22/12 Stranglehold Afghanistan: How Politics and Lies Is Destroying an Army

Stranglehold Afghanistan: How Politics and Lies Is Destroying an Army

First the Army Lies to the President
Followed by the Mitt Romney Knife in the Back
… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

American troops in Afghanistan are running out of fuel and food as Christmas approaches. The war rages on as it has for a decade and America is losing, nothing new there.

American supplies are being blockaded in Pakistan because US drones killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Compounding the problem now, we have learned that the version of events Pakistan gave in the first place, called “liars” by our press and military, was 100% correct.

The liars were the Americans on the scene whose “Afghan allies,” as usual, ended up totally infiltrated by Taliban.

After 10 years, the new “national army” are all either working for the drug lords of the minority northern alliance or, as with the new “national police,” either petty criminals or Taliban.

These two forces cost more to train and supply than the entire Chinese army, no, we are not kidding, this is how much we have spent or wasted, you choose.

So, when Americans go into the field, their “allies” are invariably their enemies, troops that know America is leaving and ready to lead Americans into an ambush or direct an attack on America’s Pakistani allies as they have time and time again.

Obama In Tough Spot Over Pakistan Troops Killed
In a report released today, the Army admits that it was wrong and President Obama is preparing to issue an apology to Pakistan.

He hopes this will be enough to partially quell anti-American sentiment in Pakistan and get supplies moving before America is forced to begin a “Berlin airlift” or simply withdraw.

The “airlift,” of course, gives Russia total control over American policy in the region which will include a guarantees for the safety of Iran.

Russia has indicated that it will intervene if Iran is attacked and has military preparations for a “limited war” in the region well under way.

With America out of Iraq and only air assets in the region, all that is needed to paralyze American, read “Israeli,” threats against Iran is the delivery of the S300 air defense system that has been withheld for some time.

It is more than capable of shooting down any American stealth aircraft and is largely impervious to our traditional “countermeasures.”

Russia is in negotiations with Turkey, a NATO country, to deliver the S400 system, even more advanced.

Though the S400 has a slightly inferior radar system to the best American anti-ballistic missile system, the S400 outperforms the best America has.

S-400s – Multiple Range Versions – And a Lot of Them

We are told that the needed radar upgrades to make either the S300 (used by Syria) or the S400 vastly superior to America’s air and missile defenses have been stolen and are “on the market” today.

Oddly, “mutually assured defense” may be the new version of “mutually assured destruction,” the Cold War policy that nearly led to world destruction on half a dozen occasions.


Could Mitt Be More Dangerous Than Newt ?
Temporarily taking the lead among potential Republican opponents to President Obama in the upcoming elections is Senator Mitt Romney.

He has been tasked with attacking the President who is trying to save the lives of American troops in Afghanistan, stating that an American “apology” is a sign of weakness.

That America was caught lying, that the Army had been caught lying to the president and that American soldiers at war face bleak prospects because of a supply blockade has escaped Mr. Romney.

He is a total idiot.


Is Gillani Hiding Out From a Coup also?
The current Prime Minister, Gillani former husband of the murdered Benazir Bhutto, is in Dubai. He has a note from his doctor that says he is sick.

Others say he is hiding. Swiss courts want him for laundering drug money. Few in Pakistan care if he returns.

In the interim, Imran Khan, former cricketer and philanthropist who takes a hard line against Pakistan’s history of subservience to America has become the political front-runner.

We know Khan as a genuine moderate, one willing to stand up to the United States but with real leadership capabilities and wide support. We are somewhat prejudiced for him in that he is an editorial contributor and friend.

Khan has what we believe is a workable plan to stabilize the region, secure Pakistan and create a model there that would likely work in Afghanistan as well. He is the only leader respected by all sides.

Please excuse me rerunning this video of Imran Khan. My point being, of course, is to have you watch the video.

If this person were running for president of the United States, would you vote for him? I know the answer and when I brought it up to Khan, he was flabbergasted.

Tell me what you think:

America sees Pakistan as hostile, extremist and unpredictable. Khan, a friend, is exactly who you see in the video. Frankly, he is who we wish Barak Obama was more like.


Pakistan ISI’s Gen. Hamid Gul (VT Director Now) – FBI Director William Webster – CIA Dir. of Operations, Claire George – an ISI Colonel – the Famous Milt Bearden
America has been “pulling the strings” in Pakistan since 1947. India had been “non-aligned” but had always leaned toward the Soviet Union.

