Communist China or Western Patsy?


Communist China or Western Patsy?
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 – by Staff Report

Xie Zhenhua

China ‘won’t follow US’ on carbon emissions … China will not allow its carbon dioxide emissions per person to reach levels seen in the US, according to the minister in charge of climate policy. Xie Zhenhua, vice chair of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that to let emissions rise that high would be a “disaster for the world – BBC

Dominant Social Theme: China is a responsible citizen of the world and is proving it even though it is also an enemy of the West. But it is a helpful enemy. Though it is also a Red Menace. But it is “good people.” But it is also the biggest danger to the America. But it is helping Europe … Though it is a communist state … But it has capitalist tendencies … But it is about to implode … But it has done very well … Because it is Western … Though it is still totalitarian.

Free-Market Analysis: When it comes to China the Anglosphere power elite has done an unusually bad job. On the one hand, China is to be painted as a great adversary of the West. On the other, it must be seen as participating in the larger set of dominant social themes that the elites want to promote around the world.

Just yesterday, we posted a story “NATO Preps for World War” that positioned China as a military enemy. But we are past the point where we think that modern warfare has much to do with underlying enmity. Modern wars in our view are projects mostly of the Anglosphere elites and are mounted for purposes of control, population reduction and other reasons that do not have much or anything to do with a clash of civilizations.

Despite the overhang of potential military activity, China in its current incarnation seems evidently and obviously a kind of controlled opposition – a convenient grand backdrop on which any one of a number of perceptions may be generated. For now, the ChiCom leaders seem to be working closely to support Western memes. Its leaders have stated their intention to help bail out the EU. And now we see the enthusiastic endorsement of one of the more pernicious theme – global warming and the necessity for carbon sinks.

The current ChiCom society has been built along the lines of modern Western socialism, complete with central banking and mercantilist multinationals. The linkages to the controlling Western elites are likely fairly well hidden and can only be discerned when China suddenly makes strange noises benefiting this or that Western meme or agenda.

Such is the case with this carbon announcement. China therefore endorses another Western falsehood having to do with the causes of global warming – carbon pollution – when there is no evidence that carbon dioxide – one of the most important and life-giving gases in the world has anything to do with global warming (which likely doesn’t exist anyway). Here’s some more from the article:

A study published over the weekend in the journal Nature Climate Change showed that if global emissions do not peak and begin to fall by 2020, keeping the global average temperature rise since pre-industrial times below 2C will be difficult. Since the UN climate summit in Copenhagen two years ago, the political scene on climate change has shifted markedly, with members of established negotiating blocs reaching out to countries that have not traditionally been allies but which now share common interests.

This is one of the reasons why China and European countries are exploring the potential for collaboration in areas such as novel fuels. Another is that western engineering expertise allied to Chinese manufacturing could result in “green” products at low price. For the UK, part of the idea is to rebuild bridges that were singed, if not burned, after Copenhagen when Ed Miliband – then climate secretary and now leader of the opposition – blamed Chinese negotiators for scuppering the talks.

Mr Xie’s visit was facilitated by Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment (Globe) International, the worldwide association of parliamentarians. Lord (Michael) Jay, Globe’s vice president, suggested it was vital to make progress at this year’s UN summit in Durban, South Africa. “We hold the planet in trust for future generations,” he said. “And that puts a lot of responsibility on our shoulders before and after Durban.” And Mr Xie suggested that Europe and China could work together to push things forward. “Let’s join hands to push the US to take action,” he said.

China is used by the West in numerous useful capacities. One of its biggest roles is to make the West’s socialism/mercantilism look good. We are reminded that China’s brand is even worse. China is also used occasionally to justify America’s growing wars in the Middle East and Africa. The idea is that these are strategic in nature and aimed at combatting any aggressive intentions harbored by Chinese leaders.

China is a useful foil for Anglosphere elites that project anything they want onto its vast backdrop. They apparently support some sort of global governance in line with Anglosphere ambitions. Even if it comes to war, the Chinese elites shall likely cooperate in some fashion, at least to begin with.

Modern wars, the big ones anyway, are mostly aimed at the “little people.” And China has plenty of little people. This is something else that the ChiComs and Anglosphere elites share: a yen for population reduction and a likely lack of concern for how it is accomplished. In this way, as well, China supports the Anglosphere and its memes.

Conclusion: War, of course, is the most destructive dominant social theme of all. And one of the most desirable, perhaps, in certain circumstances.

Posted by Hoss on 10/26/11 10:25 PM

Posted by William3 on 10/26/11 02:41 PM
I’ve long believed China has been co-opted by the PE. Following elite memes just confirms this. But war is something else.

Keeping China as an adversary keeps the dialectic alive — force/counter-force/new force. But it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where China goes along with a Western plan for a global war.

The politburo in Beijing may only see their demise with such a venture. They have only a fraction of the military power of the West, and it would be difficult to get hundreds of millions of Chinese people energized for ground combat.

But, I’ve been fooled before.

We can solve that by launching a pre-emptive war on their territory.

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Posted by Nightcrawler on 10/26/11 03:20 PM

War could be a win/win for the Chicoms.

Can you imagine the testosterone levels when there are 20 young males to every young lady.

At the same time, riots and demonstrations appear to be rising dramatically in numbers.

War would cull the herd, inculcate patriotism and take the focus off domestic machinations.

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Posted by William3 on 10/26/11 02:41 PM

I’ve long believed China has been co-opted by the PE. Following elite memes just confirms this. But war is something else.

Keeping China as an adversary keeps the dialectic alive — force/counter-force/new force. But it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where China goes along with a Western plan for a global war.

The politburo in Beijing may only see their demise with such a venture. They have only a fraction of the military power of the West, and it would be difficult to get hundreds of millions of Chinese people energized for ground combat.

But, I’ve been fooled before.

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Posted by boysie on 10/26/11 11:24 AM


You remember Charles Darwin (he of Theory of Evolution fame – Well – I have developed an equally idiotic theory – both Charles Darwin theory and my own theory are quite valid – since are based on the same hypothesis – namely (The More Intelligent and Intellectually Aware You Think You Are – The More Paranoid Schitsophrenic and Psychopathic You Really Are) –

Let us remember some facts – the US has destroyed Libya – almost similar to the rape and destruction of Iraq & Afghanistan – China was building infrastucture projects in Libya – Yet it is China – who is an enemy of the west – we live in a strange upside world –

But – personally – I would much prefer to have China as an enemy – building infracstruture projects in my garden – than the Depleted Uranium Friendship of the US and or NATO – but don’t worry – what you wish for is on it’s way – my only hope is that these super intelligent folks in the west – wait a few years – they will save a few million dollars on the cost of the Depleted Uranium and phospher bombs.

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Reply from The Daily Bell

Sure you have the right blog?

Posted by laceja on 10/26/11 11:13 AM

War is seen, but by the elite, as a great distraction. Of course, they will always do whatever to position us for a war of necessity. The necessity is to distract us and spend us deeper and deeper. Not to mention, it provides excellent evidence for a one world centralized government, which will, of course, prevent all future “conflicts”. Too bad so many Americans are so easily manipulated.

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Posted by Don on 10/26/11 10:46 AM

“China is evidently and obviously a kind of controlled opposition – a convenient grand backdrop on which any one of a number of perceptions may be generated.”

China, a PE perception panacea. A Swiss knife plugging holes in memes that go all Swiss cheese. (To an assassin with a dagger, every problem looks like a bareback.)

“We really don’t see at this point how China can be considered an ‘enemy’ of the West”

Dragon donned Bear’s Varyag ( Click to view link )accouterments to help Western Admiralty keep careers viable by fighting the last great world war.

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Posted by TerryWriterFromPortCredit on 10/26/11 10:42 AM

And there it is – the reason behind “He’s a real prince alright” Philip and his scowley, child-like imagined “I’m a killer virus” face.

Chicom’s leaders have been co-opted by the elite’s population reduction scheme because they know their real intentions have been outed. Once OWS and it’s brother and sister movements world-wide get co-opted by the “Kill The Central Banking System” advocates – the Elites (Chicom’s leaders are obviously elite-thinkers) will have to co-opt ALL military leaders into their scheme (those already not on board, that is)

ALL POINTS BULLETIN: All Oath Keepers of The Global Village (the true new world order). All honourable men and women (lovers of family/lovers of humanity) – get on the phone NOW!

