28/12 Terrorism Isn’t Real

Much as the South Yorkshire’s Policemans conclusion in his study of 7-7 and 9-11….Dismissed for refusing to change his assessment!

Terrorism Isn’t Real

Why Your Government May Murder You for Profit

… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

” How Can I Fool Thee? – Let Me Count the Ways ”
Terrorism isn’t real. This is a broad generalization but essentially correct.

My own estimate, as a “big name” counter-terrorism expert is that 95% of acts we call “terrorism” were done by governments for profit.

Were it not for the dissolution of the free press and secret prisons and mental hospitals for whistleblowers, we wouldn’t have terrorism.

Which government? You choose. Of late, Israel has the lead but the US and Russia aren’t far behind. Then we have France and Britain.

We crash airliners, the Israeli’s are specialists at car bombs, almost artists, we spread crop diseases, test interesting new diseases on the general public, occasionally releasing a new strain of influenza on the New York subway.

Fear is a business and without fear, you don’t have hate. Mix fear and hate and you have dictatorial control of any political system.

There can be no democracy when a population lives in fear. As soon as the first “terror alert” comes out, you can be certain of one thing, you are living in a police state.

From then on, everything you will hear is about keeping you and your family safe and how you have to keep an eye out for those around you. Anyone could be a terrorist or perhaps a subversive, especially if they ask too many questions about why everyone running for office seems a bit “off.”

” Can You See Me Now ? ”
Imagine this is December 2001. You are in an airport. A group of dark skinned foreigners sit nearby. What are your first thoughts?

Will they cut off your head or will they crash the plane into a building somewhere. Lie to me and tell me you haven’t thought that.

The day you did was the day you lost your freedom. You have been a slave every since. That was the plan, that is the plan that’s why we have terrorism.

If we didn’t have Al Qaeda, someone would invent it. How does this sound?

The truth? We did invent it. If you want to know where the people live who wish you and your family ill, go to Washington DC.

Meet your Senator of member of Congress. Invite them to lunch with your family. Try it again, but offer them $50,000 as an incentive, your chances will be a bit better.

Got friends in Homeland Security, high up? Tell them you invented a new secret way of making millions of people really sick. In about an hour, a pharmaceutical company will call you. You will never travel “coach” again.

Here’s another one. If you say you want to build a bomb and kill the president, you have an expectation that the Secret Service will visit you soon and you are likely to be subjected to a psychiatric examination.

” Now I Lay Me Down To ____? ”
Do this: Call up the head of the Republican party, tell him you are a “preacher” and have a big congregation. Tell him you are looking for a nuclear weapon and you want to kill the president.

See if you don’t have your picture taken with Newt Gingrich within a week.

We do have “extremism,” mind you. If all extremists are the same then most of them are in governments in what we call “the west.”

The Likudists, a racist “ultra-nationalist” group that took power in Israel through rigged elections and assassinations is top of my list.

They believe non-Jews are animals, will murder, not just Palestinians but hundreds of their own people and are oblivious to the welfare of Israel or the Jewish people. They are simply nuts.

Problem is, they are also useful. As hate mongers, they have helped keep ten years of war going, have helped run terror organizations that have attacked dozens of countries, they are a useful tool just like the Saudis.

Where the Likudists may have helped stage 9/11 and 7/7 and about 800 other terror attacks we know of, and every intelligence officer knows this, the Saudis spend their oil billions, many at least, keeping Islam enslaved and ignorant.

They are quite a pair actually. Israel will blow up a car in Baghdad and the Shiites and Sunnis there will fight each other.

Israel makes billions on the war, the Saudi’s cheer it on, seeing Iraq kept busy killing each other instead of massing troops to seize their oil, what could be better?

Sibel Edmonds – Immigrant American Heroine
The US is the biggest part. We actually hire Israelis to organize terror cells that pretend to be “Al Qaeda.”

Both Susan Lindauer and Sibel Edmonds, along with many others in government, found this out, that the 9/11 “hijackers” were really protected by the government and when they tried to tell the truth, both were silenced.

Others were killed, military officers by the hundreds, thousands even, were passed over for promotion and thrown out, and the CIA was disbanded and taken over by a privatized group managed by the GOP.

In fact, every source of information given to any “intelligence group” was “compartmentalized,” all total fiction, all written like stage plays, with mythical bad guys all hired to dress up like terrorists.

