Public Spectacle of Gaddafi’s Death Signal for Expanded War?”


Public Spectacle of Gaddafi’s Death Signal for Expanded War?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 – by Staff Report

Hillary ClintonKilling Gaddafi not such a good idea after all … The greatest punishment for the Libyan dictator would have been incarceration and humiliation … The late Libyan leader may have been rotten through, not to mention bordering on mad, but his barbaric execution doesn’t bode well for Libya’s future. The whole point of a revolution is change; hopefully change for the better. – Gulf News

Dominant Social Theme: The butcher of Libya is dead. “We came, we saw, he died,” said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Free-Market Analysis: Perhaps the most disturbing element of the death of Muammar Gaddafi was its public spectacle. So many shaky videos of the 60-year-old straggly-haired Gaddafi being punched, shoved, bloodied and even “sodomized” have emerged that we long ago gave up keeping track.

Why is the deliberate public spectacle of Gaddafi’s death and Hillary’s triumphant reaction to it (see today’s video) more important than the deliberate destabilization of Libya itself and the deaths of thousands of innocents? Because it seems to us – as elite meme watchers – that the Anglosphere power elite is setting us up for increased violence the world over, maybe a radical, terrible expansion. We covered this in several articles yesterday: “Obama’s Re-Election Model Is FDR” and “NATO Preps for World War?”

We have generally noticed the coarsening of the public dialogue over the past decades. People are routinely referred to now as “perverts” and the use of this pejorative dehumanizes the individual and makes it much easier for the state to impose whatever damages it chooses. This supports such travesties of justice as when adults were accused of molesting toddlers in Massachusetts and incarcerated on trumped-up charges. There are many other instances. Labels dehumanize and make injustice tolerable and even celebrated.

As regards this sort of rhetoric, the biggest change we have noticed, currently anyway, is in the way that the Anglosphere treats its enemies. There was once, in the 20th century, a good deal of vituperation aimed at the USSR and its top men, with justification. But in the past decade or so the same sort of rhetoric has been aimed at Islam and at small-time Middle Eastern dictators.

While no doubt leaders like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were terrible to certain people in their country, the remedies have seemingly proven far more destructive than anything done by these two. Iraq was shattered by a nearly decade-long war. Libya’s main cities have been shattered in a much shorter time period, mostly by a tremendous rain of NATO bombs.

This article, excerpted above, is one of the few we have read that provides a more balanced view of what just happened in Libya. There is no doubt that Gaddafi could be a merciless foe who meted out inhumane punishments to those who opposed him. But he also provided Libya with what was ultimately a high living standard for the Middle East and Africa, and as dictators go he was, perhaps, not so bad as certain other rulers that the US and NATO have backed with enthusiasm. Here’s some more from the article:

Summary executions, torture and beatings were the way Gaddafi and his brood handled their foes, which is why the Libyan people have rightly rejected the weird man and his cruel, egotistical, bigspending clan … Gaddafi’s capture was supposed to signify a new day, a new dawn; an era of democracy and the rule of law. The National Transitional Council (NTC) wants Libya to take its rightful place within the international community sans the stench of the rogue state the country once was.

Frankly, it was sickening to watch the footage of Gaddafi, bloodied and dazed, being hauled off the bonnet of a vehicle before being dragged through the streets, clearly very much alive if not very well. As the video proves, he was then bundled into an ambulance en route to Misrata and was seen to be fully conscious. From there on the picture becomes murky. Initial reports from the NTC indicated that he was caught in the crossfire when a bullet entered his head, inside an ambulance! Forensic experts say he was executed at close range.

It’s worrying that one of the NTC’s senior members, Mohammad Sayeh, said, “Even if he was killed intentionally, I think he deserves this.” He should be setting an example. It’s one thing for fighters to take revenge in the atmosphere of war and quite another for a political figure to bless such barbarity … By resorting to the same low methods as your enemy you risk becoming the very enemy you’re battling.

These are good points, we think, though we disagree with the idea that Gaddafi should have been tried by an international court. The only reason he wasn’t probably was because he knew a good deal too much about Western leaders and the way the world really works. Gaddafi is dead now and that knowledge died with him.

The Libyan “war” was evidently waged for several reasons, and probably had to do with oil and with ensuring that Gaddafi did not begin to use gold rather than dollars as the main currency for Libyan oil. Additionally Gaddafi was trying to set up an African Union that would use its own currency and oppose the West on numerous economic and socio-political issues.

