9/12 Debunking the Israelite Myth: Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs

Sorry, this will bore some folk rigid should history not be of interest, myths built up when found to be untruths should be smashed into pieces otherwise we repeat the lies over and over again.

Douglas Reeds book opened my eyes not only to ancient myths but very many modern ones too.

Debunking the Israelite Myth: Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs
example….here, and we thought it was HITLERS idea.

The Start of the Affair

The true start of this affair occurred on a day in 458 BC which this narrative will reach in its sixth chapter. On that day the petty Palestinian tribe of Judah (earlier disowned by the Israelites) produced a racial creed, the disruptive effect of which on subsequent human affairs may have exceeded that of explosives or epidemics. This was the day on which the theory of the master-race was set up as “the Law.”

A myth that I have been brought up on…..

Whether Moses lived or not, he cannot have led any mass-exodus from Egypt into Canaan (Palestine). No sharply-defined Israelitish tribes existed (says Rabbi Elmer Berger) at any time when anyone called Moses may have led some small groups out of Egyptian slavery. The Habiru (Hebrews) then were already established in Canaan, having reached it long before from Babylonia on the far side: Their name, Habiru, denoted no racial or tribal identity; it meant “nomads.” Long before any small band led by Moses can have arrived they had overrun large Canaanite areas, and the governor of Jerusalem reported to Pharaoh in Egypt, “The King no longer has any territory, the Habiru have devastated all the King’s territory.”

Debunking the Israelite Myth: Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs

“If you think that history is all about the past … you’d better think again.
If you think the stories the Hebrew Bible had told about ancient Egypt was the whole truth … you’d better think once again.
And if you believe that ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs … then you’d better read the next lines”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

King Tutankhamun

Ancient Egypt knew no Pharaohs

The title might sound a bit strange and perplexing, but throughout the following lines I’m going to elaborate on the historical reasons why the rulers of ancient Egypt were called kings and not Pharaohs. And by straightening out this bizarre issue, the Israelite connection will eventually be exposed.

“Kings or pharaohs, what difference does it make?” some might argue.

Well, it would make a world of difference if we discovered that, for thousands of years, we’ve been living a myth that we continue to cling to and hold dear as the only irrefutable truth till this very day.

It would make a world of difference if we knew that what took place at that remote period of time in the ancient Near East, particularly in ancient Egypt, has dramatically shaped, over the centuries and through our willful ignorance, the way we live today with all this web of political, ethnic and religious conflict and intolerance, and that only by unraveling the truth and exposing the myths of that past could we untangle this web of antagonism and belligerence we currently endure.

Ancient Egypt, the rise and demise

Egypt, a nation known worldwide as the land of the pharaohs, is so embedded in history you can trace back its culture, spirituality and traditions for thousands of years way long before the world crossed the threshold of civilization; when ancient Egypt was building the great pyramids under a powerful, highly organized central government the world was still crawling out of its prehistoric ages

The thing that makes the ancient Egyptian kingdom stand out as a unique civilization in the ancient world history, besides the magnificent legacy of colossal wonders of masonry and engineering and the highly religious texts and moral teachings is the fact that the ancient Egyptians kept a solid and coherent documentation of their chronicles that covered the geo-political, socio-economic, military records and even covered the daily life activities in a way that left not much room for second guessing or speculation.

Civilization long shrouded in silence – David Roberts 1838
With the demise of ancient Egypt, the language of that civilization – hieroglyphs – that kept intact and thriving for well over three millennia was eventually declared extinct following the Ptolemaic and Roman period(332 BC- 395 AD)

After that, the ancient Egyptian monuments and texts had been shrouded in sheer silence and neglect and the once great civilization that witnessed the first dawn of human conscience and helped to shape the human code of moral conduct turned into oblivion.

For the following 1500 years too many narratives and stories had been spawned seemingly trying to retell the story of ancient Egypt, not as it actually occurred but through interpretations and perspectives that somehow served the interests of the story tellers.

