British Revisionism and the Fabian Society

British-indoctrinated Fabian Socialists like Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Jawaharlal Nehru and Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar had already been placed in key positions among the Indian leadership, thereby enabling the Labour Party (and the Fabian Society behind it) to pull the strings on many important issues.

The fact is that the Labour Party that came to power in England’s bloodless revolution of 1945 was a sinister Socialist organisation with Marxist leanings created and controlled by the Fabian Society of which Clement R. Attlee was a member. As leader of the Labour Party and British Prime Minister, Attlee evidently used his influence to ensure that India decided in favour of a Socialist form of government.

political correctness= cultural Marxism….yet even Cameron practises this fraud!

British Revisionism and the Fabian Society
Niki Raapana

What is the Fabian Society?

The Fabian Society was created in 1884 after a suicide note left by Derby Fabian Henry Hutchinson also left 10,000 British pounds to the Fabians “for propaganda and other purposes.” British Fabian socialism was created to promote international communism and free trade with a friendlier face. Unlike Marx’s open and violent revolutionary agenda, the Fabian’s agenda was to quietly infiltrate and re-direct established governments. The Fabians were instrumental in creating the Peace Movement, which is the perfect antithesis to violent expansionism. Fabians also helped establish the International Court at the Hague. The Fabians designed the first League of Nations (the precursor to the United Nations). Fabian influence on the creation of the U.N. is no secret, either. While many Marxist revolutions followed the prescription for violence (Russia, China, Cuba, etc.) others, like the U.S., were infiltrated under the Fabian model for “universal brotherhood and peace.” Today the Fabian socialist model dominates in all global political movements.

Like the imperial goal, the ultimate goal of communism and socialism was to control world trade. The Fabians began infiltrating the U.S. as early as 1898. Emma Goldman represented herself as a Fabian socialist although she openly supported anarchist violence and her influence on McKinely’s assassin in 1901 is part of known history. Goldman was deported to the USSR, but many other Fabians remained behind to do the work. By the time President Woodrow Wilson took the U.S. into WWI, the Fabians were in key positions. These key Fabians drafted the first League of Nations. As more and more Fabian agents secured high-level government positions, and other quiet organizations became high-level advisers (like the Council on Foreign Relations), the original history of the United States underwent a profound change. For over one hundred years the original U.S. system was slowly rebuilt to accomodate the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto. And, the less Americans knew about the changes, the better for all concerned.

The founder of American communitarianism, Dr. Amitai Etzioni, is a Fabian. His latest book, From Empire to Community: A New Approach to International Relations outlines the Fabian’s goals for creating a stronger global government. The “new” Fabian idea for a global justice system is to combine the strength of the U.S. Imperial Army with the principles of the International Court. The ultimate goal is to establish a valid U.N. military allowed to enforce international U.N. law against “insurgents.”

The U.N. replaced the U.S. Bill of Rights with a Declaration of Human Rights after WWII. Human rights are not the same as individual liberty, just as the freemason phrase “liberty, equality, fraternity” is not the same as “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Fabian and freemason propaganda both twist things to sound almost the same, but after a brief investigation anyone with eyes can see there are major differences. The power of propaganda is in teaching phony phrases and slogans and turning it into familiar repetitions. (Way too many Americans say, “I got my human rights and they can’t never take that away.”)

The localized Communitarian “approach” shifts the focus from legitimate constitutional governments to a new form of governance, called “community government.” The Fabians plan to rule American neighborhoods based on the Soviet and Chinese models for totalitarian communities. In their skewed world view it is acceptable and okay to lie and sneak new fascist systems into formerly free countries, because ultimately it will create a lovely Utopian paradise on Mother Earth.

