Israel at Peace; America’s Nightmare! Israel First is Too Big to Fail

Israel at Peace; America’s Nightmare! Israel First is Too Big to Fail

by Sami Jamil Jadallah

The other night I had late dinner with a friend visiting from out of town. I went home and crashed after a long day. What a night it was—I had America’s nightmare!

I had America’s nightmare, and I almost had a heart attack from the shock of the unexpected events. Believe it or not I dreamt that Israel finally agreed to peace with the Palestinians. I dreamt that Israel agreed to a two state solution.

I had America’s nightmare when I dreamt that Israel agreed to vacate the Jewish Occupied West Bank ending its reign of terror withdrawing its army and its armed terrorists settlers.

I had America’s nightmare when I dreamt that Israel agreed to end its illegal and criminal siege of Gaza.

I had America’s nightmare when I dreamt that Israel agreed to share an open Jerusalem with the Palestinians as joint capital, and I had America’s nightmare when I dreamt that Israel agreed to establish normal and formal relations with the Arabs and Muslims from Morocco to Saudi Arabia to Kuwait to Pakistan, Iran, and Indonesia.

I wasn’t worried about Israel and its citizens because I knew they would be fine in peace.

No, instead I was worried about the American Jewish leadership and community, and how they would manage a world with Israel at peace!

I wondered what would happen to all those American politicians who take the mandated pilgrim to Israel before running for a national office, to put on the yarmulke and pledge allegiance to Israel First. The American politicians who visit Yad Vashem and pledge unconditional financial, military and political support to Israel, while perpetuating the Holocaust Industry to justify criminal policies against the Palestinians.

What will happen? What will happen to a free and once again, independent America that is a master of its own destiny once more? Will its national politicians and political candidates and key media personalities learn to live with self-respect once more?

In my dream, I really felt sorry for Israel’s friends in the US, for the Jewish lobby, for the Jewish leadership and community, and I wondered what these folks will do now that Israel is at peace with itself and with its neighbors?

I wondered what would happen now that the Jewish community and the Jewish millionaires will stop funneling tens of millions into AIPAC in support of its foreign and domestic agendas? What will happen to AIPAC now that Israel is at peace, safe and secure? What will it market and sell to its members now that Israel is at peace? Perhaps marketing kosher hotdogs to compete with the ones offered at Price Club for $1.59? I began to cry for them out of sorry and pity!

Tears poured from my eyes as I contemplated the fate and fortune of these pandering politicians who put Israel First and America Last! I wondered…could these politicians even think on own without getting instructions from AIPAC and its army on Capital Hill?

I wondered…could these politicians re-learn to put America First? I felt pity for these new orphans as they found themselves without sponsors and without masters.

I cried out of sheer pity for the likes of Alan Dershowitz and wondered what this Harvard law professor will do now that he no longer has a cause to profit from? I wondered if he would now take on the US administration and the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the military to detain without charges and trials “terrorist suspects”.

I felt even more sorry for Daniel Pipes (he believes Barack Obama is a closet Muslim)— the man who made a name for himself by spreading lies and false claims to demonize Arabs and Muslims. I wondered…how could he continue to fund his organization Middle East Forum and his campus spy network Campus Watch?

I felt much sadness as I wondered what would happen to the likes of Steve Emerson and his Investigative Project and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. I felt sorrow as I wondered what would happen to Rita Katz and her SITE Intelligence Group. What will happen to the Zionist Organization of America, the American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, and Center for American Progress, CAMERA-Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, and the many who made Islamist terrorism a thriving business for themselves and their cause, Israel?

My God, I wondered what would happen to the man, Dennis Ross who did everything in his power to make sure peace could never take place. My God I thought how would the Washington Institute for Near East Policy stay in business churning policy decisions for American administrations, one after another?

I could not help but remember, almost with fondness, Abraham Foxman and his Anti-Defamation League…what will he do now? Will he and the tens of thousands involved in the ‘Israel First’ Industry do with themselves? Will they join the tens of millions of Americans who lost their jobs because their country did not have enough money to spend at home, but somehow came up with trillions to spend abroad on Israel’s wars?

America’s nightmare was like no others I ever had. I felt sick for the American Jewish leadership that no longer has a cause to sell—that no longer utilizes its hate factories for Arabs and Muslims. I thought, Abe Foxman will always have a special place in my heart…after all he is such a lovable guy.

Oh, and I almost forgot about CNN and Fox News! I almost forgot about Wolf Blitzer, John King, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck! And I wondered what agenda these guys will have now that Israel is at peace.

Then I remembered the Evangelical Christian Zionists and their agenda for Israel, for the Jews and for the Palestinians. What would happen to their Armageddon and their expectation of death or conversion of the Jews and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians? And I wondered if Pat Robertson and John Hagee would now spend the troves of money they have collected on their own community since they can no longer spend it on Israeli settlers. And of course I wondered if Jesus Christ will continue to make his weekly visit to Pat Robertson at his mansion in Virginia Beach for a chat and advice on the affairs of Christianity (Robertson claimed Jesus makes frequent visits with him).