Phone everyone you know – up and down the spectrum of the military hierarchy – right to those you know at the top. All throughout this Global Village –

For once the #Occupy Central Banks advocates grow in numbers large enough to scare the elite – they wil be pushing the “buttons” they still have their fingers on.

Always remember –

(For if you don’t it will be at you and your children’s and children’s chilren onwards) –

These elites are PSYCHOPATHS!

Just look at “Hilarious” Clinton’s and “A prince alright” Phillip’s faces in the postings here at the DB if you don’t believe me.

A Mohandas Movement = A Gandhi Outcome!

Peace always first – T.

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Posted by Stan on 10/26/11 10:30 AM

China has same central planning as the US/EU and is facing serious problems as result of central banking, credit expansion and a mercantilist policy. Some people already revolting there. Would not it suit their elite (communist party) to participate in a war in order to crush dissent, impose a lot of controls all in the name of nationalism? Heck, if it works in the West, why it should not in the East? The very same dynamics are in play there in my view and the toolbox they have is pretty much the same.

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Posted by Hoss on 10/26/11 10:16 AM

From another perspective, the quote from BBC is quite easy to translate:

1. Your energy consumption is your standard of living.

2. Carbon dioxide is the product of energy consumption.

3. China promises never to allow the standard of living of its serfs to equal ours.

Easy promise for them to make.

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Posted by Dave Jr on 10/26/11 10:05 AM

“We hold the planet in trust for future generations”, said Lord (Michael) Jay, Globe’s vice president.

That pretty much says it all. A Trust that they inherited no doubt. Can you believe the arrogance?

It is funny how the Elite organize themselves. A central core with concentric rings of lesser power and influence. If they would step back, they would see they have painted themselves as a target complete with a bulls eye.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Israel Epstein, second from right in front, standing in front of Mao. He later became the minister of appropriations, ‘an extremely powerful position in a practically cashless era’. To the right of him is another Jew, also under cover as a journalist.

‘Jewish’ folks are said to be influential in many parts of the world, sometimes working behind the scenes, sometimes taking key posts in governments, the media, business and the security services.

China has a Jewish population.

Jewish settlers are documented in China as early as the 7th or 8th century AD, but may have arrived early as 231 BC.

In the 17th century, in China, there were Jews in government service and many Jews owned big properties.

In the 19th century, Elias David Sassoon arrived in Shanghai and many Jews followed.

Jews from the Middle East set up some of the leading trading companies in China in the second half of the 19th century.

After World War I, many Jews arrived in China from Europe. (History of the Jews in China – Wikipedia

Mao in a meeting with Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, and Solomon Adler.

Pas drew our attention to ‘The Secret Role of Jews in China’ / Jews In China

Mao’s China had a number of Jewish friends.

One such was Israel Epstein who became a Chinese citizen in 1957 and a member of the Communist Party in 1964.

In China, Epstein served on official government and party committees and was at one time Minister of Appropriations.

From 1983 on, he was a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the politburo, the top advisory body in China.

Two other Jews, Sidney Shapiro and Chen Bidi, were also members of the same top body.

(Israel Epstein Times Online Obituary / New York Times Obituary by Douglas Martin / Obituary People’s Daily Online / Retrospective, China Today /

In 2005, Hu Jintao, leader of the Communist Party, praised Epstein’s ‘outstanding contributions’ to China.

Epstein’s parents, originally from Poland, moved to China in 1917 and lived in Tianjin, the seaport of Beijing, home to a large number of Jews.

Israel Epstein chatting with Chairman Hu.

With Epstein in Beijing were a number of ‘foreign friends’ of China, including:

Rewi Alley (a New Zealander, allegedly a crypto-Jew. “His prime motivation for going to China was to prey on young boys” Rewi Alley, Jewish Power)

George Hatem and Sidney Shapiro (both Americans),

Ruth Weiss (a Jew born in Vienna)

and Alan Winnington (a Briton).

Mao with Sidney Rittenberg.

Sidney Rittenberg is a Jewish-American scholar who lived in China from 1944 to 1979.

He worked closely with Mao Zedong, military leader Zhu De, statesman Zhou Enlai, and other leaders of the Communist party during the war, and was with these central Communist leaders at Yan’an.

He was the first American citizen to join the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Rittenberg’s connections and experience have enabled him to run a successful consultancy business representing some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Intel, Levi Strauss, Microsoft, Hughes Aircraft and Teledesic. (Sidney Rittenberg – Wikipedia)

Robert Lawrence Kuhn is a Jewish investment banker and “consultant” to the Chinese communist party.

“For over 20 years, he has worked with China’s senior leaders, advising on economic policy, science and technology, media and culture, Sino-U.S. relations, and international communications.”

Virginius Frank Coe, reportedly Jewish, joined a circle of expatriates working with the Chinese government.

In 1962, he was joined by Solomon Adler.

Coe participated in Mao’s Great Leap Forward, a plan for the rapid industrialization and modernization of China.

His works include articles justifying the Rectification campaign.

Coe (1907 – 1980) was a United States government official who was identified by Soviet defectors Elizabeth Bentley and Whittaker Chambers as being an underground member of the Communist Party and as belonging to the Soviet spy group known as the Silvermaster ring.

“Rewi Alley, the man who organized communes in China before Chinese even knew they were to be ruled by Jewish communists (well before 1949)” Rewi first went to China in 1927. When Japan went to war with China in 1937, Rewi organised thousands of industrial co-operatives in China. (Rewi Alley.)

Maurice Strong: the son of Deng Xiaoping and Anna Louise Strong? – Planning the People’s Republic from France – Like father, like son?

Source: Cambridge Forecast Group

ZIONISTS/JEWS in CHINA – A frightening Illustration — A CHINESE ZIONIST CHOIR.flv


Kanzlerwanderer on 19 May 2011

See also:


News & Politics


Will China Be Israel’s Next Strategic Ally?

The orchestra leaders are always the same

What is really behind the Afghan war?
The Afghan campaign is the first armed conflict with an international dimension. Its global scope is grander than those of the two world wars of the first half of the last century. This is a battle for world domination. The grand scenario that has been the aim for generations.


In Afghanistan since feudal times 75% of the land was owned by big landlords. In the mid-1960s, democratic revolutionary elements coalesced to form the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and in 1973 deposed the king. The government that replaced him in turn was forced out in 1978. The military officers who took charge invited the PDP to form a new government under the leadership of Noor Mohammed Taraki.

The Taraki government proceeded to legalize labour unions, and to eradicate the cultivation of the opium poppy. Until then Afghanistan had been producing more than 70 percent of the opium needed for the world’s heroin supply. The government also abolished all debts owed by farmers, and began developing a major land reform programme. The CIA, assisted by Saudi and Pakistani military, launched a large scale intervention on the side of the ousted feudal lords, reactionary tribal chieftains, mullahs, and opium traffickers.

A top official within the Taraki government, Hafizulla Amin, believed to have been recruited by the CIA, seized power in September 1979. He executed Taraki, halted the reforms, and murdered, jailed, or exiled Taraki supporters as he moved toward establishing a fundamentalist Islamic state, but was overthrown two months later.

This happened prior to the Soviet military intervention. US National security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski publicly admitted that months before Soviet troops entered the country, the Carter administration was providing huge sums to Muslim extremists to subvert the reformist government.

In late 1979, the PDP government asked Moscow to send a contingent of troops to help ward off the mujahideen and foreign mercenaries, all recruited, financed, and well-armed by the CIA. Only after repeated requests from Kabul did Moscow agree to intervene militarily.

The Soviet intervention was an opportunity for the CIA to transform the tribal resistance into a holy war. Over the years the United States and Saudi Arabia expended about $40 billion on the war in Afghanistan. The CIA and its allies recruited, supplied, and trained almost 100,000 radical mujahideen from forty Muslim countries including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, and Afghanistan itself, amongst these the Saudi-born millionaire right-winger Osama bin Laden.

After a long and unsuccessful war, the Soviets evacuated the country in February 1989. It is generally thought that the PDP Marxist government collapsed immediately after the Soviet departure, but it retained sufficient popular support to fight on for another three years,

Upon taking over Afghanistan, the mujahideen, largely created and funded by the CIA, fell to fighting among themselves and within two years of the CIA’s arrival, the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderland became the biggest producer of heroin in the world.

In Afghanistan itself, by 1995 an extremist strain of Sunni Islam called the Taliban, heavily funded and advised by the Pakistan ISI and the CIA fought its way to power and in 1999 the CIA was paying the entire annual salary of every single Taliban government official.

