5/11 Amerika Uber Alles: Our Zionazi Nation…By Captain Eric H. May

Nov 5th 2011

Amerika Uber Alles: Our Zionazi Nation

By Captain Eric H. May

While I always hope to be wrong in my worst-case analysis, my Wednesday article, Nuclear November, is supported by a cascade of alarming indicators that make it certain that Israel is about to prove Europeans right in their opinion that it’s the world’s most dangerous nation. Armed with one of the world’s largest nuclear arsenals, they cry out to humanity that they are history’s greatest victims; but more and more of humanity is crying out that they are history’s greatest victimizers.

Recent events support the Judeophobes over the Judeophiles, and warrant the coining of a new word, Judeopathic, to describe the actions of the self-proclaimed Jewish Nation. They either are preparing to start a war with Iran, or are running a bluff to push the West into a stronger anti-Iran position to avert war. Look to Adolf Hitler’s 1936 Rhineland, 1938 Czechoslovakia and 1939 Poland threats for a close parallel. In the first and second cases he was bluffing; in the third he wasn’t. Then as now, informed insiders thought hard about it all, and misinformed masses hardly thought at all.

The coming third world war demands reflection on the second. In my abbreviated but adventurous life, I have enjoyed the friendship and mentoring of U.S. World War Two veterans from both European and Pacific theaters, as well as Russians and Germans from both sides of the front. With Veterans Day, 11/11/11, fast approaching, I dedicate this edition of Amerika Uber Alles, first published by The Lone Star Iconoclast in 2007, to them. I offer it to my readers without updates, believing that what I posted four years ago has stood the test of time.

Amerika Uber Alles: Our Zionazi Nation

Saint Peter’s Prologue

The most persuasive anti-Nazi I ever knew was my mentor, Dr. Peter W. Guenther, who believed that Nazism was monstrous at every level. As a professor of humanities, he thought it was both inhumane and inhuman. As a professor of art history, he thought its aesthetics were artless histrionics. He readily granted that his intellectual opinions were molded by his personal experiences. As a German veteran of World War II, he regretted the loss of his youth, the waste of his friends’ lives and the devastation that they had inflicted on others. He held Hitler accountable for all of this – after all, it was Hitler who had drafted them into the war. He had served from 1939 to 1945, from Poland to Norway, France and Russia. He once quipped that before every one of their invasions their leaders said they were fighting for national defense, but after the shooting started every soldier on every side believed that he was fighting for his own self-defense.

By the time of the Iraq war he was retired from academe, and I was writing military analysis for media. As U.S. forces began storming up the Euphrates Valley in the spring of 2003, hell-bent on Baghdad, we began to discuss the limited American mobilized manpower and materiel, and the overall limitations of blitz tactics. Guided by his insights, I published a then-radical op-ed in the Houston Chronicle that warned of a quicksand war in Iraq, and maybe a world war as a result of it.

As the easy war promised us by the Bush administration wore on into the summer of 2003, Dr. Guenther and I began to note that there were more similarities between Post-9/11 America and Third Reich Germany than just over-reliance on Blitzkrieg tactics, and we determined that the two nations were following parallel political courses. Most disturbing for my mentor, who had become a patriotic American citizen after World War II, was the painful conclusion that our American president, with his global war for a New American Century, was just another German fuhrer, with a world war for a Thousand Year Reich.

“This is a bad copy of a bad original,” he said.

“Drang Nach Osten” — The Eastern Offensive

George W. Bush came into office with a secret war plan and no excuse to implement it – just as Hitler had come into office in 1933 with the same predicament. Both of them wanted the prize of Middle Eastern oil. In Hitler’s case that meant going through “Judeo-Bolshevik” Russia on the way, while in Bush’s case that meant going through “Islamo-Fascist” Iraq. In Hitler’s case the guiding document was Mein Kampf, while in Bush’s case there were two. A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm was presented to the Israeli government in 1996 by American neocons Douglas Feith, Richard Perle and David Wurmser, among others. Resbuilding America’s Defenses was presented to the American government in 2000. Its arguments mirrored the Israeli document, and had been drawn up by the neocons as well. In 2001 Feith, Perle and Wurmser became key Bush administration members.

