The Myth of White Privilege

July 28, 2011
The Myth of White Privilege

By Selwyn Duke

Something must be wrong. My finances are in shambles; mainstream newspapers won’t publish my pieces; and, no matter how much I try to convince Fox News that they need male eye candy as well, they just won’t give me a show.RUPERT?

Then I gaze into the mirror at my alabaster complexion and say, “What’s wrong with this picture? I’ll have to address this at the next White People’s Meeting.”

Of course, it isn’t really true that all we Caucasians get together in a big conference hall somewhere and, rubbing our hands together with devilish glee, conspire as to how we’re gonna get ourselves some’a that there white privilege. Yet you wouldn’t know it listening to egghead academics, media mouths, and uncivil rights agitators.

Put “white privilege” into a search engine and no small number of results will be for “.edu” URLs, which means that our mental institutions of higher learning are busy teaching “critical race theory” and ideas such as “Whites are taught not to recognize white privilege” and that, as this University of Dayton site informs, white persons have a “special freedom or immunity from some [liabilities or burdens] to which non-white persons are subject[.]” There is also something called “The White Privilege Conference” and a website devoted to it (I actually had to log on to make sure it wasn’t a spoof site, but truth is stranger — and stupider — than fiction). And American Thinker recently wrote about an event called “Erasing White Privilege,” during which whites sat around in a room confessing their collective oppressor sins while “people of color” discharged rage, “yelling at them” and “preaching.” Ain’t Obama’s post-racial America grand?

Of course, I don’t imagine there are many plumbers, supermarket workers, or forklift operators at such meetings — and not just because they actually have to work. It’s also because they know something:

White privilege is a myth.

Let’s look at the facts. Because of the fashionable discrimination known as affirmative action, whites (males especially) are often untouchables in the job market. And examples are legion. Talk-show host Michael Savage has often mentioned that after he earned his Ph.D., he had trouble finding a job in his chosen field and was told in so many words that “white men need not apply.” I could also mention a junior-high-school friend of mine whose test score was too low to qualify for the specialty high school I attended and the black student who gained admission with the exact same score. Or read this essay by Professor Louis Pojman, who cites the case of a brilliant Ph.D. philosopher who was denied a tenure-track position because the university in question had to hire a “woman or a Black.” Then there is the Dayton, OH police department, which recently discarded its recruit exam and the scores of 748 people who passed it because not doing so would have resulted in too many whites being hired.

And there is social discrimination as well. While black comedians can use derogatory terms for whites such as “cracker,” white comedians who use corresponding anti-black racial epithets risk career destruction. A racial slur isn’t even necessary for a white person to incur the thought police’s wrath. Sportscaster Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder lost his job in the 1980s for, while tipsy at a restaurant, offering an unsophisticatedly stated opinion as to why blacks are great athletes. Even more ridiculous, Washington, DC mayoral staffer David Howard was pilloried and had to resign his position (he was later rehired) for using the word “niggardly,” which is of Scandinavian origin and means “cheap,” during a staff meeting. Golf commentator Kelly Tilghman was suspended for two weeks for innocently using the term “lynch” when describing what young players might have to do to beat Tiger Woods. And university student Keith John Sampson was charged with “racial harassment” for reading a book about the Ku Klux Klan in the presence of black colleagues. It didn’t matter that it was an anti-KKK book.

There is also a trove of government programs designed to aid minorities — such as those geared toward minority-owned businesses — but no corresponding help for whites. And, as whistleblowers recently revealed, our Department of Justice has long been ignoring voting-rights cases when the victims have been white.

This is where the white-privilege propagandists may say, “But, wait, whites are wealthier than other racial groups and occupy most positions of power and prestige. Why do you think that is?!” This is the same reasoning leftists use when claiming that the large number of blacks in prison proves discrimination in the criminal/justice system. But let’s see how valid this circumstantial argument really is.

The median income of Jewish Americans is approximately twice that of their non-Jewish countrymen. Additionally, while only about 40 percent of high-school graduates attend college, the rate among Jews is 85 percent. Jews also occupy positions of power at a rate greatly in excess of their two percent of the population. Yet should we speak of “Jewish privilege”? It would be more instructive to note a secret of Jewish people’s success: They place great emphasis on education and workplace achievement.

And what about blacks’ dominance in mainstream sports? Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to talk about “black athletic privilege”?

Group-specific success isn’t just an American phenomenon, either. As Professor Walter Williams wrote:

[D]uring the 1960s, the Chinese minority in Malaysia received more university degrees than the Malay majority – including 400 engineering degrees compared with four for the Malays, even though Malays dominate the country politically. In Brazil’s state of Sao Paulo, more than two-thirds of the potatoes and 90 percent of the tomatoes produced were produced by people of Japanese ancestry.

So while we could prattle on about Chinese privilege in Malaysia or those privileged Japanese boys from Brazil, it would be wiser to accept a simple truth: There is simply no evidence that all groups can succeed equally in every endeavor.

And this brings us to the real prejudice at work here. Whether it’s Jewish Nobel Prize-winners, blacks in the athletic arena, or something else, we generally give credit where it is due.

Except when the relatively successful group is white people.

Then they are guilty — of discrimination, oppression, and victimization — and will never be proven innocent. Their success just must have come at the expense of others, no matter what the facts say.

As for oppression, what is the endgame here? Many foreign nations have enacted hate-speech laws predicated on the idea that expressing negative sentiments, true or not, about a group can ultimately lead to its persecution. Well, another privilege whites don’t have is a dispensation from the laws of man’s nature. And when they are constantly and unfairly maligned as deserving not their successes but only contempt for being the source of the world’s woes, it’s not hard to figure out what the consequence will be.


