The Western anti-German Narrative

The Western anti-German Narrative

by Ingrid R. Zundel
Editor … Jim W. Dean

In our troubled times, it’s cool to bash to Germans. My enemies, of course, make German-bashing their favorite sports, but they can be forgiven because that’s in their nature as well as in their political interest.

However, sad to say, some of my best friends are German-bashers also.

Why? Don’t ask me. Because it is so easy? Just paint a mustache on anybody you don’t like – and presto! Sheeple Power! You can strut around with a halo. Few are the braves who’ll confront you and object.

It is no secret that I am on the war path against Sheeple Power. Today I launch the following two scholarly sorties – not written by me, I modestly hasten to add! – for those who strive for clarity of thought, no matter what the fall-out.

One is an excerpt from a website called . The commentary following that excerpt is brought to you courtesy of one of my favorite writers, the Canadian Ian Macdonald, a former diplomat par excellence and one-time anti-Sheeple columnist for the beleaguered Zundelsite.

L.Ian MacDonald and Christopher Waddell

Here goes:

The most common and widespread basis for hostility toward things German is what I call the Western anti-German narrative. In this ideology, which is spread by films, literature, and popular depictions of history, Germany has represented a danger for its neighbors in the past and still represents a potential danger.

For this reason, Germany must be fettered, disempowered and diluted because the German national character is anti-democratic, excessively obedient to established authority, collectivistic, violence-prone, warlike, genocidal, etc., etc. [ad nauseam!]

Otto von Bismark
Present day historians are generally too sophisticated to draw a clear and direct line between Luther, Frederick, Bismarck and Hitler, but the lingering effects of such propagandistic historiography are still quite noticeable today, expressed in the tendency to treat all German history as the prehistory of the Third Reich.

One cannot understand this concept of history unless one understands the historical context of the European civil war that has been raging since 1789.

This civil war is being fought by the adherents of three ideologies who constantly change their names, slogans and programs but still retain a recognizable identity and continuity.

We are dealing with two utopian and one non-utopian worldviews, Liberalism and Socialism on one hand and what is variously called Conservatism, Reaction or simply the Political Right on the other hand.

The utopian approach assumes the possibility of peaceful and civilized coexistence among mankind. This would not have to be a miracle, but is rather something that can come about as a matter of course. For this reason one does not have to examine and analyze the fundamentals of society itself; one can directly and immediately pursue the realization of paradise on earth, either through gradual reform or revolutionary violence.

The Utopian Ideologies Imply a Number of Assumptions

Firstly, utopian societies hold that man is by nature good. Social conditions such as inequality and lack of freedom are responsible for the existence of evil and must therefore be banished.

The approach of the political Right is that man is inadequate and weak and mired in original sin and must therefore rely on a social order for support. Therefore a certain measure of inequality and bondage must be accepted as necessary. The alternatives are not “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” but rather chaos, violence and barbarism.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Secondly, Utopian ideologies hold that society can be rationally planned; its design is a matter of reason and enlightenment. The Right, by contrast, believes that what is traditional and established can be destroyed by criticism, but cannot be replaced by anything better through rational processes.

Examples of what cannot be replaced by rationalism are the concepts of family, faith, tradition and Fatherland.

Thirdly, Utopian societies hold that what is “Good” (such as Freedom and Equality) can be rationally inferred, thus the Good is culturally independent and universally valid.

They believe that mankind can be redeemed if the Utopia derived from Enlightenment principles can be globally introduced.

For Conservatives, on the other hand, each culture is a unique, unplanned and irreproducible response to the elementary question of whether an orderly society is possible. The Right emphasizes the legitimacy of the particular as opposed to the validity of universal ideology.

Fourthly, Utopian societies harbor the belief that society has to be defined and analyzed according to their standards.

These standards comprise a standpoint of norms rather than facts – thus “What Should Be” trumps “What Is.” They are derived from rights rather than duties.

The Utopian concept of society confuses itself with “Reason and Enlightenment” because it is built on unreal notions instead of imperfect reality, and thus mistakes itself for “The Good.”

The reason Utopia mistakes itself for “The Good” is because it proceeds from the assumption that Man himself is good, and this implies that “The Bad” resides in social structures and concepts including tradition, articles of faith, duty, etc. In their way of thinking, if the structures are bad the defenders of these structures must likewise be bad.

Attaining Enlightenment
The Utopian concept of society produces an apocalyptic concept of politics, according to which politics is a struggle between the powers of light and of darkness.

Consequently, war is not perceived as tragic and inescapable. It is perceived as justified when it is conducted for revolutionary aims and purposes. In that case, every atrocity is acceptable.

The Utopian concept perceives war as criminal when it is conducted for counterrevolutionary aims and purposes, and then the means by which it is conducted are not taken into consideration.

And what does all this have to do with hostility against all things German?

If we conceive of 20th Century wars as parts of a global ideological civil war, Germany obviously represents the Right. Germany could never accept the idea that wars are conducted in order to bring about “The Good Order” such as “War to End All War.” This Utopian idea results in an apocalyptic concept of politics.

