam, Bill Eckard, died a bit ago. He lost two legs, part of an arm and ended up in an early grave in Arlington National Cemetery.

To Those We Have Loved – And Lost
[Editors Note: Dear Folks, Gordon is too humble to put this link in so I will, as Bill Eckerd was in command of the flanking squad in:

The Last Bayonet Charge in Vietnam.

For those who have not caught this yet, it is being called one of the best Vietnam War pieces there is… Jim W. Dean]

To me, “Ralph” was always “Bill.” He will always be 20 years old, he will always be my family. This is our path, this is how we go and, for the best of us, sometimes why we fight for each other in wars we spend our lives learning were “mistakes.”

But then, we were like so many others.

Like who?

Tiny Tomb Stones
Like every other American army that ever fought in wars, from Valley Forge to Antietam to Belleau Wood to Iwo Jima.

Now we need new rules, a professional military of Christian politicians who cost millions to train and live on talk shows and TV?

I thought General MacArthur, “Dugout Doug” was bad enough.

What would a real patriot say? No wars for my kids, not unless America is attacked. Well, we were attacked, we were attacked by a cabal of Neocons, backed by Pentagon Princes and the Mossad and trillions were stolen.

More of us learned we were lied to. Why did we have to learn at all, Vietnam was lesson enough but the “forgetting” set it along with phony politics, phony religion and cheap cowards who took over our government.

Our answer to being attacked by our own government?

We invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hell, I was in Vietnam. I know stupid wars. I was part of a generation that died in the mud, forgotten in Vietnam or who returned to a country that honored us with parades decades later when few of us were still alive.

They could have kept their parades.

When it comes down to who I respect and I have Jesse Ventura telling me our wars are wrong and America is guilty of criminal aggressive war, which is the simple truth, I respect the simple truth. I respect Jesse. Those who have the choice and pretend to believe a lie are the real cowards. Ventura is not.

For me it isn’t politics. I am always on the side of the veteran, the poor sap who dies, whose wife (or husband) is with “Jody” and whose kids will grow up without a real family.

I am against those who start wars, who profit from wars, who play war politics, I think they should all be executed. As Jim Dean so often says:

“The problem with Gitmo is that they don’t send the really dangerous terrorists down there, but to Washington instead.”

I can’t say Jesse Ventura is a god. I don’t believe everything he has done but he did the best analysis of 9/11, the landmark in American history. He is responsible for the best piece of journalism America has, certainly the most important.

For that, we owe him. No sniper, no SEAL, no journalist comes close, Jesse…on that one day won something well beyond the medal of honor. As a veteran, Ventura stood up for the honor of all of us. I choose to judge him for that day.

Editing: Jim W. Dean

The Navy SEAL Foundation is proud to serve the Naval Special Warfare community including the U.S. Navy SEALs, SWCC, NSW Support Personnel, and their families



Tomas Estrada-Palma · Top Commenter · 57 years old
At this stage the traitors are only digging a deeper grave. I’m an older man as well. I never went to war as I knew from the get go all the conflicts the U.S. has been involved in during my lifetime were based on BS. I look forward to seeing Bush, Cheney and all the 9/11 gang being dragged to the gallows as they weep like the cowards they are. Maybe I am deluding myself that they will ever see just punishment for being vile unamerican filth that they are. Still, I wake up everyday searching for a way to alert the numb skulls who still actually believe the 9/11 Report that the truth is treason – not terrorism. I have more, not less Americans who join this movement for justice. I especially look forward to all of the network talking head dangling from the traitors rope for lying and covering up the facts. Smart asses like Ed Shultz, Bill O’Reilly, Rachael Maddow, Chris Mathews, etc.
Reply · 1 · Like· 11 hours ago

January 10, 2012 – 5:02 pm
Thans for interesting article. The 43 minute Ventura video was full of revelations with rational explanations (was a study of the object that struck the Pentagon on 9-11). Despite all that Ventura and others find, nothing seems to change but I guess this is because the mainstream media never brings up anything that can be incriminating to Israel and zionists and to power people that give them their paychecks. It would be nice to interrupt the sitcoms and sports shows and reveal to people that the 9-11 commission was a dud .

Log in to Reply mpennery
January 11, 2012 – 6:49 am
“By 2008 or today, all special ops guys know 9/11 was an inside job, all know bin Laden died in 2001 and if they don’t, it means nobody trusted them enough to tell them the truth.”

