Europe: The Liars Club, Who Really Owes the Money

Europe: The Liars Club, Who Really Owes the Money

The EU is a Financial Shell Game

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

You have been hearing Europe is broke but what you have heard has been filtered through newspapers and TV stations owned by “certain groups” paid to lie to you.

Your information is useless, as usual, like everything else you think you know.

Let me tell you a short story and then drop some minor facts any 2 year old could check that will, we hope, make you question other things.

Other than peddling lies on the internet, correct that, “information” that contradicts the harmful mythology peddled by media with an agenda quite directly orchestrated by organized crime syndicates, I work in murders and executions, tied to the defense industry.

This, of course, is a childish joke. Business school folks have an underdeveloped sense of humor. “Murders and executions” means “mergers and acquisitions.”

The defense industry is built on one failed company built out of “hot air and bullshit” buying others of the same, starting a revenue stream through bribery and being bought off by a larger shark.

I Think You Can Get the Picture Here

This is where the Carlyle Group, General Dynamics, Boeing, Raytheon, Thales Company and others came from, crap piled so high the stockholders can never seen the real horizon.

No Job We Cannot Handle – No Place We Can’t Go – IF We Can Agree to the Right Dough
One of my partners in this business works out of Switzerland and is an OPM guy.

This is another 5 cent joke.

OPM means “other people’s money” which means he sells bonds and manages a hedge fund.

What kind of money are we talking?

We could buy General Dynamics out of spare change.

There is nothing like “OPM.”

His point to me today, “Gordon, you write a lot better than me. Please take a second and remind Americans who, in Europe, really owes money.

Wake these idiots up!

This is what he sent, taken right out of Wikipedia of all places:

The first four countries, represent the famous PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain), whose debt problems theoretically “threaten the stability of the world’s financial system”

They Have Tried to Put a Good Face on It
It is worthy to note, that Italy is in better shape than both France and Germany.

PR 46,795 217%

IT 36,841 108%

GR 47,636 174%

SP 47,069 154%

The next two countries represent France and Germany, which the media represent as the countries that will save the Euro!

I guess that they could not come up with a good acronym, which is why they excluded France from the PIGS group.

FR 74,619 182%

DE 57,755 142%

Let’s not forget the USA, whose credit rating was lowered due to its “debt problem” For whom exactly are these famous ratings agencies working for? France, Germany, and the UK all have equivalent or better credit ratings that then USA !

Do the Numbers Lie – or Make Us Cry?
What more do you have to do to be accused of treason ?

US 47,568 99%

The real bandits that risk collapsing the world financial system !

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UK 144,338 400%







What my friend’s point is doesn’t take a genius to understand:

Britain is bankrupt and the Pound is utterly worthless. Their inflated real estate has collapsed as have their banks. Britain is “totally full ot it.”
Germany is buried in debt and lying about it. Half the people heat with firewood and are on some kind of public assistance financed with counterfeit money and they have the audacity to criticize Greece or America.
France is lying about their debt, they are actually far worse than this but are pleasant and wonderfully polite. I love France.
Blaming Italy, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, etc, is nothing but a childish game. The entire EU, though largely disarmed, poorly governed and falling apart is what so many of us have always known, the world’s center for bullshit.

There is a reason I don’t invest in Swiss Franc’s. Each bill or coin should have a picture of Alfred E. Newman.

The World is Floating in Oil and Gas – Yet Prices are Still High – Have You Wondered Why?
Right now, Israel, France and Russia are figuring out a way to keep the war in Afghanistan going while suckering America into moving troops into Northern Nigeria. I expect to be heading there soon, a good chance for some to get a shot at me. Good luck with that!

They are afraid cheap African natural gas will destroy their monopoly so they are acting just like they were the Capone gang, which is exactly what they are.

In the Persian Gulf, we are seeing exactly the same thing. Iran and some “friends” are involved in a complicated theatre to push up oil prices.

Check today’s Bloomberg, although I cringe whenever mentioning the name of someone with such a reptilian demeanor.

Screw the current crisis, ignore Israel other than to forcibly strip the Zios of Gaza and the West Bank and pretend Iran isn’t there. If you look at their military, Iran really isn’t there.

Do take a second to note that today, Iran put out a press release that they produced their first nuclear fuel rod. This is a nice, decent and peaceful thing but the announcement was a challenge.