The idea of “Good War” is part of the Utopian concept of the liberalist world order as pursued by the Western “democracies” as well as the variant of Communism pursued by the Soviet Union. The accusation that Germany was striving for world domination, which was put forward at the beginning of the 20th Century, would have been absurd even if not raised by the Anglo Saxon powers!

At every moment of the 19th and 20th centuries, those countries were infinitely closer to world domination than Germany ever was, and they continue to be so in the 21st Century.

Nations that were protected by insular geography have historically indulged in bold thinking – and thanks to this geography, have been able to pursue global expansionist policies.

Global Expansionist Policies
The liberal New World Order that appeared on the world stage before the First World War was also a fitting ideology for global Utopian thinking, since imperialistic power politics functioned as the armed branch of Utopia.

It is not true that one was merely a function of the other. Both aspects of Anglo Saxon (and particularly American) policy were aspects of one and the same understanding of politics.

By contrast, Germany traditionally represented institutionalized counter-revolution.

Globalist Utopian thinking was alien to the German power elite, since they faced the reality of governing a state that was constantly threatened from the inside as well as the outside.

Their political horizon was continental as opposed to insular, and so they were concerned with the consolidation of what actually existed.

The Reich did indeed adopt liberal, democratic and even socialistic ideas – consider the Bismarckian social legislation. However, it did so only on condition that these ideas would consolidate the existing order. The door was open for socialistic ideas to develop, but they would never be allowed to destroy the existing order.

This political concept (renunciation of revolutionary or utopian policies) determined the policies not only of conservatives, but of the Liberals as well, and ultimately even the policies of the Social Democrats. The tendency to think in revolutionary and utopian terms was simply alien to Germany — it was too weak and exposed to attempt changing the world order or to entertain ideas of world conquest.

However, Germany was at least potentially strong enough to bring Europe into its sphere of influence and thus block establishment of a New World Order; and if Europe were going to be true to its name, it would have to do likewise.

The First Thirty Years War
The war against Germany, which, as Winston Churchill observed, was in fact a Thirty Years War lasting from 1914 – 1945, was obviously not fought in response to any “crimes” committed by the National Socialists.

Instead, the Thirty Year War Against Germany was fought to force Europe into the liberalist-utopian world order and the Anglo Saxon sphere of control.

Germany did not subscribe to any grandiose principle that it wanted to make real.

It was a nation rooted in concrete reality whose order and goals was derived not from utopian designs but practical necessity.

The Germans had no abstract loyalty toward liberal or “democratic” ideals, and this is what brought on the propagandistic accusation of being excessively obedient. Germany did not pretend to be fighting for universal bliss, therefore it had to defend interests that were defined not ideologically but rather ethnically.

Germany’s enemies construed this as “nationalism.” In fact, Germany championed communal values instead of individual entitlements. (…) Communal ideals are operative only when they are anchored in genuine emotions, the source of the cliché of German “romanticism” and “irrationality.”

The Thinker
In short, the facts that the Germans were different and thought differently from the Anglo Saxons and that they had no sense of Utopia, but rather represented a danger for its global realization, made them the principal enemy figure for Western Utopian thinking.

The clichés about the German national character represent the distorted and demagogically biased description of tendencies and dispositions that actually were (and still are) present. These clichés were indispensable because a country like Germany could not afford globalistic Utopianism.

As we see today, Germany still cannot afford it. Whether the Anglo Saxon peoples themselves can continue to afford it remains to be seen …

(Compiled and excerpted from notes of a speech given before the Berlin Institute for State Policy on the subject of “Hostility Towards Germans – An Appraisal” last summer by Manfred Kleine-Hartlage. Translated by James M. Damon. Full text…/hostility-towards-germans-part-i-the-anti-german- narrative-in-the-west/ )

What does that mean in today’s Utopian thinking with its corollary of fervent German-bashing, where it is almost seen as “normal” that institutional torture is an acceptable means to an end – or, worse, that it is quite okay to “liberate” a downtrodden people on the other side of the globe by lynching its titular head in full view of some cheering folks on the Net?

I am speaking of tangible costs, as summarized by my friend, Ian Macdonald:

Ian MacDonald
America’s participation in [World War II] is seen as having been undertaking for the defense of Western Christian civilization.

[ People accept] without question the thesis that Hitler and the Nazis had to be stopped – lest “we all end up in concentration camps” or worse, under the heel of a ferocious dictator and his sinister Gestapo. Such was the temper of the times.

[There was no awareness] that there could be a much more menacing evil afoot, even though some coverage was given to the Soviet invasion of Finland and the Nazi-Soviet pact that expanded Stalin’s bloodthirsty rule into Poland and the Baltic countries where thousands died at the hands of anti-Christian Kommissars, many tortured to death and their families sent to Siberia in sealed box cars.