Judeo-Christian-NO SUCH THING!!

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dh 07/28/2011 02:45 AM

White men are now low man on the totem pole and its disgusting. Obama refers to success as the “fortunate ones,” especially to those who prefer victim status. With this nonsense he completely disregards one’s intellect, self-discipline, drive, commitment and ambition and the on-going work ethic required for success. Not to mention the many, many sacrifices along the way. Of course he would know nothing of this since he has lived as a spoiled, catered-to, elite….. He is such a huge failure, a constant liar and he is lawless but he could have tried to be a role model for education, family, etc…. rather than continue to promote victimization, which basically telegraphs no confidence in the abilities of others. show more show less
Flag GeorgiaBoy61 07/28/2011 02:55 AM

Well done, Mr. Duke… today’s all-purpose punching bag and favorite target for the cultural left is the white male, especially the conservative, heterosexual, traditional white male. If you are over forty, so much the better. It’s “open season” on you! The protected classes – racial minorities, women, Muslims, homosexuals – go straight to the head of the line for government employment, service in the military, and other goodies. Everyone, it seems, these days is encouraged to “celebrate” his unique cultural heritage and contributions to society… that is, unless he is a white person of European ancestry and Judeo-Christian values. Let a white guy be proud of what Thomas Edison or another of the thousands of inventors who created this nation accomplished, and that man will be labeled a racist or such in no time flat. Need proof that the humble middle-aged white guy is the de facto butt of humor these days? Watch some TV shows and commercials… it is a requirement that every show, without fail, have a perfectly balanced multiracial, multiethnic, male-female, hetero-homo balance. The villain cannot be a Muslim or a homosexual or a woman, but a white guy is OK, especially if he is from below…show more show less
Flag JackRail 07/28/2011 04:15 AM

The white privilege myth hasn’t been proven, only alleged. Occasionally one still reads the self righteous academic, usually some black female, rambling on about some putative “safe harbor” that whites have that no one else has. I’m white, and I’ve never come across this “safe harbor.” There may be some who enjoy the benefits of a “safe harbor” of privilege, but those would be the elites out of the Ivies, backed by old money and social connections — and color doesn’t matter in THOSE “safe harbors.”

Like so many other Lefty myths, this “white privilege” business is rooted in a long-gone past that Lefties refuse to turn loose of. Jim Crow has been gone for how many years? Lynch mobs ended how many decades ago? Back-of-the-bus and voter tests, specific forms of Jim Crow that deprived blacks of civil rights, haven’t been seen in 50 or 60 years. Indeed, what we see today is intimidation of nonblack voters by feral inner city thugs, but it’s gauche to bring this up in elitist safe-harbor society that remains untouched by such things. The Left is mired in the past. Reality has move on, new dynamics have replaced old, different attitudes dominate, but…show more show less
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Flag chuckinva 07/28/2011 05:00 AM

Most multicultural countries have similar problems of racial tensions. That is why Merkel in Germany, Sarkozy in France and Cameron in England have all spoken out about their multicultural problems. Japan is the flip side of this coin. They have no real racial conflict because 98% of their population is Japanese.

Blacks represent about 13% of our population. I’ll bet you though it was much higher. Why would you not? Affirmative action has become the norm in our country to the extend that advertisers have to show minorities in every commercial. Racism has become such a vile charge that whites go to extremes to avoid any appearance of discrimination. Why else would Barack Obama be elected president, because of all his qualifications and job experience? Affirmative action, while good intentioned, has fostered resentment more than any other government edict. It runs contrary to one of America’s best attributes, may the best person win. We have tried to level the playing field with equal opportunity. But affirmative action works against this basic notion and is resented openly or quietly.

American does not not have a race problem, it has a cultural problem. People of color, as they say, that chose to…show more show less
Flag BubbasBBQ 07/28/2011 06:03 AM

White Privilege? Are you kidding me? I work 60 hours a week, almost half of my pay goes to taxes so that people can get something for nothing, almost 15% goes to my retirement because I KNOW SS will be gone before I am able to collect, I haven’t had a raise in 4 years, my medical insurance has doubled in cost and people say I am privileged?

Listen, I don’t want anything special and yea, times are tough for everyone who works for a living, but do not tell me how good I have it over somebody who is getting free money and can lie around the house all day and smoke dope while I am working myself raw. I am truly tired of having my pocket picked so somebody else can live the good life. show more show less
Flag Robert Smith 07/28/2011 07:30 AM

I just can’t seem to remember how privileged I felt back in 1978 while I gazed about an empty industrial garage the first month I opened my business – with 800 bucks, (my life savings), no clients, little equipment, and a telephone. Oh yeah – I had a couple of things in my pants that got me goin’ and helped me run a successful business for 27 years. No apologies – no regrets. show more show less
Flag bobdog 07/28/2011 08:00 AM

Y’all realize you’re undermining one of the foundational constructs of American politics, don’t you? Without class warfare, without scapegoats, and without victims, nobody would get elected, no legislation would get passed, and no money would flow. The oppressed would never get justice. The working man would be exploited. Immigrants would be rounded up and deported like cattle. And nobody would vote Democrat. This is dangerous talk.

