HAARP the weapon written about in the ancient texts that brought about the cataclysms of 10.000 BC









In an interview with independent scientist and an expert witness at the Tokyo International Tribunal for war crimes in Afghanistan.; Leuren Moret, she categorises HAARP as a ‘Space Weapon of Mass destruction.

She explains that the Inner City of London as an old ancient Roman city, is the seat of control over the HAARP project.

She explains that 12 banks headed by the bank of England [giving the esoteric 12 and 1=13 My Emphasis] have complete control over the globe, administered by the Rothschild’s, whom I have written many times are but the front men for the House of Windsor.

Leuren sates that HAARP was originally developed in Russia and switched on for the first test on July 4th 1976 [7+6=13], and that in 1978 the US and the Soviet Union became partners in the pursuit of environmental weapons.

With HAARP sites in Alaska, Newfoundland, Norway, Greenland. Puerto Rico, Cyprus and many more countries, this weapon is not a possibility it is fully operational as a weapon since 1 January 1995.

The Polish aristocrat Zbigniew Brzezinski is very involved in this technology even writing about it in his books. You will need to know that Brzezinski is the mentor and puppet master of Barrack Obama.

This weapon operates at the same frequency that our brains operate and has a direct effect on our minds, of which the mobile phone transmitters play a part in HAARP technology. That the CHEMTRAILS are also part of the HAARP system, acting as mirrors and amplifiers to the frequencies. But this is only one application of the chemtrails there are many other just as sinister applications for the chemtrails.

Part I of this interview discusses evidence which supports the idea for the events I will list, that they are all HAARP induced disasters:

Kobe Earthquake Japan 1995

Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami December 26 2006

Two NASA Shuttle disasters [To stop civilians taking part in the space programme]

Katrina Hurricane of 2005 VIDEO LINK 5000 EXECUTED DURING KATRINA

2001 Foreshadowing Announcement by FEMA:

Terrorist Attack in New York

Catastrophic Earthquake in San Francisco [yet to take place]

Catastrophic Hurricane in New Orleans

Black Sea event in 2007

Niigata Earthquake Japan 2007 VIDEO LINK

Myanmar Cyclone May 3 2008 AUDIO LINK

China Earthquake May 12 2008 VIDEO LINK

The scalar waves used by HAARP are different than normal waves related to Earthquakes, they are different in how the natural scalar waves will not travel through liquid whereas HAARP scalar waves will, thus one can see what waves were involved in each quake.

Also discussed scientifically is the possible rise in diabetes as a direct result of HAARP frequencies, which opens the flood gates for many such conditions

Discussed is the real reason Japan has over 55 nuclear power stations in an area no larger than California….California has two. They are being used to de-populate, SO NOW WE KNOW WHY THE UK ELITE WANT MORE AND MORE NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS ACROSS EUROPE AND BRITAIN. China and India have been encouraged on the back of conditions on loans from the IMF-World Bank to build many nuclear plants, Chernobyl was an excercise in showing all nations what happens to thier plants if they do not play along…They become Chernobyl with a HAARP attack.

What is also discussed is the fact that Christianity and Islam are the targets for HAARP because HAARP is a House of Windsor [SION with a new skin ZION] weapon directed against the said religions.

So sit back and take great heed to what Leuren Moret has to share:




In Part II of the interview Leuren expands on the information proving HAARP to be a weapon for Environmental War including:

Undeclared Electromagnetic War

Under the cover of ABM [Anti Ballistic Missile Defence programmes] was HAARP created in the Soviet Union and began to operate from Kiev July 4 1976 transmitting a microwave between the frequencies 3,26 and 17.54 Mega Hertz and was set to a post modulation of a few per second, has continued to transmit to this day transforming into HAARP January 1 1995. On July 18 1977 the US became covert partners giving the operation the codename ‘Woodpecker’ because this was the sound picked up on Radio Ham sets. The Laurence Livermore Lab in the US was the main body involved in the HAARP project. She states the British Crown is more secretly involved and the ultimate benefactor of the weapon, and that there are five other countries involved in the weapon. Leuren speaks of Dr Edward Teller the Hungarian sociopath who was very involved in nuclear weapons creation and HAARP and Nelson Rockefeller’s involvement, with Rockefeller ultimately responsible for privatising and hijacking the project through three government committees in Congress, and that this whole operation is based on Tesla science.

Leuren says the Russians have the most, one near Moscow; one in the Ukraine [makes a mockery of Ukraine’s defiance because with HAARP in the Ukraine …Ukraine belongs to Russia], and around five more.

The technology is also used to find minerals and oil to which I would cite the very foundation of the Project For The New American Century among others.

Leuren also pinpoints the first sighting of ‘rogue’ waves [Ocean waves] to January 1 1995 when HAARP was switched on, when a 90 foot wave in the North sea hit an oil platform, and again later in 95 when a wave hit the Queen Elizabeth II liner again in the North Sea. So we can now better understand why they built the Thames barrier and want a bigger one, their new toy will smash London, what a good counterbalance I say…

HAARP can trigger tectonic events by choosing the Earthquake fault zones and targeting the weapon directly on the fault lines, which creates some strange visual effects in the atmosphere before the quake strikes.

HAARP can amplify Hurricanes by heating the surface of the water and pulling the Hurricane over the warm water thus increasing the strength of the Hurricane.

The economic applications of HAARP shows itself in mining, Oil exploratioin, and the ability to determine farm yields

by determining who gets flooded, quaked of hurricaned, so a great economic tool for speculation for the international banking families who control HAARP such as the Warbergs, Bronfmans and the Rothschilds, with Alfred claiming the Rothschild’s to be worth around $100 trillion…”at least” says Leuren, which equates to the House of Windsor having this figure through its ownership of the Inner City Of London. The Inner City cartel also controls 80% of the world’s Uranium, with the Rothschild’s controlling the supply and prices, and of course the African colonies rich in minerals, and Canada, the Queen ultimately has the greatest wealth in this banking cartel, especially so when you add the global food cartel to the Windsor’s portfolio. Tibet also has big Uranium deposits, and to cover their real agenda, the banking cartel used the smokescreen ensuring everyone was afraid of Russia getting hold of the Uranium when all along through Averill Harriman and Harry Hopkins the cartel had actually supplied the Soviet’s with nuclear technology and plutonium to create the massive war economy, the cold war created. So ultimately the House of Windsor created the whole situation by having all the high ranking people believing they must fear Soviet Russia when the cartel controlled Soviet Russia and still do today. Therefore trapping the US and the world economies to build the war machine or their economies would collapse, because of course to borrow from the IMF-World Bank one had to do as they dictated and only made monies available on the back of a great weapons manufacture programmes, or to set aside a percentage of their loan for weapons purchase from UK arms manufacturers. Of course the IMF and World Bank are yet another smokescreen to hide the Inner City of London banking cartel. This was played against South Africa under Mandala who almost as soon as he got his puppet position spent £5 billion on British weapons and expertise, this again has been played across Africa and the real reason there are so many weapons in a country that was happy to keep a simple spear and bow.

Leuren goes on to speak about the massive amount of Uranium in Afghanistan, that while the Russians occupied Afghanistan they removed a whole mountain and shipped it back to Russia, so the Russia Afghan war also served as the cover or smokescreen for the Inner City cartels rape of Afghan Uranium and worst still throws yet another reason for the 911 false flag event as a means for land and mineral grab.

Bill Clinton made $33.6 million for arranging a meet with president of Kazakhstan.

Over 200 large cargo ships have disappeared in the last ten years, many known to be victims of ‘rogue waves’, which do not make scientific sense.

In greater depth Leuren explores the economic consequences of the Kobe Earthquake which has some surprising links. It cost Japan 200 billion yen for the damages, which at the time was 2.1% of Japan’s GDP, 4000 dead. It also had an effect on the collapse of Barings bank which has yet another revealing twist…Queen Elizabeth II owned Barings bank so unlike Leuren who feels there is a bit of tension between George Bush and the Queen, I would go with strategy, which means we have yet to unravel it.

Leuren states Singapore to be the CIA base for the takeover of South East Asia, with Malaysian links.

I do disagree with her points on Sumatra, because the evidence once again for the civil wars there, lands at the feet of western intelligence, so they were keeping everyone else out.

Leuren also talks of pulse weapons being used to sink ships around Sumatra. So sit back and listen to Leuren Moret in the second part of the HAARP interview:




In part III Leuren discusses the weather modification abilities of HAARP with a lot of science in relation to the weather and the Oceans. Leuren states there are always tell tale signs in the months before an attack and this is where the global media comes in to play in not reporting the phenomena.

That HAARP could have played a part in the twin towers collapse, which could explain the concrete turning to dust. I wrote about this in a written release some years ago.

Leuren also speaks in terms of land grab in relation to the New Orleans Hurricane Katrina, that the Bush people want a Las Vegas type complex and homes for the Louisiana oil men, and that Katrina is only a continuation of a long agenda to remove black people from prime land and real estate.

In 2007 November 11th there was a serious event in the Black Sea, which was not reported in the US media. The Mediterranean and the Black Sea are close and this storm was not a natural storm, enter Cyprus HAARP. 10 ships sank in the storm including four ships carrying sulphur which turns to sulphuric acid and will last at least 7o years. During this time there was financial fallout between Bush and Putin. People noticed that from the HAARP base on Cyprus which is a British base, a lot of storm drills taking place between April-May 2007. Leuren then reads some diary entries from the witness:

Monday 23 April 2007 (St George’s day): everything is weird and grey, I felt weird and depressed, then Earth tremors at 6.30 pm, could not sleep for the humidity. Leuren goes on to say the depressed feeling is typical of the weapon and relates to the ability to mind control people, or I would say mood control.

Tuesday 8 May 2007: arrived in Limosol to find the sea road in fog, with question marks because fog does not happen in that part of the Mediterranean, ships sounding fog horns…not a Cypriot thing.