It was the festering resentment of the misery caused (…) that set the stage for the emergence in the ‘twenties of an inspiring populist Fuehrer, promising to restore German honor and dignity, and the German economy, by the retrieval of its conquered territories.

Like most other media, the [Western media] glamourized the war, helping to persuade hundreds of thousands of young men, including the writer, to lust for the opportunity to get into action, preferably in the RCAF even when, for a time, the chance of survival in Bomber Command was slim, at best.

Creating enthusiasm for martyrdom was a challenge shared by the [media] with the Government (who controlled the news) and with almost all Canadian institutions of learning, especially high schools where morning assemblies featured patriotic songs most every day and teenage volunteers were accorded virtual hero status.

A Young Volunteer
Combining such inducements with the stigma of cowardice for malingerers ensured the Armed Forces of a steady flow of volunteers and enabled the Government to postpone the introduction of politically-unpalatable conscription for overseas service that had created fury in Quebec in World War I.

Servicemen and women who emerged from the conflict unscathed, typically referred to their experience as the most exciting and meaningful of their lives, and except for the loss of comrades, the most satisfying.

The pride of being part of the Big Show, the camaraderie among new friends from all classes, the defiance of death, the admiration of the public, the girls who couldn’t resist a uniform (thousands of whom were taken home as war brides), the travel to Britain and the battle zones, the mastery of new skills, and above all the supreme satisfaction of having defended one’s family and one’s country successfully against a ruthless enemy intent on destroying our democracy, our freedom, and our basic human rights, turned ordinary young men into warriors.

THE HITLER REGIME has passed from the scene, as have most participants in the war it so vividly and optimistically portrayed, leaving survivors to wonder how a Good War and Total Victory could have brought such calamity and so tragically betrayed the trusting patriots who had dedicated, and often lost, their lives in rallying to the defense of Freedom.

It is now clear that the celebrated Allied Victory did not save Western Christian Civilization as promised, but precipitated its demise.

There is even good reason to doubt that the case for making war was ever sufficiently plausible and compelling to justify the inevitable horrendous sacrifice, especially coming on the heels of the Great War (“to end all war”) that already had stripped both the Allied nations and Germany of many of their best and brightest, and, in most cases, of the victims’ priceless progeny. (…)

“Endless Crosses I did See…”
Very few had the insight, integrity and courage to challenge the ostensible purpose of the war or to recount the hideous atrocities committed on Germans during and after the fighting, let alone the authenticity of the “victory” for the democracies.

Few dared to elucidate on the disastrous geopolitical repercussions and eclipse of European power.

In retrospect, the [media], with the best of intentions and in tune with the times, appears to have accepted the Hollywood version of German intentions, and along with the entire country, acceded to the most monstrous contrived miscalculation in history, carried out against the best interests of the British Commonwealth and Western democracies.

Britons and Canadians were led to believe that their German kinfolk, who held no animosity towards them, were the enemy who threatened their freedom, when in fact the enemy was the atheistic Soviet regime whose bloodthirsty Kommissars had liquidated, by 1939, at least 20 million Christians and was intent on subjugating Europe at the earliest opportunity. Germany offered the sole effective defense against such a fearful prospect.

Germany, astutely and persistently but with increasing frustration, sought peace with Britain in order to concentrate on eliminating the imminent Soviet threat but, on Churchill’s orders, the generous “peace with honor” proposals were rejected out of hand, sounding the death knell for tens of millions, including 45 thousand young Canadians..

The same Churchill, when shortly after the destruction of Germany the Soviet threat quickly re-emerged, quipped flippantly to an Aide “It looks like we slaughtered the wrong pig!”.

Britain and Canada were soon in a military alliance with Germany, but it was a decade too late. The hostile Soviet Union had already enslaved Eastern and Central Europe, the Baltic countries. Poland, the country whose independence Britain had ostensibly gone to war to defend from Hitler, was cynically delivered into the bloodstained clutches of a far more sinister and malevolent dictator.

On the Outside – Looking In
Even more ominous was the invasion, occupation and sacrilegious militarisation of Palestine, the Christian Holy Land, by ruthless Zionist Jews, a part of the “tiny remnant” of East European Jewry who had “miraculously escaped extermination in the gas chambers” of what is now described as The Holocaust.

The Star Weekly made scant reference to the implications of this impending European colonization in the Middle East, nor to the oppressive colonization of Germany and Eastern Europe and, perhaps caught up in the euphoria of “Victory”, was content to accept the widespead prognosis of a Brave New World and lasting peace.

Other newsworthy issues and anomalies even more studiously ignored by the Star Weekly were the identity of the sinister forces behind the inexplicable decision to declare war on Germany alone when both Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland in September, l939 (no less illogical than the subsequent refusal of the Churchill government to accept an honorable peace).

The rationale for making war was not widely debated at the time, partly because of censorship and self-censorship by the media, but it is difficult to imagine that the issue did not loom large in the minds of all knowledgeable observers who had the best interests of their country at heart, who knew the true meaning of war and wondered whose interests were served.

