Fjordman is a Jew or at least definitely of Ashkenazi Khazar descent


Fjordman is a Jew or at least definitely of Ashkenazi Khazar descent

Name: Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen

Age: 36

Education: Masters degree from the University of Oslo, studied Arabic language at the University of Bergan, Norway and the American University of Cairo, Egypt.

Job: Works at a government day-center.

Activities: Friends and family had no idea of his online blogging.


As a resident for many years in Scandinavia, I can easily tell that he is not 100% Norwegian and has strong Ashkenazi Khazar facial features and hair. My colleagues at the largest Swedish forum in the world concured with my assessment.

But what confirmed our suspicions is when we received a picture and biography of his father.

Name: Steinar Nøstvold Jensen

Age: 59

Education: ?

Activities: Jazz musician who received Hederspris for 2006 from the Culture Committee

Yup, I think we can all agree that the father is a full-blooded Ashkenazi Khazar, if not also a practicing Jew.



I am Fjordman

RATTLED: – I have warned my family about this interview, and I’m now going into hiding because of my personal safety, says Peder Jensen.

(VG Nett) In an exclusive interview with VG, Peder Jensen (36) sheds his alias as the right wing blogger «Fjordman», and talks about his shock at being cited as an influence by terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.

VG Nett følger
Terrorangrepet 22. juli
Thursday he was questioned for several hours by Norwegian police about his supposed interaction with Breivik (32).

Under the alias «Fjordman», he has been a prolific blogger on different far-right websites, and was cited extensively in Breivik’s rambling manifesto.

The 36 year old man, originally from the coastal town of Ålesund, agreed to an interview in a café in Oslo Thursday evening.

In accordance with his lawyer, he has elected to be interviewed in VG using his real name, and asks that journalists do not contact his neighbors or family.

– I have warned my family about this interview, and because of my own safety, I’m now going into hiding, says Jensen.

Norwegian text:Her er drapsmannens forbilde «Fjordman»

Soft spoken and unassuming, he is dressed in a white t-shirt and dark jeans. He says he was horrified at being cited a total of 111 times in Breivik’s 1500 page manifesto.

– I have not read the manifesto, but I have seen bits and pieces referred in the media, and some parts have been shown to me by others, he says.

During the period between 2009 and 2010 he received a handful of emails from Breivik, where he told Jensen that he was working on a book. In one email written towards the end of 2009, he also asked if he could meet his political idol «Fjordman». Jensen refused.

– I don’t know why he wanted to meet me, but I declined. Not because of his extreme views, but because he didn’t seem very interesting – like a vacuum cleaner salesman. «Pie in the sky», I thought to myself when I re-read the emails, says Jensen, again stressing that he never met Breivik personally.

Police sources confirm that Jensen has been questioned as the blogger «Fjordman», and that they are certain of his identity.

– I feel it’s my duty to give a statement to the police, and I wanted to do this interview because my name eventually would have emerged anyway, resulting in a media frenzy. It is also a way for me to clear my name, says Jensen.

Norwegian police confiscated his computer Thursday, and even though he was questioned as a witness, he feels that the police are looking to implicate him.

– They won’t find anything on my computer regarding any criminal matters or Breivik, he says.

Jensen has a masters degree in culture and technology from the University of Oslo, and has studied Arabic at the University of Bergen and the American University in Cairo. In his master’s dissertation he wrote about censorship and blogging in Iran.

He has never been a member of any political party in Norway, and after completing his compulsory military service, he says he has never touched a gun.

After the terrorist attack and his blog being cited as an influence, Jensen says he will never use the alias «Fjordman» again.

– I don’t wish to be associated with Breivik and his horrible actions, he says.

joeblow | Fri, 2011-08-05 13:41
The Forced Resignation of Fjordman

Our regular readers know the writings of Fjordman, and are familiar with what has happened to him in the two weeks since Anders Behring Breivik murdered seventy-six people in Oslo and on the island of Utøya.

Our thousands of new readers also know who Fjordman is — or at least they know the media construct labeled “Fjordman”, which has little or nothing to do with the reality of the man who chose that pseudonym when writing about the ongoing destruction of European civilization.

Yesterday, after receiving legal advice, Fjordman chose to visit the police, reveal his identity, and answer any questions they posed. Contrary to media reports, the police did not “discover” him.