Wednesday 9 2007: we were awoken with a gale [never happens in Cyprus]. All the baby birds are in the trees and are unlikely to have survived, the Cyprus trees bent double. That in the morning a helicopter flew above his house and he had a sharp pain in his ear. [This again is a typical effect and in the sinuses when they target an individual with mind control frequencies].

People took photos and witnessed HAARP waves bouncing off the Sea and bounce off the chemtrail clouds, so these are the signs to watch out for. All this was the practise session before creating the Black Sea storm. Leuren states the Cyprus base is to wage HAARP warfare on the Middle Eastern countries.

Leuren then speaks about South East Asia and talks about areas of land the Inner City of London wants. Myanmar Cyclone then becomes the topic which happened just before the rice harvest and had major effects on feeding the area. Myanmar although a small nation produces more rice than the US, so we are talking man made famines which sounds more and more like Biblical talk.

Henry Kissinger is the coordinator of HAARP events operating as the Inner City diplomat with his company KissingerAssociates of which Lord Peter Carrington is a director. Kissinger met the UN secretary General on Mon May 5th 2007 to instruct him to go and lay down the terms to the Myanmar leaders as the cyclone of May 3 was a HAARP event. So sit back and take part III of Leuren and Alfred interview:




In part IV Leuren and Alfred discuss the Myanmar cyclone and the Chinese earthquake together causing more death than the Hiroshima bomb which is over 140.000 people.

Leuren then speaks of the New Madrid fault cataloguing the HAARP signs before the flood linking the great famines in Russia and America during the early 1930’s which were manipulated for land grab, a cycle that has gone on for millennia.

Leuren cites a research paper presented to the US Air Force by a group of officers in August 1996 titled;


Required Capabilities

Global Weather Network

Concept Of Operation

Leuren then speaks of military disruption to phone lines and communications for people speaking about HAARP, because it is the perfect weapon for the Inner City cartel to bring in the New World Order and carry out its population cull through famine, displacement of people and disaster.

Leuren then enters the California fires caused with bouts of dry lightning which set over 1400 dry lightning fires across Northern California between 21 -22 June 2008 which is a very esoteric date. June 25, the news released report in relation to a strange lightning event which set ablaze parts of Northern California. Leuren then speaks in terms of allowing emergency services from Australia, Europe and other countries into America and using the events themselves to further suppress the people.

Arnold Schwarzenegger then comes into the picture as she relays an associated press report from July 12th about the California fires in which it was reported Arnie ordered a further 200 national guard troops to join the already 400 to battle the fires. That Jacob Rothschild the British head of the Rothschild banking dynasty and the Queens manager placed Arnold Schwarzenegger into office so they could take California which has the 7th largest global budget with no debt, and of course they aim to reverse that by lending the state money at massive interest. That the Inner City cartel is privatising the world’s water supplies which Northern California has plenty of.

Leuren also talks about the US Navy being taken over in 1947 by the Nazi paperclip operatives and the reason the US navy can attack its own land.

Leuren states Prince Charles is very involved in the land grab in the US and Canada and in no way as stupid as the British media portray him. She says Henry [Heinz] Kissinger arranged the transfer of all Nazi technology from Germany to the US and acts directly for Jacob Rothschild.

Just at the end of this part Leuren enters the Kashmir Earthquake which ensures another part to this interview.

So sit back and take in the information offered by Leuren Moret:




Here we have part V in the HAARP interview with Leuren Moret, unfortunately the interview fails to record Alfred on the interview so there are gaps between Leuren’s talk, and also a gap from the beginning, but, as with the four thus far, it is well worth the listen.

Part V has Leuren begin by saying she has taken NATO and the other countries involved in HAARP by surprise, that she feels they were not ready for this information to come out in such a detailed way, and that Russia is coming forward with more and more information too in response to her interview, and admitting they used HAARP in Georgia during the recent battle. She has spoken with Native Americans who know HAARP is being used against them. I have to say I would agree, because when I first placed HAARP info on the headlines page I had the URL from each of the countries in which Leuren tells us have HAARP, this increased in visits when I placed this interview on site also,

Leuren calls HAARP the means for ECO-cide which she expands on towards the end of the interview. She says Arctic melting with HAARP is so they can pull oil and other minerals from beneath the ice, on land and indeed water. She presents Richard C Cook’s article called; ‘Extraordinary Times Intentional Collapse And Take Down Of The USA’, citing a paragraph which you will find interesting relating to Jacob Rothschild as the public face of the Inner City of London and Wall Streets subservience to London. It talks of war during the 20th century as the means to make big bucks, especially with the creation of the nuclear weaponry. Leuren speaks of warfare weapons of mass destruction and credit as being part of the Inner City’s global agenda.

Leuren then speaks about Sir James Goldsmith and links him to Princess Diana through a 21 year affair with Diana’s mother, and claims he could well be her biological father as Diana looks like his children.

Leuren explains Goldsmith’s control to all timber rights in America, how he sold them to gain a 49% share in the largest Uranium mining operation, he then went for controlling share in 1993 but was stopped and sold his 49%. So the Inner city got the timber rights to the USA and obviously Goldsmiths 49% of the Uranium mining company, because by 1995 the Inner City banking cartel held 80% of Uranium rights and mining capacity, so he is a puppet of the Inner City banking cartel, gathering the assets.

Leuren then goes on to explain why the Inner City is using HAARP to create dry lightning in the US to start forest fires, Lauren says it is to give them reason without suspicion to harvest the timber, as after the fires they cut down the trees, and, it backs up the global warming scam, as is the case with the Arctic ice melt. So we can see the Inner City banking cartel has the rights to global timber also. So add weather control to create famine, the fact the House of Windsor control the global food cartel, and that HAARP is also being used to de-populate while grabbing the land, forcing governments to obey the New World Order, and making exorbitant profits from the sale of food, Uranium and timber, HAARP is a serious weapon, a global weapon.

In relation the global warming scam, Leuren ties Al Gore to the Inner City cartel and cites HAARP’S use in relation to so many global warming cited events as yet further proof Gores scientific data is floored, but then I have known this for some time given the IPCC is the creation and puppet of the Royal Society which was formed in the 1600’s by 12 Oxford scientists, backed and sponsored by the Royal family in London, giving the 12 and the 1=13. The Royal society at its formation was to set the scene for the industrial revolution and to ensure science would always operate for the banking cartel, so all scientific research is, ‘Politico-Science’ and is thus not free, it is limited by the Royal society, the cardinals of the religion that is science.

Another telling link for Gore and the banking cartel would be the fact his daughter has just married the grandson of Jacob Schiff, the man who acted as proxy for the banking cartel to fund the Bolsheviks who killed over 17 million orthodox Christians in Russia. He was the CEO of Kohen Loeb and Co which was a big Wall Street operation, so Gore is very involved in this whole scam.

Leuren goes on to talk about weather patterns in the US that can be timed, therefore suggesting weather control over Northern California, with dry lightning and indeed with wind itself. She then speaks about acid rain and its effects at facilitating a washing out of Iluminum out of the air and into the environment, which makes the plants uptake the Iluminum which is in the rain water. Iluminum + Oxygen reacts to form Iluminum Oxide which is actually clay which then absorbs all the water and expands the root systems of plants, which limits the uptake of nutrients and water. This in turn is creating a tree decline and changing the grasses, which is then blamed on climate change. This again proves the media to be totally controlled by the elite in churning out never ending global warming stats ultimately created by HAARP, this is some weapon.

Just to break here if I may, I am reminded of Plato’s exploration of Atlantis and the piece in which the armies of Athens and Atlantis meet only to be swallowed by an Earthquake, on can see yet more evidence as I have said, they have re-built there technologies pre-deluge of which many ancient scripture and myths depict.

Leuren then touches again on the chemtrails having asked a former Hanford science advisory board member what is the purpose of chemtrails? He replied to kill off the weaker populations through illness especially the elderly. Now this has been going on for a long time with medication, to which the elderly seem addicted, this is for many reasons but one of the main is the fact the older generations understand what Britain and indeed America used to be, unlike those who are below 30 years, not only that, but in Britain we are just about to have the first Common Purpose university graduates enter the system.

Leuren goes further into detail about famine and de-population and talks about systematic uranium poisoning of the populations, so without further a do sit back and listen to part V of the interview with Leuren and Alfred: PS, Because of the fact we cannot hear Alfred, I do not yet know if there is to be a part VI,




Here we have the much awaited sixth part in the Lauren Moret HAARP interview. Lauren speaks of the mind control capability of HAARP and how she feels it has been used profoundly during the 2008 US election. Alfred states that during the election he kept on having dreams of Obama. Lauren speaks of HAARP being used early morning while we are asleep and our brains are at the level known as REM, that this is when HAARP projects its frequencies into the homes of people through the pipes and electronic cables connected to our homes. She says the police antenna, mobile phones masts, cable TV, in fact through all electrical systems within our homes. GET THE TV OUT OF THE BEDROOM.

She also says your lights in your home are also used to amplify these frequencies which have me feeling the reason they are promoting mercury based light bulbs is to help in this amplification and possibly to burst them while you are asleep which will poison you with mercury.

In 1988 she states HAARP was used against the EU government to prevent dissention against US policy; to the point some MEP’s were wearing helmets and such to prevent the HAARP frequencies from affecting them.

Alfred also states that during the George W Bush election campaign people also reported dreaming about George W Bush, Lauren states this is HAARP at work.





























life On CityTalf FM Liverpool September 1 2008





Taken from my written work delivered 18 May 2006 to all councilors in Hyndburn:

Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA.


