Tribunal That Should Have Been Reported By Your Press, But Wasn’t Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal


Tribunal That Should Have Been Reported By Your Press, But Wasn’t

Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal


by Debbie Menon

DAY IN COURT Trial to go on despite absence of response from both leaders

Read more: KL tribunal to try Bush, Blair for Iraq war crimes

Some rightly proclaim there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that an international court would charge, much less convict, an American or British leader. This may seem like a quixotic endeavor, but Francis Boyle has had success with filings in international courts before, gaining an indictment against former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic in the International Criminal Tribunal of the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY).


Former US president George Bush and his former counterpart Tony Blair were found guilty of war crimes by the The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal which held a four day hearing in Malaysia. (Nov. 18 – Nov. 22, 2011)

The five panel tribunal unanimously decided that Bush and Blair committed genocide and crimes against peace and humanity when they invaded Iraq in 2003 in blatant violation of international law.

The judges ruled that war against Iraq by both the former heads of states was a flagrant abuse of law, act of aggression which amounted to a mass murder of the Iraqi people.

In their verdict, the judges said that the United States, under the leadership of Bush, forged documents to claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

They further said the findings of the tribunal be made available to members of the Rome Statute and the names of Bush and Blair be entered into a war crimes register.

Both Bush and Blair repeatedly said the so-called war against terror was targeted at terrorists.

Lawyers and human rights activists present here say the verdict by the tribunal is a landmark decision. And the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Foundation said it would lobby the International Criminal Court to charge former US president George Bush and Former British prime minister Tony Blair for war crimes.

This is all well and good, correct, right, necessary and done with the best intentions and highest and most noble of ideals and hopes , but, there is a gulf of difference between the Head of State and his henchmen who have won a war and the Head of State and his henchmen who have lost a war…. winning and losing the war determines which side of the bench they are sitting on when the Court is called to rise for the trial, and who puts the noose over whose head.

Partners in crime
How many victorious war Heads have been convicted?

Furthermore, what must be noted and questioned though, is that there is not one Zionist listed. Why aren’t Wolfowitz, Feith, Libby, Zelikow, Lieberman, Wurmser, Abrams, Chertoff et al. mentioned? There must be a reason.

Why do people of Prof. Boyle’s knowledge and intelligence continue to focus instead on the assets like Bush, Blair, Obama and Brown?

Perhaps because they are Jewish! It is one thing for Boyle to poke sticks at Gentile lions while they are in a cage, but to poke sticks at Jewish Tigers while they are running free might be a bit too much.

That said, if we cannot really expect to see any of those Gentiles brought to Justice, just why do you think he would waste any time trying to bring some of those Jews to Justice. This will rapidly turn into a meaningless exercise, much like most rabbinical issues and arguments. Go figure!

There are some verities in life; the sun will rise in the east, set in the west; it will never rise in the north and set in the south.

And no Jews, Neocons, or their sympathizers, however guilty of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity will ever sit in the dock in court accused of crimes unless and until he has been reduced to the status of the vanquished and defeated in war, in which case he may be tried and executed by the victor’s courts.

Had Saddam won the war it would have been GWB who would have swung, and Rumsfeld who was hung today.

Here’s a quick recap:

Gordon Brown’s Shocking – “It was the right decision”

A commentary on Gordon Brown’s statement to The Iraq Inquiry on March 5th, 2010


The Source of America’s Wars – Kristol Clear

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Stewart OgilbyMalaysia is not going to help us very much. Because the traditional enemies have corrupted the US judicial system We The People have the right and the obligation to convene our own war crimes tribunal. There are smart and concerned lawyers and a few decent politicians among us. What are we waiting for? You cannot clean a house from the outside.
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Kelly Rhodes Keeler · Some college classes
bush and blair have much blood on there hands.these evil twins should pay for all the murderous harm they have done.
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Travis Dillard · Dallas, Texas
Shocking that the american press didn’t cover this.
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November 29, 2011 – 3:54 am
Hanging is too good for them, although the sight of Blair dangling from a lamp-post on Tower Bridge would be intensely satisfying.

Log in to Reply JC
November 29, 2011 – 4:37 am
“Why do people of Prof. Boyle’s knowledge and intelligence continue to focus instead on the assets like Bush, Blair, Obama and Brown?”

Pulling the beasts fangs and teeth is just as effective as shooting the beast … and there is some satisfaction in keeping the now docile beast as a pet.

Log in to Reply PAUL LEO FASO
November 29, 2011 – 11:33 am
While it is distressing not to have seen more criminals charged and convicted by this Tribunal, it will be all the more satisfying to see an ecumenical war crimes commission round up all of the usual suspects at large; the fanatic Christians, the fanatic Muslims and the fanatic Jews who still have their hands dripping with blood as a result of 9/11. Those pathological murderers as well as the twisted Satanic ghouls, the secret hand shakers, and all the contractors who played various roles in the deception and contrived wars, will have an equal opportunity to view the final act from the gallows as they swing together on the way to hell.

Log in to Reply The Progressive Mind » Tribunal that should have been reported by your Press, but wasn’t | Veterans Today
November 29, 2011 – 12:19 pm
[…] Tribunal that should have been reported by your Press, but wasn’t | Veterans Today. November 29th, 2011 | Category: Uncategorized | Leave a comment | […]

Log in to Reply The Rahnameh
November 29, 2011 – 12:49 pm

’nuff said.

Log in to Reply Mike Kay
November 29, 2011 – 8:17 pm
One of the largest, and least reported issues of today is alluded to here-the corruption of the law. Bush and others have essentially confessed to being war criminals, so this tribunal is largely a formality-although Bush’s lackey, Blair, being convicted is a small novelty.
We see here that the courts are almost entirely powerless when it comes to bringing justice. Milosevic was a sick, broken, old man when he went to trial, hardly a feather in the cap of any prosecutor.
Ultimately, events in the world are moving at such a pace that a legal system, such as it is, which can only focus on those out of power, is fulfilling less than half of its mission. Where are the injunctions against the current wave of war criminals and their lackeys?

Log in to Reply Debbie Menon
November 29, 2011 – 9:38 pm
It points up the effects of what Anthony Lawson calls The International Bureau of Double Standards.

No one in their right mind and knowing the facts about the deceptions could possibly disagree with the findings of this tribunal. An un-provoked invasion, to ‘shock and awe’that resulted in the killing of a million people using depleted uranium, based on what, in other circumstances, could only be described as no more than a whim, was a crime of monumental proportions, and is going to go unpunished because of who wanted it committed: those who clearly rule the world. At the moment.


Great vid ~ Assange is just another Zionist puppet ~ Israhell has plenty of tools in Washington ~ they own most of the media empire ~ chop the snakes head off ie ~ banks n media,,, main problem they have had control of the U.S for far too long, is it any wonder why 7.8 million U.S. tax dollars goes to IsraHELL each and every day… what do the Palestinians get ? “Zilch” FDUCK Zionism an its evil !!! Assange just another C.I.A. n Mossad tool ~ ((lets go after Iran)) wake up to Zionism ppl !!!

IMMORTALTRUTHZx 11 months ago 14


Wikileaks: The Tel Aviv Connection


2 responses to “Tribunal That Should Have Been Reported By Your Press, But Wasn’t Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal



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    mackbk718 6 months ago

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