For the record: The Norwegian authorities had no idea who Fjordman was until he decided to reveal himself, of his own free will.

After his discussions with the police, he gave an interview to a media outlet, and then retired once again from public view.

An account of the police interview was published here. Then, later on this morning, the interview with Fjordman was published at VG (English version here). The same information was later published in Denmark. Almost immediately his real name was added to his Wikipedia entry, which had already been in existence for a number of years.

It’s no surprise to learn that he has gone into hiding — we’ve all seen what the “anti-fascists” do to people who hold opinions like ours, and Fjordman has to be one of their high-priority targets.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Fjordman began posting essays at Gates of Vienna in the spring of 2006. I first met him in person about a year later during my trip to Copenhagen. We have encountered each other again over the years during some of my visits to Europe. In the process we became good friends, and remained in correspondence until he made his momentous decision the other day to visit the police.

Now his “brand” has been forcibly retired. But this doesn’t mean that Fjordman’s work will come to an end. As his long-time readers know, Fjordman is completely dedicated to the cause of reclaiming and upholding European civilization — not through murder and destruction, as his supposed admirer Anders Behring Breivik chose to do, but rather by honest discussion and legitimate peaceful action through the political process.

This is what we all believe in here at Gates of Vienna. Our goal is to be outspoken enough to prevent what must otherwise surely come. If we who love our civilization and culture do not stand up now, then certain violence awaits us. Our enemies have declared this clearly over and over again, and we would be fools to disregard their stated intentions. By utilizing our current — and precarious — right to free speech, and by raising public awareness of what is being planned, we hope to avert the violence and degradation that the Islamization of the West will inevitably entail.

For the record: Fjordman is the best of us. He is not just a brilliant scholar and a fine writer, but also the most decent, gentle, and humane person I have ever met. He is a man of utmost integrity, and it shines through in his dealings with others as well as in the millions of words he has written.

His forced resignation from his position as “Fjordman” does not spell the end of his work.

Hat tips: Steen, Henrik and KGS.
Posted by Baron Bodissey at 8/05/2011 10:05:00 AM
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Fjordman’s mother Aud Farstad is also an anti-Muslim writer

But the Greatest of These Is Freedom: The Consequences of Immigration in Europe [Paperback]
Hege Storhaug (Author)

“This book has the power and substance to be the year’s book of opinion in Norway.” – Aud Farstad, SUNNMØRSPOSTEN

joeblow | Fri, 2011-08-05 17:40
Fjordman met Sverigedemokraterna and Ekeroth at a conference

In attendance today is an international group:

Danish bloggers and anti-jihad operatives;
leaders of the UK chapter of the Center for Vigilant Freedom;
members of a Swedish political group;
several Norwegians (including our own stalwart Fjordman);
Paul Belien* of Brussels Journal; and
the Baron and one other American representing CVF.
His visit has become a reunion with the Scandinavian commenters from Gates of Vienna, some of whom are also meeting each other in person for the first time.

No, we are a network of networks. Anders and Ted are here to represent their respective organizations.

The Swedish participants all belong to the Sweden Democrats. Ted Ekeroth is there as official representative of the party. The other two – one we shall call “Reinhard” and the other “Miss Sweden” – run each of their own blogs.

Counterjihad Brussels 2007: European Conference Resists Islamization
Sweden: Ted Ekeroth and Reinhard

Assistance was provided by many organizations and individuals over the last six months including David Littman, Bart Debie, Fjordman, Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna and Philip Claeys.

The most fascinating portion of the morning program was a series of country reports on the status of the Islamization and the creeping sharia in their respective countries.Paul Belien of Belgium, Stefan Herre of Germany, Nidra Poller of France, reports from the UK (the worst), Ted Ekeroth and Reinhard Fomi from Sweden, Lars Hedegaard from Denmark (extraordinary presentation), Jens Anfindsen from Norway, KGS from Finland, Johannes Janasen from Holland, Adriana Bolchini Gaigher of Italy (what passion!), Arnaud Dotezac from Switzerland, Traian Ungureanu of Romania (gave excellent advice how to bite back at the jihad), Austria.