An early vigorous campaign by the media against the Unnecessary War, based on self-interest, patriotism and common sense, could well have changed the course of history.

Dangerous Realignments
In the dangerous realignments of the immediate post-war era, the miscalculations of Allied “statesmen” became clear; the most calamitous being the designation of our Christian European ethnic and cultural German kin-folk as the “enemy”.

In fact, Germany was our natural ally, just as the atheistic, genocidal anti-Christian Stalin dictatorship was our natural enemy.

Making war on Germany ensured that Communism (and Zionism) would triumph, and that British and European importance in world affairs would decline accordingly.

With the strengthening of Soviet influence by the communist victory and occupation in Europe, the communist takeover in China was a foregone conclusion, as was the further extension of communism and revolt into the former Japanese, British, French and Dutch colonies, ultimately causing the death of untold millions, including thousands of Allied soldiers who died in Korea and Vietnam.

In the Middle East the outcome of the misguided, fratricidal war against Germany was no less disastrous, leading to the dispossession and cultural genocide of an entire nation and brutal desecration of the Christian Holy Land.

Worse still was the subversion and corruption of the Christian democracies leading to perpetual strife in Palestine and bloody invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq by the U.S.A. (…)


Might There Have Been Brighter Days?
Could there have been a more palatable outcome than the Pyrrhic victory? “What if Hitler had won?” – a rhetorical question asked usually to evoke shivers of horror among listeners.

But if Germany had won, arguably the world would by now be a much better and safer place.

And the “what if” is not nearly as far-fetched as Allied propagandists would have us believe. Germany certainly would have won if Britain and France, and eventually America, had acted in their own obvious best interests and remained neutral or entered the war on Germany’s side.

An Anglo-German alliance was by no means a total implausibility given that the immensely popular pro-German King Edward VIII would have remained on the throne had it not been for the fateful intervention of the seductive Wallis Warfield Simpson (described as a “god-send” by the vengeful pro-war lobby).

As King, Edward VIII could have kept war-weary Britain from declaring war on Germany and, following German success on the Eastern Front against the universally-hated Stalin dictartorship, could have brought Britain into a NATO-style alliance of anti-communist European nations (as took place in any event a few years later).

In such circumstances a grateful, friendly Germany could have guaranteed the integrity and survival of the British Empire, which Hitler much admired.

The Fate of Many – Held in the Hand of One
What if then our German anti-communist coalition had liberated the Soviet Union and reconstituted its components as semi-autonomous states under German hegemony? Surely then the Stalinist threat to freedom would have been eliminated for the foreseeable future.

Had events followed such a favorable course, almost a certainly had Edward VIII remained as King, the outlook for Western Christian civilization would now be decidedly less ominous and control of our destiny would have remained securely in our own hands.

Had Britain not been deceived and betrayed into war with Germany, with whom she had no authentic quarrel, there would have been no Second World War, tens of millions of lives would have been spared, priceless European architecture would not have been destroyed, Europe would have been united under German leadership, international communism would have become a footnote in history.

What Could There Have Been – If, if, if….?
Trillions of dollars could have been used for the betterment of mankind, the environment could have been protected, the Cold War would have been forestalled, (along with the Korean and Vietnamese wars and communist sponsored revolutions elsewhere).

Six Million or more Jews would have been harmlessly ensconsed in a tropical paradise, there would have been peace and justice in the Middle East, China would have evolved along Taiwanese lines under capitalism, sharing with Japan and the Colonial Powers influence over S.E. Asia.

There would have been no UN meddling, no Third World turmoil, no “refugee” migrations, no deprivation of freedom in the name of “human rights”, no Affirmative Action, no asinine Political Correctness and, above all, no subversion and corruption of Western society and the democratic political process by a cunning, avaricious alien minority.

Charlotte NC Bill
October 29, 2011 – 10:52 am
Reading your articles makes me wish I had given my engagement ring to the Lufthansa stewardess..along with my e-mail address and phone #….Germany needs patriots….America does too..but it seems hopeless..

bargain bob
October 29, 2011 – 12:41 pm
The Nameless War; by Capt. A.H.M. Ramsay

October 30, 2011 – 10:03 am
Capt. Ramsay was treated like a criminal for exposing the parasitic intruders infecting the highest levels of the British governance. There must have been many others like him who were systematically found out and destroyed for their sense of patriotism and love of country, and trying to sound the alarm about enemies inside the gates.

During World War Hoax #1 British Intelligence ( or rather treason ) was run by William Wiseman, and his buddy and German counterpart was Max Warburg. How did both of these dishonorable, treasonous moles manage to worm their way into the most critical posts of their “nations” during wartime?

It’s not as if they had any sense of loyalty except to the Rothschild Roaches and their own bank accounts, and clearly they had no respect for the military men they ordered into war and certain death, nor the civilian populations subjected to their psychotic depravity.

