Is Turkey In?

Is Turkey In?

Here’s an article that has appeared at numerous blogs over the past several days. I first saw it at Islamisation, but you can find it at Les 4 Vérités, among others. It reminds us that since 2002 the European Parliament has been voting for special funds, called pre-accession credits, for Turkey, and that so far no country that has received similar funding has been denied admission into the EU. The very short video below, which must date from 2008 or 2009, shows Mme Françoise Grossetête of Sarkozy’s UMP party, voting in favor of the funds for Turkey.

Turquie : l’UMP vote les crédits de pré-adhésion… by L_pour_Libertas

Despite all the European reports that confirm the lack of respect for religious minorities and the persecution of journalists by the Islamist government (of Turkey), the administrative monster that calls itself “The European Union” has just initiated a decisive step that has slipped under the radar screen.

A key agreement between Turkey and the European Commission was signed behind closed doors on September 28 by the Turkish Foreign Minister, Egemen Bagis, and the vice-president of the European Commission in charge of administrative affairs, Maros Sefcovic.

This agreement marks a new stage in the admissions process of the Asiatic country: the truth is that Turkish experts will be transferred to the European Commission. The Turkish minister, in a communiqué sent to European deputies, is clear as a bell:

“In other words, the Turks are going to have a role in the formation of future European policies and legislation.”

He goes on: “The network created in the halls of the European commissions and institutions between Turkish and European bureaucrats is not only going to contribute to a mutual understanding, but it will also sweep away the errors of perception and the prejudices against the admission of Turkey that exist in the minds and hearts of certain Europeans.”

Dutch deputy Geert Wilders brought this agreement to the attention of the public and strongly denounced it.

Let us remember that the French people are in the majority hostile to Turkish membership in the EU.

Another article from Islamisation dated February 16, 2010 gives us some idea of the enormous sums of money the EU has been giving to Turkey. Not only enormous, but distributed haphazardly with no concern for how the money should be spent:

(…) for those who can decode the language of technocrats, this means that the money was spent any way they wanted. The Accounts Court also deplored the lack of transparency – if not the waste, and even the corruption pure and simple – of the projects that were financed. (…) The great sums allocated – 1.249 billion euros between 2002 and 2007, and 4.873 billion euros between 2008 and 2013 elicits the following question:

“Can we still prevent the accession of Turkey to the European Union?”

The sums cited above total over 6 billion euros.

A third article from the indispensable Islamisation quotes the Turkish President Abdullah Gül who spoke last month during a trip to Russia:

“Europe will have to prepare for the arrival of more immigrants and accept diversity.”

The Islamist Gül also expressed his concern over the rise of anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic feeling in Europe and suggested that more ought to be done to fight this “plague”. What cynicism and incredible nerve from Gül, considering that the situation of Christians in Turkey is not getting better. The Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew recently affirmed on CBS that Christians are “second class citizens”, and did not hesitate to say his community was being “crucified”, and was unable to recover confiscated goods, or open churches, or re-open the Halki seminary that had been closed in 1971 by Turkey’s racist decision… Bartholomew is closely guarded day and night, following the assassinations of priests by Islamists. Such is hardly the case for the imams of Europe.

For those who doubt the Islamist character of the Turkish president, we remind you of this statement:

“We will definitively change the secular (“laïc”) system. The Republic is living its last days.”

Note: I presume he is talking about the Turkish Republic.

He closes the article with the results of a poll taken in Turkey that shows that most Turks believe non-Muslims should not be allowed to discuss their ideas at public meetings, or publish documents explaining their faith.

Photo below of President Gül.

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“In other words, the Turks are going to have a role in the formation of future European policies and legislation.”

The Accounts Court also deplored the lack of transparency – if not the waste, and even the corruption pure and simple – of the projects that were financed. (…) The great sums allocated – 1.249 billion euros between 2002 and 2007, and 4.873 billion euros between 2008 and 2013 elicits the following question:

“Can we still prevent the accession of Turkey to the European Union?”



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    Same link..

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011
    The World According to Eram

    Eram, a French shoe manufacturer, has launched a highly provocative and altogether ludicrous campaign promoting the joys of the “modern” family. This means homosexual marriage and adoption, changing partners, mixed races, undetermined genders, etc… The whole panoply of destructive behaviors vaunted by the Left and its “progressive” allies. At first I thought Eram was parodying this type of behavior, but no, apparently it’s not a parody, it’s for real. And the goal is to make money. Let’s hope they go broke.