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Fjordman explicates on Sweden’s vile, flagrant Jew hatred

By Axel_Bavaria Comments: 4125, member since Wed Apr 16, 2003

On Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:46 AM
Fjordman explicates on Sweden’s vile, flagrant Jew hatred: “medieval blood libel that surely encourages hate crimes against Jews”


Fjordman writes:

Israel’s ambassador to Sweden has been summoned by Sweden’s foreign office to discuss the diplomatic discord following an article in a national newspaper claiming Israeli soldiers harvest the organs of dead Palestinians. The diplomatic spat has its source in the decision by the Aftonbladet newspaper to publish the article which details allegations of the systematic harvesting of the organs of Palestinian men. The Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman compared the allegations to old antisemitic lies. “It is regrettable that the Swedish foreign ministry does not intervene when it comes to a blood libel against Jews, which reminds one of Sweden’s conduct during World War II when it also did not intervene,” an Israeli government statement quoted Lieberman as saying.

Sweden’s foreign minister Carl Bildt has rejected calls from Israel for the government to distance itself from the newspaper article. Writing on his blog, Bildt argues that Sweden’s free press and tradition of free speech are the best defense against “breaches of judgment, bad taste and transgressions of core societal values.” “There are calls from some quarters in Israel that we in some way or another should take an official position to distance ourselves from this article or even to intervene to prevent such an article being published,” Bildt states. “But our country does not work that way – and neither should it.” The foreign minister concludes by defending the importance of protecting free speech.

The fact that the anti-Israeli and anti-American writer Helle Klein, for many years the political editor of Aftonbladet, at her blog also speaks warmly of “free speech” is such an extreme case of hypocrisy that it simply cannot go unanswered. Free speech does not exist in Sweden. Although some countries such as Britain and Belgium are trying hard to claim the title, I would personally rate Sweden as being probably the most totalitarian and politically repressive country in the entire Western world as of 2009, and Aftonbladet has made substantial contributions to this repressive climate. Sweden has huge problems caused by mass immigration, and Muslim immigration in particular, but speaking honestly about this is absolutely taboo among the mainstream media. According to journalist Karen Jespersen, Helle Klein has stated that “If the debate is [about] that there are problems caused by refugees and immigrants, we don’t want it.” Opinion polls have revealed that two out of three Swedes doubt whether Islam can be combined with Swedish society, yet not one party represented in parliament has been genuinely critical of the immigration policies, and there is virtually no real debate about Multiculturalism and Islam.

As I have stated in my essay Why Europeans Should Support Israel, the demonization of Israel should be rejected not just because of Israel, but because of Europe. The very same people who are demonizing Israelis are also demonizing native Europeans who resist the Islamization of their lands and the state-sponsored colonization of their countries by alien peoples. The truth is that Israelis defend themselves so that their daughters do not have to suffer rape at the hands of Muslim Jihadists, the way the authorities in Western European countries, and in Sweden in particular, allow to happen every single day. Here are a few relevant quotes from the chapter The Case of Sweden, taken from my book Defeating Eurabia. I suggest that Israelis send some of these quotes to Aftonbladet, Helle Klein and Carl Bildt and challenge them with the information it contains:

The Swedish organization Expo has demonstrated a willingness to “share information” with radical groups of “anti-Fascists” in Antifascistisk Action (AFA). The thugs of AFA in the spring of 2008 destroyed the car of an elderly woman and wrote “nasse“ (Nazi) on top of it. As it turned out, they picked the wrong car. Yet years of such attacks against private citizens have not prompted the authorities to crack down on their activities.

Leading newspaper Aftonbladet has close ideological ties to the Social Democrats, the country’s dominant party for most of the past century. Helle Klein, its political editor-in-chief from 2001 to 2007, during a demonstration organized by Islamic and anti-racist organizations in December 2006 stood in front of a banner which read “A Sweden for all – Stop the Nazi violence“ and held a speech warning against Islamophobia in the media. Klein has voiced sympathy for terrorist organization Hamas in her editorials while warning against the threat posed to world peace by Israeli aggression and the Christian Right in the USA. Hamas is a Fascist organization openly calling for mass murder of Jews. Violent attacks against Jews in Europe in 2008 are to an overwhelming degree caused by Muslim immigration, which is encouraged by the EU and the national political elites. The irony of warning against “Nazi violence” while showing sympathy for an organization that wants to finish what the Nazis started apparently doesn’t strike Ms. Klein.

