Lessons in American History: Scapegoating

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

by Gordon Duff
Lessons in American History: Scapegoating


Iran is Not the Real Target

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Some time ago, during the Clinton administration, I learned that a group of Israeli/American extremists in Washington were planning on forcing the US to invade Iran.

Some of these people worked with friends in the White House, some being taped by the FBI tied to spying by their closest associates, spying on the US, nuclear secrets and such, secrets passed on by Israel to China.

As soon as Bush took office, friends at every agency told me they were being asked to submit falsified intelligence about weapons programs in Iraq and terrorist cells in both Iraq and Iran. They said the orders came from the president’s national security advisor who was planning a war on Iraq.

Other friends, some at the highest levels of government, Reagan onward, now working as lobbyists, told me a pattern was emerging and that war was coming.

All were good friends of Israel, some had visited many times, some actually headed pro-Israeli organizations in the US.

Even friends in Israel, folks on the military side, warned that things were getting out of control in America. “Duff, we have some crazy suckers here but the gang you guy are stuck with all belong in straitjackets.”

Maybe the Inmates Are Running the Asylum
They told me that Republican lobbying organizations were being approached by Islamic charities.

The charities had a history of working for the CIA during the long war against the Soviets in Afghanistan and were still active in trying to put things back together with the millions of refugees who remained in Pakistan and the total destruction of the economy in Afghanistan.

The new Taliban government wasn’t helping with their bizarre religious practices and extreme hostility toward both the US and Pakistan.

The story was that Karl Rove had ordered US Attorney’s to target Muslims, including dozens of top CIA assets, for arrest as terrorists. You can imagine the confusion that began to cause around Washington.

Those who work the region, I am one of those, know to what degree the US got involved in long term tribal and ethnic hostilities in Afghanistan and the horrible mess we left when we simply walked away.

The CIA created the Taliban when it could have been something very different. We left a vacuum which was filled by India with their intrigues in Kashmir and their desire to foment terrorism in Pakistan.

This is never spoken of but Kashmir is critical, it is a largely Muslim region, certainly mostly Pakistan, that was invaded by India and is used as a military threat with the local population subjected to the same horrors Israel subjected the Palestinian people to for over 60 years.

But that never happened. Just rent the movie Exodus or turn on Fox News. You will never hear that 95% of the land Israeli Jews live on now was under legal title to Palestinians who had been there for some time.

Palestinians, of course, were Christians for hundreds of years as were all citizens of the region.

Palestinian Christians Call Themselves ‘Living Stones’ of the Holy Land

This was the heart of the Christian world when Europe was a dung heap. Before that, many were Jews. See, Palestinians are Semites, racially identical to the people who, during what we call “biblical times” were Jews.

In the real world, people change religion. Most of my Jewish friends are married to Christian women and raise their kids as either Atheists or Christians. They tell me they find “Jewish culture and religion” stifling and inane.

To that I usually answer, “American culture is different?”

For those who care about such things, history and such, Jews lived all over the Roman Empire, even before Rome conquered Judea. They worked, traded slaves as all did, sold spices, built communities and were one of the oldest communities in the city of Rome itself.

What they didn’t do was “leave” Judea to escape Rome. Rome was the world, there was nowhere to go and no way to get there. All of the biblical and movie versions of history are entirely fictional, every single word, written hundreds of years “after” by storytellers as with every other society on earth.

The Arch of Titus Menorah

Ah, but we digress, where a simpler explanation would suffice. One could best state that what we call “history” is largely fairy tales and what we call religion is simply a “con” by a class of the crooked and lazy to steal from those who worked for a living.

Any sociologist would gladly explain the history of religion which closely resembles the history of used car sales and the life insurance business.

Back to the unpleasant subject at hand….

Back during the Clinton administration, the Department of Justice coined the phrase “Al Qaeda” to justify budget increases in what they saw as a growth industry, “counter-terrorism.”

They either created a problem or, like the military that dissolved away after the demise of the Soviet Union, they were going also.

Who would want peace and prosperity, smaller government, fewer restrictions on individual freedom, lower taxes and a population capable of reassessing recent history in a new light.

That might begin to remind them that some things weren’t as they seemed, that the Cold War was a bit of a con, that “Red China” wasn’t ever a threat and that Rhode Island could kick North Korea’s rear end in a war if it came down to it.

Oklahoma City – Phase One
The lying started long before Bush. Oklahoma City was Clinton’s gift, an attempt to paint America’s right wing as terrorists.

“Working groups” were set up in several agencies, groups that met “off campus” to discuss the real work of our government, running drugs, coordinating with organized crime and planning acts of domestic terrorism.

However, when the Bush gang got in, they had a plan in hand, invade Iraq, invade Iran, quadruple the size of government, tax the middle class out of existence, end Social Security, flood the country with illegal aliens.

With control of Afghan opium production they could switch the cities from “crack” to cheaper heroin which was controlled by the Bush family for decades. And they could end the electoral process through using the CIA to run elections through Diebold and other companies like Wackenhut.

A systematic plan was put in place to take control of Federal courts, killing the constitution, the Supreme Court was stacked with “bought and paid for” organized crime shills.

Then came 9/11, planned two years before, with FBI agents infiltrating terror cells that were really Israelis, with thousands of pages of new laws annulling the constitution, some written as early as 1999 suddenly showing up.

This should be the history we are teaching our children, grade school, high school, college, what our military is being taught about the wars they fight.

