Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling ‘kill the white slag’ freed after judge hears ‘they weren’t used to drinking because they’re Muslims’

‘Woman on a tram’ to spend Christmas behind bars ‘for her own protection’ after court views video of alleged racist rant By Gavin Allen

Last updated at 7:43 AM on 7th December 2011


A woman accused of launching a vile racist rant on a tram is to spend Christmas behind bars after she was remanded in custody for her own safety.
Magistrates took the decision to refuse Emma West’s bail application after they heard she had received death threats and that her address had been circulated on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.
There were outbursts from supporters of Miss West, who shouted ‘treason’ as she was denied bail at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

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Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling ‘kill the white slag’ freed after judge hears ‘they weren’t used to drinking because they’re Muslims’

Yobs ripped lump of hair from Rhea Page’s head during High Street attack
Three sisters and cousin escape with six-month suspended sentences
Maximum term for assault occasioning actual bodily harm is five years’ jail

Judge: ‘Those who knock someone to the floor and kick them in the head can expect to go inside, but I’m going to suspend the sentence’
By Andy Dolan and Katherine Faulkner

Last updated at 11:14 PM on 6th December 2011

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A gang of Muslim women who attacked a passer-by in a city centre walked free from court after a judge heard they were ‘not used to being drunk’ because of their religion.
The group – three sisters and a cousin – allegedly screamed ‘kill the white slag’ as they set upon Rhea Page as she waited for a taxi with her boyfriend.
Miss Page, 22, was left with a bald patch where her hair was pulled out in the attack and was left ‘black and blue’ after suffering a flurry of kicks to the head, back, arms and legs while motionless on the pavement.
Attack: Three of the young women can be seen setting upon Rhea Page, 22, in the centre of Leicester. Despite leaving her traumatised, they were handed suspended sentences
Thugs: Rhea Page is seen lying on the ground after being attacked. The four girls had screamed ‘kill the white slag’ as they kicked her

Victim: Rhea Page, 22, lost her job after being traumatised by the attack by a gang of Somalian girls
Ambaro Maxamed, 24, students Ayan Maxamed, 28, and Hibo Maxamed, 24, and their 28-year-old cousin Ifrah Nur each admitted actual bodily harm, which carries a maximum sentence of five years’ imprisonment.
But Judge Robert Brown gave them suspended jail terms after hearing mitigation that as Muslims, the women were not used to being drunk. The Koran prohibits Muslims from consuming alcohol, although Islamic teachings permit its use for medicinal purposes.
After the sentencing, Ambaro Maxamed wrote on her Twitter account: ‘Happy happy happy!’, ‘I’m so going out’, and ‘Today has been such a great day’.
Yesterday Miss Page, a care worker, called the sentence ‘disgusting’ and said the gang deserved ‘immediate custody’.

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Terror of ex-lover stalked by high-flying banker… all the way across the Atlantic
‘Woman on a tram’ to spend Christmas behind bars ‘for her own protection’ after court views video of alleged racist rant PAINT UP DEAR AND CONVERT!

‘It’s no punishment at all,’ she said. ‘And for them to say they did it because they were not used to alcohol is no excuse. If they were not supposed to be drinking then they shouldn’t have been out in bars at that time of night.
‘Even after the police came and they all ran away, one of them came running back to kick me in the head one last time.
‘I honestly think they attacked me just because I am white. I can’t think of any other reason.’
Miss Page was treated for bruises and grazes after the attack in June last year as she walked to a taxi rank with boyfriend Lewis Moore, 23, in Leicester city centre.
At the time she worked caring for people with autism and learning difficulties but gave up the job after repeated absences because of stress and flashbacks.
She is still having counselling and suffers panic attacks.
She said: ‘We were just minding our own business but they kept shouting “white bitch” and “white slag” at me. When I turned around one of them grabbed my hair then threw me on the ground.
‘They were taking turns to kick me over and over. I thought they were going to kill me.’
Approach: The girls can be seen walking towards Miss Page, a care worker, 22, as she walks with her boyfriend Lewis Moore, 23, through Leicester
Yobs: Sisters Hibo and Ambaro Maxamed, both 24, who attacked Rhea. They were both given six month suspended jail sentences