This organisation, the brainchild of Zbigniew (Ashkenazi) Brzezinski and Oliver North, is the agency created to deal with internal emergencies within the USA. Set up after the actions of Daddy George Bush in 1976 when he was director of the CIA. Bush assembled a group called Team B, which released a report claiming the CIA had underestimated the dangers of a Soviet nuclear attack. The report advised the development of elaborate plans for “Civil Defence” and a post nuclear government, three years later FEMA was given overall responsibility for these plans. Bush signed executive order 12681 on July 6th 1989, which gave FEMA, which is supposed to be an “emergency response agency”, the right to spy on Americans. FEMA can then take total control of all departments in the nation including; food and to decide were the populations should live and work. Basically FEMA becomes the overriding dictator of events in America completely overriding the whole constitution.

What will shock the world is that the holocaust against the American people has begun, I would cite the last massive natural disaster in the Deep South were all the populations were just left to die. But I will cite an earlier Hurricane in detail, to show you what I mean. Take this section of work to show exactly what it is we are trying to prevent on a Global scale…

Survivors of Hurricane Andrew which struck Florida in 1992 tell a horror story beyond comprehension outside the Second World War. Far from helping the hundreds of thousands of homeless and injured victims, FEMA cordoned off the area and left the people to fend for themselves. They were given no food, no water, no medical supplies, no shelter and basically no help whatsoever when the disaster struck. One of the victims was K.T. Frankovich who suffered serious injuries in the hurricane. She tells of her horrific experiences in her book, ‘Where Heavens Meet’. About three days after the hurricane had devastated the region, she said a long line of Police cars, around 12 to 15 arrived in her area. Each car was driven by a man in a dark police uniform and they had three other plain clothes men riding as passengers she said. K.T. had a broken jaw, eight teeth knocked out and huge pieces of glass embodied in her body. She begged this FEMA convoy for help and this was the exchange that followed, as she describes in her book Where Heavens Meet:

“Please sir, I need medical help, I begged barley able to speak. The officer sitting behind the wheel sighed heavily. He turned his head away from me and gazed out of his windshield. The other three men in the car quietly looked at me. ‘Sir please I need to get to a hospital,’ I begged frantically. The officer took his time about reaching over to switch off the engine. With another sigh, he slowly opened the door and climbed out. He then proceeded to close the door and stood there with his legs spread astride,”

“Lady do me a favour, he answered. Find yourself a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down your name and social security number next to the telephone number of your nearest living relative. Tuck the piece of paper in your pocket so tomorrow, when I find your body, I’ll know who to contact.”

“No no I cried out. You don’t understand. I need to get to a hospital, I’ve been badly injured.”

“No, you’re the one who doesn’t understand, he hissed back.

“With that he reached over to his holster and took out his gun. He grabbed me forcing me up against the side of the car, and proceeded to put the barrel of the gun against my temple. I heard the hammer cock. From the position he had forced me into, I could see directly into the car. The man sitting in the front passenger seat looked away from me immediately, glancing down at the floor. The two passengers in the back seat turned their heads quickly, staring out of the window on the other side of the car. My son and the other survivor watched as the officer had pulled back the hammer on the gun. So shocked out of their minds by what they were witnessing, neither one could move!

“You don’t belong here, the officer growled, pressing the barrel to the side of my head. Now you get yourself outa here before I blow away your ass.

“He shoved my face into the car window and then released me. Someone grabbed me from behind and whirled me round so fast; I didn’t have time to think. Before I knew it, I was being thrown over a shoulder. My rescuer took off running as fast as he could. I caught a brief glimpse of my son running next to me. With one gigantic leap, he and the survivor that carried me dove behind a pile of debris. All the three of us crashed on top of each other in one tangled up heap.

“I’ll shoot your damn asses,” the officer’s voice rang out.

One has to see these types of organisations as they are, the SS storm troopers of the Fascist State, do you still refuse to except that 911 was the work of the elite using the fanatical minds they have herded into a terrorist cell? This last block of information is the state of play within the United States in 1992. This is ethnic cleansing within their own nation, while at the same time they where operating against ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia? The official death toll from hurricane Andrew was 26, but K.T. Frankovich says she herself saw 71 bodies taken away from one small area alone. She estimates the dead from this event to number in the thousands, but who save those that were there, know of this, and no one is listening. So again one can see once the ‘official’ story is released that is all the media promote to infinity and thus the masses question nothing. America is much nearer the planned coup than even I suspected. Which strengthens my understanding that events like we saw at the beginning of the year with the blowing up, yes blowing up of the fuel refinery in Hemel Hempstead, was no accident, yet another exercise in seeing how well they can control the people and systems within this nation under “Emergency powers”. See it, see it, see it, or this type of nonsense will lead ultimately to the maltreatment of British citizens by the stereotypical minds like FEMA, yet here using agencies like the environment and anti terror organisations, even army cadets. It is the same with chemical leaks and such these are exercises in controlling the people with evacuation exercises. For all our sakes, wake up now. Back to hurricane Andrew. When you consider how 8.230 mobile homes and 9.140 apartments disappeared in the wake of 200-300 miles an hour winds, it’s obvious that the official death toll, of 26 is bollocks, K.T Frankovich recalls:

“The national guard along with the Coast Guard, the Army, FEMA, Metro Dade Police, state police and local police removed dead bodies and body parts as quickly as possible during those first ten days of the aftermath. Horrified survivors watched as both uniformed and civilian clothed men searched the rubble and filled body bags, which they than stacked in military vehicles or huge refrigerator trucks (remember this refrigerator trucks information for later) they normally used to transport food, only to drive off and leave the stranded injured to fend for themselves.

Not until I managed to escape from the aftermath did I discover that the thermo-king sections of these same refrigerator trucks, jam packed with wall to wall body bags ended up being stored at Card Sound Navy Base, located in an isolated area just above the Florida Keys. The inside temperature was kept cool by portable generators until the bodies were either incinerated or just plain dumped into huge open grave pits.

Those working on the body pickup operation were forced to take what is known as the Oath of sworn secrecy, which is strictly enforced by the government. Many of them plunged into shock, once exposed to the ghastly devastation and countless mutilated bodies. The horrors are way beyond human comprehension. I can vouch for this, as I accidentally stepped on the severed hand of a young child when I initially crawled out of the debris, only to witness shortly thereafter two dead teenagers and the decapitated body of a baby girl.

K.T. says that when she lectured at the Clearwater Convention in Florida in 1999, a man in the audience introduced himself as Chief Petty Officer Roy Howard who said he had spent nine weeks on active duty working in South Dade County amid the devastation. He said he learned that at least 5.280 people had died and that the bodies had been “confiscated” by the National Guard and secretly disposed of in incinerators in a joint operation with FEMA. At least 1.500 bodies were “confiscated” from lakes and other water.

I have stated many times before they have the knowledge of how to create weather, did you think I was joking?




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  1. Matthewb2765 on 27 Jun 2011

    INCREDIBLE example of HAARP. Looks like an ocean of waves!!! Edge of Clouds makes a straight line as far as you can see across the sky! Louisiana June 2011!!! If You Enjoyed This Video Please Rate Video and Share This Link With Friends! Thank you for all you Encouragement, Help and Love! Much Love! Matt
    Examines the controversial military program based on Tesla technology – its’ possible effects on weather and use in mind control. Based on advances in technology created by Nikola Tesla over a century ago, HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project – is a controversial high frequency radio transmitter operated by the US military beaming high level energy into the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Ostensibly for ionospheric research, HAARP also locates hidden oil reserves and missile silos around the world. However, critics of HAARP say this technology could blow a massive hole in the upper atmosphere as well as disrupt the subtle magnetic energies of all life on Earth.




    HAARP is an Ionospheric heater. It changes the shape of the ionosphere, allowing for beamed energy to be concentrated on a known spot. It has been speculated that this system can manipulate weather, cause earthquakes, act as a “Death Ray” delivering large amounts of energy to a small location, and put on groovy light shows.
    Graphics are courtesy of Viewzone.com, here is a link to their site:
    I am not affiliated with them, or they with me. I am just a reader of their fine articles.

    Here is a link to what HAARP was doing before the earthquake in Haiti. It had been active for 3 days!:

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    Man can control all aspects of the weather with devastating effect with HAARP

    (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

    that cause the most powerful earthquakes in the world.

    Important information on HAARP where people/sheeple really need to know!!