The biggest reason from our point of view may be that the West is secretly working to set up an Islamic crescent of countries in the Middle East and Africa that may provide a pretext for war. Most of the countries that the West is destabilizing will end up with Islamic rulership to some degree, or so it seems. Libya is no exception.

It seems to us that there may be war on the horizon – big war – and Western citizens are now to be desensitized to it, and to the enemies of the West generally. This has happened with such Western enemies as the USSR – the “Red Menace” and the German “Huns,” the Japanese “Nips” and the Vietnamese “Gooks. ”

Gaddafi death videos are still circulating on the Internet, each one more gruesome and graphic than the last. These videos circulate throughout the world – and especially throughout the Anglosphere at a time when YouTube denies viewers the sight of a breast or female nipple because it might cause offense. Such images are stashed behind a firewall.

Conclusion: But when it comes to videos of Gaddafi being killed or assaulted with blood dripping down his face, we have a full menu of gory items to choose from. We can watch all we want. The images circulate unimpeded. The US Secretary of State laughs and releases her celebratory clip for all the world to see. What does this portend?

Edited day after post.

Posted by David_Robertson on 10/27/11 05:46 AM

It has now been confirmed that Moammar Qadhafi is still alive. The man who was murdered in a gross public spectacle was “Ali Majid Al Andalus who was an inhabitant of Sirte in Libya and was famous for his resemblance to the brother Leader of the El Fateh Revolution.” Click to view link

This will I hope prove to DB readers that the controlled public media cannot be trusted at all. They are lying because they are fed lies by their controllers and simply channel these lies to the public. It has taken me personally years to reach this conclusion. It is a difficult bridge to cross but I am convinced it is true. My wife and I have known from the beginning that this horrible spectacle put on for Clinton was a contrived psyop. The controlled media’s blatant response was simply confirmation.

Do you remember when, I believe it was Bush, said that their war was not against Islam? At the time I thought that was a lie and so it is proving to be. They of course are pretending to be Christian nations, another lie, and posing as such are attacking Muslim nations in order to promote the lie that there is a “Clash of Civilisations”. Any such clash is a social condition being manufactured by the Oligarchy to maintain their perpetual wars. They are now reversing their policies of multiculturalism because they have accomplished their goal of provoking inter cultural animosities. I expect an increase in the fomenting of inter racial strife. Let us not forget that many thousands of the Libyans slaughtered were black Africans.

Here is another quote from the article linked above:

“The psychopathic criminals Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and ignoble Albellajil know very well that they did not kill Muammar Gaddafi. They used this innocent man solely for their psychological operation by having him lynched by armed thugs of the TNC before the cameras. This served several purposes including tarnishing the image of the Guide on the one hand and smearing Islam on the other.

The reason that Jalil was quick to declare Sharia in Libya is to place the blame for the crimes of NATO squarely on the backs of Muslims and Islam, when in reality it is these ‘druggie types’ hired by the secret services of NATO countries, who have nothing to do with Islam, who committed these crimes.

This is a war against Islaam. Once these monstrous mercenaries from NATO have committed enough crimes before the cameras around the world with the help of NATO, the latter will then have every excuse to kill more people and boost their wars to strengthen their control over the Muslim countries that they have been pitching as wild and barbaric societies. Islam will then have been discredited and their victims will quietly accept their ‘offer’ and help to execute the infamous project of the so-called New World Order.

NATO’s process of psychological destabilization must be retained forever by the citizens of the world as a lesson.”

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Posted by David_Robertson on 10/27/11 05:12 AM

It is not certain that Qadhafi IS dead. This does not excuse the gloating by the media over the murder of a man whoever he was. It is no different than the gladiatorial games in ancient Rome.

Nor does it change the fact that the government of Libya was vested in the people.

Colonel Qadhafi opposed the Islamists in his midst who wished to return to strict sharia law according to the hadith. He was nevertheless a devout Muslim and the Libyan law was based upon the Qran.

If anything his hero was Mohammed and he tried to model his behaviour on him. He was no tyrant or dictator. He resigned from all official government positions in 1979 and was simply the “Brother Leader”. He wrote and implemented the Third Universal Theory, The Green Book, the foundation of the political, legal and economic system in Libya which is participatory direct democracy, the political system that is now being practised in the Occupy movements around the world.

He is the leader of a tribal Muslim society and lives his life according to the traditions and norms of that society. In their culture it is usual to have a symbolic Leader which is why in countries such as these you will see the portrait of the Leader displayed in public places. Perhaps George Orwell took this practice as a template for his portrait of Big Brother in 1984 since he was well aware of these customs. Unfortunately it has created in the Western mind an image of authoritarianism which in the case of Qadhafi and Libya was ill-deserved.