Neither Hitler’s nor Bush’s plans for world dominance could have been pursued without some good luck. Both leaders entered office with over half their nations opposing them, and an avid opposition that wanted to pull them down. Hitler’s good luck came with the Reichstag fire, blamed on Jewish Communists, which mobilized his fatherland to rally behind him. Bush’s good luck happened on 9/11, blamed on Muslim Fundamentalists, which mobilized his homeland to rally behind him.

In both cases, their followers smiled at their good luck, and began their new order of things. Hitler quickly instituted an Enabling Act for the protection of the German people, slated for expiration in five years, which was quietly continued. Bush quickly instituted a Patriot Act for the protection of the American people, slated for expiration in five years, which was quietly continued. Hitler created the Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) to further protect the German people, while Bush created theDepartment of Homeland Security (Homeseca) to do the same for the American people.

“Führer Prinzip” — The Unitary Executive

Both leaders were believers in the authoritarian concept. A few weeks before assuming office, Bush said outright that he thought dictatorship would be a fine form of government, if he could be the dictator. They both believed that power should come from above and obedience should come from below, and they offered protection in exchange for loyalty. Thus no one was surprised when Hermann Goering made a fortune helping to run Germany, just as no one was surprised when Irving “Scooter” Libby received a pardon for his pro-Bush political crimes in America.

Both leaders supplemented their new security police and security acts with concentration camps such as Dachau and Gitmo, initially designed for only a small percentage of national enemies. Both dispensed with international rules and regulations in their treatment of enemies in those installations, and applied a wide variety of innovative persuasive techniques to extract information and obtain confessions. The lessons learned in these proto-type camps proved to be invaluable in later establishments such as Auschwitz and Abu Ghraib.

Both leaders relied on agreeable legislatures. In Germany the Reichstag cheered enthusiastically as it endorsed the increase in police powers, the reduction in civil rights and the national march to world war. In America Congress did the same things, but in more subdued fashion, even with a show of dissent. In Germany, Hitler declared a dictatorship under Article 48, provided by the old Weimar Constitution in the event of a national emergency. In America Bush recently issued National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD 51), thereby legalizing a dictatorship in the event of a national emergency.

“Gott Mit Uns” — God’s on Our Side

Neither Hitler nor Bush could have effected their radical plans without a party full of functionaries and a compliant national media, of course. Hitler relied on his “Nazi” party, an acronym of his National Socialist Party. He had a brilliant individual named Joseph Goebbels to control the Reich Propaganda Ministry and rally the public behind Nazi policies. Bush relied on his “Nozi” party, an anagram of Zion. He had a brilliant cartel of Zionists to control the American Mainstream Media and rally the public behind Nozi policies.

The greatest accomplishment of both the Nazi and Nozi parties was convincing themselves and their citizens that they were not conspirators of any sort, but rather the victims of an international conspiracy. The Nazi party said that Judeo-Communism was the hidden enemy, against which all the powers of a determined fatherland had to be directed, and that they were the targets of anti-German propaganda. The Nozi party says that Islamo-Fascism is the hidden enemy, against which all the powers of a determined homeland have to be directed, and that they are the targets of anti-Semitic propaganda.

The rest of the world didn’t buy the pro-war propaganda from Germany’s Nazis three generations ago, and they don’t buy it from America’s Nozis three generations later. The way the rest of the world sees it, what we have been taught to call the axis of evil is not so dangerous to the world as the axis of America and Israel. They see American naval forces massing in the name of national defense against Iran, and they remember Iraq. They see Israeli air forces attacking Syria, and they remember Lebanon. The rest of the world knows who we have become, even if we don’t.

Saint Peter’s Epilogue

Dr. Peter W. Guenther died on his 85th birthday, March 30, 2005, followed six months later by his wife of 58 years, Andrea. They were my Baucis and Philemon, the most elegant couple I ever knew — particularly when I visited them, with my apish martial artist hands and heavy East Texas twang.
I can fairly call him my comrade, since the writing I continued to push and publish carried us far over the line of journalism and into intelligence, and had both of us ducking for cover in mid-July, 2003. The same can be said of my other WWII advisor, Mr. Joseph Coleman, an Army veteran who had served in the Pacific. Thanks to their alarmed admonitions, I went underground on July 17, 2003 — half a day before Bush and Blair started a five-day series of assassinations beginning with Dr. David Kelly in England.