They just put a shot across the bow of another crooked monopoly. The whole thing is organized crime especially the news. Calling reporters and editors pimps is a kindness.

The deal? Europe is being scammed into an unseen level of poverty by inflated fuel prices, price fixing in gasoline and diesel, price fixing in natural gas while keeping food prices low.

Ouch! – Can You Say Reversal of Fortune?
Try driving across Italy now. Why can’t you see or breathe? They are cooking their meals with sticks they pick up in the woods.

In southern Italy, they don’t even have sticks.

Why is all this happening? Why is Europe in hidden poverty while newspapers and news organizations continually print utter lies about everything from foreign policy to economics?

The answer is simple.

The only real wars, the only real conflicts are between the organized crime syndicates, Israel and the Rothschilds and their thieving American partners against the Freemasons and the gang at the Vatican.

Oversimplified? Perhaps. Or perhaps not.

Editing: Jim W. Dean

Bull to Matador – ” Can You Feel My Pain? ”

Lars Hansson
January 3, 2012 – 6:51 pm
Intriguing reading, as usual, Gordon, and some fascinating facts re: the “actual” European economic situation, and I’m not surprised at all… I am admittedly a relative latecomer to the ‘Zio-Mafia” school, altho’ I’ve,had a few (rather unpleasant) run-ins myself over the years with the Institute fellers, but I have long been aware of and denouncing City of London arch-machinations.

I’ve never been a huge fan of LaRouche personally, but have always found most of his group’s material on that specific issue most intriguing if not enlightening, as well… Some of your recent articles have been superb — major points made and very well buttressed with your personal observations as well as sources. This one, while it may actually be totally true, is awful light in the latter aspect, IMHO.

I feel I am somewhat qualified (or at least used to be) to make that observation as someone who was once called (and NOT flatteringly) the “King of Konspiratologists” (whatever THAT means…). I am hoping this article was a warm-up, then, for a barn-burner sure to follow. Given your most recent article about Israel being slated yet again as the fall-guy, I think we’d all appreciate considerably more specific back-up for some really strong claims at the end of this one.

I’ve said for years that the Overlords are NOT monolithic and that many of the major events (esp. wars) are factional infighting, or “stratospheric hardball” if you will, mainly just so that I could avoid having to explain all the players, esp. the “mid-level managers” most people might recognize by name, and the intricacies of the battle(s).

In this case, tho’, I think you owe it to your well-informed audience to flesh your statements out considerably more, particularly the final one. As a hard-core anti-fascist “scholar,” if what you’re claiming is true, this pretty much puts us all right back again at the 1930s-era scenario, while everything that has transpired since then convinces me it’s considerably more complicated than that (but I have been wrong more than a few times before…).

It IS amazing, tho’, that we actually have an ADMITTED former Nazi running the Vatican while the ZioThugs have been pushing their agenda more forcefully than usual of late. The more things change, apparently, the more they stay the same… Looking forward to your next one, Mr. D.

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January 3, 2012 – 10:14 pm
You touched on something that Gordon’s recent article confused me about. “Israel being slated yet again as the fall-guy”.
So, in looking at what Gordon’s said about Israel (which seems to be considered Zionist), that would seem like a good thing, especially with what they’re doing to the Palestinians.
So, is there a problem with they being the “fall guy”? (I think Gordon said something about they being in real trouble in ten years in that recent article).

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Gordon Duff
January 4, 2012 – 12:16 pm
You have an assignment. Get a thrid party going for Ron Paul and leave the rest of this alone.

Log in to Reply Charlotte NC Bill
January 3, 2012 – 7:25 pm
Isn’t the Anglo-American-Israeli ( Judeo-Masonic Zionist ) cabal all on the same team with the Sabbatean Rothschilds serving as the main ringleader? The end of the article confused me a little.