Planes can’t knock down steel buildings, nothing can. “But I saw….”

Did you now? Hmmm.

Oklahoma City should have been a clue. It was an FBI operation from the start, McVeigh, an Army Ranger moved into a “black ops” domestic terror group, aided by the FBI was more than obvious.

Years ago, the Russians put out a CNN press release. I have put it in print on a couple of occasions. A block of apartment buildings was destroyed by “terrorists.” They put a bomb in a small postal van.

The size of the bomb was estimated at 300 tons. The string of postal vans necessary to carry the bomb responsible would have been a mile long.

Did a Cheap Low Excellerant Explosive Do This?
Think about Oklahoma City. A “fertilizer bomb,” a “low acceleration” explosive, would have broken windows for 300 yards and thrown truck parts into buildings.

Half a dozen or more people would have been killed.

What wouldn’t have happened is 40 feet of steel superstructure vaporizing into mist, concrete floors turning to dust.

With fertilizer so cheap, a bomb that would cost more than a thousand dollars to build, with used rental trucks going for $200 bucks, you might wonder why nobody ever did a test.

I can answer that. The “bang” would have been…disappointing.

We could get an old airliner, fly it into one of the abandoned hotels outside Las Vegas. No floors would “pancake” nor would fire melt any steel.

We could do another one.

Get one of the hundreds of scrap airliners, install an Israeli designed autopilot and skid it across a lawn into a building.

It would take a crew of 50…days to pick up the napkins, plastic and aluminum scraps, not to speak of the wings, engines and tail assembly which would have bounced into the air and tumbled half a kilometer.

Then, of course, the planes would have been reconstructed, every single piece evidence of a crime, required by federal law to be kept, not to be thrown into a public landfill or sold to China as though it were a batch of Patriot missiles or nuclear weapons plans.

This is how a transportation accident is investigated. This is how a real tragedy is treated in a real nation with real laws, an investigation done by real people looking for the real truth:


This is the investigation that was never held after 9/11. Now take a look at another famous incident. Metal detectors were used to find every rivet and bolt from this plane, going over mile after mile of Scotland:

Then again, we can show you the “reconstruction” of the biggest terror event in history. You will love this one. This is the site of the only “accident reconstruction” from 9/11.

If you were wondering, they aren’t waiting for more parts, this is a junk yard on Staten Island. This, the only evidence from 9/11, is being sold for junk, less than $50.

Had they thought about it more, they might have put it on Ebay, where it could have brought in hundreds as a lawn ornament or cocktail party curiosity. I wonder if Skull and Bones might want to have this, perhaps they do, put next to Geronimo’s skull.

If you read it in the papers or see it on TV, it probably isn’t true except for sports and weather, in which case it simply might not be true.

Generally, if you are told of a terrorist threat, it is someone lying to you. “I am going to build a big bomb, so come and find me and kill me and my family, my neighbors and invade my country? Understand?

“Do You See Any Need For an Investigation? – No. Do You?”
Let’s say a company leases a huge building complex, one mostly empty, filled with asbestos and puts tons of insurance on it.

If it is hit by an airplane and within 5 minutes TV commentators are talking about who did it, and you believe them, you have a problem.

Here is another one.

If there is a killing or bombing, the group that “investigates and interprets” the intelligence or “news story” is invariably the ones who did the killing or set off the bomb.

They know about it because they did it.

When someone tells you someone else is bad and planning to do something evil, you can generally depend on the one doing the talking as being bad and the evil they are talking about is something they are planning themselves and hoping to blame on someone else.

Whenever something happens that “doesn’t fit,” take notice. Here are some predictions based on things that “don’t fit:

A number of senators will resign, decide not to run, get cancer or die in plane or automobile crashes, enough to give the GOP the majority
If the current phony Ron Paul racism scandal fails, he will be assassinated
President Obama may drop out of the race in favor of Hillary Clinton
Discussions of drug smuggling and illegal immigration will taper off until after the election. Too many candidates are taking money from these sources.
An afterthought that I can’t do anything about. We have reliable information that a nuclear weapon is inside the US, I believe in the area in and around Chicago.

It is 13.2 kilotons, gun type, under the control of a rogue Israeli element employed by an organization in Switzerland, you could call it Vatican or Freemason or Zionist, it doesn’t matter.