The story of ancient Egypt, the Israelite version

Of all the narratives that were told about ancient Egypt, the Hebrew Bible is the one narrative that managed to convince the world with its stories of some Pharaoh and Hebrew slaves that, it alone, monopolized the truth about the history of ancient Egypt.

Most of the scholars of the history of the ancient Near East for nearly two millennia relied primarily on the Bible as a scientific reference and in doing so they simply followed what the Hebrew scribes wrote, or better yet tampered with in the history of ancient Egypt and blindly took it for granted.

Scholars of the Biblical ancient history of the Near East and in the absence of the technology of modern archeology, and instead of excavating the earth and digging out the hidden truth, they simply resketched the landscape and chronicles of that remote period of time following whatever signs they encountered within the confines of the Bible pages.

This is how the world got to recognize Egypt as the land, according to the Hebrew’s alleged narrative, where pharaohs brutally reigned and enslaved the ancient Hebrews and also as the land that witnessed the alleged devastating ten plagues, the parting of the sea and the epical exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

So whenever Egypt was mentioned during the last two thousands of years, the word pharaoh would simultaneously pop up in the discourse thus adding more deluding power to the Hebrew and Biblical designation of the rulers of ancient Egypt as pharaohs.

Ancient Egypt resurrected

Jean-François Champollion
It was not before 1822 when Jean-François Champollion, the French philologist managed to decipher the hieroglyphs in his arduous task and breakthrough of translating the Rosetta stone.

Thanks to this brilliant Champollion, the long muted and almost buried under the earth ancient Egypt with treasures of enormous records and chronicles inscribed on the stone and written on papyrus scrolls were resurrected and finally brought back to life.

And what the predecessors thought of as mute masonry covered with some weird scribblings and coffins haunted with some kind of eternal curse began to attract eager historians and modern archeologists who, upon dusting off the ancient artifacts and temple reliefs and inscriptions, and on reading the Egyptian texts they, and for the first time, began to listen to the stone and the papyri uttering the truth about the genuine story of ancient Egypt.

In the mid-nineteenth century the genuine version of the history of ancient Egypt and the Near East was beginning to unravel as its true stories were being retold again.

Ironically enough, what the excavated records of ancient Egypt told the modern historians and archeologists was totally different from what the Hebrew narrative said. But what struck historians as a total surprise is the fact that ancient Egyptian records had no mention of any Israelites in Egypt, non whatsoever, while the Hebrew Bible is replete with tales of Egypt, and the more of ancient Egypt texts and inscriptions were deciphered, the remoter from truth the Biblical narrative looked.

Interestingly, and as the historical findings and the non- stop archeological discoveries were in the process of resurrecting the true story of ancient Egypt the Biblical narrative kept on decomposing subjecting some of the dominant Israelite stories, like the exodus, to demolition after it had been scientifically refuted by prominent modern archeologists, many of whom are Israelis and who amongst other Canadian and American Egyptologists now view the story of the Israelites exodus as a mere myth or one of the ancient Israelite’s tales that had been somehow magnified, stretched out and skillfully embroidered by the gifted Hebrew scribes of the Bible over the years.

The ancient Egyptian royal titulary

If we went back in time and tried to find how the word “Pharaoh” claimed that worldwide popularity and recognition, we would undoubtedly have to stop before the Hebrew landmark story of the exodus from Egypt, the tale of Moses, where he and his people fled the Egyptian kingdom while being hunted down by the army of an alleged tyrant referred to as Pharaoh.

Was pharaoh the name of the Egyptian king, or was it his title or his epithet, that is one thing the Bible had not been clear about. But while such nuance could be appreciated in fictional works, it could never fit into a scientific historical account.

Tracing the etymology and the historicity of that word “Pharaoh” and for an avid reader and researcher of Egyptology who spends almost all of his weekends at the Egyptian museum in Cairo, I stumbled upon the most astonishing discovery. I didn’t discover a new royal mummy nor found the lost tomb of king Akhenaten, I simply found out, contrary to what everybody believed, that the history and the chronicles of ancient Egypt had no mention of pharaohs.

