5/11 AIPAC’s “War With Iran” Bill Passes House Committee

They are destroying Iranian manufacturing and banking- just as they destroyed ours- they being US, UK and that damned Godless state of Israel.

UK, US, Israel Threaten War on Iran

UK, US, Israel Threaten War on Iran
by grtv
Tensions are once again mounting against Iran ahead of a crucial report by the UN nuclear watchdog, IAEA, due next week. Meanwhile, Israel has tested a new ballistic missile.

Some reports go even further and suggest the idea of a military strike on the Islamic Republic is being pushed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And British media say that with Iran remaining resilient against international sanctions, the attack could come as soon as next November. Various media cite the UK Ministry of Defense and Whitehall as their sources.

The US and UK officials, on the other hand, have been quick to deny they are seeking a military confrontation with Iran. Statements were released by spokesmen from both sides following media reports of a potential armed operation aimed at Tehran’s alleged nuclear weapons facilities.

However, they did say the West has no intention of easing pressure on the Islamic Republic and would use what is described as the “wide range of means at their disposal”.

The likes of the US and Britain are expected to seize upon the upcoming IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear program. It will reportedly reveal new intelligence on the country’s alleged nuclear arms development.

Meanwhile, Iran is planning to complain to the UN about US involvement in “terror operations” against Iran. According to the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili, documentary evidence will be presented by Iran’s UN envoy to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in New York later on Friday.

“The US is employing terrorism to promote its objectives,” said Saeed Jalili, as cited by Itar-Tass. “We insist, on the basis of irrefutable evidence, that the US is the prime suspect and the main participant in activities that violate human rights. These documents show the provocation and the United States-sponsored terrorism.”

Jalili stressed that “the American dream to return to Iran did not come true,” before adding that the Islamic Republic intends to sue the US and is going to officially ask the UN “to take necessary measures to prosecute and punish the US government for directing terrorist activities.”

On Friday, a senior US military official told Reuters that Iran remains “biggest threat to the United States and to our interests and to our friends” in the Middle East. Still, the anonymous official added he did not believe that Iran wanted to provoke a conflict.

International consultant and author from Buenos Aires, Adrian Salbuchi, says these threats are nothing new for Iran, while still posing a significant threat of a large-scale international military conflict, or even world war.

“This has been going on for more than four years now, these permanent threats against Iran on the part of Israel, who are calling for a preventive strike – that’s what Prime Minister Netanyahu said only two days ago,” Salbuchi told RT. “I think we have to be very cautious and basically understand that what Iran is – [it] is the cornerstone of what probably is an ongoing very tough negotiation to move forward towards the world government, where Russia and China are not going to bow very easily to Western powers and Iran is the cornerstone.”

The author believes that such threats drive the world closer to what might become a fully-fledged international conflict in the region. Should Iran be attacked by Israeli, American, British, or a combination of all three forces, the world war is highly possible, Salbuchi concluded.




AIPAC’s “War With Iran” Bill Passes House Committee

by MJ Rosenberg

According to M. J. Rosenberg, AIPAC is working very closely (hand-in-glove) with the leaders of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Howard Berman (D-CA), who are feverishly engaged in promoting a new US war against Iran, a nation far larger and more highly developed than Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Rosenberg claims that the US war against Iran is now AIPAC’s number one priority.

AIPAC’s “War With Iran” Bill Passes House Committee

Wasting no time after its success in getting the administration to oppose Palestinian statehood at the United Nations, and still celebrating the UNESCO funding cut-off, AIPAC has returned to its #1 priority: pushing for war with Iran.

The Israelis have, of course, played their own part in the big show. In the last few weeks, it has been sending outsignals that it is getting ready to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities (and embroil the United States in its most calamitous Middle East war yet).

But most observers do not believe an Israeli attack is imminent. (If it was, would Israel telegraph it in advance?) The point of the Israeli threats is to get the United States and the world community to increase pressure on Iran with the justification that unless it does, Israel will attack.

Naturally, the United States Congress, which gets its marching orders on Middle East policy from the lobby which, in turn, gets its marching orders from Binyamin Netanyahu, is rushing to do what it is told. (If only Congress addressed joblessness at home with the same alacrity and enthusiasm.)

Accordingly the House Foreign Affairs Committee hurriedly convened this week to consider a new”crippling sanctions” bill that seems less designed to deter an Iran nuclear weapon than to lay the groundwork for war.

