21/12 Nazi Hunting in Tel Aviv

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Posted by Gordon Duff

Nazi Hunting in Tel Aviv

A Light Dose of Holiday Truth

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Over the past couple of weeks, we have heard much about how important it is to catch the remaining Nazi war criminals before they die. The average age is nearly 100.

My own family, Americans who served in World War II, Americans who worked in defense industries, Germans living in what is now Poland and Jews who had lived in Austria have all been dead, some for decades. Not one survives. Were some killed in concentration camps? I don’t know.

Were some murdered by the Soviets? Were lives shortened by sleeping in the snow of Bastogne?

What I am learning, painfully, is that nary a word of truth remains on any of it. Even my own wartime experience in Vietnam, facing starvation as an American Marine, looking forward to the Christmas of 1969, has been rewritten as turkey dinners, “Bob Hope” and a “truce” that was everything but.

I believe obsessing on this is a problem. What I do know is that there are far more people living in Israel and America who are officially considered “war criminals” than in Germany, by a number that is significant. Much of the Bush Administration, with some questions about the recent Obama administration as well, need to answer to tribunals. As for Bush, Cheney and all who served them, we mean thousands, prison or even execution would be consistent with international law as long established.

Where we enter “dark territory” is when we separate myth about Israel from truth. I know the 1967 War was an invasion by Israel and that at least 1000 POWs were massacred in the Sinai. Egypt did not attack. What every American, every Israeli, every German is taught about that is a lie, a proven lie.

Israel murdered 37 Americans to cover it up and Lyndon Johnson helped him. This was the USS Liberty incident and every Israeli and American involved, hundreds, are war criminals and most live today. Let us arrest them first of all.

I have people in Israel I strongly support but there is a reason there have been sanctions against Israel for war crimes that have passed the UN well over 100 times, only to be vetoed by the US. There may be half a dozen Germans alive who worked in camps. There are over 2000 Israelis who are wanted as international war criminals, from 1967, the murders there, the murders on the USS Liberty, even for the piracy and executions on the Mavi Marmara a little over a year ago.

Then comes the “secret” stuff. Israel’s car bombs across Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, sniper attacks against American troops, the Bali attack, 7/7 in London and even 9/11. There is evidence against other nations as well for such crimes, none of it is ever public.

On a private basis, I have confirmations, highest level, of Israeli complicity in 9/11, both Mossad and IDF intelligence. Thousands were murdered in these attacks, not just the big ones but smaller ones as well, recently in Nigeria, the car bombing in Alexandria. Of course, this is from an American who lives in a country that still has labs that produce weaponized ebola/anthrax and poison gas in mass quantity and lies about it.

3 weeks ago, two very recently constructed biological and chemical weapons plants were discovered by the NTC (National Transitional Council) in Libya. This makes 5 plants so far. What was unique about these? Everything in them was in Hebrew. Since the announcement of their discovery, all news about them has been suppressed.

Another interesting internet search would be for the name “Johann Meyer.” This is a South African who was selling specialized weapons grade centrifuges for building nuclear weapons. He was arrested, broken out of jail by the Mossad and now lives in Israel. His crimes were blamed on A Q Khan of Pakistan. Try researching this. What you will learn is how twisted things have become.

Meyer is one of a hundred Israelis working in South Africa on germ warfare, nuclear weapons and poison gas, all war criminals, all hiding in Israel. Not all were Israelis, some were even Canadians.

Oddly and curiously, the biggest suppliers of equipment for such weapons, which is, in itself a war crime, is Germany. The conduits are two, Israel and an American family with two former presidents and we aren’t referring to the “Adams” family.


Of late, we hear about Germany and Serbia. Were one to hunt down those responsible for mass killings and apartheid, a real list would involve two dozen countries. The US would top the list, followed by Israel. The real numbers would probably come from Rwanda, uncounted and uncountable.

Central America in the 70s and 80s, supported and financed by America might give you between 300,000 and 500,000.

Around the world, I could “checkerboard” with secret prisons, concentration camps, “killing fields,” one here, a few more there.

But then we are being pushed back to looking for 6 old men from World War 2. Evidence has been declassified that now shows that Stalin killed 8.5 million German civilians. America is responsible, after the war, for the deaths of 1.2 million, purposefully starved in camps.

We can prove it.

Proof is a nasty thing. The “high side” of Stalin’s killings, from 1930 to 1953 is 65 million. For some reason, his primary goal was to wipe out every Christian in Europe.

In the process, now this is a rumor to all who choose to ignore such things, minimally half the Jews said to have died in the holocaust died under Stalin, murdered outright or frozen to death in the Urals. I took my own kids to Dachau, I should have taken them to Russia had I known.

Why do you think Stalin ordered the building of the ovens at Buchenwald and the construction of gas chambers after the war or dug the “mass grave” trenches at Birkenau?

To me, this is stealing the history of the Jewish people. When history became profit we all lost our heritage. In America, it took a century to begin asking questions about the extermination of the indigenous population now known to have had civilizations that predated Sumeria and have lived in numbers 10 times any estimates. You didn’t know?

Sometimes I like reminding people, in the 6th century, for instance, almost everyone in the Middle East was Christian. Where did they go? Should someone tell Newt Gingrich that they are Palestinians and that, 600 years before that, those same Palestinians were Jews?

I can explain the history, how some things are so obvious and other things being taught were totally impossible, how some people couldn’t move from “here to there” because “there” didn’t exist then.


We began a search for 6 old Germans said to have worked in death camps, Germans who survived the salt mines of Russia or the very real death camps run by Eisenhower after the war. What is a war crime? Is a drone killing a crime? Torture and kidnapping of innocent people is and the Bush administration is guilty of over 10,000 incidents of this under what they called “the War on Terror.” We learned they were buying people at a virtual slave market, having innocent people kidnapped off the streets to fill prisons.

Dr. Aafia, the wife of a Boston doctor is one of these, imprisoned in the US after being kidnapped, raped and tortured for years and convicted on “secret evidence” and wild conjecture to cover up a Bush era war crime.

Thousands were simply murdered, especially in Afghanistan, taken out and shot or hacked to death. Some were thrown off helicopters as in Vietnam or died of torture during “legal interrogation.”

To me, George “W” Bush is the real Adolf Hitler. We know he ordered crimes, we can document it, we have the victims, we know where to find him and yet, war criminal though he is, we protect him.

Others, many many more than said to be in Germany live in Israel. We know many of their names too.

Worldwide, we could arrest a million or more.

I am suspicious when a nation that uses cluster bombs on its own civilians starts looking for war criminals elsewhere it might just have something to hide.

With fuel prices such as they are, wouldn’t arresting those close to home be more economical?




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