We won’t eat halal meat, say MPs and peers who reject demands to serve it at Westminster – But, You Have No Choice!!

Do islamic countries slaughter animals by stunning them first to save the feelings of Western people, does Israel too consider the feelings of Christians visiting the Holy land?

Once again we see the utter contempt the LIBLABCONS have for the peoples of Britain.
They themselves demand Halal meat is not served yet expect the rest of the population to go against the RSPCAs guidlines.

Kosher meat, is that being served?

I watched a video of a cow being slaughtered in the Halal fashion, never ever again will I eat beef, lamb or any other animal this could have happened to. It was beyond cruel. If a non halal slaughterhouse killed an animal without firstly stunning it, they would be fined or even closed down – so I find it amazing that an animal can be killed in this country in an illegal fashion in the name of a religion that doesn’t even belong here. It is the same with the kosher slaughterhouses, they should be closed down or made to conform to the law.
– Chowchow, Stockport, 01/1/2012 10:53

What a disgrace Britain has become, where voters vote for a rogue parliament to hand their country over without so much as a by your leave to any bugger that wants it!!

All New Zealand lamb is Halal slaughtered!!
Makes one question the Government stats on just how many muslims and jews live here, when the indigenous peoples are given no choice in the matter!

Good to know the Queen protects our culture also the British Army- whats the use of any of them?

Christians eating meat slaughtered, dedicated to alien gods, Christian ministers doing a great job as per usual, too busy fighting over gay rights.

Lord Ahmed of Rotherham thinks halal should be made available as an option
The Palace of Westminster has rejected demands to serve halal meat in its restaurants.
Muslim MPs and peers have been told they cannot have meat slaughtered in line with Islamic tradition because the method – slitting an animal’s throat without first stunning it – is offensive to many of their non-Muslim colleagues.
The stance has infuriated some parliamentarians who have eaten meat in the Palace’s 23 restaurants and cafes, having been assured that it was halal.

Lord Ahmed of Rotherham said: ‘I did feel misled. I think a halal option should be made available.’
In 2010, the Mail on Sunday revealed schools, hospitals and restaurants were serving halal meat to unwitting customers.
Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Somerfield and the Co-op all said they stocked meat slaughtered according to Islamic tradition without letting customers know.

Fast-food chains including Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, KFC, ­Nando’s and Subway are also using halal meat without ­telling customers, it was revealed
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Four dead as ANOTHER major blast rocks Nigeria… as tensions between Christians and Muslims continue to rise

Members of the Church of England have complained that the spread of halal meat was ‘effectively spreading Sharia law’ across Britain.
The Palace of Westminster has rejected demands to serve halal meat in its restaurants
However, a spokesman for the House of Lords and the House of Commons confirmed that it was not served in their restaurants.
Alison Ruoff, a member of the Church of England, said: ‘It’s a bit hypocritical that the Houses of Parliament, which have allowed other people to provide halal food, have ruled it out on their own premises.’
When the meat is slaughtered, Islamic verse is uttered before the animal has its throat slashed.
At Halal slaughterhouses thousands of birds are killed every hour.

No halal: Neither the House of Commons or the House of Lords serve halal meat

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2080805/We-wont-eat-halal-meat-say-MPs-peers-reject-demands-serve-Westminster.html#ixzz1iIOGtaB5

Indian Restaurants and takeaways, Halal meat. Makes you think doesn’t it, I may have to change my eating habits. There is no need for this barbaric method of slaughter these days. This is a multi cultural society we live in not an extention of India.
– A proud Englishman, This is England, 1/1/2012 10:54

Proud Englishman, then why have you given up your culture….multicultural society?..it wasn’t pre Cultural Marxism days!

I have worked in Muslim countries and they do not cater for Christian practices in any way but as a non citizen to these places I accepted their customs. It’s about time the UK stopped bending over backwards to cater for all faiths- it is simply impossible.
– jaemster1978, Aberdeen, 1/1/2012 10:52

I think that first of all you have to look at the reason for Halal slaughtering. 1, it is not religious. It is purely a method used in hot climes to get rid of as much blood as possible so that the meat does not go bad quickly. Remember too that many towns, villages etc in these countries do not have slaughter houses and other than a pole-axe, no stunning equipment.. With todays refrigeration and transport there is absolutley no need for animals to be slaughtered in the Halal manner. I am greatly disappointed that this method which was banned in this country decades ago has now returned on such a massive and in some cases very uncontrolled scale. I shudder whenever I pass one of the many Halal butcher shops in my area s I think of the agonies that the poor creatures went through before they finally died.
– Ptolemy, Burnley, 1/1/2012 10:52

Boycott meat slaughtered in a barbaric fashion- you’ll soon find out how many incomers are here- stores are greedy for your cash- unless they get enough from others here.

It should be law that all retailers, restaurants and public services (ie schools, hospitals, prisons etc.) state what method of slaughter has been used. This would then give the consumer the choice, simple. How do you start a petition which forces partliament to debate this issue and how many signatures do you need?
– Jackie, Cheshire, 1/1/2012 10:52

THIS STUFF SHOULD BE LABELED CLEARLY AT POINT OF SALE. I don’t want it, neither do millions of others. If MPs don’t have to have it why should we? Try buying a free range egg in Saudi Arabia or a bacon sarnie in Israel. We are too soft. Ban it completely.

Well it’s the simple wedge test- you kept silent over Polygamy- you go to prison for this- incomers don’t.
Halal and Kosher have gone on for ages and you all remained stum- the wedge was in an open door- now the door has been kicked wide open- Ministers represent you- or so goes the LIE FED TO DOCILE BRITS!

Even the local CO-OP here (in Sweden) sells NZ lamb clearly labelled as halal or non-halal – and there is a large minority of Moslems here. So, when UK shops say that it is not possible to stock non-halal NZ lamb, they are LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH!
– wheredidenglandgo?, Sweden, 1/1/2012 10:32

Halal meat (and Kosher) is a contravention of the UKs Animal Rights Laws and should be banned immediately. No ifs, no buts, just do it. Now.




2 responses to “We won’t eat halal meat, say MPs and peers who reject demands to serve it at Westminster – But, You Have No Choice!!

  1. Halal meat has been introduced into the UK by stealth. All supermarkets are selling it with no intimation to their customers. If they are not prepared to make that intimation then leave it on the supermarket shelves. The profit loss will soon make them think again. Better still deal with the British butcher who scources his product from the local slaughterhouse where you know how it has been slaughtered.
    – Old Fogey, Inverness Scotland, 1/1/2012 10:28

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2080805/We-wont-eat-halal-meat-say-MPs-peers-reject-demands-serve-Westminster.html#ixzz1iITfc6S1




  2. Lord Ham Head of Rotherham should take a pack lunch with him. He could even take. A cheeky can of Strong Bow to have with his pork pie.

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