The clearest evidence that war is the intention of the bill’s supporters comes in Section 601 which should be quoted in full. (It is so incredible that paraphrasing would invite the charge of distorting through selective quotation.)

It reads:

(c) RESTRICTION ON CONTACT. — No person employed with the United States Government may contact in an official or unofficial capacity any person that — (1) is an agent, instrumentality, or official of, is affiliated with, or is serving as a representative of the Government of Iran; and (2) presents a threat to the United States or is affiliated with terrorist organizations. (d) WAIVER. — The President may waive the requirements of subsection (c) if the President determines and so reports to the appropriate congressional committees 15 days prior to the exercise of waiver authority that failure to exercise such waiver authority would pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the vital national security interests of the United States.
What does this mean?

It means that neither the president, the Secretary of State nor any U.S. diplomat or emissary may engage in negotiations or diplomacy with Iran of any kind unless the president convinces the “appropriate Congressional committees” (most significantly, the House Foreign Affairs Committee which is an AIPAC fiefdom) that not engaging with Iranian contacts would present an “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the vital national security interests of the United States.”

To call this unprecedented is an understatement. At no time in our history has the White House or State Department been restricted from dealing with representatives of a foreign state, even in war time.

If President Roosevelt wanted to meet with Hitler, he could have and, of course, he did repeatedly meet with Stalin. During the Cold War, U.S. diplomats maintained continuous contacts with the Soviets, a regime that murdered tens of millions and, later, with the Chinese regime which murdered even more. And they did so without needing permission from Congress. (President Nixon was only able to normalize relations with China by means of secret negotiations which, had they been exposed, would have been torpedoed by the Republican right.)

But all the rules of normal statecraft are dropped when it comes to Iran which may, or may not, be working on developing a nuclear capacity. Of course if it is, it is obviously even more critical that the American government officials speak to Iranian counterparts.

But preventing diplomacy is precisely what Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Howard Berman (D-CA), leaders of the House Foreign Affairs Committee which reported out this bill, seek. They and others who back the measure want another war and the best way to get it is to ban diplomacy (which exists, of course, to prevent war).

Think back, for example, to the Cuban missile crisis. The United States and the monstrous, nuclear armed Soviet regime were on the brink of war over Cuba, a war that might have destroyed the planet.

Neither President Kennedy nor Premier Khrushchev knew how to end the crisis, especially because both were being pushed by their respective militaries not to back down.

Then, at the darkest moment of the crisis, when war seemed inevitable, an ABC correspondent named John Scali secretly met with a Soviet official in New York who described a way to end the crisis that would satisfy his bosses. That meeting was followed by another secret meeting between the president’s brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and a Soviet official in Washington. Those meetings led to a plan that ended the crisis and, perhaps, saved the world.

Needless to say, Kennedy did not ask for the permission of the House Foreign Affairs Committee either to conduct secret negotiations or to implement the terms of the deal. In fact, it was decades before the details of the deal were revealed.

It is this latitude to conduct diplomacy that the lobby and its cutouts on Capitol Hill want to take away from the White House. And it’s latitude that is especially essential if it is determined that Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear arsenal.

Writing in the Washington Post last week, Fareed Zakaria explained that the best way to approach Iran is not to ban diplomacy but to intensify it, nukes or no nukes.

Obama should return to his original approach and test the Iranians to see if there is any room for dialogue and agreement. Engaging with Iran, putting its nuclear program under some kind of supervision and finding areas of common interest (such as Afghanistan) would all be important goals…

Strategic engagement with an adversary can go hand in hand with a policy that encourages change in that country. That’s how Washington dealt with the Soviet Union and China in the 1970s and 1980s. Iran is a country of 80 million people, educated and dynamic. It sits astride a crucial part of the world. It cannot be sanctioned and pressed down forever. It is the last great civilization to sit outside the global order. We need a strategy that combines pressure with a path to bring Iran in from the cold.
In other words, it is time for more diplomacy not less — even if that means offending a powerful lobby that is hell-bent for war.

Global Research Articles by MJ Rosenberg


AIPAC is pushing us to war with Iran for Israel 2007
Stuff antisemite BS!

by representativepress on 18 Jan 2007

We must not allow anyone to push us into a war with Iran.

Wesley Clark told Arianna Huffington about the push for war on Iran, “How can you talk about bombing a country when you won’t even talk to them?” said Clark. “It’s outrageous. We’re the United States of America; we don’t do that.”