One of Klein’s fellow columnists at Aftonbladet, the long-time Communist Robert Aschberg, is the publisher of Expo magazine. Leading Expo member Charles Westin in October 2007 published the book Brunt! (“brown,” as in “Fascist”), where he let members of AFA contribute some of their intelligence regarding “right-wing extremists,” among them people associated with the legal party the Sweden Democrats. In addition to Mr. Westin, the book was co-authored by Mats Deland, who is a journalist in Aftonbladet. Why is it considered OK that a representative of one of Scandinavia’s largest newspapers, with ties to the country’s largest political party, thus associates himself openly with an organization known for physically assaulting members of a legal opposition party, even in their private homes?

Before the elections in 2006, the established parties cooperated in boycotting the Sweden Democrats and other “xenophobic” parties. In one of many similar incidents, which extreme Leftists bragged about on the Internet, around 30 members of the SD were attacked during a peaceful, private party outside the town of Växjö. The brave “anti-Fascists” threw tear gas into the building, forcing people outside where they were beaten with iron bars and axes. Open, aggressive and sometimes violent harassment of critics of the country’s immigration policies has been going on for years while the authorities have largely turned a blind eye to the problem. Seemingly encouraged by the silence from the establishment to political violence, extreme Leftists have stepped up their attacks to include mainstream parties. Sweden is witnessing the greatest explosion of street violence in its history, and a woman is raped every two hours. Expo, which is backed by the media and the major parties, has been campaigning against the Sweden Democrats for years. Daniel Poohl from the unelected organization Expo states that it’s “not undemocratic” to deny the SD access to political influence.

According to Jonathan Friedman, an American Jew working in Sweden for years, “no debate about immigration policies is possible, the subject is simply avoided. Sweden has such a close connection between the various powerful groups, politicians, journalists, etc. The political class is closed, isolated.” The elites are worried to see their power slip away and therefore want to silence critics, for instance the Sweden Democrats, a small party opposed to immigration: “It is a completely legal party, they just aren’t allowed to speak.…In reality, the basis of democracy has been completely turned on its head. It is said: ‘Democracy is a certain way of thinking, a specific set of opinions, and if you do not share them, then you aren’t democratic, and then we condemn you and you ought to be eliminated. The People? That is not democratic. We the Elite, we are democracy.’ It is grotesque and it certainly has nothing to do with democracy, more like a kind of moral dictatorship.”

As Bruce Bawer writes in the article While Sweden Slept: “Sweden Democrats have been the targets of events that recall China’s Cultural Revolution. Staged ‘people’s protests’ by members of the ‘youth divisions’ of other parties have led to the firing of Sweden Democrats from their jobs. A few weeks ago, a junior diplomat was dismissed when it became known that he was a member of the party and had criticized his country’s immigration policy. On several occasions, thugs loyal to the ruling parties have broken up SD meetings and beaten up party leaders.”

Posted by Pamela Geller on Saturday, August 22, 2009 at 10:07 AM . . .

joeblow | Sat, 2011-08-06 05:20
Lying scum — an ultra short case study of Fjordman’s propaganda

It should be no surprise that I have lost much respect for many people I used to look up to before I became aware of the hidden reality behind world events — more specifically the international jewish network that is responsible for much of what’s truly rotten in our world.

Nowadays it’s often quite painful to read some of the stuff they write. As a case in point here’s a link to fjordman’s article Why Israel’s Struggle Is Our Struggle, Too. Some examples of blatant lying:

The incessant demonization of Israel in the mass media prevents us from realizing that what we are dealing with is a global campaign of bloody conquest.

Now granted I don’t watch that much TV these days, but I’m pretty sure I don’t live in a reality where that rather often repeated claim (“The incessant demonization of Israel in the mass media”) is true. Instead hordes of people like fjordman almost instinctively attack the media if it airs something which paints Israel as anything less than the “light onto nations”. And I see almost constant propaganda, sometimes rather subtle, sometimes not, that promotes the myth of jewish victimhood. Naturally this seems most obvious in hebewoods movies and such.

The Jews of Israel, in contrast, do not want to “take over the entire world,” they simply want a tiny piece of land where they can live in dignity and practice their religion in freedom.