Neither would have survived a barfight, and they likely lurked quietly in Defence Ministry corners like rats while moving unnoticed up the ranks, holding desk jobs or safe assignments with little or no chance of action. They were probably cowards as well, hiding in the background while knowingly reducing the demographic of fighting men who might have posed a threat to their violent worldwide scam.

Are both of their accursed remains buried in the countries they betrayed, and if so, why are they not dug up and reburied in their paymasters’ garden, which would be a more appropriate place for them to contaminate soil.

October 30, 2011 – 2:46 pm
Well said, Ann.

Reply Vincent Nunes
October 29, 2011 – 12:48 pm
My best to Ernst.

October 31, 2011 – 7:22 pm

Reply truther
October 29, 2011 – 1:55 pm
Michael McFaul, the New US Ambassador to Russia: Color Revolutions Expert

Islamic Jihad: US seeking to separate Syria from Islamic Resistance

ALBA (The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America) States move toward integration outside capitalist mechanisms

VIDEO – SYRIA- Idleb – Terrorists murdered the 17 years-old child Muhammad Ahmad Qabbani

Reply eric
October 29, 2011 – 2:00 pm
To me the German people will always be a noble people and a people i have a lot of respect for.
God bless those true German patriots, Who have shown us what it is to stand up for the truth.
The truth fears no questions.

Reply Ann
October 29, 2011 – 4:20 pm
Myron Fagan found himself in the midst of 20th century deviants and recognised the danger for America and the world. Scroll down for the transcript of his 1967 radio address describing the deceit, depravity, and bloodshed foisted on the world since 1789 through JFK and VietNam.

It is imperative to remember that these same kooks spawned generations of parasites whose only means of survival is theft and bloodshed by keeping all of us fighting. They have been successful for centuries and they are not letting up now. They can’t. Because that would mean they would have to put in an honest day’s work and they would not know where to begin.

Most if not all of the ignorant ruling street criminals who plotted the destruction of civilization died in nice, warm, comfortable beds while their target populations lived terrified lives and died violent deaths, and we have yet to rid ourselves of the consequences. At some point their destructive bios and ghastly effects should be common knowledge in all history books and topics of criminality in police academies everywhere.

Nero, move over.

Reply Jupiter
October 29, 2011 – 7:22 pm
Eric, I agree that the German people are noble, potentially. Presently of course Germany is a Zioidal police state where most citizens are ever intimidated. Kindergarten kids are ever hammered with Holocaust lies. Ingrid rightfully calls it child abuse. Old Germans don’t call the 1930s under Hitler, before the war, the “glory days” for nothing.

I’ve heard that Germany is printing up marks to replace the Euro. As the healthiest economy in the damn EU, they at last want out, not to bail out Greece, etc. Wish the Zio-Allied occupation govt would stop imprisoning Germany’s best people like Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz and of course Ernst Zundel, who is not allowed to rejoin his wife Ingrid in Tennessee.

October 31, 2011 – 11:07 am
Jupiter commented…

I’ve heard that Germany is printing up marks to replace the Euro – now there is a fine thing…it just needs Spain, Portugal and Ireland to get back to their original currencies and we will see a change in fortunes too….

Reply Giordan
October 29, 2011 – 11:45 pm
The Good War was fought by Hitler and the NSDAP against the draconian Treaty of Versailles and the ludicrous, Jewish-dominated, pseudo-democratic vehicle for the oppression of the German people, the Weimar Republic. Until you get this fundamental fact about modern history, you don’t get anything.

Reply Mark II
October 30, 2011 – 1:06 am
The real warmonger was Churchill with Roosevelt as his ally. I came accross a good article about them by Alex S. Perry,Jr at :

October 30, 2011 – 8:27 am
I read that article some time ago. What was missed in it, was that as early as 1937 Churchill, whose mother was Jewish, was calling for Germany’s destruction, because it was becoming too powerful. This was economic power, not military power.
Whether Hitler was a NWO creation of bankers or not, this article rightly points out that we would have been better off if Germany had won.

This site has some interesting quotes.

Note the dates as most are pre-war.

Reply James
October 30, 2011 – 8:29 am
I’m always viciously attacked in the youtube comments section when I point out that Germany and Germans have been falsely vilified. Incredibly, to this day I find myself debating the authenticity of wartime propaganda against Germany with “educated ” people, as if it was all true. Freedom of the press is more important than it ever was. More and more I see that freedom of the press has never existed!

Jim W. Dean
October 30, 2011 – 8:57 pm
Propaganda does work. That’s why they spend a fortune on it. The Mossad has even been buying money losing media platforms to use as bases…and the red ink is peanuts to them…as they have a variety of ways to obtain funding.