Their key phrases are “global security,” “human rights,” “hummanitarian,” “social justice,” and “peace.” You will never hear a Fabian defend legitimate national law based in the U.S. Bill of Rights. They call individual liberty and freedom “old-fashioned” and “outdated.” Fabian propagandists distort reality. Their goal is to confuse and manipulate free people into giving up their freedom for world peace and security. Fabians say the American principles for freedom must be balanced in order to “save the planet” and “stop global terrorism.” (They never admit they’re the terrorists.)

Fabianism is elite training in socialist propaganda. Fabian followers are called “agents for change.” Fabian facilitators are installed in every government agency in the world, and they influence all mainstream media outlets. They are the reason Americans never hear about communitarianism or Local Agenda 21.

The propaganda campaign to convince Americans the United Nations’ International Criminal Court is a valid authority has begun in earnest. For a good example of how Fabian propaganda is utilized by Hollywood, see the movie “The Interpreter” starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. This movie never tells us about the Fabian definition of “human rights.” It never once mentions the laws and programs limiting private property rights already enforced on U.S. soil. Fabian rhetoric never discusses the real programs and laws. Fabians only speak of lofty, vague communist ideals like “peace” and “equality.” Listen closely to the movie’s closing comments about the ICC.

Where did the Fabians originate?

In 1847 The London Communist League was a small group of elite imperialists who worked out an innovative way to regain and maintain control of the world. In 1776 the American colonials had successfully used common sense and an armed civilian popualation to take control of their own property, markets, and labor. The Americans won their independence and freedom from Imperialist control with logic and gunpowder. So, the defeated (but never dismantled) British Empire moved into the Middle East and Africa where they conquered many new territories. The legacy of British Imperial policies lingers to this day in scores of violent crises from South Africa to Iraq to Palestine. The British and Dutch Empires controlled the global drug trade (poppies) between India and China. The British Empire created Israel out of their Mandate for Palestine. British “lords” ruled South Africa and established the policy of apartheid. Iraq won their independence from Great Britian in 1925. Today there are still 16 colonies in the 50 countries that make up the British “Commonwealth.”

Private property rights was not only the basis for the American Revolution, but it was also the basis for many revolutions against the Empires of the world, including France, Russia, Portugul, Spain, Netherlands, the Ottoman and more. Unable to beat the American “idea” of freedom with logic or common sense, Karl Marx was hired by the London Communist League to add revolutionary flair to the confusing and unsubstantiated formula called the Hegelian dialectic. Their idea was to turn American logic and common sense into senseless mumbo-jumbo. The Americans said private property rights for the comman man were the basis for his freedom, so the crafty London Communists said private property rights were the basis for his slavery.

The Communist-Imperialists infiltrated every national revolution based on the American idea. They successfully ruined the French Revolution in 1789 with the assistance of Jacobin agents of change. From that point forward they undermined every legitimate revolution against imperialism. They called their central government a “dictatorship of the proletariat.” The 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto outlined the blueprint for creating a one-world government under a dictatorship of the proletariat using violence and later, propaganda.

For fifty years they instigated violent revolutions against governments that protected the owners of private property. They expanded their tactics from murder and mayhem to sneaky infiltration and practiced deceit in 1894. Spartacus gives a nice overview of the Fabians: “The Fabians believed that capitalism had created an unjust and inefficient society. They agreed that the ultimate aim of the group should be to reconstruct ‘society in accordance with the highest moral possibilities’. The Fabians rejected the revolutionary socialism of H. M. Hyndman and the Social Democratic Federation and were concerned with helping society to move to a socialist society ‘as painless and effective as possible’.” (The “highest moral possibilities” is the same mantra used by Dr. Etzioni and his “moral” communitarians.)

The Society expanded under Beatrice and Sidney Webb, founders of the London School of Economics. George Bernard Shaw became one of the first members of the London Fabian Society. His biographers describe Fabian socialism like this: “..The difference from other organizations of the sort was that they were to do it not through revolution, as Marx advised, but by systematic, progressive legislation, enhanced by persuasion and mass education.. He favored gradualism over revolution and in a pamphlet he wrote in 1897 he predicted that: socialism will come by prosaic installments of public regulation and public administration, enacted by ordinary governments.”