Why Afghanistan?
Before answering that question it is necessary to remember that the terms “US”, “american”, “British” etc., are merely pseudonyms under which the hidden hands operate. While claiming to be fighting terrorism one of the reasons for the US to plunge deeper into Afghanistan is of course the oil and gas reserves of the Central Asian region. US oil companies acquired the rights to some 75 percent of these new reserves. A major problem was how to transport the oil and gas from the landlocked region. US officials opposed using the Russian pipeline or the most direct route across Iran to the Persian Gulf. Instead, they and the corporate oil contractors explored a number of alternative pipeline routes, across Azerbaijan and Turkey to the Mediterranean or across China to the Pacific.

The other reason? A decade before 9/11, Time magazine (18 March 1991) reported that the US were contemplating a military presence in Central Asia. The discovery of vast oil and gas reserves in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan provided the lure, while the dissolution of the USSR removed the one major barrier against pursuing an aggressive interventionist policy in that part of the world.

Well in advance of the 9/11 attacks the US government had made preparations to move against the Taliban and create a compliant regime in Kabul and a direct US military presence in Central Asia. The 9/11 attacks provided the perfect impetus, stampeding US public opinion and reluctant allies into supporting military intervention.

Is the war a success or a failure?
From the viewpoint of the reasons put forward to continue and escalate the war by the US, it is, has been and will continue to be a failure:

The Taliban is stronger than ever.

Opium cultivation has increased.

The Afghan-Pakistani border has not been secured.

The truth is in order to make World Government a reality the conquest of Eurasia is essential.

Two months after the end of the Soviet Union then U.S. Undersecretary of Defence for Policy, Paul Wolfowitz and his deputy in the Pentagon, Lewis Libby, produced a Defence Planning Guidance document for the years 1994–99, which contained the following passage:

. “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat similar to that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavour to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient for general global power…….We must, however, be mindful that democratic change in Russia is not irreversible, and that despite its current travails, Russia will remain the strongest military power in Eurasia and the only power in the world with the capability of destroying the United States.”

In its original and revised versions the Defense Planning Guidance document laid the foundation:

“That the U.S. (with its NATO allies) reserves the unquestioned right to employ military force anywhere in the world at any time for whichever purpose it sees fit and to effect “regime change” overthrows of any governments viewed as being insufficiently subservient to Washington and its regional and global designs.

Five years later former Carter administration National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinskiwrote an article which was a precis for his book “The Grand Chessboard”, in which he identified the subjugation of Eurasia as Washington’s chief global geopolitical objective, with the former Soviet Union as the centre of that policy and NATO as the main mechanism to accomplish the strategy.

…. “A wider Europe and an enlarged NATO will serve the short-term and longer-term interests of U.S. policy. A larger Europe will expand the range of American influence without simultaneously creating a Europe so politically integrated that it could challenge the United States on matters of geopolitical importance, particularly in the Middle East….”

Brzezinski presented a blueprint for surrounding Russia with a NATO cordon of military fortifications.

The preface to his book states,

“It is imperative that no Eurasian challenger emerges capable of dominating Eurasia and thus of also challenging America. The formulation of a comprehensive and integrated Eurasian geostrategy is therefore the purpose of this book….Potentially, the most dangerous scenario would be a grand coalition of China, Russia, and perhaps Iran….

“The emergence of a truly united Europe – will require significant changes in the structure and processes of the NATO alliance. …NATO, the principal link between America and Europe, provides not only the main mechanism for the exercise of US influence regarding European matters but the basis for the politically critical American military presence in Western Europe….Eurasia is thus the chessboard on which the struggle for global primacy continues to be played.”

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 the U.S. and NATO immediately moved in on Central Asia,

Four years after the publication of “The Grand Chessboard”, the U.S. and NATO invaded Afghanistan four months after Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a regional security and economic alliance with a military component.

The US invasion expanded into Central Asia where Russian, Chinese and Iranian interests converge and where the basis for their regional cooperation existed, while Western military bases were established in the former Soviet republics of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, where they remain for the indefinite future.

The war in Afghanistan thus provided the opportunity to gain domination over all of South as well as Central Asia and to undermine and threaten the existence of the only regional security bodies – the SCO and CSTO (the Collective Security Treaty Organisation founded in 2002 by Russia, Kazakhstan, Krgystan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Belarus)- which could counteract the drive for control of Eurasia.

The US set about ensuring that the fragmentation of the Soviet Union was final and irreversible and the fifteen new nations emerging from the ruins of the Soviet Union would not be allied in the loose association such as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) founded in the month of the Soviet Union’s dissolution.

Three of the former Soviet republics, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, never joined the CIS and in 2004 became full members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, thus placing the U.S.-led military bloc on Russian borders.

That left eleven other former republics to be weaned from integration with Russia,

NATO – the iron fist
The central plan of the United States for the control of Eurasia and the world therefore is a Europe united under the EU and especially NATO strong enough to contain, isolate and increasingly confront Russia but not allowed to conduct an independent foreign policy, particularly in regard to Russia and the Middle East. European NATO allies are to assist Washington in preventing the emergence of “the most dangerous scenario…a grand coalition of China, Russia, and perhaps Iran”.

Eight years later, in 2005, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline transporting Caspian Sea oil to Europe came online, followed by the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum natural gas pipeline and the Kars-Akhalkalaki-Tbilisi-Baku railway, with the Nabucco natural gas pipeline next to be activated. The last-named is already ear-marked to include, in addition to Caspian supplies, gas from Iraq and North Africa.

Western-controlled pipelines traverse the South Caucasus – Azerbaijan and Georgia – to drive Russia and Iran out of the European and ultimately world energy markets, with a U.S. and NATO takeover of the armed forces of both nations.

Encirclement of Russia
On October 12 2009 the United States and India launched an eighteen-day military exercise and is evidence of unprecedented military cooperation between the two nuclear nations over the past few years. A partnership intended to supplant Russia as India’s decades-long main defense ally and arms supplier and to consolidate a U.S.-led military bloc in the Asia Pacific region aimed at containing China and furthering the encirclement of both that nation and Russia.

India as a nuclear power and the world’s second most populous nation, one bordering China and with historical strategic ties with Russia, is pivotal in Western designs to establish worldwide military superiority.

But the New Delhi-Washington axis is fraught with even grander designs and potentially catastrophic dangers. With the North Atlantic Treaty Organization expanding into Eastern Europe over the last ten years and the upgrading of military contacts and partnership agreements, the world’s only military alliance spans five continents, the Middle East and the South Pacific, thus constituting history’s first international military alliance.

On October 9 the top military commander of U.S. European Command and NATO, Admiral James Stavridis, warned of conflict with Russia in the Arctic Circle. An Indian writer offered this concise perspective:

: “The arc of encirclement of Russia gets strengthened…. The ultimate objective of this is to neutralise the strategic capability of Russia and China…”

An Associated Press story of May 1, 2009 mentioned that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said:

“The Obama administration is working to improve deteriorating U.S. relations with a number of Latin American nations to counter growing Iranian, Chinese and Russian influence in the Western Hemisphere”.

In the latest quadrennial National Intelligence Strategy report, U.S. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair claimed “Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea pose the greatest challenges to the United States’ national interests.”

The oft-used term “United States’ national interests” should be recognised for what it really is. The interests involved have nothing to do with the American people or indeed with any other people other than those who have conceived and operate this plan, a macabre and malignant endeavour to subjugate everybody other than their compatriots in a net of intrigue through which millions have died and suffered. To really understand the situation it is necessary to have some knowledge of the Talmud and its offshoot the Protocols of Zion.

A recommended site on NATO


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    The Protocols of Zion – True or False?

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, unpleasant as it is, is a document that should be read by anyone who wishes to understand the direction world politics is taking today.

    The following paragraphs reflect the document, Protocol by Protocol, merely highlighting and quoting the salient features, with no attempt to present it in its entirety for it is a lengthy diatribe. For those who have not yet read the complete work,and wish to do so, there are many sites on the web where it is available.


    Protocol 1
    …3. It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorisation, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power,… and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare. …

    …6. Political freedom is an idea but not a fact….

    7. In our day the power, which has replaced that of the rulers … is the power of Gold.

    8.Whether a State exhausts itself in its own convulsions, whether its internal discord brings it under the power of external foes… it is in our power.