Dr. G and Mr. C saved my life, and those of us who were involved knew it; those who lacked the brains or guts to be involved say that it couldn’t have happened. It’s the same story with all wars, my mentors taught and my experience confirms. The loudest growls inevitably come from from the mouths of paper tigers. For the best account of what it was really happened, see the article by Iconoclast publisher W. Leon Smith. For a sample of our correspondence before things became deadly, see my Rebel Redux.


– Dedicated to the Victims of Vicksburg –

By Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop CO

“It’s not that there must be art even in war, ladies and gentlemen; rather there must be art especially in war, for it is while we are at war that we most need to remember our humanity.” — Art Historian and WWII Veteran Peter W. Guenther, 1920 – 2005

+ + +

As my regular readers already know, I believe that weather has become a weapon of warfare, which is being waged against my beloved South like another Northern invasion. The headlines today could be mistaken for those of the Civil War and its aftermath:

Vicksburg Besieged!
Dixieland Devastated!
Mississippi River Shut!
New Orleans Threatened!
South to be Reconstructed!
Rich Banks Seize Poor Land!

Those interested in the reason for this season of our Southern discontent — and several others in the New Millennium — can find my analysis by clicking my byline above. What’s below, though, is from my first-year Iraq War correspondence, a letter I wrote to my beloved mentor, Professor Peter W. Guenther. I was watching the waning sun as the Mississippi slowly rolled by from my right to my left, encamped on the high bluffs of Vicksburg. It waa my first Ghost Troop mission, a long-range reconnaissance patrol, disguised as a lengthy bicycle tour. I pedaled from the Sabina River, which divides Texas from Louisiana, to the Atlantic Coast of Georgia, home of Fort Stewart and the bleeding Third Infantry Division. There I would go to the Marne Chapel, seeking the truth about the Battle of Baghdad; I would receive it and a death threat, from a devil posing as a chaplain.

It took me 22 days to travel the thousand miles eastward across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. The days were warm and the nights were cool, and the lush, rolling hills blew the sweet breath of magnolia and gardenia, jasmine and honeysuckle. It was all enchanting, and like every soldier on his way to his first engagement, I dreamed of coming home a hero. W. Leon Smith, publisher of The Lone Star Iconoclast, wrote about what happened next in Captain Courageous Witnessed: Dr. Kelly Assassinated! The title is undeserved, but the details are accurate. — EHM

+ + +

Sunday, April 27, 2003 – Vicksburg, Mississippi

Dear Professor Guenther,

When I last wrote I had vaguely formed a plan of reaching Vicksburg, my bridge across the Mississippi River, by Saturday. Happily favored by a westerly wind, I arrived on time yesterday afternoon.

It is now high noon on the Sabbath, and I rest as Grandpa Moses commanded, sitting in an abandoned church yard on the banks of the rolling river, still looking at the fence I crossed yesterday (a minor adventure itself, but the tale will keep). My Bible is before me, and I have just finished reading the creation myth in the first chapters of Genesis. Have you ever noticed that there He is one of “the gods,” like unto whom the serpent urges Eve to become? Then later in the same chapter, He says (presumably to the other gods) “Look! That bad serpent gave the humans too much power, so I’ve put a curse on the whole bunch! And furthermore I’ve thrown them out of Eden so they won’t figure out how to live forever by eating life-fruit as well as smart-fruit! And I’ve put a couple of cherubim out there as guards to kill them if they try to come back. From now on they’ll just have to grind it out in a concentration camp called earth!

Do you know who He reminds me of, sir? He reminds me of Thor! Or of Zeus, or Chronos, or Ouranos! He is the kind of god who doesn’t take any crap from anyone! When he decided the world was too far out of line (later in Genesis), he sent a flood that was much more efficient than the Totenkopf SS at destroying humanity, then started over again with a master race, the children of the good Noah. (I’m a bit too much of a student of myths to make much of a religious man, I’m afraid.)