In Qaddafi’s Libya although he was the Leader he had no more official authority than any Libyan and had to make his proposals for change through the process he had created in the People’s Conferences, Congresses and Committees with their Secretariats. His most recent suggestion was that every Libyan should receive a monthly income from the national exchequer and be responsible to make their own arrangements for their own upkeep. This proposal was defeated.

When Qadhafi and his brother officers executed their bloodless coup in 1969 Libya was the poorest country in the world and the monarch installed by the British, King Idris, was indeed an oppressive authoritarian dictator. Since then in spite of opposition from the forces of the West, i.e. the Anglo-American and European elites, Libya had became the richest country in Africa per capita, exceeding Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Qadhafi instituted free medical care, free education up to university level, $50,000 for every couple on their wedding day, $20,000 for every Libyan who wished to start a business, free land, farming implements, seeds and livestock for every Libyan who wished to farm. He created the Man Made River from the world’s greatest fresh water aquifer under the South Libyan desert and brought the water through massive pipes to the north where it could be used for irrigation. Libya was beginning to pose a threat to Israel in their export of fresh vegetables.


I have never known any “tyrant” in history who was loved by 90% of his people and who did so much for them through the egalitarian political and economic system he created. His most bitter enemies were the salafist fundamentalist Muslims who wished to continue their subjugation of women under the dictates of the sharia law based upon the hadith. Qadhafi opposed them 100% and had set women free in Libya to pursue their dreams just like any man.

The reason the Western powers were opposed to him and worked for over thirty years to foment rebellion and overthrow him was that he opposed their neo-colonialist ambitions and constantly exposed their machinations in public venues. He created an independent Libyan central bank that lent money without interest to African nations and sought to bring about an African Monetary Fund and a United States of Africa independent of the colonial powers.

He supported freedom i.e. anti-colonialist movements wherever they arose either financially or morally. In doing so he made many enemies amongst the ruling elites in many countries. It is primarily for this courageous stand that he has been vilified, demonised and now violently overthrown by the controlled propaganda media in the colonialist nations.

Without the support of the overwhelming military supremacy of NATO the rag tag band of monarchists, Islamists and assorted psychopathic criminals now recognised as the “government” of Libya would never have left Benghazi. That the UK has been in this sordid adventure up to its elbows is cause for everlasting shame. They have slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Libyans living in peace, plenty and freedom and destroyed the work of 42 years in nation building accomplished by the people of Libya.

This will not be forgotten. We have sown the wind and we shall reap the whirlwind. Our “leaders” have taken leave of their senses.

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Posted by Summer on 10/26/11 06:46 PM

DB: But in the past decade or so the same sort of rhetoric has been aimed at Islam and at small-time Middle Eastern dictators.


DB: While no doubt leaders like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were terrible to certain people in their country, the remedies have seemingly proven far more destructive than anything done by these two.

Thank you, sense!

DB: But he also provided Libya with what was ultimately a high living standard for the Middle East and Africa, and as dictators go he was not nearly so bad as other rulers that the US and NATO has backed with enthusiasm.

Spot on, thank goodness for the truth!

‘Frankly, it was sickening to watch the footage of Gaddafi, bloodied and dazed, being hauled off the bonnet of a vehicle before being dragged through the streets,… ‘

The coverage here in the UK – main news slot – BBC 10o’clock news was just UNBELIEVABLE! It was like Wham Bam thank you Mam!

It started out showing the ‘victory’ of getting the bad guy Gaddaffi, the pride with which the pictures were announced, showing an old man been beaten up by a group of wonderful revolutionaries was so ‘uncivilised’ and blatantly a ‘hit’ (assassination), I was surprised that they would make it that obvious. Next, just in case any squeamish middle-class types might take objection to these scenes (that due process stuff might prick the conscience!) the newsreader merrily announced that there would be a lot of wealth to ‘help’ the Libyans and importantly help British contractors who would benefit – brilliant! And lastly, of course, freedom and the American way – democracy, would be the reward for Libyans after the humanitarian mission that killed only 30,000!

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Posted by rossbcan on 10/26/11 03:28 PM

Posted by Berthe on 10/26/11 01:47 PM
And at the same time, we are told that Gadhafi had hundreds of billions and no doubt some billions are still accessible to his family who might pay out for some revenge but no one worries about that possibility???

“… family who might pay out for some revenge but no one worries about that possibility???”

opportunity, to some. MIC and legal “profession” NEEDS conflict to survive just as states NEED “problems” to acquire power and survive.