Every American intelligence agency, every “tier one” group (look that up) and key members of the government are aware.

Why Has the Public Not Been Warned of a Missing Nuke?

Some recent actions of high ranking officials have been based on threats to set that weapon off as an act of terror. For those of authority, this is the “6th of 5 that were ten less one.” Understand?

The real object? It may be to force an American attack on Iran but this is probably only a feint.

Truth is, I don’t know. I only know the design of the weapon, who delivered it as far as Chicago, that it disappeared, that it is being looked for and that threats have been made.

I know who built the weapon, no problem with that. It is not very new and quite unsophisticated. It is actually built inside a World War II era 8 inch cannon barrel.

I am only saying this to upset people who don’t think this much has leaked out. I could name the mines in Katanga where the uranium came from or use terms like “80 millisecond” to describe a blast characteristic.

Like they say on Burn Notice, spies are a chatty lot.

In the end, we always return to Marine General, Medal of Honor winner Smedley Butler. War is a racket or, more correctly, it is all about money.

Marine General Smedley Butler – “War is a Racket”
What do we know? We know people who believe they are gods, we are speaking of those who are so delusional they believe they hold the fate of planet earth in their hands, feel 2 billion people are enough.

We know their vision, the dream of an earlier era of a world less crowded, populations who are unquestioningly obedient.

We also know the tens of thousands who serve them are being played, thinking they will be the feudal lords in a post apocalyptic hell.

They believe science will give them nearly eternal life through gene therapy, that they will living with their every sexual depredation catered to as though they were Russian oligarchs.

Several of them are GOP presidential candidates, guess which ones.

These are, of course, psychopaths, one rules one of our allies, once a great colonial power, someone driven to excess as a young man at exclusive schools, now utterly insane.

Few are public…one a great press magnate, a modern day “Citizen Kane.”

So many of them are utterly insane. Read the papers any day of the week. What you read of the poor and despised, lives twisted by poverty, drugs, crime and hopelessness, those who see themselves as the ruling class are worse.

Ever hear of Caligula? I am sure at least some of you have hear of Gaddafi, a devout Muslim, stoked up on Viagra we are told, bottle after bottle of champagne while sexual partners were lined up outside his door.

Is any of this true? Maybe not, as since we read it in the papers, how could it be true? But is it true? Of course it is…but of whom?

Editing: Jim W. Dean


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Tomas Estrada-Palma · 57 years old
None of the emperors have clothes after this masterpiece!

Wednesday at 2:49pm

Latney Davis Sir Jim W. Dean, you “outdid” yourself on the editing here. The accompanying visuals are “perfection”. And Gordon, the truth of this narrative is bluntly accurate. (Unfortunately). In fact, the “blunt” narrative I perceive developing in your recent articles/interviews is becoming quite telling. Is it just me, or does it feel “hot” to anyone else!

Time to mount “that catch” on the wall?

Suzanne Broussard · LSU
Something else that is not supposed to be happening…

December 28, 2011 – 3:01 pm
There’s a new video out on the “Oklahoma City Bombing”. I just saw a clip of it, but, as usual, it shows the “official” story is such a SHAM. (I figure Tim McVeigh is on some tropical island drinkng mai tais, maybe even with Elvis)

Log in to Reply Mike Kay
December 28, 2011 – 5:27 pm
Well Mr. Duff, you have succeeded in fully dampening any hope I might have had for a reasonable outcome of our current delimma.
I guess I should admit that I was one of those fools, who for a short time, thought the 911 narrative had some truth. Of course, now that has all changed, now I realize that 911 was a conspiracy of the power elite, pure and simple.
Better to know the truth than to live in delusion.
Keep up the good work.

Log in to Reply DaveE
December 28, 2011 – 7:11 pm
I think terrorism is real. Ya’ got two choices, individual terrorism as practiced by people like suicide bombers fighting for basic human rights, versus institutional terrorism, as practiced by the “state” of Israel, an institution that has defined and refined the practice of terrorism ever since the Balfour Declaration.

Log in to Reply
Gordon Duff
December 28, 2011 – 8:49 pm

If an honest “suicide bomber” were found, chances are he would find himself working for the Israelis.

About a year ago, a young nigerian millionaire met some Israeli friends in Yemen pretending to be Islamic extremists…..