History shows that ancient Egypt only knew kings and sometimes queens but never pharaohs nor any mention of enslavement of Israelites, as a matter of fact; slavery was not a common practice in ancient Egypt and it was introduced into the late dynasties of ancient Egypt only after the Persian and the Roman conquest.

The old kingdom (2686-2181 BC) knew kings such as Djoser, Khufu and Teti , the middle kingdom ( 2055-1650 BC) had kings such as Senusret I and Senusret II and the new kingdom ( 1550-1069 BC) witnessed the topnotch kings such as Thutmose III, queen Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, Tutankhamun and Usermaatre Setpenre ( Ramsses II )

Egyptian kings typically had five names, a Personal name (nomen) which was bestowed upon them at birth and another four names- Horus name, Nebty (“two ladies”) name, Horus of Gold, Throne name (praenomen), that were not given until they took the throne. The final four names were bestowed upon the king to officially commemorate his transformation from a mortal to a deity. The birth name of the king seems to have remained very prominent in the king’s life. It was the birth name that was primarily used in the cartouche and the name by which the king was most commonly known.

King Tutankhamun royal cartouche with his coronation name
The kings’ throne name usually had strong connotations of sovereignty over the upper and lower Egypt and divine relation to the gods Amen or Re. the coronation name inside a cartouche was usually accompanied with the title nesu-bity, “King of Upper and Lower Egypt” and the epithet neb tawy, “Lord of the Two Lands”, referring to upper Egypt and delta regions of Egypt.

For example, king Tutankhamun’s throne name was Tutenkh Amen, which meant the living image of Amen accompanied by the epithet “lord of the two lands” followed by the customary benediction line “life, prosperity and health”

According to the ancient texts and papyri, high ranking officials like high priests, princes, commanders of the army… etc, addressed the king as the ruler of the crowns, beloved of the gods, lord of the diadems, living forever and forever… but never as Pharaoh.

Not so often kings of ancient Egypt were referred to as the magnificent in earth and heaven, lord of crowns and as “the sun in the sky” and this was the ultimate titulary that reflected the ascension of the king to the realm of deities.

Etymology shows that the word pharaoh is the Greek pronunciation of the compound word ” pe-ro” or “pr –aa” which referred to the palace of the king or rather the great house and not necessarily the king himself.

Some argue that during the eighteenth dynasty (sixteenth to fourteenth centuries BC) the title pharaoh was employed as a reverential designation of the ruler as is the case in a letter to Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), who reigned 1353 – 1336 BC, which is addressed to ‘Pharaoh, all life, prosperity, and health!.

The Great House vs. the White House

But somehow they ignored the fact that this letter was sent from foreign non-Egyptian subordinates who were not entitled to directly address the king of Egypt, the magnificent in earth and heaven by his mere throne name. It was simply not their place to do so. They had to refer to him in a highly dignified and reverential designation. So it was common and accepted from a protocol point of view to refer to the king of Egypt, who presided over the skies like the sun as the one who resides in the great house or the royal palace.

In other words, it was customary and kind of required of those foreign subordinates who were not Egyptian subjects nor well instructed in the Egyptian ancient traditions and culture to refer to the king of Egypt as the great house dweller.

And as we of today refer to the president of the United States and his inner circle of high officials as the white house, in the ancient world and especially amongst the Asiatic foreigners they referred to the mighty king of Egypt and his court of priests and commanders as the great house. And just as the white house is not the title of the president of United States so the “pr – aa” was not the name of the ruler of ancient Egypt.

Never was there a papyrus or an inscription on any wall or pylon of any Egyptian temple that showed the word pharaoh as a reference to the king himself. The name of the king, as the ancient Egyptian traditions decreed, was always enclosed in a royal cartouche.

And to get a grasp of the meaning of “pr – aa” and when ancient Egyptians were inclined to use it, we could only discern that in the following lines from a hymn to the god Ra taken out from the ancient coffin texts or what is known as the book of the dead.

