22/12 Wall Street, the Media, the CIA and Facebook

Wall Street, the Media, the CIA and Facebook

Confluence of Fraud, Deceit and Espionage in the Decay of Society (Part 1)

by Mike Stathis

In many ways, the social media craze really isn’t much different than its trash TV counterpart, which often features episodes from the lives of self-absorbed, dysfunctional, attention-seeking individuals who have allowed TV cameras into their homes for the chance at fame.

Perhaps the most ironic aspect of “reality TV” is that the majority of these shows are scripted.

Regardless whether you tune into the Learning Channel, the History Channelor the Biography channel, you’re likely to run into one of several broadcasts of wasted air time highlighting the challenges of morbidly obese individuals in their quest to lose weight, resolve behavioral issues and other unfortunate predicaments. Other shows place idiots and heathens on center stage for a fighting match.

Most of these programs are specifically intended to pervert and corrupt society through glamorization of vanity, greed, promiscuity and vulgarity, as only the Hollywood establishment of homosexuals, pedophiles, drug addicts and other demented souls could accomplish.

And for the highly dysfunctional audience seeking free medical guidance, Hollywood has even gone into the mental health arena, pumping out shows with quacks and life coaches (who need coaches for their own lives) into TV celebrities.

Dubbed the “Queen of Talk” by the media, Oprah Winfrey has been responsible for promoting a long list of snake oil salesmen.

After just one appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, most of these con artists became household names overnight.

They have gone on to write dozens of useless books, many based on lies providing horrendous investment advice. They sell greed while offering their sheep the Holy Grail of money, love and happiness. In some cases, they have gone on to start their own TV shows offering the same kind of trash we have come to expect from Hollywood.

Millions of naïve individuals have been duped by these clowns forking over hundreds of millions of dollars. They have bought their books, enrolled in their coaching programs, and attended their seminars and retreats. At least one of the charlatans promoted by Oprah has been responsible for the deaths of some who followed their advice.

A few years ago, after being introduced into the televised media circuit by Oprah, self-proclaimed “Spiritual Warrior” James Arthur Ray held a retreat near Sedona, Arizona. During one of the events, attendees were manipulated by Ray to sit in a sweat lodge for two hours for “mental conditioning.” Several individuals were hospitalized and two died as a result of this event. Have a look at Ray’s website so you can see for yourself how much the media promoted this charlatan.

Despite all of the con artists Oprah has endorsed and promoted over the years, not once has she taken responsibility for the damage caused by individuals she promoted, nor has she received real criticism for her lack of due diligence prior to featuring these charlatans on her show. Instead, Oprah continues to be praised as someone who has contributed immensely to society.

Rather than provide benefit, Oprah has been a huge disaster for society. Remember, Oprah gets her blood money from advertisements and endorsements.

That means she is owned by corporate America, and thus works for the enemy of the people.

Regardless whether we are talking about obese people struggling to lose weight, or bimbos who are comfortable desecrating their character in front of millions of viewers, the common element found in most of these shows is that they focus on the miserable aspects of the show’s participants. I suppose the intent is to make viewers feel better about their own lives. Yet, it seems to have produced the opposite effect. In many cases, these thugs, sluts and scum bags are thought of as stars.

The more serious side of television broadcasting is reserved for socioeconomic and political brainwashing. In America, it’s called the “news.” Regardless which channel is selected, each of these news programs delivers the same messages one would expect from the most tightly controlled and manipulated media in the developed world. Overwhelmingly, news broadcasting in the U.S. is engineered to promote:

Fear: using lies and deception so that the people feel worried about the threat of terrorists; this keeps America’s war machine going so the cronies are able to bilk taxpayers of trillions of dollars, all while feeding the military-industrial complex.

Hope: so that they feel better about the struggling economy; these cheerleading activities are designed to boost consumer confidence so people will feel better about the economy and their future prospects. This encourages them to spend more money, which expands economic growth.

Confusion: so they are unable to determine what is going on without the assistance of the media; this serves as a mental anchor that ensures the media will maintain its audience for which it is able to continue to lie to, all while making money from advertisements.