    In nº 141 of his weekly newsletter (available through subscription), Yves Daoudal denounces the campaign, its intentions and its potential consequences. However, he does point out that there was an uproar and Eram had to explain itself.

    He begins his article with a detailed description of the ads. The one above reads:

    “As my two mommies say, the family is sacred.”

    Besides promoting homosexuality, there is “diversity” and “gender” ideology, “reproduction” without procreation. We don’t know if this child will be a man or a woman or what kind of family it will form with someone of the opposite sex or the same sex, depending on what they choose to become, but they will have, we don’t know how, children, because “the family is sacred.”

    The poster on the right below reads:

    “As my mommy and her boyfriend who could be my older brother say, the family is sacred”

    And the one on the left:

    “As my dad, my mom, and my dad’s third wife say, the family is sacred.”

    Note: As I indicated above, I thought these were jokes. SNL could not have done better.

    Yves Daoudal goes on:

    The good news is that these ads triggered an uproar. At least many people protested. Enough for the company to feel obliged to react, by creating a Facebook page where everyone can speak freely, and through the following communiqué explaining its decision:

    “At a time when there are more and more divorces in France, when homosexual marriage has just been legalized in New York, Eram is getting into the act and showing, both in billboards and in magazines, family portraits of a type never shown in the advertising world: unstructured, recomposed, shattered, deconstructed. Children who have two moms, others with one father, one mother, and three step mothers, still others where the step father has the same age as the older brother. Hey, this is “real” life. But if families explode, the spirit of the family remains. For, no matter what, the family is sacred.”

    You will note that for Eram, that is “real” life. Exploded families. Families with several fathers, several mothers, children who have two mothers and no father, etc… If there are still any families composed of a man and a woman, married for life, who have children, they should be informed that they are not leading a real life: they are leading a false life, an illusory life…

    That is what the Facebook messages stress. For there is no dialogue. The few who dared to maintain that a family is a man, a woman and their children, were submerged by the horde who emphasized the accuracy, truth and excellence of Eram’s ads, treating the opponents as medieval or prehistoric, or simply denying that there can exist such a definition of the family. These remarks fall between two disgusting attacks against the Church for having imposed such an absurd model for such a long time.

    What was most often repeated was the affirmation that what counts is love, and that each one lives his love as he likes with whom he likes, etc… The family is “just a cocoon of profound love among the persons who are part of it, be they homos, bi-sexuals, heteros, mixed, alone with children, or a couple…”

    One of the dissenters at the Facebook site was René Poujol, a professor from the Law School of Toulouse who wrote:

    “I have just spent a lot of time – much too much – at these pages. An interesting example of an impossible dialogue. Eram checks out the current trends in order to make money. They are not the first, nor will they be the last. But I see how difficult it is to put rationality into debates where the only criterion is emotional and where the so-called “rights” of an adult lead to the abuse of the rights of the child.”

    Another dissenter was a priest, Father Louis de Villoutreys:

    “Besides the desire to sell shoes, what you are promoting here is not the family, but a weakening and a decomposition of the family. Homosexual parenting is a violence done to the child because it is a lie about his identity! Every human being is born from a man and a woman. The sexual difference is not a fantasy, but the very essence of our humanity!”

    Yves Daoudal concludes:

    I did not read all of it, but I did not notice anyone denouncing this egoism that has become a kind of insanity, where the only thing that counts is a so-called “love” among adults, that is in no way concerned about children. Yet Eram’s campaign stresses the child, since he is at the center of it, he is the one who speaks. This child has every chance of being miserable, even traumatized. Adults say that “the family is sacred,” but they change partners like they change shirts and the child is tossed about, and pays the cost of their inevitable quarrels, hatreds and jealousies. Eventually, he no longer knows who he is. Many of those people are child torturers and don’t know it. They don’t want to know, because what counts is their individualistic, egoistic and petty sentimental and sexual life, where they take refuge like an oyster in its shell.

    Remember what Eram said: real life means unstructured, recomposed, burst apart, deconstructed families. In truth it is the children who are unstructured, recomposed, shattered, deconstructed. Atomized.

    No. That is not love.