I woke up startled and realized that Israel at peace is an industry that simply will not disappear. Israel is an American industry that is just too big to fail. With Israel at peace, too many names and organizations would disappear; too much money would disappear from election campaigns. America and the mainstream media would have to learn and discover that America should be First. That America and its people deserve the priorities they gave up for so long in favor of putting Israel First.

And then I said to myself there is no way. There are too many people, too may organizations, politicians feeding and profiting…too many Wall Streeters and Ponzi schemers, it is not Israel they all care about, it is the power and influence over America what drives the industry called “Israel First”.

I went to the kitchen to make my morning coffee, and after the second cup, I understood why there is no peace in the Middle East?

There would just be too many losers in America, with Israel at peace.

Salam, Peace, Shalom, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Joyful Kwanzaa.


6 responses to “Israel at Peace; America’s Nightmare! Israel First is Too Big to Fail

  1. Living with the Matrix or the irreversible effect of developing blue pill resistance
    By cybe
    Created 22/06/2007 – 19:30
    created 22/06/2007 – 19:30, updated 28/06/2007 – 23:40 by cybe
    Written by Andrew Winkler, The Rebel Media Group

    Source: Ziopedia [1], via [2]

    Usually, I’m not a huge fan of mainstream US movies. Not only do they upset me by making ethically questionable behaviour such as adultery [3], casual sex [3] and the use of violence as a means of conflict resolution seem normal [4], but they all too often are nothing more than a thinly veiled commercial for Jewish brands such as Dell, Starbucks and Ben & Jerry.

    One movie though sticks out of the mass and it is the only movie ever I watched twice in a row. I still struggle to figure out why it was produced in the first place. From the point of view of the Zionist mafia [5] controlling [6] America’s entertainment industry [7], producing the ‘Matrix’ was extremely risky. Didn’t they realise that it is an allegory of the world they have created for us, a world of smoke and mirrors, where nothing is what it seems? After all, Hollywood is one of the main pillars of exactly that mind-controlling [6] machine, making the ‘Matrix’ the equivalent of a book written by Dick Cheney [8] on the evilness of the New World Order [9].

    One of the key scenes in ‘The Matrix’ is when Neo – played by Keanu Reeves – has to choose between the blue [should be coloured red [10] – Satan’s colour] and the red pill [should be coloured blue [10] – God’s colour]. Once he has taken the red pill (blue pill |, he no longer is fooled by the imaginary world the Matrix has created for its captives. He suddenly can recognise the Matrix for what it is and how it operates [11]. While the Matrix in the movie is a machine that has trapped mankind in cocoons as a source of electrical energy, the Matrix in the real world has trapped us as a source of income in a world of taxes [12], interest rates, rent and consumerism [don’t forget TV [7] and religion –[.

    I can’t decide which Matrix is worse, the one in the movie, or the one in the outside world. For generations now, we have been fooled into believing that we live in a world of freedom and human rights, where we elect our governments and are protected by the rule of law [13]. We are told that in return for that privilege we have to pay tax [12] , rent and interest, and – at times – go to war to protect this wonderful way of life.

    While the simpler minds amongst us are kept quiet with a modern version of ancient Rome’s bread and games, the more educated people are filled with gigabytes of illusionary data, tricking them into believing to live in a world that only exists in their heads. In that imaginary world, we live in an enlightened society, where everything is so much better than in the dark ages of the past. We are all a big family, a caring society that ensures that everybody is taken care of and nobody discriminated against.

    What worries me the most is how the ruling elite [14] in recent years has decided that it no longer needs to be so ‘caring’. It got cocky and felt that ‘wasting’ so much money on maintaining the illusion is no longer required. The big project of creating the New World Order [15] is almost complete and the mind-control [6] so powerful, our self [16]-chosen rulers have decided that they can risk cutting down on welfare, public health [17] and education [18], and all those other spoils that kept the masses happy after the debacle of World War II.

    Like in the movie, where taking the red pill [blue pill |] suddenly allowed Neo to see through the Matrix [19], doing so in the real world has an irreversible effect. Once we realise that the world we live in is nothing but an illusion, the rest is just a matter of time. The real world, the world of the Matrix [19], is right in front of our eyes. The same data – depending on whether we are ‘blue pillers’ or ‘red pillers’ – mean totally different things, and once we have seen the face of the evil machine, there is no turning back.

    What is [19] The Matrix [10]? [10]

    Andrew Winkler is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blog and founder of Jews Anonymous [20]. He can be contacted on e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it You can find more of his articles in the Editorial Section [21] of the em> site.
    ( categories: NWO [15]USA [22]Brainwashing [6]).NWOUSABrainwashing

    Mutual destruction, if THEY don’t get their way, is a distinct possibility.
    I’ve just read an article where a group of Hollywood actors, directors & etc. are being shipped to Israel at AIPEC’s (i.e. the American taxpayer’s) expense, to be told how wonderful Israel’s humanitarian track record is. They will come back and try to convince the world that what they were told is true, because they will never be shown an IDF/Palestinian confrontation or the Apartheid Wall, for example.
    alawson911 1 month ago

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