Gordon, you and I both know those leading the ‘bad guys’ are pure evil psychopaths, who have declared war on the people and have some pretty scary goals. If your statement is true, I must assume by this and other comments that pretty much the smartest people in the military know the truth about OKC, 9/11, bin Laden, terrorism, etc. Once realizing these truths, they have then decided to either 1) keep quiet for their careers and/or families or 2) to take some kind of (descreet or public) action that would provide an opposing (and positive) force for good to stand against these guys.
There are many on the outside wondering and hoping for 2)


Lexington, ky

Log in to Reply michaeldibari
January 11, 2012 – 6:53 am
By March Ron Paul will realize that the corrupt Republican party will deny him the candidacy. He will jump to the Libertarian party and pick Jesse. And they’ll win.

How? This ticket will draw from the Republicans that simply will not vote for Romney. It will draw from Democrats who feel betrayed by Obama. Paul already has a majority of the Independents. But the real push will come from the 50% that have long ago given up on the corrupt two-party system and are waiting for a viable 3rd party ticket. If just 5% of them vote, Paul/Ventura win.

Log in to Reply stanley
January 11, 2012 – 8:05 am
Gordon, you know all about Carlos Whitefeather and the “match” .308s, and the real snipers of that era are people like: (from Wikepedia) “Eric England (born 1933, Union County, Georgia) was a sniper for the United States Marine Corps 3rd Marine Division during the Vietnam War. Joining the US Marine Corps in 1950, England was a Nationals rifle shooting champion by age 19 in 1952, and the all-time long-range champion by 1968. He received his first competitive training in USMC bootcamp from his cousin, Dr. James Harry Turner, at that time a Marine weapons instructor. This led to a 24 year career on the USMC rifle team, winning national and international competitions as participant and coach.

He currently holds a record as one of the five American service members with the highest number of confirmed kills. He is listed as having had 98 confirmed kills, with dozens more listed as “probables”. While Marine Corps sniper legend Carlos Hathcock is generally given credit for being the top ranking US Marine Corps sniper, he actually had 93 confirmed kills, behind Chuck Mawhinney who had 103 confirmed kills, and England who had 98. When the US Army snipers are included, England shows to be ranked at third overall, with US Army sniper Adelbert Waldron moving to first with 109 confirmed kills. However, Eric England had 98 confirmed within only seven months’ time, before being medically evacuated. (England had many solo sniping missions, and witnesses were not always available to confirm his kills which may have been 200 or 300. England has never mentioned his number of kills; this estimate had to be obtained from former USMC officers who knew him. The same situation was true for Carlos Hathcock, William Dunnam and other scout-snipers.)

Although little known outside of sniper circles, England is highly respected, and was the subject of the book Phantom of Phu Bai, written by Dr. J. B. Turner. Carlos Hathcock was once quoted as saying, “Eric is a great man, a great shooter, and a great Marine.” A sculpture in England’s honor was erected at the county courthouse in Union County, Georgia, in 2006. Guest speakers included former Governor of Georgia and US Senator Zell Miller, also a former Marine, and a friend of England; and Maj. Jim Land, USMC, Ret., Carlos Hathcock’s commanding officer and occasional fellow sniper in Vietnam. Senator Zell Miller, author, news commentator, former Marine and former governor of Georgia, stated, “Eric England was my career inspiration.”
With just a little knowledge it’s easy to identify the punks, right?

Log in to Reply xx
January 11, 2012 – 9:16 am

Nice story. First and foremost, have worked with Navy Seals and have great respect for this group of people. Dedicated soldiers, I would trust my life with, smart and loyal Americans that place their lives on the line.

I also respect Jesse Ventura and Kris Kyle; however, Jesse Ventura doesn’t have to prove anything. He has been fighting for Americans for many years, trying to protect your freedoms in his own way.

Kris Kyle is a young man wishing to write about some of his experiences, and is speaking with the wrong people. There are significant cultural differences in people, and often Navy Seals use this culture to produce well rounded groups (teams).

However, mercenaries “kill” their competition, and exposure is a weakness. As in being over confident, regardless of how skilled you are in occupation, over-confidence is often one weakness readily observed by those wishing to destroy you. Something Kris Kyle needs to learn more about, and cautiously, and will learn in time. As sniper team, you are well hidden and remain near invisible during operations; the key is lack of exposure. And now the need is exposure, and the person maybe unprepared for the potential outcome.

Jesse Ventura has what allot of Americans don’t have, and that’s “Common Sense”. And the drive and determination to open eyes and minds to alternative views and once again, “Thinking through and Analyzing Information”.