Girl gang:Ayan Maxamad, 28, left, and her cousin Ifrah Nur, 28, who were also involved in the attack in Leicester

Bruised: Police picture of Rhea page’s arm after the attack by the gang of Somalian girls
None of the defendants was charged with racial aggravation. Nur claimed Mr Moore, a fence builder, had been racially abusive, but this was not accepted by the prosecution.
Gary Short, mitigating for Ambaro Maxamed, said the attack was down to alcohol. He said: ‘Although Miss Page’s partner used violence, it doesn’t justify their behaviour.
‘They’re Somalian Muslims and alcohol or drugs isn’t something they’re used to.’
The four women, who all live in Leicester, were each sentenced to six-month jail terms, suspended for 12 months, at Leicester Crown Court last month.
Hibo Maxamed also received a four-month curfew between 9pm and 6am, while the others were ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.
Judge Brown said that ‘those who knock someone to the floor and kick them in the head can expect to go inside’.
But he said he accepted the women may have felt they were the victims of unreasonable force from Mr Moore as he tried to defend his girlfriend, and handed the defendants a suspended sentence.
Speaking at her home, Hibo Maxamed said: ‘I’m not proud of it, it’s not something I want to talk about. I just want to get on with my life.’
When asked if she wanted to apologise, she replied: ‘What, to the public? I really don’t care.’



He (the judge) said he accepted the women may have felt they were the victims of unreasonable force from Rhea’s partner Lewis Moore, 23, who tried to defend her from the attack. Surely this is a blatant case of sex discrimination from the judge? After all, in the eyes of the law we are all equal. How can one person ( regardless of gender ) against four other people possibly be classed as using unreasonable force unless that one person is using some sort of weapon? I will be sending this story and pointing out what the judge has said to the appropriate body and asking for the judge to be punished for his total lack of professionalism. I really think he needs to be sacked for this.
– Pompey Jim, Portsmouth, 06/12/2011 18:35
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What these girls did was utterly shameful. Blaming it on the alcohol, not an excuse! If you can’t handle the alcohol don’t bloody drink at all, or limit it. People are getting away with everything and anything these days. What’s the point of this stupid government and the eefin police, huh? You can do anything you like and get away with it, this is how our system works..!! Merry Christmas!
– UglyTruth, Peterborough, UK, 06/12/2011 18:32
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I’ve been a practising solicitor for 10 years; alcohol consumption is a aggravating factor in UK law, i.e. it is not an excuse for poor behaviour, on the contrary, it is a factor to be taken into consideration as a reason for a harsher punishment. Their comments while assaulting are as clear evidence as you’ll get that this was a racially motivated hate crime. Attacking a person who is white, or Christian, or European does not officially warrant a lesser sentence or leniency, but in my experience, it sure does help.
– PD, UK, 06/12/2011 18:31
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As a Somali woman, I am so ashamed to see this….It breaks my heart to see the pain and anguish that Rhea has gone through and is STILL unfortunately experiencing on a daily basis. All I’ve got to say with regards to the scumbags who got off so lightly, they shame me so much. I have been working since the age of 16, am educated to a postgraduate level and work on a daily basis to fight for equality and justice for ALL in our society. And then to see this atrocious judgement, disgusts me beyond belief. Regardless of race, creed or religion, everyone should be treated the exactly same when the laws of the land have been broken. Lock them up and rehabilitate them. Oh and by the way, drinking irresponsibly is NOT an excuse for committing attempted murder!
– Amina, London, 06/12/2011 18:30
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did we miss something at the start of this video that the judge perhaps saw , if not the judgement is appalling, i do feel for her boyfriend, as he is trying to defend her and at the same time not hit out at a woman. Although they can hardly be said to act like women at all. I look forward also to no more white people being held to book for calling other people names, as obviously racial comments are now no longer viewed as being offensive are they mr judge??
– b ward, newport, 06/12/2011 18:29
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I’m a muslim and even I think that’s outrageous, I don’t understand why the judge let those girls of it’s appalling. From my point of view they should of all got the maximum sentence regardless of whether they’ve drunk alcohol or not. To think that people think it’s acceptable to do something like that to some one who has never met you let alone said a word to you. All 4 of them should be locked up.
– Luqman, Leicester, 06/12/2011 18:26
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Where’s the Imam when he is needed? What is the Sharia punishment for getting drunk?
– joan,, 06/12/2011 18:22
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Alcohol and Muslim faith are not compatable. They were not true Muslims! This was a crime of violence and the judge should have locked these hooligans up, regardless of faith or whether under the influence. The country has gone to the dogs, there is no justice for the average person. YOBS STILL RULE most of the country!
– Realist, Edinburgh, 06/12/2011 18:15
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So if I killed someone under the influence of alcohol but it was my 1st time, I would get away with it because I “wasn’t used to it”. No excuse!
– me, norfolk, 06/12/2011 18:15

