Jewish Rule…

Sometimes, as the Germans learned after World War I, you can’t tell the purpose of the war until you read the peace treaty. The Versailles “peace treaty” revealed the purpose of the Great War: to steal all German wealth, redraw the maps of Europe and the Middle East and to create a Zionist enclave in the heart of the Middle East. This enclave of insanity would be operated appropriately under Old Testament rules of conduct: no mercy for enemies of Yahweh. This Jewish cult takes the position that Yahweh (“God”) is the Jewish people. As I said ­ they’re nuts. But deadly nuts.

The constant threat to the Rothschild/Rockefeller group is a drop in oil prices. David Rockefeller was himself the organizer of OPEC, back at the first Baghdad meeting in September, 1960. With the criminal invasion of Iraq by their alcoholic thug, GW Bush, the oil price may never drop again in our lifetime.


Syria and Iran are next, and are subject to the ultimate weapons of mass destruction. Saudi Arabia and Egypt cannot be far behind. Israel intends to take over the Moslem world and kill as many Moslems as possible, with the aid and encouragement of Washington, DC. This does appear to be the beginning of the end of civilization as we have known it.

We are confronted by Jewish psycho-terrorists in the US government ­ mad serial killers who worship death. They commenced their plans for world dictatorship with their shock and awe attack on the World Trade Center in Manhattan five years ago. That immediately resulted in unprovoked attacks against two Moslem countries by the US and UK.EGYPT DOWN-SYRIA AND IRAN JUST GEARING UP!

Jewish Rule

JB Campbell

Probably the best description of the problem which confronts humanity is in Douglas Reed’s The Controversy of Zion. Reed, a foreign correspondent for the Times of London, discusses the struggle within Judaism between those who craved a Jewish homeland in the former Judea, which for many centuries has been known as Palestine and populated by Semitic Palestinians, and those who thought this was a crazy idea, due to the Jewish nature. The ones who wanted a homeland called themselves Zionists and the ones who didn’t merely called themselves Jews. Oddly, the Zionists were mostly non-Jews whose ancestors had themselves converted to Judaism around 800 AD in a place called Khazaria, in the Caucasus Mountains between the Caspian and Black Seas. They were quite literally Caucasians. The history of the Khazars can be found in the Jewish Encyclopedia, the Britannica and especially in Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe, and of course online.

This is one of the many aspects of the Jewish Question: Who is a Jew? What is a Jew? What do Jews do and what do they want? One of the results of the Holocaust legend is that it has made people around the world wary of even mentioning Jews, or the word “Jew.” Substitutes are often used ­ but not by Jews of course. Jews call themselves Jews ­ they just don’t like non-Jews to say the word “Jew.” It disturbs them because they know that coming from a non-Jew, the word “Jew” is an accusation of a crime, generally usury, sometimes worse. Today, it has become something far worse.

And so, we have two kinds of Jews: Western Jews and Eastern Jews. Western Jews are the more civilized ones, the ones who traditionally occupied themselves in the money business ­ gold, silver, banking, finance, lending, precious gems, etc. They are the real Jews, who can trace their ancestry to Spain, Morocco, Egypt and the Middle East. There is no trace of Judeans. Ironically, Western Jews generally were not the ones who wanted a Jewish homeland ripped out of Palestine; those ones were the Eastern Jews from Russia. These Eastern Jews, who are known as Ashkenazim, are the ones who have been pretending to be Jews. The amazing thing is that they have redefined Judaism thoroughly via an utter obedience to the Talmud, which does qualify them as Honorary Jews. One should refer to the history of the Khazars to learn the source of the ruthless nature of these people, who were always what we have come to know as Terrorists. Roughly 90% of Jews are Ashkenazi Jews ­ maybe more. Since the early 20th Century, they have flooded America and Europe and much of the world.

In Russia, in the late 19th Century, these ruthless people developed simultaneously two types of Terrorism. One of them was Communism and the other one was Zionism and they were both forms of Judaism. As Stephen S. Wise, chief rabbi of the United States in the 1930s said, “Some call it Marxism ­ I call it Judaism!” Both Communists and Zionists desired to rule the world ­ literally. The Communists wanted to murder the Romanoffs, liquidate millions of Russian Christians, seize control of the Russian homeland and make Moscow the center of world domination. The Zionists wanted the center to be in Palestine, because they were fanatical Talmudists and had this recurring pipe dream that they were the people of the Old Testament. Zionism called for the Russian Jews to emigrate to Palestine, get settled and take it over from the Palestinians, rename it “Israel” and make The Law go forth from there. The Russian gang was a cult of pretenders; steeped in the Talmud, ruthlessly bossed by rabbinic commissars, they were prepared to kill their way out of Russia and into Palestine. They possessed the deadly zeal of the convert and they planned to migrate en masse to Palestine starting soon.

The first Jewish Century began in Basel, Switzerland in 1897 with the Zionist Congress convened there by Theodore Herzl and his associates. One group of associates, the Russian branch of Zionism and Communism, soon eliminated Herzl and took over the movement. Herzl was the godfather of Zionism and was surprised by these strangers from the East, who had no ancestral ties to the Middle East. The Western or Spanish Jews such as Herzl may have had some tenuous connection to Judea ­ but that is not proven. For years there were to me some remarkable coincidences: How the Khazars and their descendants the Ashkenazim could mimic so perfectly the Hebrews of Leviticus and Deuteronomy; how a typical coarse Ashkenazi Jew such as Kissinger could be so like a supposed Spanish Jew such as Bernard Baruch, the tall and regal financial high priest of the Wilson and Roosevelt administrations? Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote in his memoirs that the smartest thing he ever did was, as a lieutenant colonel going nowhere, to ask Bernard Baruch for advice on his career. Within months, despite his utter incompetence and lack of combat experience, Ike was picked to become the first five-star general in US history, and overlord of the most terrible war criminals in human history. Douglas Reed answered my question on Baruch: he revealed that Baruch was in fact a Russian Jew, not a Western Jew as he pretended. One mystery solved! And it is interesting that Herzl would supposedly design the concept of Zionism in complete ignorance of the Russian “Jews” who were sharpening their knives and pining for a miraculous transportation to the new Zion. Once Herzl was out of the way, Zionism was a Russian operation, no less than Communism.