Uh, even Israeli taxi drivers openly admit that jews already control the entire world. And world conquest accompanied by global enslavement of gentiles (partially in effect due to continuous interest payments, of course taken from ordinary taxpayers, to jewish bankers because of government debt and such even now) is a rather central part of jewish religion which should be rather obvious for anyone who has read even just the Old Testament. And I certainly recommend that people also read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to see how they have been controlling the world and what kind of plans they may have for the future. It’s hard to imagine a starker contrast between actual reality and fjordman’s claim.

Islamic leaders and preachers regularly and openly brag about how they are planning to conquer our lands, defile our women and wipe out our civilization.

Now, this part may actually be true, but again, even a cursory look at modern pornography industry tells that jews are already defiling our women (viciously even in front of cameras… no telling what they do behind the scenes) to such an extent muzzies would not necessarily be much worse than they are. Maybe the only thing that would be worse under Islamic rule would be that there would be more muzzies than jews doing the defiling. And no doubt that’s one of the reasons the jewish organizations have worked tirelessly to import as many muzzies into the western world as possible.

Anyway, I conclude that fjordman may not himself be a Norwegian as he claims but rather just another crypto-jew hiding under a pseudonym that belies his true identity.

joeblow | Sat, 2011-08-06 05:21
Fjordman spoke directly with Anders Breivik Breivik!!!.

Freelance journalist Øyvind Stream, who for years has done an excellent job of identifying these communities, points to a thread on where Fjordman spoke directly with Anders Behring Breivik, and where Fjordman appeared far more extreme than the future mass murderer.

The hateful Fjordman is probably dead. He will always be the sum of all anonymous and rabid commentators on the Internet. They will have full freedom of expression, and no expression responsibility.

joeblow | Sat, 2011-08-06 09:03
Fjordman: My Afternoon With The Police

The following message just came in from Fjordman, who adds that he intends to keep a low profile in the near future.

I am shocked by the hostile treatment I received at the hands of the police.

Lars Hedegaard heard my story and commented that he had never known of any witness who has been treated in this manner in any Western country, except for totalitarian societies such as the Third Reich.

My lawyer, who is experienced and has seen many tough cases before, did not expect anything like this to happen. He assumed this would be relatively easy, and even suggested that I might get by without a lawyer. I insisted on having one present just in case, which most likely helped a little bit. Things would have been even worse had that not been the case. My lawyer later said that in my case they operated at best at the very fringes of what could be considered legal.

I was never accused of doing anything criminal, obviously because I had nothing to do with the terror attacks and they know this. Yet without the slightest hint of proof of any lawbreaking, I was treated as a murder suspect.

To my total surprise I had to go to my flat, where for several hours half a dozen police officers went through all of my DVDs, searched through my old printed travel photographs from years back, searched through all of my (many) books, checked my kitchen equipment, went through all of my clothes, and confiscated a suitcase that contained nothing more than clothes and some books. They also confiscated several digital devices, including my camera and my laptop. It is quite clear that they wanted information about non-violent Islam-critical networks in Europe that they suspected might be contained in my PC, even though they denied this to me.

Please remember that the police and the Police Security Service (PST) apparently had no clue who I was until I literally knocked on their door of my own free will, even though I knew full well that I would have to give up my anonymity after doing so. I had very little information about Breivik since I have never met him, something which he himself has admitted, yet I still handed over what little information I had. I also answered their questions honestly, even though, technically speaking, I did not have to do so.

If you believe the mass media, the police were still not sure that I really was Fjordman until a couple of hours after I had turned up at the police station. As soon as they understood that this was indeed the case, they rushed through a quick decision to search my flat and confiscate my computer equipment immediately. They must have realized at this point that I had nothing at all to do with the terror attacks.

I personally suspect that this was mainly a political decision. Posted by Baron Bodissey at 8/05/2011 05:51:00 PM
joeblow | Sat, 2011-08-06 16:01
The Fascist Ideology of ‘Fjordman’
The extreme ideas that inspired Anders Behring Breivik
Øyvind Strømmen
LGF • Sat Aug 6, 2011 at 5:11 pm PDT • Views: 3,653

The identity of Fjordman has been revealed. He revealed it himself, realising that media would sooner or later figure out who he is. Personally, I don’t find his identity all that interesting, but it is a good thing that we now know. Just yesterday, someone else was “exposed” as being Fjordman on wikipedia, and in journalist circles in Norway, there’s been several rumours.