    11…. Great national qualities, like frankness and honesty, are vices in politics, for they bring down rulers from their thrones more effectively and more certainly than the most powerful enemy. Such qualities must be the attributes of the kingdoms of the goyim, but we must in no wise be guided by them.

    l2. Our right lies in force.

    15. Our power …will be more invincible than any other, because it will remain invisible…

    17. Before us is a plan in which is laid down strategically the line from which we cannot deviate without running the risk of seeing the labour of many centuries brought to naught.

    20. A people, left to itself, brings itself to ruin by party dissensions excited by the pursuit of power…

    22. Behold the alcoholic animals, bemused with drink, the right to an immoderate use of which comes along with freedom …..Therefore we must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery when they should serve towards the attainment of our end. …

    26. In all corners of the earth the words “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,” brought to our ranks, thanks to our blind agents, whole legions who bore our banners with enthusiasm. … It gave us the possibility, among other things, of getting into our hands the master card – the destruction of the privileges, or in other words of the very existence of the aristocracy of the goyim…

    27. Our triumph has been rendered easier by the fact that in our relations with the men, whom we wanted, we have always worked upon the most sensitive chords of the human mind, upon the cash account, upon the cupidity, upon the insatiability for material needs of man….

    Protocol 2
    1. It is indispensable for our purpose that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains.

    2.The administrators, whom we shall choose from among the public, with strict regard to their capacities for servile obedience, will not be persons trained in the art of government, and will therefore easily become pawns in our game….

    3. Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words. … To us Jews, at any rate, it should be plain to see what a disintegrating importance these directives have had upon the minds of the goyim.

    5. In the hands of the States of to-day there is a great force that creates the movement of thought in the people, and that is the Press. …Thanks to the Press we have got the GOLD in our hands, …Each victim on our side is worth, in the sight of God, a thousand goyim.

    Protocol 3
    l. To-day I may tell you that our goal is now only a few steps off. There remains a small space to cross and the whole long path we have trodden is ready now to close its cycle of the symbolic snake, by which we symbolise our people. When this ring closes, all the States of Europe will be locked in its coil as in a powerful vice.

    2…..We have made a gulf between the far-seeing sovereign power and the blind force of the people so that both have lost all meaning, for like the blind man and his stick, both are powerless apart.

    3. … Of states we have made gladiatorial arenas where a lot of confused issues contend … a little more and disorders and bankruptcy will be universal.

    5. …. Republican rights for a poor man are no more than a bitter piece of irony, for the necessity he is under of toiling almost all day gives him no present use of them, …

    6. The people, under our guidance, have annihilated the aristocracy, who were their one and only defence….

    7. We appear on the scene as alleged saviours of the workers – socialists, anarchists, communists. The aristocracy, which enjoyed by law the labour of the workers, was interested in seeing that the workers (employees/slaves) were well fed, healthy and strong. We are interested in just the opposite – in the diminution – the killing of the goyim.

    8. By want and the envy and hatred which it engenders we shall move the mobs and with their hands we shall wipe out all those who hinder us on our way.

    10. …The true knowledge of the structure of society, into the secrets of which we do not admit the goyim, would demonstrate to all men that they may not become a source of human suffering, arising from an education which does not correspond with the work which individuals are called upon to do. …

    11. … We shall create by all the secret subterranean methods open to us and with the aid of gold, which is all in our hands, a universal economic crisis whereby we shall throw upon the streets whole mobs of workers..delighted to shed the blood of those whom, in the simplicity of their ignorance, they have envied from their cradles, and whose property they will then be able to loot.

    l6…At the present day we are, as an international force, invincible, because if attacked by some we are supported by other States.

    Protocol 4
    2. …Gentile masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery.

    4. In order to give the goyim no time to think and take note, their minds must be diverted towards industry and trade. Thus, all nations will be swallowed up in the pursuit of gain, and, in the race for it , will not take note of their common foe. But again, in order that freedom may once for all disintegrate and ruin the communities of the goyim, we must put industry on a speculative basis: the result of this will be that what is withdrawn from the land by industry will slip through the hands and pass into speculation, that is, to our classes.

    5. The intensified struggle for superiority… will foster a strong aversion towards the higher political and towards religion. Their only guide is gain, that is Gold, which they will erect into a veritable cult, for the sake of those material delights which it can give….

    Protocol 5
    l. … We shall create an intensified centralisation of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community….

    3. In the times when the peoples looked upon kings on their thrones as on a pure manifestation of the will of God, they submitted without a murmur to the despotic power of kings: but .. when we insinuated into their minds the conception of their own rights, they began to regard the occupants of thrones as mere ordinary mortals.

    5. For a time perhaps we may be successfully dealt with by a coalition of the goyim of all the world: but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them… We have set one against another the personal, and national reckonings of the goyim, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered ..over the past twenty centuries…

    6….And it was said by the prophets that we were chosen by God Himself to rule over the whole earth. God has endowed us with genius that we may be equal to our task. …All the machinery of all States go by the force of the engine, which is in our hands, and that engine of the machinery of States is – Gold.

    7. Capital, if it is to co-operate untrammelled, must be free to establish a monopoly of industry and trade. This is already being put in execution by an unseen hand in all quarters of the world.

    8. In all ages the people of the world,… have accepted words for deeds, … and rarely pause to note whether promises are followed by performance. Therefore we shall establish show institutions. …

    10. In order to put public opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment, by giving expression, from all sides to so many contradictory opinions … as will suffice to make the goyim lose their heads in the labyrinth. This is the first secret.

    11. The second secret requisite is to multiply to such an extent, national failings; habits, passions, conditions of civil life. so that people in consequence will fail to understand one another…By all these means we shall so wear down the goyim, that they will be compelled to offer us international power. …

    Protocol 6
    l. We shall soon begin to establish huge monopolies, reservoirs of colossal riches, upon which, even large fortunes of the goyim will depend to such an extent that they will go to the bottom, together with the credit of the States on the day after the political smash…

    4.The aristocracy of the goyim as a political force, is dead. We need not take it into account, but as landed proprietors they can still be harmful to us . It is essential therefore for us at whatever cost to deprive them of their land.

    6. At the same time we must intensively patronise trade and industry. …What we want is that industry should drain off from the land both labour and capital and, by means of speculation, transfer into our hands all the money of the world…

    7. To complete the ruin of the industry of the goyim we shall bring to the assistance of speculation, the luxury which we have developed among the goyim, that a greedy demand for luxury which is swallowing up everything. We shall raise the rate of wages, which, however, will not bring any advantage to the workers for, at the same time, we shall produce a rise in prices of the first necessaries of life, alleging that it arises from the decline of agriculture and cattle breeding….. we shall further undermine,.. sources of production by accustoming the workers to anarchy and to drunkenness. …

    Protocol 7
    1. The intensification of armaments, the increase of police forces are all essential for the completion of the aforementioned plans. What we have to get is that there should be, in all the States of the world, besides, ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires, devoted to our interests, police and soldiers.

    2.Throughout Europe and in other continents also, we must create ferments, discord and hostility. In the first place we keep in check all countries … and in the second place, by our intrigues we shall tangle up all the threads which we have stretched into the cabinets of all States.

    4.The principal factor of success in the political is the secrecy of its undertakings, the word should not agree with the deeds of the diplomat.

    5. We must compel the governments of the goyim to take action in the direction favoured by our widely conceived plan…. by means of that so-called “Great Power” – the Press, which, with few exceptions that may be disregarded, is already entirely in our hands.

    Protocol 8
    1. Control of bankers, industrialists and capitalists. We must arm ourselves with all the weapons which our opponents might employ against us…..Our directorate must surround itself with all these forces of civilisation….Needless to say that the talented assistants of authority will be taken not from among the goyim.

    3. For a time, until there will no longer be any risk in entrusting responsible posts in our State to our brother-Jews, we shall put them in the hands of persons whose past and reputation are such that between them and the people lies an abyss, persons who in case of disobedience to our instructions, must face criminal charges or disappear, this in order to make them defend our interests to their last gasp.

    Protocol 9
    2…. The words of the liberal, .. are in effect the words of our masonic watchword, namely, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”. …Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us, it is only pro forma at our discretion and by our direction, for their anti-semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren.

    9. In order to annihilate the institutions of the goyim,… we have taken hold of the ends of the springs which move their mechanism. These springs lay in a strict but just sense of order; we have replaced them by the chaotic licence of liberalism. We have got our hands into the adminstration of the law; into the conduct of elections; into the press; into liberty of the person; but principally into education and training as being the cornerstones of a free existence.