But the question remains: Should we refer to these pirates as Jews, as Zionists, as Talmudists? Some are obviously Zionists but since all Jews refer to themselves as Jews, we should, too. The horrors mentioned below were mainly committed by Jews who were not Zionists. The Romanoffs and twenty million Russians were not murdered by Zionists, but by Communist Jews. The Hungarians and Ukrainians were destroyed by Communist Jews. The banking and business depredations mentioned below were committed by Rothschild gangsters who were not Zionists. Now, of course, our government has been taken over totally by Zionist Jews and Zionist non-Jews, but the glue holding them all together is Judaism. What if Israel implodes or is just no longer viable as a safe haven and the persecuted ones must once again depart for friendlier lands? That would be the end of Zionism but not the end of Judaism. Jews would still gravitate to Capitol Hill and the White House to demand special exemptions for themselves and unearned, unnatural powers over the rest of us.

The Zionists have pressured and even terrorized other Jews into supporting Zionism ­ the secular religion justified only by the grimmest fairy tale of all, the Holocaust. It has become an obsessive compulsion for some Jews and the most terrible problem for many more who see a nightmare coming. They know that the nightmare was designed by Jews and was tacitly supported by virtually all Jews, Zionist or not.

Zionism was at first rejected by reactionary Western Jews, who had been trying to assimilate themselves into Gentile society for centuries. Perhaps the Rothschilds and Warburgs and Oppenheims, et al, realized the futility of assimilation with those whom they were plundering with their fractional reserve banking, or perhaps the idea of a Jewish headquarters appealed to them, but for some reason the Jewish Money Power got behind the Zionist plan for the invasion of Palestine. It is my theory that the invasion coincided with the discovery of oil in the Middle East and that the Rothschild Group simply needed Jewish special forces in the region to control events in whatever way needed. Jews would not be discovering or producing any oil, but they could make sure that it would be as expensive as possible.

Oil is the most lucrative business after banking and cocaine trafficking but it depends on a reliable price structure. That is, consumers have had to be persuaded that oil is rather scarce and hard to find to justify ever-rising oil prices. Rothschild’s American banking and oil commissar, John D. Rockefeller, planted the idea that oil supplies were short and in danger of drying up at any time. This myth was exploded on January 10, 1901 near Beaumont, Texas when the massive Spindletop well blew out. That monster produced around four million barrels of oil and ended Rockefeller’s Standard Oil monopoly on oil prices, based on his Indiana and Ohio wells and his criminal railroad transportation practices. Spindletop ended the belief he’d sold the people that oil was scarce. Prices plummeted, although there wasn’t much demand for oil at the time. There wouldn’t be for a few more years until the advent of the automobile. A better method for control of raw materials ­ mainly oil ­ would have to be developed.

It was at this time that the Rothschild/Rockefeller Group devised the best method of all to keep unwanted oil in the ground, where it would not threaten the price structure. Only oil owned by the Group would be exploited, and at very controlled amounts. The Group began in 1917 to place its agents in control of governments of countries whose oil supplies, if exploited, would hurt profits by lowering the price. Their first agents were two Communist Jews named Bronstein and Ulyanov, better known as Trotsky and Lenin. These ruthless characters murdered the entire potential Russian middle class and thereby prevented the emergence of Russian oilmen. Anyone with the idea of being a businessman was killed. The oil stayed in the ground.

European oil production was mainly in Rumania. Who can forget the wanton destruction of the Ploesti oil fields and massive storage facilities by the American and British air forces in the early 1940s? Our wonderful boys flew months of air raids against Ploesti. The German war machine switched to synthetic gasoline, produced by the gasification of coal! This was in fact a Standard Oil process, but we are not told about it today.

China, of course, also represented a threat to the price structure if Chinese oil were produced. So the Group installed two more extremely ruthless agents in China’s government: Mao Tse-tung and Chou En-lai. These two Rothschild boys slaughtered sixty-four million potential middle class enemies by 1964, according to the congressional records. There were no Chinese oilmen to come up with a Chinese Spindletop. They were all dead. We can just imagine how China would have blossomed under the leadership of Chiang Kai-shek, based on the performance of tiny Taiwan, which rose to number four GNP in the world in just twenty years.

The same thing happened in Vietnam, where the US installed the Communist Ho Chi Minh, who made sure that a Vietnamese Spindletop would never be produced. (Ho was a US intelligence agent during World War II. He sent his reports to the OSS from the Texaco office in Hanoi.)

In fact, every Communist dictatorship in the world since 1917 was installed by the US State Department either overtly, as in the Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese examples, or covertly, as with the Cuban example. Mainly, though, it’s been overt and usually based on the “corruption” of an American puppet installed some years before. And the State Department is staffed in all important positions by members of the Rothschild/Rockefeller private ministry of war called the Council on Foreign Relations.

The CFR was developed because of the failure of Woodrow Wilson’s handlers to shove us into their League of Nations following their first big bloodletting known as World War I. The handlers organized a think-tank in Manhattan that would design another World War so terrible that the people would accept a New World Order to prevent another war. It only took twenty years to organize the biggest slaughterhouse in world history, one that would eliminate 45-60 million potential threats to the New World Order. The survivors accepted the structure of world government known as the United Nations Organization in 1945. Every one of the organizers of the UNO was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the same little outfit that has announced the North American Union, in which our country will be merged with Mexico and Canada by 2010. The NAU will of course be governed by members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the ones who installed Communist butchers all around the world. Today the CFR is reportedly 70% Jewish. The NAU will not be a Zionist country but rather a part of the Jewish World Revolution as described by Hungarian Louis Marschalko in his important 1958 book, The World Conquerors (which resulted in his death).

Sometimes, as the Germans learned after World War I, you can’t tell the purpose of the war until you read the peace treaty. The Versailles “peace treaty” revealed the purpose of the Great War: to steal all German wealth, redraw the maps of Europe and the Middle East and to create a Zionist enclave in the heart of the Middle East. This enclave of insanity would be operated appropriately under Old Testament rules of conduct: no mercy for enemies of Yahweh. This Jewish cult takes the position that Yahweh (“God”) is the Jewish people. As I said ­ they’re nuts. But deadly nuts.

The constant threat to the Rothschild/Rockefeller group is a drop in oil prices. David Rockefeller was himself the organizer of OPEC, back at the first Baghdad meeting in September, 1960. With the criminal invasion of Iraq by their alcoholic thug, GW Bush, the oil price may never drop again in our lifetime. All of Bush’s lies for the reasons to invade a non-threatening country have been forgotten. The bottom line for Iraq is: Iraqi oil will stay in the ground as agreed by the majors after Versailles. Iraqi oil production must be slowed. Bush’s criminal invasion has seen to that. Except oil for Israel, which the Israelis appear to be getting for free, reportedly being pumped directly from Iraq into Haifa by a new pipeline. Bush’s war has raised the price of our gas by over a dollar, with constant threats that it might go as high as six dollars per gallon. With Ben Shalom Bernanke in charge of counterfeiting ­ why not?