Some of these rumours have been outright laughable, one of them pointing at a fellow who has battled conspiracy thinking for years. Others have been more plausible, at least pointing at people who share a considerable number of ideological ideas with Fjordman, people who have bought into the same kind of conspiracy thinking as him. The fact that Fjordman’s identity is now known will stop that rumour mill, and that’s all for the better.

What’s interesting about Fjordman, however, isn’t his identity, but his ideas; and I would recommend that journalists writing about them also take the time to check out some of his articles. Almost 40 of Fjordman’s essays have been included, in full, in the Norwegian terrorist Anders B. Breivik’s manifesto, and reading those essays will not merely give you an insight into Fjordman’s thinking, they will give an insight into the thinking who inspired the terrorist atrocities.

Gates of Vienna – one of the central blogs in the “counterjihad” universe – now writes:

Fjordman is the best of us. He is not just a brilliant scholar and a fine writer, but also the most decent, gentle, and humane person I have ever met. He is a man of utmost integrity, and it shines through in his dealings with others as well as in the millions of words he has written.

Ole Jørgen Anfindsen, who included an essay of Fjordman in his book “Selvmordsparadigmet”, seems to also think quite highly of Fjordman, but in the Norwegian radio program Dagsnytt 18 earlier today, he did note that the rhetorics of Fjordman is “too hard”. I’ve got a newsflash for Anfindsen: The main problem with Fjordman is not his rhetorics, but his ideas. And I will point to a few examples.

Let’s start with Fjordman’s essay “Native Revolt: A European declaration of independence”, one of the many included in the terrorist’s manifesto, which – incidentally – carries almost same name, but with “2083” added to it. Fjordman wrote this essay in 2007. It’s long – like most of his essays. It’s angry, too, like most of them. It’s an essay worth reading, if you want to get a glimpse of “the utmost integrity” of Fjordman. Let’s start with Fjordman’s opinion of the European Union:

Why is this pan-European EU dictatorship still functioning? Because seeing is believing. Most Europeans still don’t know that EU leaders are using their money without their consent to merge Europe with the Arab world because their media don’t tell them this.

Now, that’s actually a very good summary of Fjordman’s conspiracy thinking. The European Union, one of the largest democratic experiments in world history, is a dictatorship. Its leaders are allegedly using our money to “merge Europe with the Arab world”. And the media is in on the conspiracy, too, since it doesn’t tell us anything about it. But, to be sure, the conspiracy theory goes deeper than just that. On the news blog (which is very critical of current immigration policies, and of Islam, but which does not belong in the “counterjihadist” category), both Fjordman and the terrorist Anders B. Breivik commented on the same post in November 2009, a post on the minaret ban in Switzerland, and on reactions to this. Below, you will find a translation into English. If you’re looking for the original Norwegian, you will find it in another recent post at my blog.

First, the terrorist:

This is only the beginning of a long-lasting campaign of psychological warfare against the Swiss [written with capital S in Norwegian, too, which is a break with grammatical rules suggesting a somewhat unhealthy reverence with national states]. The worst thing of it all, is that this is very effective, as we saw with Austria a few years back. The Swiss people will cave for the demonisation, like the Austrians and the Serbs before them. The fact that European and American mainstream media, 95% of the NGOs and 80% of the political parties are all controlled by cultural marxists is possibly the foremost reason for us having to suffer multiculturalism (cultural marxism) and islamisation for at least another 20-70 years.


20 years at the earliest is my bet (70 years at the max). So, change will come, it’s guaranteed, we will just have to be patient.

(Do note that the idea of “Cultural Marxism”, too, is lifted from Fjordman).

Then Fjordman:

My prediction is that the European Union will apart from the inside within 20 years, and that there is a full-scale civil war in at least one European country before this happens. Sooner or later common people will discover that the European Union and European leaders have already decided – behind the backs of the population – that a continued Muslim colonisation of our continent is to be given free reins. This is the largest betrayal throughout world history, and it is infathomable that our socalled critical press, including the largest newspaper VG, does not write a single word about it. The fact is that Western leaders are conducting demographic and judicial warfare against the white majority population in Western countries in order to break them down, all to the benefit of an authoritarian, post-democratic world order with themselves at the top.