    Non-profits & Activism

  3. READ THE WHOLE THING..THIS IS JUST A SMALL PART….BUT IT RELATES TO WHERE WE ARE TODAY AND RECENT EVENTS. RE IRAN TROUBLE – YET TO KICK OFF- IF WE ALLOW IT….. http://lifeinthemix2.co.uk/ISRAEL.html It was Ashkenazi Zionists who were behind the CLEAN BREAK document produced for Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996 that called for Israel to “Shape its Strategic Environment”, starting with the removal of Saddam Hussein and the installation of a Hashemite Monarchy in Baghdad. [Note Netanyahu could re-gain power in 2009] With Iraq brought under Jordanian Hashemite influence, Jordan and Turkey would form an axis along with Israel to weaken and ‘roll back’ Syria, it said. Jordan could also undermine Lebanon by ‘weaning’ the Shia Muslim population away from Syria and Iran and re-establishing their former ties with the Shia in the new Hashemite kingdom of Iraq, the document said: “Israel will not only contain its foes; it will transcend them” To achieve this, the document stated, Israel would have to win broad American support for these new policies and it advised Netanyahu to present them “in language familiar to Americans by tapping into themes of American administrations during the Cold War which apply well to Israel”. The Guardian article revealing the contents of the document pointed out that there is little to distinguish the 1996 Clean Break paper from the outpourings of other ‘right wing’ and ‘ultra-Zionist’ think tanks. Nor do the similarities end there. The leader of the prominent opinion makers who wrote the paper for Netanyahu was Richard Perle, now chairman of the Defence Policy Board at the Pentagon and a major player in the orchestration of the war against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and to wherever it is to go next which looks more and more like Iran.. Another author was…Douglas Feith, the neo-conservative lawyer, now under secretary of policy at the Pentagon, who is also at the forefront of the US agenda for the conquest of the Middle East. Two others were David Wurmser and his wife, Meyrav, who was co-founder of Memri, a Washington based charity that distributes articles translated from Arabic newspapers portraying Arabs in a bad light. David Wurmser worked with Perle at the American Enterprise Institute and is now at the State Department as special assistant to John Bolton, (now resigned) the under secretary for arms control and international security. Bolton is yet another frontline manipulator of the invasion of Iraq. Meyrav Wurmser told the BBC that the Clean Break document was: “No more than a mental exercise done in a think tank by a group of people. Yes many of us [behind the Bush policies] are Jewish, there’s no need to apologise to anyone for that. Most of us, all of us in fact, are pro-Israel, some of us more seriously so than others, but we have no problem at all criticising Israel.” When is the criticism going to begin then? James Colbert of the Washington based Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (Jinsa) was also author of the Israeli Clean Break report in 1996. it says that one of its aims is “to inform the American Defence and Foreign Affairs community about the important role Israel can and does play in bolstering democratic interests in the Mediterranean and Middle East”. In practice, as the Guardian article pointed out, this largely involves…sending retired American military brass on jaunts to Israel after which many of them write suitably Hawkish newspaper articles or letters to the editor. There are also business relationships between retired US military officers on the JINSA board and American companies supplying weapons to Israel, but don’t ever mention Israel’s massive stockpile of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, they don’t exist, yeah right! Sam Hamod, a former advisor to the US State Department, said: “Israel at this time has a huge stock of atomic weapons, thanks to our assistance. Israel also has major supplies of anthrax and other poison weapons, again, thanks to the assistance of the US government who at one time feared Arab attacks on Israel. These are the reasons that Israel will not allow atomic inspectors into Israel and will not sign the vaunted, American pushed, Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty that America wants everyone else to sign, and uses pressure to achieve this, but never on Israel. “As to the poison weapons, neither America nor Israel will sign this accord banning poison weapons because they have so many in their security vaults. Thus, to many experts in the world, the US attack on Iraq for WMD and poison weapons, was very much a bald faced farce, without merit, when two of the biggest abusers of atomic proliferation and poison weapons were the ones calling for the war, America and Israel. [Not forgetting our own little upstart ‘Blair’ soon to be replaced by a bigger upstart Brown] When in 1990 Saddam Hussein offered to destroy such weapons, if Israel did the same, the United Sates government said, it was not willing to negotiate on that subject – not least because to publicly accept that Israel has a massive nuclear capability would make illegal the billions of dollars of US aid to that country every year. They all know of Israel’s nuclear stockpile, but if no one officially admits it exists they can go on with business as usual. This was further exposed in a BBC television documentary in the Correspondent series in 2003 that revealed how this ‘you-don’t-say-anything-and I- wont’ agreement is known as ‘nuclear expediency.’ The programme highlighted the inhuman treatment of Mordechai Vanunu who had already been jailed for 17 years, 11 of them in isolation, for warning the world about the production of atomic weapons in Israel. Vanunu worked for ten years in the Dimona ‘Atomic Research Reactor’ in the Israeli southern desert region and told a reporter from the London Sunday Times about the secret production of nuclear weapons in underground levels under the reactor. The report was published in October 1986 and Vanunu was kidnapped in Rome by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and shipped to Israel, where he was secretly tried and convicted. In retaliation for the BBC programme, the Israeli government press office, a department of the Prime Minister’s office, banned BBC correspondents in Israel from contact with government ministers and from official press conferences. Can you see what I mean about the childish behaviour! Daniel Seaman, the head of the press office, said their broadcast had served those who demonise Israel and anti-Semitic elements. Can you see why you need to grasp this information; we have to remove any help whatever to the fear driven Israel. Israel demonises itself but has hidden behind the Holocaust and so people do nothing. Seaman also added that the broadcast was something a ‘democratic state like Israel cannot tolerate’, it just gets worse. A message to Sam Seaman’s mother, I feel for you. The Israeli Clean Break document called for the very agenda that has been unfolding since the Bush administration illegally came to power. The authors of the paper were closely connected with JINSA, the Ashkenazi-controlled Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Until recently at the heart of the Bush administration’s policy on the conquest in the Middle East, were: Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States. Paul Wolfowitz, Jinsa member formerly on its advisory board. Richard Perle, Deputy Defence Secretary and a highly prominent member of Jinsa. Douglas Feith, Clean Break report author, Iraq war architect, who serves on the Pentagon Policy Board and Jinsa member David Wurmser, Clean Break report author, Jinsa member; James Woolsey. Clean Break report author, who is now special assistant to John Bolton, (resigned) the under secretary for arms control and international security and Jinsa member, and former director of the CIA who is also reported to lined up to become the minister of information in the post-war Iraq. These in turn, connect into the far right “think tanks” in the United States like the project for the New American Century that produced the blueprint for conquest in September 2000. This was a mirror of the Clean Break document and has formed the basis for the Bush administration’s policy of mass murder and acquisition in the Middle and Near East. How can these facts not be fundamentally connected and what chance do the Arab nations have of being treated justly and with respect given the agenda of those in control of the gathering war against them? These people wanted to see the invasion and takeover of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon Sudan, and Saudi Arabia and as we can see they are being ticked off as they go. Tom Neumann, executive director of Jinsa, told the Bush – dominated, Moonie – owned Washington Times, how he believed or rather knew, the face of the Middle East would be changed: “Jordan will probably survive the coming war with US assistance, so will some of the Sheikhdoms. The current Saudi regime will probably not. The Iran dissident movement would be helped enormously by the demise of Saddam, and the Palestinians would have to know the future lies with the West. Syria’s Ba’athist dictatorship will likely fall unmourned, liberating Lebanon as well. Israel and Turkey, the only current democracies in this region, will find themselves in a far better neighbourhood.” So this is how they have persuaded the so called intelligent minds to go along with this game, or at least stay quite, along with the oil shortage lies and the threat Iran is to flood the world with cheap oil denoted in the Euro. This is not the real agenda at all, it is as I have stated in this phase, simultaneously as the media focus to the Middle East, they will begin the bloodbath in Africa, the tension with Russia yet another nation controlled by the Inner City, and over into the Far East, ready for the big ones, India and China. We currently have the demonising of Syria and Iran. Do not be once again hoodwinked into another World War, we will all regret it, at least those who survive only to realise they are living in the Global Fascist State which has been the aim of the whole of our history post-flood by the Nefilim bloodlines. The US government accused the Syrian regime of President Bashar al Assad of state terrorism, developing weapons of mass destruction and harbouring fugitive Iraqi officials. Colon Powell said: “We will examine possible measures of a diplomatic, economic or other nature as we move forward.” White House spokesman Ari Fleischer branded Syria a terrorist state; Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld claimed Syria had carried out a chemical weapons test over the past 12, 15 months; and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel ‘Khazar’ Sharon joined the offensive, describing Assad as ‘dangerous’. Ariel Sharon urged Washington to put ‘a very heavy…political and economic pressure’ on Syria. It is history repeating itself lies and more lies as was used so effectively with Iraq. Wolfowitz told the Senate armed service committee: “The Syrians are behaving badly. They need to be reminded of that, and if they continue then we need to think about what our policy is with respect to a country that harbours terrorists or harbours war criminals, or was in recent times shipping things to Iraq.” We should be more worried about the weapons the US has shipped to Israel! What you need to grasp is that all this nonsense has been planned for a very long time; they have to invent the excuses to carry out the agenda of mass slaughter and control, better known as false flag events. The way this inhuman policy was played out against Iraq is due to be repeated over and over on the road to global domination, which is not for your interests but the interests of the Illuminati. Yet to write in the way I have, opens me to the accusation, anti-Semitic for telling the truth, what a load of old crap. Tam Dalyell is a veteran Labour MP who has campaigned against countless wars, and like his colleague George Galloway, was a vocal opponent to the invasion of Iraq. Dalyell said that Bush and Blair were being unduly influenced by Jewish Ministers and officials who had an agenda for Israel that did not allow fair and equal treatment of the Arab world. He referred to a cabal in the United States based on the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (Jinsa) and later said he was referring to people like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, John Bolton, Douglas Feith and Ari Fleischer, the Bush Press spokesman. “Those people drive this policy”, he said. He also highlighted the