Bush’s reason for being is to protect Israel because Israeli aggression and intrigue are required to maintain and increase the price of oil. Bush studies the Talmud and meekly obeys either Sharon or Olmert in their vile atrocities against the Semitic peoples of Palestine and Lebanon.

All of the above is known or should be known by informed Americans. Our government, which is run by vote fraud, bribery, extortion, lies and murder, is at war with the whole world on behalf of the Jews who own the Federal Reserve Corporation and the major oil companies ­ in other words, by the Rothschilds and their many stooges.

The first step is to acknowledge that we have a serious Jewish problem. This should be pretty obvious by the current Zionist landgrab of Lebanon and their blatant intent to make that country the second part of Greater Israel. The Zionists have decided to go for broke with no apologies for their bloodlust, greed and hatred. The Zionists own the Bush administration and Rush Limbaugh and all the “conservative” figures except Buchanan, Roberts and a few others. They own all the big newspapers and television networks and the movie production companies. They own the radio stations and music production companies, which is why “American” country music is pro-war, anti-Moslem and belligerent, except the Dixie Chicks, who were blackballed by the Jewish industry.

As the Clinton crowd might have said – It’s the Jews, stupid. It’s always been the Jews. The problem is not really Zionism ­ it’s Judaism. The problem is Christianity, which is Judaism for Gentiles. Christians cannot deal with Jews because they believe that Jews are “God’s Chosen People.” The Jews believe that they are God, and of course that’s ‘way beyond the comprehension of Christians. Any people that would hold itself up as somehow “chosen by God” is by definition insane, so that is a fundamental Jewish problem, especially when you read the Old Testament stories of the troubles old Yahweh had with his chosen ones.

The US government grants total tax exemption to the Christian churches. Why? Because they serve the Jewish plan. Christianity is an off-shoot of Judaism and a public relations organization that always works for “interfaith” cooperation, meaning Jewish control of Gentile religious thinking. Can you imagine any rabbi allowing a priest or minister to set standards for Jews? It’s always the other way around. Jews complain about Christians but they secretly rejoice that the Goyim (“cattle”) are dumb enough to fall for their impossible fairy tales and absurd laws of conduct as found in the Sermon on the Mount. The Beatitudes are prescriptions for destruction at the hands of the crafters of that play. To become a Christian is to deny yourself your right of survival in the deadliest struggle on earth. Those whom the Jews destroy they first make Christian, because it assures the Jew that the enemy will not fight back.

We have a serious Jewish problem. It’s not just a Zionist problem, because there’s no mention of Zionism, or making The Law Go Forth From Zion, in the Talmud. Zionism was dreamed up in the 19th Century in Russia and is merely the Talmudic way that Jews deal with their neighbors when they have some power. If they don’t have power, they are the revolutionary proletariat. As Herzl said, “And when we rise, there rises the terrible power of our purse.” When the Jews are down, they make trouble, always demanding ­ and receiving ­ special treatment. When they are up, they are our merciless overlords. And there is no getting on their good side, because they don’t have a good side. Ask the Palestinians. Ask the Russians how it was to be under Jewish rule after 1917, when criticism of Jews was a capital offence. Ask the Hungarians, who finally had to rise up and kill as many of them as they could in October, 1956. The Soviets had put Jews in all positions of power in Hungary.

Those of us who understood the Jewish plan for world dictatorship, known loosely as the New World Order, have wondered when the Jews would make their big move for total power. That appears finally to be now. People around the world are appalled at the second destruction of Beirut in twenty-four years. But this time it is being done under the specific protection of the American president, who has said repeatedly that Israel must be protected by America. He is right now sending tons of weapons of mass destruction to the Psychopaths of the Desert. Israel is doing exactly what Bush wants it to do, which is exactly what the Council on Foreign Relations wants it to do. Syria and Iran are next, and are subject to the ultimate weapons of mass destruction. Saudi Arabia and Egypt cannot be far behind. Israel intends to take over the Moslem world and kill as many Moslems as possible, with the aid and encouragement of Washington, DC. This does appear to be the beginning of the end of civilization as we have known it.

We are confronted by Jewish psycho-terrorists in the US government ­ mad serial killers who worship death. They commenced their plans for world dictatorship with their shock and awe attack on the World Trade Center in Manhattan five years ago. That immediately resulted in unprovoked attacks against two Moslem countries by the US and UK. Under the distraction of those slaughterhouse disasters which were designed by Jews, the Israelis now obliterate Lebanon in an attempt to provoke Syria to respond, and Iran, too. Israel knows that Bush will order nuclear strikes against those countries if they take the bait, for such plans have already been revealed by frightened officers in the Pentagon. Israel may use nuclear weapons against those two countries soon, and claim that America did it. As we know, there is no one in the US government who will blame Israel for anything it does, because that would be “anti-Semitic.” But, who are the Semites? Short answer: the Arabs. Who are the anti-Semites? Short answer: the Jews.

The purpose of this essay is to prepare the reader for a life of struggle against Jewish rule in this country. We have been under total Jewish control for decades, because everything we are allowed to see, read and hear via the mainstream media comes through the Jewish filter. Truth is only available from the Internet, which is why the Internet will have to go ­ to prevent terrorism, of course. The government has already smeared the most powerful websites, such as, as “dangerous organs of disinformation – ” the second-highest accolade bestowed by the government, the highest being the charge of sedition. To be charged or accused of sedition means the recipient is really doing his job. This writer has been so accused but my friend Louis Beam of Texas has actually been prosecuted for sedition. The fact that he was acquitted does not diminish his stature in my eyes. Louis has enjoyed the highest place on the ADL’s enemies list for years. For some reason, they never mention my name.

Jewish control is one thing. But Jewish rule will be quite another. Ask the Palestinians, the Russians, the Hungarians. Hell ­ ask the Israelis what it’s like to live under Jewish rule in Israel. It is an insane asylum, because the Jews thrive on insanity. They are the ultimate control freaks.

I don’t expect anyone to start attacking the Israeli Embassy or to burn down synagogues. I don’t expect anyone to call for a revolution against the Jewish US government, as I did in 1989 when I started the ill-fated militia movement that year. It is my opinion that the Jews, through their agent Morris (“Seligman”) Dees of Mobile, Alabama and his Mossad front known as the Southern Poverty Law Center, destroyed the militia movement in a few minutes in April , ’95 when they exploded the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and murdered scores of federal employees and their children. This was the beginning of the Jewish rule, instead of just Jewish control, of the US.

