Tory MP ‘hidden for his own safety’ as Muslim extremist group storms his mosque visit after invoking Stephen Timms stabbing on website

Tory MP ‘hidden for his own safety’ as Muslim extremist group storms his mosque visit after invoking Stephen Timms stabbing on website

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 2:52 PM on 30th October 2011

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Verbally attacked: Tory MP Mike Freer said he was called a ‘Jewish homosexual pig’ by the group
Protesters forced their way in to a north London mosque where an MP was meeting constituents after posting violent warning messages online.

Tory MP Mike Freer was forced to pull out of the meeting after being targeted by the Muslims Against Crusades group who had posted messages invoking the Stephen Timms stabbing online.

Today he urged Home Secretary Theresa May to take action against the group after the attack at his North Finchley constituency surgery.
In a chilling message ahead of the incident on the group’s website, they referred to Labour MP Stephen Timms -who was stabbed while holding a surgery in east London last year -warning the attack on him should serve as a ‘piercing reminder’ to politicians that ‘their presence is no longer welcome in any Muslim area’.
The disturbance at North Finchley Mosque on Friday afternoon began after internet messages posted on Facebook and the Muslims Against Crusades website urged supporters to target the Finchley and Golders Green MP, who had played a prominent role in the campaign against Palestinian activist Sheikh Raed Salah’s visit to the UK earlier this year.

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Mr Freer said there was a vocal demonstration outside the mosque as he began his surgery, but then a second group of people arrived and forced their way inside.
‘One of them sat at a table where I was dealing with a constituent and was abusive,’ he said.
Disturbance: Muslims Against Crusades stormed North Finchley Mosque on Friday
‘Piercing reminder’: Ahead of the incident the group invoked the attack of Labour MP Stephen Timms who was stabbed by extremist Roshonara Choudhry

Attack: Mr Timms was holding a surgery at Beckton Globe when he was stabbed
Mr Freer, a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, said he was called a ‘Jewish homosexual pig’.
He was escorted by staff at the mosque to a locked part of the building until assistance arrived and described the incident as ‘uncomfortable’.
But it was only when he was made aware of the website’s reference to the attack on East Ham MP Mr Timms that he realised the potential danger.
Call for action: Home Secretary Theresa May should take action against the extremist Muslims Against Crusades group, Tory MP Mike Freer said today
The message also stated that ‘as a member of the Conservative Party’, Mr Freer ‘has the blood of thousands of Muslims on his hands’.
‘Had I seen the website beforehand, I suspect it might have been a bit more worrying,’ the MP said.
As well as the campaign against Mr Salah, Mr Greer also spoke out against the proposed visit to the UK by US pastor Terry Jones, and stressed he will ‘continue to condemn all forms of religious intolerance’.
Mr Freer said he wanted the Home Secretary to closely monitor the actions of Muslims Against Crusades and subject them to the ‘full force of the law’.
He said: ‘The difficulty is with this group is it’s the third incarnation of other groups. Every time it gets banned, it just renames.
‘What I’m saying is the Home Office needs to be continuing to monitor this group and as soon as they overstep the mark then the full force of the law should come down on them.’
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘Officers attended North Finchley Mosque at 4.10pm on Friday after a disturbance by protesters inside the building. There were no arrests.’

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Suspicious how it was on teletext at 3am this morning but has now mysteriously dissapeared. Why is the mainstream media scared to publicise these events? If it had been a gang of white youths attacking a minority then it would have been on every tv screen.
– M Norris, Leeds, 30/10/2011 10:58