role of Blair’s unelected Middle East envoy, Lord Levy, who is not a member of the government and cannot be questioned by Parliament. He is of course being questioned by the police! As they have dragged out his ‘Rabbi’ in an attempt to have us all in Britain shit ourselves at the possible label ‘anti-Semitic’. Lord Levy certainly the Blair banker and most probably one of his handlers. Professor Eric Moonman, president of the Zionist Federation, who was a Labour MP from 1966 to 1979, said he was seeking advice on whether there was a case for referring Dalyell’s remarks to the Commission for Racial equality under the law of inciting racial hatred. “I believe there is”, he said. Can you see why Blair and his idiots insist on more stringent laws on race! And why Brown has already stated we should look again at the hatred legislation! So you can’t speak the truth because it is racist? Rubbish. So where is the real racism? Can it be more racist than to claim “you are the chosen people”, better than every other living non-Jew? Anti – Semitism is a smokescreen used to stop legitimate debate and Dalyell’s treatment is yet another example. In 1993, ADL offices were raided by San Francisco police and the evidence came to light that the ‘anti-racist’ organisation had illegally obtained information from Tom Gerard, a corrupt police officer, and Roy Bullock, a political informant and infiltrator on the ADL payroll since 1960. Bullock was employed as a fact finder or what we would call a spy. He would infiltrate not only openly ‘anti-Semitic’ groups, but also Labour Unions, pro-Palestinian, American Arab and anti-apartheid organisations, usually under false pretences. Bullock, who was not Jewish, would then pass the information to the ADL. So what do you make of that, an anti-racist organisation keeping files on anti-apartheid campaigners. The ADL even kept file upon file on Liberal San Francisco Jews who disagreed with Israeli policies. The files included Social Security numbers, driver’s licence numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and group memberships. Some of the information was sold to foreign governments, including Israeli and South African intelligence groups. Pete McCloskey, a former Republican Congressman from San MateoCounty, was an attorney in the law suits against the ADL. He wants the government to revoke its tax exempt status. Since they obviously are working in conjunction with the Israeli government, he said, they should register as such. “Referring to themselves as an education group is simply a sham”, the attorney said. Dr Alfred M. Lilienthal, the author of, There goes the Middle East, The Other Side Of The Coin, and The Zionist Connection, said the ADL was “ever ready to apply the smear and vilification to censure and silence, thus building an iron curtain over America that would bar any criticism, however constructive, of Israel, Zionists, or Jews.” He said without exaggeration the ADL was the single most influential organisation in the United States: “It works closely with the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, and sometimes with the FBI or CIA. Through its multi fold activities the ability to crush decent, it is probably more responsible for American attitudes and American foreign policy toward the Middle East than any other single force…Through its multiple private and public reports and publications, allegedly directed against prejudice and bigotry, the ADL can exert enormous influence and intimidation, often bordering on blackmail, in organisations and individuals, particularly people in public life. It provides an indispensable backup for… effective lobbying of congress and White House on behalf of an ever increasing economic and military aid to Israel…Many ADL charges against critics of Israel and Zionism are totally inaccurate, questionable, or based on half truths. Its secret and confidential reports, widely distributed in Liberal circles, often attribute the stock quotation, ‘but some of my best friends are Jews,’ to its subjects, implying anti-Semitism. Odious impressions are created by twisting or distorting a few words, or the context in which they were uttered.” What we have with the Blair government is exactly this scenario being built as I write in this country, in preparation for what Israel will begin to do militarily in the Middle East as Phase II in Afghanistan / Iraq take shape. For this reason I am placing this information into Britain’s democracy so we can prevent this. We in this nation must not be a slave or pacifying pawn into the behaviour that is perpetrated by Israel and the ADL. We do not wish to become another USA, a nation so afraid to speak about anything other than what the ADL deems acceptable, which would green light the next Great War, no I say. As of July 2007 this ADL implementation in an active role has begun with the programme on Channel 4 claiming, ‘THE’ rise of anti Semitism in Britain. After Israel’s attack on Lebanon in 1996, with the massacre of more than a hundred civilians at Qana, Ari Shavit, a columnist withy the newspaper, Haaretz, said that Israel could act with impunity because “we have the Anti Defamation League…” Its key role is to target those who are challenging the Illuminati agenda by branding them racists and the ADL definition of ‘anti-Semitic’ gets wider by the day. The ADL’s Nathan Perlmutter claimed that the “real anti-Semitism” in America consisted of policy initiatives “corrosive of Jewish interests”, such as affirmative action, cuts in the defence budgets, and neo isolationism, as well as opposition to nuclear power and even electoral reform. Any questioning of the ADL is racist, or as sociologist John Murray Cuddihy, put it: “Not only does anything Jews do or refrain from doing have nothing to do with anti-Semitism, but any attempt to explain anti-Semitism by referring to the Jewish contribution to anti-Semitism is itself an instance of anti-Semitism!” Do not forget the ADL has been operating and building its power base in Europe and Britain since 1991. They are not as powerful here as they are in the USA, ‘YET’. We have to address this situation now or all questioning of Israeli policy and action, I would go as far as stating or including the ability to question American policy, would be demolished. We cannot let such a hideous organisation as the ADL; stifle this nation we cannot under any circumstances allow this. The ADL is headed by an Ashkenazi called Abraham ‘Abe’ Foxman, who claims to be a ‘Holocaust survivor’, but true to the ADL’s form when it comes to truth, he never saw the inside of a concentration camp or suffered persecution by the Nazis because they believed he was a Christian. [I use the term ‘Ashkenazi’ not in a derogatory form but to differentiate them from the Semitic peoples.] Lies do seem to belong to these people. Foxman accepted $100.000 for the ADL mega-crook billionaire, Marc Rich, and then advised him to seek a pardon for his crimes. Months later Rich’s lawyers filed for a pardon and Foxman wrote to President Bill Clit-on, sorry Clinton, can’t get Monica out of my head! Ooo ‘head’ sorry. Written on ADL notepaper in support of the application, the pardon was granted by Clinton in his last hours in office amid enormous controversy. I get the feeling Blair is doing similar before he leaves especially with Europe. Foxman had suggested the pardon to his friend, Avner Azulay, an agent for Israel’s Ashkenazi spy agency, Mossad, who was head of the Rich Foundation that has donated a total of at least $250.000 to the ADL. Rich’s lawyer was Lewis Libby, Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, and a member of the project for the New American Century. The web is massive. The brilliant Israeli writer, Israel Shamir, highlights the Zionist, Ashkenazi Khazar, Anti- Defamation League in an article on his web site. Shamir says of Foxman and other ‘anti-Semite propagandists: “The chief proponent of this well endowed movement is an American [Ashkenazi] Jew, the head of ADL, Abe Foxman. Two years ago he was caught taking large sums of money from the super thief Marc Rich, a crook who cheated the American taxpayer and found refuge in Switzerland. For years Foxman and his organisation collected dossiers on people who objected to apartheid and sold them to Mossad and to the South Africa of Forster. They broke into houses, stole documents and ran professional surveillance of the left activists in California. “Last year, Foxman and ADL were found guilty in the US court of law, and paid millions of dollars to people they intimidated and smeared. Foxman’s best chum is Ariel Sharon, the mass murderer of Sabra, Shatila, Kibie and Jenin. A new book by Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, ‘The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Super Spy’ confirms the professional philo-Semites [those who brand their opponents “anti-Semites”] have permanent ties with Mossad, the long arm of Israeli apartheid, memorable to you by the Lillehammer murders. In brief, the philo-Semites are sleazy guys taking money from sleazy crooks in order to cover up the creeping genocide of Palestinians… “…It is not strange, as the very emphasis on ‘anti-Semitism’ is disgustingly racist, as if it were worse than racism against anyone else. People who decry ‘anti-Semitism’, instead of ‘racism’ or ‘ethnic prejudice’, are actually saying that there is something really special – and particularly bad – about discrimination against this one particular group. In other words, they are racists.” Sam Hamod, a former advisor to the US State Department, said the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) had made a fortune in donations by conning most media networks and most people in the world into believing an untruth about Jewish history and suppressing the Khazar origins. He said that when the ADL called someone critical of Israel, Zionists or Zionism, an “anti Semite”, this was pure nonsense. He said he was not “touting for people who are anti-Jewish or Anti-Arab or any anti-any ethnic or racial group”. Those who stereotyped or attacked others based on their race or ethnicity were dead wrong and should be condemned. (I second this point also). He said: “But so too should those who abuse labels and use them wrongly to stop others from being justifiably critical should also be condemned (and in this case, I am referring to the ADL and other groups of that sort who label people with impunity and carelessness, sometimes wrecking their careers, their reputations, their businesses and their lives!) “Unfortunately, the misuse of the label, ‘anti-Semitic’ and its consequences have been so bad that even Presidents, Senators, congress people, media giants and all others in the world cringe at being labelled, ‘anti-Semitic’ by some Zionist, Israeli or ignorant religious, media or social group. Little do they know they are being victimised by charlatans of the language who have found a label that they throw around with impunity and for which there has been little or no comeback.” It was time for media people and non-linguistically literate scholars, politicians, religious leaders and others to become educated about the truths about “Semitic” and its misuse, he said. “If not, we’ll continue to allow charlatans to abuse our language and to continue their name calling, abusing others, especially Jews, Arabs, Americans, Brits and others by calling them “anti-Semites” if they speak against Israel which is not a Semitic State, or Zionists which are a political group, not exclusively Jewish and which has nothing to do with Semitism. On these sentiments, have I chosen to include this information in this phase. The majority of people in this section of work, who offer this information, are “Jewish”. We have to begin to give light to the balanced idea of what it means to be Jewish. Most people have no clue this argument is going on within Judaism. Not only that, I now know I have had this bunch of liars that call themselves the ‘Anti-Defamation League, pushing there nose into my world. On that basis also I am well within my right to defend myself and I shall, regardless of what may come, I am not afraid of labels, I have stated the only label I will except is “life”, I despise what is being done to human beings by the bully that is Israel. When my journey of awakening began, I was so ashamed that the creation of Israel was so embedded in British politics, and that was just from growing up watching the news relative to what this nation does to the real peoples of the so called Holy Land, and not to what I now understand relative to this murderous monster. The claims of Anti Semite serve only the Illuminati, the financiers of this world. Dr Nahun Goldman, former