Think I’m being sarcastic? Read the news stories of the latest La Raza confab, or those from the NAACP, or catch up on what unions and Move On are up to. Read the recent academic “studies” about 4th of July celebrations “recruiting” children into the Republican party, or the corrosive effects of displaying the American flag. Or listen to just about any Democrat sound byte. Without class warfare, liberals don’t have anything to say at all. When was the last time you heard a Democrat speak honestly about what’s good for the country instead of what’s good for Democrats? It’s never about fixing the problem. It’s always about fixing the blame. show more show less
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Flag bettyandveronica 07/28/2011 08:04 AM

Any differences in ethnic groups are almost 100% due to their culture, be it a culture of work and achievement, or a culture of victimization and cheap thrills. The current President has taken us back decades, in his traitorous use of class warfare to buy votes. show more show less
Flag NoHyphenJustAmerican 07/28/2011 08:14 AM

Timely and insightful article and comments. Let me call attention to how our President adds to the problem every time he abuses the presidential “bully pulpit,” as he continues along the lines of when candidate Obama slandered his own grandmother, the “typical white person.” He has not stopped such talk, and he has appointed thousands of like minded slanderers to policy positions all through the Executive Branch. show more show less
Flag Liberty 07/28/2011 08:22 AM

In the 80’s I worked for a Fortune 25 company that consistently placed in the top ten of the most admired companies in America and I regularly saw how whites, I prefer the term Caucasians, were treated in ways that would have seen the company in court had the aggrieved been a minority when it came to disciplining and firing. If the employee was a bad hire and a minority, you would need multiple examples and numerous, I mean numerous, warnings and volumes of paperwork to show that you were giving this person all the attention and tools necessary to correct the problem(s). Thus, you would eventually have a folder as thick as a small textbook. If the bad hire was Caucasian, the procedure was so short circuited that their folder would have just a few sheets of paper and out the door they would be led if the problem(s) were not remedied – especially if they were a Caucasian male. The Caucasian employees could see this and kept their mouths shut to avoid bringing unwanted attention to themselves. Political correctness ruled the roost there and still does to this day and, is even worse today because this company is now on board with the gay agenda and they are frightened to…show more show less
Flag helen1005 07/28/2011 08:37 AM

With the rise of China and India, it is obvious these two populations have a high percentage of intelligent, ambitious, entrepreneurs who may soon push European-Americans and Europeans out of the oppressor limelight. show more show less
Flag Ben Stone 07/28/2011 08:38 AM

There are varying shades of WHITE….just as there are varying shades of BLACK.
How do you draw the line between the colors? In a few years these colors will merge….then how will we discrimate? Of course there may be a little WHITE privilege, but there is a lot of BLACK privilege….. White privilege does exist, but in someone’s imagination. show more show less
Flag SCBiddle 07/28/2011 08:44 AM

Okay, where’s my white privilege? I worked for more than 35 years in the same business… and due to circumstances beyond my control, I find myself, at 56, out of work. No unemployment, no health insurance, living, along with my wife, on the charity of my sister. Point is, we’re a white, middle-aged couple, facing severe challenges, and the realization that we will never recover the lifestyle we once enjoyed. We have no dependent children. So despite all the money we’ve paid into the system over the years, there is no help for us. Tough luck. If only we were “people of color,” with half a dozen kids, we’d be fine. show more show less
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Flag Richard Briscoe 07/28/2011 09:03 AM

It’s maybe worth noting that the reason that there are so many ethnic Chinese in Malaysia in the first place is that the British brought them in in the nineteenth century to work on the rubber plantations. Why ? The Malays could not be persuaded to work hard enough.
The British called them ‘Malazies’, admitedly a racial slur, and in all probability most unfair. The Malays were quite prepared to work, but only until they had ‘enough’ money. The Chinese, by contrast, had no concept of enough money, and would work and work and work. Americans found the same when building the West Coast railroads. Not so surprising, therefore, that in the 1960’s, Chinese engineering graduates outnumbered Malay by 100 to 1. Interesting to note, however, that the Malays still dominated politics. One suspects that the Chinese could have taken over the political area too, if they’d put their minds to it, but were far to busy making money. show more show less
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Flag AvgDude 07/28/2011 09:11 AM

What do you call a group of people who live in the same land as their genetic ancestors and who would like to see foreign invaders pushed out because said invaders have damaged their ancestral way of existence with their foreign ways? Depends… If the group is non-white, then you call them “Anti-Colonialists”. If the group is white, then you call them “European right wing extremists”. show more show less
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Flag agentofchaos 07/28/2011 09:42 AM

Affirmative action is nothing but federally mandated racism and sexism. It does almost anything for the exclusion of heterosexual white males in our society, it’s that plain and simple. show more show less
Flag Mike Giles 07/28/2011 09:51 AM

“White privilege is a myth.”Not really, but it is nowhere near the given it used to be. It used to be understood that whites, no matter what the situation, were at the “head of the line” so to speak. No matter what happened, they always came out ahead of other groups – even when those other groups had the exact same training and qualifications. It was unquestioned. No one ever seemed to ask, why grandfathers, and fathers, and sons, cousins and what have you were all on – let’s say – the same city’s police department. “Somehow” they all passed the exams, never failed out of the academies, always passed the psych exams, never missed a promotion. it was almost “magical”. You’ll have to excuse my cynicism, but from what I’ve seen, any given group of humans contains at least a few idiots. Yet we see whole generations that seem to “own” specific niches. And folks, we used to have entire legal systems where white privilege was written in as the law of the land. In New Jersey not a few years back there was an uproar because a school system had to fire one of two teachers. One was…show more show less
Flag beachmom 07/28/2011 10:03 AM

I will never know why blacks don’t get angry about the liberals telling them they are too stupid to succeed unless the system is rigged. Except for the fact that they have bought into the myth of white privilege or they like having everything handed to them without effort. show more show less
Flag jlynn 07/28/2011 10:19 AM