So, when Russia sent troops into Afghanistan to bolster the Communist government there, by the way, a government America now wishes was still there, we turned to Pakistan to organize the Mujihideen or “Taliban” to fight for America.

I have met most of the Pakistani military leaders who fought in that campaign, many are friends and all are rabidly pro-American.

The Pakistani Army sees America as its “big brother” and takes great pride in their 60 year relationship, one that has gone very very wrong over the last decade.

But what hasn’t…..

As complicated and boring as real life politics may seem, this will be the best analysis on the situation in Pakistan you will have available. The unedited version is available at the link below.

Now we hear that the CIA is planning to send former former Pakistani General Musharraf, back to Pakistan, loaded with cash, to challenge Imran Khan. From an article yesterday by Veteran Today’s Brigadier General Asif Haroon Raja:

General Musharraf
During his over nine-year rule, Musharraf made many blunders but his biggest blunder was the sacking of chief justice Iftikhar in March 2007, which triggered lawyer’s movement.

There on, his graph kept plummeting till he had to first shed his Army chief’s cap in November 2007 and handing over the baton to Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, and then his president’s cap in August 2008 and paving the way for Asif Ali Zardari to replace him.

Zardari had secretly made an agreement with UK and USA not to impeach or try him and to provide him safe exit in return for helping him in becoming the next president. ..

During his rule, seven attempts were made on his life; two of which were deadly. He subverted the Constitution twice, which as per Article 61 of the Constitution is a treasonous act. He is accused of getting Nawab Akbar Bugti murdered in August 2006.

An FIR to this effect has been registered in Quetta and based on the petition filed; the court has issued his warrants of arrest. Afghan Taliban must not have pardoned him for his betrayal. The Baloch and Pashtuns of FATA hate him since he had initiated military operations against them.

Religious groups also bear a grudge against him since he had oppressed them. Victims of Guantanamo Bay Prison as well as family of Dr Aafia Siddiqui (a critical issue…editor’s note) who had been handed over by him to USA cannot forgive him.

It seems Musharraf has not learnt any lesson from the fate of Benazir. He is leading a comfortable life in London and receives heavy payments for his lectures in various educational institutes in USA and western countries.

The Three Faces of Dr. Aafia Siddiqu

He has accumulated so much of wealth during his stint in power that he can live a lord’s life in London where he has an expensive flat in elitist constituency. The magnitude of his wealth can be measured from the fact that he managed to establish a political party which he has named as All Pakistan Muslim League (APML)…

Great majority of people are of the view that Musharraf’s flawed policies and issuance of NRO to prolong his rule are responsible for the current deplorable state of affairs of the country. The NRO was issued by Gen Musharraf on 5 October 2007 as a consequence to a power sharing deal with Benazir struck in Dubai in July 2007 at the behest of USA and UK.

Condoleezza Rice in his recently published book has given graphic details of her personal efforts in making the two agree to the deal. The NRO helped in absolving the top leaders of PPP and thousands of MQM leaders and party activists involved in corruption and heinous crimes, and in facilitating homecoming of Benazir in October 2007.

He must remember that ground situation has radically changed. In 2008, the grip of the US over Pakistan’s internal affairs was so strong that it had managed to influence the outcome of 2008 elections. Rating of the PPP and Zardari was high.

Today Pak-US relations are at its lowest ebb and new terms of engagement are being formulated. PPP has become highly unpopular because of its poor performance and corrupt practices while Zardari has lost his credibility.

Musharraf as Prime Minister
He is under substantial strain since the Supreme Court is exerting pressure to implement its 16 December 2009 verdict on NRO and to revive money laundering cases pending against him in foreign countries.

Memogate scandal is under purview of the Supreme Court, while Abbottabad Commission is investigating 2 May incident (the “phony killing” of bin Laden…editor). Possibility of its linkage with memo affair is being determined.

Tehrik-e-Insaf (TI) under Imran Khan has emerged as a third force and well-known figures from all political parties are drifting towards it. Biggest defections are taking place from PML-Q in which APML had attached lot of hopes.

Imran has become a leading crowd puller and seems to have outshined all politicians.

If Musharraf thinks he will also be able to attract crowds like Imran Khan and will become as popular as him, he is sadly mistaken.

What is never mentioned, of course, is that $80 billion dollars of heroin cash is flowing into the region, in and out, with the biggest beneficiaries being the CIA, key GOP policians, bankers in Tel Aviv, Zurich and Dubai and selected elected officials in Islamabad, Kabul and Delhi.