president of the World Jewish Congress, said: “Current decline of overt anti-Semitism might constitute a new danger to Jewish survival…the disappearance of anti-Semitism in its classic meaning, while beneficial to the political and material situation of Jewish communities has had a very negative effect on our internal life.” Leo Pfeiffer of the American Jewish Congress also said it was possible that some anti-Semitism is necessary in order to ensure Jewish survival. Or rather the survival of Zionism. Norman Finkelstein has seen it all before: “By the 1970’s, anti-Semitism was no longer a salient feature of American life. Nonetheless, Jewish leaders started sounding alarm bells that American Jewry was threatened by a virulent ‘new anti-Semitism’. The main exhibits of a prominent ADL study (‘for those who have died because they are Jews’) included the Broadway show Jesus Christ Superstar and a counterculture tabloid that ‘portrayed Kissinger as a fawning sycophant, bully, flatterer, tyrant, social climber, evil manipulator, insecure snob, unprincipled seeker after power’ – in the event, an understatement. “For organised American Jewry, this contrived hysteria over a new anti-Semitism served multiple purposes. It boosted Israel’s stock as a refuge of last resort if and when American Jews needed one. Moreover, the fund raising appeals of Jewish organisations purportedly combating anti-Semitism [like the ADL] fell on more receptive ears. ‘the anti-Semite is in the unhappy position’, Sartre once observed, ‘of having a vital need for the very enemy he wishes to destroy’. For these Jewish organisations the reverse is equally true. With anti-Semitism in short supply, a cutthroat rivalry between major Jewish ‘defence’ organisations – in particular, the ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre – has erupted in recent years.” So we have the situation whereby Jewish organisations are promoting the doctrine, “do as I say not as I do’. These are the organisations and methods used to stop investigation into those at the heart of power as anyone who takes the time to investigate concludes. Those on the left who fall for this are helping to create the very fascist society they claim to be opposing; here is a definition of fascism: A system of government marked by centralisation of authority under a dictator (Blair now Brown), stringent socio-economic controls, suppression of the opposition (me), through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism (Afghanistan, Iraq invasion and occupation) and racism (current demonising of all Muslims in this nation); a political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government (forcing democracy on Muslim nations), oppressive dictatorial control (the agenda from government since 1979), taking a massive leap with Blair’s THIRD WAY. Do you see the reason I have felt compelled to put this work together? This is the world we are living in now, and believe me it hasn’t even started yet! Fascism is not a race and it is not a body, it is a state of mind, which is being exited and thus implanted via fear into the minds of the world. The so-called new worlds, America, Canada, and Australia are already twenty steps nearer this dictatorship, hence the title ‘new worlds’. Europe has always been a major problem to the Illuminati we must keep it that way, yet, to destroy our chance of breaking this sickness of the soul, the Illuminati have to create another world war centred in the Middle East to spread rapidly through Turkey into Europe. Anyone from any race is capable of falling via fear into the mindset we call fascism in fact demanded within religious doctrine, ‘we are closer to god etc’. From the Illuminati’s point of view they fear their populations and so they by necessity have to instil this system or they lose what they have had since the flood. But to make it work they have to drip feed it into the minds of the populations, which has been accomplished through the last 300 years with the enemies they have made on our behalf, with the religious and genocidal invasion of nations across the globe, all done in our name. We now have the situation whereby we can see a perceived enemy in Islam, because in such nations in which religion holds power, anything other than a state controlled by the religion is an enemy of religion. This makes the idea of democracy abhorrent as such a system goes against the religion as it did in Christian Europe while the Illuminati used the system Christianity to control the populations. To grasp this one can then see how democracy is only a smokescreen instilled into the minds of the populations to cover the religious control which still holds sway in the actual power structure. It is all about the Primal Visual Cortex’s limited view, and the elite have always dictated the illusion. To deceive the populace religion had lost control, they changed the visual cortex’s vision of the reality in which it lives, to see itself as free in a new vision called democracy, so you cancel out the real truth and replace it with a new illusion within your visual cortex. From the Illuminati’s point of view, it is now time to change your vision once again to that of fear which then screams for protection, and the Illuminati offer centralisation of control and rules and law, to protect it’s civilians, and away we go by consent we return once again to the system best described as the Middle Ages, total dictatorship by the Crown. Can you see it now? So the illusion thus created by the Illuminati relative to ‘Left and Right is again a sort of ‘bad cop good cop’ playing one off against the other until the final chapter THE CENTER or THIRD WAY takes over, but it is the same people dictating to the left, the right and the centre. I know this is difficult for you old timers to grasp but you are stunting the great enlightenment. You must cease in you hanging on to power at all costs, it is your mindset that enables the Illuminati to create that which you are in fear of allowing happening again, FASCISM. It cannot happen with my train of thought, it can’t. it can only happen within a very limited visual cortex’s view. So to you of the left, you do seem to be unable to grasp this point. BBC reporter Steve Bradshaw said in his Panorama documentary on the ‘neo-cons’: “By now we had picked up a recurrent theme of insider talk in Washington. Some leading neo-cons, people whisper, are strongly pro-Zionist and want to topple regimes in the Middle East to help Israel as well as the US.” But he said he was told by “a Congressional Staffer” to be careful how he used the word neo-conservative because people might say he was being ‘anti-Semitic. This is outrageous; this is barbaric while claiming Democratic Politics, this is politics governed by fear, the fear of upsetting a particular bunch of murderers. This already happens in British politics the Rothschild’s make damn sure of that. We must destroy this system within our politics before it reaches the state it is in America. If this work helps to kick starts this process I am a happy nutcase. Professor Eliot Cohen, the close friend of his former college dean, Paul Wolfowitz, is on the US Defence Policy Board and involved with both the American Enterprise Institute and the Project for the New American Century. He took the same old tired line when asked by Steve Bradshaw why he was concerned about the suggestion that American policy was all a conspiracy whipped up by a group of “neo-conservative hawks, who were somehow allied to Israel”. Cohen replied: “Well sometimes the word neo-conservative is used when what they would really like to say is Jews.” “People that use that kind of language and as a Jew I find that offensive. There are two things I find despicable about it. The first the implication of duel loyalty…and speaking as someone who’s father served in the United States army, who served the United States army himself, who has a son in the United States army, I find it deeply, deeply offensive and untrue. And the other thing I find deeply offensive about it is it contains anti-Semitic cadre. Which is that Jews, this scattered little people around the world, have these occult powers and are pulling the strings of the naïve and duped non-Jews. And it wasn’t that long ago that those kinds of beliefs led to hideous things that impinged upon me very directly. So yes, I feel very strongly about it.” So I wonder then, if the Arabs, the truly Semitic people, are deeply, deeply offended by Cohen saying that the Third World War was against Communism and the Forth World War is against ‘Militant Islam’. I wonder if the Arabs , the true Semitic people are deeply, deeply concerned about the facts that Israel has been Murdering en mass, kidnapping, torturing, imprisoning without trial, digging holes around their holy Temple, building walls straight through their communities, not allowing them to defend themselves in any way whatever, lying profoundly for more than sixty years claiming to be what in reality the Arabs are, Semites, and using the lies to demolish any hope of exposure to the Holocaust perpetrated by Israel upon the Arabs, yeah I think the Arabs are utterly and deeply pissed at the Ashkenazi leadership from Southern Russia! Can you imagine what Cohen would say if the neo-cons were called agents of ‘militant Zionism?’ or if the Israeli army that has killed millions of Palestinian civilians was referred to as ‘Jewish terrorists’ they would claim it to be , yep you’ve guessed it anti-Semitic’. Rabbi Yaacov Perrin was quoted in the New York Daily News as saying, “one million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” With the information thus offered, this statement is actually anti-Semitism against the truly Semitic peoples, the Arabs. If anyone said that about a person calling themselves Jewish they would be dubbed racist, and in some countries like Canada, arrested under “Hate Crime” laws. So we have the situation whereby to actually use the word Jewish or Israel you can be arrested, yet it is okay to label Arabs Palestinians, Muslims as terrorists without invoking the hate crime laws. This is a sure sign that the Illuminati propaganda is working, they decide who you are to hate. I do not hate the Jews but ‘dislike’ Zionists, but that does not mean I have to sit back and be lied too, just because they say I must. Rabbi Ahron Cohen said in a statement for the orthodox Jewish, anti-Zionist, Neturei group: “It must be clear that opposition to Zionism and its crimes does not imply hatred of Jews. On the contrary Zionism itself and its deeds are the biggest threat to Judaism.” Rick Santorum, the Republican Senator of Pennsylvania, in 2002 or 3, proposed a law that in effect, prohibits the criticism of Israel on American college campuses by threatening the Universities with federal funding cuts if they allow students and staff to publicly criticise Israel. Now can you grasp the changes instilled by this Blair government to education? You got it, for blackmail purposes. I am just glad we have the House of Lords who have stopped some of the extreme nonsense attempted by this Illuminati Blair government, but they will not take no for an answer and will via Brown try and keep trying to prevent anyone from stopping what is planned for Israel in its response to its neighbours in the future. Santorum was the guy who supported the ‘Syrian Accountability Act’, which accuses Syria of backing terrorism and developing weapons of mass destruction. In true Orwellian fashion, his plan to ban freedom of expression was called ‘ideological diversity legislation’ which in effect suppresses any such diversity, its all nonsense. So when bemused as many of us have been at the Blair government’s dismay at not getting all its wish’s through the House of Lords, you can now understand better why they wish to have such stupid laws in the first place, it is to protect Israel when it vents its anger with more weapons than can at this stage be imagined, against the Arabs. The cash for peerages scandal in truth although it is not mentioned in the media, has been part of the attempt by the government to ensure such laws do get through the House of Lords by planting their own operatives into the House. These operatives do not serve the Labour party but the Illuminati. Had they been successful, it would have mattered not which party is in power, the Illuminati’s agenda would have been carried forth without problem. There should be a case against Blair on this basis alone, for trying to usurp this democracy. It will continue with Brown or whoever takes the reigns of power after he leaves office, if he leaves office! On February 22nd 2007 it is announced Prince Harry is going to Iraq. I hope this is not the