Log in to Reply The Rahnameh
January 3, 2012 – 9:04 pm
What do you mean Iran isn’t there? Who are you, John McCain now? “Iraq-Pakistan border”? lol

Log in to Reply Allesandro
January 3, 2012 – 10:24 pm

A most interesting tale is that of the two Japanese men apprehended in May 2009, in Italy as they were headed to Switzerland with the $134.5 Billion in US Treasury Special Issue Bonds, hidden in the false-bottom of the briefcase they carried. When the total value along with accrued interest is calculated, and assuming no interest was paid since the issuance in the 1930′s, the total value of the US Treasury Bonds along with the interest owed is somewhere in the $1 Trillion range. The US Treasury Bonds, 134 at $1 Billion each from FDR’s years, and the last T-Bond ($500 Million from shortly before JFK was murdered) represent (if true) an unbelievable and unprecedented, hidden and treacherous agreement made in our name, outside the bounds of any legal authority, of any President or representative or Congress or anyone else without the authority of the American Citizens.

Now, my understanding is that the US Treasury Bonds are real, they were being carried by men who had not stolen them, the numbers, the documentation, the history, seems to check, the men represented the true owners, these denominations are “Inter-Government” amounts $1 Billion face. So the story has legs, and a recent pair of lawsuits has been filed in the Southern District of NY, and the reason for their issuance and the history of the bonds is very intriguing. Whatever the story, we have not been told anything of value so far. What’s more, is that these US Treasury Bonds did not represent the full amount of whatever “Deal” was agreed to between our Government and the other “Government” and even this $134.5 Billion amount, by itself is staggering and points to “Special Deals” that were made by our government, and if true, that should have been disclosed in detail many years ago, along with an accounting of each sides legal obligations since we as the American people/citizens have been used as collateral.

I am so totally sick of secrets deals, signing statements, executive orders and every other form of deception that has been used against us, along with “Presidential Pardons”, its time to disclose any agreements heretofore made in detail.

You know in the old days stealing a man’s horse was punishable by death. Today, that may seem a little harsh. We need similar laws and penalties, relating to financial obligations that were made in our name, and make them retroactive, with NO Pardons of any kind.

What say you?

Log in to Reply Tomer
January 4, 2012 – 7:29 am

Utterly and totally nonsense what you wrote!

First I just wanted to ignore it, but later decided that since many people read this blog and may believe what you wrote I MUST put in my 2 cents worth.

First of all, what is the source of those list of amounts owned by individual states?
If you want to be considered a serious blog you must always give a source on your info and not just a friend in Switzerland who works in the business.

According to EZB, a most serious source, your figures are totally wrong!
I leave it without any further comment, anyone can google EZB and find the information.

Your comments about several european countries are also totally wrong.
I live in Germany since several decades and can tell:

They have probably the world´s highest savings rate,
they have great social benefits for the needy,
they heat with wood only if they own a forest or lately wood pellets are used in central heatings.
Their debt ratio is the lowest after Luxemburg and Finnland, even after they paid well over 100 billion euros to save Greece, Irland, Portugal, etc.
Germany and France are the two biggest industrial nations in the euro zone, therefore they can make changes happen, tiny little countries like Belgium or Malta cannot.
Germany has the finest industry in the world, their expensive pruducts are sold years ahead and right now have the lowest unemployment since 1991. Compare it to the USA.

Germans are afraid of leaving the euro, because if they will issue Marks again, the currency will APPRECIATE immediately 15-25% against the dollar and the rest Euro, making their exports prohibitively expensive. That means a great faith of the markets in Germany and you cannot say the same for the US dollar.

I will not comment on any other items above, however they have the same value as your comments on Germany.

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January 4, 2012 – 10:00 am
Following data is from Ameco, IfK Kiel.

GNP in % per person

Japan: 206% 73,777 Euro
USA: 101% 34,416
France: 85% 26,022
Greatbritain: 84% 23,261
Germany: 80% 24,682
Euro states, together: 88% 24,935

These are the official figures at end of 2011.

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January 4, 2012 – 10:11 am
By the way, I got my Financial Adviser license during 1968 from NASD, therefore on financial matters it is not easy to fool me.

Log in to Reply Jim W. Dean
January 4, 2012 – 12:15 pm
Dear Tomer, The source was mentioned in the article.

Also, How many times have we heard already about these European countries cooking the debt books??? They have a lot of incentive to do so…and election coming up, keep their credit rating and refinancing rate from going up, etc.

What’s a little lying on top of everything else they have done? Are we going to hang them twice

Log in to Reply joesigur
January 4, 2012 – 8:02 am
uh, who gives a shit what the European Central Bank says? Do you ask the wolf to go count the chickens?

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January 4, 2012 – 10:03 am
Those who are serious and want to know the truth want serious data.
Those who not, read any BS they find.
To which group do you belong, Joe?