Did I ever tell you that story?

I do so love it when plots happen so publicly…..


Log in to Reply
December 29, 2011 – 7:57 am
I admit it’s pretty tough to know which, if any, terrorism acts are NOT sponsored by Israel, but it’s pretty tough to fake a suicide bomber. Although faking media reports of such is trivial, I admit.

Log in to Reply
December 29, 2011 – 8:12 am
I tend to think that some suicide bombers are (were) legitimate fighters, like the Kamikaze pilots of WWII. People do things like this when they’re desperate.

But then the usual PR goons in Israel said to themselves, “Yeah, we can use this” and fabricated the next 523 “attacks” as hasbara.

Log in to Reply anti-archonist
December 29, 2011 – 7:11 pm
Did extremist Islam even exist before the 70s? Can a case be made that Israel created or helped create Islam extremism? It sure seems that way.

Speaking of suicide bombers, how can they be so certain that suicide bombs are used? How do they know some kid’s backpack isn’t swapped for a bomb or if somebody was just really close to a non-suicide bomb when it when off? I guess they say they have ways of determining this, but forensic investigations take time. Usually within minutes of an explosion the media labels it a suicide attack. Maybe I’m ignorant of my facts, but I don’t see how the can draw such conclusions so fast.

Log in to Reply
Charlotte NC Bill
December 29, 2011 – 8:00 pm
If someone stole my land and subjected me to daily humiliations…the Palestinians don’t have a modern army like the Zio-rats do…being a suicide bomber is one of the only ways they have to fight back….Sure, I wish they had helicopter gun ships, tanks, artillery, F-16′s…but they don’t own America like the other side does…

Log in to Reply
December 29, 2011 – 8:26 pm
From what I’ve read about armed resistance in the Arab world, I’m unconvinced they deliberately attack civilians. Even if the civilians are their enemy, it’s just not something a thinking person does. And these are people and they do think contrary to what the West would have us believe. I think the odds of a Palestinian putting a bomb on their chest and blowing themselves up in a pizza parlor because they had been pushed too far over the edge is zero. Not unless an Israeli Jew posing as a Muslim resistance leader suckered them into doing it first. It would make more sense to do something like that toward a government or military target. It would send a stronger message. Only Zionists target civilians.

Terrorism is real, but we are the terrorists. The West are the terrorists. NATO and the US wiped out almost 5% of Iraq’s population and used DU munitions causing deformities and cancer in babies. We label resistance movements as terrorism and blame Israeli false flags on Muslim extremist boogeymen who aren’t even real. The establishment is terrorism. Fighting imaginary terrorism by using real terror on innocent people.
December 29, 2011 – 3:56 am
the “crazy Arab” narrative, is essential to duping the American ppl into their fear of Sharia law infiltration and Islamaphobia. These , seemingly, individual acts of terrorism from ieds to suicide bombers may very well be part of the orchestrated narrative these “evil schemers”, from on high, wish to paint.As one becomes aware of mind control techniques, and independent reporting that conflicts with biased MSM stories, one has to assume any reporting we hear, unsupported by evidence, is concocted. Unfortunately, many ppl coming to NWO realization are unable to remove one foot from Fox News lies. I’ve been kicked from groups like this, administered by such ppl. Islamaphobia is so ingrained in our culture, ppl can’t see the forest for the trees.

Log in to Reply dirtus napus
December 29, 2011 – 3:19 pm
@ DaveE In the beginning of the second Iraq conflagration, the Mossad used Saudi nationals who were recruited to come and fight the americans. They would fool the Saudi’s into driving a tanker or large vehicle near a target, all the while thinking they would get out and walk away and watch the bomb go off. They would remotely set off the tanker with the Saudi still in the truck, basically double cross him. A few actually survived this, one was blown 200 feet through the windshield of a tanker truck. He was debriefed and I’m sure he lost his love for Jihad and the guys running it.

The second wave of bombers that were actually dupes were ours’. We would pull over a Taxi, or large truck carrying anything that was going to market. The driver would be questioned for hours while we filled his trunk or gas tank with a remote bomb. We give it back knowing he’s going to a market, or a place with many civilians looking for a ride. When he gets near, boom. That’s all us’.