play. The Kansas Senator, Sam Brownback, who is known as a staunch backer of Israel, called for a Federal Commission to be established under the Higher Education Act to investigate any anti-Semitic’ incidents on US campus. Remember what goes in America goes to all democracies this is why I show the American politics, it matters. According to the New York Sun, the proposals followed a meeting attended by the Illuminati’s ADL. The extreme forms of Jewish or Ashkenazi belief, as already outlined in this phase, comes in the form of the Babylonian Talmud; this is perhaps the most racist piece of scripture within any mainstream religion. They allow statements such as coming from Rafael Eitan, a Likud leader of the Tsomet faction thus: “the only good Arab, is a dead Arab…when we have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle.” I am not saying in any way this to be the view of all Jewish peoples, but this was the view of the extreme group that was connected to Adolf Hitler. But if it was not for such statements within the Talmud, such groups would be inconceivable as part of one of the major religions. You are always going to get extreme views within religion as we are witnessing with Christianity with Bush and Blair, and some Islamic groups but with a little investigation one finds such groups to be at some point backed by the Western intelligence agencies, the Taliban, Hammas, Al Qaeda etc. Yitzhak Shamir the one time Israeli Prime Minister, who began as a terrorist once wrote in the Hazit, the Journal of Lehi (Lehi is another name for the terror group the stern gang): “Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can be used to disallow terror as a means of war…we are very far from any moral hesitations when concerned with the national struggle. First and foremost, terror is for us a part of the political war appropriate for the circumstances of today.” Shamir became Prime Minister of Israel… So it really is a bit rich for these same people to issue their holier-than-thou condemnations of Arab terrorism and the label of racism thrown to anyone who tries to bring to book Israel for its actions, when all along Israel was created through terrorism and is based on institutional racism written into the law of the land. Jewish or Ashkenazi people can travel to Israel, declare citizenship, and be granted all the privileges that are denied to Palestinians who have lived on the land for a thousand years and more. Even the Jewish population is divided into levels of privilege decided by genetic origin. The white Ashkenazim from Europe and America are by law at the top of the pyramid of privilege. Below them in Israel’s genetic caste system are the Sephardic Jews or Mizrahim (the Eastern ones), who came from Arab countries and do have the historical link to the Middle East. Sephardic people are descended from Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492. They lived in peace with the Arabs for hundreds of years before the Ashkenazi pretenders arrived in numbers from Europe in the mid-20th century under the banner of the Rothschild controlled political movement called Zionism. Rabbi Ahron Cohen said in a statement for the anti-Zionist Neturei Group that the connection between Muslims and Jews goes back to ancient history even pre Islam. “Mostly the relationship was friendly and beneficial”, he said, “Historically, the situation frequently was that when the Jews were being persecuted in Europe they found refuge in the various Muslim countries. Our attitude to Muslims and Arabs can only be one friendliness and respect.” The Sephardic Jews were kept in corrugated iron transit camps where Ashkenazi officials tried to strip them of their ‘Arabness’ by replacing their ‘unpronounceable’ Arab names with good Jewish names. Most had to work ten to twelve hours a day in disease and squalor. Their high death rate was explained by one Zionist official as a ‘common and natural thing.” Yemeni Jews in particular faced extraordinary discrimination as they were transported, often against their will, from Yemen to Israel and held in primitive camps. Yemeni babies were stolen from their mothers and given for adoption to Ashkenazi families. Doctors, social workers and nurses worked together to kidnap 600 Yemeni-Jewish babies telling their parents they had died and giving them to childless Ashkenazi couples. So not only are the Ashkenazi claiming false ties to Israel, they on invasion, forced Jews with genuine ties to the Middle East into slavery as was done in Germany to the Ashkenazi Khazars! This is not I stress a strategy of the Ashkenazi, it is the Illuminati strategy used throughout the world including Britain. In the early 1990’s a high profile campaign began to try to reunite some of those shattered families. Professor Ella Habiba Shohat, an Iraqi-Jewish Israeli who teaches at City University of New York in Manhattan, has highlighted the suppression of Sephardic Jews in Israel. Her 1992 book, Israeli Cinema: East/West and the Politics of Representation, shook the Israeli establishment with its exposure of racism. She said of her upbringing in Israel: “It was taboo to speak Arabic in school and whenever teachers wanted to chastise us, they would refer to us as ‘you Moroccan’ or ‘you Iraqi’ or ‘you Yemeni’…Jews from the Middle East were expected to abandon their Middle Eastern traits, so we grew up without studying our history or our culture. It was all the more tragic for the Palestinian Israelis, who couldn’t even read about Arab history in textbooks.” At the bottom of the genetic pile in the apartheid of ‘free, democratic’ Israel, come the black Jews from Ethiopia, who are treated appallingly. But even they are placed by law above the Palestinians. On that basis is not Israel fundamentally racist state in which the Ashkenazim, dominate and dictate to the Sephardic / Arab majority on the basis of a false genetic origin. A report by the US organisation, Human Rights Watch, said: “There is no general prohibition of discrimination or guarantee of equality in any of Israel’s Basic Laws. Indeed, equality was explicitly excluded from the basic law, human freedom and dignity when it was drafted.” We shall take a personal story of an American Ashkenazi, Jack Bernstein. He moved to Israel from the United States, lured by propaganda about the Jewish homeland. What he experienced sickened him and he detailed what he witnessed in an article entitled “The Life Of An American Jew In Racist-Marxist Israel.” He said that Zionist propaganda has led the American people to believe that Zionism and Judaism are one and the same and that they are religious in nature. This, he said, was a blatant lie. “Judaism is a religion; but Zionism is a political movement started mainly by East European (Ashkenazi) Jews who for centuries have been the main force behind communism and socialism”, he writes. The ultimate goal of the Zionists, said Bernstein, is a one-world-government under the control of the Zionists and Zionist-oriented International Bankers. He said that after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War Jews in America were filled with pride that “our Homeland” had become so powerful and successful. They had also been manipulated by false propaganda that Jews in America were being persecuted, he said. So between 1967 and 1970, approximately 50.000 American Jews fell for this Zionist propaganda and migrated to Israel. I was one of those suckers. Bernstein had no emotional conflict with leaving the United States because those calling themselves Jews are allowed to have citizenship of both Israel and America, although this does not apply to any other Americans. Soon after arriving in Israel, Bernstein fell in love with Ziva. She was a Sephardic Jewess from Iraq who, like myself, had fallen for the Zionist propaganda and had migrated to Israel. Jack and Ziva were married and that’s when he realised he was living in a racist state. He said that for the first three years of their marriage they had to live with Ziva’s aunt “because of the critical housing shortage in Israel and because of racism”. He said this was the genetic system used to allot housing: 1) First choice goes to Ashkenazim who have lived in Israel for many years 2) Second in line are Ashkenazim from Europe, especially if they marry an Israel- born Ashkenazi. 3) Third are Ashkenazim from the United States, even better if they marry an Israel- born Ashkenazi. 4) Only after all of the above are housed do Sephardic Jews, with an historical connection to this region, have a choice of whatever is left. 5) At the bottom of the list come the Muslims, Druze and Christians. Jack Bernstein writes that even though he was an Ashkenazi from the United States, he was placed lower on the list for housing because he had married a Sephardic Jewess. He said employment opportunities were allocated in the same way: Ashkenazim get the best jobs; Sephardic Jews are next; while Muslims, Druze and Christians filled the menial jobs with great many left unemployed. The Shas Party in Israel was specifically formed to address the discrimination against Sephardic people by the Ashkenazi elite.. Israel is founded on outrageous racism of the most appalling and sinister nature. It is no less than apartheid and yet Ashkenazi organisations like the ADL go around hurling the label ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semite’ at everyone else. Bernstein dismissed the very idea that Israel is either free or democratic. It is, he said, a racist state: “The Ashkenazi Jews, who migrated to Israel from Germany, while sympathetic to communism and support it, tend to favour the practises of Nazi-style fascism. During World War II in Germany these elite Zionist Ashkenazi Jews worked closely with Hitler’s Gestapo in persecuting the lower class German Jews and delivering them to concentration camps. Now living in Israel, these elite Zionist Jews, who were well trained in Nazi-style fascism and favour it, have imposed many facets of fascism on Israel. “To give the impression that Israel is a democracy, members of the Knesset (Israel’s Congress) are elected – but it’s an odd kind of election. This is where Israel’s so-called democracy stops. It doesn’t make any difference which party wins an election, the Likud or Labour Party, the elite Zionist Jews rule in a dictatorial manner – giving favours to the elite clique and brutally suppressing any dissent. “Concerning Nazism/Fascism please let me clear a point. Germans are an admirable people – I dare say even great. But in Germany, the general population were victims of the Nazis who through cunning and brutality gained power. [Just as I have stated throughout this work and what is happening now in this nation and around the world] . In Germany, the average Jews were victims of the Zionist elite who worked hand in hand with the Nazis. Many of those same Zionist Jews, who, in Germany, had worked with the Nazis, came to Israel and joined hands with the Zionist /communist Jews from Poland and Russia. It is the two faces of communism and Nazi-style fascism that rule Israel. Democracy is merely an illusion. Regarding the tie between the elite Ashkenazi Jews and the Nazis, well, it’s in the name itself “Ashke-NAZI… Freudian slip? Norman Finkelstein, in his book, Image And Reality Of The Israel-Palestine Conflict, compares Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to the apartheid of South Africa and the view of the American settlers to Native Americans. Asked if Israel was a democracy, he said: “Was South Africa a democracy in the old days? It was a democracy for whites, for the ‘superior people’. Similarly, Israel, for the larger part of its history, has been a society where half the population has all the rights and half the population has none.” There can be no more blatant an example of this in Israel than the ‘wall’, actually part-wall, part –fence, cutting off Israel from the Palestinian areas along a 150 mile ‘border’ decided by the Israeli government. This has parted Palestinian families, including fathers and mothers, from their wives, husbands and children, and destroyed the livelihoods of Palestinian farmers by putting their land on the Israeli side of the wall. Qalqila, once known as the West Bank’s ‘fruit basket’, is cut off on three sides from the farms which supply its markets and the second largest water sources in the region. Access to the 40.000-inhabitant town consists of a single Israeli checkpoint. But don’t say anything, it’s anti-Semitic!! The terrible potential irony is that the manipulators of the neo-cons in America on Israel’s behalf, and the actions of Israel, are going to be seen always, as a Jewish plot, when the overwhelming majority of such people on this planet are