Distraction: in order to make them forget about the real problems; By constantly filling the airwaves with sports programming and Hollywood celebrity news, the audience focuses more on LeBron James and Brittney Spears than the current economic situation, for if they truly understood the realities of America’s economy, healthcare system and political workings, they would have seized Washington by force long ago.

Greed: to keep consumers spending on things they don’t need and can’t afford; This approach plays not only into the hands of the media’s corporate sponsors, but it also sets the stage for Poker infomercials and stock market shows aired by these networks and their sister stations.

Overall, the goal of the media is to weaken the minds of Americans so that they are more easily controlled by government, and to boost consumption so that the Ponzi scheme economy continues. This makes it easier for Washington to remove the freedoms and liberties once enjoyed by Americans, largely without protest, all while expanding the profits of corporate America, Wall Street and the banking system.

The media crime bosses send hundreds of additional messages promoting the agendas of the Jewish mafia, such as interracial marriages, multiculturalism, gay and lesbian lifestyles, greed, vanity, perversion and promiscuity designed to destroy the attention span of its audience, dumb them down, pervert the human spirit and destroy individualism.

Commercials serve as the critical portion of the broadcast media because these segments provide the majority media revenues through advertisements. Corporations send millions of dollars to ad agencies and PR firms in exchange for creating psychologically and emotionally alluring ads.

Many of these ads try to convince viewers they are depressed or have some other medical disorder or disease, offering these otherwise normal individuals prescription drugs or nutritional supplements.

When they aren’t glued to their TV sets, many couch potatoes and social misfits spend a good part of time on social media sites. Often, they do both all while texting, sexting, IM’ing or speaking on their smart phone. While these individuals often take pride in their ability to “multitask,” five minutes later they can’t tell you who they were texting, IM’ing or speaking to. Many become slaves to their electronic devices. And this is precisely what the entire political and economic establishment wants.

Americans transformed into brainwashed couch potatoes
Similar to contemporary print and broadcast media, the content found on social media websites largely resembles trash. Today, when one mentions social media people usually think of the most popular social media website, Facebook.

The appeal of social media stems from the mythical benefits of digital access and communication. Users can share pictures, videos, chat, post article links, post, read and receive comments by others about themselves or any of the content. I suppose social media is meant to serve as an e-friend, e-support group and e-bulletin board.

Some users specifically restrict social media use to close friends and family, while others seek to connect with anyone who share their interests. Facebook and other social media sites claim they help people form closer bonds with friends and colleagues.

In reality, social media does the exact opposite, by encouraging people to focus more on superficial blurbs rather than meeting their friends in person or picking up the phone and having a real conversation; and that doesn’t mean texting.

Other advocates of Facebook claim it serves as a way to promote themselves, their business, and share their hobbies and thoughts with the world or whomever they select.

Zynga’s Farmville
But this can also be accomplished by posting to a blog.

For many, it seems that the real appeal of Facebook is that it helps to satisfy their self-absorbed, exposure-seeking ambitions which have been inspired by Trash TV.

Facebook also offers possibilities for “love connections” and meaningless “hookups.” Others simply have too much time on their hands.

Perhaps least appealing of all (unless you’re a teen), Facebook offers (in my opinion) some of the most useless video games in existence designed specifically to manipulate impulsive, brain-dead individuals into running up huge credit card bills so they can provide their avatar with a more fashionable wardrobe, or to advance to the next level of nothingness.

When a social media video game company completes an IPO for a $10 billion valuation, it provides more support of the existence of a bubble in social media.

Social Media, Sex, Lies, Murder and Pornography

As wonderful as these features sound, we certainly cannot overlook the risks one assumes when they use social media sites. There has already been a good deal of criminal activity and scam operations on social media sites like MySpace and Facebook.

And we cannot forget about the widespread dissemination of pornography. There’s even a thriving segment of the online pornography industry that sells sexually oriented pictures and videos obtained by MySpace and Facebook accounts.

