The Elite’s Military Problem

The Elite’s Military Problem

Friday, January 06, 2012 – by Staff Report

US ‘turns page on a decade of war’ … The United States is “turning the page on a decade of war”, President Barack Obama said, as he unveiled a major strategic review that will cut $489 billion in defence spending over the next ten years … As the wars of the September 11 era pass, Mr Obama said America should abandon its traditional capability of fighting two major wars at once and focus on becoming a “leaner and smarter” fighting force with an emphasis on counter terrorism, reconnaissance, cyber warfare and maintaining a nuclear deterrent. In a rare appearance in the Pentagon press briefing room, Mr Obama however insisted that the US military would comfortably maintain its military supremacy, with proposed spending still larger than that of the next 10 countries combined. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: We’ve changed. We’re gonna be more powerful but more gentle, too. We’re going to emphasize the efficiency of killing rather than its scope.

Free-Market Analysis: The Obama administration has announced a new page in a decade of war. But is this really the case? We would argue that this downsizing is noteworthy because it acknowledges that the pretense of using “citizen armies” to realize the New World Order is actually drawing to a close.

What Obama is enunciating is nothing more than a dominant social theme, in our view. The idea is to indicate to the West and to America in particular that the country’s war-fervor is abating. The US will continue to be triumphantly powerful but it won’t be so brash or quite so destructive.

But really nothing much has changed in terms of power elite goals. What IS changing is the way force is going to be distributed and applied.

There is going to be a transition to a more secretive military methodology, in our view. It’s already happening. The powers-that-be will seek to advance their agenda via mercenaries and intelligence agencies and to fund these activities via drug dealing and various other black ops.

Is there any other choice? The Anglosphere power elite that seeks to run the world cannot likely wean itself from its military methodologies. Its command-and-control agenda rests on the threat of violence and increasingly on its actuation.

Western economies are seemingly almost entirely in the thrall of this elite. Using the wealth of central banking, it has over time created a worldwide economy that is driven by war and directed by a few select, titanic corporations that are basically the handmaidens of Washington DC and the City of London.

It would seem to be the most successful, hidden dictatorship in the history of humankind. The secrecy – especially in the 20th century – allowed the entire world to be steered in a certain direction, toward world government. This strategy is still in effect even though it has been blown open by the Internet and the increasingly powerful “Reformation” that it is causing.

What we call the Internet Reformation is evidently and obviously shaking the power elite. This powerful entity has thus been increasingly forced to show its hand in numerous ways, both legislative and military. We have come to call it “directed history.” The goal is global governance and events are “arranged” to facilitate it.

Throughout the 20th century, the “globalization” trends expanded. The state was to be celebrated in all ways. What was independent and inchoate was to be made dependent and ritualized. What was art was depersonalized in order to celebrate the efficacy of the state, as was architecture. Psychology was introduced to increase the efficiency of manipulations of the middle class. Money was drained of value and increasingly controlled behind the scenes by forces bent on inflation and currency debasement.

The continuance of this mad system is brought forth despite an increasingly generalized understanding of its manifestations. Over the past 300 years, with increasing energy and efficacy, a deliberate and calculated reign has been put into place that seemingly purposefully embraces everything that is most dysfunctional and destructive about human society.

Human beings are surely complex animals, in our view, with an incredibly broad spectrum of traits. When these traits are exercised privately, no overall harm is done. But when a tiny group of elites manage to gain control of the world’s money supply (as has apparently occurred) and then begin to use the power of government force to deliberately implement their agenda, large-scale disasters are surely in the offing.

In the 20th century, perhaps 150 million people died directly as the result of elite war and its directed history. The 21st century was to see the further perfection of this system of war, corporatism, looting and bloodshed. Here’s some more from the article:

The cuts would represent less than 10 per cent of the current annual defence budget of $650 billion. In one of the most significant strategy shifts since the end of the Second World War, the review US will turn its focus away from Europe towards the Asian Pacific region to counter the rising influence of China.