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January 4, 2012 – 1:10 pm
I don’t trust statements made by Fed Banks unless there is someone validating their claims.I understand why ppl could think it’s a reputable source, I no longer do.As I don’t trust AP and Reuters to give unbiased coverage in news. Corporations never put out info that hurts their goals IMO

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January 4, 2012 – 1:24 pm
oh yeah, let’s not have the validater have a vested interest in the outcome! (9/11 commission?)

Log in to Reply Truth Seeker
January 4, 2012 – 8:44 am
Interesting read, hope someday you will enlighten us more on the interworkings of the Freemasons and Vatican as to how they work behind the scenes in geopolitics, banking and public opinion.

Log in to Reply joesigur
January 4, 2012 – 1:22 pm
yes, Gordon, I, too, am intrigued by that last statement of yours. If they are, indeed, at war as you say, the Israel cozying up to Russia comments I’ve heard from you or China make sense a little more. I’ve heard ppl like Phelps, I believe, lump the vatican in with the Mossad and I always assumed all these secret societies were on the same page. Looking forward to more-You are the best out there! keep it up!

Log in to Reply The Rahnameh
January 4, 2012 – 3:00 pm
Wait wait wait, I didn’t even see that last part. The Freemasons/Vatican are at war with the MIC/Rothschilds? In sibling rivalry, MAYBE. There’s no confusion. They’re the same dog ish and doomed to find out that humanity lives on past fallen dynasties.

Log in to Reply Gordon Duff
January 5, 2012 – 12:15 am
Iran has virtually NO military budget and no military leadership to speak of

Facebook comments in link…


2 responses to “Europe: The Liars Club, Who Really Owes the Money

  1. when the banks collapse…….?

    Reality will hit you smack inbetween the eyes!

    Politicians lie- about everything…….

    Whatever they say- they’ll do- be confident they’ll do either nothing or the complete opposite!

  2. Voluntary Ignorance

    Americans Choose to Keep Their Heads in the Sand

    By Michael Chester

    An old cliché states that ignorance is bliss. If this were really true, the US would be a very happy country. There is no shame in being ignorant. We all have things that we are ignorant about. What separates the intelligent from the fool is that the intelligent person can be educated to overcome his ignorance and when presented with overwhelming evidence he is willing to admit that a belief he held was wrong and change it. The fool will blindly continue his erroneous beliefs even after they have been proven false. Unfortunately the US has more fools than intelligent people.

    If a politician learns something new and changes a previously held view, he is not lauded for his new found knowledge; he is pilloried as a “flip-flopper.” Apparently the public would rather their politicians be consistently wrong than learn new things.

    What I find particularly appalling is when people would rather stay ignorant, even when presented with overwhelming proof that their belief is wrong. I call this “voluntary ignorance.” I hate to keep picking on them (not really) but the people who call themselves the “Tea Party come to mind. Their original ideals were actually very similar to the current “Occupy movement,” that is they felt that government had grown too powerful and they had been forgotten. Unfortunately, their leadership was quickly pushed out and replaced by puppets for the Koch Brothers and other right wingers. They have been convinced to support people and positions that hurt them the most. Why would poor people support paying more in taxes so that the wealthy could pay less? Why would people living on Social Security and with Medicare want to cut or eliminate those programs? Somehow, through the power of propaganda, they have been convinced to believe that way. Maybe they are completely delusional and believe that they will be rich someday. I could cite how voluntary ignorance is very much in play in dealing with the events of 9-11, but I will save that for another day.

    There has been a concerted effort made to dumb down our citizenry. True, we still produce some geniuses, particularly in the area of science and technology, but overall, I believe that the average person is much less able to make rational decisions. I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old man here. “In my day…” As far back as Aristotle, and probably even farther, wise men have been saying that the next generation is going to ruin the world. I guess this is just a natural part of aging, but I think more is in play here. People have been taught to increasingly depend on machines to “think” for them. Most cashiers are now incapable of the simple act of making change correctly without their register telling them what to give back. Spelling, once considered a vital skill is now handled by a spell checker in your computer. I am guilty of dependening on my spell checker too much. This sometimes results in a humorous sentence when it autocorrects to a different word than intended.