Japanese attack photo of Battleship Row – Note Arizona on the left leaking oil from previous torpedo strike and the near miss bomb explosion in the water
Now we are talking about pushing Iran to war by cutting their oil revenue with an illegal blockade and starving 100 million people to death.

Roosevelt and Churchill brought America into WWII this way with the Japanese embargo. It worked like a dream, giving them the first strike that Roosevelt needed to overcome the anti-war Lindbergh crowd

The UN will not allow it. China and Russia will both veto an oil blockade.

If the US tries to enforce one on it’s own, the US, broke, busted, currency worthless, half its army discharged and diagnosed as psychotic, brain damaged or “bi-polar,” China and Russia will remind the US of the real power vacuum, the financial one.

Russia has wanted Iran forever and we are trying to give it to them. Putin has already taken more than we know.

Turkey now lords over the region, the world’s second most successful economy, now a blood enemy of Israel. Russia is offering them advanced weapons, Turkey can go nuclear any day they want and are more than capable of wiping out any enemy they choose.

Today, they are NATO and have US bases, they allow our ships into the Black Sea. However, if Pakistan throws us out entirely, if we go after Iran, if Russia and China stand against us, if our plots to keep Egypt in slavery to its crooked army fail, America will be out of the Middle East entirely except for our oil princes in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

Will they defend us? This is the long game:

Ten years from now, as things are going, the American people will be blaming Jews for everything. It is all being set up now. Blaming Israel, right or wrong, is seen as heroic in America now. There may be reason to blame the crooked government of Israel for much, but the plan, of course, is to start playing the anti-semitisim card bigtime.

ZOA March – ‘Our Undivided Capital’

You can’t blame the Mexicans for crashing the banks or “losing the Middle East.”

Blame will go against “the Jews.”

Whose plan is it? Look carefully into the eyes of the Newt.

It is always about blame and the easy target will be the first target. Islamophobia has worn out, no longer marketable. Hatred of “the Negro” isn’t working anymore, a widely integrated society has made that a hard sell.

Did Radical Islam Crash the Economy – Housing Market – Create Unregulated Derivatives ? Do they have 900+ Military Bases? – How Many Carrier Battle Groups, B2 Bombers and Nuclear Ballistic Missiles Do They Have?
The Mexicans are going back home, they can’t find jobs anymore. Welcome to that world. They don’t want to live like our veterans, homeless and starving.

Yeah, let’s blame the Jews, those liberal elites who own all the banks, let’s go back to the real roots of “conservatism” as we know it, the real ”family values” of “Red State America.”

Give it 10 years. Name another scapegoat? Got one? The Chinese? “Glowing in the dark” Japan?

We already murdered two million Vietnamese, ravaged Central America, destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, what else is left?

America is built on scapegoating.

The last two years have been spent using organized crime to go after labor unions. Unions, not what they were, aren’t harmless as hoped for. Who will the next target be?

Then again, it might be easy. Didn’t the Bush administration cut deals to use Israeli groups for terrorist operations to provide cover for their coup against America?

For sure, history will repeat itself, you can bet on that. For those of you who haven’t noticed, start watching TV more carefully, it has begun already.

When Christian Zionism became an embarrassment and began looking like the illiterate knuckle dragging racist war mongers they really are, the writing was on the wall.

Editing: Jim W. Dean


January 2, 2012 – 1:40 pm
I am a bit confused by the article regarding the Palestinian people. You said they had been there a while but stopped short of calling them native. From my research the vast majority of Levantine Palestinian people are as indigenous as can be and their parent tree is Canaan. The numbers of Arab people who went there 1400 years ago were few. Palestinians are merely culturally and linguistically Arabized. The overwhelming majority of modern day Jews are not descended from the Israelites who were not even native to Canaan (they invaded circa 1100 BC).

Log in to Reply bpete1969
January 2, 2012 – 3:28 pm
Can we blame the Swiss? I have an ex there and I would really love to see the Swiss Franc go bust now that the euro is hurting. Besides, those uppitty ups have been holding the paper on both sides of every fight since dirt was created. I say we bomb the Swiss.

Log in to Reply
January 2, 2012 – 3:32 pm
Are you female?

Log in to Reply
January 2, 2012 – 4:20 pm
Are you gay?

Log in to Reply Rob13
January 2, 2012 – 4:12 pm
I have a feeling this documentary is not going to air in the US, and if it was I wonder if it
would have any impact on the average American viewer.
The movie is “Tears of Gaza” , well worth your time if you’ve got the stomach for it…

Log in to Reply Detlef Reimers
January 2, 2012 – 9:21 pm
What Gordon is pointing to, is the rising danger, that the zionist are already beginning to play the same bad game with it’s own people, that they played times before in history. As a – hopefully well educated and informed – german guy, I remember the past tragedies very well that came out of cool blooded zionist/naziist political games and a closer look at the pre-revolutionary russian history tells us, how this game was used even before, which mainly led to the mass integration of russian jews to america.

Fellows like Newt Gringich will do everything for money and power, that’s what makes them so dangerous. And, as we know, he is heavily backed by some very powerful and ruthless people.

What makes me a bit more hopefull this time, is the fact, that never before in the past there was so much good and honest information abailable, which sharply distinguishes between the “jews” and the “zionist”.

I hope, that this may also be the first time, that the liberal jewish people themselve grasp the potential threat and this time won’t lock up their doors and hide, but open it and go onto the streets with all the other american people who know, what’s on the stake.

D. Reimers


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