Less well known are groups within Russia who have helped this trafficking of narcotics nearly destroy their own country. Vladamir Putin says, privately, that he plans a bloody purge of all involved, no matter what country they are in. Is this just empty talk?

I hate the use of “conclusion” as a “ham handed” way of tying up my attempt at making a complicated situation seem simple. There is nothing simple about it, nothing for “sound bites” or easy political headlines.

We are working to save a military situation in Afghanistan that is, in itself, unsupportable.

These “conspiracy theories” are facts:

There is not now, nor has there ever been an “Al Qaeda”
There has never been any terrorist involvement by Osama bin Laden who I can prove died on December 13, 2001
We can prove that key aspects of the “incident” known as “9/11″, the Pentagon attack and Building 7, were planned and executed by Americans with Israeli help. This provides a rationale for assuming that other attacks coincidentally on the same day and same place may have been planned and executed by the same people, meaning “no terrorists were involved in this production”
Vice President Biden is correct in his assumptions about the Taliban and GOP criticism is the kind of “treasonous wartime betrayal” that Newt Gingrich is famous for “doubletalking” about
The recent admission of lying by the Army tied to the killings in Pakistan also provide “reasonable doubt” about other statements tying Pakistan to the Taliban. They are lies also.

The Shah Returning to Iran After CIA Coup – Democracy Was Not ‘In’ Then
The United States, after apologizing to Pakistan, now owes Iran an apology for overthrowing its democratically elected government in 1953 and replacing it with a brutal dictatorship, not based on security needs but done entirely at the behest of oil companies.

I can prove every word of this, feel free to drag me into a London court any time.

This doesn’t mean the current government of Iran is “ideal.” I find it unbalanced and oppressive but I also consider Israel a military dictatorship.

I am simply being honest and have impeccable sources.

Yesterday, I read an article by Dr. Kevin Barrett on Veterans Today. As his editor, I didn’t find this a “barn burner,” filled with wild conspiracies and tales of bloody rape. Thus, as “journalism” goes, as we know it today, it is hardly noticeable.

What it did contain is quality thinking, in this case, by someone other than myself. I can’t tell you what enjoyment I find in that. I will edit this down a bit, although it is short enough, and hope others will follow the link above and read it all:

Brother John
In his classic On Liberty, John Stuart Mill observes:

“Wherever the (religious) sentiment of the majority is still genuine and intense, it is found to have abated little of its claim to be obeyed.”

More than 150 years later, Mill’s dictum holds true. In irreligious Europe, as in the great coastal metropolitan centers of the USA, there is little legal or social pressure to obey religious dictates.

Whereas in the Islamic world, and parts of the American heartland, where deeply religious majorities exist, religious opinion demands obeisance on important matters.

Is religion, then, an impediment to liberty? Can liberty flower in societies of fervent religiosity? Is the so-called Arab Spring, whose twin banners are Liberty and Islam, doomed to collapse under the burden of a contradiction?

To begin to address this question, we must revisit Mill’s argument. The basic problem that On Liberty addresses is not despotism, but the rise of democracy. Mill correctly points out that under traditional despotisms, the population views the government as a powerful Other if not an outright enemy.

The despot is tolerated because his power allows him to occasionally suppress pettier despots, thereby maintaining a modicum of social order and a degree of justice for the many. Under such conditions, custom and practice if not law limit the range of situations into which the government may stick its nose. The result is a fair amount of de facto liberty.

Democracy, according to Mill, threatens to actually reduce liberty. Why? Because once the people feel the government is an expression of their own will, rather than the will of some distant despot, they are tempted to use it to enforce their own preferences and opinions on other people, whose liberty is thereby violated.

Once Upon a Time – In a Far Away Place – Average Americans Followed History Making Political Debates

I just spent the last 20 minutes writing what is essentially a “briefing” that is considered inappropriate for what Debbie Menon calls “the unwashed masses.” The best materials, of course, were borrowed from others.

When there are political debates and candidates don’t know one country from another, how can we expect them to deal with what should be the normal complexities of office?

I am fairly sure that the average American, given a few days coaching, which I am probably qualified to do, will end up with a rudimentary understanding of economics, military and foreign affairs.

They could then certainly be able to express themselves well enough to make Newt Gingrich, the GOP “braintrust baby” look like the half baked moron I know him to be.