    10. We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the goyim, by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to us to be false, although it is by us they have been inculcated.

    13. You may say that the goyim will rise upon us, arms in hand, if they guess what is going on before the time comes; but in the West we have against this a manoeuvre of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail – the undergrounds, metropolitans, those subterranean corridors which, before the time comes, will be driven under all the capitals and from whence those capitals will be blown into the air with all their organisations and archives.

    Protocol 10
    2. The mob cherishes a special affection and respect for the geniuses of political power and accepts all their deeds of violence.

    5. …we must have everybody vote without distinction of classes and qualifications, in order to establish an absolute majority, which cannot be got from the educated propertied classes. In this way, by inculcating in all a sense of self-importance, we shall destroy among the goyim the importance of the family and its educational value and remove the possibility of individual minds splitting off… In this way we shall create a blind mighty force, which will never be in a position to move in any direction without the guidance of our agents…

    6. Under various names there exists, in all countries, approximately one and the same thing: Representation; Ministry; Senate; State Council; Legislative and Executive Corps…. These institutions have divided up among themselves all the functions of government…. If we injure one part in the machinery of State, the State falls sick, like a human body and .. will die.

    9. When we introduced into the State organism the poison of Liberalism its whole political complexion underwent a change…

    l0. Liberalism produced Constitutional States, which took the place of what was the only safeguard of the goyim, namely Despotism; and a constitution… is nothing but a school of discords… The tribune of the “talkeries” has, no less effectively than the Press; condemned the rulers to inactivity and impotence… for which reason indeed they have been in many countries, deposed. Then it was that the era of republics became a possibility… and then it was that we replaced the ruler by a caricature of a government – by a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet creatures, or slaves. This was the foundation of the mine which we have laid under the goy peoples.

    l3. In order that our scheme may produce this result we shall arrange elections in favour of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain… then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans. …Independently of this we shall invest the president with the right of declaring a state of war. We shall justify this last right on the ground that the president as chief of the whole army of the country must have it at his disposal. …

    16. The president will, at our discretion, interpret the sense of such of the existing laws as admit of various interpretation; he will further annul them when we indicate to him the necessity to do so. …

    18. …the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence – a matter which we shall arrange for – of their rulers, will clamour “Away with them and give us one king over all the Earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders- frontiers; nationalities; religions; State debts…

    19. But you yourselves know perfectly well that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations, it is indispensable to trouble in all countries, the people’s relations with their governments… by the inoculation of disease; by want, so that the goyim see no other course open to them than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else.

    Protocol 11
    4. The goyim are a flock of sheep and we are their wolves.

    7. For what purpose then have we invented this whole policy and insinuated it into the minds of the goy…For what indeed if not in order to obtain in a roundabout way, what is, for our scattered tribe unattainable by the direct road. It is this which has served as the basis for our organisation of secret Masonry, which is not known to, and aims which are not even so much as suspected by these goy cattle, attracted by us to the “show” army of Masonic Lodges, in order to throw dust in the eyes of their fellows.

    8. God has granted to us, His Chosen People, the gift of the dispersion and in this which appears in all eyes to be our weakness, has come forth our strength, which has now brought us to the threshold of sovereignty over all the world.

    Protocol 12
    3. … What is the part played by the press to-day? It serves to excite and inflame those passions which are needed for our purpose, or else it serves selfish ends of parties. It is often vapid, unjust, mendacious and the majority of the public have not the slightest idea what ends the press really serves….. I beg you to note that among those making attacks upon us will also be organs established by us, but they will attack exclusively points that we have pre-determined to alter.

    4. Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control.

    12. All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions – aristocratic, republican, revolutionary even anarchical.

    Protocol 13
    1. The need for daily bread forces the goyim to keep silence and be our humble servants.

    3. In order to distract people who may be too troublesome…we further distract them with amusements; games; pastimes; passions; people’s palaces… Soon we shall begin through the press to propose competitions in art; in sport of all kinds; will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them. Growing more and more disaccustomed to reflect and form any opinions of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone …

    6. Who will ever suspect then that all these peoples were stage-managed by us according to a political plan which no one has so much as guessed at in the course of many centuries…

    Protocol 14
    l….We must therefore sweep away all other forms of belief….

    5. In countries known as progressive and enlightened we have created a senseless, filthy, abominable literature…

    Protocol 15
    1. When we at last definitely come into our kingdom by the aid of coups d’etat… we shall slay without mercy all who take arms to oppose our coming into our kingdom…

    3. In the goy societies, in which we have planted and deeply rooted discord and protestantism, the only possible way of restoring order is to employ merciless measures that prove the direct force of authority….Such was, until recent times, the Russian autocracy, the one and only serious foe we had in the world, without counting the Papacy…

    4…. We shall create and multiply free masonic lodges in all the countries of the world…for these lodges we shall find our principal intelligence office and means of influence…Their composition will be made up of all strata of society. The most secret political plots will be known to us and fall under our guiding hands…

    5. The class of people who most willingly enter into secret societies are those who live by their wits, careerists and in general people mostly light minded…. It is natural that we and no other should lead masonic activities for we know whither we are leading ; we know the final goal of every form of activity, whereas the goyim have knowledge of nothing…

    6. The goyim enter the lodges out of curiosity, or in the hope by their means to get a nibble at the public pie…. These tigers in appearance have the souls of sheep and the wind blows freely through their heads…

    8. And how far-seeing were our learned elders in ancient times, when they said, that to attain a serious end, it behoves not to stop at any means or to count the victims sacrificed for the sake of that end… We have not counted the victims of the seed of the goy cattle, though we have sacrificed many of our own ….

    9. Death is the inevitable end for all. It is better to bring that end nearer to those who hinder our affairs than to ourselves. We execute masons in such wise that none save the brotherhood can ever have a suspicion of it, not even the victims themselves of our death sentence, they all die when required. as of from a normal kind of illness… knowing this, even the brotherhood in its turn dare not protest…. Whilst preaching liberalism to the goy we at the same time keep our own people and our agents in a state of unquestioning submission.

    10. Under our influence the execution of the laws of the goyim has been reduced to a minimum. …judges decide as we dictate to them…through persons who are our tools, though we do not appear to have anything in common with them – by newspaper opinion or by other means.

    12. When comes the time of our overt rule, the time to manifest the blessing we shall remake all legislatures.

    13. … The aureole of our power demands suitable, that is, cruel, punishments for the slightest infringement for the sake of gain, of its supreme prestige….

    15. In these days the judges of the goyim create indulgences to every kind of crime; not having a just understanding of their office, because the rulers of the present age, in appointing judges to office, take no care to inculcate in them a sense of duty and consciousness of the matter which is demanded of them. ….

    17. We shall root out liberalism from the important strategic posts of our government … I have to remark that all the money in the world will be concentrated in our hands, consequently it is not our government that has to fear expense.

    20. Our government will have the appearance of a patriarchal paternal guardianship on the part of the ruler. …

    21. …the right to compel the execution of duty is the direct obligation of a government which is a father for its subjects. It has the right of the strong that it may use it for the benefit of directing humanity towards that order which is defined by nature, namely, submission. …

    22. We are obliged without hesitation to sacrifice individuals, who commit a breach of established order…

    Protocol 16
    1. In order to effect the destruction of all collective forces, except ours, we shall emasculate the first stage of collectivism – the universities, by re-educating them in a new direction. …

    3. The ill-guided acquaintance of a large number of persons with questions of polity, creates utopian dreamers and bad subjects, as you can see for yourselves from the example of the universal education. …

    4. Classicism, as also any form of study of ancient history,… we shall replace with the study of the programme of the future. We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to us and leave only those which depict all the errors of the government of the goyim. …

    7. We shall abolish every kind of freedom of instruction. …

    8. In a word, knowing, by the experience of many centuries, that people live and are guided by ideas, that these ideas are imbibed by people only by the aid of education … we shall swallow up and confiscate to our own use, the last scintilla of independence of thought…

    Protocol 17
    2. We have long past taken care to discredit the priesthood of goyim, and thereby to ruin their mission on earth which in these days might still be a great hindrance to us…. Freedom of conscience has been declared everywhere, so that now only years divide us from the moment of the complete wrecking of the Christian religion; as to other religions we shall have still less difficulty in dealing with them. …

    3. When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court the finger of an invisible hand will point the nations towards the court …

    5. But, in the meantime, while we are re-educating youth in new traditional religions and afterwards in ours, we shall overtly lay a finger on existing churches, but we shall fight against them by criticism calculated to produce schism.