This is waht happens when you shift the argument from disparate treatment to disparate impact. The courts made this swell move over forty years ago. Previously, one would ha ve to prove disparate treatment, not slecting one with the same test scores say as another, thenyou could look and see if disparate impact, meaning the whole of a group, exsted and use it to support your disparate treatment case. Then the switch came, if you could show disparate impact, the defendant then was required to prove there was no disparate treatment, kind of like well you are ready guilty and maybe you can convince you aren’t but not likely. The Judges who did this if still alive should not only be disbarred they should be found guilty of treason for ending a fundamental right and that is to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. There are many factor impacting groups, education and training and the emphasis on ACCOMPLISHMENT culturally that are imprtant. Given the state of higher education over the past few decades we are now beginning to find that a BS degree today isjust that a BS degree. Most undergraduate programs are frauds but the fraud is agin created…show more show less
Flag FalconTinker 07/28/2011 10:40 AM

So which of our Republican candidates has spoken out strongly against affirmative action, hmm? Still waiting. This has become a non-issue. Even when we win a court case like Bakke, the practice of racial preference continues under a new name. I wish one candidate would bring this issue up for debate. I want to hear how the contenders handle this. show more show less
Flag JohnAdams 07/28/2011 11:02 AM

Great article but the comments give me the greatest hope…we are waking up. Listen up folks NO ONE on earth is as competent and capable as we are. No one. Once we realize the straits we are in I suspect we will fix it. We just didn’t realize what was happening and we never realized how evil the folks who were doing this were. We do realize and know now and it is only a matter of time before the only people who combined all the traits of success rise up and fix matters.

The Chinese are smart but their intelligence makes them less able to take risks and they prize conformity above individualism which doesn’t allow them to match our success. On the other hand whites have a near perfect blend of all the races allowing us to use our intelligence and our risk taking and passion for life to advance all of mankind. We need to stop apologizing for it. show more show less
Flag bernfp 07/28/2011 11:02 AM

Being “priveleged” is actually a curse. Expectations that something will be given to you are a yoke on your own ability to work your buns off, cross all the “t’s”, dot all the “i’s”, and in general apply all the effort you can to succeed. If you are a Native American, a person of color, or any other protected class, your job is to meet the lowered expectations of that class – and generally speaking, you do! If you are a white male without having been preceded by lucky sperm, keep going that extra mile – you’ll win in the long run against all who sit and wait to get what they “deserve.”

show more show less
Flag Liberty 07/28/2011 11:15 AM

In the 80’s I worked for a Fortune 25 company that consistently placed in the top ten of the most admired companies in America and I regularly saw how whites, I prefer the term Caucasians, were treated in ways that would have seen the company in court had the aggrieved been a minority when it came to disciplining and firing. If the employee was a bad hire and a minority, you would need multiple examples and numerous, I mean numerous, warnings and volumes of paperwork to show that you were giving this person all the attention and tools necessary to correct the problem(s). Thus, you would eventually have a folder as thick as a small textbook. If the bad hire was Caucasian, the procedure was so short circuited that their folder would have just a few sheets of paper and out the door they would be led if the problems were not remedied- especially if they were a Caucasian male. The Caucasian employees could see this and kept their mouths shut to avoid bringing unwanted attention to themselves. Political correctness ruled the roost there and still does to this day and, is even worse today because this company is now on board with the gay agenda and they are frightened to…show more show less
Flag vegetarian 07/28/2011 11:20 AM

I had this discussion with a black consultant. He assumed that because I was white, that I came from “privilege”. He did not understand that I could have a father who had picked potatoes in Idaho, then ride logs down a river in Michigan and have an 8th grade education. Or that my grandfather could have died at 32 from lead poisoning (working in a Chicago pencil factory), or that my grandmother could have died from mal-nutrition at 29. He did not understand that I could grow up in a lower middle class neighborhood on Chicago’s southside and somehow work and pay my own way through college. He did not understand that a white guy could after graduating from college get drafted for the Vietnam war.
He just figured I lived a life of privilege. show more show less
Flag terric 07/28/2011 11:26 AM

We have replaced “Jim Crow” with “Jim Snow”. show more show less
Flag spymyeyes 07/28/2011 11:32 AM

Your article was very good and I have seen and endured “whitie” racism my whole life and I live in the Northeast part of America. The only thing you forgot was the new DHS video that casts every single white man as a terrorist. That is the final nail in the coffin for the MINORITY race of white america.

So all you ethnic, ( non-white ) people be on the look out for whitie and watch him close.
He will expolde at ANY minute so constant vigilance is required. Call DHS hotline: 1-800-kill whitie for your free voucher for extra foodstamps to help you on your very own quest to “bring whitie down” show more show less
Flag mike harris 07/28/2011 11:41 AM

If you are ever approached by the representatives of Racial awareness/anti racial prejudice groups (as I have been, quite unjustly), then do what I did-it worked. Tell them you will not proceed with, or accept negotiation with them, as they are a racist organisation, deliberately seperating people on the grounds of skin colour alone. Argue back, using the spurious quasi-academic language which THEY employ. They are just like political officers in the USSR, there to make you afraid and jumpy. Think about it they ARE racists. show more show less
Flag Ed C 07/28/2011 11:43 AM