Even more disturbing are cases of sexual misconduct by minors. A 2008 survey indicates that about 20 percent of U.S. teenagers have sent nude or seminude pictures of themselves to friends or posted one on a website. The consequences could include a prison sentence and having to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law.

These unacceptable behaviors point to some of the more obvious dangers of social media. However, we cannot blame the kids for these behaviors when they are constantly being brainwashed by teenage and adult sluts who have been glamorized by Hollywood. When a girl becomes rich and famous only because she (intentionally) leaked a video of her having sex onto the Internet, parents shouldn’t be surprised when their kids turn out the way they do.

Because parents look the other way, the message to corporate America is that these slutty reality celebrities are acceptable. As a result, many of the largest retailers and brands have shelled out millions of dollars to secure endorsements from these sluts and scum bags.

Aren’t there any responsible parents out there willing to ban consumer brands that endorse these celebrity sluts?

Do you REALLY think your kids haven’t seen Kim Kardashian’s sex video? Wake up.

Ultimately, parents are to blame for the inappropriate behavior of their children because they permit them to be exposed to this trash.

But they are also responsible for the twisted, disgusting, perverted and morally destructive programming from Hollywood, pop culture and the rest of the media because they have not protested in mass. It would appear that most parents are less focused on monitoring what their children are exposed to, and more focused on checking their Facebook account and texting with their smart phone.

Kids repeat what they see on TV, especially from those they admire. The dangers of the Internet should serve as sufficient impetus to restrict minors from using social networking sites. But don’t hold your breath. One of the primary targets of social media is young people. They are the easiest to brainwash and they spend a great deal of (Mom and Dad’s) money buying clothes, music, electronics, food and beverages.

Just a few of the Jews running porn
When discussing the dangers of children using the Internet, social media and other digital media, we cannot leave out the terrifying problem of unhindered access to Internet pornography.

Think about this for a minute. If you have a child, he or she won’t be able to purchase Playboy Magazine from a cigar shop. But they WILL be able to view the vilest pornography online at any age…15, 12, 9 and 7 years old. This is one of the most worrisome societal problems today in my opinion. Yet, it remains unaddressed.

If you are a parent with children of ANY age, and if you aren’t making a HUGE fuss about this issue, in my opinion you are completely irresponsible and incapable of raising children appropriately.

In the early days of the Internet, the Communications Decency Act of 1996 required all Internet porn sites in the U.S. to verify the age of each person through the use of a credit card.

The following year this protective law was removed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Shortly thereafter, the Child Online Protection Act of 1998 (COPA) was passed in order to provide protection to minors. But this too was eventually struck down in 2004 by the ACLU.

The ACLU is a Jewish-run organization that claims to fight for the protection of civil liberties. However, the ACLU only cares about protecting civil liberties when it is in the interests of Jew individuals and the Jewish mafia. In recent decades, the ACLU has successfully fought for gay and lesbian rights, the removal of prayer from schools, and the removal of all religious figures from government property.

Oddly enough, an enormous Jewish Menorah is erected on the White House lawn every December. Clearly, the ACLU aims to boost the profits of Jewish-run pornography industry while destroying U.S. society. And they have done a damn good job of it. Similar to the Anti-defamation League (ADL), the ACLU has been destroying U.S. society one day at a time for decades.

I think it’s time for Americans (and especially parents) to put an end to social media manipulation and data mining. At the very least, parents should keep their children off social media sites. Permitting minors to use social media sites plays into the hands of the Jewish mafia.

Through the assistance of the Israeli spy organization and hate group, the ADL, Americans are now being told that they could face criminal charges for “cyber bullying” and “hate speech.” As well, the ridiculous hate crimes legislation written by the ADL threatens to hold Americans liable for thought crimes.

Never mind that it is impossible for white people to be victims of a hate crime according to the law. Never mind that black-on-white is much more prevalent than white-on-black crime. A crime is a crime. And there is no one who is able to read the mind of the criminal who committed a crime to determine whether “hate” was involved. Regardless, the use of “hate” against a group as a motivation for a stiffer penalty is ridiculous. A crime is a crime.