So, the entire lot of them are busy creating just what they need, at other people’s expense, of course.

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Posted by Berthe on 10/26/11 01:47 PM

And at the same time, we are told that Gadhafi had hundreds of billions and no doubt some billions are still accessible to his family who might pay out for some revenge but no one worries about that possibility???

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Posted by reegje on 10/26/11 11:28 AM

It makes me sick to the stomach to hear and see a clip of that cackling Clinton-woman. Libya adds up to the heap of destroyed countries wrecked by the Anglo-American power elite and now I read somewhere that the criminal banksters are eyeballing Nigeria’s sovereign funds? Just after Goldman Sachs looted Libya’s sovereign fund. They really think that we are morons here and not see the pattern of destruction waged by these degenerate, inbred, diabolical physopaths.

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Posted by bewer on 10/26/11 11:00 AM

Confusing, are we not? Freedom means we all can choose to look at a nipple, a nooky, a torture, and then wonder if we should have and probably decide whether or not to ever look at that item again. Then there are those of us who judge, after we look at the item, that someone else should not be allowed to look at the item. Waco was a US disgrace. The Randy Weaver episode was an asinine disgrace to all police involved, and that became clear in court, thankfully.

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Posted by Hoss on 10/26/11 10:27 AM

“He deserved it”.

Hillary was in charge (she drove Bill, didn’t she?) when they burned the children at Waco and shot them as they tried to exit the building. (Look at the FLIR tapes yourself.)

And the drones said, “they deserved it”.

There is danger in this desensitization process. Government openly kills anyone it pleases, seeing no need for anything more that a test of the effectiveness of a PR campaign before proceeding with a public execution. The danger is that those who witness this on the opposing side become desensitized, too, and begin to see these murderers as monsters, subject to the same judgements the monsters pass out.

They’ve raised the stakes in the game at the risk of their own slimy lives.

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Posted by IndianaJohn on 10/26/11 10:21 AM

Hillary’s fires have been out for a decade or more, and she still thirsts for blood. Two foul women back to back, as Secretary of State. What a country.

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Posted by Dave Jr on 10/26/11 10:13 AM

That is one ugly woman. And she is not pleasing to the eye either.

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Posted by provolone on 10/26/11 09:24 AM

Ive seen breasts outside of an erotic context on youtube. I have read some comments on youtube that pro-Gaddafi videos have been deleted. The realization that google/youtube is just as twisted as cable news is disturbing. Fravia(RIP) said the day would come where the search giants would be in bed with the misinformation outlets. Its still not a straight shot for the Internet reformation you speak of. More barriers will continue to be erected.

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Gaddafi’s Death – More War to Come?
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 – by Staff Report
Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, was on an ascendant curve in terms of her popularity and approval. But we wonder if this breath-taking video clip will have an impact on her ratings. She is being interviewed by a reporter and, as an aside (she looks off camera), says suddenly, “We came, we saw, he died.” The reference is to Muammar Gaddafi.

In today’s article, we comment on this statement under the following headline: “[Is the] Public Spectacle of Gaddafi’s Death Signal for Expanded War?” We ask this question in part because the death of Gaddafi has been played out in the broadest manner we can ever remember. There are so many shaky videos of the murder-in-progress of the 60-year-old, straggly-haired Gaddafi that we long ago gave up keeping track.

It seems to us – as meme watchers – that the Anglosphere power elite is setting us up for increased violence the world over, maybe even a radical, terrible expansion as we wrote just yesterday (NATO Preps for World War?). At the very least, Ms. Clinton’s public rejoicing over someone’s death – no matter how terrible the person – strikes us as being in desperately bad taste.

We would not be surprised, however, if the statement and its very public release was entirely premeditated. The Anglosphere power elites seem to have embarked on a campaign (military and otherwise) to intimidate and subdue the entire Middle East no matter the cost. Ms. Clinton’s remark and public rejoicing may be seen in this context. And by logical extension it may promise more bloodshed to come.

(Video from YouTube user channel FederalJackTube6)




Hillary is the queen of terror and war … a living weapon of mass destruction. The central figure at the center of the worlds mass human death projects. The fact she can laugh at it reveals the true sociopathic lack of empathy inside this woman. She just engineered the war that has destroyed Libya and killed tens of thousands, and now she is going to engineer the new government, another “transitional” puppet regime. Please mirror a copy of this video it exposes the reality.


