America: Destroyed by Design

America: Destroyed by Design

Remember- Wealth is never destroyed merely Transfered!!


Choad666 on 7 Mar 2006

Available for the first time online – the full version. Alex travels the country to witness the UN environmental takeover. Also includes Alex’s infamous Austin thumbscanning protest and arrest.

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To all the people who call Alex Jones “crazy” and a “conspiracy theorist”, realize this man has been warning us about everything that is NOW happening. Yet the sheeple have the “normalcy bias” which doesn’t allow their shallow mind’s to realize our demise is closing in around us.
mikaelminyun123 1 month ago 16

No wonder you see video’s of Alex Jones nowadays where he looks like he is losing his mind! I would lose my damn mind too if i saw this shit coming from 100 miles away and no one was listening!
mikaelminyun123 1 month ago 12

This video is from the 90’s….look where we are now…..
loismlsx 3 days ago

@cubomania3 very true – they hate us elephants with long memory’s – god help the next generation who will live their live’s in the dark never knowing the truth of how their reality has been orchestrated ; and their feelings manipulated to condition them to believe that their N.W.Order LIES ARE THE TRUTH –
God help them , they know not what they do. . .
55mandreck 1 month ago


2 responses to “America: Destroyed by Design

  1. Invasion of America

    A private organization which can produce such results is obviously powerful; there is nothing comparable in the world. Mr. Vincent Sheehan wrote in 1949, “There is scarcely a voice in the United States that dares raise itself for the rights, any rights, of the Arabs; any slight criticism of the Zionist high command is immediately labelled as anti-semitic.” Miss Dorothy Thompson, whose picture and articles at that time were published everyday in hundreds of newspapers, similarly protested. Mr. Sheehan’s popularity with book-reviewers immediately slumped; Miss Thompson’s portrait and writings are seldom seen in the American press today.

    How is the oracle worked? By what means has America (and the entire West) been brought to the state that no public man aspires to office, or editor feels secure at his desk, until he has brought out his prayer-mat and prostrated himself to Zion? How have presidents and prime ministers been led to compete for the approval of this faction like bridesmaids for the bride’s bouquet? Why do leading men suffer themselves to be paraded at hundred-dollar-a-plate banquets for Zion, or to be herded on to Zionist platforms to receive “plaques” for services rendered?

    The power of money and the prospect of votes have demonstrably been potent lures, but in my judgment by far the strongest weapon is this power to control published information; to lay stress on what a faction wants and to exclude from it all that the faction dislikes, and so to be able to give any selected person a “good” or a “bad” press. This is in fact control of “the mob.” In today’s


    language it is “the technique of propaganda and the approach to the masses,” as Dr. Weizmann said, but it is an ancient, Asiatic art and was described, on a famous occasion, by Saint Matthew and Saint Mark: “The chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude… The chief priests moved the people …”

    In forty years the A.D.L. perfected a machine for persuading the multitude. It is a method of thought-control of which the subject-mass is unconscious and its ability to destroy any who cry out is great. One of the first to be politically destroyed was the head of the Congressional Committee charged to watch over sedition (the Un-American Activities Committee). The Protocols of 1905 foretold that the nation-states would not be allowed to “contend with sedition” by treating it as crime and this “forecast” also was fulfilled. Mr. Martin Dies relates that he was required by the secret inquisition to restrict the definition of “subversion” to “fascism,” and to equate “fascism” with “anti-semitism.” “Subversion,” had these importuners had their way with him, would have been any kind of resistance to “the destructive principle,” not the subverting of the nation-state. He would not yield, but was driven out of political life by defamation.

    The A.D.L. (and the American Jewish Committee) “set out to make the American people aware of anti-semitism.” It informed Jews that “25 out of every 100 Americans are infected with anti-semitism,” and that another 50 might develop the disease. By 1945 it was carrying out “a high-powered educational program, geared to reach every man, woman and child” in America through the press, radio, advertising, children’s comic books and school books, lectures, films, “churches” and trade unions. This programme included “219 broadcasts a day,” full-page advertisements in 397 newspapers, poster advertizing in 130 cities, and “persuasions” subtly incorporated in the printed matter on blotters, matchbox covers, and envelopes. The entire national press (“1900 dailies with a 43,000,000 circulation”) and the provincial, Negro, foreign-language and labour newspapers were kept supplied with, “and used,” its material in the form of “news, background material, cartoons and comic strips.” In addition, the A.D.L. in 1945 distributed “more than 330,000 copies of important books carrying our message to libraries and other institutions,” furnished authors with “material and complete ideas,” and circulated nine million pamphlets “all tailored to fit the audiences to which they are directed.” It found “comic books” to be a particularly effective way of reaching the minds of young people, soldiers, sailors and airmen, and circulated “millions of copies” of propaganda in this form. Its organization consisted of the national headquarters, public relations committees in 150 cities, eleven regional offices, and “2,000 key men in 1,000 cities.”

    The name of the body which supplied this mass of suggestive material never reached the public. During the 1940’s the system of “syndicated writers” in New York or Washington enveloped the entire American press. One such writer’s


    column may appear in a thousand newspapers each day; editors like this system, which saves them the cost of employing their own writers, for its cheapness. Through a few dozen such writers the entire stream of information can be tinctured at its source (the method foretold in the Protocols). By all these means a generation has been reared in America (and this applies equally to England) which has been deprived of authentic information about, and independent comment on, the nature of Zionism, its original connection with Communism, the infestation of administrations and capture of “administrators,” and the relationship of all this to the ultimate world-government project.

    The opposition to this creeping control was strong at first and was gradually crushed during two decades (I have given examples in England) by various methods, including the purchase of newspapers, but chiefly by unremitting and organized pressure, persuasive or menacing. In America a newspaper which prints reports or comment unacceptable to the A.D.L. may expect to receive a visit from its representatives. Threats to withdraw advertizing are frequently made. The corps of “syndicated” writers joins in the attack on any individual writer or broadcaster who becomes troublesome; many American commentators have been driven from the publishers’ lists or “off the air” in this way. An illustrative example:


    READ ON…

    BRAVO SEAN!!!!


  2. Starvexer on 5 Dec 2010 If you can face up to all these truths and find a rhyme and reason to continue wanting to help wake others, you’ve just wiped the sleep from your eyes. Thanks to your alarm clock has been set to correct time.

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