Do you remember the Sodom and Gomorrah story, where His scouts send home a bad report about those folks’ behavior? He zapped the whole district, which presumably included the unfortunate collateral damage of women (though the lustful ones, of course, deserved death) and children. It had been done elsewhere, of course, by Wotan and Thor because a town they visited was rude to them while they were traveling incognito. The same thing happened to Zeus and Hermes, and they had to zap a town or two, let me tell you!

Of course there are differences in the myths. The Norse and Olympian gods let one husband and wife get away from the zapping. God let Lott and his wife go – along with their daughters, I must add. But Lott’s wife looked back when she was told not to and turned into a pillar of salt. I thought it was a beautiful portrayal of Lott’s lost love, much as the loss of Eurydice by Orpheus, who looked back when he shouldn’t have, and thereby damned his wife to remaining a shadow. Orpheus, though, went around lamenting with his guitar until even the women had heard enough and killed him to shut him up! Lott made out better, I suppose: He started drinking a lot and having sex with his daughters.

“God moves in mysterious ways,” say my Brother Baptists, who have tried for over forty years to Christianize me, “and God bless those of us who know His ways, and God damn anyone who doesn’t!” Pure fire and brimstone…

But you have long recognized that hellfire awakens a lazy audience, professor. I remember how you would show our auditorium full of students the Last Judgment scenes sculpted into Medieval churches.

“It’s sometimes difficult to imagine the ecstasies of heaven,” you would say as you clicked a slide, say, of the doorway of the cathedral in Autun. Heads would sag towards navels at the rows of pious saints admiring the Lord in celestial solemnity.

“Oh, are you ready for a change of scene?” you would ask. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is hell.” Heads bobbed up and chuckles erupted, and you finished ‘em off by adding “It’s easy to think of interesting things to do in hell!” You clicked a new slide and a new scene appeared: Stone demons were devouring and deflowering the lost sinners on the wrong side of the outstretched arms of Christ. We howled with laughter and you smiled like Mephisto. Such a showman, my dear professor!

It occurs to me that, as travelers often do, I’ve made camp on the foundations of a demolished church, a place of pilgrimage. You explained to me a couple of decades ago that in digging beneath the foundations of European churches, archaeologists often discovered pagan ruins. Would Grandpa Jung say that I’ve discovered an archetypical notion of sanctity? I’m sorry to be troubling you with my radical ideas and questions, but every devil should get his due, and you helped me to think such aberrant thoughts in the first place!

Today I will practice my tae kwon do, which is the single activity that makes me feel closest to what most people would call religion. It teaches me the humility of daily pain – a true student of martial arts should become stoic towards the complaints of the flesh. It teaches me that there is a unity of physical and mental called Chi, and that faithful practice will reveal it to me in greater degrees, as I achieve greater harmony. It teaches me mercy to others, My teacher, Grandmaster Yu Yong Kyu (the Flying Dragon), is emphatic in his prohibitions against fighting. Himself a veteran of the Vietnam War, where he spent five years with South Korean Special Forces, he considers violence in a civilian context (such as a brawl in a bar) a demeaning failure for a martial artist. An accomplished martial artist seldom has to resort to his art.

If I may digress on this point of mercy, which I consider central to the soul of a martial artist, at the end of each class at my dojo, I lead a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, which contains all that an honorable soul needs to keep it out of trouble. A couple of my ambitious students said they wanted to learn it in Latin after I recited it in that fine language at my Thanksgiving feast this year, but students are always full of the best intentions… So far the pater noster remains an English prayer for these disciples of the Brass Dragon (your humble student).
I had a tangible occasion to practice what I preach a few months ago, as I walked to a nearby forest for a stroll with my friend and dog, Dexter, a large, docile Labrador Retriever. His leash was in my left hand, and my walking cane (stout and effective, in the hand of an expert) was in my right.