@ Gordon Mcveigh was never a Ranger, he didn’t make it, too skinny when he reported and couldn’t hack the weight loss, he dropped. He never left the army until 03′, years after they said he left. There is footage of him at a bomb school up in North Dakota in Fort Grafton. Hard footage to find but still exists.

Log in to Reply
December 29, 2011 – 5:25 pm
Thanks, I don’t doubt any of what you say. The only thing I trust anymore is the opinion of people who were actually (and believably) there.

Log in to Reply
dirtus napus
December 29, 2011 – 5:49 pm
Tough pills to swallow. Suicide kills more grunts than bullets.

Log in to Reply Michael
December 29, 2011 – 5:53 pm
Well, that’s very evil. I assume by “us” you mean americans. Are we talking regular military or rogue contractors here?


Log in to Reply Hugh
December 29, 2011 – 8:44 am
Good article G.

I’ve noticed of late that your narrative has been, well frankly, more blunt than usual. I get the sense from your musings that the “gloves have come off”. Have you and the other VT contributors made the conscience decision yet to “go to the mattresses”? Or are you already there?

What occured to me initially when the issue of a potential nuke in Chicago was proposed is what direction would the prevailing winds be blowing and would my family be subjected to radiation fallout here in the ‘Nati? It’s a coin flip; I dare say.

the “6th of 5 that were ten less one.” Can’t say that I’m familiar with that one G. Can you elaborate?


Log in to Reply Detlef Reimers
December 29, 2011 – 9:13 am
Just to understand your words, Mr. Duff: Is it right that there is a real atomic bomb “missing”, which is supposedly placed in the Chicago area? Is it also right, that there are active threats against high government officials, placed by a Swiss based organisation/terrorcamp/secretgroup?

At first, this sounds quite unbelieveable for me. But locking at some current developments, attached to countries like Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Japan, Myranmar, Moldavia, Georgia, Irak, Egpt, Israel and Pakistan it gets even more plausible, that there is something BIG going on behind the sceene.

What disturbes me a little bit, is the fact that nobody wants to know more about this “swiss guys”. So, I’m simply asking you, if you could place some small peaces of hints into the open. Of course, I have some thoughts, but I’m not shure if they leed into the right direction.

D. Reimers

Log in to Reply Brian
December 29, 2011 – 9:38 am
Another very good article. I believe the Israelis are blackmailing Obama and other US politicians and other notable people to force them to do things for Israel and stay quiet about some of Israel’s evil activities. I also wonder if Israel has directly or indirectly threatened Obama to do a nuclear false in the United States if he doesn’t follow their instructions.

Who controls the Israeli government? The Israeli Freemasons? The Freemasons in the City of London?

Log in to Reply
December 29, 2011 – 7:39 pm
Maybe nobody owns the Israeli government, it could be a rouge element. The 1947 partition plan gave UN sovereignty over Jerusalem. Some say the Rothschilds were/are Sabbateans obsessed with re-building the temple in Jerusalem. Sounds a little ridiculous, but who knows? It’s a ridiculous world.

If I remember correctly, the building now known as the Israeli Supreme Court was promised (in writing?) to Israel by the Rothschilds decades ago. There are conspiracies about this building and a masonic pyramid near the Egypt/Israel border, but I wouldn’t dwell to much on them. The UN never had sovereignty over Jerusalem, the Supreme Court was designed and funded/donated to Israel by the Rothschilds to fulfill the earlier promise.

My guess is that rabbit hole goes pretty deep yet is irrelevant to Israel’s current government. The Israeli Supreme Court envisioned by the Rothschilds decades prior was likely intended for the Temple Mount as a replacement for the Roman Praetorium. The only ‘temple’ ever built on the Temple Mount is the Dome of the Rock, on the ruins of the old Praetorium. Herod’s Temple was located elsewhere and no evidence at all supports the existence of Solomon’s Temple. Not in Jerusalem. I would imagine if such a thing ever existed, it’s the one at Baalbek in Lebanon. Napoleon tried to make Palestine into a Jewish homeland and revive the Sanhedrin. 100+ years later you have the Rothschilds actually achieving this very same thing and promising to donate a supreme court. Whatever those guys wanted who really knows? It’s probably a dead end just like all of Freemasonry. A distractions for the think tanks set up in plain sight by global international banksters where the real secret agendas are carried out. Same with the Rothschilds themselves, who have intermarried and renamed.