White privilege is just a smokescreen for more entitlements. It’s an attempt at justification for more of the same; it’s the ultimate victim position. I’ve never understood how someone who was never a slave seeks reparations for that long-gone practice, but there it is in its’ various forms.
I was laid off 3.5 years ago from a job I held for 12 years. To date, I have recovered only 2/3 of my previous income. I made it a full time job to look for a new job, and succeeded after 4 months. I accepted unemployment for that time period, but felt it was just a form of welfare, which it is. I admit I was glad it was there, and I didn’t abuse it. I was determined, and I succeeded. If I can do that at 56 years of age, why can’t someone half my age do it? The answer is character and integrity. It’s always easier to complain than it is to work. It’s easier to receive a debit card from the govt than it is to work. The sad part is that the children growing up in these circumstances learn the same thing re work. What a shame…show more show less
Flag Linda in Texas 07/28/2011 11:49 AM

The best line I ever heard was from a shop foreman at the old Republic Steel when this young black kid was being reprimanded for the last time. The black youth said to the shop foreman: “You’re firing me because I’m black!” The boss said, “No, we hired you because you were black. We’re firing you because you are useless!” Sounds like a good slogan for the 2012 Election! show more show less
Flag Uno Hu 07/28/2011 11:57 AM

I cannot argue with the premise advanced by the author; he’s right. But I would point out that blacks are +/-13% of the electorate, and it took a lot more votes than 13% to put into power those who made the laws and then the “regulations” under which we labor now. Even if you concede Hispanics as 17% of the elctorate (they may be that much now, but they certainly weren’t in 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s when a lot of this foolishness was hatched), that’s still only 30% of the electorate. Somewhere, somehow, and at some time, there were a LOT of white folks voting for measures that were not in their interest, and electing legislators who clearly were looking out for someone other than their white constituents. When a group (or nation) looses the will to look out after its own interests, i.e., to survive, it won’t for long, other than as the servants of those who do look out for their own interests. show more show less
Flag ArizonaHoss 07/28/2011 12:03 PM

I’ve had this argument with many people in my Master’s of Education classes, and I’ve taken the author’s stance. There is no white privilege. The standard argument of my opponents is that white privilege is ingrained and unconscious, so there is nothing that white people can do about it – it just is. My opponents also claim that is is impossible for a white person to understand what it means to be a minority. This is all bologna. Everyone needs to be aware that in this country’s colleges of Education – from the textbooks to the classrooms- white privilege, multiculturalism, cultural relativism, and affirmative action are taken as unquestioned truth. show more show less
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Flag Rickj27 07/28/2011 12:09 PM

The foundation for the implementation of affirmative action is must be something to the effect that:

1. Whites are inherently flawed people, incapable of nondiscriminatory acts and views towards blacks.
2. The affliction of whites in 1, above, is incurable. The only way to compensate for the vile, evil discriminatory acts and views of whites is to actively show counter discrimination in favor of blacks. Otherwise, money could be spent “curing” the white affliction, thus eliminating the “need” for affirmative action.
3. The aforementioned discriminatory nature of whites may or may not extend to asians, native Americans, various combinations of other races. However, it always applies to people of African descent.
– OR –
4. The entire Affirmative Action policy is a shake down since all of the above are obviously absurd to thinking people. show more show less
Flag yougenic 07/28/2011 12:13 PM

Whites will continue to succeed – as they always have. It’s result of a work ethic, and another privilege they have – Christianity. However, Whites strangely seem to appear in Gov’ts upper reaches – if their pedigree is “Proper”. Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Stanford, etc… degrees will paper-over a White’s disqualification in most instances – ditto new outlets. The private sector is an area where White Christians continue to rule. This is why capitalism is under attack. Capitalism will not tolerate sloth, ineptitude, quotas, and excuse making when a bottom line continues to drives success, the ability to borrow, repay, and accomplish the declared Mission of the company. show more show less
Flag djn13 07/28/2011 12:33 PM

definition of white privilege: to feel guilty about and continually pay for something you never did show more show less
Flag Concord Bridge 07/28/2011 12:52 PM

ArizonaHoss says “The standard argument of my opponents is that white privilege is ingrained and unconscious…..” This is typical of arguments from the Left, arguing a point that can neither be proved or disproved. Anytime there is an issue that turns on facts or observable evidence, the Lefties use some bogus, feel-good statement that is essentially meaningless. One of the rarest things in America today is a Lefty standing toe to toe and arguing facts with someone from the Right. They regularly retreat into their usual mode of bumper sticker arguments, distortion of the facts or ad hominum attacks. show more show less
Flag jdmeth 07/28/2011 01:03 PM

All things being equal there should be nine qualified whites for every qualified black. So how can a white man say he can’t get a job because reverse discrimination gives all the jobs to black workers. If that were true blacks would fill every management position. With a large percentage of blacks in prison or totally unqualified to hold any management position and many of those who could in the military there should be plenty of openings for white males in business. This says more about the lack of jobs than any deliberate hiring manipulation. show more show less
Flag Ronsonic 07/28/2011 01:15 PM

In my long career as a white man some racial unfairness has been made obvious to me. A lazy and / or stupid white man will have a far easier time than a black man of similar deficiencies. Really, we have more infrastructure. Mostly because of more stable families and business ownership but I will insist that this remains true. Among the hard-working, the intelligent and well-educated, I have seen no such advantage. The other major factor is one of expectations.

I once spent many years living and working in predominantly black communities and along the way, tested a hypothesis, nothing scientific, but still telling. I had just read Ellis Cose’s unintentionally hilarious book, The Rage of a Privileged Class, in which he describes the lives of black elites, professional men and women, well educated and in high status jobs who relate the ongoing incidents of racial discrimination and exclusion they face. Almost all of the incidents described were familiar to me. They were the normal slings and arrows of professional life, the friction found in high performance work places and the usual gracelessness of late 20th Century life.