“When we asked him what made him so sure the Bush administration was headed in this direction, he replied: “You just have to read what’s in the Israeli press. The Jewish community is divided but there is so much pressure being channeled from the New York money people to the office seekers.””

“For Clark, this is the biggest foreign policy issue facing the U.S. “I’m worried about the surge,” he said. “But I’m worried about this even more.””, Huffington wrote on her blog.

In his article, Eric Alterman warns about the push for President Bush to attack Iran. About Wesley Clark’s concern that the attack is being pushed by “New York money people,” Alterman writes, “I agree with Clark, but I agree that he also said what he said badly, though not anti-Semitically.”

Alterman warns, “The Bush administration is clearly attempting to create a pretext to attack Iran” … [this would result in] inciting worldwide terrorist attacks against Americans and their properties around the world, including inside the United States … this being the Bush administration, you can count on it being done incompetently and dishonestly.”

“Criticize the neocons for what they are actually doing — or even use the word “neocon” — and you’re an anti-Semite. That means they get to keep doing it even if it means they are acting on behalf of what they believe are Israel’s interests … rather than America’s.”

“We saw during the Lieberman primary that The Weekly Standard actually does care more about what’s good for Israel than for America — they said American Jews should behave that way, and so do Newsweek’s embarrassingly crazy Rabbi Gelman and Mona Charen and a few others. If anyone on earth thinks Marty Peretz cares more about the fate of the goyim in America than the heroes in Israel, I’ve never met him or her … if you read this excellent New York Times Magazine piece on Abe Foxman, you’ll get a small inkling of how the system works.”

On Bloggingheads, Alterman said, “Wesley Clark, used probably some incautious language, when he said that New York money men, which many people interpret to mean Jews, were pushing us to war with Iran. However, Jews, in New York, who have a lot of money, are in fact pushing us to war with Iran. It was a factually true statement. AIPAC is pushing us to war with Iran. AIPAC is the reason that no Democrats are coming out strongly against war with Iran. AIPAC’s funding is extremely wealthy American Jews and AIPAC is pushing for war with Iran. So, when people go to Democratic politicians and they say “listen, I don’t want you gettin’ out in front and opposing war with Iran, particularly since you have national aspirations,” they don’t say it in the New York Times.” – Wesley Clark and the anti-Semitism charge

News & Politics

representativepress on 13 Mar 2007



From the AP article:
“Conservative Democrats as well as lawmakers concerned about the possible impact on Israel had argued for the change in strategy.”

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of the leadership had decided to strip from a major military spending bill a requirement for Bush to gain approval from Congress before moving against Iran.”

“Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., said in an interview there is widespread fear in Israel about Iran”

“”I didn’t think it was a very wise idea to take things off the table if you’re trying to get people to modify their behavior and normalize it in a civilized way,” said Rep. Gary Ackerman of New York.”

Exposing the fact that politicians and pundits are lying about “why they hate us.”:

News & Politics

Democrats Risk War with Iran to Serve Israel’s Agenda

1933 Judea Declares War on Germany…..


7 responses to “5/11 AIPAC’s “War With Iran” Bill Passes House Committee

  1. don’t associate with Iranians…but the enemies of the USA are ENOCOURAGED….Who Rules AMERIKA???

    Israel spies on the USA more than any other country 2/2


    91177info on 2 Jul 2010

    2. Russian spies?? What about Israeli spies! Flashback to November, 2001, Fox News aired a four part series, which showed that Israeli intelligence has total control over the information networks in the USA. Also, they said 60 Israeli spies, with explosives training, were arrested in connection with the 9/11 attack.

    Prior to 9/11, the FBI had discovered the presence of a massive spy ring inside the United States run by the government of Israel. This seems a harsh gratitude from a nation which obtains 10% of its annual budget from the American taxpayer, $3+ billion a year. Over the years, American taxpayers have been required to send Israel more than four times what the US spent to go to the moon.

    Fox News, alone of all the media, actually ran the story as a four part broadcast, and put the story up on its web site. Then, without explanation, Fox News erased the story from their web site and have never mentioned it again. CNN followed by “Orwellizing” their report of the two hour advance warning of the WTC attacks sent to Odigo employees. But far more telling is the admission made by a US Official in part one of the Fox News report that hard evidence existed linking the events of 9/11 not to Arab Muslims, but to some of the more than 200 Israeli spies arrested both before and after 9/11, but that this evidence had been CLASSIFIED.