But there is coming a time soon in which we shall have to fight Jews because they are Jews and because we are not. They will leave us with no other choice, just as they left the Russians and the Palestinians and the Hungarians and now the Lebanese with no other choice but fight or die a nasty death after captivity and thirst and starvation and torture. Remember, the favorite Jewish method of control and extermination is by famine. This is because it is both excruciating and humiliating. And it doesn’t cost them a dime. They simply withhold food. Ask the Ukrainians, who lost several million souls to the Jewish famine in the 1930s. The Jews simply confiscated their food and they starved.

People forget that every single cabinet office under Clinton was headed by a Jew! What are the odds? Are they such superior people that only they are qualified to take such powerful positions over us? The dozen or so Zionist Jews around Bush bragged at first how they got us to attack Iraq. So look at how our Jewish-run government has wreaked havoc in that poor country that never threatened America in the slightest. The Iraqis suffer deliberate shortages of fresh water and food. The Palestinians are starving and dying of thirst and have lost thousands of children because of Jewish rule. The Jews have dozens of ways to kill you and they try them all.

If you still wonder if I’m exaggerating ­ or writing “Jew” when I should be writing “Zionist” ­ read James Bacque’s two books on this subject: Other Losses and Crimes & Mercies. The first details the Jews’ extermination of approximately one million helpless German PoWs directly following their surrender in 1945. The other reveals how the Jews slaughtered approximately 13 million helpless German civilians in the first few years after the surrender, before the Berlin Airlift showed the world what benefactors we were, because we needed a new enemy and a new ally. This was done under the authority of the Morgenthau Plan for Germany. Morgenthau, of course, was a Jew and not a Zionist, as was his chief butcher, Eisenhower. And remember that Germany was considered a paradise by the Jews, and the German people very tolerant and generous towards the Jews in the years before the tough guys took over. Remember too that Jews consider America an extremely threatening place, and unruly Americans much more dangerous to them than Germans ever were. So we can count on very bad treatment from them under Jewish Rule. Just keep that in mind.

It’s my idea that Jews ­ Zionist or otherwise ­ ought not to rule anywhere. Everything they touch turns to garbage. Music, literature, art, science, government, education, labor, medicine, race relations ­ everything goes bad fast when they are involved in it. The main Jewish contribution to science has been the nuclear bomb, which is only consistent with their battle cry, “We are the destroyers!” That’s really all the Jews know how to do ­ steal and destroy things. Look at Israel, which they stole from the Palestinians. They destroyed it. Now they’re destroying Lebanon, just as they did in 1982. They got us to destroy Iraq and we and they together will keep destroying everything because the Jews are in control of Bush. Not just Zionists ­ Jews. We’ve all seen the photos of Bush’s White House kitchen, full of orthodox rabbis who pronounced it “Kosher.” We’ve seen Bush and Cheney wearing their yarmulkes (skull-caps) so we can see just how total is the Jewish control of our government. There is no official opposition to Jewish Rule, just as there is no official opposition to Mexicans sneaking across the border and flooding this country with hostiles. Bush and Cheney and their underlings are traitors who are sponsoring Jewish Rule, which will immediately lead to the North American Union and one Jewish government over the US, Canada and Mexico.

I believe that Jewish Rule must be prevented at all costs. I believe that anyone who promotes Jewish Rule from an official position is by definition a traitor. There is only one penalty for Treason, as even our rump government acknowledges.

So, get ready for action. In the coming years (if not sooner), be prepared to kill or get killed. For a preview of life under the Jews in the North American Union in 2010, just look at Israel and what quality of life it has created in that tragic region, or Russia after 1917, or Hungary or Poland or East Germany after 1945.

It is my opinion that Americans are responsible for the Jewish destruction of so much of the world and that we must take responsibility for our part. We must repay our victims or their survivors as best we can and we must ensure that Jewish Rule is ended as quickly as possible, before it destroys us all. We can all think of ways to end Jewish Rule. Let’s figure out the best ways and use them.


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3 MONTHS AFTER TAKING OFFICE as US Secretary of State in 1997, the Jew Madeleine “Korbel” Albright created a new post: Ambassador At Large For War Crimes Issues. She appointed the Jew David Scheffer who wrote the book, Self-Determination In the New World Order.

The Anti-Christian Jew David Scheffer immediately set out to punish Serbian President Milosevic by advocating military action against the Orthodox Christian nation of Serbia for so-called “crimes against humanity” in Kosovo.

Here is an excerpt from Scheffer’s book outlining US foreign policy against opponents to his “New World Order:”

— “Military intervention may be used for responding to international hot spots. It needs to be considered to what end the US should become involved in a conflict between an established state and a secessionist movement.

The US should seek to build a consensus within international organizations for its position. At the same time it should not sacrifice its own judgment if such a consensus fails to materialize.” — Self-Determination In The New World Order, David Scheffer,
Published by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Can we not see this policy implemented this very day with regard to Kosovo Muslims declaring “independence” with full US support in spite of Serbia’s & Russia’s opposition?

July 13, 2008 @ 11:51 am
I was in the state department under Colin Powell – nearly every undersecretary was either jewish or under jewish control – it was tragic to see such ill conceived ideas be promulgated to force the USA to create the Iraq war based solely on lies – the lies of which brought one of the authors of these lies, condi rice, to remove powell in bush’s 2nd term. Too much to bear – I, as well as hundreds more, left in disgust.


September 21, 2008 @ 9:41 am
Kay Griggs: Jews control US state department. Video 2 min

September 21, 2008 @ 9:46 am
Carter: “US Candidates MUST do as Israel says”

October 15, 2009 @ 6:27 pm
I remember when the State Dept. made this announcement.

They were literally forbidding ANY criticism of Israel and this is our State Dept!!

Joe Jussac, Jr.
April 22, 2010 @ 5:59 am
The case is different in Indonesia. We the brown people CANNOT be infiltrated by the evil elements among the Jews/MOSSAD.

Yet, the MOSSAD that formerly considered Singapore as their post to cover the SouthEast Asian nations, as of 1967 they got friends in Indonesia, and started OFFICIALLY having base in Jakarta, purpoting as the European businessmen carrying EUROPEN passports!

Aha! The MOSSAD killer squad in Dubai carried British passports!

Further, since the late Foreign Minister Ali Alatas left (I knew him quite close), the top echelon posts in the Foreign Affairs Office in Jakarta have been held by mostly Geneva – or New York (the UN) offices based senior diplomats!