A Metropolitan police spokesman said, “Officers attended…there were no arrests”. But if it had been Christians protesting against Muslims…? Would they have gone straight into custody? All are equal in law, sometimes!
– Peter, Sutton England, 30/10/2011 10:34
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They, and their ilk, should be deported to a Muslim country and live under Sharia law. I wonder how many would be crying to come back, once they taste the kind of life they want to impose on the UK. This is a tolerant country and anyone who wants to live here should embrace tolerance – or go and live somewhere else! I don’t like extremists of any kind.
– Ferdinand, London, UK, 30/10/2011 10:27
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I thought it was against the law to threaten and intimidate a person, so why are these extreamist alowed to keep getting away with it?
– sylvia, telford, 30/10/2011 10:14
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there should be no areas such as Muslim area it is England and should be free for every one It’s about time the Muslims where put down and told they do not have sole rights anywhere
– George , Hitchin Herts, 30/10/2011 10:14
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The MAC website is a nasty piece of work – one of their articles actually justifies assassinating Obama.
– colin, wales, 30/10/2011 10:14
Click to rate Rating 568Report abuse
MAC posted a “‘piercing reminder’ to politicians that ‘their presence is no longer welcome in any Muslim area”——- I think it’s time Britain sent a piercing notice to MAC that their presence is no longer welcome in any British area. There should be NO ‘Muslim areas’ in a Britian, just like there should be no ‘Christian areas’ or ‘Sikh areas’. What the hell is going on when ghetto strongholds are being allowed- no ENCOURAGED – to form on Britsh soil? So much for integration. I am no longer a Tory voter – my vote goes to UKiP. Well done Blair, Cameron et al. your treachery has succeeded – Britain is dying.
– Andie, London, 30/10/2011 9:57
Click to rate Rating 171Report abuse
“in muslim areas” what a statement! where do they think they are. Labour and blair ruined this country by allowing these parasites into our land and i cant see the present government or future governments doing anything about it.
– gary, bournemouth, uk, 30/10/2011 9:53
Click to rate Rating 217Report abuse
This is disgusting. England is NOT a “Muslim area”, it is a multi-cultural area, with each and every faith having one thing in common – they must all respect the laws of the land – i.e. Great Britian. If that is not acceptable, I cordially invite whomever does not agree with this to take themselves away to a land where they feel happy with the laws…you can’t bully us out of our own country!
– Whatdoyouthink, Northamptonshire, 30/10/2011 9:40
Click to rate Rating 145Report abuse
Muslim area? We are in the UK and there should be no ghetto ares allowed. If you do not like the Country where millions have come to for safe refuge then please leave.
– Barry , Chelmsford, 30/10/2011 9:36
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This is disgusting behaviour. Why can’t these members be given asbos to stop them meeting together?
– james, Nottingham, 30/10/2011 9:31
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There were no arrests ? Just for a moment , imagine that this were the other way round and a muslim M.P. were to be insulted in a similar manner. I will leave it there , less is more……….
– T . Johnny, `manchester., 30/10/2011 9:26
Click to rate Rating 170Report abuse
Why do we put up with any foreigners living in the UK who murder, rape, steal etc. Why can’t we send them back to their own countries? These and many other similar questions are on the minds of most English voters. We all feel threatened – not just the MPs. It makes life difficult for those Muslims who do just want a quiet life. And – I lived recently in a Muslim country where I, and other foreigners, had to abide by the rules and check in with immigration every 3 months and woebetide you if the rules were broken. Something sinister that we don’t know shields these people.
– Llamedos, pensioner still taxed by IR to pay for overseas aid and immigrants , 30/10/2011 9:23
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Why were there no arrests? Frightened of upsetting “community relations”? Thugs, religous or otherwise, are not welcome in any area
– Richo, Clacton, 30/10/2011 9:18
Click to rate Rating 146Report abuse
Can you imagine the outcry if the MP was of a different ethnic persuasion – this is nothing more than sheer racism against this MP – I look forward to seeing prosecutions being brought (and no I am not a Labour supporter – I would have said this whoever the threatened MP represented)….
– Ex Services (RAF) Veteran, Hut 3 Stalag Luft 12 South Yorkshire Gulag EU(SSR), 30/10/2011 9:09
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Who do these people think they are? This is the United Kingdom. We need to take a stand against these Muslim extremists. They are obviously anti British and should therefore have their passports revoked and sent back to their country of origin.
– Paul, UK, 30/10/2011 9:01
Click to rate Rating 140Report abuse
Why are the people posting such messages on a social media site being dealt with in the same manner as those inciting riots? I have no sympathy with those charged during the riots but surely those organising and inciting such hatred should also be charged
– mary, Rustington, 30/10/2011 8:58
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This sort of thing will become more common unless it is stamped on hard. But one suspects that the extremists will be placated by the Pee Cee brigade who are terrified on being called racist.
– Molly, Marble Arch, 30/10/2011 8:56

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2 responses to “Tory MP ‘hidden for his own safety’ as Muslim extremist group storms his mosque visit after invoking Stephen Timms stabbing on website

  1. 10 OUT OF 10……

    Conservative Friends of Israel sound like they have Undue Influence on UK Affairs…. STOPPING FREE SPEECH is WRONG – NO MATTER WHO ‘STARTED STOPPING’ IT..
    – PrivateSi, WORCS, 29/10/2011 23:55

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