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One of our regular correspondents forwarded this piece to us as another example of what passes for justice under New Labour.

Under New Labour, it’s apparently okay for a judge, who wishes to curry favour with the Lord Chancellor’s office, to hand out an excessive sentence ‘to make an example of someone’ on party political grounds.
Where’s the justice in this?

Mr. Kevin Hughes, 46, a joiner, charity organiser (with royal commendations for his efforts for motor neurone disease), a married man and a member of the British National Party, was in an altercation with an Iraqi asylum seeker in December 2004.
This is Kevin’s version of events:

Whilst walking along the road an Iraqi Kurd fell into step beside him. After a few minutes Kevin asked the Iraqi where he was from. Kevin claims he meant nothing more by this than an interest. People often ask an obvious foreigner where they are from. In fact. people will often ask a fellow Briton to identify a dialect.
The Iraqi took exception to this however and hit Kevin in the face with no other provocation. (The police doctor viewed the bruise on Kevin.)
In self defence Kevin pushed the Iraqi away, by the shoulder. He made no mark whatsoever on the Iraqi. Kevin then walked away. The Iraqi complained to the police that Kevin had assaulted him and racially abused him. He said that Kevin had asked him if he was a Muslim.
This was the sum total of the ‘racial abuse’ in the charge and Kevin denies even that.

There were no witnesses to this altercation. Somehow the police were able to identify Kevin from a description and find him remarkably swiftly. Kevin was arrested and charged with racially aggravated common assault.
Within 10 minutes of his being arrested the police said, “You’re a member of the BNP, aren’t you?”
Note: They didn’t ask – they knew.

The case came to court in March 2005. The police had lost all the paperwork and the district judge threw it out. Three months later Kevin received a letter saying that charges were being resumed and, in May 2006, the case was heard in Worcester Crown Court. The charges had been upgraded to religiously and racially Aggravated Section 47 Assault.
The police (allegedly) lied in court, saying the Iraqi had a graze on his forehead, however they produced no doctor’s report and no photographic evidence to this accusation. In fact Kevin is a big man, 6 foot 2, well built and very fit. If he had hit the Iraqi the man would likely have been hospitalised.

To begin with the judge discredited the Iraqi in Court, finding discrepancies between his original statement and the evidence he was now giving; asking why he needed an interpreter when he claimed to have understood Kevin in the street and then gave a description of him, in English, to the police.
At this point the prosecution revealed (although they had said that they wouldn’t) that Kevin was a member of the British National Party.
The judge immediately changed his tune and insisted that Kevin tell the jury about BNP immigration policies, in spite of Kevin not being an executive member. The judge said, in court, that, although there was no factual evidence and no witnesses, he had instructions from the Home Office to make an example of racist behaviour and he then went on to jail Kevin for 30 months.
Pre-sentencing reports were not allowed and no one was permitted to speak on Kevin’s behalf.

Kevin has friends and customers who are Sikhs and Muslims who were willing to attest that he is not racist. His charity work was not mentioned. He has never been in trouble before and yet he received an excessive sentence.
He is currently in a category C prison in Wolverhampton, where he is on observation for his own safety, although since this was implemented he has had a bucket of urine tipped over him during exercise.

The judge said that he had instructions from the Home Office and it certainly seems as if any member of the BNP can expect excessive and extreme vilification and punishment from the establishment even when they commit no crime but merely because of their membership.
In fact it seems as if Worcester BNP have been particularly singled out, since they won a seat at Redditch, because there have been trumped up charges brought against two others from there.