As we trod the last hundred yards of road leading up to the trees, I saw a black man come from behind some bushes and stand out at the curb. Since this gentleman was on my left, Dexter (all hundred pounds of him) was on a leash between him and me. He had mistaken the purpose of my walking cane, which he took as a sign of incapacity, but which I find to be a wonderful way of carrying a three-foot hardwood weapon without upsetting anyone. I was quite prepared, if the young man had made an aggressive move, to strike him on any number of places to incapacitate him.

As Dexter and I neared him, his right hand, hanging at his side, clicked and glinted with steel. He had pulled a switchblade! Your admiring black belt had a willing victim. He had pulled a short-range weapon against an opponent about six feet away and shielded by a large dog! To add to his predicament, his intended victim was a martial arts expert with a medium-range weapon. His arm continued to hang down as he turned the weapon this way and that to give it an impressive glint, not knowing that he wouldn’t have time to lift it an inch before a cylinder of oak shattered his skull.

It didn’t happen, thank God. Instead of killing him I burst into laughter. He was so inept that he was ridiculous. Between chuckles I told him that his was a very, very pretty knife, but that I thought he should put it away. I pride myself on having said all this with continuing good humor, not ceasing to chuckle until he timidly slipped the knife into his breeches pocket and went home, more like a petulant twelve- than a predatory twenty-year-old. I think that my reaction had convinced him that he had made the unfortunate mistake of trying to mug Thor. It was such good comedy that I remained benign as he turned away. Of course, the entire time I was chuckling I remained ready to give him a demonstration of tae kwon do, hapkido and stick weapons.

It’s hard having someone else’s life in your hands, and I can see why gods do such a messy job of dealing with us foolish mortals.

A pleasant postscript to my merciful moment: The young man’s uncle is a man of dubious reputation as a gangster, but as is so often the case with such men, a sense of honor. The next time he saw me he greeted me politely, said that he knew I was a martial arts teacher, and had spared his nephew. Then he presented me with a gift: a formidable, spiked dog collar for the ever-affable Dexter, the kind of collar one usually finds on a fighting dog in Northeast Houston or a fashionable young person. He said he was grateful because most white men – especially the police – would have killed the young man, given the same provocation. My experience in working with the police (five years) tells me he’s right, and I think it’s a pity. Dexter still wears the collar.

So much for my Sunday sermon. Lord knows, I have no pedigree as a preacher. I will go and practice my tae kwon do until my movements flow with force, then I’ll pound cement with my hands to make them as hard as stone. All of this, just to learn a little mercy…I would like to extend my admiration for you and your wife, who kindly reads these letters to you. I believe the two of you have had a long marriage, blessed by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I am happy for you both. You are fortunate, professor, to have a companion who lets you hear what is hard now to see for yourself. I was so fortunate as to have you for a teacher, and you did the same for me. Every good teacher needs to open the eyes of the blind, starting with Socrates and Jesus and continuing up to you and me.
Finally, allow me to express my sorrow for the looting of the Baghdad Museum. I think of the Mesopotamian cultures, from the Sumerian to the Seleucids, who were lost in the theft. I remember the passion with which you always defended works of art, ancient or modern, against the simplicity of mocking students. You would bite their heads off at times, but end by appealing for us to forgive you if you seemed a bit like Thor yourself. “But you see, ladies and gentlemen,” you would explain, “these are my friends, and have been my friends for a very long time.”
I’m sorry that this war has cost you some of your friends, professor. I know that you, like any one who served in the front lines of World War II, have lost many friends before, but each war seems to claim more, no matter who started it and for what, and the loss can never be easy so long as we are human.

Tomorrow I will ride through the Vicksburg battleground and cemetery, site of the successful Union siege in our Civil War. I’m interested in what those veterans will have to say to me.

Captain May Witnessed Dr. Kelly Assassination

Since yesterday’s Veterans Today publication of Attorney general rules against Dr David Kelly inquest, I’ve been contacted by journalists and researchers acquainted with my side of the story. The article below is a good summary. I offer fair warning to colleagues: Dr. Kelly’s case is a fine rabbit hole to explore, but watch out for the rattlesnakes! — CPT MAY, 6/11/11

Did Bush Order Dr. David Kelly Murdered?