“Our military will be leaner but the world must know the United States is going to maintain our military superiority with armed forces that are agile, flexible and ready for the full range of contingencies and threats,” [Obama] said at a news conference at the Pentagon flanked by Leon Panetta, the US defence secretary, and senior generals.

“Even as our troops continue to fight in Afghanistan, the tide of war is receding,” he said. “Even as our forces prevail in today’s missions, we have the opportunity – and the responsibility – to look ahead to the force we need for the future. Our nation is at a moment of transition.”

The defence budget since the September 11 attacks on the US had grown at an “extraordinary pace” which had to slow down, he said, given the soaring budget deficits the world’s superpower is facing thanks to the recession and the cost of its ageing population. “We have to renew our economic strength here at home, which is the foundation of our strength in the world. That includes putting our fiscal house in order,” the president said.

We don’t believe any of this. We have learned in a decade of covering such reports that government officials usually say exactly the opposite of what they mean. The Anglosphere elite cannot afford to give up its corporate/military mechanism of control.

In fact, one could make an argument that what we consider to be a deliberately introduced financial crisis has resulted in the purposeful expansion of NATO to make it into a true fighting force worldwide. Couple NATO with the mercenary expansions of outfits such as those run by the infamous Erik Prince and the steady emergence of shadowy black ops run out the City of London, Washington DC and Tel Aviv and you begin to see an entirely new militaristic paradigm.

What is interesting, we would argue, is that this configuration increasingly resembles that of ancient Rome. When the empire was weakening due to financial mismanagement and corruption, the use of mercenaries and professional soldiers greatly expanded. It didn’t work, however, in the long run because people need to be motivated by a belief structure in order to be willing to fight and lay down their lives.

Absent this belief structure, defeats mount up and victories are increasingly hard to come by. This explains the failures of the West in Afghanistan and Pakistan and probably in Yemen and Somalia as well.

Conclusion: Here is the puzzle: The closer the elites draw to the New World Older, the less effective their mechanisms of control may prove.

Posted by jlax23 on 01/06/12 09:04 PM

Posted by cromwellshead on 01/06/12 02:46 PM
War is to be privatised, it already is. Corporations rather than nations will fight the new wars. One of the many reasons, and there are many, is the questioning military. Gone are the cannon fodder, replaced by thinking questioning beings. Who supports Ron Paul? Take a look at Oathkeepers. No, the establishment realises modern soldiers do not fall for their lies, totally. It is one thing to ask a man to defend his country against invasion, it is another to lie to him and expect him to die thousands of miles away for corporate greed.

An excellent article DB, maybe the elites have realised “their” soldiers may be a part of their downfall? Whatever the outcome, millions of veterans with access to firearms must worry them greatly.

I thought this as well but the talk over corporal jesse thorsen’s facebook page tells me not all the strings the puppet masters have over the troops have been completely cut off of them or all the veterans. Some of them know things are wrong but at the same time seem to have an established a propensity to fall in-line rank and file with whatever they are told by their overlords. Those soldiers & veterans I speak of tend to buy into the “theme” that disinters like CPL suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome.


Posted by onebornfree on 01/06/12 09:33 PM

Posted by terrang on 01/06/12 04:48 PM
It’s even worse than this.

A Prof. Obrovsky of the Army War College has said that the highest military brass know 911 was an inside job. And I note they just collect their benefits and pensions and salaries and get along and go along. Except for General Stubblebine, a former intelligence specialist, who says there was no plane at the Pentagon. It was apparently a missile strike and he also says the towers came down from controlled demolition.

A few months ago I sat through a two hour documentary put out by 1,500 metallurgical, structural and chemical engineers and architects and military explosives experts who conclude that the laws of physics clearly show the towers came down by controlled demolition

The molten metal suirting out of the corners of the collapsing towers was caused by thermite, and Prof Jones of Byu, since fired, found military grade thermite residue at the site.