A comparison

In July 2006, a 21 year old Muslim was jailed for racially aggravated assault when he and his friends set upon an innocent passer-by, beating him badly.
Zuber Khan, 21, Bury Road, Haslingden was part of a gang of 15-20 men, which carried out a “vicious and racist” attack on Neil Lord (who had been at school with Kahn) in May 2005. Racist abuse was hurled at Mr. Lord and a friend for no apparent reason, Burnley Crown Court was told at the trial in July, 2006. Both men were punched, knocked down and kicked, and required hospital treatment.
Khan was picked out in an identity parade by all three of the witnesses to the assault. He denied being part of the gang but he was gaoled for 8 months.




8 responses to “Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling ‘kill the white slag’ freed after judge hears ‘they weren’t used to drinking because they’re Muslims’



    I’ve been a practising solicitor for 10 years; alcohol consumption is a aggravating factor in UK law, i.e. it is not an excuse for poor behaviour, on the contrary, it is a factor to be taken into consideration as a reason for a harsher punishment. Their comments while assaulting are as clear evidence as you’ll get that this was a racially motivated hate crime. Attacking a person who is white, or Christian, or European does not officially warrant a lesser sentence or leniency, but in my experience, it sure does help.

    – PD, UK, 06/12/2011 18:31

  2. Dear David Cameron…please don’t ask me to volunteer to help the Big Society…don’t ask me to be proud to be British…in fact, don’t say another bloody word until you haul this judge up for a slap and get this ‘sentence’ revoked and a punishment given, that is the same as that given to non-muslims. They – and you and your cronies – are a disgrace and if you can’t see you are heading for disaster, rename The Tories ‘Titanic’.
    – Mavis, Somewhere, 7/12/2011 9:41
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    Don’t get me started…just don’t…!!
    – The Weeping Angel (I weep for our country and what it has become), Somewhere in the Medusa Cascade (ok, BRIGHTON actually), 6/12/2011 19:34
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    Sick. What has being drunk or under the affluence have to do with assaulting someone. If anything, they should also be prosecuted for being drunk and disorderly. I despair.
    – Dave, Basingstoke, 6/12/2011 19:34
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    To all the people who say “what does them being Muslim have to do with it?” need only look to the fact that they used their religion as part of their “defense”. Of course the DM is going to identify them as four Muslim girls when they themselves drag the religion into it.
    – Caroline, Boston, MA, 6/12/2011 19:31
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    They initiated the attack, he tried to defend his girlfriend, and somehow that excuses them attacking in the first place, or continuing the attack?? One thing I learned by reading Heinlein: the way to tell if something is fair is to reverse the roles. If the attackers were white Christians & the victim were a black Muslim, does anyone honestly think the legal outcome would be the same? “Even after the police came & they all ran away, one of them came running back to kick me in the head one last time while I was lying unconscious on the ground.” So they knew what they were doing was wrong, or they would not have run. The judge is wrong & the punishment isn’t. Disgusting.
    – Krysta, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 6/12/2011 19:28
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    Not only was it a racist attack, but they were also behaving in a drunk and disorderly manner, which people also get sentences for. No excuse.
    – Coop., Somerset, 6/12/2011 19:22
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    Watch the video,they all look very drunk,especially the boyfriend.Wonder what started it.Glad I watched video as I had Imagined a cynical assault rather than a drunken brawl.
    – williejohn99, york, 6/12/2011 19:22
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    Just emailed Equality and Human rights people too. This can not be allowed to go without challenge
    – lin, london, 6/12/2011 19:21
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    They don’t look too religious to me………..Shame on them ‘using’ this as an excuse. An embarrassment to true Muslim people.
    – Pat Lynch, Kentish Town, 6/12/2011 19:19
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    I wonder if the Taliban were drunk during 9/11?! Maybe we should all forget about it…! RIDICULOUS!
    – Anthony, Norwich, uk, 6/12/2011 19:19
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    Can’t be possible, must be a joke !!
    – Frankie, Rome, 6/12/2011 19:16
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    As a Muslim I have to say I find this extremely shocking, these girls deserve a long jail sentence. I also have very serious concerns about the mental state of the judge in this case, he is clearly unfit to serve in his position.
    – anon, Reading, 6/12/2011 19:15
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    Typical Britain!! I’m not shocked one bit! Religion gets you out of everything these days!
    – sara, Birmingham UK, 6/12/2011 19:13