The majestic Pyramids
“Homage to thee …
o thou lord of brightness
thou who art at the head
of the great house …
prince of night and of thick darkness …
he comes to thee being a pure soul …
..o, grant thou unto him
His mouth that he may speak therewith,
At the season when there are clouds
And darkness …”

Verses from the ancient Egyptian coffin texts

As we saw, the ancient Egyptian used to refer to the supreme God as the head of the great house. … That was the epithet of Amun-Re in funerary and religious texts not the king who was used to be designated as the ruler of the two lands and the beloved of gods, etc.

When ancient Egypt was brought back from the dead and resurrected by Champollion’s breakthrough, it was like a prophecy coming true as the ancient Egyptian believed that once his name was uttered once again after his departure he would come back from the dead and live forever as immortal in the afterlife.

That’s why Egyptians cared so much about their funerary texts and coffins.

But on their journey for immortality they somehow, along the way trod on thorny grounds the Israelites covered with made-sacred tales of ancient Egypt and the so-called pharaohs who never ruled except in the Egypt depicted by the Hebrew scribes who made sure it would serve their stories of exodus, wandering in the wilderness and conquest of some promised land, all of which history hardly mentioned or left any archeological trace.


Now let’s go back in time thousands of years ago … long before any crusades, before Jesus Christ, before Alexander the great and even before the alleged tales of the twelve tribes of whom history had not rendered any records… and let us try and re-dramatize the whole thing.

Imagine yourself wandering in the wild desert for weeks in dirty and smelly rags wading through the vast and barren terrains, herding flocks of sheep starving for any sign of green weeds and yourself feeling no less hungry or exhausted under the blazing sun with nothing on your mind except a bite to eat and a shady tree to retire under… and all of a sudden you spot on the distance fields of green, flowing rivers, military garrisons, busy markets, sheltered farmhouses and huge temples .. and at the far background and as the sun was leaving the sky silhouetting the mighty pyramids the smooth white casing of which along with the golden pyramidions glittered as they reflected the sun rays.

This must have been a jaw dropping and day dream-like sight for any shaggy, smelly, itchy and semi-barbaric nomad in the proto-historic time no matter how Jewish or how preferred and meticulously chosen by Yahweh he was.

… Standing barefoot and dwarfed by the colossal royal palace of Egypt’s king, the homeless nomad asked in amazement “what is this?”

“pr – aa” answered one of the royal guards at the entrance of the palace while ordering him to step aside and walk away.

And walk away he did, but on his way back to his tribe in the barren rocky terrains, as he was exiting Egypt, this Hebrew Shepherd could hardly wait to tell his concocted story of the unbelievable land of “Pr – aa”

.. A fictitious story, crammed with fallacies and fairy tales that permeate with a noticeable sense of malevolence and envy … but what’s astonishing about this ancient Israelite story- or hate speech if you will- is that it still lives, as hallowed and indisputable, with us till this very day.

For more Egyptology articles by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat visit his website

YouTube – Veterans Today -The majestic royal procession of King of Egypt, ruler of the crowns and beloved of the Gods

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Paul Hai · Mount Isa, Queensland
haitheory.com is for those interested in the innovative ancient technology of rampless Giza Pyramid construction.
Reply · Like· 21 hours ago

6 Comments for “Debunking the Israelite Myth: Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs”Mike Kay
December 9, 2011 – 9:49 pm
Over the years, I have heard small voices telling us that the so-called history of the Middle East we are indoctrinated with is a false history.
If we are loyal to a higher truth, then the distortions must be cleared up. This is a good first step.
I can only imagine how the lie of the eternal victim inserted itself into our psyche, yet I can see clearly how liberating it would be to remove it-forever!

