The Stealth Zionist War on Ron Paul

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

by Gordon Duff

The Stealth Zionist War on Ron Paul

Newsweek/Daily Beast, The Phony Progressive Israeli Front Shows Its Colors

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The video below is one of the endless series of stealth attacks against Ron Paul by what should be his real base. Paul is hardly a conservative. He is the only real progressive, liberal candidate out there despite his own misrepresentations. The one you will be seeing comes from what Americans should know of the Mafia, were the truth to get out. It is a “hit job” by organized crime, in this case, Jane Harmon and here phony “liberal” gang at Newsweak.

His accused racism is 99% “pro-American” and advocating a foreign policy that is no longer under the control of extremist organizations claiming to be “pro-Israel” but that nobody is willing to admit, other than author Jeff Gates, are historically tied to organized crime.

American Jews, 78% at least, are Obama supporters and many may well support Paul.

Veterans Today is seeing massive support for Paul among active duty and veterans.

The idea that years later there are still people trying to use the word “conservative” as though it doesn’t mean “slave to Israel” and “ignorant bumpkin.”

The country club gang, the tax cheats, the boys who sent our jobs overseas, those making a living running phony job scams, reposssessing houses, running up credit card fees, this is our “conservatives, these and the meth dealing hillbillies who sit up all night worried about the rich being taxed out of existence while waiting for their SSI check.

Of the entire republican party, only Romney has ever had an actual job. He isn’t qualifed for public office, lacking leadership, vision, character and a philosophy that would lead to something other than the destruction of the human race. He is the best offered other than Paul who I think needs to cut down on his coffee a bit before putting the tongue into gear.

What you just saw disgusts us for a variety of reasons, primary of which is that the things Ron Paul is saying here is what proves to us that he isn’t utterly insane like the other candidates. We are willing to let Rick Santorum lead the invasion of Iran personally as he has promised to do. I will personally buy his ticket and will call Iran myself to make sure his visa is stamped.

He is unlikely to get in any other way.

We wish Paul would speak openly about 9/11, openly about torture and war crimes and how many of his colleagues in government belong in prison and not on America’s welfare roles.

I don’t see Paul as perfect but compared to everyone else, he isn’t insane.

I also am very proud that one candidate has taken on a our real foreign enemy, the criminal organization that tries to pass itself off as the Israel lobby, the gangsters and financial robbers who are tearing the world apart and destroying the good names of Jews who have been loyal Americans since the founding fathers.

This one, this “video,” of course, is a sneak attack from Jane Harmon, the muscle behind the war lobby in Washington, perhaps the single individual who sits at “ground zero” of “fairyland central” with the sleeze, phony left wing bull and heart of anti-American propaganda that represent what The Daily Beast and Newsweak is all about.

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize a “mouthpiece” for a foreign terrorist asset when one sees it.

Ron Paul can be fixed, all he needs is real support and some new backbone.

Obama, intelligent though he is, has been unable to get out from under the thumb of Bush doctrines and the threats and bullying that has kept America from overriding any of the Bush dictatorship.

With martial law in the United States signed into effect 2 days ago without one in a hundred Americans knowing, the foolishness and ignorance of the Harmon/Murdoch syndycate and their gangster friends means very little in real life.

Americans who used to fear terrorists now fear running out of fuel and food money before the end of the month.


Mychal Arnold
Gordon, I do not know why the idiot media and some of the pundits can not see that Ron Paul is the only man for the job. He has told the truth isn’t that the true American way. Sure, he says some thing’s like his stand on health, he doesn’t mean to let people die but if he had his way then every American could pay his own way because the wealth wouldbe back in the people’s pocket just by ending the Fed!
I have to wonder at the dumbing down of the people in the U.S because all the other candidates want to bomb Iran for what. One bomb! Again how many does Israel have! Ron Paul only speaks the truth and Dumbed Americans call him far right, and others but isn’t honesty and truth far more valuable than lies and corruption!
Americans wake up and understand this if you have lost your rights, liberty and wealth do to your love of greed and arrogance! You have lost your and Ron Paul should be giving you hope and a vision of what the future could be. And the blalant stupidity that he’s crazy! Why because he wants to follow the constitution and rule of law. Wow, and people actually call him UnAmerican.
Again , I wonder aloud at the dumbness of it all. If Obama gets back in you’ll only have yourselves to blame and the NWO will have won another battle and the opportunity to turn things around will have been lost!
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Tomas Estrada-Palma · 57 years old

Gordon you are spectacles for the brain. Every time I read your words more of the world comes into clear focus. I love and trust Alex Jones but I have to be honest with you sir. You have just pulled out ahead of Alex by a nose as my NUMBER ONE information source. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE! Please never miss even one word of this gentleman’s writing.
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James Albert Larson ·· University of Chicago

Webster Tarpley has outed himself as Zionist-controlled. Listen to his daily hit pieces including at Guns & Butter. Sad.

January 3, 2012 – 12:54 am
The only terrorists are the Khazars running the US and it upsets me that the American people have let it get so bad . THEY are now being called terrorists and will be locked up in Gulags or shot in the streets , ALL their freedoms are gone , everything their fore fathers died for . The thing that really disgusts me is that not only haven’t they dragged these Cuckoo’s out of the Whitehouse and tarred and feathered them , half the public is still thinking of voting for Ron Paul’s opponents !

I know these cockroaches are in my country and it makes my skin crawl , and we also need to do something about this infestation before they breed up .


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    HE’S 100% AMERICAN!!

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