As an experiment, I spent a fairly paranoid and unpleasant two…show more show less
Flag onthecliff 07/28/2011 01:58 PM

There is such a thing as white privilege but it is confined to those who have become members of the oligarchy that was previously government for the people by the people. Outside of that the only privilege that I have enjoyed as a white heterosexual male is that of being part of a culture that values self reliance. The need, and above all the desire, to overcome adversity in order to succeed was to built into the psyche of every American kid. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off was the theme of life. That’s the advantage that I and others have always enjoyed.

ca56 07/28/2011 02:27 PM

I often read that Caucasians are not having as many children these days yet their tax dollars pay for the births of poor minority children at an ever increasing rate. The effects are being seen in CA where Caucasians will become the minority in a few short years. It seems the Caucasian strong work ethic and desire for education will result in their marginalization and the irony is they are paying for it! show more show less
Flag ebonystone 07/28/2011 02:46 PM

chuckh said:”Most multicultural countries have similar problems of racial tensions.”

Yes, these days. But it’s useful to remember the ’50’s and ’60’s, when many European countries (Sweden and France especially) sneered at the U.S. whites for the racial problems in the U.S. and smugly pronounced that “we have no segregation and no Jim Crow here.” That was easy to say then, when no European country’s population was more than 1% non-European.

Now that they’ve imported millions of Moslems, amounting to 5% or more of their population, and are facing unprecedented epidemics of rape, vandalism, mugging, arson, and other crime; and massive claims on their welfare systems; and massive disruption in their schools; plus riots and no-go zones, they’re singing another tune. Their present problem is entirely of their own making; they could have recognized the U.S. situation as one to be avoided, and one from which they had thankfully been spared. But no, they knew better; the American problem was entirely due to the racism of American whites. As superior Europeans, they would never have such problems. So in their smug superiority they deliberately brought in millions of un-assimilable Moslems. Now they’re learning first-hand the lesson they should have learned just by observation of the Americans. show more show less
Flag gtpjimgammon 07/28/2011 02:50 PM

I know a man born here to Polish parents. He is white, and therefore must be discriminated under the law by way of affirmative action. He doesn’t understand how he is responsible for slavery or discrimination here, as his family had nothing to do with it. He makes a good point. What is resolved by discriminating against a totally innocent person? But more importantly, if you are hired or promoted because of the color of your skin, in spite of having less ability or skill than another candidate – you and everyone else will always wonder if you really earned whatever level of success you achieve thereafter.

All people admire and respect achievement, no one respects people who did not earn success they are simply given. “Affirmative action” would have better been named “equal opportunity” and simply forbidden excluding a minority due to being a minority. Oh, that’s right, we already had that! show more show less
(Edited by a moderator)

Flag Drew 07/28/2011 03:05 PM

White results come not from privilege but from choosing to follow a formula that works for any race or creed. (In fact, Asians follow the formula even better in larger numbers):

Get as much education as you can.
Work hard, at two jobs if necessary.
Get married before having children.
Stay away from crime and criminals.

American blacks who follow the formula are successful (Bill Cosby both in real life and his fictional TV Huxtable family). Unfortunately, the relative few are bucking black culture that shuns the formula as “white”. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. For those blacks who secretly fear that you and/or the black community are NOT capable of success and therefore keep voting for the poisonous Dem addiction of entitlements, learn your own history. The black family was catching up to whites economically by the 1960’s. It is 50 years of Dems pushing handouts (including affirmative action distribution of unearned goods like degrees and jobs) that have ruined the black family and mired you in loserdom. show more show less
Flag Mr. Peabody 07/28/2011 03:48 PM

To Mr. Giles: I or anyone else on this forum does not argue there have been unwarranted transgressions against non-Caucasians. I suppose we are all the result of our life experiences. Like you, I could also cite past transgressions against my family because we were Irish and Roman Catholic. Yes, it also involved being kept out of certain jobs and social circles. Like the Chinese, many of my ancestors were also seen as expendable when the trans-Continental railroad was built. My paternal grandmother was also denied teaching jobs when someone found out she was Roman Catholic. See, discrimination comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, just not black, white, yellow, brown, etc.

I myself have been the victim of reverse discrimination in job pursuits more times than I care to count, mainly sexual. The difference between many blacks and the rest of these groups is the rest have gotten or get over it and soldier on. It is the constant playing of the race card by a large percentage in the black population that commentors on this forum have a problem with. Although I cannot confirm nor deny that my flesh and blood ever denied anything to anyone based…show more show less
(Edited by a moderator)

Flag DeadMario 07/28/2011 04:32 PM

Deep down inside, we all know that success is strongly correlated to intelligence. We also know that different racial groups have different average levels of intelligence. (Jews and Asians being at the top.) We are not allowed to speak of this in polite company. We we all know it is true. show more show less
Flag Kongo Kalhoon 07/28/2011 06:13 PM

The terms “White Privilege” and “Racism” are scams that have been perpetrated by liberals (Democrats) for years and years now. Together, they make up what is called “The Great Racism Scam”. The Great Racism Scam has been the biggest scam ever perpetrated on (white) U.S. citizens in United States history. Will it ever be stopped? No way. There is no way because–(1) Because Affirmative Action has become an acceptable element of current-day society. This means racial preference has become an acceptable element of current-day society. Note: Racial preference has become an acceptable element of current-day society because it’s end result has both a detrimental and harmful effect on the white man. That is, racial preferences in education and racial preferences in employment have really screwed-over the white man for years and years now. Consequently, racial preference has become an acceptable element of current-day society because (as everybody knows) the minorities have suffered great PAIN at the “hands” of the white man. Consequently, current-day society itself here in the United States is both detrimental and harmful to the white man since racial preference has become an acceptable element of it.(2) Because the United States MUST always be “sensitive-to-the-needs” of its minorities…show more show less
Flag LSBeene 07/28/2011 07:46 PM