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    Yet another judge devoid of sense and reality
    – expat, gibraltar, 6/12/2011 19:12
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    I wish this young lady all the best for her recovery. I do hope she pursues a civil law suit for damages against these criminals. She might have better luck.
    – dirtydog1776, Toad Suck, AR, 6/12/2011 19:07
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    This is absolutely disgusting! Not being used to drinking because of their religion is NOT an excuse. Any decent person who gets absolutely hammered does not go out and start attacking people. Race and sex aside, this crime deserves a jail sentence.
    – Jonesy, Cardiff, Wales, 6/12/2011 19:07
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    Im a Muslim Somali and i think this is a completely unjust and a horrible act. I agree that if this case was the other way around then there would have been a different outcome. These girls really need to be behind bars because they violated their religion by drinking and they have also participated in a racist and disgusting offence.
    – Identity unknown, somplace somewhere, 6/12/2011 19:07
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    Yeah as If! not used to drinking? Proberbly drinking every weekend….do us all a favour & lock em up there nothing but vicious racist thugs!!!
    – Samantha Jane, somewhere nice, 6/12/2011 19:01
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    “He (the Judge) said he accepted the women may have felt they were the victims of unreasonable force from Rhea’s partner Lewis Moore, 23, who tried to defend her from the attack”. WHAT???? Sounds to me like the judge sympathises with them as the boyfriend got in their way! Sack him immediately and bring those women (they are not girls! – they are all older than the victim) back to court to face a proper sentence for this vile act. And since when did being drunk become a reason to let someone off off for anything, let alone trying to kill someone by kicking them in the head? We all know he would not have given such a lenient sentence if Rhea had been his own family. What a bloody disgrace!
    – Alison, Leicestershire, 6/12/2011 18:58
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    Ban religion, job done
    – Colin78, high Wycombe bucks, 6/12/2011 18:49
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    Yet again justice has not been done!! Words fail me!
    – siany, south Wales, 6/12/2011 18:46
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    ASTONISHED!!!! Such disgusting behaviour goes unpunished!!! totally ridiculous. The correct sentence should be given regardless of race or religion!! If they can’t handle alcohol dont have it in the first place. Feel SO sympathetic to the young lady that was attacked and incredibly annoyed she didnt get the the justice she deserved!!!
    – Ayesha Ahmed, London England, 6/12/2011 18:46
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    RUN IN FEAR FROM THE MUSLIM GIRL GANGS. That God the Daily Mail is standing ready with a lion and a spear to lance anyone who isn’t an Anglo-Saxon. If it were a white gang the headline would not contain the phrase “Christian gang” would it? Yes what they did was wrong, but a little more balance in the article? I’m curious to know about the “unreasonable force” used by her boyfriend… but who cares, they’re Muslims aren’t they?!?!
    – AB, Suffolk, 6/12/2011 18:43
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  3. There are many more examples of Muslims in Britain being granted immunity from normal laws and receiving numerous special privileges not available to the rest of the population. Scroll down to ‘Removing the benefits and increasing the costs of being Muslim’ at

    • Muslims arn’t the only group recieving special privilidges, we are just able to see this more, the other group keeps a very low profile, aids in pushing forward muslim stories.
      Hence I only report when it’s clear there has been at work, Anti white judgements by our crooked judiciary or the low lives we call Politicians.
      Example Jack Straw turning a blind eye to the abuse of young white girls by Pakistani muslim men, the BBC did an excellent cover of this issue , when an Asian reporter visited muslim areas in the north to try and get to the issues causing this grooming. he concluded it’s far worse than reported, by police inaction, he came across Girls whose cases had been dropped either due to threats by Muslim men or police losing evidence.
      One girl repeatedly raped by old muslim guys she was just 14 when it started. she came from a very good family but the men threatened to kill he parents should she speak out, this case never went to court the police lost the evidence…………………it’s more a northern problem due to the Pakistanis in the north coming from uneducated areas of Pakistan.
      The authorities in fear of racial backlash tend to remain stum throwing these young kids away….Disgusting that any person would vote to keep these shysters in power, where white children have become sacrifices to Multiculturalism.
      3000 cases each year, the Asian reporter was clear this is only a few of many cases that never get near to prosecution…Bernado’s figures were used 3000.
      children can’t vote can they?