    Part of the way my memory works has changed from knowing something to knowing where to find the information. The Internet has spoiled many of us. Unfortunately it has also become a great source of misinformation. Even sites such as Wikipedia which is often accepted as factual have been used as propaganda outlets for select groups.

    YouTube – Veterans Today –

    We are now almost entirely dependent on computers to exist. Virtually all of our financial dealings are done via computer. Medical records, legal records, communication and many other daily necessities are run by computers. What would happen if they all suddenly shut down? With virtually all of our computer hardware now being manufactured in China, it would be very easy for them to include “self-destruct” code into all of our computers. It might already be there. If they want to devastate our country, they would simply need to send the activation command over the Internet. Does this sound like wild conspiracy theory? As someone with more than a passing knowledge in technology, I can tell you it is not only possible, but highly likely. VT columnist, Mike Harris, a man with extensive background in this area, recently wrote a column about how this “backdoor technology” may have been used to land our top secret drone in Iran. I don’t have any inside information, but based on my knowledge of these things, I would rate this somewhere between feasible and probable.

    What those who want to control the world fear most is an educated populace. The famous WW-II Nazi, Hermann Goering, had this to say about dealing with educated people: “Education is dangerous – Every educated person is a future enemy” and on the cultured: “Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my Browning!”

    In most of the slave holding states it was illegal to teach slaves to read or write. If a slave were to learn of life beyond the plantation, he would be harder to control and would be more likely to run away. Slaves were given a limited exposure to selected parts of religion and the Bible. They were told that God’s plan included their obedience and their reward would be in heaven. They were certainly not told of the parts about the slave uprising and escape. This use of a supposed divine reward for earthly obedience has been used elsewhere to keep the poor in their place. This behavior is what Marx was referring to when he said that “religion is the opiate of the people.” By this he meant that religion could be used for mind control much like a drug could be. I am certainly not a Marxist, but on that issue he was correct.

    People often take an out of context passage from the Bible, Quran, or another religious book, inject their own interpretation and justify attitudes or behaviors that are quite different from what the religion teaches. How else could people who claim to be devout Christians support such acts as rendition, torture, rape and murder of those whose belief system is different that their own. History, even the watered down, semi true version we are allowed to hear, is full of wars being fought over religious differences. Lately we have been bombarded with negative images of “Muslim terrorists.” These are not just in the news. Very popular entertainment TV shows almost always portray Muslims as terrorists. Almost every week the popular NCIS LA features a Muslim villain. This is a subtle form of mind control. The people who put out these shows want us to associate Islam and terror. The truth is that historically many times more Muslims have been killed by Christians wielding the “wrath of God” than the other way around.

    There are three types of information you may be given.

    The first is the truth, though even the truth is subject to one’s point of view. This is why the police and prosecutors view eye witness testimony as the least reliable form of evidence. Two totally honest people may witness the same crime and see two completely different events. Both believe what they are saying, but their experiences and points of view are different.

    Second is the lie where information is simply made up. Lately we have seen a lot of this.

    Third is what has come to be called the weasel where things that are technically true are presented in a way to create a false impression or certain vital facts are left out. Politicians particularly love to use these.

    I will give an example of each.

    One of the most famous weasels of the first type was the statement made by President Clinton in the Lewinsky case. He said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” If one accepts the dictionary definition of “sexual relations” to mean intercourse, the statement is technically true. However, what he hoped people would hear is “a sexual relationship” which, he did actually have. He carefully selected the word “relations” to convey a false impression.

    An example of the second form of weaseling was when President G. W. Bush gave the State of the Union address to Congress in 2003. He made the statement that British intelligence had reported that Saddam Hussein had attempted to purchase “yellow cake uranium” in Niger. This was technically true as there had been a British intelligence report to that effect. What he intentionally left out was that British intelligence quickly sent a subsequent report which said that the previous report was not true. The CIA also confirmed that the report was false. This is the selective use of facts. Now to be fair, this little weasel only resulted in spending over a trillion dollars and the killing of many thousand people in a totally unnecessary war; it’s not like it was about something really important like a blow job.

    It is not too late to make substantive changes, but it will be very difficult. Start locally. Most people know more about national politics than what is happening in their own neighborhood. Learn the local issues and candidates. One vote is worth much more in a local election than in a national one.

    I am going to end with another quote from Hermann Goering. Does any of this sound familiar?

    “Naturally the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

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