The Fabian Society and their London School of Economics promoted the American base of operations with the Harvard Socialist Club.

Today the British Fabians lead the world toward the Ultimate Third Way. American presidents are educated at elite British univeristies on scholarships provided by British conquerors (Cecil Rhodes-Rhodesia). And what about their partners in the heroin trade between India and China? Well just because a member of the Dutch Royal family was once a Nazi, don’t you know the Dutch are more moral now? The International Court of Justice is at the Dutch Imperial Palace at The Hague.

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3 responses to “British Revisionism and the Fabian Society

  1. Fabian Socialism: Fabian Socialism is a form of communism that silently and with subtlety, infiltrates a government to take it over without a shot (as the Zionist Jews have already done in America), as opposed to Communism, which generally comes in with tanks and guns to take over rapidly by force and immediately quash all dissent. The only real difference between Communism and Fabian Socialism is the speed and method of the takeover. The outcome is the same. Force is used by Communism on Third world countries, whereas Fabian Socialism is reserved for First world countries, like the United States, Great Britain and Australia.

  2. When Trotsky applied for asylum in Britain, he was supported by Sidney & Beatrice Webb, H. G. Wells, Bernard Shaw & Keynes: deutscher.html.

    Stalin’s Purges were directed at the Left Opposition, led by three “dissatisfied Jewish intellectuals” Trotsky, Zinoviev & Kamenev. The evidence presented at the Moscow Trials was 90% fabrication, but 10% genuine: there really was a Trotsky-Zinoviev bloc aiming to remove Stalin: stalin-purges.html.

    (major update) The Black Book of Communism, by Stephane Courtois et al. The Communist terror in the USSR prior to Gorbachev, and in China under Mao (covers the Great Leap Forward). Why can’t its death-toll be memorialized? Was it deemed of little weight, compared to the visionary goal being pursued?
    Why is Nazism uniquely Evil but Communism respectable? It is because, however it went wrong, Communism is seen as Idealistic or Universalist?
    Although Stalinism fell, have different kinds of Marxism – the Fabian, Green & Trotskyist kinds – conquered the West? Is this why the sins of Communism are being denied & forgotten?
    After Mao died, China under Deng abandoned Communism, adopting “Market Socialism” instead. courtois.html.

    Arnold J. Toynbee was a leading historian of civilization, but also a propagandist for the “British conspiracy” One-World goals of Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table group.


    David Lloyd George, Prime Minister of Britain, explained in his Memoirs why his government made “a contract with Jewry” (the Balfour Declaration) in 1917. Leopold Amery, author of the final draft of that contract, acted for the British side but secretly identified as Jewish. Could he represent both parties simultaneously? If so, why keep his Jewish identity secret? Was a conflict of interest involved? His son was executed as a Nazi collaborator: l-george.html.

    Dostoievsky’s non-fiction work The Diary of a Writer, published serially from 1873 to 1871: “… it is not for nothing that over there the Jews are reigning everywhere over stock-exchanges; it is not for nothing that they control capital … and … are also the masters of international politics … what is going to happen in the future is known to the Jews themselves: their reign, their complete reign is approaching !”: dostoievsky.html.

    Trotsky explicitly promoted Radical Feminism, Youth Rebellion, Communal Childrearing and the Destruction of the Family, in his book The Revolution Betrayed. He describes the attack on all tradition launched by the Bolsheviks, and Stalin’s reversal of its extremes. Seeing the real Trotsky: trotsky.html.

    Yuri Slezkine’s book The Jewish Century tells how Communism began Jewish, but, through Stalin’s seizure of control, diverged from Jewish nationalism: slezkine.html.

    Marxist policy on farming: small private farms cf communal farms and state farms: marx-vs-the-peasant.html.