    9. Just as nowadays our brethren are obliged, at their own risk, to denounce to the kabal; apostates of their own family, or members who have been noticed doing anything in opposition to the kabal…

    Protocol 18
    2. …It must be remembered that the prestige of authority is lessened if it frequently discovers conspiracies against itself: this implies a presumption of consciousness of weakness…

    4 If we should admit this thought, as the goyim have done and are doing, we should ipso facto be signing a death-sentence…

    8. With the establishment of official defence, the mystical prestige of authority disappears…

    Protocol 19
    3. In order to destroy the prestige of heroism, for political crime, we shall send it for trial in the category of thieving, murder and every kind of abominable and filthy crime…

    4. We have done our best, and I hope we have succeeded, to obtain that the goyim should not arrive at this means of contending with sedition. It was for this reason that through the Press and in speeches, indirectly – in cleverly compiled school books on history, we have advertised the martyrdom alleged to have been accredited by sedition-mongers for the idea of the commonweal. This advertisement has increased the contingent of liberals and has brought thousands of goyim into the ranks of our livestock cattle.

    Protocol 20
    2. When we come into our kingdom our autocratic government will avoid, from a principle of self-preservation, sensibly burdening the masses of the people with taxes, remembering that it (the government) plays the part of father and protector.

    30. What also indeed is, in substance, a loan, especially a foreign loan? A loan is – an issue of government bills of exchange containing a percentage obligation commensurate to the sum of the loan capital. If the loan bears a charge of 5 per cent, then in twenty years the State vainly pays away in interest a sum equal to the loan borrowed, in forty years it is paying a double sum, in sixty treble, and all the while the debt remains an unpaid debt.

    33. If the superficiality of goy kings on their thrones in regard to State affairs and the venality of ministers, or the want of understanding of financial matters on the part of other ruling persons, have made their countries debtors to our treasuries, to amounts quite impossible to pay, it has not been accomplished without, on our part, heavy expenditure of trouble and money.

    37. But it is a proof of the genius of our chosen mind that we have contrived to present the matter of loans to them in such a light that they have even seen in them an advantage to themselves.

    41. The goy rulers, whom we once upon a time advised should be distracted from State occupations by representative receptions, observance of etiquette, entertainments, were only screens to our rule. …

    42. You know to what they have been brought by this carelessness, to which pitch of financial disorder they have arrived, notwithstanding the astonishing industry of their peoples …

    Protocol 21
    2. We have taken advantage of the venality of administrators and slackness of rulers to get our moneys twice, thrice and more times over, by lending to the goy governments moneys which were not at all needed by the States.

    3. States announce that such a loan is to be concluded and open subscriptions for their own bills of exchange….. In a few days the treasury safes are as they say overflowing and there is more money than they can do with, the subscription it is alleged, covers many times over the issue total of the loan; in this lies the whole stage effect …

    4. But when the comedy is played out there emerges the fact that a debit and an exceedingly burdensome debit has been created. For the payment of interest it becomes necessary to have recourse to new loans… and when this credit is exhausted it becomes necessary by new taxes to cover, not the loan, but only the interest on it. These taxes are a debit employed to cover a debit …

    Protocol 22
    2. In our hands the greatest power of our day – gold; in two days we can procure from our storehouses any quantity we may please.

    Protocol 23
    The final two Protocols, Nos. 23 and 24, present a blueprint for the government of the future.

    Instilling Obedience.

    Cutting down of luxury goods – the supreme lord to replace all existing rulers.

    Protocol 24
    Qualities of the Ruler.

    Selecting and training the seed of David.

    Signed by the representatives of Zion, of the 33rd degree.


    It is an unpleasant, malevolent document.

    Great efforts have been made to suppress it for its purported “anti-Semitism”, though claims of forgery have never been proved.

    The strongest proof that the Protocols are exactly what they purport to be is the fact that world history has followed the precepts laid down in the document.

    (1). The “conspiracy” IS of long standing. (Protocol 5, para. 5. Protocol 13, para. 6)

    The similarity in its content to previous documents, dating back more than two thousand years proves that a “conspiracy” of some kind existed.

    Around 590 B.C in Jeremiah verse ll.9, states:

    And the “I am” said unto me, a conspiracy is found among the men of Judah and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.”

    And again in Ezekiel 22.35 a little later:

    “There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like the roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls:..”

    There seems to have been trouble between those who followed the Torah and those who followed the Talmud, which was the writings of apostate Levitical priests who ruled with an iron hand of tyranny – and still do.

    The similarity of the Protocols and the advice (quoted elsewhere on this site) that Chemor, Chief Rabbi of Spain received from the Grand Sanhedrin (Elders of Zion) in 1492, is unlikely to have been a coincidence.

    The “Original Writings of the Order of the Illuminati”, founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, stated as their aim to destroy the existing order of society and replace it with a new World Order.

    The document created such a furore when it became public that the order was legally suppressed. However it never ceased to exist and exists to this day under societies such as Freemasonry.

    in 1865 a Jewish rabbi named Rzeichorn delivered a speech at Prague. It is a very accurate summary of many aspects of the Protocols.

    “Gold in the hands of experts will always be the most useful weapon for those that possess it and an object of envy for those who are without it.

    With gold one can buy the most upright consciences, with gold one can fix the value of every stock, the price of every merchandise; one can loan it to States that afterwards one holds at one’s mercy.

    Already the principal banks, the stock exchanges throughout the world, the loans to all the governments are in our hands.

    The other great power is the Press. By ceaselessly repeating certain ideas, the press in the end makes them considered as truths. The theatre renders similar services, everywhere theatre and press follow our directives. By an indefatigable campaign in favour of the Democratic form of government, we will divide the Gentiles amongst themselves in political parties, we shall thus destroy the unity fo their nations, we will sow the seeds of discord. Powerless, they will have to accept the law of our bank, always united, always devoted to our cause.”

    The earliest Israelite holy works (The Torah) right up to the latest (Talmud and Zohar) have continually promised that the world would be delivered to the true Israelites and that the Gentile nations would be consumed, grafted into and ruled by the Chosen people who would govern them. Herein lies the ancient roots of the “conspiracy”.

    (2).Jewish bankers and Jewish money DO control world politics today. (Protocol 5, para.(7) Protocol 8, para.(1))

    This aspect has been dealt with more fully on the Home Page of this site.
    (3).Religion HAS BEEN undermined. (Protocol 4, para. (5), Protocol 14, para.(1), Protocols 17, para. (2))

    The Christian religion has been subjected to schisms, starting with Martin Luther and the split from the Roman church.

    The vast upheaval to the Western World occasioned by the “Reformation” resulted in three monarchs losing their lives and left a legacy of bitterness that resulted in the Thirty Years War and changed the pattern of Europe leaving it ready to receive the “liberal” doctrines of the “Enlightenment”, while the Protestant churches began to lean heavily on the Jewish Old Testament.

    It should be questioned how much of this split was due to the banker Jacob Fugger’s agreeing to broker the deal of the increased sale of indulgences to pay for Leo X vast building programmes? It was this same banking house that financed Colombus’s trip to the New World (through Ferdinand and Isabella) whereby the silver from Potosi was channelled into the bank’s coffers. Later the same banker championed Charles V’s election as Holy Roman Emperor, thus opening the door to the subsequent rape of the riches of South America.

    Erasmus said in 1518:

    I see (the Jews) a nation full of most tedious fabrications, who spread a kind of fog over everything. Talmud, Cabbala, Tetragrammaton, Gates of Light – words, words, words, I would rather have Christ mixed up with Scotus than with that rubbish of theirs.

    Luther published a book in 1543 “On the Jews and their lies”.

    Max Weber, a nineteenth-century German sociologist in 1904 suggested that there was a causal link between the two phenomena, the Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism, more particularly between Calvinist Protestantism and modern capitalism. (See R. H. Towney’s book “Religion and the Rise of Capitalism”.)

    Certainly the “Reformation” created an upheaval throughout Europe. The traumas and divisions of later French history are often attributed to the Revolution of 1789. In fact they take their roots from this period and the murderous bitternesses which it encouraged.

    Any dissent creates vulnerability.

    A recent article in the Washington Post headed “Republican Washington’s ‘Official rabbi'” quotes Rabbi Daniel Lapin as saying “Wealth is a consequence of doing the right thing and this is one of the secrets of Jewish success.” Here the meaning of the “right thing” is ambivalent.