On another note, in the late 1970’s Central America was a dangerous place. Spent some time here, was out numbered about 15 to 1. Worked in groups of about 30 for obvious reasons, even passed through a camp one late night by accident, and cautiously went through. While traveling through these jungles it was difficult to keep everyone together, and if some were separated it was certain death. One job of mine was to make certain no Rangers remained behind, separated from the group. Where is Jim Fetzer?



2 responses to “Why Are They Afraid of Jesse Ventura?

  1. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=21188

    Israel: “Wiped off The Map”. The Rumor of the Century, Fabricated by the US Media to Justify An All out War on Iran

    by Arash Norouzi

    Global Research, September 26, 2010

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    2diggsdigg 775

    Global Research Editor’s Note

    The following text by Arash Norouzi first published by the Mossadegh Project and Global Research in January 2007 confirms that the alleged “Wiped Off the Map” statement by Iran’s president was never made.

    The rumor was fabricated by the American media with a view to discrediting Iran’s head of state and providing a justification for waging an all out war on Iran. the article provides of media manipulation and “propaganda in action”.

    Iran is blamed for refusing to abide by the “reasonable demands” of “the international community”.

    Realities are twisted and turned upside down. Iran is being accused of wanting to start a war. Inherent in US military doctrine, the victims of war are heralded as the aggressor.

    The threat to global security comes from the US-NATO-Israel military alliance, which is now threatening Iran with a pre-emptive attack with nuclear warheads.

    If Iran is attacked, we are potentially in a World War III scenario.

    It is essential to dispel the fabrications of the Western media.

    Iran does not constitute a threat to to Global Security.

    Iran does not possess a nuclear weapons program. Iran does not constitute a threat to Israel.

    Michel Chossudovsky, 25 September 2010


    Wiped off The Map: The Rumor of the Century

    by Arash Norouzi

    Global Research, January 20, 2007
    The Mossadegh Project

    Across the world, a dangerous rumor has spread that could have catastrophic implications. According to legend, Iran’s President has threatened to destroy Israel, or, to quote the misquote, “Israel must be wiped off the map”. Contrary to popular belief, this statement was never made, as the following article will prove.


    On Tuesday, October 25th, 2005 at the Ministry of Interior conference hall in Tehran, newly elected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech at a program, reportedly attended by thousands, titled “The World Without Zionism”. Large posters surrounding him displayed this title prominently in English, obviously for the benefit of the international press. Below the poster’s title was a slick graphic depicting an hour glass containing planet Earth at its top. Two small round orbs representing the United States and Israel are shown falling through the hour glass’ narrow neck and crashing to the bottom.

    Before we get to the infamous remark, it’s important to note that the “quote” in question was itself a quote— they are the words of the late Ayatollah Khomeini, the father of the Islamic Revolution. Although he quoted Khomeini to affirm his own position on Zionism, the actual words belong to Khomeini and not Ahmadinejad. Thus, Ahmadinejad has essentially been credited (or blamed) for a quote that is not only unoriginal, but represents a viewpoint already in place well before he ever took office.


    So what did Ahmadinejad actually say? To quote his exact words in farsi:

    “Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad.”

    That passage will mean nothing to most people, but one word might ring a bell: rezhim-e. It is the word “Regime”, pronounced just like the English word with an extra “eh” sound at the end. Ahmadinejad did not refer to Israel the country or Israel the land mass, but the Israeli regime. This is a vastly significant distinction, as one cannot wipe a regime off the map. Ahmadinejad does not even refer to Israel by name, he instead uses the specific phrase “rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods” (regime occupying Jerusalem).

    So this raises the question.. what exactly did he want “wiped from the map”? The answer is: nothing. That’s because the word “map” was never used. The Persian word for map, “nagsheh”, is not contained anywhere in his original farsi quote, or, for that matter, anywhere in his entire speech. Nor was the western phrase “wipe out” ever said. Yet we are led to believe that Iran’s President threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”, despite never having uttered the words “map”, “wipe out” or even “Israel”.


    The full quote translated directly to English:

    “The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time”.

    Word by word translation:

    Imam (Khomeini) ghoft (said) een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying) qods (Jerusalem) bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time) mahv shavad (vanish from).

    Here is the full transcript of the speech in farsi, archived on Ahmadinejad’s web site



    While the false “wiped off the map” extract has been repeated infinitely without verification, Ahmadinejad’s actual speech itself has been almost entirely ignored. Given the importance placed on the “map” comment, it would be sensible to present his words in their full context to get a fuller understanding of his position. In fact, by looking at the entire speech, there is a clear, logical trajectory leading up to his call for a “world without Zionism”. One may disagree with his reasoning, but critical appraisals are infeasible without first knowing what that reasoning is.