Facebook’s Bait-and-Switch

When Facebook began it didn’t have any advertisements. Similar to most small companies which embrace the capitalist growth model, Facebook changed from serving its users to serving corporations. I argue this was Zuckerberg’s intention from the very beginning. We have seen the same transformation take place (albeit more slowly) with eBay, Yahoo!, YouTube and several other sites.

The strategy used by most websites is to first focus on building a large user base. This is achieved by offering exceptional features or posting original content or some other way to create the perception of value. The intent is to lure users. Once the user base is large, the site owners pull the old bait-and-switch routine as they begin to focus more on the advertisers than the users.

While most people take the bait, rarely do they spot the switch or else realize its full ramifications. Alternatively, they don’t care when these sites realign themselves towards corporate agendas because society has conditioned them against forward-thinking.

Like all social media, Facebook is designed as a Trojan horse. It markets itself as a site for its users. This is specifically why the term social networking is often used by users to reflect the perceived utility of these sites. However, social media has been designed specifically to hook users into a myriad of ads, many of which are disguised. In this manner, it resembles traditional media.

Facebook isn’t merely in the business of selling ad space. It sells targeted ad space based on each user’s profile and pattern of use on the site. The ads are selected and placed in a way to capture the most attention from each individual based on their preferences, behaviors, likes and dislikes.

Corporate America spends nearly $400 billion each year in advertising and marketing, and nearly half of this amount is spent online. With billions of dollars to be made, can you really trust Facebook with your information?

Corporate ad dollars are drawn to social media because ads are linked to the statistics, emotions and behavioral patterns of each user. Ads found on social media are designed to focus on certain aspects of emotional and psychological response and reaction so that subconscious messages are implanted into the mind of the targeted user. This type of advertising is much more manipulative that the Joe Camel category.

While Microsoft and Google surpass the data collection and analysis technologies used by Facebook, the big distinction is that users remain largely anonymous when they use websites and applications run by Microsoft and Google. In contrast, when you use social media, you have no anonymity. That means advertisers can target your thoughts and anticipate your reactions.

Some may be thinking that they can hide or not publish their phone number, address, age, etc. But you’ll notice that Facebook goes to extremes to make certain you are who you say you are. In some countries, Facebook now require phone number verification for new accounts. Think about that for a minute.

Advertiser access to your name, phone number, date and place of birth, siblings, marital status and so forth does not even represent the big concern. Thanks to Washington, this type of data has been transformed into a commodity utilized by data brokers and black market fraudsters.

The most vital data being mining by Facebook and other social networking sites probes into your brain to deliver the most intimate details that no other source has access to. This type of data commands a premium price for advertisers because it can only be harvested through social media sites.

Specifically, I am speaking about the most personal and intimate information that only you and perhaps your closest mate knows; your habits, your login location, the books, songs and movies you like or dislike and your reactions to each, what you think is funny, sad, tragic and so forth.

By recording all of your responses to every communication made on Facebook, a behavioral profile can be generated that can predict how you will respond to certain colors, scenarios, etc. Facebook has been working with several advertising firms that focus on this type of targeting. I know this for a fact.

Over time, user activity on Facebook can add up to an enormous amount of data rapidly, especially considering the SOLE PURPOSE of Facebook is to obtain as much information from its users as possible so it can sell it to corporations.

Although it’s impossible for anyone outside of Facebook staff to know with confidence, in my rough estimation, a typical Facebook user is likely to generate more than 100,000 data points over the course of a year if you include data that can be generated through advanced behavioral algorithms.

You can be sure that every piece of data is being stored, processed, compiled, analyzed and entered into a variety of behavioral algorithms for use by advertisers. This aloneis damaging enough. If you are unable to understand why, then you probably think no harm has come to you or your children as a result of watching TV. And I haven’t even discussed the use of corporate-sponsored viral marketing campaigns scattered throughout social media sites.