What was a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy has now shed it’s skin so we don’t go looking for it. The Banksters might be in cohoots with Israel, but Israel does their own thing. The US had a strategic interest during the Cold War which has allowed Israel to infest and feed off of us like a parasite to carry out their agenda. Zionist Banksters are playing a tug-of-war for control over Israel with Soviet-style Nationalist Revisionist Zionists. The latter are partial to Jews, the former want the resources like the natural gas fields and Dead Sea minerals. And WWIII to fulfill Biblical prophecies and kill of Judaism and much of Islam at the same time. Maybe I’m thinking too much into this. Speculation and opinion, but it sounds about right.

Log in to Reply Bob Loblaw
December 29, 2011 – 9:51 am
Wasn’t there a general who did the test? Had a building put up to sub for the Murrah and blasted it with the fertilizer and that? And did he not show that the whole shit-bomb thing was a crock? Somebody must remember this guy’s name. Not me. I specialize in forgetting stuff.

Log in to Reply ricohands
December 29, 2011 – 11:27 am
Terrorist and future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin bragged that Zionists had brought terrorism both to the Middle East and to the world at large. That is how “Israel” was borne. A true terrorist entity.

Log in to Reply Detlef Reimers
December 29, 2011 – 1:55 pm
Someone please tell me, if I’m wrong, but I remember that Larry Silverstein also owns the Sears tower in Chicago. And I can remember well the very short video clip on 9/11, which informed about the fact, that all people in this tower were also forced to leave because a possible terror act might happen.

Can it be, that Larry Silverstein (quite recently, of course) substantially enlarged his insurance for this large building, foreseeing a possible near future “event”?

Things accelerate rapidly, it gets harder and harder – even for well informed people – to cope with this situation. “They” are always many steps ahaid, compared to what we can understand. For me, this seems to be a major scheme of the political game. So it’s even more important, to get substantial and truthful background information. Therefore I want to thank VT for delivering much of this to us.

D. Reimers

Log in to Reply
December 29, 2011 – 8:07 pm
I’m too lazy to look up the source right now, but if I remember correctly Silverstein didn’t lease the Sears Tower until a few years after 9/11. BUT, the Sears Tower was in fact evacuated on 9/11. Most people will think this is normal considering what happened that day, and I’m sure other tall buildings were evacuated in the US too.

What makes the Sears Tower special is that I remember the talking heads saying that they received word that the Sears Tower was a target for an attack and that’s why it was evacuated. There are videos of reporters saying a hijacked plane was located in the vicinity of Chicago. Some internet reports claim there were ‘false alarm’ reports that it was in fact hit. This is not surprising, because the local news claimed that LA had been attacked. What makes this even more special is a video tape was recovered showing unusual footage of the Sears Tower, as if the videographer was studying it. It was found near Philly in one of the Urban Moving Systems Israeli Mossad vans during an arrest. Circumstancial evidence, but still it fits.

What also fits is UA 93′s flight path. It was past Cleveland and more than halfway to Chicago from its takeoff in Newark. It was also ‘unusually’ ‘hijacked’ 45 minutes or so into the flight. If it was really heading for DC, why wait 45 minutes? It makes no sense. That plane was headed back to WTC 7 because WTC 7′s plane was grounded. There were an unusual amount of planes transmitting the hijack signal that day and something didn’t go as plan. An urban moving system van was pulled over in route to Shanksville too, this is in the FOIA-released report on them. Silverstein waited until the Midwest and East Coast were commuting home to work to pull WTC 7 instead and then bury all discussion and investigation ever since.

Log in to Reply
Detlef Reimers
December 29, 2011 – 9:59 pm
Thanks for your additional information about the happenings at that time according to the Sears Towers. Seems we never will know it all, but the evidence for the real truth is knocking heavily at the door and now more and more hear it.

D. Reimers



One response to “28/12 Terrorism Isn’t Real

  1. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/12/28/terrorism-isnt-real/


    Something else that is not supposed to be happening…


    2012 You will be working until almost the end of July before you can call your earnings yours- tax rises etc- means working for the ZOG for 7 months before working for you and yours!!

    Wages have dropped- prices risen….then add the above released info today…………..SLAVERY!!!

    Bad enough bankers are parasites- now we can include the Westminster Wasters!

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