Reply Derek
October 31, 2011 – 7:21 pm
Join the club James. The amount of death threats I receive beggars belief. They are hardly going to turn any civil human beings zionist with their anti social contrary to all men menacing ways

Reply Anthony Clifton
October 30, 2011 – 8:55 am
Alas, Truth is not on holiday because the children of the devil print currency and own the media and operate a house of harlotry called congress, [] Gog & Magog are the “JEWS”, in Palestine. When the Israelites were written to by the “Prophets” there were NO “Jews” on Earth {at that time} Germany is Judah !! [] See Hosea- {an Israelite Prophet},[] Never heard of a “JEW”…Nonetheless Utopian Societies are not “Jewish”. Avoiding the Truth will not make it go away…See Stone of Destiny…and Clan Donald….See Also What Jesus has to say about the inhabitants in the Kingdom in Matthew 13….

Reply Jupiter
October 30, 2011 – 11:42 am
James, it’s disheartening how supposedly educated people don’t get it right, on youtube or elsewhere. These dolts totally accept whatever bilge the Ziomedia hand them, so they don’t have to think, to see the falsity. Brainwashed and braindead.

One vital fact people don’t know is that Hitler saved Western Europe from Communist tyranny by striking Stalin first, who had mobilized a military force 4 times larger than Hitler’s at the common border in 1941. Had Stalin struck first ALL Europe would’ve been conquered under the murderous Red banner! Read Suvorov’s ‘The Chief Culprit’ and J. Hoffmann’s ‘Stalin’s War of Extermination 1941-1945.’

Reply Louise
October 30, 2011 – 10:21 pm
One of the reasons that you have the anti German narrative is because Germany is one of the worlds most successful countries when it comes to the R & D of high tech manufacturing goods; they are superior to the USA and China as well as the rest of Europe. It is jealousy pure and simple. The USA media does not like the Scandinavians for the same reasons, that and the fact that they do not support Israel. China and other developing countries are taking all of the low end manufacturing jobs and Germany and the Scandinavians are getting the high end.

The Nazi words is also over used to warn people that if they critize the Jews or Israel they will be treated the same way as the people who caused the holocaust.

Reply Ibram
October 31, 2011 – 2:26 am
Yep, they still feel threatened by the foremost state in Europe. That is why Germans, like Arabs and Muslims, are convenient punching bags.

Reply Leif Oldhart
October 31, 2011 – 3:18 am
The problem, in a nutshell, is Jews. Their leaders are psychopaths, but we may not criticize those people, or we risk being called anti-semitic. If there are any good Jews (and there probably are), they are under the spell of their psychopathic leadership, which has now infested the entire world at the very highest levels. It’s exactly as simple as that. Needed: someone to invent or develop a “Human Bug Zapper.”

Reply Hans
October 31, 2011 – 7:33 am
The number of major wars waged by the Second German Empire until it was destroyed is exactly zero. (But there were some colonial campaigns.) Some generals suggested preventive strikes against France and Serbia but the Emperor refused this.

Nevertheless were the Germans depicted as warmongering huns, e.g, by the Jew Theodore Kaufman (“Germany Must Perish!”).

As if the Germans had nothing better do to as inciting wars. Primitive Hollywood propaganda, nothing else and nothing new.

Reply Ken Rechtstein
October 31, 2011 – 8:20 am
Thank you Dr Rimland Zundel for this post. It is perfect as an introduction that explains how the false image (created in the 19th century), hammered into the consciousness of Europeans, Slavish People and Americans alike, from the start of WW I and on. that still prevails today, according to which the German people must be kept in check and under close watch, because “they are evil, square headed and militarists-has gassed millions of Jews and will do it again with non-Jews too, if not held under strict control”, i.e. military occupation and prohibitive laws for the German people to investigate their own past. Same applies for any qualified non-German scholar, who tries… definitely VERBOTEN…

Above conception of the German people-etiquette stuck on them, has been kept alive, by overt and covert means. It still exists implicitly-in a subjacent way, kept alive by the same breed of people that staged-carried out a bloody communist ‘regime change’ (to use a very ‘à la mode’ expression) in Russia, while the WW I was raging in the Ardennes-Alsace-Loraine.

I will humbly outline, for those not familiar with European History, some of the facts-issues, I think it is important to get acquainted with in order to better understand the background, how the German people has been SET UP, what they have been through-why and, the urgent need to apply a new angle from which to focus on the History of Europe from 1789 to the 21rst century, based on forensic modern methodology with full access to the sources-archives and the willingness to lift all taboos, accepting that a spade be a spade, discarding euphemisms or the need to wear velvet gloves to manage susceptibilities, this to say, without being labeled Nazi, Anti-Semite or both by those who might be-would be object of academic scrutiny and investigation for their association with the relevant events.

There is so much to do for Historians with the needed intellectual integrity, to get to the bottom of the TRUTH, right the wrongs, unlock many mysteries, clear the air and pave the way for a better future for mankind, free of Myths and confabulations. Only then can our planet be secure and safe, getting the truth known, as bitter as it might be, for those who falsified it, those who have been their victims, without any desire for revenge or hetz against those, who were-are responsible for altering-subverting the facts-creating the Myths and are today caught in a never ending spiral of lies-cover-ups, dealings and wheeling to keep the lid on very unpleasant events and, by acting in such a way, by their endless-aggressive spin are menacing the peace in this planet and the very existence of mankind.
Here come some important issues, to be taken into account:

1) The treaty of Versailles (signed 28 June 1919, between Germany and the Allied powers put an end to WW I -1914-1918), whose harsh terms were imposed upon the German People by Banksters, members of the same Mafia that has hijacked the USA-EU, was meant to bring the German People to their knees-to force them into submission, due to its totally unfair and inhuman impositions: reparations for damages of a war Germany did all it could to avoid-Restrictions for economic growth-almost total disarming of Germany-lost territories.