If you think your problems end there, you are mistaken. Your personal data…all of it…is not only being sold to corporations, it is also being sold to government agencies, federal agents and law enforcement personnel. All major websites in the U.S. – Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, You Tube, Facebook, MSN, AOL, etc. – mine data from each user and actually distribute a price list to government authorities and law enforcement divisions.

Some already know that virtually every corporation with access to your data is selling it to government agencies, from telephone service providers and financial institutions to satellite navigation services. Even when they insist they aren’t selling it, I will guarantee you they are. There are many ways to get around privacy laws. Other companies ignore them completely because as you will see shortly, there are virtually no penalties for noncompliance with these laws.

So what is it that law enforcement divisions do with this information? Would you believe they use it to set speed traps?

Have a look for yourself.

What about Facebook? We know the site has been selling user data for some time now.

But remember, the data retrieved from Facebook is much less anonymous than other sources because you still have some anonymity on other websites. With Facebook, they know who you are, so they can link your likes and dislikes to your address. Advertisers can essentially read your mind using the compiled myriad of data that Facebook collects. The same applies to the government.

As an example illustrating the how advertisers can target their products, take a look at the advertising bid prices on Facebook based on where the user works.

In the not-so-distant future, court cases will be determined based largely on information harvested and manipulated from social media sites. Eventually, prosecutors will have enough data on you to generate bogus circumstantial evidence if they want you behind bars.

Even today, it has become a common practice for prosecutors to check the Facebook entries of defendants for any incriminating information. Employers snoop around as well when they are reviewing job applicants, looking for politically incorrect language or statements, unethical behavior and other items. Already, many Facebook users have lost their job or have been denied employment as a result of entries they made to their Facebook account.

But Federal agents aren’t laying idle waiting for Mr. Zuckerberg to send them your data. They are scattered all over social networking sites, undercover of course, looking for thought crimes and fugatives.

Why isn’t the media making a big issue of this? That’s like asking why the criminal didn’t turn himself in.

Remember that Facebook is part of the media club run by the Jewish mafia.

Can You REALLY Trust Mark Zuckerberg?

Is Mark Zuckerberg a person you can trust to safeguard your personal information?

Remember, we are talking about the battle between money and honesty. In my opinion, anyone who goes into the media would sell their soul for a buck.

Let’s consider a few points. As many now know, Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook from a couple of college classmates. They asked Zuckerman to develop a website that would connect all of the students and faculty on campus. And instead of finishing their site (which was to be called Harvard Connect) Zuckerberg abandoned the project and decided to make his own. Not long after, he moved to Silicon Valley to chase venture capital funding.

So it wasn’t as if Zuckerberg was sitting in his dorm and decided to steal the idea for Facebook so he could make his own site while he continued his college studies. We are talking about a premeditated scheme here. Within months of beginning the site, Zuckerberg was contacting venture capital firms to pitch Facebook. Soon after, he dropped out of college and moved to Silicon Valley to be closer to his investors. That’s what you call devious and sneaky.

According to previously published material, in the early days of Facebook (before it was even called Facebook), Zuckerberg exchanged instant messages to a friend, discussing what he planned to do with his business colleagues. Let’s take a look at the real Mark Zuckerberg when he is outside of the spotlight.

FRIEND: so have you decided what you are going to do about the websites?
ZUCK: yea I’m going to fuck them
ZUCK: probably in the year
ZUCK: *ear

In another exchange, Zuckerberg bragged to a friend that he could get information on anyone he wanted at Harvard.

ZUCK: yea so if you ever need info about anyone at harvard
ZUCK: just ask
ZUCK: i have over 4000 emails, pictures, addresses, sns
FRIEND: what!? how’d you manage that one?
ZUCK: people just submitted it
ZUCK: i don’t know why
ZUCK: they “trust me”
ZUCK: dumb fucks

Throughout the brief history of Facebook, Zuckerberg has established a predictable pattern of deceitful and cunning behavior, from changing the terms of service, to setting users public information as the default without notifying users in advance. Rather than leave the site forever, users make a fuss until Zuckerberg reverses the changes. And this appeases users. Within months, he’s back at it again, looking to hoodwink users. And the cycle repeats over and over. How can so many people be so naïve? By now, anyone who doesn’t realize what he’s up to is a lost cause.