    News & Politics


    Israel warns Obama to keep Israel safe or America will not be safe

    91177info on 4 Jul 2010

    Hmm NO COMMENT Except President Ahmadinejad never said “Wipe Israel Off The Map” it’s a hoax as reported on Prison Planet and wikipedia-







    Reuploaded from KeepIsraelSafe’s channel-


    News & Politics

    Yea it keeps America safe from Zionist attack as long as we keep kissing isreal’s ass. These arrogant Jews should protect them selves. Why should we die for them. They don’t even like Christians.

    99645md 1 month ago 10

    The leader of iran didn’t say that. Its a lie just like WMD and iraq.

    MendingMedia 1 month ago 9

    When you say Iriish Banker it dosnt turn heads, You say Scottish bank niether does it alarm anybody or Japanese or African but when you say Jew Banker all eyes look yoour way . Whats up wiith that ? the Jew Banker ! hes got you by the nut sack ? the Jews will make you pay iif you fuck with them.

    GalaticSpaceHero 3 days ago

    Theres more Jews in New York then in Israel and iif we dont protect Israle they are going to hike up the interest rates on the Federal Reserve .

    GalaticSpaceHero 3 days ago

    The gig is up Zionist Jews……even millions of Americans don’t support this country thanks to what the Jews have done to it.

    VeronicaWuChannel 4 days ago

    BiediG1 the US does not need israel for it’s safety …. how do you think that we survived from 1776 to 1948?? come on … that is just another zionist propaganda lie that keeps Americans thinking they need to send billions to those lecherous jews … America’s safety is predicated on ending all relations and aid to israel

    kennyalligood 5 days ago

    This is disgusting…….If Israel is not safe than America it is safe!!
    Time has finished when Israel can deceive the rest of the world!

    BlediG1 6 days ago

    This is the most disgusting piece of propaganda I’ve ever seen.

    napke 1 week ago

    Israel has attacked america a couple of times in the past. If Iran even did one of these attacks, Hillary Clinton etc would be killing Iranian children a day after. Palestinians breeding like rats is the only threat they have and they dont need America to solve that problem for them.

    dyingtolive123 1 week ago


    Jewish TV finds Haitian Earthquake Funny & Who need Friends like Israel.
    Ah but no jews were there- so that makes it funny!

    I wouldn’t be surprised that there wasn’t a Palestinian rescue team, they’d be to busy rescuing their own ppl from Israeli genocide. They’d be extracting bodies from the rubble created by Israeli missile attacks on innocent civilian buildings. This comedy shows exactly the mind of these evil bastards, the real terrorists of the world

    73mandala 11 months ago


    Gentile Defense League
    The “Canadian Constitution” states; Recognizing the gun-enforced ‘supremacy’ of the idiotic Jew-God of the Crown (copyrighted) Bible and the assumption of power by Crown Bar Mitzvah Association Lawyers….


  2. Behind Revolutions…Tommy ought to Gen up on Judean Bolshavism- after all he claims to be Christian….

    jew tv

    tourists praise the Lord in Israel- jews go ape!


  3. What the fuck do you expect? you are Messianic Jews (Christians) why should Jews tolerate Christian proselytism within their city?
    If I was a Jew going to convert a town in Amish country, Id be lynched. Forget an Islamic town too.
    Never in a fucking 1,000,000 years would I tolerate a Christian trying to get me to leave Judaism. Fuck that. Never in a million years would I convert.

    jsbeard18 2 days ago
    @jsbeard18 Christians aren’t always trying to convert like say in the bible belt but they do leave the doors open for everyone unlike jews. As far as being tolerant, we are way too tolerant of jews wishes on our communities = yes even in the bible belt. It’s true jews don’t want to convert everyone to their religion. And you know very well that no one is going to try to lynch you. This video just shows the level of toleration that christians and all other communities are forced to have.My point

    fischersrt 2 days ago
    @jsbeard18 BTW What is the problem(s) that you have with Christianity?

    fischersrt 2 days ago
    No problem, just don’t try to convert me. When I’m on the way to my Bioengineering seminar at my university, why should I be converted on my way to class, just fuck off. Let people live their own religion, don’t try to cram it down their throat.

    jsbeard18 2 days ago
    @jsbeard18 I don’t want to convert you. What am I a jehovah’s witness? No. In fact there are passages in the bible that say don’t bother with you because we don’t want you either. You still didn’t answer why you have a problem with christianity.

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