victims of the plot, not the perpetrators of it. Indeed the Ashkenazi neo-cons and those in control of Israel, the Inner City; are not even Jewish. But all Jewish people get tarred because the information I offer you in this phase, is suppressed. Washington journalist Jim Lobe, a long standing opponent of anti-Semitism and an investigator of the neo-cons since the 1970’s, made this same point: “It is no secret; the majority of neo-conservatives have been and remain Jewish. That is a fact. They do not represent the view of the majority of the American Jewish community.” He was asked if it was legitimate to talk about the pro-Israeli politics of so many neo-conservatives: “Well I think it’s very difficult to understand them if you don’t begin at that point. I would think people would want to talk about that rather openly because to the extent that you suppress it, I think then it festers.” How can the Ashkenazim from what is now Southern Russia, who converted to Judaism and have no genetic or historical connection to the land of Israel, how can they really be regarded as Jewish in the format they claim? How can they be? Is a German or Russian who converts to the Church of England regarded as English? Absolutely not. The fact is the American and Israeli governments are currently so close you cannot see the join, but you are racist if you say this relationship is not going to produce a policy that gives justice to the Palestinians and other Arab nations. John Hamre, who runs the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, was only stating the obvious when he pointed out that, “Were so close to Israel, so one sided, that people in the Middle East don’t take us seriously.” A former US Ambassador and White House aide quoted in the UK Daily Telegraph said: “One congressman, Jim Moran, said that if it weren’t for Israel, we wouldn’t have been going to war, and he was accused of anti-Semitism. Because of the atmosphere of war, deference to the president and the huge power of the Israeli lobby, we didn’t even have a debate about whether we should go to war. We simply jumped into it.” Arthur Schlesinger, the former special assistant to President Kennedy, said the United States was totally dominant “except in the case of Israel – Israel dominates us.” People should be free to make all these points because it is highly relevant to what is happening in the Middle East and affects us all. This is not a Jewish plot for global control as some suggest. It is a conspiracy by a fascist mind-set that can infest the consciousness of anyone no matter what their racial or ethnic background. There are white American, British, and European fascists; Arab fascists; Black African fascists; Chinese fascists; Argentine fascists; and there are Ashkenazi fascists. What makes this a desperate issue is all these international fascists have the reigns of power in almost all nations; in fact I will go as far as stating, “In all nations”. All working together under the International financiers dictate centred in London, via economic commands. The international financiers are the Royal Nefilim bloodlines of Europe, headed by the Venetian families, who are the Roman Imperial bloodlines. So as I stated in the earlier phases, the Bible and other books of the religions are stories of the evil bloodlines, there trials and tribulations in the immediate post-flood era, with its head, Noah the survivor from pre-flood cataclysmic times. Now as stated I will relay the sentiments in full, of Rabbi Mordechi Weberman who as a Sephardic Jew answered the questions why he and others marched with the Palestinians. Because We Are Jews. There are those who ask us why we march with the Palestinians. Why do we raise the Palestinian flag? Why do we support the Palestinian cause? “You are Jews!” they tell us. “What are you doing?” And our response was very simple: It is precisely because we are Jews that we march with the Palestinians and raise their flag! It is precisely because we are Jews that we demand that the Palestinian peoples be returned to their homes and properties! Yes, in our Torah we are commanded to be fair. We are called upon to pursue justice. And, what could be more unjust than the century old attempt of the Zionist movement to invade another people’s land, to drive them out and steal their property? The early Zionists proclaimed that they were a people without a land going to a land without a people. Innocent sounding words. But utterly and totally untrue. Palestine was a land with a people. A people that were developing a national consciousness. We have no doubt that would Jewish refugees have come to Palestine not with the intention of making a Jewish state, not with the intention of depriving the Palestinians of their basic rights, that they would have been welcomed by the Palestinians, with the same hospitality that Islamic peoples have shown Jews throughout history. And we could have lived together as Jews and Muslims lived before in Palestine in peace and harmony. To our Islamic and Palestinian friends around the world, please hear our message- There are Jews around the world that support your cause. And when we support your cause we do not mean some partition scheme proposed in 1947 by a UN that had no right to offer it. When we say we support your cause we do not mean the cut off and cut up pieces of the West Bank offered by Barak at Camp David together with justice for less than 10% of the refugees. We do not mean anything other than returning the entire land, including Jerusalem, to Palestinian sovereignty! At that point justice demands the Palestinian people should decide if and how many Jews should remain in the land. This is the only path to true reconciliation. But we demand yet more. We demand that in returning the land back to its rightful owners we have not yet done enough. There should be an apology to the Palestinian people which is clear and precise. Zionism did you wrong. Zionism stole your homes. Zionism stole your land. By so proclaiming we proclaim before the world that we are the people of the Torah, that our faith demands that we be honest and fair and good and kind. We have attended hundreds of pro-Palestinian rallies over the years and everywhere we go the leaders and audience greet us with the warmth of the Middle Eastern hospitality. What a lie it is to say that Palestinians in particular or Muslims in general hate Jews. You hate injustice. Not Jews. Fear not my friends. Evil cannot long triumph. The Zionist nightmare is at its end. It is exhausted. Its latest brutalities are the death rattle of the terminally ill. We will yet both live to see the day when Jew and Palestinian will embrace in peace under the Palestinian flag in Jerusalem. And ultimately when mankind’s redeemer will come the sufferings of the present will long be forgotten in the blessings of the future. That my friends is the true voice of those who call themselves Jews. We can see signs of the installation of this ‘obey the Anti Semitic ruling’ being attempted with Lord Levy over the cash for peerages scandal with the dragging out of a Rabbi purporting this very claim. Possibly the most revealing aspect to this whole Rothschild nonsense and a truer aspect to Napoleon outside the British and European propaganda laid against this man is this: One of the main agendas with the man Napoleon was his distaste of the inquisition to which he dismantled in every nation he took over. At the time the inquisition was purging the Jews in the whole of Europe making them beggars and forcing their conversion, yet those who converted where still under constant investigation by the inquisition. It was the Jews that Napoleon freed as well as Catholics and Protestants from the ‘holy nonsense’ from the Vatican, Spain and Austria. Yet Napoleon was defeated because of the actions of one satanic and highly respected families, the Rothschild’s. It was the Rothschild’s who supported Wellington because they said at the time “the British would operate better for Jews”. Had they not put their ill gotten wealth behind Wellington, Napoleon would have been victorious, although he himself was a mere puppet of the serpent cult that is Freemasonry, and the Merovingians – Carolingians through Josephine because as already stated, he was surrounded by them, advised by them and therefore played into the will of the commanders of this cult. But when you see it from the perspective of its time, the only European opposition at least in the minds of men was Protestantism with its overlord Freemasonry who believe themselves to be the Templars reborn. Up to around 1870, Italy was a very different country than it is today. The North of Italy was controlled by the Austrians- Venetians, the Central part was Vatican and thus Pope controlled, and the South of Italy was controlled by Spain, of course the pope took orders from Austria and Spain via the Habsbergs. So as I have stated throughout this work the position of Pope is only a puppet position, it is the nexus for a system of control only. The real power is as has always been, in the hands of the Nefilim Royal Bloodlines. The position of Pope is only the pretence of highest authority in a religious term to wield the power of the bloodlines whilst they remain hidden. Rome knew exactly what it was doing when it transferred its power to that of a religious belief on the back of a true rebel driven into the minds of man with the sword and torture . I will end this section of information with the repeat of information I put forward in an earlier phase, to again, give all who may feel I am a racist for including it in this work, to understand why I have the right to question the validity of the Ashkenazim Zionism, without it being seen as an attack on Jewish people: The Talmud “Just the Jews are humans, the non- Jews are no humans but cattle” Kerithuth 6b, page 78, Jebhammoth 61 “The non- Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves” Midrasch Talpioth 225 “Sexual intercourse with non- Jews is like sexual intercourse with animals” Kethuboth 3b “The non- Jews have to be avoided, even more than sick pigs” Orach Chaiim 57,6a “The birth rate of none Jews has to be suppressed massively” Zohar II, 4b As you replace lost cows and donkeys, so you shall replace non-Jews Lore Dea 377,1 What I will add, is that I do believe this to be the dictate of the Elohim to the Nefilim; I say this because this is exactly how these Royal bloodlines look upon the human race, which of course means you. We should never forget what happened to Jewish people and others during what is termed the holocaust; we should also not allow this terrible event to diminish our right to prevent such a thing happening again. To do this we have to be allowed to question the cover this event gives to the financiers and there role in all the wars of history. Just to add to the insanity of the religious leaders: December 31st 06, on the programme Heaven and Earth, Archbishop Desmond Tutu was interviewed and stated, “I have never studied a faith that promotes hate”. Is he stating he has never studied the Talmud? I think not. This shows categorically how mind controlled the leading operatives of all the religions are, they cannot see with their own eyes, nor hear with their own ears. I would be very interested to hear what he was taught the Talmud actually promotes, if in his eyes it is not hate! My aim is not to enter the rights and wrongs of the Jewish people those are for the Jews to sort out. I am not a Jew, I am not a Church going Christian, I am not a Muslim. It is not for me to sort out what is right and what is wrong for each of these faiths; it is up to each individual faith to work things out for themselves. I do however in the main live by the morals of most religions but not in an absolute fashion, I can bend the rules as I see fit and will take whatever comes, I will not allow foolish rules or fear govern how I exist in this world. What I
  4. Could you tell me where I can get info on Rothschilds being front for Royals. I always thougt it was the other way around. Thanks

    • The Rothschilds a Fabian dynastic banking family and the City of London just google or search this site!
      Since the days of Oliver Cromwell bankers have held power in Britain, now almost everywhere else.
      The Parasite on the back of Britain that is sucking the blood from the British people by their usary – we pay each year of £58 Billion, no cuts required apart from cutting the head of this parasite.

      Fair enough when Germany did it, the war followed, but there comes a time when we have to decide what is best, slavery or freedom, then go for it, occupy London know this to be fact too!

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