As you watch the video below, you should ask yourself if it was created by a “credible” news source. While you may not recognize the names or the news network presented in the video, the question of credibility should be based entirely on the video’s accuracy.

The video also points to the ease by which any media venue can manipulate its audience to believe that the news is an accurate depiction of reality. This particular video just so happens to be accurate. And it reinforces virtually everything I have been saying about Facebook and other social media platforms for years.

The next video goes into more details regarding the purpose and intent of Facebook, as well its partnership with the Department of Defense. If you doubt anything in this video, I encourage you to verify things for yourself, as I have.

Jews Policing Jews Always Leads to Crime WITHOUT Punishment

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission concluded a two-year investigation into Facebook to determine whether it had engaged in unfair and deceptive business practices as the result of its misappropriate disclosure of user privacy.

The FTC determined that Facebook was guilty of numerous violations of unauthorized data sharing. What was the penalty to Facebook imposed by the FTC? There were no fines and no criminal charges. Instead, the FTC is requiring Facebook to adhere to twenty years of biennial privacy audits. It must also obtain consent from its users before sharing their information.

In other words, the FTC is basically saying “it’s okay that Facebook illegally shared user data, but they must not do it again.” The settlement is similar to that reached with Google’s Buzz earlier in the year.

Let’s take a closer look at some facts.

Facebook and Google violated similar privacy laws.

Facebook and Google are run by Jews.

Facebook and Google escaped any type of punishment.

Facebook and Google are assisting the Department of Defense in compiling user information.

The Chairman of the FTC is Jon Leibowitz; not the failed comedian who hosts the Daily Show and changed his name to Jon Stuart. This is a different Jon Leibowitz, who is also Jewish and most likely a failure, which appears to be a prerequisite for a top position in Washington.

Facebook received no punishment whatsoever for breaking a federal law intended to protect consumers. I suppose it helps when you have friends in high places.

Although the FTC failed to punish Facebook for unauthorized sharing of user data (which has put users in potential danger) Leibowitz boasted that the settlement demonstrates that his agency “will use every tool at its disposal to ensure that every company, not just Facebook, treats its users’ privacy with care and respect.”

If in fact “every tool at its disposal” was used, we might as well shut down the FTC as an effort to reduce wasteful government spending. Requiring Facebook to obtain prior consent from users prior to sharing their information is like telling a person who robbed a bank that he won’t go to jail for what he has done and reminding him that he shouldn’t do it again.

I came across a couple of noteworthy comments from a recent article discussing the settlement with the FTC.

From Sara…

“They’re settling on this because they’re doing so many other unethical things that no one realizes yet. They just wanted to get out from under the microscope. I’ll never go back to Facebook. They wanted me to send them a government issued photo ID to prove I was using my real name. I said no, it was a violation of privacy. They locked my account so I couldn’t get in, even to deactivate it. I had to threaten to go to the media if they didn’t delete it for me. Finally they did. Be careful, folks. Big brother is watching you.”


“Evil empire. All of them.”

The settlement by the FTC sets precedence for illegal sharing of user data. If you have a website, according to the FTC, you are permitted to share user data even if you claim that you won’t. You can sell the data to all kinds of criminals and scum bags. And if you get caught, you shouldn’t face any real punishment, right? Don’t bet on it unless you are Jewish or unless you’re working with the CIA to help compile the most intimate data on individuals.

The outcome of the FTC settlement with Facebook has been a common theme in the U.S. for many years. When you are part of a global criminal syndicate, the best way to escape prosecution for your crimes is to make sure the police are “your men.” This accounts for the reason why not a single Wall Street executive has faced criminal charges for their role in the massive securities fraud that destroyed the global economy.

As the facts reveal, Washington is owned by the Jewish mafia, from Congress and the White House to nearly every government agency, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodities and Futures Commission, the Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, DHS and NSA.