    In Gentile terms “the right thing” means “the honorable thing”. But politics, religion and economics are now ruled by the Jewish ethic where the end justifies the means. Protocol 1, Para. (22)….”we must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery when they should serve towards the attainment of our end…”

    (4).The monarchies and aristocracies of most of Europe HAVE BEEN removed. (Protocol 3, paras.(2) and (6), Protocol 6, para. (4))

    This has been done with considerable bloodshed, i.e. the French and the Russian Revolutions, (both of which were Jewish inspired.) The British monarchy, bereft of power, are constantly under fire, whilst the aristocracy have been forced by taxation to sell their land.

    (5).The Press (now including methods of communication like radio and television not thought of when the Protocols were written) IS entirely in Jewish hands. (Protocol 2, para.(5), Protocol 7 para.(5), Protocol 9, para.(9), Protocol 12, paras. (3). (4) and (12) )

    Again this is dealt with more fully on the Home Page.

    (6).Youth and education HAVE BEEN undermined. Here “Feminism” has played its part with disruption of the family unit. (Protocol 9, paras.(9) and (10),Protocol 10 para.(5),Protocol 16, paras.(1),(4) and (8).

    (7).Freemasonry and various other offshoots – notably the Bilderberg Group – ARE agents of the Protocols’ agenda. Protocols 4, para (2), Protocol 11, para (7), Protocol 15, para. (4).

    (8). Liberalism HAS BEEN the cry throughout the twentieth century with Democracy its catchword. Puppet presidents HAVE BEEN placed in power. (No one surely believes that men like Bush and Blair really pull the strings, surrounded as they are by a Jewish cabal?) (Protocol 9, para. (2), Protocol 10, paras. (9),(10) and (13).

    (9).Fraudulent claims HAVE BEEN used to hoodwink the “goyim”: i.e. the myth of Einstein, and the Holocaust whilst the 9/11 “highjack” and the bomb explosions in London have been used to disrupt and terrorise. (Protocol l para (22). and Protocol 9, para (13).)

    (10).Monopolies HAVE BEEN created in all sections of industry.(Protocol 6, para. (l).)

    (11). Supposed “anti-semitism” IS constantly used to counter attack any suggestion of Jewish misdemeanours. (Protocol 9, para (2) and Protocol 11, Para (8) )

    (12).The “hidden hand” of the Protocols DOES hold its fellow Jews in thrall. (Protocol l7, (9) )

    Israel’s economic situation is dependent upon “donations” from fellow Jewry.


    Bearing in mind that the document was written in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Is it feasible to suppose that a “forger” could have predicted, so accurately, the situation of the world today? The only possible verdict on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is that they are, what they purport to be, the blueprint for world dominion by a Jewish Kabal.





    The Blighted Century

    The contrast between the world of 1900 and the dawn of the twenty first century could not be greater.

    From hansom cabs to jet engines, candles to electricity, cinemas, computers, cell phones, air conditioning, man the all-conquering climbing the highest mountain, reaching for the stars, searching out the very secret of life, what better panegyric is possible?

    That is one side of the picture. In truth the twentieth century was the greatest time of turmoil and destruction in the history of the human race.

    Two World Wars, economic collapse, bloody revolutions and destruction of the environment.

    To the background of Free Trade – Liberalism – Democracy – chanted like a mantra by a controlled press, an increasingly aged population moves into decrepitude whilst the flower of manhood is sacrificed on bloody battle fields. What sort of madness has gripped the human psyche? What has led homo sapiens to behave like some destructive ill-disciplined infant?

    Homo sapiens is a herd animal. Our origins are amongst those who hunt and forage in a family group. A group that follows the most powerful male and with the expansion to tribe and then to nation, each group developed its own language, customs, history, etc.

    From the most primitive to the so-called educated, men have created a god or gods in their own image. The heart of a people is mirrored in the gods they worship. The more “primitive” the religion the closer to nature. The gods of the “Red Indians” of North America were gods of earth and sky. The great religions of the east, Confucianism, Buddhism and Hinduism preach a gentle creed with a respect for nature and other living creatures, the Greeks brought their gods down to earth. Some, like the Aztecs had gods that demanded sacrifice. The three Middle Eastern religions Christianity, Islam and Judaism, all monotheist, exhibit to a lesser or greater degree the influence of the angry, vengeful god of the Old Testament.

    The purpose of religion was initially an attempt to explain the inexplicable and became a method of cohesion between people that demanded a moral standard from its followers. The god of the Hebrews was an unforgiving god and the teachings of the Talmud lack any mention of honour or honesty. Rather it is the fanatical cry of a “Chosen People” who have given themselves carte blanche to suck the rest of mankind into the black hole of their thinking.

    The “soul” of any nation rests on three things: the most laudable of the creations of the human mind: poetry, music and art.

    The moral decline of western civilization has gone hand in hand with the degeneration visible in these three.

    Christianity, often purported to have been the cause of the fall of the Roman Empire, itself soon split into the Eastern and Western Churches. The latter in the fifteenth century suffered a violent schism resulting in the rise of the Protestant church which itself has split into many different sects, all beginning to lean heavily on the Old Testament, whilst the Catholic Church has degenerated into a form of Catholic/Judaism (the last Pope John Paul was himself half Jewish through his mother Emilia Kaczorowska Wojtyla whose anglicised name was “Emily Katz.”)

    In North America it was the Protestant settlers holding the Bible in one hand who ruthlessly ousted the previous inhabitants.

    Descendants of these early settlers are foremost amongst those who cite the followers of Islam as terrorists. Let them however remember that these same followers of Mohammed had created some of the most beautiful poetry and the most beautiful buildings ever created by man. And that they in the centuries when their power was at its apogee were tolerant of other religions, namely the Jews in Spain and the Hindus in India.

    Both Christianity and Islam are now under threat.

    Once, not so long ago, the majority of people received no news at all and knew little or nothing beyond what happened outside the environment of their own village or town. Now there is a surfeit of information. Force fed through television, advertising, radios, cell phones comes a violent regurgitation of lies and trivia. But truth lies further out of reach than ever.

    Truth is not allowed.

    Where did it start?
    Certainly the death of millions of young men in the world wars has altered the genetic pool. For these were men in their prime who did not live long enough to have progeny. These were those who gave their lives for idealism but whose ideas and whose standards died with them. Whilst those who sent them to war managed to stay well out of danger.

    Education so lauded as the open sesame to freedom has in fact deteriorated into an indoctrination of the young under a carefully monitored scheme destined to eradicate all sense of history and all sense of past. Without some form of belief, some guide to self discipline, youth, the time of high hopes and high ideals, now has only the artifical “high” of some narcotic to fill the gap, and, devoid of morals, can only seek amusement or the oblivion of the next fix.

    Mention of the word “conspiracy” is enough to raise cries of ridicule or outrage, and certainly there are on the Internet many sites that purport to demonstrate the existence of such a plan but which merely produce a confused jumble that appears to be designed to prove that those holding such ideas are demented. Ignoring such “red herrings” for that is what they are, it seems incredible that even a cursory glance at those who wield power does not cause questions to be asked.

    It seems the Judaic/Zionist onslaught is almost impossible to oppose when all courageous efforts by men of integrity to inform the world of the ancient conspiracy fall largely on deaf and even offended ears.

    The following is a quote from a talk Shimon Peres, Israeli Prime Minister, gave on Orthodox Jewish Rabbis on CNN on 14 November, 1995:

    “Every race has inherited traits, in the case of the Jews they include, trading, money-changing, usury and a loathing for “productive labour” which is scorned as beneath the Jews in their Bible, called the Talmud.

    The Jews have not changed since the days when Jesus Christ took up a whip and drove the money-changers out of the temple. Jews have always united to form monopolies. To-day they control all the department store chains and speciality shops along with the lucrative jewelery and animal fur trade. Jews dominate the fields of all precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, tin, lead, etc. They will always band together to drive Gentile competitors out of business.

    To-day America is being flooded with Jewish immigrants from Russia and 20,000 per year even leave Israel for the US – all with dollar signs in their eyes. Jews have used their vaunted money power to seize control of the Democratic party and constitute more than 55% of all its financial contributions. To-day they are buying up more and more major US companies. While only 3% of the population, the Jews control over 25% of the nation’s wealth and this percentage rises every year.