This information, lacking the photos of the Kardashians and J Lo, boring though it may seem, is a vital part of real democracy as opposed to “mob rule,” something we have enjoyed of late and may expect more of.

“Mob rule” isn’t by accident. It has taken several billion dollars to gain control of media and pop culture to “de-educate” America, in particular, putting out two consecutive generations of college graduates, many with advanced degrees, that are embarrassingly ignorant.

America didn’t end up the “failed state” it is today without alot of well educated morons.

a correction made re statement in video- in comment section link.



One response to “22/12 Stranglehold Afghanistan: How Politics and Lies Is Destroying an Army

  1. stevor
    December 22, 2011 – 11:50 am
    Plain and simple, Romney is BAD!

    Log in to Reply foo
    December 22, 2011 – 1:14 pm
    @ Gordon

    This doesn’t mean the current government of Iraq is “ideal.”

    Was this a typo for “Iran?”

    Log in to Reply
    Gordon Duff
    December 22, 2011 – 4:42 pm
    fixed several typos….

    Log in to Reply Tom Valentine
    December 22, 2011 – 1:24 pm
    Ron Paul never looked better, but it is a little late to mind our own business.

    Log in to Reply
    December 22, 2011 – 2:37 pm
    They keep running one loser after another up the flag pole and enthusiastically saluting, yet the public is not buying. What happens when Paul finishes in Iowa and NH in the top spot?

    The attacks are likely to get nastier, and if that doesn’t work, the voting machine rigging, and if that fails?

    Reminiscent of Ross Perot in 1991.

    Log in to Reply
    December 22, 2011 – 5:00 pm
    yep, its already getting ugly. CNN tried to diss Paul today on their report labeling him a racist. They’re running scared and that’s a very good thing for America.

    Americans are really fed up, we all know it. The establishment thinks they can keep pulling off the same old bs and get away with it. Its not working as witnessed by the recent decline of Newt. These guys are digging their own graves in front of our eyes.


    Log in to Reply Allesandro
    December 22, 2011 – 2:28 pm

    It reminds me of the specialized knowledge on a single topic (so popular, inefficient, costly and easily controlled) we see in medicine, science, etc. vs the integrating of many disciplines and views into a unified conceptual framework.

    Compartments, like spokes on a wheel, where each does not know the other and only the center of the hub is able to view them all together. It is by design, and critically flawed.

    I wouldn’t write off all people on the coasts. It New England, they have long, hard fought traditions, looking out for each other and the country and religion is not dead.

    Log in to Reply haroldsmith
    December 22, 2011 – 4:58 pm
    There are no “Americans” in Afghanistan. There is no “American Army” in Afghanistan. When our Masters started all these illegal, immoral, self-destructive wars, and when people volunteered to go, that’s when it was all trashed.

    Our Congress has been trashed, the whole Executive branch has been trashed, our Courts have been trashed, the UN has been trashed, our churches and schools have been trashed, our dollar and our economy has all been been trashed. Put simply, any and every institution that has sold out and isn’t doing its part to oppose the treason and the treachery that have enveloped this land…have all been trashed.

    Frankly I hope “the troops” get cut off and starve to death in Afghanistan. They don’t work for me or you, they work for the people whose goal is to destroy us and our country. In light of this sad but obvious fact, screw “the troops”. They’re nothing but sheeple with guns – self-debased cannon fodder – brain-dead-flag-waving-blowhards, every bit as guilty as Bush, Obama, McCain, et al., and their Jewish supremacist puppetmasters.

    Log in to Reply
    December 22, 2011 – 6:10 pm
    bullshit harold, get a grip. The troops are every bit a victim in this as American citizens are. They’re not “flag waving blowhards”, most are you men and women looking for a future.

    Douche Bag.


    Log in to Reply
    December 22, 2011 – 6:37 pm
    Well hello there, douche bag Michael.

    Yes, the troops are flag-waving blowhards, just like you, Chump.

    BTW if some misguided gangbangers just “looking for a future” happened to invade your house and slaughter your family, that’d be ok with you goofball? Or are you just another ignorant, arrogant morally incompetent, hypocritical “American” fool?

    Log in to Reply
    December 22, 2011 – 6:51 pm
    does your mother know you are using her computer again?


    Log in to Reply
    December 22, 2011 – 7:09 pm
    Does your Mother know who your Father is, Chumpy?


    correction re wife….IE as per usual playing up..load of shit it is!

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