2) 3 important events took place within the same time frame: a.- 23 December 1913, the Federal Reserve Act… (1914 start of WW I…Humm…) ; b.- 17 October 1917, the Bolshevik “Revolution” financed by American Jewish Banker Jacob Schiff and Rothschild ; c.- 2 November 1917, The Balfour Declaration to Rothschild. All events related to causes and effects, staged to take place almost simultaneously… to promote the Zionist-Communist cause and enslave the German people and the free world.

3) The March 24, 1933 issue of The Daily Express of London described how Jewish leaders, in combination with powerful international Jewish financial interests, had launched a boycott of Germany for the express purpose of crippling her already precarious economy in the hope of bringing down the new Hitler regime.

4) On March 27 there were simultaneous protest rallies at Madison Square Garden, in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland and 70 other locations. The New York rally was broadcast worldwide. The bottom line is that “the New Germany” was declared to be an enemy of Jewish interests and thus needed to be economically strangled. This was BEFORE Hitler decided to boycott Jewish goods.

I will finish by just adding that what makes the German People special and the envy of the French-English at the time Germany was demonized by the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons (which led to WW II) is the German National trait: “Ordnung muss sein” and unmatched discipline, which has permitted Germany to emerge from adversity time after time, through hard work, collective sense of purpose and common goal for the benefit of society as a whole.

No con artists or street smarts admitted in Germany, only scientific approach to known problems in order to find a permanent-logical solution for the benefit of all and, move forward seeking excellence.

Reply PersianAdvocate
October 31, 2011 – 9:10 am
The Germanic people are related to the Iranian people by ancestry – the Aryan connection. Do you see the similarities in how the West has proactively quelled our natural hegemony and productivity in the world, made us into the villains?

Reply peter
October 31, 2011 – 11:24 am
Most interesting reading – and always most interesting comments from some very informed people.

Jim W. Dean
October 31, 2011 – 5:52 pm
Peter, This was the concept of what comment boards were supposed to be like until this concept that all should be allowed to say anything they want or they would call the ADL.

Comment section like this I fee are a big readers draw, and draw more commentors. So what we are going to do is restrict the access to people we know like so many of you have invested time in VT, as intelligent comment boards are kind of an oasis that frankly we all need.

And the editors of VT are smart enough to know that we have a lot of readers who can contribute to carrying an article along further.

We have been banning commentors. Just today I got two nice emails from folks who described that they are having some mental/emotional problems and they realize they have used VT comment boards almost as exercise.

One told me he had an excessive compulsive disorder, and realized he should not have been spamming the boards. It’s sad but here is an example of what was in part of the email.

So I guess it is stupid to worry about going up to visit,since they already know where everyone is anyway?
So I guess it is stupid to worry about going up to visit,since they already know where everyone is anyway,?
So I guess it is stupid to worry about going up to visit,since they already know where everyone is anyway?
So I guess it is stupid to worry about going up to visit,since they already know where everyone is anyway,?

As much as we feel for this person, we are not a treatment center for folks with an internet connection and a keyboard. All of our time is limited. We are facing huge problems. And we need to focus our time on cross educating each other and developing survival plans…and no pun intended…waking the dead who seem oblivious to the end game of our going backwards now.

So any changes we will be making, I want you all to know that this is the key goal. We are going to raise the bar on comment boards. We are going to go clubby

What Ernst and Ingrid have been through is incredible. And while discussing their work we are not going to have hijackers coming in and replacing the article theme with their own pet issue because we have gathered a select group of viewers for them…for free…and no work and sacrifice on their part

Reply dirt
October 31, 2011 – 12:35 pm
Thanks for writing this. As a german american, and raised in a semi-fervent nationalistic german family, I’ve spent a lifetime watching the giant octopus and sanhedrin try to destroy the beauty and history of germany and it’s people. For me, when I think of the brainwashing effects on topics such as: Al ciaduh, germans, fractional reserve lending, palestinians, biblical history, Israel, egyptian history, ad infanitum, it’s sickening. There is possibly nothing important left that isn’t touched and rewritten by the snake heads on TV, radio, etc.

It’s narrative portends and influence are terrifying when you see the scope and level of efficient whitewash. It’s my belief that the jews are most scared of the germans and russians for the fact that both are intelligent and historically can raise a collective fight against the lie machine effectively. The political will of both peoples’ are tough opponents and the jewish press had to go into overdrive to make sure they wouldn’t have an effective defence for a long, long time. They literally tried to kill as many as they possibly could.