The president, and his predecessor, also their deputies/Secretary General had/have been those groomed in the UN system in Geneva and New York!

Enter the UN Hidden Agenda.

SEARCH my name above or Tjoaginsing, and ENJOY!

Thanks Bro Nath.

Joe Jussac, Jr.
April 22, 2010 @ 6:03 am
BTW, last year a close friend who had real close friends in the USA among the PATRIOTS who have the access to the US N.S.A. “Above Cosmic” level tightly guarded secrets with such category, told me that Minister ALATAS was killed — silently by the Illuminati! — when he was treated in SINGAPORE!

Why? Since as a devout Muslim, he at last has realized of the Illuminati’s Dark Agenda…and wished to repent sort of….

Frank Jones
May 5, 2011 @ 3:49 pm
My question: Are the white people world wide satisfied with having knowledge such as this?

If so, carry on with your life – if not, what are ya going to do about it?

Joe Jussac, Jr.
May 18, 2011 @ 5:12 am
Dear Frank Jones,

Excuse my belated reply. I had been away recently and OFF line.

What I meant to say that we — MOST Asians being brown-skinned — is that we Indonesians were LESS vulnerable to the mostly WHITE-skinned MOSSAD agents, while in the most Western nations, USA included, same secret Israeli agents have been difficult to detect.

What benefit to the White people (of such info): they, and you too, MUST be much more vigilant!

Zionists = Illuminati = the UN share common objective: NWO!

Thanks for your comment. As stated elsewhere, everyone here doesn’t have to agree with me on various issues that include “religious inclination.”

So, especially regarding the UN, kindly do your own research; watch the attitude of your nation’s senior diplomats who had been station at your country’s Permanent Representative Offices either in New York or Geneva.

Shalom/Salaam/Peace, Frank…


July 15, 2011 @ 9:18 pm
World needs to unite against the Jewish menace.


4 responses to “Jewish Rule…

  1. CHAPTER 14

    “And while I am talking to you, mothers and fathers, I give you one more assurance. I have said this before but I shall say it again and again and again; your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars!” – Franklin D. Roosevelt, Campaign Speech in Boston, eve of 1940 election


    LONDON, Jan.1st:- President Franklin D. Roosevelt was so eager to get America into World War Two in 1941 that he went out of his way to provoke ‘incidents’ which could be represented as German aggression against America, according to British documents now de-classified.

    The show at least that this was what Roosevelt was telling Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the summer and autumn of that year.

    This is revealed in secret British wartime cabinet documents for 1941-45, 35-volumes of them – will be open to historians for the first time Monday at the public record office in London.

    Churchill, it emerges, dreaded that the Russians – invaded by Hitler in June, 1941 – would either collapse or accept a compromise peace within months. If that happened before the United States entered the war, he felt Britain’s situation would be desperate.

    During a meeting at sea off Newfoundland that produced the Atlantic Charter in August, 1941, the two leaders discussed this. Churchill reported back to the British cabinet, and the record of what he said was marked ‘most secret’ and withheld from even the narrow group entitled to read war cabinet minutes.

    Roosevelt was ‘obviously determined’ to come into the war, Churchill said. “If he were to put the issue of peace or war to Congress, they would debate it for three months. The President had said that he would wage war but not declare it, and that he would become more and more provocative. If the Germans did not like it they could attack the American forces.”

    Under new arrangements the Americans were to convoy supplies for Britain as far as Iceland, thus releasing 52 British warships for other duties. The American escorts were ordered to be aggressive and to range up to 300 miles from the convoys in search of German submarines.

    ‘Everything was to be done to ‘force’ an incident to ‘justify hostilities,’ the papers said.

    A week later Lord Halifax, British Ambassador to Washington, was reinforcing this with a report to the British Cabinet that virtually the whole Roosevelt administration was anxious to come into the war ‘and would be relieved if some incident, such as the torpedoing of an American ship, precipitated this event.’

    In the following months such incidents did occur. German submarines were depth charged by American ships and an American destroyer engaged in this act was torpedoed and sunk. But the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, December 7th, removed any need to convince American public opinion.

    According to the records the British cabinet discussed in advance what its attitude would be if Germany attacked Russia, and decided that Germany should be represented as an insatiable tyrant that had attacked Russia in order to obtain material for carrying on the war.

    Churchill, preoccupied as he was with war and diplomacy, also kept a close eye on civilian morale. The document contains a story of him asking to see the meat ration and thinking it was for a single meal, commenting that it was not too bad: “He was shocked to realise that it was a week’s ration.” – Colin Cross, London Observer

    “Regretfully, President Roosevelt found it necessary to get the country into World War Two to save his social policies.” – Dr. Milton Eisenhower, President, John Hopkins University and brother of President Eisenhower


    “I am half American and the natural person to work with you. It is evident we see eye to eye. Were I to become Prime Minister of Britain we could control the world.” – Churchill when First Lord of the Admiralty


    “As for Mr. Churchill and myself I need not tell you that we make a perfectly matched team in harness and out – and incidentally we had lots of fun together as we always do.” – President Roosevelt


    “Hitler had been condemned as a violator of international pacts and agreements; yet when we sent destroyers to Britain long before Pearl Harbour and later on permitted many of our vessels to be commandeered by British officers, we violated Section. 3 of Article. V of the Act on June 15, 1917. We also violated the Hague Convention which forbids a neutral nation to supply any war materials whatever to any belligerent country.” – Ralph Franklin Keeling, Gruesome Harvest, Institute of American Economics


    “In clear violation of international law our vessels in the Atlantic were ordered two months before Pearl Harbour to shell all Axis craft encountered. At the time, Admiral Stark had sent a message to Admiral Kimmel that, ‘we are at war’ in the Atlantic.” – Ralph Franklin Keeling, Gruesome Harvest, Institute of American Economics

    “The President’s orders to these (United States Navy) escorts were to attack any (German) U-boat which showed itself, even if it were 200 or 300 miles away from the convoy. Everything was to be done to force an incident.” – War Cabinet Meetings, Churchill, August 19th, 1941

    “Mr. Ambassador. . . everyone in this room is convinced that President Roosevelt is just as dangerous a dictator as Hitler or Mussolini and that he will transport this country into hell as quickly as he can.” – A Republican Member of Congress to British Ambassador Halifax, 1941, Washington