Now, please note that this is not merely an anti-Islamic ideology. The ideology is anti-Western. Fjordman really believes that there’s a grand conspiracy which includes leading politicians and the media. Here he is 100% in agreement with Breivik, or – to be precise – Breivik is in 100% agreement with him. Now, of course Fjordman claims – both as Fjordman and as Peder Jensen – that he has never encouraged violence. Well, frankly, I don’t think you have to. If you’re saying that Jens Stoltenberg, for instance, is actually a worse traitor than Quisling, if you’re saying that Europe is being occupied and colonised, if you’re saying that politicians, journalists and academics – across the political scale – are willingly playing a part in this… if you’re saying all of this, politically motivated violence does not seem like an absurd idea; the step onto violence is not a very far one.

That said, in his “declaration”, Fjordman poses a number of demands. He does this, of course, on the behalf of “we”, “the European peoples”, a rather megalomaniac concept for an anonymous blogger from a small town in Western Norway to throw around. The demands include the dismantling of the European Union, trials against people having taken part in the alleged conspiracy and betrayal, a process of “de-Eurabification”, a halt in all Muslim immigration to Europe (regardless of cause), etc. And if these demands are not met, Fjordman writes – in 2007 – then “we”, “the European peoples”, must conclude:

If these demands are not fully implemented, if the European Union isn’t dismantled, Multiculturalism isn’t rejected and Muslim immigration isn’t stopped, we, the peoples of Europe, are left with no other choice than to conclude that our authorities have abandoned us, and that the taxes they collect are therefore unjust and that the laws that are passed without our consent are illegitimate. We will stop paying taxes and take the appropriate measures to protect our own security and ensure our national survival.

Now, of course, Fjordman never tells us what these “appropriate measures” actually are. But to pretend that the problem with this text is “rhetorics”, well, that’s rather poorly played by mr. Anfindsen, and this should be rather clear.

And it doesn’t stop there. Fjordman has written a large number of essays, covering a large number of topics. In one of them, “The Coming Crash”, he attacks the United States. It’s an interesting example of his writings, because of the overt racism in it. Once again, the problem is ideas, not merely rhetorics.

If the Soviet Union was the Evil Empire then the USA is the Diversity Empire, committed to spreading Multiculturalism and genetic Communism around the world, especially to white majority countries.


When I see how Nidal Hasan was treated by the US military I don’t think I want these people involved in my affairs. They would probably say that native Euros are Nazis who oppress the poor Muslims. Then they would bomb us and say it is for our own good, just like they did to the Serbs. The United States will not survive this century. It will be split into several countries according to ethnic, racial and perhaps even ideological lines. There is no such thing as a universal nation. People want to live with their own kind. The only ones who are not allowed to do so are whites, and they are starting to get tired of this double standard.


Self-preservation is a natural instinct for all living things down to plants and bacteria. It’s about time that whites reclaim the same right without apology. I am increasingly convinced that the developments we are witnessing are deliberate. The lies we are being served are virtually identical in every Western country. I’ve had some discussions about this with my friend Ohmyrus who thinks this is about a structural failure in our political system. I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but I also believe there is a planned long-term goal of breaking down all white majority nations to create a new global oligarchy. Anti-white ideologies are now taught in every Western university and were arguably elevated to national ideology in the USA with the election of Obama.

His friend Ohmyrus is, by the way, a Chinese blogger arguing the ills of democracy. Now, Fjordman says that he does not necessarily agree with that, but in his book “Defeating Eurabia” he approvingly quotes a British blogger who notes that “this is an existential war”, and “if this means that we need to suspend parliamentary democracy for the duration — so be it”.

Let me point to another essay by Fjordman, another one which Breivik decided to include in his cut-and-paste-manifesto. The essay is called “The Failure of Western Feminism”. In it Fjordman notes:

The truth is that any nation is always protected from external aggression by the men. The women can play a supporting role in this, but never more than that. For all the talk about ‘girl power’ and ‘women kicking ass’ which you see on movies these days, if the men of your ‘tribe’ are too weak or demoralised to protect you, you will be enslaved and crushed by the men from other ‘tribes’ before you can say ‘Vagina Monologues’. Which means that if you break down men’s masculinity, their willingness and ability to defend themselves and their families, you destroy the country. That’s exactly what Western women have done for the last forty years.