    In the comment section of one of several posts on this topic, Le Salon Beige published this response from Eram to criticism from a priest, abbé Grosjean, that confirms to some extent the feeling I had that it was a joke:

    “We received your message dated 09/28/2011, in which you expressed your displeasure with our new publicity campaign.

    Your remarks are very important to us.

    As you know, Eran has a long tradition of humor and impertinence in its ads. Sometimes it happens that this humor shocks some people. This is completely unintentional.

    In truth, Eram is a popular brand that reaches out to everyone and has no desire, no cause, to upset any of our consumers.

    The new publicity campaign shows that despite the undeniable changes taking place in society, one value remains unchanged: the spirit of the family.

    By affirming that the family is sacred and having this idea expressed by children, Eram is not judging the evolutions of society, and even less do we encourage them. But we are deliberately placing ourselves on the side of all families such as they are today.” (…)

    I’m afraid that Eram’s answer, as good as it is, is not good enough. Because they are a popular brand they should either abstain completely from any involvement in these issues, or their ads should show children in traditional families.

    Update: October 15, 2011 – Lawrence Auster at VFR has linked to this article and adds a few comments of his own about a well-known “conservative” American journalist who feels it is an “abomination” to ban homosexual marriage.

    Labels: Education, Ethics/Morals, Family Values, Homosexuality

    Brainwashing alert…Christianity- Jesus Christ.
    Judean…No Jesus Christ…there is NO judean/Christianity thats’ BS!

    dauphin said…
    I don’t know if people remember the film “Cousin Cousine” from 1975 – a light, breezy comedy about family and infidelity. I remember I liked it when I saw it, probably because of the music, the editing and the winning personalities of the stars, but I was certainly too young to really understand it at the time it came out. It was shown again recently on television, and this time I saw it in a much different light.

    It probably was accurate in reflecting the state of broken marriages, dissolved or recomposed families, and libertinism of the day, but in a way I find it now very insidious, exactly because of the light, breezy way it is presented, and I can see the huge propaganda effect a successful film like that could have in “celebrating” and thus promoting the destruction of the family; only one’s “happiness” matters, not one’s children, not sacrifice, not fidelity. Of course there are all sorts of justifications for the main characters to behave the way they do, and they are very likeable characters, but if one looks at the basic message, one can trace back the mentality of Eram back to such films, made 30 and 40 years ago. This is only the culmination of a long downward societal progression, promoted by moral dissidents in the arts, psychology, philosophy, etc. to justify their own behaviour.

    At the end of “Cousin Cousine”, while the whole extended family is watching a Christmas concert on television (Gloria in Excelsis), the two stars of the film, married to other people, go off to a bedroom in front of everyone, including the children who have learned to accept it. The Christmas holiday itself is celebrated as Halloween with children and adults in costume, one quite gory. The benediction of the priest on TV seems almost like a punchline, as the assault on Judeo-Christian morality has become quite overt and shameless. The two stars finally drive off together, with a little girl at the window smiling with amused admiration at them as they leave. The next generation (who are now adults) has been well indoctrinated, and thus we have the chaotic world as it is now being portrayed in Eram’s ad.

    It becomes clearer and clearer, that social indoctrination through film, television, and commercials as well, has done extreme harm to the family which is clearly no longer sacred.

    October 14, 2011 1:26 PM

    Without even questioning- who it is that made / makes the Movies – but accepts their indoctrination as fact.


    Sunday, October 09, 2011
    The 2012 Immigration Budget

    Here’s a short but significant article from Français de France about Nicolas Sarkozy’s priorities:

    Mind-boggling! As France experiences one of the worst financial crises of the last fifty years, the government has just decided to increase the budget for immigrants’ expenses. Now, the portion meted out for immigration and asylum in the 2012 budget has increased by 27%. An increase of practically 30% because, according to the Interior Ministry, we must “take into account the high level of housing needs of the asylum seekers.”

    In all, the cost of the immigration, asylum and integration mission has risen by 14% for 2012, and reaches 632 million euros, of which 376 million are for asylum compared to 296 million in 2011, according to figures provided by the ministry.

    The cartoon shows a man running with the immigration budget in his hands. He cries out: “Look at this, you bunch of boneheads!”

    The three “bien pensants’ reply: “No we don’t want to see those obscenities!”


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