    “. . . Franklin D. Roosevelt, the professed exponent of democracy, was as successful as any dictator in keeping the Congress and the public in the dark about his secret commitments in relation to Great Britain, commitments which scoffed at the wish and will of the voters, who had re-elected Roosevelt only because he had assured them that he would keep us out of the war. In fact, there are few more shameless examples of cynical disregard of the people’s will than those which came to light in Roosevelt’s personal correspondence with Churchill, revealed in Churchill’s books. This correspondence and Churchill’s own description of his conversations with Harry Hopkins, whom he described as ‘mainstay and goader’ of the American President, prove beyond doubt that Roosevelt, already in January 1941, had concluded a secret alliance with Great Britain, which pledged America to war.” – U.S. General Wedermeyer

    “Clare Booth-Luce shocked may people by saying at the Republican Party Congress in 1944 that Roosevelt ‘had lied us (the USA) into the war’. However, after this statement proved to be correct, the Roosevelt followers ceased to deny it, but praised it by claiming he was ‘forced to lie’ to save his country and then England and ‘the world’.” – P.H. Nicoll, England’s War Against Germany, p. 4

    “In April, 1939, four months before Hitler invaded Poland, Ambassador William C. Bullitt, whom I had known for twenty years, called me to the American embassy in Paris. Both of us standing before the fireplace in his office, the windows of which faced the beautiful Place de la Accord, the American Ambassador told me that war had been decided upon. He did not say, nor did I ask, by whom. He let me infer it. When I said that in the end Germany would be driven into the arms of Soviet Russia and Bolshevism, the Ambassador replied: “‘What of it? There will not be enough Germans left when the war is over to be worth bolshevising.” – Karl von Wiegand, April 23rd, 1944, Chicago Herald American, November 12th, p. 18

    “From the outbreak of war the President had been under fire for permitting, if not encouraging, William C. Bullitt, American Ambassador to France and other diplomats to encourage France and Poland to get into war with promises of American support.” – Washington Times Herald, November 12th, 1941


    “President Roosevelt and General George C. Marshall visited Brazil in 1939 after England without being threatened or assaulted declared war on Germany. Manual deGoes Monteiro, former War Minister of Brazil, stated that General Marshall told him that the United States was planning to enter the war beside England. Monteiro said Marshall conferred with high Brazilian officials and asked for and got a pledge of Brazilian co-operation.” – Prescott Robinson, Radio Station WDR, January 9th, 1947

    “The shocking and amazing revelations former Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson prove conclusively the charges made by me and other leading non-interventionists in Congress that President Roosevelt and his specially selected cabinet of ardent and militant interventionists manoeuvred us into war against the will of 80% of the American people.

    Mr. Stimson openly states that the note sent by Secretary of State Hull on November 26th, 1941, ten days before Pearl Harbour, was a war ultimatum to Japan.” Hamilton Fish, former Congressman

    “Japan was provoked into attacking the United States at Pearl Harbour. It is a travesty of history ever to say that America was forced into war.” – Oliver Lyttleton, British Minister of Production to the American Chamber of Commerce, London, June 20th, 1944

    “Active intervention of the U.S. in the war was only possible for F.D.R. (Roosevelt) if the USA were attacked. This was the only way to win the American people for a war and to silence the isolationists. The way out of this dilemma could only be Japan. The problem was, therefore, to so provoke the Japanese that they would fire the first shot.” – Münchner Merkur, December 7th, 1966


    “It is likely that Germany’s successful competition through bilateral agreements and the banking nations desire to liquidate such interest-free competition was an important factor in the United States and Britain promoting war against Germany.” – Conrad Grieb. American Manifest Destiny and the Holocausts, Examiner Books, N.Y 1979

    “After the last war, informal attempts were made to stabilise currencies but they failed. . . competitive currency depreciation led to other forms of economic warfare . . . new currency tricks restricted and burdened trade. They must certainly be counted as a contributory cause of the great depression. And they were the first phase of the tragic war in which we are now engaged.” – Henry Morgenthau, Secretary to the (US) Treasury

    Note: Barter trade as introduced by Hitler’s Germany, cuts out bank credit and reliance on international money lending.


    “The pressure for war is high and mounting. The people are opposed to it but the administration seems to have the bit in its teeth and be hell bent on its way to war. Most of the Jewish interests in the country are behind the war and they control a huge part of our Press and Radio and most of our motion pictures. There are also the ‘intellectuals’ and the Anglophiles, and the British agents who are allowed free rein, the international interests and many other interests.” – Charles Lindburgh, The Wartime Journals


    On January 12th, 1939, nine months before war was declared against Germany, Count Jerzy Potocki, Polish Ambassador to the United States, sent a dispatch to his Excellency, the Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs in Warsaw about conditions in the United States:

    “1. How an artificial war panic was being created.

    2. Roosevelt’s expression of hatred for Fascism was for the purpose to divert American opinion from domestic problems. By creating a war panic and rumours of European crisis Roosevelt sought endorsement of an armament program in excess of normal requirements as conditions in the American labour market are growing worse with 12 millions unemployed.

    3. A particular group of people; Baruch, Gov, Lehman, Felix Franfurter, Morgenthau, and others all in highly placed American official positions, desirous of being representatives of ‘true Americanism’, are linked with international Jewry by ties incapable of being torn asunder. . . Jewry was not only able to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity but also succeeded in dividing the world into two alien camps.

    4. Roosevelt had been given the power to enable him to enliven American foreign policy and at the same time to create huge reserves of armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.”

    America actually began planning hostilities against Germany in 1934, passing the “Industrial Mobilization Bill” after the Jews declared war on Germany in March, 1933. witnesss3.htm



    Many countries throughout the world maintained neutrality, and remained on friendly relations with Hitler’s Germany. All were threatened with trade embargoes and similar measures designed to ensure their compliance with the American-Jewish-Communist alliance.

    “We must not ask questions as to what these small powers want, nor listen to explanations of what they are prepared to do. We must tell them frankly that we demand, what part each of them has to play in the alliance to destroy the German menace. If one or other of them show signs of hesitation, we must act so as to ensure that such hesitation will be immediately overcome. It is time similar measures were taken with regard to Holland and Belgium.” – Duff Cooper, Privy Counsellor.

    In 1944, a fuel blockade was imposed upon neutral Spain to enforce compliance in taking action hostile to German interests. Similar measures were taken against neutral Portugal and threats were made against Argentina.




    “There is widespread belief that Great Britain was committed by treaty to the defence of Poland. That is not the fact. It is true that on August 25th, 1939, Lord Halifax as Foreign Secretary (with the Polish Foreign Secretary) signed an agreement pledging mutual support should either nation be attacked by a European power, but this did not constitute a treaty, which, according to constitutional practice has to be ratified by Parliament and can only be made by heads of state.