For several years, I have said that Fjordman is indeed a fascist. Now, this is a word which is often thrown about much too easily. I’ve heard enough people speak of the Norwegian PRogress Party (Fremskrittspartiet) as fascist, suggesting that they do not know much about the Progress Party, and that they know next to nothing about fascism. When I call Fjordman as fascist, however, I’m using a rather common scholarly definition, that of fascist scholar Roger Griffin:

[F]ascism is best defined as a revolutionary form of nationalism, one that sets out to be a political, social and ethical revolution, welding the ‘people’ into a dynamic national community under new elites infused with heroic values. The core myth that inspires this project is that only a populist, trans-class movement of purifying, cathartic national rebirth (palingenesis) can stem the tide of decadence.

Now, Fjordman is obviously a nationalist, and – lo! behold! – he does call for a native revolt. In his works, he describes a political revolution, which he sees as necessary, to ensure a national rebirth of sorts. He does speak of decadence as one of the root-causes of the European decay which plays a central role in his world-view, while of course focussing on Marxism – a rather wide category in his world – too. He does call for massive “ethical” and “social” changes too, amongst other things to ensure that (White) women have more babies. He seems willing to “suspend” parliamentary democracy. And on top of it all, he is obsessed with the idea of historical heroes, for instance Charles Martel and John III Sobieski. In his book, Fjordman writes:

The EU is systematically surrendering the continent to our worst enemies.


When an organization ignores the interests of its own people yet implements the interests of that people’s enemies, that organization has become an actively hostile entity run by a corrupt class of abject traitors. This is what the EU is today.


Those inhabiting the European continent are first and foremost Germans, Poles, Italians, Hungarians, Portuguese etc. ‘Europe’ has existed mainly to protect the continent against Islamic expansionism. Charles Martel created Europe in the modern sense when he defeated the Arab invasion in the seventh century, aided by people such as Pelayo, who started the Reconquista in the Iberian Peninsula, John Hunyadi and Lazar of Serbia who fought against the Turks in the Balkans and John III Sobieski, King of Poland, who beat the Ottomans during the 1683 Battle of Vienna. The EU is actively working to undo everything Charles Martel and these men achieved. This makes it the anti-European Union.

In short, Fjordman neatly fits the definition of “fascism”. He is a neo-fascist ideologist. To boot, he does not seem to have any problems – whatsoever – in cooperating with political groups whose roots are decidedly and glaringly obviously found in the post-WWII movement of European neo-fascism. And you know what they say: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Notably, too, every single one of the ideas of Fjordman mentioned above are in one way or the other repeated by the terrorist Anders B. Breivik. Every single one. In spite of that, some people try to make rather daft excuses. One of them is Andrew Bostom, who writes:

An hysterical, morally cretinous press and blogosphere — Norwegian, other European, and American — […]continues to persist that he was Brevik’s ‘main inspiration,’ a charge akin to accusing the Beatles of ‘inspiring’ Charles Manson, or Jody Foster ‘inspiring’ John Hinckley.

News flash for Andrew G. Bostom: The Beatles did not peddle an ideology of hatred, and the lyrics of Helter Skelter do not really spell the recipe of “race war”, like they did for Charles Manson. Fjordman, on the other hand, did not write lyrics for a melody. For 6 years he has written a large number of blog posts peddling a world-view where leading politicians are guilty of treason and Europe is being occupied. And that makes sort of… well… a difference, don’t you think?

I do wonder, though, Mr. Bostom, would you make similar excuses for an Islamist blogger who had inspired an Islamist terrorist? You wouldn’t? Quelle surprise.

joeblow | Sun, 2011-08-07 06:55
The Una Bomber was Ashkenazic
Ted Kaczynski inspired Breivik more than any other. His mothers name is Wanda.

Polish (Kaczy?ski) and Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): habitational name for someone from a place called Kaczyn, Kaczyna, or Kaczyniec in Poland.

In case you didn’t know.

THIK | Mon, 2011-08-08 01:22


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