By W. Leon Smith, Iconoclast Publisher

Dr. David Kelly, the UK scientist and war critic with connections to the BBC and the New York Times, predicted that he would be assassinated for daring to be right about the lack of Iraq WMD evidence while UK leaders chose to be wrong. His corpse, found on July 18, 2003 under mysterious circumstances, proved his prescience. At the time Tony Blair and George W. Bush were meeting in Washington to discuss their wobbly war, and to menace their critics. Coming when it did, Kelly’s murder was something right out of Macbeth or Machiavelli.

Captain Eric H. May, the U.S. journalist and war critic with connections to NBC and the New York Times, likewise predicted that he would be assassinated for speaking truth to power about the Iraq war. Ironically, May, a lifelong Texan, had contacts, even friendships, with Bush administration insiders. In 1995 The Wall Street Journal asked him to write an essay on the art of executive speech writing. A year later he was interviewing with Team Bush about becoming the then-governor’s speechwriter for the upcoming 2000 presidential campaign.

King George and Toady Tony were together when Dr. Kelly died under suspicious circumstances.
After the outbreak of the Iraq war, though, the former Army intelligence officer became an enemy of what he contemptuously called the “Bush League” when it collaborated with the mainstream media to cover up the April 5-9 Battle of Baghdad. Heavy Army and Marine losses were hidden under embellished stories about Pvt. Jessica Lynch. During this heinous act of stolen valor, the Bush administration kept a lid on things back in the U.S. by threatening and medicating the bereaved families of the fallen.

Exposing the Battle of Baghdad Cover-Up (BOBCUP) became Captain May’s crusade. He confirmed it through political, media, and military contacts. Going to Ft. Stewart, Ga., he received details of the battle, and a chilling death threat from a Special Forces officer. Col. Neil Dennington’s insinuation that dissent would be met with “special forces detachment” was an early hint of the Bush/Cheney “executive assassination” Special Forces detachments reported by New Yorker investigative journalist Seymour Hersh last year.

After the 2003 July 4th weekend, three months after BOBCUP, May sensed an anti-Bush movement in the country, especially within the armed forces, and resolved to tell the truth to the American people, damn the consequences. He knew that it would be a perilous mission. An astute political observer, he anticipated and annotated the US/UK assassinations of July 17-22, 2003. During this “July Jumble,” as it came to be called, a wide array of VIP figures would be murdered, including the UK’s David Kelly, New York City Councilman James Davis and Saddam Hussein’s sons, Uday and Qusay. George W. Bush may have been on the hit list himself, as suggested by the notorious “Shooting Bush” political cartoon published by the LA Times on July 20 — in the middle of the July Jumble.

Bush went to May’s Houston on July 19, then came to Crawford, where he was frightened and disheveled on July 21, the day after this Mike Ramirez cartoon.
Surprised to find himself still alive at the end of it all, May published a report that has already become an underground classic of military intelligence and principled action. The Lone Star Iconoclast is proud to vouch for the valor of its intelligence editor, Captain Eric H. May, and the validity of his historic opus, Ghost Troop Introduction. In it investigators and readers will find e-mails exposing the motives behind war and politics — as well as cover-up and assassination. They will find the best military analyses in America, both published and unpublishable. Finally, they will find appended information proving that, if dedicated to his cause, a courageous captain may win a battle, influence a war, and even change the course of history.

Founded in 2000 to cover Crawford, Texas — home of Bush’s “Western White House” — The Lone Star Iconoclast received international acclaim as much-needed Texas truth in the post-9/11 neocon wilderness.

Addendum: Captain May’s letter to Dr. Kelly
Mrs. May didn’t take it seriously when she came home to covered windows and reinforced doors last night. Tony Blair and George Bush were on TV, and the last thing the president had to say was that he and the prime minister would address “the issue.” I had a feeling that I was part of that issue. Two mentors, both WWII vets, had warned me earlier that day that I was becoming an issue affecting the president’s credibility, and had better hole up in my home for a while.

My wife is a rational woman, so she took all my paranoia with a grain of salt, until she looked up from her morning coffee and saw CNN reporting that you, a Blair Government gadfly, were dead under suspicious circumstances. She wanted to stay home with me, but I sent her to work. There’s no sense in putting us both at risk. I told her to go to her parents’ house if she wanted to be safe. She said she’d think it over, but she was in shock. I have no idea what she’ll do. She’ll be home this evening, if she’s coming.