Log in to Reply jackamp
December 9, 2011 – 11:54 pm
Fair could equal O, depending, seats or command executive aka Corpreit Exzeik Officer rank order, echaloen, heirarchial, monarchial, aristocratic, Kinga royalty, general nobles at large, senator, governor, commitee chairman, council cheif, wise elder, brave warrior, philosopher, mathamatician, art, science, labor, engineer, architech, thare all professions or passions’ effort & works design, the desire is truly not part of the storied myth or legend as told, to live well aka free will seems seperet of survivals perils, the fair scale between zero & know may have been cruel indeed, the grevious claim of Moses fame seems all squared out, outstanding issues of legitimicy seem irrelevant except only to pitys’ lower crimes, annoyeinces after all the crushing tides of time measured about aproximitly equal Saharan sands, what rhetorical argument of democratic debate may possibly reside, still, eternally of monolythic stone, & spirit of beleif as faith immortal, surely the truth exisists evenly & freedom won fairly from zero forever returns not enslaved, as enemy or prodigal son return bareing delivereince or miracules saving grace,,, fair zero’s & judges of weights cloeser to o~MEGA than the rights reserved to benefit a lie, who besides unknown judges, executioners of acts, decisions or fair O sets (relative versus absolute) ultimitly knows, Moses, Ramuses, or just a command, chair or seat, a desire, passion or beleif, pride & character evolve a measure of true allie versuses the anti, enemy of freedom, one of a nature not requiring the league of acts fearfully aprehensive, of logics & rationells wicked & wretched, human energies just ugly, unjust the motal cruelty, niether fair or of a O mega comparitive relationship, rather the sentiment employed serves a sence of practice keyed by quarter of power unearthly beyond reason or motion of sky, star & forces wheeldid, Moses may use such principal masterfully in script as well as in real life of times not of stone that gold corralls, & fair kings of the mega O divine, when shall thy, thine vindicate slavery’s actual permaneint demise, shall the plaintiff & defendent identify their will & works or shall heresay gossip plauge the insinuations discourse, the measure of rightousness must parce with the alluded context as reverberated wavelenghth through & across the paths from alpine summit to marine shore, the domain of hearth the peoples’ home, once and for all as it always has, it will discern truths kin from evils lot, as write under alter, crown & oath, with PEACE it must, free from intrigues’ duress, discords possessed of ill wind & foul biles that only haunt the pride in time memorial the surveyed corner of continent Africa & upon the east magnetic meredian zero distortion center line, as is the Nile, just above the riff, like a rare & unique group, beyond counterfeit renouwn, thunder on Egypt, north is still negative even as the charts promote the anti reverse, that is spent ion in formula solution of contagions criteria, ionizing zio/nation, unlike mysterious orgin, sources reveal histories’ genuine authors signature intent, signings of bias, manifold accounts, the heart, the mind, a soul, this globe, our world, opposite the tendency to associate merely of a purpose to slanderously emmasculate, a stature as grand except superficially mimiced as in pretend, neither earned or received, given only as dalussion appearing solid, yet just below the visual portrayence, another agenda resides of which to it, the previous is alluded and often deferred, & on & on, round -n- round, till wah lah, back at square 1 yet still 3 or 4 thousand years latter, slavery, banishment, unsecured hostilities & emergent states of affairs not normal, perpetually in mode of impose, till tomorrow till tomorrow, the day right after someday & just before the day today born now, from this point on, forward, shall we, as we must, free will insists & death walks behind _ , as the exspression goes, for good reason I might add, the choice being no option at all,,, oo,,, & Egypt, g.o.d. speed recovering yer art, cultural artifacts & rightful place amongst the great histories, anceint, contemporary, progressive, revolutionary,democratic & societies civil indomnable presance of voice & action, the gaurdian unchained from the stake of freedoms’ perversion ,(slavery,peonigh`,usuary,exploitation,etc,etc),, a great country, most intact of the classics, I do believe, plain to see, some shatter the chain, some employ,,, some people, what will Moses scribe of chains & tyrannies, school books, hmm,,,oout

Log in to Reply The Rahnameh
December 10, 2011 – 5:48 am
Not only that – the Egyptians were basically monotheistic – the God Ra showing up in several forms: Osiris, Horus, etc. The Victorian scholars, who would pretend like their ancestors weren’t hunting rats in caves while the Egyptians laid their lowest denominator in ornate gold beds, morphed the Egyptian religion into a polytheistic one. Horus and the lesser Gods are just Ra in a different form, and also, at the same time, at most, like the angels and demons of Judeo-Christo-Islam. It’s a double-standard we employ pretending like there aren’t ghosts and goblins in the “religions of the book”. And where did many of the concepts from Judaism come from? You betcha: The Persians (Zoroastrianism). The very concept of a “Good God” and a lesser “Bad God” (Satan) — good vs. evil, free will, and much more were rip-offs. The Cohenite Jews even ripped the flood story from the Babylonians while in captivity.