Our military and our intel are a disgrace.

A multi star general at Fort Carson recently voiced dismay that people in Colorado are against their expansion of the Pinon Canyon Military site. He doesn’t know we know.

Yes terrang , and it’s “even worse” than even you surmise :-).


1] tall structures like skyscrapers must always be [and always are- just check on youtube] demolished from the bottom up- because the base structure [which must bear the entire weight of the building above], is purposely built to be at least 8 times stronger than the topmost sections- therefor it must always be taken out _first_, before demolition can commence in an orderly fashion.

And yet all of the purportedly live televised twin tower collapse sequences depict the exact opposite occurrence – an impossible collapse of the towers starting with the very top sections magically exploding up and out, and ending with the bases collapsing _last_ instead of first where they ought to have. See: Click to view link .

2][a] Fact: Each of the twin towers was made of 1000’s of tons of steel girders, and thousands of tons of concrete- total weight of each tower was reportedly 500,000 tons.

2][b] Fact: Each tower was a little over 1300 ft. tall. Fact: a billiard ball, when dropped from a height of 1300 ft., in a vacuum, [i.e with no air resistance to slow it down], would hit the ground in 9.2 secs. Yet all of the network aired collapse sequence videos of those two 500,000 ton, 1300 ft. tall buildings show collapse times from top to bottom of under 17 secs., some of the N. tower collapse show a total collapse time of under 10 seconds [!!] .

Even the 17 sec. total collapse time of a 1300 ft tall steel and concrete building weighing 500,000 tons is a complete physical impossibility in the real world- the sequences showing under 10 seconds for total collapse are just the perps “piling it on” and laughing in our faces at our own gullibility, I’m afraid.

Conclusion: the collapse sequence videos aired by the networks that morning could not have been real [because they are in direct contradiction to fundamental, known laws of physics], they were sequences specially pre-fabricated beforehand in the identical manner to the top down collapse sequence depicted in the Hollywood movie “Independence Day” Click to view link
, which were then broadcast as being “live” by all of the networks on the morning of 9/11.

Which means, obviously, that the networks were all “in on it” as well.

Yes, the towers had to be demolished, no plane could destroy them, in the manner depicted, in the real world, and in any case, no destruction could have occurred from the top down, only from the bottom up [again check around on Youtube for non-9/11 related tall building demolitions, or talk to any demolition expert] , or see: Click to view link ,if you didn’t do so the first time around.

I’m afraid that the real [bottom up] demolitions were not seen on any TV at all that day. What we all saw that morning were a number of fake Hollywood “Independence Day” style pre-fabricated movies, complete with impossible physics, nothing more [ “Welcome to the matrix” 🙂 ].

Steven Jones is a probably a deliberate fraud- a “limited hangout” character whose only job is to intentionally lead the gullible away from the bald fact that the networks all showed us fake, prefabricated [ on computers] imagery of the all of the tower collapses etc. ; either that or he is an idiot, as are any architects and engineers who have been taken in and seriously believe that any real-world 9/11 tower collapse could have ever have occurred in 17 secs. flat or under, or would have started at the top of each building in the exact reverse of the manner seen in _all_ other, real world, tall building demolitions. Regards, onebornfree



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    Posted by seer on 01/06/12 09:00 PM

    What we call the Internet Reformation is evidently and obviously shaking the power elite. This powerful entity has thus been increasingly forced to show its hand in numerous ways, both legislative and military. We have come to call it “directed history.” The goal is global governance and events are “arranged” to facilitate it. Obviously there will be a Tipping Point but a $489 Billion decrease in defense spending over 10 years is a day late and dollar short in terms of real reform. Why is Ron Paul the only candidate pushing for real military reform? It tells me the internet reformation has not awakened enough Americans to the futility and losses incurred by American Military Hegemony.

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