Doctor David kelly in Parliament, July 2003
So you’ll never tell anyone else that your government sexed up the evidence on weapons of mass destruction, will you? Well, at least I’ve told what I know about the Bush Team’s cover-up of military casualties, whatever he does to me. You became frightened and tried to recant, while I’ve been flying at them stirring up as much fuss as possible. I hope my plan works better than yours.

I’m sorry we never had the chance to meet, because I think I would have liked you. I believe you were a man who was interested in the truth, and it’s earned you the same wages as Socrates, Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. You’re in good company now with them. I’m still among the living, but I’m afraid payday is coming for me, too.

Do you know, my friend, after the police found you, it didn’t take CNN half the morning to imply that you were “under great pressure because of your testimony in Parliament.” They hint that maybe you…, well, you know, killed yourself. I bet you’d like to laugh at that one with me!

They just announced that you were found with a container of barbiturates by you, and say you bled to death from a slashed wrist. That’s interesting… An upset man might take downers to calm down, or he might kill himself instead of calming down, but why would he take downers to calm down, then still kill himself? We both know you didn’t kill yourself, though. They killed you.

CNN is the only sound in the house. I’m in my library, counting on my truest friends in my crisis. Homer and Plato, Shakespeare and Byron are there, along with a hundred others, standing guard on the shelves, each waiting to take a bullet for me.

Well, the president’s men are going to have to get messy if they want to get me, and that means blow my house up, burn it down, or machine gun it through. All that will cause a bit of ruckus. They’ll have to use something spectacular. One of my oddities is that I practice tae kwon do daily, and have been doing so in the years since I left military intelligence. This makes me difficult to deal with in close quarters. I wonder if they know that. If not, I’ll soon be teaching them about the five-foot staff.

Captain Eric May in Crawford, August 2005
I must say, it’s not really so hard to talk to a man you’ve met who has been fighting in the same Infowar. You just dropped into my bunker beside me, and you happened to drop in dead, but we’re comrades just the same. Welcome to the same company as Professor Guenther and Mr. Coleman, my mentors, who are also a bit shaken now. Should I still be alive when George Bush and Tony Blair are removed from office by their legislatures, I would like to pay my respects to your family in Great Britain. I will tell them that it came down to men like you, and them and me against men like the ones who have misled our countries.

I believe you to have behaved honorably as a man, and hope that I will acquit myself as one to the end as well. The war is still raging, and here I sit, stoic except for the trembling of my fingers and the tears on my face. I do not weep for myself, I weep for my country.

* Permission granted to republish this column. Originally published December 10, 2009 as Captain Courageous Witnessed: Dr. Kelly Assassinated!



Zionism’s Survival
June 12, 2011 – 8:16 am
[…] The anti-Semitic VeteransToday.com is pushing a conspiracy theory of how former President George W. Bush was behind the murder of Dr. David Kelly. […]

June 12, 2011 – 8:14 pm
Again we see how anyone who doesn’t kiss Zionist butt ( and that includes murdering THEIR enemies for them ) is labeled an anti-semite….ignoring the real scandal of several hundred thousand Iraqis dead and millions turned into refugees…..
Protect USA 1st
June 12, 2011 – 11:01 am
USA needs more patriots like Captain Eric May. Thank you. God bless and protect you and your family!

I wish Dr. David Kelly was alive to read Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war and Iraq WMD claims were lies says former UK envoy.
June 12, 2011 – 1:23 pm
Capt. May,

The UK, along with the US, is clearly a lawless nation right now, where treason is an everyday offense by the power elite. But God’s justice is coming, and it will be sooner than they know. As GHW Bush famously said in a speech on August 5, 1990, on the eve of Gulf War I, after Saddam Hussein had been successfully suckered into invading Kuwait, “This will NOT stand.” Indeed, the cover-up of Dr. Kelly’s death will not stand for long.
June 12, 2011 – 1:52 pm
What are your sources? Are they facts? Can you back up?