And don’t even get me started about Purim. Talk about a racist holiday replete with complete fabrications of non-existent human beings: Haman, Esther, and whoever that cuckold Persian Shah was supposed to be. I can’t wait for the holiday to come around in America again. Even the young Iranian-American Jews here are going to surprise their counterparts with a little youtube renegade exposure of their prejudiced double standards.

BY the way, it’s a Christmas tree. I was born out of a Muslim family (we’re Deists if anything – my parents think any ape who tries to tell you he can speak to God for you is a charlatan – the Muslim connotation is just the context in which this spiritualism grew). And for me to say this, then it should mean something.

Is it a Christmas Menorah? And how long were the Jews wandering? Sounds like they never had a homeland to speak of, until the Persians under Kouroche, who they changed to Cyrus the Great (Cyrus is another’s name in the dynasty you @#*(@#*s) and made the only “Gentile Messiah” out of, upfunded and started the second building of the Temple. So, if the Jews have any claim to the land, it is only by way of an Iranian landlordship.

Kiss it.

Log in to Reply Anthony Clifton
December 10, 2011 – 10:22 am
OK, I’ll come out to play, love your work, and for starters lets imagine that the people who paid for the “Israelie” Supreme Court building & Knesset have colluded with the Faux-history “Prevaricators” for reasons available to those interested. One thing is irrefutable No so-called “Jews” were in the Old Testament. The Hebrew Scriptures are not the Talmud, and so-called “Jews” are not Israelites. Recommended reading : Eustace Mullins The Curse of Canaan. Zechariah Sitchin, Immanuel Velikovsky, Michael Tellinger, William Dudley Pelly, The RECORDS have been TAMPERED with by the $$$ parties infesting Palestine with PROSELYTES claiming to be Chosen…90% of the so-called “Jews” are in fact proselytes to Talmudic Judaism of the Turko-mongolian tribe called Khazars…and simply cannot be Israelites. There is also a website called Willie Martin Files Outline, see Chronology of Events & In Search of Isaacs Children, nonetheless Egypt certainly exists as a reference point, and Thank the Almighty you are there, Is Zahi out, yet ? [http://www.grahamhancock.com/video/] – [http://www.sitchin.com/kindle_books.htm] There is a 70 ft. tall X several miles, ROCK WALL in Rockwall, Texas estimated at over 60 million years old, covered by white crystals approx. 2 inches thick, that could be seen from space, any idea{s} how it got there ? [http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/] and the Los Lunas stone in New Mexico [http://www.velikovsky.info/Main_Page]….One fact is undebatable…America is receiving NO BLESSINGS for Blessing the Proselytes to the Synagogue of Satan who claim to be “JEWS”. Manly P. Halls work on the Masonic “Traditions”…you gotta luv the pictures..[http://www.manlyphall.org/text/the-secret-teachings-of-all-ages/] Chock full of “Jewish” lies…or substantial misstatements of fact..[http://www.truthontheweb.org/frcomsto.htm] Is it possible that the climate before the “WAR” was mild and not a desert as it is today ?…. happy hannukah.

Log in to Reply Dan
December 10, 2011 – 12:45 pm
I believe it’s a big mistake to attack the creation stories of any of the ancient religions or impute cynicism to the authors. I’m going out on a limb here, but my understanding is that the Hebrew tribes, or some part of them, were living in Egypt around the time of Ramses II during the thirteenth century BC, made a transformative exodus at that time, and it was recorded in ancient Egyptian records as well as the Bible.