Back in the early-mid 90’s the Supreme Court heard a case about a college in Michigan who used race based admissions and they ruled, and I believe it was Ruth B. Ginsberg who wrote the opinion (though I could be wrong, this is from memory) – it was said then “in about 20 years we’ll revisit this and review it”

Absolute lie. Now it’s accepted as precedent and accepted law. It’s been almost 20 years, and … guess what – it was a lie, a stall tactic : despite a black president, attorney general, and 3 women on the Supreme Court (1 Jew, 1 Hispanic, & 1 white), and 1 black on the Supreme Court : it’s not enough. Despite it being “illegal” to discriminate based on gender and color : we have Womyn’s Stuides and [race] studies on many universities with no end to it in sight.

Racism is alive and well – but it’s not whites practicing it. Oh – to all people of color out there who read this and agree – no, I’m not blaming you. Nor lumping you in with those race baiters (most of whom are white guilters). It’s the IDEOLOGY – not the…show more show less
Flag Yotchers 07/28/2011 08:45 PM

Thank you, Fellow Bloggers, I SEE THE LIGHT NOW! What is the new message that America needs to send? How do we change the message the lame stream media is broadcasting? After reading these posts and this article it becomes blatantly clear that the corner stone of the proliferation of victimology in this country IS AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! This one government act gives credence to racial discrimination. No wonder the Democrats are eaten up with corruption. The original purpose (supposedly) was to give the blacks a leg up. Well they have had it and now its time to repeal it. The country is on its knees economically. Now is the time. If we want to change the black mindset, then let’s stop treating them as if they are invalids. Treat them equally with everyone else. It is kind of obvious. If we want to affect the media and academia, this one powerful action by the government would create waves of change, and (cough) howls of derision.

If we want to slow the progress of Islam, then we absolutely must find a way to repeal AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. We must repeal this one heinous piece of legislation before it is too late, if it’s not already too late…show more show less
(Edited by a moderator)

Flag theblackcommenter 07/28/2011 09:50 PM

White privilege isn’t really White privilege — it’s simply the privilege of belonging to the dominant ethnic/racial group in a society and mainly shows itself in the fact that Whites are generally treated as individuals while Blacks are treated as a group (as evidenced by some of the comments here). So lazy, irresponsible, immoral, Whites are not used as exemplars of “White” culture and then conclusions drawn about their intelligence and so on. Being a minority, whether I ever bring up the issue or not, I will always been seen as minority and have to deal with whatever prejudices, good – (like being athletic), bad (like having below average IQ or criminal), or ugly (like being a liberal) people carry around with them. A White guy is just a white guy and in general people don’t make assumptions about him – at least not to the same degree and usually not nearly as negative. But you know, I’ve been Black everyday of my life, so I’ve learned to live with it and it isn’t a big deal — though it can be tiring at times.

As for affirmative action – the biggest beneficiaries aren’t Blacks, but middle class White women….show more show less
Flag ManfredHoffmann 07/29/2011 03:07 AM

Thanks for this great comment. I’d really like to hear more of you. show more show less
Flag JohnAdams 07/29/2011 11:58 AM

In response to theblackcommenter… It does not bother me that Asians are generally smarter than I am. Being smarter is not the end all be all of life. But I do recognize the truth that they are…we need to stop dealing in fairy tales. There ARE differences in the races. Asian crime rates are MUCH lower than white crime rates which are much lower than black crime rates. That is simply a fact not a prejudice. Setting government policy as if there are none is dangerous.

Where we went wrong was in the 60’s when we destroyed black businesses with the Great Society. I lived in New Orleans then and I witnessed it first hand when entire neighborhoods were destroyed by the Great Society. Then I had the pleasure of being transported half way across the world to attend a school that was integrated and the distinct pleasure of watching race riots ensue in that school.

I do not want to oppress anyone. I want to be left the heck alone and not be asked constantly to give up the money I earn for anyone black/white/brown to sit on their asses and do nothing. Instead of all the laws that the Government…show more show less
Flag Yotchers 07/29/2011 05:46 PM

Thankyou theblackcommenter! I am most happy that you agree that affirmative action needs to go. I find it very interesting that white women are the greatest recipients. I will pursue that info with much vigor. My previous posting might have been a bit over the line. I regret that you might have perceived it as an attack. It was not meant that way but I can see your point. In my enthusiasm to finally see a small positive way to improve things I may have been reckless. Everyone gets lumped into someone else’s perception of them as belonging to a group. I have many other examples I could use here but I will use this one. I worked in California for a while. I had to change my accent to get those snotty shallow L.A. women to go out with me. They literally thought just because I had a southern accent that I was an idiot. I always slipped up and soon as they heard it, they thought less of me. It was an eye-opener. I think I might have foolishly been trying to date the wrong ones.

I don’t feel blacks are inferior on any level. Blacks might be…show more show less
Flag RedMarch 07/29/2011 07:32 PM

Anti-White: We can’t have Whites dominating their own governments and corporations in their own countries, because that would be racist and we must have affirmative action to fight it.

Pro White: No one says Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, etc should fight the “privilege” of their own race in government and private sectors in their own countries.