Facebook and the Jewish Mafia

In a previous article I discussed that the Jewish mafia gained control over industry and commerce, the media, the banking system, educational system, governments and virtually everything else by Jewish networking.

“A large component of the Jewish network emphasizes ties to cultural identity, consistent values, and a common racial, religious, ethnic and cultural heritage. These common attributes make Jewish people a very strong and cohesive force. These are the attributes most often leveraged during the Jewish networking process. Those who share these attributes are deemed to be loyal to the tribe. They are the largest benefactors of Jewish networking. Those who do not share a sufficient amount of these attributes are deemed as being disloyal to the tribe, and are not provided with favors by those in the network. This would not be problematic if it were not for the fact that Jewish networking is focused on unqualified enrichment of Jewish people at the expense of others, often by criminal means.

And no one is better at reaching out to leverage their power in other industries than Jews. Each of these units of power works with others in different industries and government bodies in a variety of ways. Sometimes, they share confidential information in order to help Israel. Other times, they use insider information for securities fraud. Rarely do they worry about being caught because they have friends in all of the high places, from the legal system to the White House. Ultimately, the power of Jewish networking always prevails over honesty and integrity. This poses as another problem.

Through Jewish networking, a small group of Jews has managed to gain a ridiculous amount of power. Like other deviants, they also use money to buy off the right people. The difference is that they have an enormous supply of money due to their control of the banking system, Wall Street, media and entertainment and much of corporate America. In reality, much of this money has been stolen through fraud.”

Krueger Will Not End the Nightmare on Main Street

Is it by chance that large social media sites are run by Jewish individuals? I argue that this arrangement has been engineered by specific mechanisms for very specific reasons. We see the same arrangement with the same motives with the traditional media, which exists solely to brainwash Americans all while pimping out the goods and services of corporate America. We even see a similar arrangement with the vast majority of alternative media, which serves to steer its audience in the wrong direction.

Moreover, we need to ask why only Jewish-run social media sites have become dominant.

So what is the answer to these two questions?

Social media firms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Groupon and Zynga (each one run by Jews) have benefited greatly from the assistance of Jewish finance capital from their friends in the venture capital industry and Wall Street. As a result, each of these firms has experienced a huge pump in valuation despite the fact that each firm is close to useless, providing no real value whatsoever.

In fact, Groupon encourages excessive consumerism that boosts corporate and banking profits. It has been this level of consumerism that has partly been responsible for the demise of the United States.

In addition to unhindered access to Jewish finance capital, social media sites have benefited tremendously from persistent endorsement and free advertising provided by the Jewish-run media industry. As a result, Jewish-run social media sites have grown by use of Jewish finance capital and promotion by the Jewish media.

In contrast, MySpace, was formed many years before Facebook. It was once the most popular social media site.

However, MySpace never received the benefit of these powerful resources. The reason for this is was because MySpace was formed and run by gentiles.

A few years ago before Facebook was hardly known, it was rare for the media to pimp MySpace with the line “follow us on MySpace.” Because MySpace was founded by gentiles, it was not viewed as part of the “system” of mass media manipulation by the Jewish media. In other words, the Jewish media establishment viewed MySpace as an “outsider.”

The Jewish mafia would never let a gentile (outsider) run a large media firm because it would threaten to disrupt the monopoly of lies, deceit, censorship and fraud that have become synonymous with the media. Therefore, MySpace had one of two remaining fates. It would either be overtaken by a competitor, or it would be bought out if it established itself as the dominant leader of social media.

While the popularity of Facebook was rising, that of MySpace was in decline. But MySpace was still a big player in the social media space. Zionist Jew media mogul Rupert Murdoch viewed the declining momentum of MySpace as an opportunity, so his News Corp. purchased MySpace to ensure that all media remained in the control of Jewish hands. The problem was Murdoch waited too late for his purchase because MySpace was already in a death spiral.