What is amazing to me is that the best minds of all these different people in the ancient Near East were struggling in good faith to understand man’s relation to man and God and determine the divine plan for man to order his life according to truth and justice. Didn’t the Egyptians have a pre-dynastic cosmological mythology? The Israelite creation story obviously contains many elements from different sources, but the scribes included them all for good measure. Creation ex-nihilo by God, two genealogies, a re-start of civilization with Adam, and descent through Abraham, Noah, and Moses, etc. I find the truths contained in the Bible regarding man’s relationship to God compelling, and I’m always amazed at the grandeur of all those ancient writings. Compare any of those ancient writings with the Enlightenment Death of God histories created by Hegel, Marx, and the sociologists–all thoroughly mythological since they warp or deny human nature–and it turns out modern man is the one walking in the dark.

Log in to Reply
Mike Kay
December 10, 2011 – 10:39 pm
I think that the issue here is not one of religious truths, but of confusing those truths with actual, physical history.
It is the historic narrative that keeps people chained to current assumptions, not the religious truths. Thus it is the history that must be revisited and cleansed of political poison.
Bolshevism, aka communism, which Marx advanced, was first a philosophy before becoming another sinister totalitarian regime. The philosophy of Bolshevism was all about destroying core human values, including religion, and replacing those with perverted ersatz corruptions. This was what they wanted to do, in order to force people to accept their rancid pill.
Marx never had an original thought in his life, he ripped off Hegel, and wrote a pretty pathetic book that planted a false ideology in the minds of the impressionable.
Great insight, understanding the human condition, and attaining even a temporary state of grace, I believe is possible IF we end being threatened when real history is not mythical history, and IF we take a step out of our comfort zone to grasp that religious truths are not based on the defense of historic lies.


Dr. Kastein, a fervent Zionist, holds that the Law laid down in the Old Testament must be fulfilled to the letter, but does not pretend to take the version of history seriously, on which this Law is based. In this he differs from Christian polemicists of the “every word is true” school. He holds that the Old Testament was in fact a political programme, drafted to meet the conditions of a time, and frequently revised to meet changing conditions.

Historically, therefore, the Egyptian captivity, the slaying of “all the firstborn of Egypt,” the exodus toward and conquest of the promised land are myths. The story was invented, but the lesson, of vengeance on the heathen, was implanted in men’s minds and the deep effect continues into our time.


3 responses to “9/12 Debunking the Israelite Myth: Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs


    The theme is the founding of the state of Israel. The action begins on a ship filled with Jewish immigrants bound for Israel who are being off loaded on Cyprus. An Intelligence officer succeeds in getting them back on board their ship only to have the harbor blocked by the British with whom they must negotiate. The second part of the film is about the situation in Israel as independence is declared and most of their neighbors attack them.



    Great music to a great and brave nation.
    earthboundJim 2 years ago 8

    Ya gotta admit,those Israeli’s were very brave.
    irishoforiel 1 year ago

    Watch the Channel 4 film The Promise if you want the truth, this film was Israeli propaganda.
    Weimar1924 1 month ago

    “Debunking the Israelite Myth: Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs”Mike Kay
    December 9, 2011 – 9:49 pm
    Over the years, I have heard small voices telling us that the so-called history of the Middle East we are indoctrinated with is a false history.
    If we are loyal to a higher truth, then the distortions must be cleared up. This is a good first step.
    I can only imagine how the lie of the eternal victim inserted itself into our psyche, yet I can see clearly how liberating it would be to remove it-forever!


  2. Kudos on the video. Certainly the best documentary on the origins of the conflict. I am glad that you were able to free yourself from zionist indoctrination – something extremely rare in Israel. I did the same – I am also ex-Israeli and a Jew.
    There is only one solution in the Holy Land and it will not be achieved by a “peace process”. The solution is to abide by International Law, to acknowledge the right of refugees and give equal rights for all – disbanding the idea of a “Jewish State”.
    UToobHater 5 months




    THATS’ SAD!!!

  3. Checkout Ezekiel’s vision and Rampless Giza Pyramid construction at my website. You bible scholars may be enlightened and have something to add.

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