    They are the only racial group totally organised to work for political domination over America. Opposition to the Jews did not begin in Germany but dates back before the birth of Christ more than 2000 years ago. Study the statements made by the world’s greatest men, they reveal why the “wandering Jews” have made enemies out of every host country that ever accepted them.”

    And further:

    “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.

    (so stated the Jewish banker, Paul Warburg on February 17, 1950 as he testified before the U.S. Senate.)

    What lies ahead?

    A world run by a group of money merchants?

    A future where natural resources on which ALL life depends are expended with profligate abandon? Where the truth is suppressed and all news media is controlled? Where greed is given full rein? Where the cries of the vendors of the “goblin market” ring loud in everyone’s ears? While the populace deluded by the mantra of “freedom”, stands with arms outstretched for its wrists to be manacled.

    The carnival of the American elections revs into gear – Republican? Democrat? These are mere names that are nothing more than the two sides of the same coin. A charade put on for the public deluded enough to think that their vote, their little scratch on a piece of paper will make one whit of difference to the outcome. Without doubt, the next incumbent of the American Presidency has already been elected. Kissinger’s money apparently is on McCain.

    In recent years wars have been waged in the name of peace, entire populations have been placed in shackles in the name of freedom, while government and media keep people ignorant about the true motives.

    People are taught to fear asylum-seekers, climate change, crazed terrorists and even each other. Governments are perfecting the politics of fear because fearful populaces will do their bidding without question.

    Each citizen has supposedly the right to respect for his privacy. That injunction was the universal declaration of Human Rights incumbent upon all since 1948.

    On Wednesday February 27th 2008 it incited the German Constitutional Court to strictly control the police’s right to spy on computers of persons suspected of terrorism via the Net.

    In France a project of this type is under study, Mich�le Alliot-Marie would like to facilitate on-line searches, like her German colleague Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauvle (CDU).

    13th February 2008 – the US Senate handed the White House a major victory by voting 68-29 to approve legislation to broaden the Government’s spy powers and give legal protection to phone companies.

    On January lst 2009 several of the European Union’s 27 member states risk being equipped with institutions their people had rejected. By then the Treaty of Lisbon signed last December by the heads of states or governments would be ratified by all member states. Hungary, Slovenia, Roumania and France have already done so. Nicolas Sarkozy despite the statement made in June 2006 subsequent to his election to the Presidency, has succeeded in getting over three-quarters of the members of the French Parliament to adopt a text virtually identical to the one 54.68% of the voters rejected on May 29th 2005.

    Several weeks before the 2004 European elections, Tony Blair cut the ground from under the United Kingdom’s numerous euro-skeptics and promised to submit the Union’s basic law to universal suffrage. His chosen successor, Mr. Gordon Brown, entrusted the British Parliament with the charge of ratifying the Treaty of Lisbon.

    In June 2005, Dutch citizens rejected the European Constitutional Treaty by 62% of the vote. There also it will soon accrue to Parliament to ratify the text approved last December by the European Council.

    Finally in Portugal the Socialist party that had proclaimed during the February 2005 legislative elections it would submit the constitutional proposal of the day to a popular vote, has back-pedalled.

    The ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon occurred in the House of Commons in Britain on January 21st 2008 carried by 362 votes to 224. The House of Lords has yet to adjudicate.

    In Britain the teaching of history is being phased out whilst school children are being sent on excursions to Auschwitz to have the myth of the “Holocaust” force-fed down their throats.

    The United States and Britain are leading the pack in the encroaching Orwellian nightmare. “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” as George Orwell wrote in his book “1984”

    Britain has become master of this technique. It currently has a data base which holds the DNA of 4.5 million people.

    By 2012 Britons over 16 will be required to hold bio-metric ID cards checkable by police, immigration and customs officials as well as travel agents, air lines, banks and retailers.

    By 2010 Britain is expected to incorporate radio frequency identification RFID chips in passports designed to carry a wealth of personal data. Further there is a plan to embed RFID chips in vehicle number plates allowing authorities the capability of identifying vehicles anywhere in all weather.

    The US has forced European airlines to hand over 19 items of information on travellers prior to their departure and wants to extend this one-way data flow to passengers over-flying the US onwards to Central America and the Caribbean.

    The UK wants this system to be used throughout Europe and domestically. Not only do authorities want to control everyone’s movements they are also after their thoughts. This is already happening in the UK where people can expect to be caught on camera up to 300 times per day and where their phone calls and internet browsing are routinely monitored.

    And what is worse – Big Brother Britain isn’t working. The prisons are overflowing and violent crime is on the up and up, much of it fueled by drugs and alcohol.

    Whilst Orwell feared the truth would be concealed from us, Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. While Orwell feared we would become a captive culture, Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture consumed by an almost infinite appetite for distraction.

    They were both right.

    What unified power exists that could bring entire nations to their knees to surrender to the tyranny of that single power? Surely none other than that ancient secret society which interpenetrates the other societies, secret and open, a secret society so embedded within non-Jewish culture that the inherent culture does not even realise how Judaised it is.























    20.THE DESIGN…138


    22.THE MANAGERS…176

    23.THE “PROPHET”…182




    27.THE “PROTOCOLS”…209
















    43.THE ZIONIST STATE (1)…423



    45.THE JEWISH SOUL…492

    46.THE CLIMACTERIC (1) – 1. The Revolution…495

    THE CLIMACTERIC (2) – 2. The Zionist State…510

    THE CLIMACTERIC (3) – 3. The Years of Climax…524


    APPENDIX – The Torah, The New Testament…572






    Where italics have been used in this book they have in all cases been added by the author, to direct attention to a word or passage which he holds to be of especial importance.

    Where a passage is quoted without its source, it is taken from the last authority previously quoted.


    Despite the protests of the responsible American Cabinet officers, Messrs. Hull and Stimson, and the professionals in the British Foreign Office, the Second War ended in “a peace of vengeance”; or rather (as vengeance is the denial of, and can never beget peace) in a vengeance which planted the seeds of new war.

    The two “premier-dictators” of the West, Messrs. Roosevelt and Churchill, took responsibility for the vengeance, for, despite their later disavowals of it, they both signed the document which was its charter: the Protocol of the Yalta Conference. Under this the Christian West joined with the barbaric East to wreak a barbaric vengeance on Europe. The aim of this chapter is to discover where the original responsibility lay (for the avowal that they acted at the promptings or under the pressure of shadowy others, or in ignorance of what they signed, occurs in the statements of both men; here the ultimate powerlessness of these seemingly all-powerful wartime potentates is shown).

    In January 1943 Mr. Roosevelt, at Casablanca, first struck the note of “blind vengeance”, when he “suddenly stated the principle of unconditional surrender” (Mr. Hull). The words, with their Old Testamentary ring, meant that the enemy would not be granted peace at any price whatever, and this was the absolute reversal of all “principles” previously proc1aimed by the Western leaders. The responsible American Cabinet member, Mr. Hull, states that he and his department had not been informed of this somersault in policy and that “Mr. Churchill was dumbfounded”; also that the British Foreign Office appealed for the term to be avoided. Mr. Churchill (as he stated after the war in the House of Commons) nevertheless supported the use of the term “but only after it was used by the President without consultation with me”. Mr. Churchill added that “if the British Cabinet had considered these words they would have advised against it” (but for, many years he continued to urge the desirability of “summit” conferences between the Moscovite dictator and the two Western leaders, despite this experience).

    Thus at Casablanca in 1943 the decision to wreak vengeance was first taken. This was the background to the “Morgenthau Plan” of September 1944 (obviously first devised in Moscow, then drafted by Mr. Harry Dexter White for his superior, then forwarded by Mr. Morgenthau to Mr. Roosevelt, who with Mr. Churchill initialled it), the spirit of which pervaded the Yalta Conference and its Protocol. Mr. Roosevel1’s later expression of astonishment (“he had no idea how he could have initialled this”) and Mr. Churchill’s words of regret (“I had not time to examine the Morgenthau Plan in detail. . . I am sorry I put my initials to it”) are both voided by the fact that both then signed the Yalta document, its child and the charter of vengeance.

    By giving their names to it the two Western leaders did greater harm to the West than any it could have suffered by war; what is destroyed by explosive can


    be rebuilt, but spiritual values achieved by the efforts of nations during nineteen centuries, once ruined are harder to restore. The East lost nothing because vengeance was its barbaric tradition, partly discarded during the last century of the Czars’ rule but re-established in 1917. In the West, the area of Christendom,

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