      The case of Hollie Greig proved how much BROWN, CAMERON, AND CLEGG care about the sexual abuse of children….NOT AT ALL. Hollie was abused by those in positions of power in Scotland….not one of the filthy zionist stooges gave a flying fig when notified!

      England is very, very sick!!!

  4. It’s nothing unusual in Islam
    “Coptic girls are forced into a sham marriage with a Muslim, raped, forced to convert to Islam and separated for good from their families.”
    “girls as young as 12 are being grabbed off Egyptian streets. Photos are taken while the girl is being raped to blackmail her into converting”

    “local police are more often than not in collusion with the kidnappers”
    “The latest trend, Ms. Abdelmassih says, is that women are being mined for organs, as happened to an American University student who was kidnapped two years ago.”

    “For each Christian girl who gets ‘converted,’ there are Islamic charities that give out money to the husband and the dealers who obtained her.”

    “abductions are done in cooperation between Saudi-funded associations and the Egyptian State Security.”
    “State agencies abide by silence and protect the criminals who kidnap the girls,”
    “in the majority of cases, the State Security is the one who masterminds the kidnapping plans.”

    • Why ignore the biggest organ donor thefts around today?
      Add to this Human Trafficking[ Sex trafficking of young girls]

      Organ Donation And Theft In
      Contemporary Jewish Folklore
      By Gilad Atzmon

      Gilad, by the way is a Jew.

      Harvesting Human Organs

      In the last few weeks we have been following some interesting developments to do with Israeli organ theft and Jewish organ trafficking. Back in July Kidney trafficker Levy Izhak Rosenbaum from Brooklyn was arrested in New Jersey. The Federal complaint suggested that he was involved in the illegal sale of kidneys for 10 years(2). A US Attorney explained: “His business was to entice vulnerable people to give up a kidney for $10,000 which he would turn around and sell for $160,000.” Also in July another group of 30 Israelis were arrested in Romania, this time it was for human Egg trafficking. They were suspected of recruiting Romanian women aged between 18 and 30 and paying them around $300 for their eggs”. They would then resale the eggs for 40 times that amount to women

      Earlier this week Alison Weir published a shocking yet comprehensive and detailed review of Israeli human organ trafficking and theft. Weir brings to light some staggering cases of organ theft. She starts with an alleged case of a heart being pulled out of a living person without the consent of the family (2). She also brings to light continuous reports of organs being robbed from Palestinian’s bodies (3)

      The increasing attention to Israeli organ theft was fuelled a week ago by Swedish veteran journalist Donald Bostrom’s publication of an exposé of Israeli alleged organ harvesting in Sweden’s biggest paper Aftonbladet. Palestinians, he says, “harbor strong suspicions against Israel for seizing young men and having them serve as the country’s organ reserve”

      From Venice to Tel Aviv

      One may ask why it is that organ trafficking has become a ‘Jewish thing’. How is it that the Jewish state and Jewish people are so involved in such a repugnant and non ethical trade. One answer is probably obvious: it is a good business and there is hardly any competition, not many people are willing to make a living out of the trafficking or the theft of livers and kidneys.

      Without being a Marxist, I may try to offer a materialist interpretation of the above. As it happens, some people out there are willing to pay a lot of money to stay amongst the living. At the same time some others are ready to give their body parts just to put bread on their tables. Naturally those two distinct groups of people (the selfish wealthiest and the penniless) have very little in common except biological similarity. They never meet and hardly mix. A broker is needed. A merchant that doesn’t belong to any class whatsoever, a person that is not part of the economic chain of production, a person that is ethically detached, a person that is foreign to humanity as well as humanism. As we learn above the perfect candidates have been found. And they are not alone, their Jewish state is there to facilitate it all. It is there to provide the necessary means in terms of technology and knowledge. The Jewish broker can deal with the rich, he can easily handle the poor, he can do it all as long as there is some money to be made: once a merchant always a merchant whether it is Venice, Tel Aviv, Bucharest, New Jersey or Brooklyn.