    The Halifax document was published in 1943 as a White Paper, and again in 1945, but the first White Paper omitted a curious protocol which expressly stated that by a European power was meant Germany. It is difficult to understand the purpose of such a clause if the intention was not to indicate that the British Government declined to intervene if Poland should be attacked by the Soviet Union alone. . .

    The British Government therefore acted in default and declared war. . .” – A.K. Chesterton

    “Great Britain advances, leading France by the hand, to guarantee the integrity of Poland – of that very Poland which with hyena appetite only six months before, joined in the pillage and destruction of the Czechoslovak state.” – Winston Churchill, The Second World War, Vol. 1, pp 311/312


    “Uneasiness ruled in the House of Commons. A delegate of the Labour Party met with the British Foreign Minister Halifax on September 2nd, (1939) in the lobby of Parliament. ‘Do you still have hope?’ he asked. ‘If you mean hope for war,’ answered Halifax, ‘then your hope will be fulfilled tomorrow.’

    ‘God be thanked!’ replied the representative of the British Labour Party.” – Professor Michael Freund

    “For Churchill himself had, in the heat of the moment, supported Chamberlain’s pressing offer of Britain’s guarantee to Poland. It is only too evident that in 1939 he, like most of Britain’s leaders, acted on hot-headed impulse – instead of with cool-headed judgement, that was once characteristic of British statesmanship.” – Sir. Basil Liddell Hart, History of the Second World War

    “We entered the war of our own free will, without ourselves being directly assaulted.” Winston Churchill, Guild Hall Speech, July, 1943

    “One of the most unwise decisions ever made by a British government.” – Lord Arnold


    “Germany is too strong. We must destroy her.” – Winston Churchill, Nov. 1936.
    Poland occupying German territory stolen in 1914 invades Czechoslovakia (March, 1939). Numerous violations of German borders. Germany retaliates, Sept, 1939
    Britain and France declare war on Germany, 3rd Sept, 1939. Germany retaliates. 10th May, 1940. British and French Troops routed.
    Russia invades Finland, Nov 30th, 1939.
    Britain and France invade Norway’s neutrality, 8th April, 1940. Germany retaliates. 9th April. 2,000 German troops rout 13,000 British troops.
    Canada declares war on Germany, 10th Sept, 1939.
    Russia invades Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Rumania, June, 1940.
    Britain declares war on Finland, Rumania and Hungary, 7th Dec, 1941. British backed coup overthrows Yugoslav government, 27th March, 1941, British troops enter Greece, 6th April, 1941. Germany retaliates – Britain retreats.
    Britain prepares to invade neutral Portugal, June, 1940. Germany retaliates. ‘Neutral’ America attacks German shipping, Aug, 1941. Germany retaliates. “There can be no doubt that he (Hitler) broadened the war in 1941 only on preventive grounds.”
    – A.J.P. Taylor, British Historian.

    Little or no thought was given to Britain’s inability to provide a military guarantee of Poland’s independence.

    “Unless we know the duration of the war and its intensity, we can form no estimate of what will be the state of Europe when victory is won.” – The British Foreign Secretary, 2nd November, 1939

    “It was surely a chastening thought that we were now alive as a British Commonwealth and Empire more by the mistakes which the enemy made in 1940 than by any foresight or preparation which we had made before that date.” – Mr. Oliver Lyttleton, Minister of Production, May 6th, 1944

    “Those of us who had access to all the information available, who knew the full extent of our unpreparedness, were fully aware that it would take at least two years from the outbreak of war before we could organise, train and equip an army proportionate to our needs, and we all knew that during these two years we were bound to be involved in a series of disasters.” – Lt. Gen. A.E. Nye, Vice-Chief of Imperial General Staff, May 6th,1944


    “A war of such unprecedented devastating and crippling a character must mean that not only this country but the whole world would be much poorer and disabled. We should live in a fool’s paradise if wishful thinking led us to believe that cruel war would bring in its train happier times and better days.” – Sir. Kingsley Wood, February 2nd, 1943

    “Britain gave a foolish guarantee to Poland and then that nation by its intransigence plunged us into war. Poland was not saved. Our guarantee meant nothing, but Britain was brought into bondage to United States bankers and brokers after spending £227,000,000,000 in fighting that foolish war, to say nothing of the terrible casualty lists.” – Daily Express, 16th August, 1961

    “The fact is that the only real offer of security which Poland received in 1938 and 1939 emanated from Hitler. He offered to guarantee the boundaries laid down in the Versailles Treaty against every other country. Even the Weimar Republic had not for a moment taken this into consideration. Whatever one may think of Hitler’s government or foreign policy, no doubt exists on this point; his proposals to Poland in 1938/39 were reasonable and just and the most moderate of all which he made during the six years of his efforts to revise the Versailles Treaty by peaceful means.” – Professor Harry Elmer Barnes, American Historian

    “The last thing Hitler wanted was to produce another great war. His people, and particularly his generals, were profoundly fearful of any such risk – the experiences of World War One had scarred their minds.” – Sir. Basil Liddell Hart, The History of the Second World War

    “Of all the Germans, Believe it or not, Hitler is the most moderate as far as Danzig and the Corridor are concerned.” – Sir, Neville Henderson, British Ambassador to Berlin, 16th August, 1939

    “. . . no factor in the life of Europe today offers so grave and certain a menace to peace than the Corridor, which cuts Germany into two parts, and severs Danzig, one of the most German of cities, from the fatherland. Can Europe afford to ignore this menace and allow matters to drift? To do so would be tantamount to inviting and hastening catastrophe, for instead of improving, the conditions in the Corridor after and because of 12 years of Polish occupation, are steadily growing worse.

    Because it is now abundantly clear that all the needs of Polish trade, present and future, can be satisfied without the corridor, and because good relations between Germany and Poland, which are so essential to the settlement of peace in Europe, will be impossible so long as that political monstrosity continues. The greater part of the territory should go back to the country to which it owes its civilisation.” – William Harbutt Dawson, English Authority on Germany, Germany Under the Treaty, 1933, p. 169-70

    For the sake of the Polish Corridor, “No British government ever will or ever can risk the bones of a British grenadier.” – Austen Chamberlain


    “In dying for Stalin your soldiers are not dying for democracy or the preservation of the democratic form of government – they are dying for the establishment of Communism and a form of Stalinist tyranny throughout the world. Furthermore, they are not dying for the preservation of the integrity of small nations (England’s old war-cry) but are dying so that Poland shall be a Soviet state; so that the Baltic states shall be incorporated in the Soviet Union and so that Soviet influence shall extend from the Baltic to the Balkans.