“Anti-racists” only combat this kind of “privilege” in White nations. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. show more show less
Flag hightide 07/29/2011 07:44 PM

A famous old dead guy once wrote: ” divide and conquer”. It seems to work if only you buy into it.
Later on adifferent bunch of famous dead folks wrote: ” E Pluribus Unum”. This works much better. show more show less
Flag lmarkus25 07/30/2011 08:31 PM

If you let people hold up the race card enough, they become the boy who cried wolf. Let ’em, it’s already becoming old hat. show more show less
Flag clairesolt 08/01/2011 09:48 AM

White people did this to themselves and only they can undo it. Cultures clash when they come into contact. And a long time ago, Europeans concluded that they had the responsibility to save the souls of less developed peoples, and being Calvinists, they concluded that meant economic development, too. So, for 400 years that has been the meme. but, it need not be, anymore.

Now it is very clear that some of the ideas behind racism were false. Many peoples have shown abiity to progress and prosper, even Shintos. So, white people can put down the white man’s burden anytime they choose and quit maqsochistic white guilt. Many say that freeing other people for self determination without our patronizing intervention. You cannot fault others for stooping to pick up the penies we carelessly drop.

Take a look at Vogue, if you want a shocker. I saw it last week at a doctor’s office and I was amazed at pages and pages of alabaster white airbrushed exemplars. It just confirmed my convictions that the view from the penthouses in NYC is the most racist, zenophoic, and defensive in the country. The rest of us exist happily in a multihued world where…show more show less
Flag Wayward Son 08/03/2011 06:34 PM

Clairsolt: Magazines sell based on the adds they run. Adds are successful based on the publics acceptance. Let’s be honest: white women are what sells. White women are less than 10% of the world, but what percentage of models are they? Now ask yourself why. show more show less
Flag thinker 08/24/2011 07:53 PM

We all know that the advertisement world has pushed white women to be the ideal. This is a very sad commentary, because in the scheme of things… all women are beautiful. We are indeed a brained washed culture. There is a narrative that runs in the news media… pay attention to it.


Yes, these days. But it’s useful to remember the ’50’s and ’60’s, when many European countries (Sweden and France especially) sneered at the U.S. whites for the racial problems in the U.S. and smugly pronounced that “we have no segregation and no Jim Crow here.” That was easy to say then, when no European country’s population was more than 1% non-European.

Now that they’ve imported millions of Moslems, amounting to 5% or more of their population, and are facing unprecedented epidemics of rape, vandalism, mugging, arson, and other crime; and massive claims on their welfare systems; and massive disruption in their schools; plus riots and no-go zones, they’re singing another tune. Their present problem is entirely of their own making; they could have recognized the U.S. situation as one to be avoided, and one from which they had thankfully been spared. But no, they knew better; the American problem was entirely due to the racism of American whites. As superior Europeans, they would never have such problems. So in their smug superiority they deliberately brought in millions of un-assimilable Moslems. Now they’re learning first-hand the lesson they should have learned just by observation of the Americans.

Barbara above

Through Sweden, the gates to the rest of the Nordic countries were open.

Lena Posner-Körös demands that the Swedish state, that obtain money through taxation, taxes that White Swedes pay, should go to the survival of Jews in Sweden. She herself is a part of an organization that supports multiculture in Europe, infact it works contantly for the destruction of the European countries and ethnicy. She is truly after the destruction of Europe.

While, in the meantime, it also works for Israel to stay homogeneous, meaning, only Jewish.

Posner-Körösi styrelsemedlem i rörelse som vill utplåna Europa*|*

Barbara Spectre, the American Jew who has pledged her life to the destruction of Swede, will be mentioned once more.

She is the founder of the organization “One Sweden”, that has the goals of mixing every single ethnicy within Sweden into one bland mess, which also would lead to the destruction of the Swedish people.

Svenskfientlig judinna leder nätverk för att utplåna Sverige*|*

Paideia, another organization, founded by Spectre, have also revived the founding of 40 billion SEK, as a found to destroy the different peoples and cultures of Europe.

Avslöjande: Riksbanken betalade 40 miljoner till Paideia*|*

“Jew will forfill multiculture” – that says all of it, Spectre, one of the Jews who keeps the borders open, is obviously driven by hate towards Swedes, and the rest of Europe.

Paideia-konferens i Uppsala: Judar ska fullfölja mångkulturen*|*





The Federal Reserve, or, the 8 banks that own the national parks, forests, and United States birth certificate holders :

1. Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin

2. Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris

3. Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy

4. Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany and Amsterdam

5. Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

6. Lehman Brothers Bank of New York (defunct)

7. Goldman Sachs Bank of New York

8. Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (Controlled By Rockefellers)



3 responses to “The Myth of White Privilege

  1. FantasmaBAnco Rupert Murdoch mother was Elisabeth Joy Greene, whos mother was Marie Grace de Lanceys, whos mother was Caroline Jemima Sherson (an orthodox Jew) making Rupert Murdoch mitochondrially Jewish. However its beside the point as more Murdoch’s mother Elizabeth was a practicing Jew and Rupert was raised under Jewish ideology. Also on the 25th of June 1999 Murdoch married Wendi Deng at Barbara Amiel with a traditional Jewish wedding. Wendi is in no-way of Jewish decent.

  2. Who is Rupert Murdoch? What he is not is an Australian “right wing” billionaire. Murdoch, though born in Australia is an Israeli citizen and Jewish. Why is this important? Murdoch is now admitted to have controlled the political systems in Britain and America for two decades. He has had the power to choose national leaders, make policy, pass laws at will. Where did the power come from? We now know it came from spying, blackmail, bribery and propaganda. TRUTHBOXNEWS 2 months ago





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