      But it goes further. As we learn from Larry David’s kidney episode, once rediscovering he is a Jew, his willingness to donate his organ fades into total refusal. David’s behavior is supported by some devastating statistics. Apparently, Israel is the world’s leading procurer of vital organs from other countries, at least for its size. “Just 3.5% of Israelis are registered organ donors. Israel’s donor rate is one-fifth that of Europe so they acquire vital organs from other cultures. The Israeli government helps by paying up to $80,000 each to those visiting other countries to purchase an organ. Brokers openly advertise their services on Israeli radio stations and in newspapers.” (4)

      Kvod Hamet

      Judaism may throw some light over the abnormal situation. In principle, the Judaic law poses strong objections to any interference with the body after death. Out of respect to the dead (kvod hamet), Judaism requires an immediate burial of the complete body. However, this humanist and respectful approach applies to Jewish dead only. Things get slightly more complicated because Judaism also encourages organ donation in order to save a ‘Jewish life’ (pikuach nefesh).

      The solution of what seems as an opposing dualism is far from being too complicated. While Judaism leads its followers towards reluctance to donate their organs it approves or even encourages the usage of other people’s organs. Bearing in mind Israel is a prosperous state in terms of medical science, it is just natural that the Jewish state would harbor all those shady practices to do with organ trafficking and theft. More interestingly, in spite of much of Israel regarding itself as a secular society, when it comes to organ donation it seems as if the Jews prefer to follow God collectively. Larry David’s reluctance to donate his kidney once realizing that he is a Jew by origin is there to emphasize that unique Jewish ‘choose and pick’ attitude towards their religious code. Secular Jews are becoming orthodox when it is convenient.

      Israeli Folklore

      Back in the 1980’s Israel’s all time leading cabaret act, namely ‘Ha- Gashash Ha-chiver’ elaborated on the subject of organ donation by means of a satire. In their comedy act, an Ashkenazi transplant master insisted to plant a goose’s liver in an (Jewish) Iraqi boy’s body just to gain some publicity. The Sepharadi father was rather devastated, he was concerned that the donated liver would come from an Ashkenazi person or even a goy.
      Needless to say he wasn’t too happy with the goose either. As time goes by, it seems as if the Jews as a collective have passed that stage. As much as some Jews may be very ‘picky’ in regard to what they put in their mouth (kosher diet) or even very concerned with the racial identity of those whom their kids mix with, they seem to be far less concerned with the origin of the organs that are planted in their bodies. They are concerned with one thing, staying amongst the living regardless of any ethical concern.

      The current organ theft scandal proves once again that as far as Israel is concerned, loving yourself as much as you hate your neighbor, is the manifestation of contemporary Jewish philosophy. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t take us by a complete surprise. This is what you would expect from a people who live on other people’s land and eat other people’s grapes and figs.

      (1) Season 5 episodes 2,5 and 10

      Synopsis can be found here:

      (2) In December 1968 a man named Avraham Sadegat (the New York Times seems to give his name as A Savgat) died two days after a stroke, even though his family had been told he was “doing well.”

      After initially refusing to release his body, the Israeli hospital where he was being treated finally turned the man’s body over to his family. They discovered that his upper body was wrapped in bandages; an odd situation, they felt, for someone who had suffered a stroke.

      When they removed the bandages, they discovered that the chest cavity was stuffed with bandages, and the heart was missing.

      During this time, the headline-making Israeli heart transplant had occurred. After their initial shock, the man’s wife and brother began to put the two events together and demanded answers.

      The hospital at first denied that Sadegat’s heart had been used in the headline-making transplant, but the family raised a media storm and eventually applied to three cabinet ministers. Finally, weeks later and after the family had signed a document promising not to sue, the hospital admitted that Sadagat’s heart had been used.

      (3) “”There are indications that for one reason or another, organs, especially eyes and kidneys, were removed from the bodies during the first year or year and a half. There were just too many reports by credible people for there to be nothing happening. If someone is shot in the head and comes home in a plastic bag without internal organs, what will people assume?”

      Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, April 1990, Page 21, The Intifada: Autopsies and Executions


      Suppliers of drugs to the Western world something else they do well…..




        Jewish Corruption Scandal Mafia- Jews killing US´s Kids to send their Organs back to Israel

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