    Every British soldier who lays down his life in this war is not only a loss to his own country; he is a loss to the common cause of European civilisation. Germany and England’s quarrel is a form of traditional rivalry. It is more in the nature of a private quarrel which Germany did not seek. The Soviet Union’s quarrel, however, is a quarrel with the WORLD. It is a quarrel with our common heritage and with all those values – moral, spiritual, cultural and material which we have, all of us – Englishmen and German alike – recognised, cherished and striven to maintain. TO DIE FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THESE VALUES IS TO DIE IN VAIN.

    Stalin, with all the diabolical power of Communism behind him, is seeking to profit from Britain’s and Germany’s preoccupation. The amount of influence which Britain can exercise on Stalin can be measured by the latter’s undisputed claims to the sovereign territories of other nations. The only controlling influence left on Stalin is the strength and tenacity of the German Wehrmacht and of the European volunteers who support Germany in her fight for the survival of Europe, and its opposition as the cradle of our common civilisation.

    Every British soldier who dies for Stalin is another nail in the coffin of Britain’s hopes of maintaining a ‘balance of power’ in Europe. Should the ‘equilibrium’ pass to Stalin then the equilibrium of the world is at an end. THOSE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE – THINK IT OVER! Text of leaflet dropped behind British lines by the 3rd Reich’s British collaborators

    “I, M. Daladier, struggle, together with my people, for the reparation of an injustice inflicted upon us, and the others strive to maintain that injustice.” – Hitler’s letter to French President Dalaldier, 27th August, 1939

    “He (Neville Chamberlain) had no difficulty in recognising where this injustice lay. There were six million Germans in Austria to whom national re-unification was forbidden by the peace treaties of 1919. Three million Germans in Czechoslovakia whose wishes had never been consulted, three hundred and fifty thousand people in Danzig who were notoriously German.” – A.J.P. Taylor, British Historian

    “Now we have forced Hitler into war, so that he can no longer neutralise one part of the Versailles Treaty after another by peaceful means.” – Lord Halifax

    “Germany is becoming too strong. We must neutralise her.” – Winston Churchill, November, 1936, to U.S. General Wood

    “If Germany becomes too strong, she will be broken up once again.” – Winston Churchill, 1937, to German Foreign Minster von Ribbentrop

    Note: It is interesting to note that it was Ribbentrop, who, along with other leaders of the German nation, were hanged for waging aggressive war!

    “Just imagine going to war over Danzig – such a world catastrophe, just to prevent Germany from getting a piece of territory that belonged to her; because Britain was afraid of Germany getting too strong.” – Joachim von Ribbentrop



    Germany and Israel
    Friends in high places
    The pomp and symbolism of Angela Merkel’s visit to Israel
    Mar 19th 2008 | berlin | from the print edition

    ..THE Federal Republic of Germany waited until Israel was 17 years old before establishing diplomatic relations. But the two countries have since more than made up for the delay. This week the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, took half her cabinet to Jerusalem for an early celebration of Israel’s 60th birthday (in May). Israel’s prime minister, Ehud Olmert, greeted her at the airport as if she were an American president. On March 18th Ms Merkel addressed Israel’s parliament, an honour previously reserved for heads of state. It is almost official: Germany is Israel’s second-best friend.

    Obviously, Germany counts for less than the United States, but its friendship is valuable even so. Within the European Union, Germany lobbies against one-sided criticism of Israeli behaviour towards the Palestinians. It championed the 2000 association agreement, which liberalised trade between the EU and Israel. When the EU debates the Middle East, Germany is said by some to keep Israel quietly in the loop. Israel’s trust in Germany has even lessened its longstanding aversion to giving the EU a formal role in the Middle East peace process.

    Few German politicians question the relationship, but some think Ms Merkel confuses friendship with fawning. She condemned rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, but not Israel’s recent incursion, which killed more than 110 Palestinians, and barely alluded to Mr Olmert’s decision to keep building settlements in East Jerusalem. Ms Merkel should realise that “the special relationship with Israel demands open words,” says Rolf Mützenich, a Social Democrat in the Bundestag. She has spoken more plainly to Russia and China, critics say.

    Any threat to Israel is a threat to Germany, she declared. To avoid spoiling the mood, Mr Olmert did not press for an EU economic boycott of Iran.



    November 13, 2011
    Israel, big money and Obama
    Margaret Kimberley
    More by this author…
    “Barack Obama has established a strong record as a true friend of Israel, a stalwart defender of Israel’s security, and an effective advocate of strengthening the steadfast U.S.-Israel relationship, publicly stating that Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state should never be challenged.” – Lester Crown

    Lester Crown is a Chicagoan with a net worth of four billion dollars. He owns a large stake in and is a former president and board chairman of defense contractor General Dynamics. He also has held large holdings in Hilton Hotels, Maytag (now Whirlpool), and the Chicago Bulls and New York Yankees.

    Crown was an early supporter of Barack Obama’s candidacy first for the U.S. Senate, and then for president. He is one of the first and one of his most prodigious fundraisers. As the Obama presidential campaign website says, the candidate “… systematically built a sophisticated, and in many ways quite conventional, money machine.” The Crowns were an integral part of that machinery.

    One of Lester Crown’s children, James Crown, personally bundled $500,000 in campaign contributions for Obama and served as chairman of the Illinois fund raising effort. Lester Crown and his wife Renee hosted a fundraiser for Obama in 2007 at their home. The event invitation made it clear; their support for Obama was due to his support of Israel, its “right to exist“ and his willingness to strike militarily against Iran.

    Every American president has wealthy individuals and families dedicated to getting them elected. The reliance of candidates for public office on the largesse of the rich may be common and expected, but it is nonetheless extremely dangerous. This corruption insures access for the rich, which guarantees that their interests are at the top of any president’s agenda, usually at the expense of what is good for everyone else.

    For Lester Crown the top issue on his agenda is Israel. As he has said himself, “While my involvement in politics is motivated by a variety of issues, there is one issue that is fundamental: My deep commitment to Israel and to a strong U.S.-Israel relationship that strengthens both Israel’s security and its efforts to seek peace.”

    According to a recently published article in The Atlantic, Israeli general Amos Yadlin traveled to Chicago in an effort to enlist Crown’s help in convincing the administration to attack Iran. White House visitor logs show that Crown did in fact visit the White House in April of this year to meet with Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu applied “hidden pressure” on Obama which came “from Chicago.”

    When asked about this report, Crown denied only that Yadlin traveled to Chicago. He confirmed that the two spoke and were in agreement about wanting the United States to attack Iran.

    WHO WON WW2?

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