    In his speech, Ahmadinejad declares that Zionism is the West’s apparatus of political oppression against Muslims. He says the “Zionist regime” was imposed on the Islamic world as a strategic bridgehead to ensure domination of the region and its assets. Palestine, he insists, is the frontline of the Islamic world’s struggle with American hegemony, and its fate will have repercussions for the entire Middle East.

    Ahmadinejad acknowledges that the removal of America’s powerful grip on the region via the Zionists may seem unimaginable to some, but reminds the audience that, as Khomeini predicted, other seemingly invincible empires have disappeared and now only exist in history books. He then proceeds to list three such regimes that have collapsed, crumbled or vanished, all within the last 30 years:

    (1) The Shah of Iran- the U.S. installed monarch

    (2) The Soviet Union

    (3) Iran’s former arch-enemy, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein

    In the first and third examples, Ahmadinejad prefaces their mention with Khomeini’s own words foretelling that individual regime’s demise. He concludes by referring to Khomeini’s unfulfilled wish: “The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time. This statement is very wise”. This is the passage that has been isolated, twisted and distorted so famously. By measure of comparison, Ahmadinejad would seem to be calling for regime change, not war.


    One may wonder: where did this false interpretation originate? Who is responsible for the translation that has sparked such worldwide controversy? The answer is surprising.

    The inflammatory “wiped off the map” quote was first disseminated not by Iran’s enemies, but by Iran itself. The Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran’s official propaganda arm, used this phrasing in the English version of some of their news releases covering the World Without Zionism conference. International media including the BBC, Al Jazeera, Time magazine and countless others picked up the IRNA quote and made headlines out of it without verifying its accuracy, and rarely referring to the source. Iran’s Foreign Minister soon attempted to clarify the statement, but the quote had a life of its own. Though the IRNA wording was inaccurate and misleading, the media assumed it was true, and besides, it made great copy.

    Amid heated wrangling over Iran’s nuclear program, and months of continuous, unfounded accusations against Iran in an attempt to rally support for preemptive strikes against the country, the imperialists had just been handed the perfect raison d’être to invade. To the war hawks, it was a gift from the skies.

    It should be noted that in other references to the conference, the IRNA’s translation changed. For instance, “map” was replaced with “earth”. In some articles it was “The Qods occupier regime should be eliminated from the surface of earth”, or the similar “The Qods occupying regime must be eliminated from the surface of earth”. The inconsistency of the IRNA’s translation should be evidence enough of the unreliability of the source, particularly when transcribing their news from Farsi into the English language.


    The mistranslated “wiped off the map” quote attributed to Iran’s President has been spread worldwide, repeated thousands of times in international media, and prompted the denouncements of numerous world leaders. Virtually every major and minor media outlet has published or broadcast this false statement to the masses. Big news agencies such as The Associated Press and Reuters refer to the misquote, literally, on an almost daily basis.

    Following news of Iran’s remark, condemnation was swift. British Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed “revulsion” and implied that it might be necessary to attack Iran. U.N. chief Kofi Annan cancelled his scheduled trip to Iran due to the controversy. Ariel Sharon demanded that Iran be expelled from the United Nations for calling for Israel’s destruction. Shimon Peres, more than once, threatened to wipe Iran off the map. More recently, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, who has warned that Iran is “preparing another holocaust for the Jewish state” is calling for Ahmadinejad to be tried for war crimes for inciting genocide.

    The artificial quote has also been subject to additional alterations. U.S. officials and media often take the liberty of dropping the “map” reference altogether, replacing it with the more acutely threatening phrase “wipe Israel off the face of the earth”. Newspaper and magazine articles dutifully report Ahmadinejad has “called for the destruction of Israel”, as do senior officials in the United States government.

    President George W. Bush said the comments represented a “specific threat” to destroy Israel. In a March 2006 speech in Cleveland, Bush vowed he would resort to war to protect Israel from Iran, because, “..the threat from Iran is, of course, their stated objective to destroy our strong ally Israel.” Former Presidential advisor Richard Clarke told Australian TV that Iran “talks openly about destroying Israel”, and insists, “The President of Iran has said repeatedly that he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth”. In an October 2006 interview with Amy Goodman, former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter referred to Ahmadinejad as “the idiot that comes out and says really stupid, vile things, such as, ‘It is the goal of Iran to wipe Israel off the face of the earth’ “. The consensus is clear.

    On the other hand a jewish guy- really did call for Germany to perish read his plan- in the book GERMANY MUST PERISH!

    Another said they’d force white women to sleep and produce with only black men….

    They documented their evil thoughts!

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