Radical Islamic Insurgents In Libya Take Sirte With US Guns And A Bulletproof Bulldozer

by IranContraScumDid911 on 19 Oct 2011

A bulldozer named Hillary paid for with US tax dollars by your criminal commander in treason, Barry Hussain. Last time I checked giving squad automatics to Al-Qaeda fighters was treason. Because Obama is using Al-Qaeda in the Magrev they are now America’s heroes. Wake up people. Obama is the boss of Al-Qaeda, even planning to blow up Christmas here in America TWICE. “Allah Akhbar” from Obama’s Al-Qaeda in the Magrev mercenary CIA controlled army backed by NATO airstrikes. NATO runs mercenary armies such as Al-Qaeda, have been caught many times. They just do it in the open now, with the help of CNN and FOX. Obama ignores the US Constitution and goes to work for NATO. Obama is not American, not the kind I grew up with.

News & Politics

How ironic that NATO is arming alQaeda to go and slaughter innocent Libyan civilians

SouthernCross33 1 week ago




LIBYA 2007



2 responses to “Public Spectacle of Gaddafi’s Death Signal for Expanded War?”


    “THE ASSOCIATED PRESS JUST CAN’T BRING ITSELF to mention in its June 21 2008 article that the ‘Christian religious books’ which were recently burned in Israel were copies of the New Testament.”

    This is the keen observation of the renowned historian Michael A Hoffman II of the Revisionist History Web Site Here.

    The AP article which is entitled, Messianic Jews Under Israeli Attack, describes how Messianic Jews who believe in Jesus as the Messiah, (yet still hold to their Jewish racial & religious identity), have been recipients of Letter Bombs and the object of the recent burning of New Testaments which they passed out in a Tel Aviv suburb.

    Michael Hoffman Has Granted Rew Jew News
    An Exclusive Interview Regarding The AP Article:

    Real Jew News: The AP article reported: “Proselytizing is discouraged in Israel whose people have suffered centuries of persecution for not accepting Jesus.” What is your response?

    Michael A Hoffman II: Would the AP ever report, “Judaism is discouraged in Russia whose Orthodox Christian people have suffered 70 years of persecution for not accepting the Communism of the circumcised Judaic Bolsheviks?”

    No – you will never see something like this in the Judaic controlled media.

    Real Jew News: The AP article showcases Israel’s penchant for violence in the use of Letter Bombs and Book Burnings against those who deviate from Israel’s agenda. Is this the mark of a “democratic society” which the West says it must support?

    Michael A Hoffman II: The current alliance between the West and the Israelis is very tenuous and temporary. The State of Israel is predicated on the manipulation of an erstwhile Christian western civilization into a collective golem that bombs and fights its enemies only for the benefit of the Israelis.

    When this proxy function is no longer needed, the Israelis will dump the West in Red China’s lap and proceed on their supremacist path as the self-appointed judge of the entire world.

    Real Jew News: But how will the State of Israel function as a self-appointed judge?

    Michael A Hoffman II: The Jewish Sanhedrin, the same one that delivered Jesus Christ to be crucified, was reconstituted in Tiberias in 2004. This revived Sanhedrin which is the ‘Supreme Court of Jewish Law’ is a harbinger of Israel’s plan to be the judge over all nations.

    Real Jew News: Do you think that western civilization will comprehend what the Zionists are really all about?

    Michael A Hoffman II: Lamentably, the Zionist Master Plan is aided and abetted by powerful “Christian” allies like Senator McCain, President Bush, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, and Gordon Brown. They lead the list of thousands of other “Christian” golem in the top ranks of the American & European governments.

    Moreover, the propaganda arm of the Zionist Master Plan is the Judaic controlled media which continually evinces its bias towards Zionism. As the saying goes, “they who control the media control the minds of men.”

  2. Excerpted & Adapted From Source: Does Balkanization Beckon Anew?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan Here.



    The US bombed Serbia for 78 days to force its army out of its province of Kosovo.

    The Serbs were fighting terrorists of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). And the US had no more right to bomb Belgrade than the Royal Navy would have had to bombard New York in the American Civil War.

    Here are the Jews who led the bombing of Serbia who tried to save Kosovo from the Muslims:

    1) US Secretary of State Madeleine “Korbel” Albright, born of Czech Jewish parents; 2) The US Ambassador to the UN, Richard Holbrooke, who changed his Jewish name “Samuel Moos;” 3) And the Jew, David Scheffer, Albright’s Ambassador For War Crime Issues, were at the lead in waging this war against Orthodox-Christian Serbia and Kosovo.

    See: Holbrooke Meets KLA Here

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