If Murdoch had purchased MySpace a couple of years earlier, I can guarantee you the broadcast and print media would have pimped MySpace. But since the Jewish mafia decided to embrace Jewish-run Facebook in order to thwart the leadership of MySpace, there would be no need to buy the social media firm.

Murdoch thought he could resurrect MySpace’s decelerating popularity using the leverage of his media empire, as well as his position within the Jewish mafia. What he failed to realize was that social media is a bit different than traditional media. Once the buzz behind a social media site fades, users defect for the next “new thing.” In fact, the number of active users can collapse very rapidly. At a price tag of $580 million, the purchase of MySpace by Murdoch’s News Corp. was a foolish move, as I discussed in the past.

At the time of this purchase, I stated that MySpace was worth approximately $55 million according to my own valuation analysis. As it turns out, my estimate wasn’t that far off. After finally realizing that MySpace was nothing more than a website with a buzz that had faded, Murdoch recently sold it for a paltry $35 million resulting in a huge loss to News Corp. shareholders. These days, a $550 million loss is the least of the problems for shareholders of News Corp.

I didn’t expect Murdoch or the MBA grunts in News Corp.’s M&A department to understand how to properly value MySpace because the task requires a great deal of subjectivity, breadth of knowledge and good judgment. These are not the type of skills one gains from a business school program. And the few who enter business school with these skills rarely retain them by the time they have finished their studies.

Now that Facebook has permeated into the lives of unwary users, the Jewish-run media continues to pimp Facebook helping to further inflate its popularity. The Jewish-run media monopoly is also pimping Twitter and other social media because it doesn’t want to be left out in the cold; after all, what better candidates to partner with than those run by members of your own tribe?

The continuous promotion of Facebook by the Jewish-run media provides a key resource for Facebook because it affects the buzz of the site. And without the buzz, Facebook would quickly be dead in the water.

Jewish-run venture capital and Wall Street firms have also provided a big boost to Facebook. Specifically, the mega-Zionist investment bank Goldman Sachs helped secure the fate of Facebook by providing financing and early assistance with its IPO. Ever since then, Facebook’s valuation has continued to soar. Take a guess who has been churning these inflated valuation estimates; the same firms that have invested billions into Facebook.

In the final part of this article, I will discuss more about Facebook’s valuation and the pump-and-dump scheme orchestrated by Wall Street.


Wayne Walton · Breckenridge, Colorado
Usury is the original sin of mankind. Usury is a mathematic fraud just like a Ponzi. Ron Paul is loyal opposition as he does NOT target this true fundamental problem. Usury free money is the only way to freedom.
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Jeremy D. Adams · Top Commenter · Regent University
I’m not sure I agree with that. But only in a philosophical way because the money we pay now is interest + principle on money that never existed in the first place when the loan was made.

However, if there was sound money that could not be inflated simply by printing more (either commodity based or a fiat that was publicly controlled and protected by competing currencies) then to sell it’s use would be appropriate. The interest would not leave the system because it would then be put back in via bank worker’s salaries, buildings, and being loaned out again.

It is only usury combined with “printed out of thin air” money like what happens in the fractional reserve system that is the problem. If the quantity of money was stable, and you loaned a portion of it to someone, the use should in fact be able to have interest.
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Wayne Walton · Breckenridge, Colorado
Jeremy D. Adams NOT TRUE. Usury destroys on gold/silver money too even without “fractional reserves”. If the bankers loan the People $1M in gold at merely 1% the outstanding debt would be $1,010,000. Where do the People get $10k in gold from to pay the interest when only $1M is in circulation?
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Jeremy D. Adams · Top Commenter · Regent University
Wayne Walton In a sound money system the bankers wouldn’t have all the money to begin with. They’d get the $10k from when the interest was put back into the system when the bankers go buy fancy cars and pay their employees. Or even loaning it out again (which means that the gold is in the system facillitating the production of other wealth: production of goods.

If they just hoard the money then the gold that is left in the system has more buying power. (And you can’t eat gold, no matter how hard you try.)

The problem with this system we have now is 100% the fact that the supply of money in the world is controlled by a handful of people who have no oversight.

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