    (1) Judaism and a Universalist World Order (2) Revolutionary Equalism as a Project of Judaism (3) Stalin vs the Trotskyist-Zionist Alliance (4) The Death of Stalin: a Coup d’Etat (5) Gorbachev and Convergence between the USSR & the West, towards a World Civilization (6) Jewish Power in Capitalist Countries (7) Jewish Particularism in Israel (8) Jewish Engagements with non-Jews (9) Jewish Christians (10) Gandhi on The Jews (11) Guy Rundle: Not a Holocaust, just Ethnic Cleansing (12) Ron David, Arabs & Israel For Beginners

    The overlap between Zionism and Communism makes it difficult to treat these as entirely separate movements. A faction of atheistic Jews set up the Soviet Union, and instituted the despotic reign over non-Jews, but Stalin, a non-Jew who got to the top, later stole their conspiracy, for which he was eventually killed. There was an going struggle within the Communist movement between the Jewish and non-Jewish factions; one might say that the Jewish Question created the USSR, but also destroyed it.

    Many Communists in the early years were Zionists as well – Arthur Koestler was one (koestler.html) – but the conflict between the USSR and Israel, which was really a struggle between two centres of Socialism or OneWorldism, forced Jewish Communists to choose. If Stalin had not gained power, they may have been able to have both.

    The text of Rome and Jerusalem: A Study in Jewish Nationalism (1862) by Moses Hess, the ‘Red Rabbi” who converted both Marx and Engels to Communism, and then came out as a Zionist: rome-and-jerusalem.html.

    Spinoza formulates atheistic Judaism, the religion of Jewish Communists: spinoza-pantheism.html.

    Vladimir Pozner on Why Jews left the Soviet Union – Max Shpak on Why the West Betrays Russians: jewish-emigration-ussr.html.

    Claims that the One-World conspiracy is “British”: british-conspiracy.html. A graphic overview called One World Conspiracy – “British” or “Jewish”? A Jewish one inside the British one, depicting the three factions of the “One World” conspiracy, is at british-conspiracy.gif. Feel free to make copies and transparencies of it.

    (1) Judaism and a Universalist World Order

    H. G. Wells represents the anti-Zionist faction of the “One Worlders”: opensoc.html.

    David ben Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel, represents the Zionist faction of the “One World” movement. In 1962, LOOK magazine invited him and other leaders to picture the world 25 years into the future, i.e. in 1987. His article published in the issue of January 16, 1962 shows amazing prescience. Despite the animosities of the Cold War then under way, ben Gurion sees Eastern Europe being torn from the USSR and joined with Western Europe; and China (even Mao’s China) and Japan joining the US in what seems the first published depiction of APEC.

    A World-Government has been created, with regional blocs in Europe, the USSR and the Pacific Rim, and a Supreme Court for Mankind has been established in Jerusalem, as well as a shrine commemmorating the Jewish role in the bringing-together of mankind: David ben Gurion LOOK magazine Jan 16, 1962: bengur50.jpg. To see it at higher resolution (scroll down to see text): bengur62.jpg.

    The text is at tmf.html.

  3. The Rothschilds have not remained true to the Orthodox faith. If this was actually what Clause 15 said then something is amiss. The Jewish world has showered the Rothschilds with praises, “The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice. They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from Petersburg to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington. Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people… .The lion of the tribe of Judah, Baron Rothschild, possesses more real force than David–more wisdom than Solomon.” (21) The Prieure de Sion-the Elders of Sion22 also relates to the Rothschilds who are reported to serve on a jewish council of Elders of Sion.23 The Rothschilds have “helped” the Jewish people the Rothschild’s own way. For those who admire stingyness, the Rothschilds will be greatly looked up to. For instance, the extent of James Rothschild’s charity in France to poor Jews was 5 francs (the equivalent of $1). Their dynasty has destroyed honest Jews along with Christians. Today, few dare criticize the Rothschilds.




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