Just look at the massive amounts of time and money (others) that went into inventings these lies, and keeping those lies alive. Incredible nearly beyond belief. Good people go about their lives and try to be the best they can, while these reptiles spend their waking moments planning graft. Put into a mathematical ratio, expulsion and all the other extreme measures of the past seem to be the only logical conclusion anyone could come up with for the jewish problem.

Had the final solution actually existed it may have had to be written by a mathematician. They miss all the time, while we can’t miss at all, look what’s happened without vigilence? Hence the PC, Diversity, movements, it’s just constant subterfuge and misdirection, we can’t do anything about the jews when we have an illegal alien problem and everything else they’ve created for us. It’s an onlsought of BS, never allowing the host nation time to process what’s right anymore.

Gordon Duff
October 31, 2011 – 4:59 pm

I am probably heading to Germany for the holidays. I spent a few days around Christmas in Nuremberg.

Unless you know what it was and what is left…..

There…Dresden…Koblenz….Koln…..were magnificent cities.

So I will go to spend a few days in the scraps of what had been one of the most beautiful places on earth.


October 31, 2011 – 6:01 pm
Inteersting you mention Nuremberg, I constantly think of the main point of the trials there. Don’t invade sovereign countries under any pretense other than self defense. And something about, ‘just following orders’ or some other excuse. Didn’t get much traction in the Bush camp, but you can a get a Peace prize while conducting and actually widening two wars simultaneously, then killing fellow citizens without a “TRIAL”.

I haven’t been to Dresden, I don’t think I will visit either. I love Praque, it’s looks like germany should. My relatives are in Munchen. Thing about Bavaria, they don’t like americans much, and I don’t blame them. Hope you make it there. Watch out for the Schmidt clan, they’re tough people. They can drink a full 30 oz in one gulp then eat the glass stein

Reply rgalton
October 31, 2011 – 4:54 pm
Excellent piece. The British, despite having fought two very bitter total wars against Germany, generally have a lot of respect for the Germans. The Germans are the natural allies of the other Anglo-Saxon nations, notable the US and the UK.

We have shared roots and in many ways a common approach. A close alliance between the US + Germany + the UK would be a formidable force. It wont happen until the Zionists have been completely cleaned out of the system though.

Jim W. Dean
October 31, 2011 – 6:30 pm
And the Germans and Hitler had respect for the Brits. That is one reason that he posed the peace offer that was publicly withheld while being debated among the ministers. It was David Irving that dug up that the decision was trending to a deal with Germany…which Churchill was opposing.

The bombing raids on Berlin were a cold calculated ruse to get the Germans to bomb London, which Hitler had strictly forbidden, of course while his peace proposal was on the table. Irving found one diary entry from one of the Churchill staff who, after several Berlin raids with no counter bombing, in frustration was found shaking his fist up into the sky yelling ‘When will you come…when will you come!!” The observer of course did not know the context of the remark.

I think it was after the fourth Berlin raid that Hitler blew his stack and order London be bombed. Churchill had gotten his goat. The British public was enraged and screaming for war. The cabinet debate on the peace proposal shifted immediately to Churchill.

Releasing this research publicly made Irving a marked man, and they finally nailed him in the Irving trial. But historically he won as his team published the daily transcripts every night and there is no finer and fuller record of the perfidy of the Jewish Lobby, all there in black and white.

They were widely read worldwide, but that had no influence on the lone judge who ruled on the case. To this day, Lipstadt, a most pitiful person,…and failed academic, pulled from obscurity of going to smaller and smaller colleges until she miraculously was plucked out to be the holocaust chair at Emory University.

And this is a woman with a long record of speeches to all Jewish audiences about how intermarriage was ‘mongrelizing the race’…the ‘new holocaust’….with not a peep about it in the media. This was part of my education of how pitiful our media can be…right down there on the old Soviet Pravda level on a bad or even medium day.

October 31, 2011 – 7:46 pm
Irving and his sacrafices opened an expensive part of history, we cannot let those that were exposed find any shade. Just like OWS is exposing the shills on national TV, we cannot let them find any shade. I hope the expense is not too great. It seems telling the truth and asking for justice has finally and innocently done what it was supposed to do, which is to shame those responsible for it and ironically expose those who rightfully deserve redress of grievances, “us”. Now it is clear for all to see who it is that is standing in our way, and that is the apparatus that is protecting the culprits, our beloved police. They have exposed themselves not as a ‘police’ but as an instrument guarding ‘policies’ for those that are detrimental to our republic from departments that mean to rule us unfairly.

Reply Bob
October 31, 2011 – 8:52 pm
Its odd how the Palestinian bid for statehood is bringing out the truth regarding Israels development during WWII. Well, maybe not so much odd as eye opening for those who never realized so many Jews came from Germany, and Russia and, with the help of the British, pretended to own Jerusalem. Either way the masses will realize who set up the transfer of millions of Jews to Israel and understand that it wasn’t the Jews who thought it up.



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