Captain May
June 12, 2011 – 10:45 pm
The article is by W. Leon Smith, not me. The only error in fact that I could find was that Dr. Kelly’s body was found on July 18, not July 17, as Smith stated in his original article; he has since corrected the date. If you challenge any stated fact in the article, please be specific.
June 12, 2011 – 5:29 pm
Capt. May I see you have alot of thoughts on alot of things and claim to be well known on military missions over seas yet I see no overseas ribbons on your uniform nor combat ribbons ? makes me wonder if your just a stateside warrior? or I even question your true patriotism to the country you swore under oath to protect now you have nothing good to say about our gov. or our military and always say we are on the ledge of doom everyday I see nothing positive here. Please just drop the Capt. title from your name as you continue down the path against the military and country you swore to protect, what im saying is no matter if fact or fiction you are doing much more harm than good to our country.

Captain May
June 12, 2011 – 10:33 pm
I hope you will read more of my work. I have never claimed to have served overseas, except during the Return of Forces to Germany (REFORGER) exercise in the winter of 1979. As for my war record, I volunteered for Desert Shield/Desert Storm, but served stateside. The last time I wrote this down was a week ago in my June 6 article, Chicago Red Dragon Six-Day Warning. Your stolen valor insinuations are uninformed.

I use my rank because I am on a military mission of conscience. The Army Inspector General’s office, in receipt of my allegations about the Battle of Baghdad Cover-Up (BOBCUP) since 2003, addresses me as Captain May in official correspondence.

As for my analysis that 9/11 was a false flag attack, and that traitors within our power elite are preparing a follow-up 9/11/2B attack, I refer you to The Iconoclast editorial, Captain Eric H. May Deserves Congressional Medal of Honor. It cites four articles, civilian and military, for support.
Jon Jon
June 13, 2011 – 12:09 am
Ron who are you, and what are you doing to help out the situation that everyone is in, anything???
June 12, 2011 – 7:03 pm
I watched the thing unfold too, and would never claim to have “witnessed his assassination”.

No doubt he was suicided, no doubt he was a hero among the dark players. Ambassador Joseph Wilson was our American David Kelly, sending out same warning flares–a week before Kelly’s murder: consider how well that went for Wilson and Valerie Plame.

I’m glad you’ve written this piece– BUT you really (REALLY) should change the title, Captain. Best Regards.

Captain May
June 12, 2011 – 9:44 pm
Both the article and title are from The Lone Star Iconoclast, not me. The New York Times, the nation’s biggest newspaper, published Joe Wilson’s op-ed attacking the Bush war, What I Didn’t Find in Africa on July 6, 2003. The Houston Chronicle, the biggest newspaper in Texas, published my anti-Bush op-ed, Worried about quicksand of war in Iraq, on July 8, 2003. My editors told me that my piece had angered the White House, as Wilson’s clearly had.
Jon Jon
June 13, 2011 – 12:06 am
If you watched it unfold then you did indeed witness, think about it. Take some responsibility for what we are all witnessing, it is a major tragedy.
June 13, 2011 – 2:36 pm
OK. I understand it’s not your title. And yes, I ‘witnessed’ it, is same enough as “watched it unfold”..

Seeing the Subject line/Title come in to my email as it did, got me all excited thinking Captain May was maybe coming forward as the mysterious “trench coat” guy (purportedly present at the site where Dr. Kelly’s body was ‘found’).

To add to timeline correlation: Novak’s article outing Wilson’s wife ran on July 14, 2003. Same week Kelly was suicided.
June 13, 2011 – 2:46 pm
Wonder what the date was, of the email Kelly wrote to (NYT) Judith Miller.
“Many dark players, playing games” Was that on July 17, or a couple days prior,
do you know? Maybe same date as Novak’s piece in retribution against Wilson?
Zionist Zealots Demand Denial | SHOAH
June 14, 2011 – 10:38 am
[…] important editorial by W. Leon Smith, renowned publisher ofThe Lone Star Iconoclast. I posted his Captain May Witnessed Dr. Kelly Assassination in Veterans Today at around 2:00 a.m., and within half an hour found that ZS had already put VT […]


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